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BICYCLE TIE UP [Part 2] Oscar was amazed and angry with himself at the same time. His eight year old wanted him to tie her up. She now liked being tied up because of how long she was tied up the day before. But he was angry with himself because he didn't want his daughter to want to be tied up.

He gave that all up years ago when he quit working at Funiculaireville to have a family. Now his eight year old who he never wanted to get into those things wanted it. Many thoughts of days gone by passed through his mind, this was so suddenly sprang on him he didn't have anytime to think and his immediate reaction was to be turned on.

How turned on he really was, was unspeakable. Through all this he still managed to ask "why?" She kicked her foot back and forth while standing there and again without looking at him she said, "When you tied me up I was really scared and cried a lot, but when you came up the second time and bought me a drink you made me feel better.

I felt safe with you and mommy there and I kind adorable czech teen was teased in the hypermarket and fucked in pov began to like it." She kicked her foot back and forth again and finally looked into her father's eyes, which were wider than normal, then continued, "So would you tie me up again and make me feel safe pleases." He didn't want to say yes, because he never wanted his girls to get into this type of thing.

But he just didn't have the heart to say no to her. "Yes sweetie I'll tie you up." But then there arose a problem he didn't have any more rope, toying japanese babes wild cunt hardcore blowjob the rope was being used on Elincia.

Except the jump rope but that was in Elincia's room as well and he didn't want to risk waking her up. His daughter was way ahead of him and said "Daddy do you need something to tie me up with." She waited for him to say, "yes" before she started to strip and say, "I have an idea daddy. Here tie me up with these." She then presented her pajama bottoms and pajama shirt to him.

She stood there now with only her white with pink hearts, panties on. He hoped she didn't notice the lump in his pants as he advanced toward her and took the pajamas from her outstretched arms. He helped her lie back down in bed and crossed her arms in front of her. He would start by just binding her wrists and ankles together in a simple tie, for the night. He didn't want to tie her down like her sister was because he didn't want to scare her off. Maybe in a couple of days he could move on to tying her spread eagle, but first he wanted to really gage her reaction.

He began to bind her wrists in front of her being sure not to tie her to tight. But as soon as he began with tying her wrists her breathing began to increase and she began to take a few deep breaths.

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He knew she was scared, she wasn't sure she wanted this but he didn't bother to stop now he just continued to tie her wrists once he completed tying her wrists he did ask her "Are you sure you want me to tie you up?" She responded with what he already knew "I'm scared daddy." There was a long pause before she said "But yes I do." Part of him wanted to stop because she was scared but the other part kept him going.

"It will be ok darling I'm going to be right here." He moved on down to her ankles and tied them together all the while being sure not to tie her to tight. He used a simple granny square knot. So that mom sleeping and son xxx she wanted to she could untie herself. When he finished with tying her ankles with her pajamas she tested her bonds (as all people who are tied up do.) They held so she was satisfied he was also even though he could have done a lot better.

He was glad he decided on starting off slow. When finished he kissed her forehead and began to walk away. He didn't get far before busty girlfriend gives blowjob and lifts upskirt to finger asked him "daddy will you sleep with me tonight." He had a feeling she would ask that. He stopped and walked back over to her bed. "Ok sweetie if you want." She was extremely happy, she was tied up and she would be able cuddle with her daddy. Yet again he stood up and began to walk away; She was confused.

"Daddy where are you going" she said in a scared and worried voice. But she was relieved when the reply came "I'm just going to the bathroom." When he was around the corner she again tested her bonds, but it was no use. She was tied up pretty good but she could get to the knot with her fingers she thought she could probable have untied herself if she had to.

Horny whore does her superlatively good to cum about ten minutes of her father being in the bathroom she got a little nervous that he was not going to come back. She remembered seeing the lump in his pants she wondered why he had a lump there. She had seen him naked before and she couldn't figure out any reason as to why he would have a lump in his pants.

She thought maybe that's why he's been gone so long. After fifteen minutes she thought he truly had left her and he wasn't going to come back, he probable just went to his own bed and he had lied to her. Then she heard the toilet flush and was relieved at that sound, he hadn't lied to her. He didn't have to use the toilet but he had to relieve himself otherwise he probable wouldn't have been able to sleep.

True it would have eventually gone away but he didn't want to find out how long his hard on would last. He didn't want to take any chances around her. He still hoped she hadn't noticed.

He walked back into her room and she looked to be asleep so he slowly began to close the door and walk away. But she wasn't asleep "daddy where are you going" she asked as she saw the door begin to close. He quickly opened the door again and said, "I'm sorry sweetie I thought you were already asleep and didn't want to wake you up." He hoped she was asleep he felt she was getting too old to sleep with her parents.

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Since she was about 4 years old it has became a weekly thing. She would either have a bad dream or would just wake up and wouldn't be able to fall back to sleep. So she would climb into bed with him and Donna. He got into bed with her and snuggled up against her. He had forgot about her being half naked when he got into bed with her. But as he snuggled up against her and felt her smooth skin he remembered.

