Perky tits brunette teen stepsis drilled by thick cock

Perky tits brunette teen stepsis drilled by thick cock
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Jen and Amy fell asleep beside Scott, all three slaves naked and helpless but at least blissfully unaware…for the time being. Jen awoke about 45 minutes later, peering outside one of the windows in the captain's quarters.

She saw the young, attractive American tourists, both male and female, lined up naked along the deck. General Khari's men were barking orders and putting the girls into one line, the guys in another. Soon General Khari himself strode out onto the deck, bellowing for quiet. "Listen carefully, my beautiful young sex slaves. Now, you may be wondering what is next for all of you. Dinner will soon be served." The General's fat, masculine face broke into a lopsided grin.

He gestured toward a lengthy dining table which had been set up with a feast of sumptuous fare - fruit delicacies, filet mignon, mashed potatoes, and a dozen other types of cuisine. The plates and glasses were set perfectly, poised for an immaculate banquet.

The soldiers had all sat down, all except for General Khari's second-in-command, the scar-faced and sour looking Imari. "You see all of this exquisite food? Before you are allowed to eat you must first EARN it." He pointed at a tall, creamy-skinned brunette with pretty hazel eyes and a pair of large, mouth-watering breasts. "What is your shemale tricks straight guy and force him, girl?" "A-amanda," she squeaked.

"Very good, Amanda. Pick a new partner to fuck. It cannot be your husband or boyfriend." The girl hesitated. Imari came up with a crop and swatted savagely across her supple cones. The brunette yelled and quickly walked over to a tormented-looking young man, taking him by the hand. "Good! Now the rest of you choose new partners.

And do not even THINK of trying to choose your husband or boyfriend. If we find out you disobeyed, we will kill them before your eyes." The General and his men watched eagerly as the naked captives chose their new sex partners. Then, when every girl had been paired up with a guy, the General made his final announcement.

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"I want lusty food sex with women lesbian and college of the couples on this side and half of the couples across from them. Male slaves, you will fuck your ladies doggy-style, each line facing the other. Female slaves, you will kiss the girl across from you as the men pound your tight holes. If everyone can fuck for the next 30 minutes without coming, then you will all get to eat the leftovers which my men and I decide to offer.

If anyone climaxes prematurely…" The General let the sentence hang, deadly delight showing in his eyes at the mere possibility. Jennifer wanted to look away, but her eyes were glued to the horrifying yet somehow fascinating scene unfolding. The girl named Amanda knelt on her hands and knees. The young man behind her was Steve. He gently kissed the nape of Amanda's neck before massaging her shoulders and whispering something in her ear.

"I'm sorry they're making us do this." "It's okay," Amanda sighed. "Hurry up!" Imari growled, walking up and down the two lines of couples. "Start fucking. Get busy!" He glanced at his watch. "The thirty minute timer starts now." Amanda put her ass up high in the air, and it was impossible not to notice how Steve appreciated her sexy curves.

He ran his fingers down her smooth flanks, slowly inserting his now raging hard-on. As his cock slipped into her soft folds, she sighed and ground her hips back to meet him. Her nipples pebbled into tiny, rock-hard little buds. Her breasts shook as Steve established a rhythm, plunging his shaft deep, steadily and slowly ramming toward her cervix. The young couple could have been any other couple making love, enjoying intimacy, if it weren't for the awful scene of soldiers enjoying the show and other helpless naked couples fucking all around them.

"What are you doing? Fuck that brunette bitch harder. Don't be such a limp-dick American," Imari grumbled, smacking the crop across Steve's face. Steve cried out and quickly moved thick jock enters bawdy cleft and anal obey.

Grasping Amanda by the shoulders, he began pumping his shaft like a jack-hammer into her sore snatch, feeling her squirm and moan loudly on his slamming dick. "I'm sorry… have to… fuck harder…" Amanda wiped a stray tear from her eye.

"It's okay…the bastard's soldiers already fucked me half a dozen times. My pussy's so sore… but at least, at least their cum is still inside me." She didn't need to say what Jennifer was thinking.

'At least with all that cum inside the girl's horribly fucked pussy, Steve's cock will slide in and out easily. Less discomfort. She might even be able to enjoy it.' Soon enough Jennifer's eyes and ears could answer that very question.

After the first few minutes, Amanda's pale body was grinding back against Steve's cock even more excitedly. A loud suctioning sound sailed to Jen's ears each time Steve's shaft slammed home into Amanda's feminine sheath. His hands massaged her flanks, slipping underneath to cup her young, perky tits. Amanda's jaw went slack, her cunt lips forming a tight, greedy seal around Steve's young shaft.

She moaned, biting her lip. "Yes, Steve. Your cock feels so good. Don't hold back. Fuck me. Fuck me just like that, big guy." Jennifer watched with secret arousal as Steve's cock vanished once again inside Amanda's tight, wet folds. Across from Amanda there was a lithe redhead with curly red hair. She leaned forward, kissing Amanda and stifling her moans, as a stocky male captive fucked the redhead from behind in the same doggy-style position.

Soon the entire length of the ship's deck was filled with a combination of moans, grunts, the slapping sound of testicles, and the squelchy-wet sounds of pussies greedily accepting plunging spears of manhood.

Jennifer watched as Amanda and the unknown redhead deepened their kiss, French kissing obediently while the two men continued to drill their cunts.

"Ooohhhh! Oh god. I need to slow down," Steve muttered, pulling out his cock. It now glistened with Amanda's juices, slimy as can be. He stared down at it in disbelief, then glanced across at the man who was fucking the redhead.

That man was clearly Amanda's husband.

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He could see the ring glinting on his finger. Steve could also see the way that man's tortured gaze fixated on the beautiful naked brunette in front of him. "I'm sorry," Steve grunted.

"Please forgive me." He plunged into Amanda's cock-hugging cunt with renewed vigor, relishing the feel of her body around his raging erection. He reached underneath, playing with her clit as her moans deepened. "OOoohhh!! Oh god. Don't," she sighed, rocking her hips backward again to encase his shaft with her moistening slit. Steve tried to hold out, he truly did. He pulled back even as Imari stood in front of them, staring at them critically with his riding crop poised to strike.

"Keep fucking her, idiot! Did I say you could stop?" Imari shouted. He leaned down, pinching Amanda's nipples hard as she yelped, which made her cunt muscles seize up around Steve's shaft twice as hard. "And you, little bitch.

Slam that pussy back HARDER. I want to see you make him stepmom brandi gives a blowjob tutorial using katys boyfriend inside you." "But Sir, we aren't allowed," Amanda groaned. Her plaintive moan reached a crescendo as Steve's cock flew between her thighs, fucking her slit like a battering ram as she dripped her fluids down his shaft until even his scrotum was thickly covered in her scent.

Her next protest was again stifled by the curly redhead's lips and exploratory tongue. She moaned, kissing the redhead back as her cunt lovingly encased Steve's throbbing manhood…milking his testicles toward a forbidden finish. 'Oh god,' Jen thought. They were close…so close. If Steve gushed inside of her, what would the General do?

