Baisee dans la rue la cougar fait la totale

Baisee dans la rue la cougar fait la totale
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Take a Walk on the Wild Side I'd been married to Connie for nearly 10 years when this story began. I was 44 and she was 32. We had a beautiful daughter who was 4 year old. Connie's as gorgeous and sexy today as the first time I saw her in the perfume department of a large chemist in the City Centre 12 years ago.

She has fantastic thick shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and looks a bit like the actress Nicola Stephenson; especially her cheeky smile and freckles.

If we won the lottery she'd like bigger boobs but I like them just the way they are -- 34b.nice and bouncy and still firm enough for her to go topless on the beach (which really turns me on). I still play indoor football once a week and go to the gym two or three times; so I'm still quite trim for a guy my age.

It had become difficult to keep things fresh and exciting especially with Connie juggling a full-time job and being a wife and mother; plus our daughter is a bit of a handful. My job now takes me away from home 1 or 2 nights a week and I'm rarely home before 7.30 on the other nights; all of which leaves us both knackered most nights; but we still try our best to keep the spark alive. We were at the dreaded stage that married couples fear most-- each week night was the same.

When I was at home we would have a family meal; bath our daughter, put her to bed, make a coffee then sit on the sofa staring at the idiot-box in the corner while I massaged my wife's feet then bed by 11pm without the merest hint of sex.

On Fridays I'd sometimes go to the local pub and Connie would be in bed when I arrived home; drunk. On Saturdays we would go out with friends for a meal and drinks then after 5 minutes each in the bathroom we would have sex. Now -- don't get me wrong; it was always good sex. Think about it; my wife is young and gorgeous was pretty much the same most weeks. I knew exactly which buttons to press and in which order to make her have a satisfying orgasm and I did.every bloody Saturday night between 11.30 and 11.45!

In the previous couple of years I'd had a few opportunities for extra-marital naughtiness and had weakened twice -- once at a European Sales Conference in Bonn with a Swiss woman and another time in London with a colleague that was recently divorced. Neither was as spectacular as I'd hoped but great fun none the less!

Alana rains sucks dick and dicked hardcore reality was pretty sure Connie had been faithful until she was invited to a 'schoolgirl' themed Hen night to Manchester with her younger sister, Marie and about 20 of their friends to celebrate a 21st birthday. When she returned home on the Sunday evening she was a bit sheepish and quiet; which was unusual. Later in bed after a lot of coaxing she told me that due to her outfit she had received an awful lot of male attention on the Saturday night and had absolutely loved it.

I got her to wank me as she eventually admitted to dancing with a couple of guys in a club then eventually confessed in a whisper that they had both put their hands up her skirt to play with her suspenders and had tried to get inside her knickers but she'd resisted.

Then she giggled when she realised that my cock was getting harder and harder. With a new found confidence she then told me that she had even let one of them play with her tits as they snogged; which made me cum all over her hand.

I always felt that there might be more to the story but didn't 'push it'.but when I was alone in a hotel later in the week; I had a few wanks thinking about what she might have got up to. After football the following Sunday morning one of the younger lads; who didn't know I was married to Connie; showed us some photos of his girlfriend in a schoolgirl uniform on his mobile phone then regaled the bar with some of the tales she'd told him about a recent trip to Manchester.

She'd told him that 6 or 7 of the women had got fucked including two married women who had gone back to a hotel with some rugby players from Wales and had got fucked six ways sideways! My cock instantly stiffened at the thought of Connie being one of the married women! The thought of my wife going with another guy or more than one guy drove me insane with lust for the next few days. Without ever telling her why; I became almost insatiable; which made Connie feel very desirable and therefore more accommodating to my sexual needs.

A 'win-win' situation for both of us. On the Thursday night I was checking out my Facebook site for the first time in weeks when I spotted that one of her friends had posted some pictures from the Hen Night. No wonder she'd received lots of attention! Connie's shirt was unbuttoned so that her tits were nearly falling out of her pink Wonderbra and her skirt was so short you could see her stocking tops and suspenders without her even bending over!

In one picture she had one guy sticking his tongue in her ear while she smothered his friends' face with her tits! Her friends were just as lecherous in the other dozen or so pictures of them showing their arses and one of her friends sucking on a life like dildo!

It certainly looked like they had had a really good time and the picture of Connie and the two guys really intrigued it helped me have another wank; fantasising about my darling wife with two horny rugby players!

In bed the following night Connie nearly choked when I mentioned (as casually as possible) that I'd seen the Facebook pictures. "You look like you had fun." I grinned as she blushed like a beetroot. "I can explain." She stammered as she squirmed and quickly turned away from me. "I thought that you'd told me about everything that happened on Sunday night." I chuckled as I began stroking her nipple through her nightie.

"I did." Connie whispered as her nipple became erect. "Are you sure?" I continued as my cock nudged against her buttocks. "There was a picture of you with.two guys.and.some of the comments under it were.well.someone asked if their bedroom was bigger than yours." I began softly kissing her neck and rubbing my erection against her soft arse but Connie was now stiff with trepidation.

"I'd love to know how you would know if their bedroom was bigger than yours sweetheart." By now I'd lifted her nightdress up and was alternating stroking her tits with running my fingers through her hairy bush. My wife slowly turned over until she was lying on her back. Her eyes were filled with tears. "Something else happened.didn't it?" I asked as I kissed away the tears then gently placed her hand on my rock hard cock.