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But it was to late he was again getting a hard on. Her skin was so smooth and flawless all over her body. As he lay down next to her He couldn't help but feel her chest and over her nipples, which wouldn't even, begin to break the plain of her chest for at least another couple years. Yet again he had a hard on. This time he knew he couldn't go to the bathroom and relieve himself so he would have to suffer though it and hope she didn't notice.

He began to move so he wasn't cuddling her because he didn't want her to notice considering it was poking her in the side. Also her nipples got hard and he didn't want to turn her on. The lump in daddy's sweat pants was back again she knew this because it was poking her in the side.

She wondered why that would happen to her daddy. "Daddy why do you have a lump in your pants." She asked quizzically. She also had other questions on her mind but was scared to ask those. She felt scared to ask this one but she was worried about him. He wasn't sure how to respond to such a question. He knew he shouldn't go in depth to such a question she wasn't ready to know all about sex.

Anyways that was her mother's job, to teach the girls about sex. He simple responded, "Because daddy is happy." He hoped she didn't press the answer because cutie teen ingrid banged in her asshole by big hard cock was hard enough to say that. But he knew it would have been too easy. Titania wasn't the type of girl to not question things.

"So your peepee sticks out when you are happy." She couldn't understand why she had never seen him like this before. She knew her daddy was happy a lot of times but she never noticed that.

"Yes sweetheart that's what happens" he answered her, he kept hoping she would drop it. "I've never noticed it before" She said and then gave a long pause. He didn't bother to answer her he hoped she was done asking him questions but from the look on her face she was thinking about something. She knew she shouldn't ask the next question she had but she did "can… I… see it." She asked thinking he would probable get mad.

But he didn't. "No honey just go to bed now, no more questions." He knew she probable had another dozen questions but he would leave those till morning, when she would surely ask again.

But in the morning he could have his wife help him. He rolled over and lay straight on the bed so he wasn't rubbing up against her smooth skin. He looked over and saw she was still pondering something. But he wasn't worried about it now it would want till morning. He closed his eyes and began to try falling asleep. It would be hard with the thoughts running though his head that were fueling his hard on, but he had to try. The thoughts ran through his head for about another fifteen minutes before finally he got to thinking about something else and his hard on went away.

By this time he was about half asleep half awake when he heard "daddy I have a question." This jerked him from his half asleep state. He turned over and looked at Titania who was wide-awake. "I said no more questions tonight." He told her again. She ignored him and asked the question anyways, which was plaguing her all night. "Daddy why were you going hit Elincia on her peepee." This shocked him at first but then he realized he was going to hit Elincia there before when he gave a choose two her of her punishments and he remembered that Titania didn't yet now they hit Elincia there.

So he answered her "Because Elincia's getting to old for a regular spanking that's why we hit her pussy sometimes." They were going to hit her peepee why did daddy just call it a pussy she thought. "Are you going to hit my peepee when I turn 9" she was curious and scared about how much it might hurt, Especially with the paddle.

He knew she would be scared about that but he told her the truth. "If you do something bad we will spank your peepee." She shuddered at the thought of being spanked.

He rolled over and again began to fall to sleep but she had another question. "Daddy why did you call it a pussy." This told him that he slipped up because he was to distracted by his hard on to remember what they called that area.

He quickly thought of an explanation "that's a more grown up name for your peepee, now we both need to get some sleep so go to sleep." She could tell he was getting angry but she still couldn't sleep. She wanted him to help her fall two chicks like to finger each other so she asked him.

"Daddy will you cuddle me." He knew that wouldn't be a good idea considering what was going through his mind, but he wanted her to go to sleep. He rolled over and began to cuddle her it didn't help him any just made his erection get even bigger but he had to put her to sleep.

After lying like that for a little while she still couldn't sleep so she asked him "daddy will you rub me." This always seemed to help her fall asleep when someone rub her back but being tied up she couldn't really roll over, if she did she would have her arms squashed underneath her. So she added "rub my chest" She knew she shouldn't have asked her daddy to do that because she wasn't suppose to let anyone touch her there.

He knew he shouldn't rub her chest either so he told her "no" at first but continued by telling her "you know your not suppose to let anyone touch your chest or you peepee not even your parents." She knew that but she didn't care what people said she didn't see how it was so wrong. "I know daddy but I don't care if you or mommy do, and I said it was alright." I knew he still should have said no but part of him wanted to. "Alright sweetheart I will but you must remember it is wrong." He began to stroke his fingers up and down the center of her chest.

He soon moved to her right nipple and began to rub it between his fingers. He was surprised when she started to take deeper breaths and her nipple got hard. He moved across her chest to her other nipple and she let out a soft moan. Soon her breathing became normal and she got used to the rubbing but she liked the feeling it gave her for a little while at least.

She then settled down into sleep. He also got tired and fell asleep with a hard on. His dreams were filled of thoughts lovely masseuse mouth fucked by her client when he had worked at Funiculaireville.

But his dreams were of his two daughters being bound there.