The General himself strode up to the frenzied couple as Steve grunted plaintively. His hands slid down to Amanda's ass cheeks, clutching her waist tightly as his face contorted in the tell-tale sign of orgasm. Amanda's eyes widened unmerciful fuck for a horny mother id like to fuck surprise as she felt Steve's scalding seed scour out her insides, as he pumped her full of his sticky fluid. No sooner had Steve finished emptying his hot cum in Amanda's cunt, Imari roughly pushed him back.

He glared at Amanda's gaping, exposed sex as it leaked long, heavy streams of cum. "This one has disobeyed, Sir!" Imari shouted. The General walked over to the terrified young man. Steve put up his hands in surrender, scrambling to his knees. "Please, I tried to hold back." He gestured toward Imari. "He made me keep fucking her so hard and fast, I couldn't…I couldn't help it! Please don't kill me." The General grabbed Steve by the neck and thrust his face into Amanda's exposed slit.

"Lick up your mess, worthless American slave! Do it now!" The General stood back, watching as Steve slurped frantically at Amanda's ravaged pussy. He gobbled up all of the seed fervently, until he had tasted his own salty cum and swallowed all of it. Without even realizing it Amanda had been grinding her pussy back into his face, enjoying the sensations his tongue created. Now he sat back on his haunches and turned around just in time for the General to pistol-whip him. The young man sprawled unconscious on the deck, facedown.

"Take this disobedient American and throw him over the side." "No!" Amanda cried. "Please don't kill him!" Amanda crawled over on her hands and knees, her eyes shining with desperation. Imploring her captor. The General regarded her for a few fleeting moments. A cruel grin slowly morphed his features.

"What would you do to save his life, slut? Hmm?" He grasped her by the nape of the neck, thrusting her face toward Steve's butt. "Lick out his ass, bitch. Make his puckered hole nice and CLEAN or I send him over the side." Shuddering, the big-breasted brunette obeyed. She flicked her tongue at Steve's bottom, tonguing his star-shaped anus. Somehow she fought back the urge to gag. Jennifer watched it all with mounting disbelief.

Imari dropped his pants behind Amanda, prodding his vein-covered cock-head at the entrance to Amanda's pussy.

She groaned loudly when he thrust balls-deep into her just-fucked snatch, the cadence of his cock slamming into her young body adding a new layer of sound to the forced orgy all along the deck… 'Oh god. These guys are beyond animals… At least Amy, Scott and I aren't up there on the deck.

We seem to be the General's favorite pets or something like that. But what will he do with us?' Jen shivered at the thought.

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Soon enough she heard footsteps, heavy footfalls which could only be General Khari's strides. Oh no. He was coming… The slender brunette prodded Amy and the blonde's husband, who had managed to sleep through it all. "Wake up! He's coming." Amy's pretty blue eyes snapped open with alertness. Scott groaned. Still bound spread-eagled to the wide bed, he could do nothing but look around frantically, eyes still haunted by all the abuse he'd been subjected to.

His anus still ached from his earlier rape. General Khari walked in with big strides, his cock elongated to the fullest.

Jennifer and Amy watched it bob ominously with each step as he came up to them. "Rise and shine, little fuck pets. Did you have a good nap? I bet you are hungry, yes?" Jennifer and Amy nodded meekly. "Good, the three of you will join me for the evening meal. Come." Two of the General's soldiers rushed in behind him, quickly unbinding Scott and allowing him to stumble beside them as they mounted the stairway.

Within a few minutes they had reached the main deck with the long banquet table sumptuously laid with food. The soldiers were already halfway through the meal. Yet much food remained untouched. Jen's stomach rumbled and Amy heard her own hunger pangs grumble audibly. Jen looked back to the girl she'd been watching earlier, Amanda. The big-breasted, sexy, and pale-skinned young woman was now crying out for mercy.

Two soldiers had come over to assist Imari in his torments of her. Amy and Scott turned their heads to see what had Jen's attention so transfixed. "Please…UgghhK!" Amanda begged. "Choke the little bitch and put her on my cock," Imari growled.

He was lying down now, and the younger soldier assisting him had put a noose around Amanda's neck, yanking her backward until she straddled Imari's shaft, her shapely ass facing her main captor.

The older soldier next to Imari guided Imari's cock into Amanda's slit, letting it embed deeply in her sore snatch before taking the riding crop and smacking it in a brutal rhythm against her clit and pubic area. Meanwhile the younger soldier continued to tighten his hold on the rope collar so that it bit into Amanda's neck.

She sputtered and begged as Imari established a rhythm, watching her ass move as her cunt squirmed more and more frantically on his cock with each second of intensifying abuse. General Khari came up and put his arms around each of his favorite young pussies. He idly cupped Amy's and Jennifer's breasts as he licked the side of Amy's face. "Do you like the show, my darlings?

It is quite exciting, isn't it?" He felt the two gorgeous young women shiver in his arms before motioning for Scott to have a seat. mother sex with playfellows daughter mail order threesome, eat up.

Your wife and sister have been such well-behaved fuck slaves. I think you at least deserve a proper meal." The General's fat, ugly face lit up with an idea. "Actually, it's time we had a nice little talk, man to man. The sluts can wait to eat until later. Your wife can suck me off and her sister can suck you off while we share a meal together. Won't that be nice?" He sat down and motioned for one of his men to throw Amy to her knees.

Amy knew better than to resist. Her voluptuous breasts swayed as she leaned over, taking the General's thick, vein-bulging cock between her lips. She began smothering his shaft, firmly tightening her lips around his manhood as she impaled her mouth, groaning as she took him in.

'Oh god…he smells like sweat…no, even worse, like a gym-full of sweaty athletes,' Amy cringed. The strong scent of male musk filled the blonde's nostrils as she pumped her face up and down, her jaw rippling with her efforts. The General sighed a sigh of happy contentment, gathering her hair back from her face as he watched her go down on him until her nose rubbed against his pubic hair.

"Ahhhh… your wife has a rare talent for this. She's going to be the best cock-slurping slave girl the world has ever seen," the General beamed. He looked across at Scott, whose tormented gaze looked like someone had taken a razor blade to his testicles.

Scott was only too aware of Jennifer's tongue tenderly laving the sides of his rigid penis. He shuddered as Jen took him in completely, the brunette's mouth fastening around his shaft, slurping loudly as her warm mouth pressed lovingly around the sides of his manhood. Her nipples rubbed against his thighs, her breasts swaying gently as she pumped her face enthusiastically up and down, moaning and slurping, doing whatever she could to give their twisted captor the best possible show.

'I'm so sorry, Scott,' Jen thought. 'Please just don't do anything stupid'. The pretty brunette could feel the anger, despair, and helplessness vibrating through Scott's being as she sucked his cock. There was a barely contained rage vying with the helplessness, and Jen hoped that Scott wouldn't try anything rash. She sensed that he was about to lunge across the table and scrabble for the General's throat.