"I've already had a couple of wanks thinking about them putting their hands up your skirt and you letting one of them play with your tits." I then kissed and licked her nipples. "Tell me everything babe.please." Connie's hand gently stroked my shaft making me shiver with excitement.

"Are you sure?" She whispered as she sniffed back another tear. "Oh yes!" I chuckled as I flicked my tongue across her nipples and gently teased her legs apart. "As soon as we left the hotel in the afternoon guys were whistling and shouting at us." Connie's voice was barely audible but her fingers kept running along the blue veins on my dick. "Every where we went guys were hitting on us and buying us drinks." She finally looked me in the eye as if asking if she should go on.

"Even when I was a teenager I never got attention like was.intoxicating!" Connie chuckled at using a 'big word'. "Mmmmmm." I purred as my fingers stroked and tugged her bushy pubes. "I'm not looked dead fucking sexy!" "It was in the second or third bar that know.relaxed.and let ourselves go." She was now resting on curvaceous latina has her orgasmic snatch plugged pornstars and cumshots side and had slightly opened her legs for me.

"We were in the toilets when Marie hiked her skirt up and said something about 'Lets take a walk on the wild side!'" I nodded as I peeled her pussy lips apart and ran my finger down her sticky slit.

Sometimes a scene needs no further introduction th

"I thought 'why not for one luscious teenie becomes lewd during sex hardcore massage hiked my skirt up too then loosened a couple of extra buttons on my shirt too." Her chest was becoming flushed now and her pussy even wetter. "I was drunk was just meant to be.a laugh.I didn't expect anything to.'happen'.you believe me don't you?" "Of course." I lied and gently slid a finger into her love pot as her fingers wrapped around my dick and started sliding sexually excited attractive teen in a virgin sex act up and down.

"Guys were all over us." My once shy wife grinned. "They were nearly fighting to buy us drinks and one of them was rubbing up against know.pretending to shag me from behind!" I automatically raised my eyebrows in surprise. "And I leaned forward and pressed back against him.pretending to.have an know like in 'When Harry met Sally'!" Connie was a flirt .but. not like that normally. "Everyone was the most amazing night of my life." Her face had lit up now and she had her left leg curled and raised for me to continue fingering her.

"Then we moved onto another bar that had music playing and some of the guys had followed us and wanted to dance." She was in full flow now and obviously getting as turned on as I was with her confession.

"When I danced I made sure my skirt lifted up and my.tits.jiggled." We both chuckled because that's my favourite 'game'.when she shakes or jiggles her tits. "Lyle loved it when I did that." "Lyle?" I quizzed her. "The two guys in the picture.Lyle and Scott.from Scotland.

They were on a Rugby club trip." Connie's eyes glazed over slightly at the memory. "Nice guys? How old are they?" I innocently asked. "Verrrryyy nice." Connie purred then giggled, "Lyle was 20 and Scott 22.I asked!" "Then what happened?" I inquired as my balls began aching.

"It was on the dance floor that Lyle began playing with my suspenders and stockings. I think he was showing off to his friends.lifting my skirt up and stuff.but." Connie hunched her shoulders and gave me her 'naughty girl' smile as she squeezed my cock very tight, "I didn't give a shit what anyone thought&hellip. and let him." "Then Scott barged in and wanted the next dance. He was taller.even bigger than you .he did the same.his hands were straight up my skirt.squeezing my arse.even spanking it a little bit.telling me how naughty I was and how naughty schoolgirls should get spanked for showing their knickers on the dance-floor.

I tried nympho cougars fucked in a row in wild gangbang shock him by saying something about 'was he man enough to spank me'. He lifted my skirt and gave me three hard slaps on the arse in front of everyone!" "What did you do then?" I asked incredulously as I stuffed her twat with a second finger.

"I put my arms around his neck and kissed him." Connie giggled again. "Then he put his hand up the front of my skirt as we slow danced and." "AND?????" I gasped as I felt my balls tighten.

"He tried to finger me! A great big farmers finger; but I kept moving -- twisting away and stuff so he couldn't get it in.but it know.well you wouldn' very naughty." "In fffffront of everybody?" I stammered. " was dark.but.Marie was watching us." Connie was grinding onto my fingers now and thankfully her strokes had slowed down on my dick. "Then what happened?" I garbled as I started thinking about Hilary Clinton in my attempt to stop cumming too soon.

I finally pushed him away and went back to the bar." Connie's chest was now heaving and her nipples were like diamonds. "Then what?" I repeated.Hilary was now starting to look very sexy inside my head! "He followed and bought me a cocktail.then told me he wanted to take me back to his hotel." "And?" My balls were vibrating now at the thought of my wife going back to a hotel room with a handsome young stud. Connie shrugged her shoulders and curled her lip. "I couldn't.really.I wanted to.but.I couldn't." Her eyes misted over again as she re-lived the moment she turned the young stud down.

"I really really wanted to." "Oooohhh.uuuggghhh." My spunk poured out all over my wife's hand. "'re terrible!" Connie giggled as she looked at the warm jism and began rubbing it back into my shaft. "What would you have said if I had gone back to his hotel?" She turned her head away to avoid eye contact and whispered.

"I think." I considered my next words very carefully, "it would have really turned me on." "Really?" Connie looked me straight in the eye for confirmation. "I think so.yes." I croaked back at her as she cranked my cock back to stiffness.

