Sub housewife humiliated by her black master interracial and humiliation

Sub housewife humiliated by her black master interracial and humiliation
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My husband and I met during our senior year of high school. Shoplyfter hot ebony teen pounded for stealing forward 4 years, we were both single at the same time. We had our 1st date and if it wouldn't have been illegal, this story might have been about that day and not the second date.

Our first date was a movie, we went to see 17 Again (we thought it was a different movie) but yet our conversation was solely about past relationships and honestly the lack of great sex.

I remembered how blue his eyes were from the first day I saw him and even though he was wearing what he does to work, he was still handsome and obviously strong. At 6'2", he was a foot taller than me and while larger than he was in high school, he had the build of the football player he was 4 years before. I was still the 5'2" curvy girl and some would describe a thick ass. After our 1st date made us realize that the attraction was still there (considering just touching me made him rock hard), we decided that perhaps it would be beneficial to move forward.

Honestly, I'm easy and we were both horny.

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Neither one of us had been with anyone for a year so all day; I felt a combination of nervousness, excitement and an extreme amount of horniness. Thoughts of "did I shave enough", " will he be small" "what about weird noises" ran through my head asi drove to meet him. We decided to meet some place since he worked late.Once I was there, I got into his car and he proceeded to blindfold me so I didn't know where we were going (and I was at the time thinking, please don't be a serial killer).

We stopped by the local lake and on a clear starry night, he laid out pillows and a blanket for us. I was waiting for something awkward to happen but yet it didn't and as we moved closer to the pillows, he stopped by kissing me which caused my eyes to roll right there. The feel of his mouth and the scent of him were intoxicating. We started undressing each other till both of us were completely naked. He had me lay on my back as his mouth went from my full parted lips from his kissing and travelled closer and closer till he reached my already wet pussy.

His tongue flicked against my skin and his fingers slid inside me sending shivers of pleasure through my body. He continued to swirl his nurse uniform teen karen plays with speculum and when he looked at me, he licked his fingers and crawled so he was next to me.

It was his turn to receive so after moving to his back, I went to my knees. It didn't take much to find his dick that night as the stars shown on his skin. I still think he has the most beautiful dick I've ever seen. I slid my hand over his smooth hard shaft and lowered my head till my lips touched his head.

I parted my lips slowly building up till they were completely open and my fuckpunished for curiosity balls licking and doggystyle enveloped him.

I felt him hard in my mouth and my hand as the wetness of my mouth coated him and I could practically hear his eyes rolling into his head as he let out sweet soft moans. My tongue danced around his dick as my hand stroked the rest of him and his balls. The taste of him was even pleasurable. We finally reached our breaking point and needed more than just the oral pleasure. He slid on the condom and in what seemed like seconds, he was in.

It was effortless how he moved inside me; I was so wet from everything that any uncomfortable tightness was gone leaving just the perfect amount. I never felt such force (and I had been with 4 other men at the time).

His dick slammed into me over and over. I could feel his balls slap against my pussy as he fucked me into ecstasy. There would be no faking that night. Every ridge of him, the touch of his skin, as my legs wrapped around this man, I could feel every muscle tighten while he moved inside me.

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If it was cold real people taping there love making session in daybed night, I had no idea and the only stars I saw at that point were the ones in my eyes as they continuously rolled inside my head. He practically roared as he exploded in me.

But that was only part of the night. For what might have been an half hour, we talked and held each other to avoid the damp grass. Last thing either of us wanted was cold wet grass in our asses making getting up awkward ruining a great night.

Conversation was easy between us as it always has been. We talked about our day and how excited we had been and how great it was to put it honestly, get that out of our system to find out whether we could have a real relationship beyond sex (obviously we did). We went back into the van after dressing but soon we were undressed again as we shifted to the back seats of the car.

It was a perfect transition. I found myself sliding my still sopping wet pussy on his equally hard dick and continued to move up and down. My breasts pressed against his chest and he bent his head so he could suck on my swollen nipples.

My legs tightened around his hips and his hands grabbed and caressed my ass, squeezing with every move I made.

I always hated being on top but I thoroughly enjoyed this ride with my whole body up against his closer than before and my now sweaty hair draped against his head as we both kept moaning.

Finally, he moved so I was no longer on top of him but he was behind me adjusting himself so that he wouldn't slip as he began to pound me from behind. I was pushed up against the seat and I felt the perfect rhythm of hard and soft fucking. I had never been so wet in my life and I lucia love sucking danny ds big throbbing cock pornstars and big dick never felt such a large hard dick since I started having sex.

It was exhilarating and exhausting how much I moaned. We continued shifting positions seamlessly in the car, all the windows fogged up from the heat of our bodies till we thought we could no longer handle it.

We got dressed and he turned on the car and we found that 3 hours had passed, which beat the hell out of the usual 15-30 minutes the other people I had been with. We drove back to the meeting place but I didn't get out of the car because I needed to come down from the high. The sex was that incredible. We continued to talk about what we wanted which frankly could have been a bad decision afterall.

Most people don't want to talk about "where is this relationship going" after having sex for the first time. I'll be honest while some may want the whole discussion of me wondering where it would go and whether he just opened a whole can of worms, I can't remember the conversation and I'm lucky i remember anything besides the sex. He kissed me which lead to more kissing and he moved his hand inside my bra to touch my breasts. We were in a parking lot of a local grocery store so we couldn't continue there and I suggested we drive again.

He did and it felt like he drove for hours until he stopped on some back road. He guided me to the back and since I had already started undressing while he anaconda big black huge cock fucking hardcore than ever story downloads driving, it didn't take much till he had me completely naked once again.

I sat him on the seat so that I could start sucking him to make him nice and hard again which didn't take long till that beautiful muscle was upright trying to move down my throat. He moved me with his hands up against my hips to place me on his dick. So hard and while I was still wet, I felt a bit tighter from the time to find a spot. Oh my god, how good it felt to have him in me again. Somewhere within that time, his friend who "made that night possible" (different story), texted him asking what he was doing.

My boyfriend (husband) responded with "having sex" and he quickly got a response of "cool". We still laugh about that to be honest although I aImost forgot. It was incredible how he moved me around that night from position to position, never messing up by pulling hair or pinching something.

Just tight, strong, powerful arms and hips moving just right causing every bit of me to sweat and the windows were completely covered with moisture from how hot we were. We paused only for seconds when cars would drive by and then continue.

I came so hard and so much that night that I didn't think it was possible and every part of me shivered and exploded with overwhelming sexual energy. It was almost excruciating to think how long I was without this experience. By the time, we were spent and could handle no more; it had been another 2 hours. Nearly 5 hours of satisfying blissful sex that I never knew could have existed outside of porn and multiple condoms later. I got home around 3 am and made it to my bed only to wake up swore from the night's festivities later on in the day.