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Brazar com big ass xxx vi
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Katie lived in Florida her whole life. When her father's job posted them to New York she didn't want to leave all her friends but she knew she'd have to. No matter how much she protested she knew full well she was never going to be allowed to stay in Florida with her friends. Little did she know of the new friend she'd make.

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On their arrival at their new house, As Katie was unpacking there was a knock at the door. Her parents were busy unpacking everything so asked Katie to answer it. She opened the door and in front of her stood the most beautiful girl Katie had ever seen in her whole life.She stared. Taking in the wavy blonde hair that fell over this girls shoulders, her full breasts pressed tightly against her strappy top.

Her thin waist was showing socks in pussy no money no problem her tiny shorts. She couldn't believe anyone could be so sexy and look so innocent at the same time. Her skin looked so soft and inviting. Katie had known she was a lesbian since she'd reached puberty but wouldn't dare tell anyone.

The girl spoke in the softest voice that made Katie's heart skip a beat. "Hi! I'm Shelly, You've just moved next door to me so I wanted to say hello. It's been ages since someone around my age moved in next door" Katie stood still for a bit then invited her in.

"We haven't unpacked yet but I sure need some sort of contact with human life" The girl giggled at Katie's words, Making Katie smile. Katie invited Shelley up into her bedroom and got to know her. They were set to go to the same school so Katie knew she had one friend there. As they spoke Katie decided to unpack her things. She got to a box that had her underwear in.

She debated wether or not to unpack this in front of Shelley then eventually decided "were both girls. Why not? She started to unpack when she heard Shelley say "Hey what's this" Shelley had found Katie's vibrator.

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Katie blushed 5 different shades of red and looked away. Shelley giggled and turned it on, Gasping at the vibrations. Katie stared at Shelley with the toy in her hands and felt tingling between her legs.

Shelley looked so beautiful and innocent. but with the vibrator in her hand she changed into the sexiest woman on earth. They looked at each other for a bit until Shelley whispered "Can you show me how to use it". Katie gulped hard and nodded, walking over to the other side of the bed where Shelley was sat. Katie looked into Shelley's eyes and saw a twinkle.

Making Katie want her more. Shelley leant up and kissed her new friend, Slipping her tongue into her soft mouth, Katie wrapped her arms around Shelley's waist, Pulling their breasts together. Shelley leant back on the bed, Pulling Katie on top of her. Their soft bodies pressed together, Shelley lay Katie next to her and stood at the side of the bed, Pulling off her top to reveal that she arab naked the best arab porn in the world wearing no bra.

Katie knelt up on the bed and took one of Shelley's hard nipples into her mouth and began to suck slowly, running her fingertips down Shelley's stomach and into her tight shorts. Shelley was wearing thin lacy panties which were soaked from her juices and getting frantically wetter as Katie kept sucking on her huge titties. Katie ran her fingers up and down Shelley's warm wet slit and slipped 2 fingers into her.

"Fuck she's so tight!" Katie thought to herself.

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Shelley stopped Katie's sucking and lay back on the bed, pulling off her shorts to reveal her shaved pussy in all its glory. Katie smiled and leant down; slipping her tongue up and down Shelley's slit, moving faster as she heard Shelley squeal and moan. She found her hard little clit and began to suck furiously as she slipped 2 fingers back into her tight pussy, probing her hard. Katie ran home made mom and daughter hand up Shelley's perfectly toned stomach and onto her breasts, rubbing and massaging them.

"I'M CUMMING!!!!" Shelley finally screamed. Katie felt Shelley's warmness on her fingers and moved her tongue to Shelley's tight hole, licking up all the juices that came out of her perfect body.

Shelley lay back, panting loudly.

Katie smiled and winked, pushing the vibrator up into her new best friend and turned it on full. Making Shelley scream. "Oh god Katie fuck me, FUCK ME!!" Shelley screamed over and over, Making Katie move the toy faster and faster, loving the wet sound it was making as it slammed into her tight soaking wet pussy. Getting girl juice all over Katie's bed sheets. The whole room smelt of hot lesbian sex and Katie loved it! Her heart was beating wildly as she took Shelley's nipple into her mouth again.

Sucking harder than before. Keeping this motion with her tongue and vibrator until Shelley came again. Harder this time. Katie looked into Shelleys eyes and smiled. She giggled as Shelley lay Katie on her back and took off her top, sucking wildly on Katie's titties. Katie's breasts were smaller than Shelley's but they certainly weren't tiny. She was a 32C by the time she was 12 and all the boys wanting some tit action off of her.

Katie's body arched upwards and into Shelley's as Shelleys mouth clamped tighter around her hard little nip. Shelleys hand roamed up Katie's skirt and into her thong. Touching her wet slit. Katie gasped as she felt Shelleys fingers enter her and begin to finger fuck her hard. Katie pushed her hips into her hand hard. Wanting her friends hand deeper and deeper inside her.

She gasped and screamed as she felt an orgasm shoot through her tight body. She lay back. Gasping for air, Not believe what had just happened.

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Shelley stood up and got dressed and smiled sweetly at Katie. "Shall I call around again tomorrow?" Shelley said softly. As if something normal had just happened.

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Katie grinned and nodded "sure!" Shelley walked out of the room. Katie watched her friend's perfect ass wiggle as walked and smiled to herself "I'm REALLY going to like it here!" She said aloud.