Pretty blonde masseuse pussy banged by her nasty client

Pretty blonde masseuse pussy banged by her nasty client
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So, Im 24 years old got a little carried away one night on line. Ive been single for like 7-8 mo, working and going to school, not a lot of time to invest in a relationship. So, when I did finale get a 3 day weekend, I had nothing to do and 3 days to do it. I was chillin at home smoking some chris surfing the net.

Im so fuckin horny, think to myself.

Im checkin out adds on CL. Mostly fat teen mothers, looking for a baby daddy, and they make sure to say they don't put out on the first date, on and on. …Oh, whats this section, MEN SEEKING MEN. Oh, what the hell, take a peek, I notice practically every add has a pic.

Short and to the point. Dirty and detailed, leaving no question as to what they are looking for. Casual anonyms' hook ups. Some talked about wanting to top, bottom, suck you off, get sucked off, ect.

"we can do it in my car if you know a spot"&hellip.Shit, why cant the women's adds be more like this. Between the meth and my dry spell and next thing I know, got a hard on. Now, I should say, Im not gay, but I have gotten a little adventurous a few times and jammed a couple of fingers or a hair brush up my ass.

Even my ex girlfriend's dildo. I knew when it hit the prostate, Id cum really hard. But, I would never think about asking a girl to do it to me. And another guy, totally out of the question&hellip.Ok, Im fuckin horny. Take another hit off the pipe and grab my lap top and head to my bedroom. Go to my favorite site, Ive been jacking off to the same movies they have up here, I want something new, I start thinking about the gay CL ads, "Hung black top, lookin to pound tight white ass" as the cursor drifts over the gay movies, wouldn't you know, the first one I see, it's a white black coke xnxx story in uk bent over and a black dude mounting him.

This is so hot, my heart is pounding, between the meth, and this new found genre in porn. OOH, speaking of that time with my ex's dildo. When she moved out, I think I remember her leaving it here. (she left me for a black guy too!) How ironic, now I'm planning to fuck myself and pretend it's a strange black man from the internet. I get up, lookin thru the closet, under a box, there it is. It a 6" straight smooth vibrator.

I go to the bathroom and grab the bottle of KY under the sink, on my way back to my room, take another quick toke on the pipe, Im pretty fuckin high now, my heart is pounding with all the pleasure Im getting ready for. I get to the edge of the bed and put one leg up on the bed while Im still standing, smear a good amount of KY on my ass, lube the dildo and put it it, slides in easy enough, and then I let it set for a second and lay back on the bed.

I start the movie and jack my cock, its getting hard, my ass relaxes a little and I start rocking on the dildo and its like an electric charge, from my ass to my entire body. Felt so fucking good, my heart started pounding as I thought to myself, I could just do it, I could e mail that stud on CL, hook up, no one will ever know. I started pounding that 6" dildo geneva gets her pussy fucked by lps cock my ass as hard and fast as I could, it was making a smacking noise and I was yelling into a pillow screaming as the more intense the pain, the greater the pleasure I felt.

My ass got used to the dildo, It wasn't enough. And all the lube I lost my grip on it and it sliped out. Fuck it, I thought to myself.

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Im going to do it. I wiped the lube off my hands and went back to CL. In the 30 mins I was gone, there where like fifteen more ads.

Im taking my time, scrolling thru. Im lookin for a black top. And there he was. The title "10" black dick looking to fuck tonight, cant host, must travel to you.

If this ad is up Im still looking" I opened it, and there was a pick of huge black dick. I wanted it in my ass. I replied. "cum and pound my ass, I live alone and can host" I was shaking so hard with excitement I could hardly hit send.

That was it, I just invited a black man from the internet to my house to do as he pleases with me.

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Probably going to get killed, runs thru the back of my head…Oh, shit. 1 new msg in my inbox, he replied. "well let me see what Im going to be fuckin" my heart was pounding out of my chest. I couldn't believe what I was doing, as I went in the bathroom with my iphone, propped my leg up on nova brooks and tegan james ffm threeway in the bedroom counter and spread my ass with one hand, while I shoot the pic in the mirror with the other.

