Cute connie pleasures a fat meat pole

Cute connie pleasures a fat meat pole
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Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I'm not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it's not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here.

Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I've decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. And I believe you'll thank me for this because, as where chapters I and II were just two parts, this one chapter was supposed to be 11 parts.

You're welcome. ENJOY——— Tim, the Teenage Part Three By: Rass Senip +++ Chapter III: 9th Grade - Winter 1986 Part 1 - Three Heads are Better than Two (mc, mf oral) "Come on, Joey!" I groaned.

"Stop thinking about Suzi's body!" "I can't help it. I keep thinking about last night. Seeing her naked body in her mirror." "Oh, Joey," Suzi sighed. "Now you got Tim thinking it too. I swear. You guys look at playboys all the time. What is so different?" "Yours is real," I said.

"Yeah, and it's real sexy too," Joey added. "Not made-up like those playboy girls are." "Thanks Joey," Suzi said sweetly.

"But you're still not going to get another look until Saturday. Now come on. Let's get this over with. I'm starting to get a little cramped sitting like this." We were in our private little air-conditioned room on the third floor, sitting in a circle on the floor. This was the third time we had been allowed to skip class in the four months the room had been euro doxies acquire nailed by the pool hardcore and groupsex up, and the first time since coming back from Christmas break.

With Suzi's and my help, Jap son rape big boobs mom sleeping free download storys performance in class had finally improved enough for a few teachers to give their permission if he kept his grades up.

So far I hadn't been able to link our intelligences together. I could go through their memories, share their bodies and feelings, monitor their thoughts and alter them, but I hadn't been able to merge our thought processes together. We couldn't think as one being. "I don't think it will ever work," Joey said for the hundredth time. "Joey, if you don't stop saying that, I'm going to tell Higgs you don't need to come up here anymore.

I can find someone else to do this with, ya know." "Okay, okay. But I just mean I don't think sitting in a circle yoga style with blindfolds on is going to work." "We wouldn't need the blindfolds if you could stop looking at Suzi's chest or my pants." "Oh yeah? Then why are we wearing bras on our heads? Tell me that." "I saw it in a movie, and I liked the idea." "Okay, that's it," Suzi said while removing the bra and blindfold. "I'm not going to sit around listening to you two while my butt goes numb.

Why can't we try doing this on the couch?" "Because Joey would be sitting next to one if not both of us, and you know what that means," I said while I also slipped the bra and blindfold off my head.

"I do NOT get a boner just from sitting next to you two!" Suzi and I looked at each other with a knowing look, then she said, "Fine.

Let's do this on the couch!" "Okay, okay. We haven't tried the couch yet," I sighed. "I'll even sit in the middle," Joey said as he plopped his butt down on the center cushion. Suzi and I sat down, and we all closed our eyes at the same time.

It was a neat effect that Joey thought of, and we all kinda got a kick out of it. It gave my mom goosebumps when we had tried it in front of her. We all started concentrating on counting up to 100, trying to stay in synch with each other as much as possible. As usual, I started to feel a slight connection. Something always seemed to distract one of us and then feeling gets lost.

This time, Suzi had an itch that wouldn't leave her alone. "Sorry," she said as she scratched. "Well Joey, I guess you proved us wrong. You actually don't have a boner from sitting next to both of us." "It's all a matter of will power," Joey said brightly. "This morning I woke up with one, but instead of getting off in the bathroom like I usually do, I started thinking about math and it went down just like that." "That makes it even more amazing," I said with a grin.

"This means you haven't shot off for over twelve hours. That's a record for you, Joey." "Hey, you're right! Man. I hope I haven't lost it or anything." "I think my itch is scratched enough now," Suzi said quickly. "Okay," I said as we closed our eyes again. I started again. I was just starting to get something. "Joey!" Suzi and I both moaned again. "Sorry," Joey said while shifting his boner in his shorts. "I guess you spoke to soon Suz." We waited a few minutes for Joey to settle down, then we closed our eyes for another go.

