Hot busty webcam teen sucks big dildo

Hot busty webcam teen sucks big dildo
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I know I'm young but I LOVE sex, but it's so hard to find boys my age who would do what I ask. For about a year now I've been on some adult chat rooms looking for sexy men to take care of my body. Christmas break had just started and I was online when I had the best chat session of my life! Lookingtolove: Heyy :) how are you today? sportygirl15: I'm good ;) a little bit horny but good Lookingtolove: mm aren't we all.

dare I ask what you're into love? sportygirl15: Welllll I'm only 15 but my parents know how much I love sex Lookingtolove: mm I do so love a nice young cunt to tease ;) At this point I had looked up his profile, 20 years old and he lived a few states away. I looked at his pictures and what a fucking cock he had! He wasn't fat or ugly like all the other lonely guys online, he was thin, in shape, with short brown hair, ammmmaaaaazing blue eyes, and that cock!

eight inches from hilt to tip and his head was the size of a plum. I could feel my panties soaking through my jeans. Lookingtolove: so you like older men? sportygirl15: I love alllll boys but it's a bit harder finding guys to use me like I like Lookingtolove: how do hot babe lilith fucking her bf and her milf boss young old pornstars like?

and fantasies? sportygirl15: My biggest fantasy is to fuck my younger brother. I dream about his 14 year old cock but that'd be weird Lookingtolove: I think incest is fucking beautiful. something only the two of you will have and will love forever. tell me about yourself, what do you look like? or can you send a pic? I send him my facebook profile pic. I'm in a bikini with my back to the camera, I'm still short, only 5'1" but my breasts are just big enough for my liking.

My brown hair runs halfway down my black and my glasses are small and I hate them. They make me look like a geek but a lot of guys tell me they make me look more innocent so I refuse to get contacts.

Lookingtolove: What a beautiful little ass. Mind if I bend you over my knee and spank you a little? sportygirl15: OMG I would love it.

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piss on me too? Lookingtolove: You want me to piss on your tight little teen body too? sportygirl15: I love getting pissed on, I'm really dirty ;) it's why I fuck older guys so much Lookingtolove: Mmmmmm what else would you have me do to your young body? sportygirl15: I reallllllly love sucking cock too. I love to wrap my lips around your cock. can you send any more pictures that aren't on your profile? Lookingtolove: I can do one better than that ;) -SEND WEBCAM REQUEST- sportygirl15: -ACCEPTED WEBCAM REQUEST- On webcam he is still sexy as hell.

He is just sitting on a couch naked. One hand stroking his cock while he types with his other. sportygirl15: OMG so sexy BRB I get up and tip toe down the hall to my brothers room. He had a basketball game this morning and is showering now. I go into his room and through his hamper.

Bingo! his boxers from today's game. I take them and silently go back to my computer. But before I sit down I go to my dresser and pull out my pink vibrator, the one I got from the mall store last year. my new best friend. sportygirl15: back ;) Lookingtolove: Where did you go? sportygirl15: I wanted to run and grab some of my brothers dirty shorts naughty blonde gets plowed during a massage and my vibrator Lookingtolove: If I were you I would be all over my younger brother, gagging on his boy cock sportygirl15: I told you that would be weirrrrrrrrd lol Lookingtolove: Not much weirder than liking his piss stains to get off?

I was doing exactly that, I had brought his boxers to my mouth and was sucking hungrily as I rested my vibrator on my clit.

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sportygirl15: Really? because his cock would actually be inside me. Lookingtolove: I told you before how beautiful I think incest is. sportygirl15: But what if he says no. It would be soo weird Lookingtolove: He is a 14 year old boy and you are his sexy as hell older sister who wants to fuck his brains out. he will not say no. You have all the control over him. Go fuck him hard and make him yours forever.

are your parents home? I can feel a climax building between my thighs sportygirl15: Noooo OMG he is in the shower. should I really? Lookingtolove: I promise you he will love it. I can hear the shower stop down the hall, my thighs are trembling now sportygirl15: Will you stay online for me? I'm nervous Lookingtolove: Of course I will ;) sportygirl15: Alright, I'm going to go get him As soon as the doors to the bathroom open I grab my brothers hand, although he is a year younger he is a few inches taller than me.

With strong hands and brown hair the goes to his ears. I look at his chest and tremble. "whats going on?" he asks "Just follow me, I want to talk to you about stuff" We go back to my room and I sit him on the bed and lean back over to the computer, I have the webcam window minimized so my brother doesn't catch my neighbors sex tapes layna laurel mimi allen just yet.

sportygirl15: ok he's here Lookingtolove: alright ask him if he wants to be any closer? "You know I love you right Matt?" I ask him "Ummm yeahhhh, is everything alright Soph?" "Yeah" I giggle, "weird question. do you want to get any closer?" "Sophie, I love you," he gives me the biggest smile and his teeth are gorgeous, "what do you mean closer" I turn to the computer and my brother gives me the strangest look. sportygirl15: He wants to know what I mean by closer?

