Overnight witch step mom sex

Overnight witch step mom sex
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Senior Moments Ch3 By Jax_Teller The Snow cancellation had given me time to enjoy the sex that Karma was providing. Marion had gone home last night sometime while I slept with Nikki.

I could hear David in his shower and that meant school was going to be open today. I got up took a shower and when I returned to the bedroom Nikki was gone. I was disappointed but knew I needed to get going. David and Nikki were doing the morning thing like every other school day, but all I could think of was sex.

Nikki bent over to get something from the refrigerator, and all I wanted to do was walk up behind her and fuck her right there in front of her son, my friend David. Some how the thought of him watching made it even more desirable. When David and I got out to the bus stop David told me that was a wild few days. I agreed and told him I saw him watching, and asked what did he think?

He said it was like watching a live porn, and then he got quiet for a second like he wanted to ask a question. I said what, and he asked if I liked getting fucked in the granny can still grip and ride. I told him it was my first time like that and it was very intense. He said that Marion looked so hot pumping her fist on her fake cock. The rest of the day dragged on, and I called my dad after school while waiting for the bus.

He told me that he'd be home tonight. I was pleased that he would be home for a change. Three days passed and then Dad was back out on the road.

Our time together was unlike any before, it was like we were friends and not father and son. He seemed happy for me, although I could tell he still missed the old life we had when Mom was alive.

That said he was back out on the road to I don't where. It was Friday and I had not seen Nikki other than to wave as I went by. I called her during Lunch and she said she's hoped I would be coming over. I told her that I had thought about calling her sooner but my Dad was home. So after school I told David I'd be coming over and he was happy I was coming over which made me happy too.

The last thing I wanted to do was loose a friend. Nikki opened the door and invited me in. She gave me a hug after I took my coat off and it surprised me how a hug can be different after you've had sex with someone.

I put my over night bag down and Nikki took mom sleeping and son xxx up to her room. I saw David playing a video game and said Hi and went up to Nikki's room. She was laying naked on her bed with her legs drawn up to her chest. She said just stick your wonderful cock in me.

Who was I to question the Lady of the house, so I stepped between her legs and slid my cock out the hole in my jeans. I laid my cock on her pubic mound and she grasped it and positioned it in her folds.

I pushed and I was in her. She said hard and fast please, I began pounding her pussy. It was rough, hard and fast but she began coming and I pulled out of her, knelt in front of her and began licking for all I was worth, while shoving tree fingers in and out of her pussy until she squirted all over me. Her legs jerked out from her chest and almost knocked me over until I got them on my shoulders.

She grabbed my hair and ears and ground her pussy on my face until she was spent. I cleaned up and went downstairs and played video games with David.

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Nikki came by headed to the kitchen and told me that She had a surprise for us and we both chripped, What? At the same time. Nikki told us that she'd got a call from Lisa and that she was coming over.

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I thought to myself who the fuck is Lisa? and then David took over and told me Lisa was Nikki's friend from collage. I though, ok, and Nikki leaned in from the kitchen door and said She's bringing Rick. David picked up and Nikki said and he's going to take you David back with him and you're going to have a weekend playing video on that large TVthey have while Lisa hangs mom sleeping and son xxx with us. Quickly Lisa and Rick showed up, and David was ready to go.

Rick was Lisa's cousin who was staying at her house and David usually got to hang out with him when he was around. I was starting to get the idea when the door closed and Lisa turned to me and said so your the guy with the monster cock? Nikki snapped at her, be nice. Lisa said uhm, ok, so you're Jax. I said yea and she sat down next to me and said well I am Lisa and I have heard so much about you. Nikki came out from the kitchen and said Jax this is Lisa the little fucking wwe mia khalifa fucking storys that likes big dick.

Lisa started to challenge her and than changed her mind and said yeah, that's me, so where's the dick. Lisa was tall for a female, had nice 36 c cup breasts and a pear shaped ass. She was a red head and had the fair freckled skin to prove it. Nikki said that diner was ready and we three went into the dining room.

I sat and began to eat when Lisa and Nikki started to talk about how they were room mates in college. I listened as they did a mini catch up session, and then they started talking about their experimentation. I looked up in time to realize they were talking sexually. I must have had a smile all too large for my face because I got a face cramp. They laughed and I began to feel a lot like desert to these two.

I was completely curious about them but more curious about what they had in mind for me tonight. We all decided it was time to go into the living room and watch a movie. I gave Nikki a look and she smiled like a cat eating a mouse.

As Lisa and I sat on the couch, Nikki went and put a dvd in. As Nikki walked to the couch she stripped her cloths off and I did a double take looking at her. She had a strap on cock that looked very realistic.

She sat next to me on the other side of Lisa. Lisa said so when did you get that? Nikki said she splurged and ordered it a few days ago, that it just came, she paused for effect, today. Lisa asked her why it looked limp? Large but limp.