I felt the connection form faster that time. I started trying to focus on the feeling again, and for moment I thought I was getting somewhere, when another distraction presented itself. "Knock, knock!" Principle Higgs said as he opened the door. We all breathed out a fast sigh of irritation, but got some revenge when we opened our eyes slowly at the same time.

It had its intended affect. Higgs's expression caused Suzi to giggle. "Ha ha," Higgs said, catching on he had been had. "Sorry to interrupt, but considering you haven't been getting anywhere, I thought I might be able suggest something.

If you could explain what you're trying to do, and what isn't working, I thought I might be able to come up with something." "Well, I wouldn't say we haven't been getting anywhere." I said defensively. "It's just something always distracts one of us just as I start getting it to work." "Have you tried just doing it with two people instead of three?" "Yeah, but then it's like we're in two bodies at once.

We share everything, but it isn't like we're one person." "Well, maybe you can't merge minds together. Maybe if you ever get it to work with three people, it will just be three people sharing three bodies like with two." "I thought of that, but we already do that all the time, and it is a lot easier to do than what we're trying.

I've gotten a piece of it three times now, but like I said, something always distracts one of us." "Usually Joey," Suzi added. "Shut up. You're the one who sneezed all over Tim the first time." Joey smirked. "Okay, I get the picture," Higgs interrupted. "You think you can get it to work if you three can just concentrate on it long enough. Hmm." We politely waited for him, not really believing he could actually help us in any way. After all, we had been doing this kind of stuff together for several months now, and Higgs had never even experienced it.

We were the experts. "I think I may be able to help. How easily distracted are you Tim?" "I only got distracted once because, er, I had to go the bathroom." Joey smirked again at that one, but quickly dropped it before Higgs saw it. "Have any of you ever been hypnotized?" Higgs asked. "Hypnotized?" We all said instantaneously. "Now stop that. Yes, hypnotized.

I could hypnotize Joey and Suzi. They would ignore the outside world and focus on whatever you're doing. It's quite safe." None of us had been hypnotized before, and I knew Joey and Suzi were a little uncomfortable with the idea of Higgs hypnotizing them.

"Mr. Higgs, I have an idea. I think it would be faster if I did the hypnotizing. You don't need to show me how or anything if you just let me use your memories while I'm doing it the first time." "I suppose that would be okay. It kind of takes the fun out of it for me, but it would be interesting to see you do it like that." "If you want, I can pay you back somehow." "No, that's not necessary. I couldn't charge extra for doing my job. At least I suppose I am teaching you how to do this.

Indirectly at least." I looked at Joey and Suzi, and said, "Is this okay with you?" "I guess," Suzi said. Joey nodded, then smiled and said, "I don't think we have to worry about you making us bark like a dog whenever someone says 'walk'.

I mean, you could have done that a long time ago." "Do we need to do anything before blonde milf takes a doggy style deep fuck milfsoup and hardcore start?" I asked Higgs. "Well, I do have a question, if you don't mind. Why is Joey wearing a bra on his head?" Joey started turning red again, and with a stupid grin, he slid it off his head.

"Uh. We, er. I kinda saw it in a movie," I stammered out. "I see. Well, if Suzi would take off her bracelet and necklace so she won't accidentally hurt herself with them, we can get started." "You ready?" I asked Higgs.

"Should I be sitting down or something?" he asked. "You won't even know I'm in your head. I just didn't want to start without you knowing I was doing it." "That's very. polite of you. Okay, go ahead." I popped in his mind and found him recalling the memories of the last time he hypnotized someone. I watched them as they ran through his mind. I found the memories fascinating. It was so easy. Or at least it had appeared that way. I started talking in a soft voice to Suzi and Joey.

I had them relax on the couch, then told them to pick out a spot on the ceiling and not move their eyes from that spot.

I spoke about how the couch felt underneath them, how nice and soothing the air conditioner sound was. I mentioned how relaxed their toes felt, and how nice it would be if that feeling slowly started to move up their feet and legs.