"Maybe next time then." She smiled a wicked smile. I still wasn't 100% convinced that she hadn't gone back to the hotel; like Greg had told us after the football match. "Did anyone actually. stray?" I asked as my fingers curled deep inside her soaking twat. "Apparently a couple of girls from Accounts did go back with some of Lyle and Scott's mates and had a bit of an orgy!" Connie giggled and sounded a little bit jealous.

"Oh." Was all I could think of to say. Connie looked down at her spunk smeared hand and winked then twisted until she could open her knickers drawer. With her dry hand. After a quick fumble at the back she produced her 9 inch dildo and waved it in front of my face.

A second later we were in a 69, Connie curled in a ball sucking my cock while I lapped at her dripping cunt juice and fucked her with the sex toy. My head was spinning as I lapped at her honey pot. She hadn't been this wet for years.I was in Heaven and so was Connie as I licked and sucked on her clit and labia as I stroked and tugged her soft curly pubes. Connie really was a good cocksucker! Her tongue and lips alternated between feeling like silk and velvet to becoming a Neues leder lack outfit glaumlnzend striptease and deutsche vacuum cleaner!

Her fingers were all over my balls and shaft too. "Shove the toy in." My wife panted as her tongue flicked across my aching cock. I tried to force it in but it was difficult with the best cocksucker in England deep throating my dick!

"Get on your knees!" I grunted with frustration. Still with my cock in her mouth; I was on my back and Connie was on her knees in seconds. Her eyes flickered when I pressed the life like knob against her slippery slit. "Is this what you want?" I teased as it slid in with ease, "a big fucking cock up your twat while you're sucking a cock?" Talking dirty in bed really turned her on.I guess she's a bit submissive; but this was going to be a little bit different.I intended pushing the boundaries.

"Is it?" I asked again as I began fucking her with the plastic cock, "you love getting fucked at both ends; don't you?" She squeezed my shaft and nodded; without making eye contact.

Soon my left hand was pumping the toy in and out of her pussy as her sucking went up another level. "Ooohhh.that's're a real dirty cocksucker.aren't you?" I would never dream of talking to her like this in real life but 'bedroom talk' gave us both a buzz and the right words at the right time never failed to bring her to orgasm if I was fingering her or she was riding me.

The toy was gliding in and out very easily now (too easily?) as I continued my speech. "Ooohhh baby.imagine what it must be like getting fucked like this with two big real in your mouth up your." I waited a few seconds. Normally I'd say pussy or fanny or slot but tonight I was going to use the C word and see what her reaction was.

"Yes.(gasp).you sucking my cock and.and.somebody else fucking your.sopping.cunt.with his big cock!" There. I'd said it. There was a dramatic silence for nearly two seconds as I waited for her response. "Mmmmmm." Connie purred as she turned her head to face me and her fingers rubbed my shaft even faster while her tongue curled around my tingling knobhead.

"Oh fuck!" She wasn't upset or wife had actually purred and I swear she got even wetter as she sucked my cock even harder! I carried on like this for 5 minutes or so.talking about all of the young guys in our pub wanting to fuck her.taking it in turns to fuck her and ram their cocks down her throat.maybe even two strangers picking her up in a nightclub and fucking her cunt inside out!

hahaha! She was now moving her hips in time with my dildo fucking and had let my cock slip out of her mouth ebony song xxx story sani leon she could rub it across her face and tits.just the way I like. "Faster." She panted. My wrist was soon a blur and with a well practiced flick of my thumb I finally switched the toy on. "Oh Roommates bf with huge dick bangs teen Yes!" Connie gasped.

We both knew it wouldn't be long now. "Get my fucking cock back in your fucking mouth." I grunted as I desperately tried to tighten my balls and not cum too soon. I wanted this to last forever. "That's the way. you dirty fucking cocksucker .fill your mouth with it while some stranger fucks your cunt!" "Ugh.ugh!" Connie grunted as her fingers rubbed her clit while I pounded her cunt with 9 inches of vibrating plastic and began moving my hips so I could fuck her mouth.

"Open your fucking throat!" I was now nearly in a frenzy as I fucked her mouth, "I'm going to fill your fucking mouth with hot spunk.while." Connie was trembling now as her fingers rubbed her clit to orgasm and the dildo was disappearing inside her belly. "Ooh.oh.ugh.ugh.FUCK.FUCK.FUCK .YES!" I yelped as I emptied a cup full of hot seed down my wife's' throat at exactly the same time as she squealed and cried out with a loud orgasm of her own.

I pulled the toy out with a sloppy plop, switched it off then dropped it on the floor before facing my beautiful sweating wife. "WOW." I whispered as I tried to inflate my lungs. " good was that?" "One of the best ever." Connie whispered back as she clung to me like a limpet. It was basically now or never for me. "Didn't you mind when I." I stumbled over the words, "when I.used the C word and.and talked about.other guys fucking you?" Still with her eyes closed Connie smiled and kissed my chest.

"No.not" her voice was barely audible, "turned me on a bit." "A bit?" "A lot. then." She quietly whispered and pressed her warm tits against my chest. After a few minutes of basking in the afterglow of our love Connie whispered.

"Where you know.when.I told you the club.and.those guys.and.if I' know.actually. you know?" "Yes." I instantly replied. "Really?" Connie whispered and kissed my neck. "Why?" I whispered as my heart began thumping again. "Is there something that you want to tell me?" There was a deafening silence for a few seconds then Connie huskily told me; "No.just.the thought know.two turns me on." "Fucking hell!" I gasped.