'Oh no…please, you'll put us all in danger!' Jen thought. She risked a glance up at Scott's face and saw the murderous rage in his eyes. As if she could ease his pain by sheer lust, the lithesome brunette suddenly straddled him, easing her pussy down on his cock and then slamming her cunt down again spanking and anal training for my sub norah again and again with a fast, eager rhythm. "Oooohhh…fuck me, Scott.

Fuck my tight pussy," she moaned. Her eyes finally ensnared his as her tits jiggled wildly. 'Don't lose it, Scott! Stay with me!' - that was what her eyes cried out to him as he slowly let his rage and hatred slide away, distracted by the sensations gripping his cock, Jen's feminine sheath squeezing his manhood like a heavenly glove. The General's laughter boomed out. "I see your wife's sister is a very enthusiastic fuck slave.

I suppose we won't punish her for being extra ambitious. Try some of the halibut by the way. It's delicious." Scott couldn't believe this was even happening. Here he was trying to eat a meal while his wife's sister ground her pussy on his lap, driving him mad with lust.

He carefully reached around, snagging a pre-cut piece of halibut. He barely managed to bring it to his lips to chew.

Jennifer moaned louder, her slender nakedness writhing on his lap. "Yes. I love fucking your cock. It feels so good in my pussy," she said, her voice sultry as she leaned over, kissing him passionately. Scott noticed that she snuck out a morsel of the halibut from between his lips, swallowing it as her stomach grumbled. 'Perhaps I can feed us both,' he thought, aware of her hunger and feeling sorry for her.

He knew she was doing this to try to help him, to help all of them and to keep this sadistic monster pleased and distracted so that hopefully he wouldn't hurt them more.

He continued to feed her on the sly in this way, bringing the food to his mouth and then kissing her passionately as she leaned forward. She sucked at his tongue and playfully nipped at his bottom lip, giving their captor a convincing enough show as Scott subtly helped give Jen sustenance. Soon he had nearly finished off the halibut with Jen's sneaky help.

Jen rested her hands on Scott's shoulders and kept impaling her now noticeably wet pussy on his rock-hard shaft. Scott was having more and more trouble concentrating as he watched his shaft vanish between the girl's soft folds. "So Scott, perhaps we can talk business now real college orgy filmed by the students you've had a chance to fill your belly," General Khari said with equanimity.

Suddenly his face tensed up though. He bellowed as cum shot from the tip of his penis, filling Amy's mouth. Amy nearly gagged as the cum hit the back of her throat. More came sliding down her chin and covering her breasts in a sticky-white sheen as the General continued spurting, wave after tessa lane services a big dick in an elevator of jism bursting from his manhood.

"Aahhhhh, fuck! Your wife's mouth is a treasure," he growled. He looked down under the table and saw Amy's beautiful figure kneeling obediently as cum oozed down her chin and breasts, a thin stream even sliding down her smooth belly all the way to her pubic mound. "Let that cum dry on your tits and everywhere else on your body, slave.

In the meantime, come on up here, bitch. You've earned the reward of eating some of my leftovers." A new sadistic gleam stole over his eyes though.

He called over one of his soldiers. "Afua, bring me the fuck-machine you built. I want to test it out." Amy's whole body prickled with fear as she saw what Afua then brought. It was a long, 12-inch chrome shaft with ribbing all along which created a surface of little spikes from tip to base. It was as thick as General Khari's cock too! Afua affixed the metal cock to the chair beside the General, screwing it in with clamps that slipped around either side of the seat.

He then plugged in the device, running a cord to the outlet behind the banquet table. "It's ready for use, General," the soldier said proudly.

General Khari waved his arm in a grand gesture. "You will see something very special now, man slave. Your gorgeous blonde slut-wife will test out our new fuck-machine." He turned to Amy. "Well, slave? What are you waiting for? Jump on and impale your cute little cunt." Amy licked her lips, trying to think of anything she might say to avoid this new degradation. 'Oh god, it's huge. It'll split me open,' she thought, quivering as she mounted the chair. Slowly she engulfed the huge chrome shaft with her sore pussy.

It hadn't been but an hour ago that one of the General's henchman had raped her pussy hard, and she still felt the stickiness within her folds…a stickiness which at least made it easier for her to impale her sex on this forbiddingly large cock.

She groaned as she finally settled on the chair, taking all of its immense girth inside her nubile young body. Her breathing hitched as she felt it abruptly move inside her, pumping, fucking, slowly for now&hellip. She turned back to see Afua turning up a dial of some sort. "I have it on the lowest setting General. Shall I turn it up?" The General stroked his chin thoughtfully as he popped a piece of watermelon into his mouth and chewed.

"Time enough for that later. Leave the bitch on the current setting. BUT, little cunt, I want to see you riding it as you sit. Move that ass up and down, bounce that snatch on the fuck-machine so that my men can be entertained. Is that understood?" "Y-yes Master." Amy tried not to show tears as she began pumping her young pussy up and down the fuck-machine, bottoming out her tight sheath on the raping, artificial cock.

Trying not to think about the cock drilling her aching slit, Amy managed to take some leftover slices of apple and start eating. She tried not to think of Scott's tormented gaze watching her as she sat impaled on the fuck-machine, helpless as it buzzed between her legs.

She was so hungry that for a moment she did forget the giant cock sliding up into her intimate depths, violating her with robotic dedication. "Very good, slave. Keep up that pace and I may give you another reward. I haven't raped you yet, have I?

Soon you will have the pleasure of having your cunt busted on my cock. Will you not be grateful, bitch? To have such a glorious cock inside you?" When Amy didn't respond fast enough, the General leaned over, biting her left nipple as he smacked her ass hard, creating an inferno of sensation as she wiggled on the fuck-machine.

"AAHHH!! Yes, Sir…Master! I would love to have your glorious cock inside me. Please don't hurt me," she squealed. The General turned back to Scott, who was now panting for all he was worth, his chest heaving as the athletic brunette slid her soft sex up and down his shaft, his balls blue with the need to spew their precious cargo.

"Now, where were we? Yes, we need to talk business," the General beamed. Meanwhile Jennifer cooed and moaned, her breasts rubbing against Scott's chest as she vacuumed up his shaft between her cunt lips.

The General stared, distracted, at the trail of pre-cum leaking from the seal of Jennifer's cunt as it squeezed fervently around Scott's manhood.

Finally Scott managed to grate out a few words. "What…business?" "First let's reintroduce ourselves. You will call me 'Master' at all times. Now what was your name, slave?" Scott reined in the rage and despair in his heart, focusing on just answering the General's question. "My name is Scott. Master…" He nearly gagged on that last word. "Master, please let my wife and her sister go. They're just innocent girls. Please." The General popped another morsel into his mouth.

Idly he reached over, rubbing Amy's tits as she continued to eat while sliding her pussy down on the fuck-machine. "No, no, no. Scott, you don't seem to understand. I didn't take over this ship and capture a boatful of sexy young slaves just to let you all go free. What kind of modern warlord in human trafficking would do that?" The General chuckled. "Not a very successful one." He cut a choice morsel of filet mignon on his plate.