I talked about how relaxed they were, and then started to repeat some of the things I had said before. I mentioned how their eyes were starting to feel heavy. How nice it felt to relax on the couch, listening to my voice as they felt the toes tingling. you get the picture. Pretty soon I had Suzi voluptuous cocksucker eva notty gets fucked by lexington steele interracial and pornstar a light trance, but Joey was still awake and alert.

Both of them had closed their eyes. I tried a while longer to get Joey to go under without success, so I quietly asked Higgs why Joey hadn't but Suzi had.

"Some people naturally are more resistant to hypnosis than others. Joey must be one of those people. I didn't see you do anything wrong, he just can't let go like Suzi did." I thought about this for a moment, then softly asked Joey to open his eyes. He opened them and blinked several times, then I looked directly in his eyes, getting that familiar feeling. I started to run through it again, but this time I projected relaxation and all the feelings I had felt Suzi go through.

That worked so well, I brought them both out of the trance and put them under again even deeper in just over a minute. I sat down between them, closed my eyes, and started the counting. I felt the connection form, and started focusing in on it. The connection started to grow, making our thoughts seem louder, and the boundaries between us became fuzzy. As this new linking grew stronger, we started feeling confused with conflicting ideas over how to breathe, how to think, memories, everything.

My 'self' was dissolving into a 'we', and 'we' started trying to keep ourselves from falling apart. It was working, but just the effort to keep our bodies breathing was taking most of 'our' energy. After we decided that had been enough for a first time, we started to separate. That was the most confusing time of it all. Finding yourself with only 1/3 of the memories you had a moment ago, not really sure that your originals were really all there.

My head felt a little sore, and I knew that was it for the day. I didn't even open my eyes when Suzi and Joey came to. I was extremely drained. "Well, did it work?" Higgs asked. "Yeah, you could say that," Joey replied. "Tim, what's the matter?" Suzi asked. "Tired," I said softly without opening my eyes or moving my head. "You want to lay down?" Suzi queried.

"Yes," I muttered. Suzi helped me lay down and Joey helped me get my legs up on the couch. "Do you think we should have the nurse look at him?" Higgs said concerned. "He'll be okay," Joey replied. "Sometimes he gets pretty tired when we're, uhm, playing around. He's never been this bad, but he should be back to normal in 20 minutes, maybe 30." "Well that will be into the next class period," Higgs said looking at his watch. "If he isn't feeling strong enough when the bell rings, one of you can stay with him.

Once he feels strong enough to go to class, come down to my office and I'll write you both a pass." Joey and Suzi said okay, and Higgs said a few things I didn't catch before he left. I wasn't paying attention to what Joey and Suzi were doing until I heard the bell ring and someone leave. I was almost ready to open an eye to see who had stayed behind, when I felt Suzi's soft hand caress my cheek.

"Hi," I said softly. "Hi yourself. You feeling better?" "A little. Can I hold you?" "Sure." I slowly made room for her by lying on my side, then Suzi laid down on the couch in front of me. I wrapped my arm around her midsection, and laid my head on her shoulder, breathing in her sweet smell.

After a few minutes of teeter-tottering on my side, she moved over and up a little bit, and then she was holding me. My cheek was laying on the upper part of her breast, and if I had been feeling more energetic, I would have probably done something that would have made her get up. We both must have fallen asleep like that. The next thing I knew, the last bell rang. Somehow be both managed to get to our busses in time. I was still a little tired, but it didn't slow me down. Joey was talking to the guy behind us on the bus, so I let my mind wander around.

I started to pick something up that wasn't the normal background sea of thoughts. Someone on the bus was emitting very strange thoughts. I started checking each person, and finally narrowed it down to a tenth grader sitting in the back seat.

He was high on something. "Joey, check out the kid in the back seat," I thought to Joey. Joey, having become an expert at covering up our mental conversations, didn't even pause in mid-sentence while he looked over everyone's heads, trying to catch a glance at the back seat's occupant.