"Me too." We looked into each others twinkling fantasy might actually be about to come true. "With me?" I asked virtually silently for fear of getting the wrong answer.

"I guess so." Connie looked disappointed at my question. I quickly interjected, "Or have you got someone else in mind?" A thin smile parted her luscious lips. "Oh! You think.the guys from the Club?" Then she giggled. "No no no.after coming so close.with them.I know.try it.once." "Do you want me to.arrange something?" I panted as I could hardly breathe with excitement.

Connie nodded. "But nobody that we know." It took ages to get to sleep as I planned and unplanned who to ask and what we could do and where. Over the next couple of days I asked over and over again if she was happy doing this and after plenty of assurances and a small set of rules I set about my task.

She'd set me a helluva challenge.a threesome with someone that we didn't know; possibly including me but possibly not but I definitely had to be in the vicinity. I spent an inordinate amount of time over the next week lying in lonely hotels; thinking, planning and researching my challenge. Obviously this wasn't hard work! We didn't make love at all during this stage.but we had sex -- sweaty sex every night.

On the Friday night after our daughter went to bed I told my wife that I'd joined a couple of Swingers sites on the web and had found a relatively discrete Swinging Club about 60 miles away that looked perfect.

We instantly fired up my PC and I showed her the site. Within five minutes Connie had agreed to visit the Magpie Try anal fisting lesbo dildoing and ass fisting tube porn the following Saturday night. Under the pretence of a colleagues Engagement party that would necessitate a stay in a hotel my mother agreed to let my daughter stop over and we would collect her on the Sunday afternoon.

The 50 mile journey from my parents to the hotel was driven in virtual silence; but we just kept grinning at each other. As soon as we'd checked in we hit the bar. My first pint went down without touching the sides!

Connie had a glass of white wine and I sipped my second pint as we chatted like teenagers on a first date. We agreed to go for dinner first then onto the Magpie Club for about 9 o'clock. At 6.30 I was fastening my belt when the bathroom door opened and Connie made her appearance. I was stuck for words as she posed and postured in the doorway.

She'd bought a new outfit including underwear but had kept them as a surprise for me. "Wow!" I mouthed. My 32 year old wife looked like an ultra sexy vixen. She was wearing a floaty black and red wrap-over dress that ended about 3 inches above her knees and had a spectacular plunging neckline that a man could get lost in. To compliment this she was wearing very sexy 4 inch red stilettos and, when she turned around, black silk seamed stockings.

"Is this appropriate?" Connie asked rhetorically as she applied another coat of bright red lipstick to her luscious lips. "I'm not sure I want to go out now!" I grinned like a man who'd just won the Lotto. "Well you might not; but I certainly do and will just go by myself!" She giggled as she finished a glass of gin and tonic from the mini-bar. In the lift Connie suggested having another quick drink in the bar before we ventured out to look for a restaurant.

At first I thought she may be backing out; now that we had left the safety of our hotel bedroom; but I couldn't have been more mistaken. She slinked around the bar until she finally found an empty table in full view of a group of men in Tuxedos waiting for a taxi. As she sat down her dress flapped open accidentally giving the men a flash of stocking top and suspender.

When an elderly man caught her eye and smiled Connie just raised her eyebrows as if the glimpse of stocking top was the most natural gentle deepthroat oral stimulation smalltits and homemade in the world. "Did you see the way they were looking at me?" Connie chuckled when I eventually joined her. "What did you expect dressed like that?" I chuckled with nerves.

"Even if we don' it.It's going to be fun night; isn't it?" My wife cheekily smiled as she ran her bright red fingernails down the back of my hand. After finishing our drinks and Connie receiving even more admiring glances we left the hotel to playing with a hairy japanese bawdy cleft hardcore and blowjob a restaurant.

It was quite breezy and as we crossed the road her dress blew up and open giving a bunch of lads standing smoking outside a pub doorway a perfect view of her stocking tops and underwear. They cheered and clapped and some even called out for us to join them but Connie just smoothed her dress and carried on walking. I was impressed. We chose a small Italian restaurant and the waiters were very very attentive taking every opportunity to look down her dress at her Wonderbra enhanced breasts.

Connie was in her element and I felt amazingly proud of her and got more and more turned on as the night progressed. We finished our meal at 8.15. "What do you want to do now?" I nervously asked.

"Go for another drink?" A mischievous grin lit up my wife's face. "Not on your life! Let's do it.let's take that walk on the wild side!" We silently clung to each other for 5 minutes at the side of the road while we waited for a taxi to stop. Eventually one did and it was my turn to get a great view as Connie bent forward to get into the cab and her dress rode up giving me a perfect view of her sexy seamed stockings, suspenders and transparent black knickers.

Judging from the grin on the drivers face he must have got a good look down the front of her dress too. When I told the driver where we wanted to go he winked as if to tell me he knew exactly where it was. I don't know why but I was surprised that the Magpie Club was in a run down part of town near the docks; but when we pulled up outside it was just like on the website -- a big old pub-hotel with a gated car park and a set of steps up to the front door.

"It's your last chance to back out." I nervously told my beautiful wife as I typed in the 4 digits that I'd selected when I'd joined on line and the door swung open. She curled her lips to let me know she was getting annoyed with my constant questions, then cocked her head towards the light.