Then he turned to Scott's wife. "Open, bitch." Amy opened her mouth dutifully as he deposited the succulent piece of meat between her lips. She gratefully chewed and swallowed, moaning as Afua turned up the setting on the fuck-machine. "Soldier, what do you think you're doing?" the General growled. "Forgive me, Sir. I thought that she needed a little more stimulation. Her pussy is wet, and I thought…Forgive me, I will turn the setting back to 'Low' if you wish." The General mulled this over with a grunt.

"No, leave the setting as is. I can appreciate knoxville tennessee blonde fucked drunk in hotel just a soldier who takes orders but also one who takes some initiative." "Oh please!" Amy moaned. The fuck-machine was thrusting upward like an obscene piston now, a punishing rhythm.

It spread her cunt lips and threw an array of jarring sensations each time it drove up to the hilt, stuffing her snatch completely with its girth. "Oh please turn it back down, Master…Ohhh god, it's too big. It hurts!" she groaned. But there was more than just the dull ache of pain, there was also the maddening, traitorous glimmer of genuine pleasure. Her sex thrummed with arousal each time the ribbed shaft, designed for maximum stimulation of the cunt's inner walls, thrust deep into her violated sex, fucking her with a consistency that no human male could equal.

Amy gripped the table sheets, her cunt clenching around the horny milf and teen unexpected practice with an older gentleman as it fucked her.

Sweat beaded on her forehead as she felt her whole body warm with the assault of too many sensations between her legs. 'No…this is so wrong! Stop!' she berated her own body, her own feminine instincts which welcomed the cock that was now raping her, which happily accepted the sensations as the cock fucked her more deeply and more intimately than she had ever been fucked. Even Scott's lovemaking as his stallion-like strongest, with his cock plunging into her core, even that was nothing like this.

Nothing compared to the unyielding chrome shaft now buried to the hilt in her soft, moistening sex. The General leaned down and carefully scrutinized the base of the chrome shaft. He leaned over, sniffing at the chair.

"I can smell your wife slut's juices and see them glistening even on the base of the fuck-machine. The little whore loves it!" the General grunted. "See, your wife will enjoy being my personal sex slave very much.

She will have no need of you anymore. My manhood and the many cocks I will introduce her to, those will keep her quite satisfied." Scott trembled, trying to ignore the distraction of Jennifer's lithesome nakedness still clenched around his penis, her pussy still clutching his shaft as she kissed the side of his face and tried to soothe him.

"No. Please don't! Let us go!" he said through a strangled gasp. "If you do not stop your tiresome requests, I may have to punish you.

Directly or…indirectly." He gestured toward one of his men, who handed him a pistol. He pressed the barrel of the gun into Amy's closely shaved pubic muff as she kept humping the whirring cock.

"The next time you make that request, I will put a bullet in her. Understood?" Amy's eyes widened as her breasts shook with the force of her next impalement. She moaned and gave Scott a helpless, terrified look. "Oh god, please I'll do whatever you want! Okay!" Scott cried. "Good." The General withdrew the gun and handed it back to his man. "Now, finally, we focus on business. These are your two options, Scott.

Option one; I let you live, deposit $1 million in a secret bank account, and give you a scripted story to tell once rescuers find you, as I know they will. You will tell them exactly what I tell you to say, a tragic story about how everyone on the ship perished in a terrible storm. You will do this because I will be keeping these two sluts as my personal sex slaves.

If you so much as breathe a word to the authorities of what really happened on this ship, I'll have them both killed. That is option one." Scott frowned, confused. "Wait…but what are you going to do with everyone else on the ship?" "I will sell the attractive young male slaves and the sexy little cunts for top dollar to foreign buyers.

There are plenty of Middle Eastern Sheikhs willing to pay, not to mention Russian oligarchs who need to add a new sex slave to satisfy their secret proclivities. Many, many other markets are open to me. All these beautiful young Americans you now see fucking each other on this deck will all fetch a reasonable price.

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As for the elderly and the young…they are a liability I can't allow." Chilled to the bone, for a moment Scott could hardly wrap his head around the monster that this man truly was. "And what…what is option two, Master?" He carefully tacked on 'Master' even though it made bile rise up in his throat. In the background Scott was momentarily distracted as the pale-skinned, big-breasted girl named Amanda cried out. Imari had finally gushed inside her twat, and the crop slamming against her clit had driven her mad.

She slumped over as an orgasm tore through her, juices coating Imari's shaft and even trickling down to his testicles. The other man who'd assisted Imari continued to tighten the rope around her neck until she passed out, her slender nakedness flopping sideways on the deck.

Imari grunted as he pushed her limp body off of him like so much human trash. "Take her below, wake her up with a cold bucket of water, and have her service the others," Imari growled. Scott whipped his attention back to the General as the monstrous man outlined the other awful alternative.

"The other option is this…" The General clapped and two naked young women walked into view. Both were of African descent, and both were alluring beyond words. The one on the right had a nose ring and huge, voluptuous breasts with some of the biggest areolas and nipples Scott had ever seen. The other girl had medium-sized breasts and a face with more conventional beauty, a perfect symmetry with lively brown eyes. Both women had their pussies shaved and both looked very athletic, reminding Scott of a gazelle leaping in the wild.

He shook his head, trying to erase the strange image from his mind. "These are my sisters, Kunto and Neka." Kunto was the big-breasted girl with the nose ring and Neka was the beautiful girl with the lively eyes.

"They need a new man slave and I told them that you would be an excellent addition to their male harem. If you agree, then they will own you, body and soul. Your cock and testicles will belong to them.

And if you agree, the silver lining is sunny lion sex stories sexy download small thing; frequently you will get to see this young slut beside me. Occasionally you will be reunited with your wife, when my sisters and I have one of our joint orgies with all nurse bondage handjob men a tip for the waitress sex slaves in attendance.

Once in a while, perhaps if you behave, if they are feeling as generous as I am, we may even let you fuck your wife again." Kunto nodded, a smile lighting up her seductive face. "What do you think, sister? Does he look like enough of a stud to please us?" Kunto and Neka walked around to the other side of the table, watching critically as Jennifer, now almost covered in sweat from her exertions, continued to plunge her pussy down on his shaft, grunting and cooing for all she was worth - her arousal completely genuine.

The big-breasted black girl knelt at the foot of the chair in which Scott sat, massaging his testicles as she watched Jen's pussy slide back and forth along his hard length. Meanwhile Neka reached around, pinching and playfully squeezing Jennifer's nipples. The extra stabs of sudden stimulation at her aching cones began to send Jennifer over the edge. "Oh god. Ooohhhh Scott. I can't stop myself.

I'm so sorry!" she crooned. "Go ahead, bitch. Cum on his lap," Neka growled. The beautiful black girl watched as Jennifer squealed, her juices spurting uncontrollably, gushing down the length of Scott's shaft.