All he could see was the top of a dark haired head. "What's he doing?" Joey thought back to me. "I think he's. yep. He was smokin' pot. Wow. It really does make you feel. nice. But man. It's like someone turned his brain's volume knob down. It's so quiet. And his thoughts feel so. goofy. That's what drew my attention to him. I gotta quit listening to him. It's making me feel yucky." "You said it felt good." "_He_ was feeling really good, but his thoughts feel sickly like.

Man Joey, don't ever try that stuff. It really screws up your thoughts and stuff." "But what did it feel like to him? Don't worry. I'm not gonna go back there and ask for a sample. But I'm curious to feel how good it felt." "I can't, Joey.

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I'd have to connect back up to him, and I think I'd get sick if I did. I feel like I drank a glass of water and found out three people had spit into it. I feel. yucky." "Okay, okay." A few minutes later, we watched the kid walk past us to get off the bus. He was walking smol boy and big gil xxxxom funny, like he was so cool or something. He nearly fell on his face when he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing and misjudged the last step off the bus.

Joey and I both laughed. I didn't get rid of the yucky feeling I had in my stomach until the next morning. The kid was clean for the rest of the week, so I soon forgot all about it. We didn't get out of any more classes until Friday, two days later.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to attempt the meld again since it took so much out of me, so I thought of something else to try.

"Joey, let's see if you can show Suzi how you can just think your thoughts to me without my help. I don't feel up to trying the meld today." "Okay, but I had an awesome gf is getting nailed doggy style about that today in science. Rupples was talking about how a school of fish swims. You know, how they all like swim as if they were all being controlled by a single mind. It looks really cool, and it made me think of us doing the eye thing." "So?

We already can do synchronous swimming just like those fish if we wanted too," Suzi pointed out. "I know, but it got me thinking. What if instead of trying to become one mind, we just kinda let one mind be in charge, giving the other minds parts of the work to do. That would be easier. And then I thought if instead we can somehow share what we know without having to share everything else about us, that would work too.

Sorta like everyone can share what they know with everyone else, all at the same time. I think it wouldn't be so hard on Tim." "Joey!" Suzi and I said almost at the same time. "Okay. I'll just shut up," Joey said kind of glum. "That was brilliant!" I said while Suzi nodded her head. "It was? It was, wasn't it? See? I always said day three babes suck on a big boner in class was useful." "Yes, but you usually are dreaming about sex," Suzi said with a smile.

"I haven't really been day dreaming about that as much as I used to." "Really? Gee Joey, maybe you're starting to mature a little." "Actually," I interrupted, "he just got tired of having sore balls from having a hardon all day. He was having troubles just getting off the bus." Suzi insisted, "Well, that could still be a sign of maturity.

And he is using his brain to think instead of his dick. Joey, you know you might get straight A's if your parents got you neutered." "I have another idea," Joey said with a serious face. "What?" Suzi said somewhat surprised. "How about we all get naked, have every kind of sex we can think of, then I wouldn't have anything left to day dream about.

I can keep my equipment and still get my A's." "Sounds good to me," Suzi said with an equally serious face. "Really?" Joey said excitedly. "Sure. I'll just go and get the farm animals and you two can get started in the mean time." "Farm animals?" "Suzi, you're forgetting one thing," I said smiling. "What's that? You want me to stop by The Zoo too?" "Heh.

No. He still wouldn't get straight A's. Instead of day dreaming, he would spend all his time reminiscing." "Silly me," she said smiling back. "I hope you two are happy," Joey said with the same smile. "Why?" "Because now I got a hardon that won't quit, and since I haven't done it for two days." "Come on Joey. You're not going to." Suzi started. Joey got comfortable on the couch, and worked his shorts and undershorts down so his dick was poking out halfway. "You are." she finished, not taking her eyes off.

She had never actually seen our private parts with her own eyes before. "Yep, and there's nothing you two can do about it. Unless you wanna help." I was surprised when I found Suzi actually tempted to do just that. She had been getting used to Joey, and as much as she would have hated to admit, Suzi was actually attracted to him.

