Cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star

Cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star
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i was sitting in the school library a little after midnight.

i found this great corner of the library no one ever visits, quantum mechanics. the place was practically empty. taking a short study break i open a page of porn on my computer. with the headphone in i am the only one that hears this blonde bimbo getting fucked up the ass.

this scene was hot and that bitch was really riding that dick. now i had broken up with my bitch of a gf a month ago and have been to busy with school and work to really go out and find someone. this was actually the first chance i have had to watch porn if three days.

once i made sure i was alone i opened my fly and took my dick out to stroke it. unfortunately the headphones prevented me from hearing her come into the isle. while pleasing myself i got the odd feeling someone was watching me. i look up to see this ebony beauty staring at my dick. she was 5'5" thin, but with great curves. at least c breasts, shoulder-length black hair, toned stomach, and legs, and a very pretty face.

she was wearing a knee length skirt, and tang top holding a book while her brown eyes never left my stiff dick. i don't know why but at that moment i was so filled with lust that i forewent my normal gentlemanly demeanor and went on pure animal instinct.

i put my computer down and walked straight towards her. i grabbed her shoulders and kissed her. she put up no resistance as my tongue and hands explored lea lexis got her mouth and pussy drilled by a bbc body. i grabbed her boobs and squeezed her ass. this was so not like me, i never treat women like this, but i was so horny i didn't care.

i turned her around so i was facing ass. i lifted her flimsy skirt and pulled her cotton panties out of the way.

i could feel her cunt was soaking wet. this made it easy for me to invade her. one hard thrust and i was balls deep inside her.

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we both grunted as i pounded away. she held onto the book shelf as she bent over more to give me better access. i held onto her hips as i went as hard and deep as i could.

i grabbed her hair and went even harder. she replied with, "Oh fuck yes." i pounded that tight black pussy for a while. then i felt her muscles contract ans my balls were being drenched in a flood of her cum. this extra lube helped enable me to increase my efforts. i went faster and harder until my month of pent up sexual frustration was released in several strong bursts of fucking old mamas hairy wet juicy pussy. i felt like my dick literally exploded inside this black girls cunt.

even after i was done cumming i was still rock hard. i didn't bother taking my cock out of her. i just sat down in the chair with her on top of me.

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she knew exactly what to do. i held her hips as she ground her pelvis into mine. making long slow circles. then working her hips back and forth. i could tell she was an experienced cock rider.

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then she lifted her self straight up and plopped back down on my lap. she alternate between, rotating, grinding, shifting and culitos en el autobuacutes precious asses in the bus shorts and public. she would grind slow, then bounce fast and hard. she used me like a sex toy, just like how i used her ten minutes before.

i went along for the ride while she rode me to two of her own orgasms. i was getting close myself so i took hold of her hips and humped her the fuck out of her from below. this sent her over the edge for the fourth time tonight and me for the second. i unloaded another giant helping of cum into her cunt. when the stream was over i laid back in the chair exhausted. she leaded back on top of me. we were both panting and covered in sweat.

my dick was still lodged inside her wet pussy and still hard as stone. after another few minutes she looked down and laughed. "Dam white boy, what do i have to do get that monster soft?" we both laughed. she slowly got up off my dick, i thought she was going to walk away, but she grabbed my hard dick once it exited her pussy and aimed it at her ass hole. she slowly lowered herself again onto my prick. as tight and wonderful as her pussy was, this was ten times that.

it was like putting my dick inside a red hot vice clamp. she slowly lowered herself onto my prick untill she bottomed out. i was concentrating on enjoying every inch of her anus when she went back to rocking.

front and back, just enjoying the feeling of my dick up her ass. then she went back to bouncing.

not as hard as before, but still incredible. her pussy juice was enough lube for me to go in and out of that ass with ease.

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i reached my hand around to play with her clit, and that just set her off. once i started playing with her little love knob she went from slow and sultry to fast and desperate.

i could feel her go through orgasm after orgasm. after her fourth i lost control and let lose yet another load of cum deep inside this slut. after three incredible orgasms my dick finally started to soften. i popped out of her ass and we were once more exhausted and sweaty. "I want to apologize for that i don't know what came over me." i said sheepishly.

she laughed "Oh baby you have nothing to apologize for." she got up gave me her number and told me to call her the next time i want to have a study break. i sat down and smiled to myself with pure satisfaction. let me know what you think. comments, should i continue with these characters? let me know