Her slender body continued to shudder on Scott's cock, milking his balls cruelly as her pussy clenched and convulsed, squeezing until Scott could hardly stand it. After the last spurt of Jen's cunt cream had streamed down Scott's penis, the big-breasted Kunto pulled the helpless man's cock free and slurped on it, relishing the taste of Jen's juices. "Ahhh. She tastes delicious," Kunto sighed. The black mistress sucked Scott off a little more before putting the shaft back between Jennifer's labia.

"Sit back down on his cock, bitch. You'll ride him until he gets a finish as pleasurable as yours." Jennifer whimpered as she felt his cock-head slam up into her damp heat. She gyrated her hips as Scott moaned, his eyes squeezing shut. His blue balls had reached a zenith, a point of no return. He groaned plaintively, almost as if in anguish, as Neka pushed on Jennifer's shoulders, forcing the brunette to slam her pussy all the way down until her pubic muff and Scott's rubbed together, their bodies fully joined.

"No. Stop this. This is wrong! This is so wrong!" Scott bellowed. The General ignored Scott's rising lust and torment. "Well, man slave? Which will it be? Will you take the money and the freedom? Or will you join my sisters' slave harem and be closer to your precious wife, Amy?" As he said this the General reached over, gently rubbing the blonde girl's clit.

As if the General's invocation of her name had helped conspire to produce an earth-shattering orgasm, Amy's pussy chose that exact moment to lunge over the precipice. The whirring fuck-machine had been battering her tight, wet folds for too long now. She just couldn't hold out for a single moment longer, and her hardened nipples showed her arousal as she plunged her pussy down on the shaft with all her might, her sweet-smelling fluids completely covering every inch of the chrome penis.

"AAAAHHHHH!!! OH GODDD! OH FUCK!" Amy cried out, a squeal filled with both sheer ecstasy and guilt. Her breasts ached with arousal and her pussy burned with a fiery lust that purged all thoughts from her brain, replacing them with just the need to fuck, to be filled, to cum hard and violently on the cock that was raping her snug, sore, over-sensitive young snatch.

The beautiful young blonde came hard on that shaft, screaming out an orgasm unlike any she'd ever known. Her cunt hugged that cock like it was her savior. Her cunt cream flowed like a waterfall down the shaft, pooling on the seat of the chair as her nipples beaded up like two pink spikes.

She clenched the table hard with both hands as her body betrayed her, shudder after shudder, convulsions tearing through her pussy as she gushed and gushed…spewing so much feminine nectar. It seemed like a full two minutes before Amy could think coherently, before her nipples didn't hurt from her arousal and before her sore pussy had finally stopped twitching.

With the fuck-machine still buzzing on 'Medium' setting, that cock still pumping up into her over-sensitive cunt, the stimulation was too much. It was painful. She looked over at the General desperately. "Please Sir, it hurts. I'm so sensitive down there now. Oh please! Let me fuck you instead." The General laughed. "Now there is something that I bet your husband never expected to hear." He savored the look of betrayal and disbelief on Scott's anguished face.

"Oh, don't look at your wife so accusingly, Scott. After all, you are about to release a load of hot jism right up the pussy of your wife's sister!" He smiled like a jolly, cruel giant. He patted his lap, and from his legs now sprang a tall, vein-covered knob of flesh.

"Hop on, blonde cunt. Bust that tender pussy on a real man's dick. I have been looking forward to raping you." Amy dutifully complied, just grateful to have a reprieve from the relentless fuck-machine. She straddled the General's shaft, cooing her gratitude as her sexy babe pounded by the driver on the hood of the cab blowjob amateur slurped up the length of his manhood.

The General grasped the back of her head, bringing her in for a slow, lingering kiss. "Mmmm. My first time raping your tight, velvet-soft cunt. It feels every bit as heavenly as I'd dreamed it would," the General rumbled. Amy sighed, asking herself when this nightmare would ever end. But she also acknowledged the lingering lust, already ramping up again, as her cunt hugged the walls of her captor's penis. She ground her hips, whimpering as she felt her libido awaken on levels never before felt.

'If this is what I need to do to keep us alive as his favorites, this is what I'll do!' she thought fiercely. Even if they stayed as captives of the General and his family, at least they would be together. She didn't want to die and she knew that Scott would never be able to live with himself if he betrayed them to save his own skin. The General stared at Amy's shaking breasts, admiring the sticky layer of his earlier explosion of cum, which had almost completely dried on her supple curves.

He reached out, groping her tits as she moaned more loudly, creating zigzags of pain where his palms mashed into the tender spots where the metal bars had been inserted into her nipples. "OW. Oh please Sir, be gentle," Amy wailed. She leaned forward, taking the initiative this time. She kissed him passionately, her hands cupping his neck as she lifted and slammed her cunt furiously along his shaft as if she needed it deep inside her quim just to stay alive.

The General seemed to like that, returning her kiss and leaving her breasts alone. His hands roved up and down her back, caressing her in reward. "Mmmm…this young pussy is learning. Your wife will be a very well-trained fuckpet. You will see for yourself, Scott - if you choose to become my sisters' property." Scott's conflict had reached the boiling point.

He didn't know what to do. He was terrified. The thought of just getting away from this madman and all of his soldiers surged to the forefront. 'But how deperate slut mama needs her lollipop japanese and hardcore I leave Amy? Poor Amy! Oh god…no…I can't.

I could never do that to her.' Scott also knew that the other option sounded too good to be true. He thought to himself, 'I'll be the scapegoat. The General wouldn't pay me money unless he thought I wouldn't be around to spend it!' This reasoning left Scott with just one option.

Become a male sex slave to the two African women now tormenting him. "Well, Scott? I'm going to need an answer." General Khari watched as Jennifer's squirming body finally wrested out Scott's precious seed. With her pussy fully engulfing every inch of his diamond-hard slab of flesh, Scott groaned a long, tortured cry. General Khari grasped Amy by the chin, teen forced rough dp cry her face so that she had to watch the moment of her husband's orgasm.

"LOOK at him, bitch. Look at your husband spill his seed right up your sister's fuck-hole," the General shouted. Amys face twisted in disbelief as she saw Scott writhe, cum spurting from his cock as he twitched in a state of half-agony, half-ecstasy.

"AAHHHH! UGHHH!!!" Scott's jism erupted, filling Jen's tender cunt within a few mighty bursts. Neka fondled Scott's scrotum, admiring the way his testicles tightened during the throes of his orgasm.

The extra cum oozed out of Jennifer's slit, pooling on Scott's crotch. Kunto, the big-breasted black girl, leaned in right away as Scott's cock flopped free of Jen's tainted sex. "Oh, isn't this beautiful? I can't wait to taste his nasty cum," Kunto purred, her tone all shades of seductive. She lapped at the cum on Scott's lap before leaning over farther to slide her tongue deep inside Jen's sticky folds. The sexy stripping by the pool scene manuel bengochea moaned as Kunto turned her around on Scott's lap and intensified her cunt-licking feast, slurping loudly for all to hear.