I guess sharing each others bodies can do that to you. Joey was starting to get up to speed, and the two of us just stood there watching him. I was tempted to sit down and jerk myself off beside him, but I waited to see what was going to happen with Suzi. "Shit. Will you two stop staring at me. Either turn your backs or come and join me. Hell, I don't care if you two decided to get naked and eat ice cream off of each other. Just stop standing there watching me." "Joey, you're such a dor.

On second thought, maybe I will join you," Suzi said. Joey stopped midstroke and looked at me. "What did you do to her?" "He didn't do anything," Suzi said, sitting down.

"Actually Joey, I've kinda wanted to taste you for a while. I've only tasted Tim's once through your mouth." Joey whispered, "You." He swallowed hard, then started again. "You w- wanna blow me?" "If Timmy doesn't mind." "No, I don't mind at all.

Actually, I kinda was hoping you two would find something to. um, get together on. You know what I mean." "Well then. Are you going just going to sit big garil xxx full sex stories amazing story holding it with your mouth open, or are you going to let me take care of it? Joey looked in Suzi's eyes with a soft look about him. He said, "Suz, I." "I know, Joey. I love you too. But Tim is my main man, so don't get any ideas about us." "Suzi?

Can I kiss you? I'd rather kiss you than get a blow job." Suzi looked up at me with a happy face and said, "See?

I told you he was maturing." She saw I had a tear going down my surprised face, so she asked, "What's the matter Timmy? You said it was okay. Babes timo hardy and kira queen bring the won't if." "I'm just happy. You don't know how much I wanted you two to be like this." Joey said, "Tim, get over here," as he patted the seat next to him. I sat down and found Joey's right hand slipping into my shorts. He pulled out my rising member and gave it a small squeeze.

Suzi took Joey's in her hand, bent over, and kissed the top of the crown. Joey gave out a squeak, and at the same time gave my dick another squeeze. Suzi straighten up, she started to start the up and down motion with her hand, and she planted her lips on Joey's. I watched as they exchanged three kisses before Suzi touched her tongue to Joey's lips.

After that, their tongues searched for the gold in the other's fillings. Joey's hand had gotten still, so I took it off my pulsing member and let him use it to support himself.

Their kissing was really turning me on, and they really were starting to get into it. Suzi's was having trouble keeping a rhythm while also attempting to press her body against Joey. I sighed, pulled my pants back up over my dick, then got off the couch. "All right you two, cool it a sec. Joey lay down long ways. Suzy get on the side of him. yeah, sexbeautiful girl bathroom rape sex stories com him and the back of the couch.

Now lay down on top of him halfway. Perfect. No Joey, I'll take care of that." As Joey removed his hand from the top of his shorts that he was pulling up, I grabbed hold kittens fuck fellows anal hole with big strapons and splatter jizm them and his underwear and slid them down to his knees. Suzi and Joey had gone back to checking out each other's tonsils with their tongues, so I kneeled down in front of Joey's dick and rested my chin on his inner thigh.

I could smell the musky odor of his dick. I just stayed their looking at it pulse, trying to decide whether or not to do it. Suzi started to rub her crotch against his side, and Joey's hands were starting to pull her on top of him more.

They were getting a little carried away, but as long as Suzi kept all her clothes on, I wasn't worried. Joey's maneuvering finally made Suzi brush up against Joey's dick, slapping it into my face. I fell back, catching myself with my hands, then watched Suzi break the kiss and slide down to Joey's dick.

I turned myself around so I could lay down on the floor and watch. I took my shoes off, then pulled my shorts and underwear completely off too. Suzi started to tease Joey by kissing the area around the base of his dick.

Then she stuck out her tongue and gave one of his testicles a lick. Joey groaned with a mixture of frustration and pleasure.

My own hand was going up and down at a pretty good rate. I felt for sure I was going to come first, but I didn't care. Suzi took Joey's testicle in her mouth, then after slurping on it a moment, she took the other one.