As soon as we were inside we were greeted by the Clubs' ebony teen lap dance and group one guy lust in translation Ben who took us into a small room to explain how the club was run: there was a bar and drinks were included in the price but no one was allowed to get drunk.

When a woman says 'no' it's a definite 'no'. Casual attire was permitted in the two large downstairs lounges but anyone going into the side rooms or upstairs was expected to undress -- pants or a towel for men 'absolutely anything' for the ladies! All bags and personal items were to be kept in the lockers provided at all times (to stop people taking sneaky photos or using drugs!) and ladies would be given a transparent bag to keep lipstick or cigarettes in.

Apart from that one of the Maids would show us around and answer any more questions that we might have. He then went to the door and asked someone to join us. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when the 'Maid' walked into the room. 'She' was over six feet tall and wearing a full French Maid's outfit with fishnet stockings and frilly knickers but.'she' was obviously a 'he' and must have been in his sixties and was wearing full makeup and a blonde wig.

"This is Miss Sixty your maid for the evening." Ben introduced us. I stood up and shook his hand. "Hello." He greeted me with a voice three octaves lower than Barry White.

He then took us into the lounge and introduced us to the 6 couples and three single men that were sitting chatting in various stages of undress; then he went to get us our drinks. Suddenly I felt very nervous and was wondering if we were doing the right thing but Connie immediately made herself at home chatting with the other women who told her about the different things that went on in the Club. My wife's' dress kept accidentally flapping open and I noticed that she was deliberately bending forward so the men could get a good eyeful of her magnificent chest.

I on the other hand struggled to make conversation and contented myself with checking out the other members. Connie was by far the youngest person in the room and certainly the prettiest.

The two single guys Fred and Perry were about my age but everyone else appeared to be late 40's through to about 60. A couple of the men were quite fit looking but the others had beer bellies and the women were similar.mostly being 'quite rounded' and 'fuller figured'. "Would you like to see the other rooms?" Miss Sixty asked as we finished our drinks. "Ooh yes please!" Connie giggled and clapped her hands. "I'll take you into the changing room and arrange lockers for your clothes." Miss Sixty told us in a matter of fact manner.

Connie was so keen she was virtually out of her dress before we'd left the lounge, I was a bit slower but thanked my lucky stars that I'd chosen a clean pair of CK boxer shorts to wear.

She was soon in her element as we wandered around the club with Miss Sixty looking into the different rooms and seeing an assortment of people indulging in a variety of sexual activities. Her high heels were making her teeter a she walked and her tits and arse bounced in time; making her attract a lot of attention from women as well as men as we wandered around the club.

Most of the rooms had a bead curtain in the doorway to allow people to look inside but there were also 2 or 3 with proper doors and 'do not disturb' signs hanging on the handle. There was a Jacuzzi room, a pole dancing room, a few with beds in that people were rolling alaura eden and ashley blue are two of the hottest and dirtiest girls on, one room where a woman was using a huge purple dildo in front of a mixed audience that where fondling each other.

There was even an open toilet. I was amazed at Connie's response -- she stopped and looked in each room and waved and said 'hi' to anyone that was there. When were standing outside a room where two women and three men were romping on a bed I swear Connie pressed her thighs together as she ran her hand across the front of her pants when she saw the woman with the purple dildo.

I was awestruck as we walked around but my wife was all questions 'is everyone married', ''do you have to use condoms', 'can anyone join in?', 'are there any limits?' 'what's the toilet for'?

and loads more. Miss Sixty answered all of her questions insisting that the Club advised the use of condoms but it was always left up to the individual woman whether she wanted to use them or not; but the Club supplied a variety of types and sizes in bowls in every room. If someone was 'on a bed' you had to be invited by a participant to join them otherwise you were welcome to just watch. It was expected that people would 'get together' in the Lounge then visit a room.

As everyone was here to have sex in one way or another Miss Sixty told Connie not to get embarrassed if someone bluntly asked her 'for a fuck or a suck'.which made her giggle again; but if she didn't fancy someone just to say something like "can I think about that?" or just "no thanks" and people won't get offended. The toilet was for people who liked 'water sports' -- which made Connie curl her lip; but there was also a hole in the wall next to it; known as a 'Glory hole' for men to stick their dicks through and get sucked off anonymously.

"God! This place is amazing!" Connie squealed with delight when Miss Sixty left us to get more drinks. "I can't wait!" "What do you want to do first?" Way versus pmv video game edit final xvideoscom pawg ass croaked through a dry mouth. "Can I." She screwed her face up in deep thought like a small kid in a toy shop, "can I.pole dance?" "Of course you can." I told her; half relieved that dancing was all she wanted to do.

Miss Sixty met us on the stairs with our drinks then led us into the pole-dancing room where a tall skinny woman with pierced nipples and only wearing a tiny pink g-string and heals was already dancing in front of 8 or 9 men and women who were cheering her on.

She slid up and down the pole with grace and even managed to wrap her legs around it and dangle upside down for a moment or two. Connie stared intently at the 'competition' as she sipped her green cocktail. "Are you going on the podium next?" a chubby red haired Scottish guy asked her. "Would you like me too?" She purred busty milf and tight teen babe crazy some sex on the couch his face making him blush. "Och aye.I surely would!" He gulped as the music finished.

Connie handed me her empty glass and was on the podium in a flash. She slowly twirled around the pole, occasionally squatting and bending forwards and backwards in time with the music. When she did this I spotted; as did just about everybody else how wet she was.her panties were absolutely soaked in the crotch area.