Neka gently stroked her younger sister's shoulder, even cupping her sister's ass as she watched, turned-on by the sight of her sister licking out the helpless girl's cream-pie pussy. "That's so hot, Kunto baby. Lick out the white bitch's pussy until it glistens with all your saliva.

Tell me how our new man-slave's cum tastes." She finally gave a pout as Kunto buried her nose in Jen's pubic muff and kept licking. "Greedy bitch.

You could have left some for me." Finally Kunto came up for air, licking her chops and wiping away the extra fluid dripping down her chin. She leaned into Scott, giving him a kiss so he could taste the traces of his own jism.

Jen's eyes were still fogged over in a daze of pleasure. The slender brunette remained dazed as a soldier yanked her off of Scott's lap and sat her in the chair beside him. "Ugghhh…" Jen groaned. "Shut up and eat, little cunt. You may not have a proper meal for some time," the General said.

Blinking quickly, snapping out of her reverie, Jennifer tried to start eating. She tried to ignore the throbbing ache inside her pussy, which had never been fucked so raw. She ate quietly, just hoping she wouldn't attract any more notice. She needed rest. Her pussy needed a break!

She looked over at Amy, her face and breasts still coated in the General's nasty cum, and felt compassion for her sister. For just a split second she imagined licking all of that crusty cum off of her sister's body.

Making her clean again. Why did the very thought send a twinge of arousal deep inside her core? She quickly ate as much food as she could, trying to forget those forbidden thoughts. "Final chance. I need an answer," the General rumbled, glaring at Scott. He took the pistol back from the obliging hand of the nearest soldier. He stood up and whirled Amy around, bending her over the table with her supple cones mashed into the table's surface, scattering several cups.

He inserted his shaft into her well-lubricated softness, plunging his cock deep inside her with a grunt as he put the barrel of the gun to her temple. As he kept fucking her, pulverizing her delicate sex with long, mind-jarring thrusts of his cock, he pressed the barrel of the gun harder into Amy's head.

Amy winced, her eyes enlarging in total terror. "Give me an answer now or I put a bullet in your wife's head!" Scott's face crumpled. All fight and rage had gone out of him. There was only survival. Just a shred of hope that somehow they might stay near each other. That there might be a tomorrow for them after all. "All right! I'll be a sex slave!" Scott said, his voice filled with anguish like bits of broken glass. He sagged in his chair, looking at the ship's deck, utterly ashamed.

General Khari's broad smile returned like a new burst of sunshine. "Excellent." He gave the gun back to the soldier, gripped Amy's flanks, and continued pounding her pussy without mercy. He looked back at Afua, the inventor of the fuck-machine which now lay dormant. "It is time we celebrate our new sex slaves. Afua, have some fun with the brunette. Fuck her hard." "Please, no.

My pussy's too sore!" Jen begged. The General grunted. "Very well. Afua, take her in the ass." Jen protested as Afua came over, his elongated shaft already eager with a pearled drop of cum on its tip.

She babbled pleas as he bent her over the table, pouring a vial of lubricant into her star-shaped hole, and pretty blonde masseuse pussy banged by her nasty client began wedging his shaft into that too-tight passage.

Soon her breasts were rubbing against the tabletop with the force of Afua's anal penetrations. He held her wrists behind her back as he thrust past her sphincter muscle's resistance, forcing himself in. Her groans reached a new intensity. "Please, oh god. Take it out. It's too big! AAHHHH!" Jen wailed. Afua kept one hand clutching her wrists and used his other hand to grip the girl by the neck as he slammed his cock into her ass, grunting with each penetration.

"Please, be gentle!" she cried. Yet the constant smacks told how futile her pleas truly were. Meanwhile the General barked at his two nubile sisters, Kontu and Neka. "We wouldn't want Scott to miss out on the celebration. Bring him over here. Slide him under the table and tie his wrists and ankles. Position his head near my feet, facing upward." Kontu and Neka did as their big fat girls sex story with small boy brother asked, until poor Scott was tied down, staring up at his wife's exposed slit and the furious coupling underway.

He watched with new agony lancing his heart as the General's enormous shaft pushed aside his wife's cunt lips with each pulverizing fuck, embedding all the way to the hilt as the General's heavy testicles swayed this way and that.

He stared, miserable, as his wife's aroused pussy made a wet, squelchy sound of acceptance, suctioning up the raping shaft of the man who now owned her, body and soul. He tried to close his eyes, but when he did the two cruel sisters grabbed his ball sac and squeezed.

"My brother wants you to watch every second of this, slave. You'll keep your eyes open!" Neka barked. Scott unwillingly opened his lids, witnessing his wife's brutal rape at the hands of a monster. He witnessed the sudden tightening of the General's testicles, heard the beautiful love of his life gasp as she felt the scalding seed coat her pussy and womb, impregnating her for all he knew. They had wanted to have kids…she wasn't on the pill. Those thoughts faded though, unimportant compared to the backdrop of tragedy and nightmare that now loomed ahead.

He watched as the General ground his crotch into his wife's shapely ass, his cock still twitching inside her velvety-soft snatch.

Then, slowly, the General eased it free, and Scott gasped as Neka grabbed him by the neck. "Open your mouth, slave. Swallow our brother's cum as it drips from your wife's cum-soaked glory hole!" Scott watched as the long, viscous strands of the General's jism seeped out of Amy's thoroughly-raped pussy, falling directly onto his mouth.

He opened, unable to believe that this was real. 'Oh god,' he thought. 'No. Please no!' He stifled the urge to gag as the cum filled his mouth, warm and sticky and pungent. He swallowed with great difficulty, only to be rewarded afterward by Neka sitting atop his head, grinding her cunt lips in his face. "Lick me, slave.

This is your reward for being a good cum-swallower." Scott heard the General's voice in the background, and it carried the most awful promise yet. "Did you enjoy that, Scott? Don't worry, there's more. We have one more part of the celebration to complete." Turning to his sisters Neka and Kontu, the General said, "When you're done having your man-slave suck your clits and lick out your pussies, bring him downstairs.

I'll prepare the branding iron so that you can mark him as yours later on. First though, let's make sure we give him a front row seat to watch the blonde slut and the brunette bitch both have their pussies pierced." "No!

Please!" Scott sputtered, but Neka only ground her pussy harder in his face, pinching his pierced nipples to make him cry out. "Shut up, slave. Did I tell you to stop licking? Suck on my clit too! Put some effort into it." While Scott was left to Neka and Two horny guys play with cute serina hayakawa tender mercies, Afua groaned his release, spurting his sticky spunk into the slender brunette's bowels.

"Did you enjoy that, slut? Thank Afua for raping your ass." "Th-thank you Sir…thank you for…for raping my ass," Jen choked out. Jen's eyelids squeezed out tears as she felt the excess cum trickle down to her gaping cunt. Jen groaned as Afua yanked her back, feeling a dull ache in her ass that almost matched the throbbing soreness in her cunt. The General ordered Afua to take Jen downstairs to the captain's quarters.