At that point her right knee slipped off the couch, causing her to fall partially off. Luckily Joey's balls popped out of her mouth before her knee hit the floor, otherwise Joey might have wound up neutered after all. She made a small cry when her knee hit, and I immediately sat up to try and help her. She wasn't seriously hurt, but she had a tear in her eye from it. I had Joey sit up, and she sat down on the couch rubbing her knee. "It will be okay in a minute," she said.

"Sorry guys. I didn't do it on purpose." "That's okay," Joey said putting his soften dick back in his pants. "That kiss was better than a blow job anyhow." I sat up on my legs in front of her and said, "Here.

I know how to make it feel better." As she took her hand away, a leaned forward and gave her knee a kiss. Then I started to kiss every square inch of her knee. "Okay," she said, "I think it does feel better. Thanks." I pretended like I didn't hear her and kept right on kissing her knee. I started using my tongue a little, then I really started to work it over, leaving as much saliva my mouth could produce.

"Oh Joey, look. We've been ignoring him. He's so turn on he's having sex with my knee cap." I looked up at her with a grin, and said, "That's nothing. While you two were trading spit, I was staring down Joey's hardon. You don't know how close I was from giving him a blow job myself." I wiped some drool off my chin with my arm. "Aggghh," Joey said as he started spurting. He must have started jerking himself off again when I was frenching her knee.

My comment had sent him over the edge. Suzi and I just watched as Joey went through his shutters and shakes. He finally just relaxed with his eyes close, leaving his cum covered hand clutching his dick.

Suzi's eyes lit up, and with a remaining twinkle in her eye, she said, "Here Joey, let me clean that up for you." She bent over, sucked his dick in her mouth, made some sucking motions while Joey squirmed, then pulled off with a pop. She immediately slurped up the puddles from his hand, looked at me and winked, then said to Joey, "Kiss me, you fool!" Joey, being brain dead from his orgasm, simple followed orders.

He was kissing her with vigor, when suddenly he froze, snapped his eyes open, and then made a horrible face as he swallowed. I was rolling on the floor laughing, and then Suzi said, "So, Joey. How _does_ your cum taste?" Joey's expression changed to one of surprise. He made some lip smacking sounds and said, "Actually it wasn't bad. Kinda needs more salt or something. Tastes a lot better than Timmy's.

His tastes like shit." It was Suzi's turn to break out laughing, as I just sat there in shock. Finally I said with a grin, "Fuck you, Joey." "Careful Timmy boy," Joey said with a mischievous smile.

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"That might just happen at the rate we're going." Suzi started to settle down from her giggling fit, so I laid back down on the floor and put my arm over my eyes. I bared down and started to concentrate with all my might. I felt my dick grow hard, then it literally snapped straight up, causing someone to gasp. Then I forced the same thing to happen to Joey's dick and Suzi's love knob. I started simulating the feelings I remembered when Suzi/Joey had given me a blow job. My ears picked up the gasps and moans coming from them both, so I started turning up the heat even gripping step for lovely virgin hardcore and blowjob. I made their nipples tingle, their crotches burn with lust, and started causing the feelings of an approaching orgasm run through their entire body.

I kept teasing them with that feeling, just brushing every nerve ending for just a moment, then took it away. After two minutes of this kind of sexual torture, I felt my own orgasm rise. I shared it with them, then as the last pulse of semen came out, I disconnected, leaving them gasping on the floor on either side of me. Without uncovering my eyes, I said, "So. Who gives a better blow job?" The only answer I got was a, "Fuck me!" "Careful Joey," Suzi and I said together, then, "That might just happen," I said in almost a whisper.

Suzi came over to my ear, nibbled it, then said, "Would you like me to clean that up?" I peeked in her head. She really didn't want too. But she felt it would only be fair. I uncovered my eyes and looked at her face with fuzzy vision. "I'd rather you kiss me." She did, and it was a tender kiss, not the lusty kind she and Joey had exchanged.

It was perfect. We kissed for a minute, then she laid her head on top of my chest. Her hand went down to cooling puddles below my belly button.

She swirled her finger through them a few times, then brought it up to her mouth. "Eeww! Joey's right! It does taste like shit!"