Lookingtolove: Put your hand on his thigh and stroke it while you tell him how sexy he is I do as I'm told and put my hand on my brother's thigh "I've always thought you were fucking sexy when you play all your sports, and well, ummmm I would fucking love to ride your cock. if you don't mind. I mean." The look on his face is shock, what could I have been thinking he is never going to talk to me again, what the hell is wrong with me!? But he doesn't move.

sportygirl15: he's shocked but hasn't run away yet.

what do I do? Lookingtolove: he is yours then. Bite his neck softly and start to stroke his cock "Who are you chatting with on there?" my brother asks "Just euro sluts get gaped 215 tube porn man who convinced me to finally do what I've wanted to do for a long time" I lean my head into his neck and bite it softly as I reach under his towel and find his semi hard cock.

My hand goes lower and I cup his thick young balls in my hand and caress them, he moans loudly and I moan louder. "Are you sure?" He asks I respond with taking my head out of his neck and lower it to his cock, now erect and hard as a rocket, I remove his towel and see my brothers cock for the first time in years, and it is gorgeous. 7.5" with hair just starting to grow at the base I can't believe how fucking hottttttt it is.

I put my lips to the head of his cock as he shakes with anticipation, I grab his hips to steady him and my mouth descends tightly squeezing his young manhood. It tastes sweet, I can tell he just left the shower and god damnit I wish he would fuck my face. Lookingtolove: Boy! I forgot to close the window, my brother looks over and responds as I bury my head in his crotch. sportygirl15: Yo? Lookingtolove: You're a virgin right? sportygirl15: How did you know? Lookingtolove: As much as your friends talk about how much fucking tail they get I doubt they've gotten any.

But your sister is going down on you right now right? sportygirl15: Um.

yeah Lookingtolove: Well your sister isn't like most girls you will ever fuck. You're sister wants you in fucking control. So grab the back of her head and force it all the way down, make her choke a little bit. sportygirl15: Wait what? Lookingtolove: Just fucking do it pussy, show your sister you fucking control her in the bedroom As I'm sexy solo adventure with smiley face dildo makes rebecca volpetti cum hard up from his cock I feel a hand on the back of my head and, "OFFFUGHHH" I can't breath, all of a sudden I'm back at the base of his cock.

What the hell happend!? I go to pull up again but this time I cant get my nose out of his pubic hair. There is a rush of air when he lifts my head and kisses me hard. I feel a wetness running down my thigh, did I just have a fucking orgasm? "What the fuck was that?" "Your friend said you'd like it" "God damnit you could have killed me!" "I'm sorry sis I thought." "Next time pull my hair too!

then I might actually pass out you fucking pansy" I look over to the computer and scroll through my brother and Lookingtolove's conversation. sportygirl15: Thank you so fucking much Lookingtolove: Anytime love ;) I just wish it was me there to be doing the fucking, but at least your dream is fulfilled.

sportygirl15: Not yet it isn't My brother is laying on the bed looking up at the ceiling, cock standing straight up in all its glory. I mount my brother and feel the head of his cock on my clit. "I didn't know you were a fucking virgin" He grabs my hips and forces the head into my 15 year old cunt for the first time "Not anymore I'm not" I let out a loud moan as he slowly forces himself deeper inside me, I can soon feel his cock touch my fucking cervix.

My little brother bottomed out my pussy in his first thrust and I came. Instantly, I screamed so loud and my thighs shuttered so wildly and my pussy was shaking so much that he came too. I felt his cum splash inside me, his first pussy, his first thrust and he fucking cums inside of me.

I look in his eyes and all there is is panic so I smile and kiss him again as I move my hips up and down as his cock slowly looses its form. God I wished I had fucked his cock hard, and fast. Soon it slips out of my filled pussy as I quiver on top of him. I look over at the computer. Lookingtolove: Mission accomplished? sportygirl15: I'm filled with my brothers seed.wait how did you know?

Lookingtolove: I hacked your webcam love, and watched the best thing in the world. sportygirl15: I don't even know how to use my webcam! lol "Hey sis I'm gunna go take a leak" I hear behind me sportygirl15: OMG he is going to take a piss, I'll be right back Lookingtolove: I actually have to go, it's all you from here my sexy little thing. Lookingtolove: -LEFT CHAT- I race down the hall and run through the bathroom door.

"What the hell sis!?" "I want you to fucking cover me in your pee" "WHAT the FUCK! that's just fucking weird who the hell wants that!?" "I do just fucking piss on me" I get in the bathtub and lay down as he stands over me limp cock in hand, I close my eyes and feel heat all over my body. I open my mouth and he gets the idea I taste his sweet boy urine and love it all.

The stream is getting more powerful in my mouth when I feel his hands around my head, I open my eyes and his cock is pissing an inch from my face. I barely catch my breath before I am sucking my brothers limp cock for him.

"You are such a fucking slut" I hear as his cock grown in my mouth. He pulls out and I watch his cock grow in front of my eyes. I just turn around and rest my head against the shiny white bathtub floor, sticking my ass in the air for him. I feel him shift as the head enters my cunt again and he starts fucking me. He starts fucking me hard, and without warning.

My head is banging against the tub and all I can do is moan, He grabs my long hair and pulls my head back like I'm a fucking dog.

I'm my brothers bitch and love it. I can feel with his other hand he is pushing against nerdy slut fucks for a facial big tits and cumshot asshole, nobody has ever touched me there. I can still feel his cock pounding me so hard, when I feel him push against my ass.

It makes me feel sick instantly and full. I love it. Both of my holes are being fucked by my brother and soon I am cumming again. He starts to yell and pull out and I feel what little cum he has left splash over my back. When I finally recover I look up and see my mother standing at the door, hand between her thighs, panties on the floor.