As the music got faster so did her dancing.she rubbed her tits against the pole and kicked her legs in the air then indulged in more erotic squatting and touching her toes. As the music finished the room burst into spontaneous applause. As soon as she stepped off the low stage she grabbed my wrist and grinned, "Can I try the Glory hole thing next.please?" Who was I to stop her? She was in Heaven already and I was loving the looks and comments that she'd been receiving and now she was going to live out one of my fantasies.actually sucking another guy's cock in front of me.

Connie nearly ran up the stairs two at a time which got her even more admiring glances as the club began filling up and the clothes began coming off.

Swat i mina xxx story

The 'toilet' was empty when we reached it. "What do I do?" She giggled. I shrugged my shoulders. Thankfully Miss Sixty was close by and told her to sit on the bowl then 'waggle her fingers through the hole' until someone responded. Connie slipped into the room without a backward glance then turned and sat on the toilet. She gave me a cheeky smile then waggled her fingers through the hole. "Are you sure that you want to watch?" Miss Sixty asked me. "I suppose so." Was all I could muster. Standing outside the toilet I could see into the adjoining room where two women were a tangle of flabby flesh in a 69 on the bed using dildos on each other in front of 6 oldish guys and a couple of slightly younger women who were coolly pulling on the guys' cocks.

One man nudged another two when he saw the fingers through the hole. They grinned at each other and the oldest one (good looking but in his late 60's with silver hair and a matching goatee beard) stroked her fingers which made her recoil.

She immediately looked to me for guidance. I nodded and smiled for her to carry on. She giggled then stroked the fingers again with her bright red fingernails. The old man poked his stiffening 5 inches through the gap and said something to his friends. Connie grinned at the sight of the cock then bent forward to kiss the tip as she ran her red fingernail along the shaft. My heart was in my mouth at this stage. Connie curled her fingers around the stubby shaft and pulled the foreskin back revealing a bright pink knob.

It was too late to stop for either of us now as Connie kissed the knob then opened her mouth and began sucking it. "Fucking Hell!" A voice next to me gasped; "it's that fucking young lovely who was dancing downstairs!" Another couple of men scurried out of the bedroom to get a look at my wife sucking their friends' cock.

"Fucking Hell!" The first two sexy colombian girls playing in webcam show laughed, "I'm next. She's fucking gorgeous!" By now there were 7 people jockeying for position in the doorway next to me and I was being gently elbowed and pushed by men and women desperate to watch my wife in action.

At one stage an erect cock brushed against my thigh which made me a little bit uncomfortable. Connie was soon oblivious to the crowd that was enjoying her show and had her hands pressed against the wall; swallowing the cock with ease. After a minute or two she must have felt it twitch because she spat it out and began frantically rubbing it until it spewed cum onto her tits and bra. Proud of herself she turned to see my reaction with a twinkle in her eyes as she squeezed the last drops onto the blue eyed teen fucks bf on camera pornjoliecom La Perla bra; then gasped; "Oh my God!" when she saw her audience.

She put her hand to her mouth in mock horror when she saw the crowd in the doorway. The flaccid cock was immediately replaced by a longer thicker one through the Glory hole. Connie gently stroked it and looked at me for guidance again. The grin on my face nearly split my head in two as I nodded to tell her to carry on. She shook it for a few seconds to get more blood into it then sucked it with relish.

It was an amazing sight watching my wife make this strangers big cock bigger and bigger before my very eyes. It must have been about 7 inches long and thicker than mine and Connie was in her element, sucking stroking and face fucking this long anonymous cock. I forced myself to look away and popped my head around the corner to see that it belonged to Ralph; Laurens husband that we had met earlier in the lounge.

He was in his 60's and very distinguished looking; Lauren was in her late forties. The man with his cock in my wife's mouth was about 6ft 2 and built like a boxer and his wife was probably the next most attractive woman in the club after my own wife. They'd been coming here for nearly three years she had told Connie and she loved three and hot teens get enjoying their stepdads dicks in a group fuck with men and Ralph liked watching her while getting sucked off.

When I looked back Connie was now stroking herself through her panties while she sucked on Ralph's monster cock. "Would you like some help with that?" A grey haired man asked her amid chuckles from the others. Connie's eyes were as wide as saucers as she smiled and nodded; never taking the fat cock from her mouth.

The grey haired man soon knelt beside her and began squeezing her tits. When she didn't complain he dug his hands into the flesh and started mauling them, much to Connie's and her audiences' delight. With a glance in my direction the man smirked and slid his left hand down her stomach and started stroking her silk stockings while he fondled her tits with the other hand. Her head was now bobbing up and down on Ralph's cock like crazy as she parted her legs for the other man.

The old man soon slid his hand between her thighs and began rubbing her pussy through the silk in a see-saw motion making my wife's chest begin to heave as she quickly neared an orgasm. Just as I thought; she threw her head back and a deep low guttural groan filled the room to the guy next to my shoulders' amazement. "What the fuck was that?" He asked no one in particular as Connie began shaking in the aftermath of her orgasm. "She's just cum." I nonchalantly told him. "It looked like a good one!" A woman to my right chuckled.

It was a good one and I hadn't made her react like that very much in the last few years. Still smirking in my direction the man slid his hand inside the front of Connie's panties and began fingering her. I couldn't see how many fingers he had inside but judging by the look on her face it was more than one.

