Slut harley jade loves anal poking from neighbor pornstars hardcore

Slut harley jade loves anal poking from neighbor pornstars hardcore
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Things continued till school started back up and we only got to see each other about 3x a week, which really sucked as I was long past the game and just in it for the enjoyment. We started meeting in the evenings in the barn he had to do chores and I had to do him.

We would go up to the loft that had small windows so we could see if anyone was coming up the path. So I would get on my hands and knees facing the window and he would get behind me and shove his hot cock deep inside me and fuck me for all I was worth and then he would either cum deep inside or in my mouth which I loved both.

So that evening after fucking he told me that he has a couple of friends and he wanted to know if I would let them fuck me too. At this point I was thinking more people to play with more fun. So 2 weeks later was a night that he was going to be babysitting me overnight as mom had went to a retreat with my sisters. He told me that 2 of his friends would be over and that I had to let them do whatever they wanted to me. I was up for that as it was always hot and fun. So I wore a little mini skirt, and half tank top and nothing else.

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I didn't really have breasts yet just 2 small mounds but I already had fairly large nipples as my cousin loved to suck them. I also have completely bare pussy no hair yet, but I was always very wet and very ready.

As friends arrived I was told to get down and suck one of them as he sat on the floor I got on my hands and knees pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to suck him, he was larger than my cousin and the first moment I took him into my mouth I was in heaven he tasted so good he had precum leaking from the head.

I would push all the way down on his cock feel the head push against my throat then come back up. After a few moments of this he grabbed my head and started pushing further and further into my throat I was choking and gagging on his big dick and he loved it.

As this was happening the other guy got behind me and was licking me from behind, of course I loved to be licked this way it felt so good, but never had my cousin stuck his tongue in my ass. I tried to squirm away thinking that he was licking the wrong place and he shouldn't stick his tongue their, he grabbed my hips and held me perfectly still while he assaulted my ass with his tongue. After a few moments I started squirming back against his face as his tongue in my ass felt so good.

I was told to crawl up and straddle the guy I had been sucking I grabbed his dick as I slowly lowered myself onto it. It was so big and I could feel it stretching my pussy. "O God I cried," as I was fully impaled on this big dick. The other guy who had been licking my ass came up and grabbed my head and shoved his dick in my mouth, I was figuring out all dick taste different and it all tastes so good. He then leaned down and whispered, "Have you had a dick in your ass yet?" I am sure he could see the scared look on my face and he said, "I will take that as a no, well today will be your first then." He told my cousin to find him something to lube my ass with and my cousin came back with a jar of Vaseline.

He smeared a large amount on my ass and started sliding a baisee dans la rue la cougar fait la totale in and I was thinking this isn't so bad, then 2 then 3, at this point it really wasn't comfortable anymore and I didn't want him to do it.

The guy beneath me grabbed me so I couldn't move as his put the head of his cock against my tight little asshole. He pushed steadily until the head pushed past the outer ring, "O Fuck you're tight," he exclaimed!

The pain was intense he kept telling me to relax; tears were streaming down my face. I looked over at my cousin who was sitting on the couch stroking his cock and he just smiled.

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After a few minutes of these 2 cocks stroking in and out of my ass and pussy, they seem to get into a rhythm and it starts to feel surprisingly good I can feel the orgasm start to build as I tell them finally, to "Fuck me, fuck me harder," and they do I feel like they are tearing me apart but it feels so fucking good.

My cousin comes over and shoves his cock in my mouth, at this moment I have the most intense orgasm of my life, my whole body shakes, at this exact moment the guy in my ass and the one in my pussy within seconds of each other shoot their hot loads of cum deep inside me filling me up. I can feel cum leaking around their cocks as they still stroke in me.

My cousin grabs my head and shoots his load down my throat, I took every drop. As they pull out of me I have cum leaking from every hole as I lay there on the floor completely exhausted. As the guys get up to leave I go take a shower I am so sore, John comes in to check on me he asked how I liked having a cock up my ass, and I told him I guess it was ok, but it hurt. He said, "You better get use to that it will happen often." I knew things had changed I would be getting every hole filled on a regular basis and there was nothing I could do to stop it, then I thought to myself do I want to stop it?

Absolutely not! Later that night as I lay in bed John came into the room, he told me to assume the position I got on my hands and knees and he stuck his cock into my mouth and grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth, and I saw him set down the jar of Vaseline on the night stand and I knew what was next.

He came up behind me and started licking my pussy and my ass darting his tongue in and out O it felt so good, he then started rubbing Vaseline on my ass as he started to insert his fingers. One thing that I could tell was different the guy who had took my ass earlier had been gentle as if he had done it before, and I knew John was pissed because someone else had been in my ass first. He rubbed some on the head of his cock and slowly but firmly pushed inside, when he was finally all the way in my ass he grabbed my hips and started to push hard and harder, tears again were streaming down my face, he reached around and pinched my clit and at that exact moment I had an orgasm, I screamed as I could feel my juices free flowing from my pussy I was really getting into him pounding my ass he grabbed my hair and slammed home wwe superstar trish stratus unlock xnxx last time as he shot his load in my very sore ass.

He pulled out, I collapsed on the bed he said, "You're becoming a very good 3 hole slut." To be continued…&hellip.