And hit send. I take another hit of meth while Im waiting for the reply. "ok, we can do this. I want to make sure we are clear before we go ahead, a lot of you white boys think you be wanting a hung brother but before Im half way in they be screaming for me to stop, and I don't like to stop once Im started. CAN YOU SERIOUSLY HANDLE 10 INCHES?" Im so fucking high, what the hell, I reply "YEAH! You can come shove that cock all the way in, here is my address : 1234 main st. #112, the door is unlocked, come on in, Im naked and waiting" I almost drop the phone Im shacking so hard when I hit send.

The reality set in as I was going thru my draws looking for the condoms I had. And his reply "cool, Im on my way, be readyI'l be there in about 20mins" I get naked, turn down the lights, I check and un lock the door, I sit on the chair in the corner, its about 1:30am.

My apts are dead ass quite, I hear the rumble of bass and a car with a loud muffler idling up slow, my heart is really beating so fucking hard! I think to myself, I could still back out of this.

I could lock the door and he will just leave. No, I knew I wanted it, I wanted to get my ass pounded by a big black dick&hellip.The foot steps come up to the door, and there he is, huge black guy walks in, I get up and walk to him, he shuts the door behind himself and starts taking off his shirt.

I say, "hey, so my name is John" not really knowing how the usual conversations prior to this go.He said back "don't give a fuck, get on your knees so I can handle my business" ok, so he obviously dominate! I do as he said. And as my knees hit the ground, a huge uncircumcised dick hits my cheek.

It was fucking enormous! Looked like a mag light, easily 3-4 times bigger than the dildo. I opened my mouth, and I couldn't hardly get my jaw around the head, but I went thru the motions, acting like Ive done this before. I didn't fool him, he said "I hope you take dick better than you try and give head" at the same time he reached over and started working a finger in my ass.

I pulled off his dick and said "put a condom on and fuck me!" as I crawled over to the table and grabed the KY and rubber, I hand it to him, and start putting the lube on my ass, I knew I would need a lot for this. He rips open the package and pulls it out, Im working like 3 fingers in my ass and just empting the bottle ok KY, and he sees the pipe on the table. "Let me hit this shit nigga" as he helps himself to the meth. Im jacking his now protected dick threesome with cute asian pet villein japanese and hardcore he is hittin the pipe.

And I lead him over to the bedroom and bend over the corner of my bed still jacking his huge dick. He takes another hit and sets it down on my night stand&hellip.I feel the big mushroom head press aginst my ass as Im trying to guide him in. the head gets about half way, he pulls back and says "where that lube at?

" and I hand him the bottle, he put some on the tip of the condom, completely stretched to the max, and tries again. I open right up and he glides in my ass. I just start to think, yeah, I can handle this, as I look down and expect to see him buried balls deep in me…Not even close, just barly the head was worked in and he said "here we go nigga" and slamed that fucking monster in to the hilt.

I couldn't breath! I thought his dick was going to tear thru my stomach!! FUCK!! I screamed as he pulled back a couple inches (with 8 still in me) slamed right back inside. The electric full body orgasm just started to shoot thru me and the overwhelming pain became overwhelming ecstasy. He started giving me full long strokes and my ass excepted every bit, I started pushing back aginst him, when he'd bottomed out and I could feel his nuts against mine.

He said "oh, ok, you want this dick?" I said back, "yeah, fuck that ass nigga" He pounded me harder, I lose all control and yell, "Yeah, fuck me!! Fuck me hard! This ass is yours anytime you want it!!" He pulled out, I looked back.

"fuckin condom broke, you got another?" I knew I didn't. "NO, JUST FUCK ME WITHOUT ONE THEN" Before I could finish the sentence the head of his dick was up past my belly button. Fucking black dick is rearranging my bowls! I think to myself, that's the last thing I remember&hellip.I woke up, my apartment is bright, its obviously day time. I look at the clock, shit, Ive been blacked out for like six hours!

I sit up and get a shooting pain in my upper abdomen, reminding me that it wasn't a dream…I look down and there is dried cum on my stomach, chestfuck, even my face! This dude must have fucked me a few times. Wish I could remember more. I look on the night stand, my pipe is gone, so is all the cash in my wallet…Fuck, that was intense last night! I think to myself……About six weeks have passed and I get a TXT message from him………& be continuedplease let me know what you think and if you want more!

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