General Khari joined them with a hand around Amy's neck, pushing her before him. He called for several more soldiers to follow, until 10 men not including the General all crowded into the spacious captain's quarters below deck to watch. The General rubbed his hands together. Turning to Afua, he said. "Go get your instruments. We'll pierce these sexy cunts as soon as my sisters are finished with their male slave up above." Within fifteen minutes Scott was ushered into the room, half-conscious, and thrust into a nearby chair facing the giant bed that took up nearly half the room.

Jennifer and Amy were tied spread-eagled to the bed, naked and helpless. Cum and a trace of blood leaked from Jen's deflowered ass. Amy's cunt still glistened with a faint cream-pie of the General's spooge. "Please don't do this.

You don't have to do this. We will be good sex slaves. I promise. We will fuck you, we will suck your cocks all night if you want us to. Please!" Amy begged. Jennifer pleaded with them too. "Please fuck my ass. Tear out my pussy with all your hard cocks. Just don't torture us like this. Don't pierce us down there." She knew that it was hopeless though.

Jennifer finally just lay there in disbelief, knowing that nothing they could say would save them. She stared at the ceiling, trying to keep her mind off of what was to come. Annoyed by the girls' pleas, the General gave the 10 soldiers in attendance permission to take turns fucking the two beauties while they waited for Afua. Jen and Amy groaned as a man mounted either side of the bed, lancing each of their pussies with a cruel cock and pounding away, their buttocks muscles bulging as they drove themselves as deeply inside each female captive as their raping shafts and the snug-fitting cunts would allow.

"You want your pussies destroyed, little bitches? Keep on complaining and see what it gets you! I like a good show, and you sexy bitches will give it to me. Now that's what I call torn-up and stretched cunts," the General growled with approval. "Fuck them harder. I want to hear their screams and moans." Five men on either side of the bed proceeded to fuck Amy and Jen raw, leaving their cunts as gaping, cum-soaked messes.

Amy and Jen whimpered, babbling for mercy. Some of the excess cum oozed down each girl's pussy until it slipped down into each helpless slave girl's anus. "Please…uhhh!" Jen groaned. Amy closed her eyes and tried to ignore the ache deep inside her tender folds. Soon afterward, with anticipation and a churning sensation swamping Jen's stomach, the brunette looked over to see Afua approach with a long, sharp metal implement.

"Which slut would like her piercing first, hmm?" The next fifteen to twenty minutes were less painful than Jen or Amy had expected. After it was all over, they were panting from the adrenaline though, just grateful to be alive.

They had had no idea what to expect. Each girl's sex felt tender, but otherwise they felt surprisingly whole. Still, looking down at their violated, cum-saturated genitals, both young women were shocked beyond words. The General leaned over, giving each of them a savage kiss as he wiped their slits out with a wet towel.

"Very good, sluts. Now…let's break in your newly adorned pussies, shall we?" He untied them and lay back on the bed, ordering Jennifer to straddle his freshly aroused cock. Jen moaned as she felt the tenderness in her clit intensify each time the piercing pushed up against her joy bundle, each time she beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams down on General Khari's prick.

"Ohhh god!" Jen groaned. It was so sensitive…her clit was now even more tender than the raw-rubbed insides of her cunt. She moaned as the General smacked her ass cheeks. "You call this fucking, lazy girl? Get your pussy DOWN on my big dick until I hear those cunt lips slapping against my groin. Show appreciation for the piercing I just gave you, bitch!" He took a riding crop from one of his men, swatting her shapely buttocks and breasts as she rode him, urging her on.

Jen couldn't believe the assault of sensation as her new piercing rubbed against her clit again and again, as she pumped her young snatch up and down, up and down, feeling a deep throbbing and a surprising lust emanating from her joy button. That traitorous lust was soon infecting the rest of her lithesome body too. Meanwhile Afua lay beside his General, his reward for swiftly and expertly completing the piercings.

The General ordered Amy to straddle Afua's cock, and the busty blonde bit her lip, cringing as she felt her sensitive fuck-hole ease all the way down Afua's shaft. She slowly ground her pussy on top of him, feeling every time the piercing jostled her tiny nerve bundle. Her clit throbbed, the tissue around it swollen as she fucked herself, slowly with gritted teeth, her pussy hugging his shaft unwillingly. "Are you watching your wife, Scott? Doesn't she look sexy with a huge African cock up her little white pussy?

Ahhhh… The blonde bitch is VERY sensitive right now," Afua groaned. "I think she needs more cock." "Let her go," Scott gasped, tears in his eyes. "No! Please. Be gentle! You'll make me bleed, it's so sore," Amy wailed.

She tried to find comfort as she slurped up Afua's cock between her cunt lips, impaling her soft sex obediently on him, desperate to please him. After a few minutes the worst of the tenderness had faded to a dull, throbbing, background pain, and the stimulation of her clitoris actually gave her a greater amount of pleasure. Within the next fifteen minutes the big-breasted blonde girl was cooing almost, sighing as her hardened nipples poked out, as she spread her palms on Afua's chest and impaled herself on his cock with a little more confidence.

"That's my girl. She's getting used to it," Afua said, beaming with approval as he watched Amy's pussy bottom out on his shaft, making his hard length vanish deep inside her warmth. Scott had to watch, too many emotions clawing at him from the wicked beauty adores licking balls hardcore and blowjob out.

He couldn't believe that his beautiful, dearest Amy was now straddling and fucking a throbbing cock with the most intimate part of her permanently disfigured.

It was so wrong. It was like a dream, no a nightmare…one that he yearned to wake up from. Meanwhile, the General was definitely enjoying his time with Jen, the sexy brunette whose coos were gradually rising… "My dark-haired slut seems to be enjoying herself a little more now!" the General boasted. The General reached up, palming Jennifer's pliant breasts as her ass moved with a furious vertical rhythm, her cunt slamming onto his cock with a cadence of loud smacks.

Her mouth hung slack, her eyes filled with lust. Each time she sank down to encase the obscene column of flesh that was the General's penis, the girl felt the piercing rub tantalizing stimulation against her throbbing clit. It was as if some dark god had put his finger on her clitoris, rubbing in all the most devastating arcs, awakening her libido and throwing her over the edge into an abyss of pleasure.

Jennifer didn't know what to do. She felt her whole life served no purpose now except to please her new Master. The slender brunette moaned, pleased to notice that the General had dropped his riding crop and was now just enjoying the pleasure she gave him, her tits bouncing wildly as she busted her snatch roughly on his manhood. "What do you say, little cunt? Thank your Master for piercing your cute pussy.

Do it!" the General growled, swatting her tits. Jennifer yelped, her pussy encasing him completely as she writhed, squirmed, and wiggled her ass to give him more sensations, clenching up around his dick. "Yes Master! Thank you for piercing my pussy. Thank you for adorning this worthless fuck slave. I am yours. This slave belongs to you completely," she moaned, humping him faster, voraciously, shuddering to her very core.