Nikki said watch this and she slid her hips out so we could see her better and the cock grew and got straighter and looked hard. Lisa and I both said wow. The movie started and Nikki said she'd show us her cock more in a little while. As the movie came on I was some what pleasantly surprised it was a lesbian prison themed movie. I also figured out that at some point she'd fuck me with that cock too.

As the movie played it became very apparent that the scene Nikki wanted to enact was a woman prisoner getting a strap-on in her pussy and a male guards' cock in her asshole.

That realization wasn't lost on Lisa either. It ended in the obvious spewing of come everywhere and ridiculously fake moaning and crying. We all looked at each other and I said in comfort ? Up stairs? And they both said in unison, Oh yeah. We all raced to the stairs and It was great watching Nikki's ass while running up the stairs.

Lisa and I were naked mere seconds after entering the bedroom. Lisa looked over at me and her jaw dropped, and she said oh my gos Nikki. Nikki said I told he was huge. Lisa jumped on the bed and spread her legs, Nikki dove into Lisa's cunt with her mouth like a hungry lion on a gazelle. I went around the bed and Lisa took my cock in her mouth. I fucked her mouth until my cock was half way down her throat and she was gagging for air. Nikki came up from Eating Lisa's pussy and said switch.

Nikki came around to my side and mounted Lisa's mouth. I went around the other side and Licked Lisa's pussy for a few minutes. Her pussy was sweeter than Nikki's pussy and her labia was longer, it was fascinating to me how different vaginas can be.

I looked up to Nikki sitting on Lisa's face and she looked me in the eyes and said fuck her Jax, Fuck her hard. I got up into position and slid the entire length of my cock into Lisa's wet and willing pussy.

Lisa screamed into Nikki's pussy and bucked wildly as I khloe capri and alexis fawx ffm threeway in shower room my cock and plunged back into her.

It was amazing looking into Nikki's eyes while fucking her friend hard and deep. Nikki pulled on her fake cock and Busty babe courtney cummz fuck the masseur watched as it got harder and longer. It looked real and alive, and she fisted it for a few strokes and then moved off of Lisa and stuffed her cock in Lisa's mouth where her pussy had just been.

Lisa took her cock down her throat deeper and deeper until she started to gag, and I plunged harder into Lisa at the same time. We tag teamed her like that for several minutes, and then Lisa had an screaming orgasm. She screamed as Nikki continued her assault on Lisa's throat, and her body trembled as I fucked her faster. Lisa shook and then I felt her squirt, splashing on my stomach, and as I backed out her girl juice sprayed on me like a water hose.

Nikki pulled her cock from Lisa's mouth and rocked forward placing her cock between Lisa'a tits, fucking them for a minute as she reached forward and rubbed Lisa's clit. Lisa bucked and squirted a few more spurts as I slid back off the bed.

Nikki said switch again,and I looked to her for directions as she obviously had a position in mind. Nikki told me to lay on my side and she helped position Lisa on her side in front of me. Nikki took a tube of lubricant and dripped it over my cock and on Lisa's pussy and ass crack. Then Nikki took my cock in her hand and guided it into Lisa's asshole.

Lisa's was like putty a puppet for Nikki to use as she pleased without permission. Lisa's asshole was so tight I was having a hard time concentrating on not coming right then and there. Nikki stepped up to big cock bf bangs teen gf and her busty mom putting her knee between Lisa's and my knees.

Nikki stroked her cock and then slipped it into Lisa'a pussy. Lisa came back to life with the two of our cocks inside her.

Nikki and I quickly synchronized our pace, and I was holding onto Lisa's tits, rocking her ti our rhythm. I looked at Nikki and she bent down and we kissed lingering over Lisa as we fucked her.

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Lisa played with Nikki's tits, pinching her nipples as Nikki and I kissed and then Nikki had a massive orgasm.

I kept robber fuck my wife anal with her as she raced through her orgasm by fucking Lisa harder and faster. Lisa let go of Nikki's nipples and Nikki sat back onto the bed pulling her cock from Lisa. I pumped a few more strokes and I felt Lisa's asshole milking my cock spasming through her orgasm and I could take it no more. I announced my orgasm and Nikki sat forward pulling my cock from Lisa's ass and pulled me from behind Lisa jerking my cock until I erupted squirting come on Lisa's tits and face.

As I had the most powerful orgasm of my life Nikki leaned over to Lisa and kissed her while I continued to squirt like a fire hose all over them. I don't remember much after that other than them laying on either side of me as I drifted off to sleep. I don't think I could top this experience but then again that's what I thought after the night with Nikki and Marion. I don't know what tomorrow will bring but if I were to die right now hell couldn't erase the smile on my face.

The End Ch.3