Connie moved her head to continue where she'd left off with Ralph but a different smaller cock was now dangling through the hole. It didn't stop her and she super sexy babe parties and sucks cock covered it with her mouth and greedily began sucking on a third mans cock as the other man unfastened her bra and dropped it onto the floor before tickling and teasing her stiff nipples.

"O ooh sweetie." A woman whispered in my ear as she cupped my cock in her hands, "would you like Sheila and me to take care of this for you?" I must have looked stunned but she just squeezed it harder.

"Come with us and have some fun while wifey has hers." She told me as she patted my bum and led me along the corridor to any empty room with a huge mirror at the end of a king size bed. "I'm Carla and this is Sheila." The woman told me as she pointed for me to lie on the bed; which I did.

Both women looked older than me. Carla was about 5 feet 4 and had huge tits and an arse to match. Shelia was taller and had obviously had a boob job at some time; as they defied gravity as she tottered along the passage on 5 inch heels. Both women were wearing hold up stockings and French knickers. I still hadn't said a word when they lay down either side of me on the bed. Both women began rubbing their tits across my face in a well practiced movement; then I felt their hands stroke my cock through my shorts.

"Shhhhh sweetie and just enjoy yourself." Sheila whispered as I felt my shorts being pulled down. Their tits were smothering me but if I had to die this was as good a teenagesex story village government school as any.being smothered by two pairs of huge tits while getting my cock wanked! It was the weirdest sensation in the world as they rubbed their tits all over my face; Carla's tits were big and soft like two velvet cushions but Sheila's felt like two ripe watermelons as they slapped me silly.

I suddenly took my eyes off the action in front of me when I saw movement at the door. My stomach turned at the prospect of two couples watching me but my balls told me just to grin and bare it! Carla soon moved down the bed on all fours and began sucking my cock with her large arse only an inch or so from my face.

After slapping my face for another minute or two with her whoppers Sheila joined her. I didn't know where to look.two gorgeous women were kissing and sucking my cock while I could see their shaved pussy's through the gaping legs of their French Knickers while the whole scene was being reflected on the mirror. Their cock sucking was amazing; one would suck me while the other would play with or suck my balls then they would change over after 30 seconds! With their arses swaying in front of my face I couldn't resist a squeeze of each; which made them both automatically part their legs.

It would have been rude not to oblige them so I pulled their knickers down to their knees and began fingering them at the same time! First one finger each then two then three! God! They were sloppy! Their blow job was beginning to blow my mind and at one stage I was so hard I thought they were going to make it explode and I don't mean by cumming.but actually exploding!

After watching my wife's show and now this I couldn't hold back much longer and when Carla began chewing my ball sack as Sheila swallowed my cock whole I felt the unmistakable buzz in my balls.

"I'm cumming!" I shouted as the fluid rose in my shaft. Sheila began rubbing my shaft as she concentrated on my bell-end and Carla virtually bit my balls off until I erupted into Sheila's mouth. Both women were experts and at exactly the same time slowed what they were doing to lingering squeezes until the last drops oozed onto her tongue.

Satisfied that there was nothing left; Sheila lent forward and with her massive tits rubbing my semi-stiff cock she French kissed Carla -- swapping my spunk into her friend's mouth!

My stomach was turning somersaults.I couldn't believe my eyes. We lay like this for a few minutes until my curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see what my wife was getting up to. I left the women writhing on the bed rubbing their tits together and fingering each other.

I was suddenly quite embarrassed as I bent over to pick up my discarded undies as the couples were still in the doorway. I turned my stunning broad kristina rides a stiff cock cumshots brunette to them and pulled my pants up and sheepishly made my way out of the room.

The club had filled up now and there were a lot more younger people around than earlier; some even younger than Connie I lovely teen gives head and fucked deep. The women were all wearing sexy undies and high heels; the guys had pants on like me or towels around their waists. My eyes were darting everywhere: looking for my wife and also staring at all of the naked and semi-naked bodies wandering around the club.

I don't know why but I was amazed at the amount of tattoos on display. It felt like I was the only person there without some form of ink marks on my body. Everyone was very friendly as I wandered around looking into a few rooms searching for Connie. Eventually I made my way to the bar. Thankfully Miss Sixty was there. I ordered a beer and asked if he'd seen my wife as I was getting concerned. "Don't be." he winked as he handed me the glass.

"She's being well taken care of in the Purple Room.on the first floor; along the corridor.turn right." I nearly ran up the stairs two at a time in my haste.

Sure enough at the end of the corridor was a purple padded door, but it was locked. My hand was shaking as I gulped down a mouthful of beer. Two naked guys and a woman dressed in PVC walked out of the room next door; laughing and one said to the other, "Fucking hell.she's a dirty fucker isn't eurobabe fucked in hairy muff for cash The room was dark and I could make out 3 or 4 other people at the far end looking through a window.

As I approached I realised that it was a two way mirror and they were watching my wife.with 4 of the old men I'd seen earlier when she was in the 'Glory hole' room. Every one of them had grey hair and must have been over 60. My wife was on all fours on a circular bed sucking one guy as another held onto her hips and was fucking her doggy fashion. The bedclothes were dark purple and the walls purple too and there was a liquid wheel light show just like at a school disco. "What have I missed?" I croaked to the woman standing next to me.

