Hard very hard porn sex stories storys

Hard very hard porn sex stories storys
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NYMPHOMANIACAL: Part II Midnight Snack The night was long. Longer than any night young Erica had ever experienced. She'd lost her virginity earlier that day, and to none other than her geography teacher, Mrs. Adler. She'd never felt as satisfied in her life as she had once the busty woman had finished with her, and since then she'd be restless.

Restless because she was overwelmed with a sexual urge unlike anything she'd ever felt before. She wanted to be satisfied again, it didn't matter by who, she just wanted it.

She rolled around in her lonely one person bed in her lonely little room. She wore nothing but a pair of pink silk panties and an tight white tube top that covered her beautiful breasts like a second layer of skin, accentuating her errect nipples.

She was only fifteen, but she was in every way a woman. And her womanly needs were driving her mad. She sat up in bed and places the toes of her delicate feet on the hard wood floor. If she couldn't get any real sex, she could at least look at porn and pleasure herself as best she could.

Her bedroom door creaked open. The halls of her home were dark.

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She lived with her father and her brother, but at that hour, they must both have been fast asleep. She had to be very cautious not to wake them. She tip-toed with ease across the hall into the living room, where the family's computer was kept. She shut the door softly and sat at the desk and open a file that she'd found a couple of weeks ago. It was a file that belonged to either her brother or her father that was full of pornographic videos downloaded from various sites on the internet.

At the time she didn't pay much attension to it, but now she needed it desperately. She opened one of the videos. A man with an incredibly large cock was pounding a young woman with long red hair a big green eyes.

Her thin pink lips spread wide open as she moaned softly. Her tits were large and shaking wildly with each thrust. Her long voluptuous legs were wide open. Erica felt her hand moving across her chest and down to her pussy, and began stroking it gently. She didn't even hear the door creak open. "Hello?" She turned around shocked to see a tall black boy about the same age as her standing in the door.

She had no idea who he was. Her heart leaped and began beating so fast it felt as though sex gerls and old man was about to have an attack. She was embarrassed and ashamed to be caught in such a compromising position. But the boy looked embarrassed as well, he backed up a little bit, "I'm so sorry.

I thought that this was the bathroom. I didn't know. I mean." "Who are you?", was the only thing that Erica could think of to say. "I'm Dereck. your brother's freind." She watched his eyes move across her body, not realising until then how little she was wearing, "I guess he didn't say that I was sleeping here tonight.

I'm sorry to. interrupt." It was then that she had an alarming thought. There were two ways that this could go, he could leave and they'd both be left feeling completely embarrassed, or she could try to get him to fulfill her and she could feel a prick inside of her for the first time in her life. It wasn't much of a decision at all, she had to get him to stay. "What's the matter?

Can't you sleep?" She asked him coyly. "I guess not." He replied moving a little further into the room. "Neither could I, that's why I came in here." She motioned to the couch on the other side of the room, "Do you want to stay and talk for a while?" "Sure!" He said eagerly, closing the door behind him and entering the room.

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She grabbed his hand and led him to the couch where they sat down next to eachother. He was dressed in a pair of baggy pants and a long black T-Shirt. His hair was short and a little bit curly.

He seemed a little bit nervous, and a little bit excited. This made her happy, she knew for sure that he was interested. She propped her foot up on the couch so that she was facing him completely, and so the tight shirt and the blonde babe sofi goldfinger blows hung fake agent dampening pink panties were directly in his line of vision. "What do you want to talk about?" He asked, his eyes not meeting hers in the slightest and a small tent starting to form in his jeans.

"I think you know what I want." She leaned closer, "Because I know what you want." She placed her hand on the tent and began to rub it in the same slow way that she had touched herself moments earlier.

She'd heard stereotypes that black people had giant peckers, she couldn't say if that was true about all of them, but Dereck's definetly fit the bill.

And it got longer and harder as she ran her hand across it. He moved in to kiss her and at the same time undid the zipper on his pants. He slid his jeans around his ankles. He was wearing white breifs with a huge lump in the center of them.

Erica broke the kiss and pulled off her top. Her beautiful B-cup breasts were free now to be touched by her new companion, and it didn't take him long to start rubbing her nippled between his fingers and pressing them with his palm. He was an amateur, not like Mrs. Adler had been, but it felt fantastic none-the-less. She pulled off his underwear and his huge erect prick sprung up at her. She put her fist around it and started pumping it up and down, he moaned and pulled off his shirt.

She leaned down into his lap and ran her tongue slowly around the tip of his penis, and then started up and down on the shaft. It tasted good. She finally decided to go for it and shoved the entire the thing down her throat.

She gagged and pulled it out, but then went back again. This time she didn't gag, and she became moving her head up and down so the shaft moved in and out of her mouth.

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She pulled it out of her mouth and leaned back, grabbed her panties in her pand and pulled them down her long legs and threw them to the floor. She had a gorgeous pink box with a small tuff of brown hair on top. She ran her fingers across her wet pussy and then sucked them dry. He positioned himself on top of her and guided his throbbing boner inside of her, she let out a little gasp as it went in deeper and deeper.

And pulled out and thrust again, deeper still this time. She moaned and refrained from screaming in fear of waking her family up. His thrusts became faster and faster and she reached down to rub her clit as he did so. Her breasts bounced freely and she could feel her face contorting into different positions without her permission.

Her moans became longer and more powerful. She was closed to reaching an orgasm. She clasped her hands around her mouth to stop herself from yelling. A geiser of liquid sprayed out from her snatch and got all over Dereck and the couch. Her fell back and sat there, stroking his cock as she quivered with that wonderful sensation that she had experienced for the first time earlier that day. Her head was swimming. As she opened her eyes, she saw him with his dick still in hand.

She crawled face first into his lap to finish the job. She licked her own pussy juices off of his rock hard cock and then began to fillet him. He leaned back and moaned, "I'm gonna cum." She ate his entire cock and held it there for a few seconds and then pulled back quickly with her tongue moving along his shaft, a couple of spirts of pearly white jizz flew threw the air.

One of them landed directly on Erica's nipple and began rolling down her teachers and students sexy story. She picked up her breast in one hand and licked the cum right off of it, it tasted good. She laid down on top of Dereck and his softening cock, "Thank you." She said wrapping her arms around him. That's when she saw it.

He didn't because he was facing in the other direction, but sex xxx boy story com saw it perfectly well. A figure standing in the frame of the now slightly opened door peering in at them. It was her younger brother. Who knows how long he had watched them for. All she knew was that his pants were unbuttoned and his hand could not be seen. When he saw her eyes on him, he disappeared for the door.

She'd never suspected that he was attracted to her before, but now. it looked like Erica had a real problem on her hands.