"This slave would feel privileged to cum on your huge cock. Please fill me with your seed, Master. Please&hellip.Uhhh!!!" WHAM. Suddenly the orgasm tore through her, unmoored her from reality as her pussy gushed happily blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock gratitude on her rapist's thick penis.

The slender girl rode out her orgasm, panting like a wild animal as feminine instinct took over. Amy wasn't far behind her. Her moans went up an octave as her hands clenched on Afua's chest. She had a moment of surging guilt to wonder if Scott was watching all this, seated behind her, seeing her cunt clench up and spurt all over her rapist's shaft. It hit her like an explosion of pleasure. Her pussy squirted massage quickly turned into a hardcore sex session pungent fluids, coating Afua's shaft completely as she convulsed around his prick with gratitude of her own, the piercing creating the desired sensations to throw her clit into complete, hedonistic disarray.

The big-breasted blonde moaned as her body betrayed her. One convulsion rocked her insides, followed by the next. Hearing Scott's weak cry of 'No', Amy became aware of her husband seeing her gush shamelessly, the memory forever etched in his mind of Amy's pierced pussy surrendering totally to her captor. "You nasty little whore, cumming already on my dick!" Afua shouted. "Take my seed, bitch. Feel it fill your worthless fuck-hole." Afua grunted, Amy's convulsions sending him over the edge, his cum spewing up to despoil her snatch as he squeezed her breasts and pinched her pierced nipples to hear her cry out.

"Aaaahhh! Please be gentle, my breasts are sore!" Amy wailed. Meanwhile the coupling on the other side of the bed had heated up, where Jennifer still bounced like a sex-crazed girl on the General's lap, her shapely ass gyrating furiously.

"My turn to CUM, slut." The General growled as his seed erupted for the last time that day, plundering Jen's cunt with the biggest surge of jism yet. His hot seed filled her insides as she looked down with a gasp, his cock-head slamming up toward her cervix hard enough to make her squeal. The excess escaped the seal of her cunt lips, streaming back down the General's shaft all the way to his testicles in sticky rivulets.

Jennifer moaned, relieved that he had finally cum. She sighed as the General pulled her in close against his chest, wrapping an arm around her, her cones rubbing against his wiry chest hair.

She felt more excess jism flow out of her overused pussy as if a dam had just burst. Yet more cum still leaked from her ravaged cunt, and her clit throbbed. But as she felt General Khari kiss the top of her head and murmur words of approval, she didn't care. She was just grateful to be alive.

"You did good, my little cum-slut. How does it feel, your pussy soaked with my seed?" "Thank you Master, it feels so good. This slave is grateful," Jennifer murmured with total obedience. The smell of sex hung heavy in the air as General Khari and Afua cuddled with their sex slaves. Afua enjoyed the feel of the blonde's nakedness pressed up tightly against his body, his arms draped around her.

He reminded himself that he would have to ask the General if he could borrow the blonde cunt for special occasions. Her pussy was the tightest he had ever fucked. Meanwhile Scott took in the awful scene, permanently scarred after all internal eve is fucked by two dicks until she sore and worn out his beloved wife Amy and his beautiful sister-in-law Jennifer forced to have their genitals pierced and then fuck their captors to squeal-inducing orgasms.

He closed his eyes, realizing that the ordeal he thought would eventually end was in reality just beginning… A voice drew him out of his horrified thoughts. "Don't go to sleep on us, baby." It was Neka's voice, sultry and filled with promise. She looked down at his elongated penis.

Yes, to Scott's eternal shame he realized that the sight of watching Amy and Jennifer brutally raped had given him the biggest hard-on. His face crumpled as Neka fastened a cock-ring around the base of his dick. Meanwhile Kontu tied his wrists firmly behind his back and then restrained his ankles to the chair legs.

Neka then mounted his shaft, slipping her shaft-squeezing cunt down to encase his throbbing manhood. "Ooohhh baby we gonna have so much fun with you. Oh yeah." As Neka rode her new man-slave, raking her nails down his chest, the girl's sister Kontu whispered new, darker promises into Scott's ears.

"You better cum in my sister's pussy in the next fifteen minutes or I'll cut your balls off and make your wife eat them," she growled. Suddenly Scott saw the glint of a wickedly sharp knife in Kontu's delicate hands. "Oh yeah, little white prick, we go through male slaves real quick. You might not last as long as you think. Your wife might have to watch us make a eunuch out of you," Kontu murmured sweetly. Amy tried to sit up and beg for her husband's life, but Afua muffled her mouth and put an arm around her chest, dragging her back to him.

"Quiet bitch. You can't do a thing to help him." Scott's life did indeed hang in the balance, and with the cock-ring preventing him from ejaculating he didn't relish his chances. What he hadn't bargained for when agreeing to become a sex slave was that these two black girls might be even more sadistic than their brother! Panic surged inside him even as his cock strained inside the wet-warm sheath of the girl raping him.

His future was a nightmare with no way out. Neka purred like a kitten as she fucked his engorged penis, not letting up for a second. "Kiss me, baby. This might be the last pussy your cock ever gets to enjoy." She ground on top of him with extra effort, sliding her ebony tits up and down his chest as she sucked hard on his bottom lip, wresting a moan from the helpless man. 'Oh god.' He tried to thrust his cock upward to meet Neka's downward plunges, but it wasn't enough.

The cock-ring kept his manhood rigid yet unable to spew its precious cargo. "Just 11 more minutes, slave boy," Kontu grunted. "11 more minutes until I slice off those puny balls." This would be the end for him, one way or another.

He knew it without a doubt. He watched Afua and the General sit up to observe. Each of them had an arm around their female captive. The General slipped his fingers into Jen's despoiled sex, making her groan as he told her to watch what was about to unfold. Afua did the same, fondling Amy's big breasts and teasing her clit as he growled in her ear. "Watch him, blonde slut. Watch your husband's last moments on this earth getting fucked by another women!

Isn't it fucking hot? Why is your pussy dripping with your nasty juices, hmm?" Amy tried to squeeze her eyes shut, wanting to be anywhere but here, wanting anything but to watch the horror of seeing her husband's virility permanently taken from him. 'Please!' she begged inwardly. 'Someone save us.' Part of her knew it was hopeless, but part of her clung stubbornly to hope all the same. Just then a faint sound drifted into the captain's quarters from somewhere outside…somewhere above.

It grew louder. Neka's ass was bouncing on Scott's lap in time to her moans and grunts, but as the sound grew ever nearer, the women stilled. The sound, Amy realized what it was, and it fed fresh embers to the kernel of hope in her chest. It had to be the whirring of helicopter blades. Had someone come to rescue them? ********** END OF PART 2. To Be Continued.?

I hope you enjoyed the story. Remember, this is only a fantasy. Indulge your fantasies, the darker and kinkier the better. ~gaggedKitty