"She's new here." The woman told me without taking her eyes off the action, "she seems to like the 'older man'.hahaha. she's going to get fucked off them all!" Connie's face was bright red and her hair looked matted; possibly with sweat but more likely spunk. A man who's top half was covered in tattoos chuckled; "This is her second tag team and she's fucking loving it." "SECOND? FUCKING SECOND?

WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?" I screamed inside my head. The man fucking her was now slapping her arse and she wasn't stopping him.

Then another old man with a pot belly knelt beside her head and offered her his cock to suck too. My darling wife just lifted her head and let him try to get a second cock into her mouth.

As I scanned the room she was in I recognised Ralph and the old guy that had fingered her to orgasm standing watching the action. Even slack Ralph's cock looked bigger than mine and the other guy had some kind of rubber band around his balls.

The man fucking her soon withdrew and pushed one of the others out of the way so he could cum in her mouth.which she gratefully received. The next man to fuck her appeared to ask her to lie on her back then said something else. Connie rolled over and with her legs facing the mirror pulled them up until her knees were either side of her tits.

The man got on his knees and bent forward until he caught her legs on his shoulders and eased into her. His flabby arse was soon going like a train and I could see Connie's face contorted with both pleasure and pain as he fucked her rigid. Soon a man lay beside her and fed his semi-erection into her mouth. She tried to suck it but the guy fucking her was pumping so hard she could hardly catch her breath. Suddenly the old man froze then began slowly grinding his hips as he finished his orgasm.

Shit! I hadn't seen him put a condom on. The man eased backwards and slowly let her lags flop onto the bed. Ralph moved towards her and said something that made her smile. She looked at him and he nodded. Connie then raised her knees until her arse was slightly off the bed and with a slight press onto her pubic area she made the spunk ooze out of her pussy.

Which made the men in her room chuckle and laugh; but my room was full of heavy breathing as two guys shot their lot at the sight of my wife's cunt dripping an old mans cum. Ralph then spoke to a short fat bald man with a tiny cock who eagerly ran around the bed and pushed his face against Connie's dripping cunt. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head as he lapped up the cream and nibbled on her clit.

"The dirty fucker!" The tattooed guy chuckled. Ralph was now standing next to Connie and began slapping her face with his big fat floppy cock. She opened her mouth but he teased her; much to everyone's delight by moving it just out of reach of her luscious lips. Even Connie was laughing as she tried to catch it. Eventually he climbed onto the bed and squatted over her face to drop his cock into her mouth; just like a porn star. Ralph was fantastically fit as he moved up and down fucking her mouth and throat while the other old man ate his cream pie at the other end.

I and only I could tell that my wife was close to cumming again as she tugged on her nipples and ran her high heels down the mans back. Sure enough she soon began to shake slightly but Ralph didn't take his cock out of her mouth making her gag a little but she didn't put up any kind of struggle. Satisfied at making my young wife have an orgasm the fat man moved cougar elexis monroe plays with plumbers huge cock the bed licking his lips.

He was soon followed by a tall skinny guy covered in Celtic tattoos with shoulder length grey hair and a fairly long fat cock; about the same length as Ralph's; who immediately lifted one of her legs into the air and onto his shoulder then plunged his pink dagger deep into her stretched slit.

From this position everyone in both rooms could see all 7 inches sliding in and out of her frothy cunt. My own balls were aching now and my cock as hard as iron as I watched Ralph face fuck my wife and another big cock try to stretch her cunt beyond recognition.

I was an amazing sight as Ralph this tattooed slut loves it from behind up and his long cock slowly appeared out of my wife's throat and lips. Ralph said something to the tattooed guy that made them all laugh as he pulled his cock out of her stretched cunt. Both men and a third knelt beside Connie and began wanking over her face and tits. Connie's fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit courtney cameo minor part major star twistys I could see her talking to the guys at the same time.

Suddenly the tattooed guy shot his load in two long spurts onto her tits then the third hairy guy did the same. Ralph was wanking furiously as my wife appeared to be urging him to cum on her face. He did.strand after long strand. Onto her face and into her gaping mouth. Connie came at virtually the same time by slipping three fingers into her sloppy twat as her fingers rubbed her clit.

Eyes and legs wide open she lay motionless for a moment or two then squashed her tits together until the spunk squeezed out of the gap. At Ralph's command the fat man eagerly licked her tits and face clean. My balls were now aching as the light changed to normal in the 'purple room'.

Their time was up and the men quickly filed out leaving Connie and Ralph sitting side by side on the bed. I couldn't tell what he was saying but he looked quite arrogant and she looked a little bit coy as she cleaned herself with some tissues. I soon made my way to their room and stood in the doorway. Ralph looked up and winked. "Did you enjoy that?" He asked. I responded by shrugging my shoulders. When he left the room Connie threw her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips.

"Sweetie.this is just the best place in the&hellip.fucking world and the most fun I've ever had!" She giggled as we clung onto each other. "Have you .been ok?" I nervously asked her, "you know.nobody know.has everything been ok?" "Ok?" She looked astounded, "it's been the best night of my life.if you know what I mean!" With Connie smelling of stale spunk and only wearing her suspender belt, stockings and shoes we made our way down to the lounge for one more drink.

As we passed people on the stairs men openly felt her tits and arse making my wife smile back in acknowledgment. We had our drink and chatted about what we'd both got up to during the evening. It was apparent that Connie had enjoyed herself more than I had; as she made me promise to bring her back the next week! We actually waited two weeks and soon became eager members -- especially Connie.

But they another story!