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Nasty chicks get fucked with big cocks
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Boarding School Encounter Chapter Three: Tabitha Molested by Henrietta's Pussy Tentacles By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Tabitha screamed. I screamed. My heart hammered in absolute shock. Our small bedroom in the Kensington Boarding School swam around me. This was impossible. This could not be happening. Out of all the strange, life-changing things that happened today, this was too much.

I had four purple tentacles sprouting out of my pussy and wrapped about Tabitha's head and flaming hair. The appendages pulsed and gripped her. I could feel through them, the silky texture of my friend's skin, the soft waves of her red hair, her warm breath wafting across them as she shrieked again.

Tentacles. I had tentacles sprouting from my pussy. I struggled to breathe. I fell back on Tabitha's bed, my breasts heaving beneath my nightgown. It was bunched up around my waist. Just moments ago, Tabitha had been licking at my cunny, curing my hysterics after I cured hers.

I could still taste her tangy pussy on my lips. Relax, Merita, the lesbian alien possessing my body, whispered in my thoughts. Relax. Those are our tentacles. They came out because you hot blond babe sucks off and drilled by dude for money reality blowjob so excited. Not that I blame you. Tabitha did a wonderful job licking your pussy. Tabitha sucked in another breath and shrieked at the top of her lungs again.

Her eyes were wild. Her hands gripped the tentacles—my tentacles—trying to pry them off her face. I didn't know what to do. What to say. How could I explain that after I ran out of the boarding school into the foggy night an alien's spaceship crashed, I fell into the crater made by its impact, and almost died? How could I tell her I broke my neck?

If Merita hadn't brought me into her spaceship—which sounded so weird to call a craft that traveled from another world—and healed me with something she called nanites, I would have died. Nanites, according to her, were little automatons, like tiny wind-up toys, inside of me, working to fix my broken neck.

Only my body didn't like it and fought against them like they were a disease. So she had to possess me. She merged our bodies together. You never said I would sprout tentacles from my pussy, Merita!

What's wrong with tentacles? Merita sounded offended. You loved them when I caressed your body. You exploded so hard when I took your maidenhead and fucked them in and out of your tight cunny. You even liked sucking on them. They are perfectly fine tentacles.

I did. But I'm not like you. I'm human. We don't have tentacles sprouting from our cunnies. Before Merita could respond, a loud knock rattled our door. "What is going on in there?" The sound of Prefect Geneva bolted fear through me and Tabitha.

My friend stopped shrieking. My tentacles released her head, reacting to fear. My lust evaporated, they slithered back inside my pussy and were.gone. "What's wrong? I heard screams." "Nothing, Prefect," I shouted, my heart thudding.

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I had never been so terrified of being caught in all the eighteen years of my life. We were half-naked, faces smeared in cunny cream, and in Tabitha's and i’m the tease tube porn. Even without the tentacles, we were behaving so poorly.

Proper young women did not.engage in lesbian sex. No matter how wonderful it was. The door handle turned. Tabitha, her eyes as wide as mine, acted. She pushed down the quilt covering her bed and beneath our rears. We lifted our hips, shoving our legs beneath it, and then she pulled it up as the door opened. Geneva peered in, holding an oil lamp in her hand. Her platinum-blonde hair fell loose about her shoulders. She wore a white nightgown, her large bosom swelling the front.

Ruffled laces decorated the neckline and brushed the bottom of her chin as she walked in. "Oh, I see," she said, her voice speaking with a refined diction. "Did you two have hysterics that needed to be cured?" I blushed while Tabitha said, "Yes, Prefect. Etta and I both were in a frightful state, our bellies full of flutters, and that itch had settled in our nethers.

We wouldn't be able to get a good night's rest if we.didn' that." The prefect gave us a smile. "I am glad to see you girls are helping cure the other's hysterics. We can't have our girls squirming in class or up half the night unable to sleep. You are here to get an education, and we can't do that if your poor cunnies are distracting you." I blinked in astonishment. There had been hints all day that this school.approved of lesbian behavior, all under the college teen babes enjoyed foursome sex on speedboat of curing a medical condition.

I had heard of female hysterics, of course, I just never realized the cure was so stimulating and wonderful. Or so sinful. My mother had visited the doctor to have her hysterics cured.

I shuddered, trying to imagine the wizened, old man licking my mother's pussy or fingering her clitoris to bring about paroxysms of rapture to cure her. No wonder she went at least once a week for a treatment. "Well, in the future I would ask you not to be so loud. Others are trying to sleep." She fixed us both with a tight smile.

"If you are this loud again, I will issue demerits and send you to be spanked by the Headmistress. Do we understand?" "Yes, Prefect," Tabitha and I said together. "Well, have a good night," smiled Geneva. "And, please, keep curing yourselves.

And if you ever need it, my room is just down the hall. I am always willing to help a young woman achieve the pinnacle of health. It would be my pleasure." Her voice was throaty with those last words, her eyes smoky. My pussy itched and flutters ran through me as the older girl closed the door behind us. I squirmed as the silence deepened. The light from our oil lamp flickered through the room.

Electricity hadn't spread this far into the country yet. I am sure it would someday. Electric lights were such marvels. All of London glowed at night these days. Tabitha stared at me, her freckled face paler than usual. "Henrietta," she said, using my full name instead of Eta for the first time, her voice breathless, "what were those that came out of your cunny?" "Tentacles," I said, my heart clenching in fear.

Wonderful tentacles, added Merita. My friend swallowed. "Can you explain why you have tentacles that come out of your pussy?

Are you a freak? do you belong in a traveling carnival?" I bit my lip. Tell her, urged Merita. She's already seen them. I'm sure she'll understand. Right. She'll understand that an alien possessed me. Sarcasm is very annoying, Henrietta. It is considered quite rude to my people. Tell her. I'm sure she'll understand and even come to like them. Remember how much you like my tentacles. I flushed. I had. They were wonderful. I glanced at my friend, staring into her green eyes.

We had only met today, but I felt so close to the excitable girl. I licked my lips, tasting her tart pussy again as she trembled. "Okay, when I went out for a walk, I saw a shooting star and it crashed." I told her everything. Finding the crater, thinking Merita was a fairy at first, the strange lights and beeping sounds of her spaceship. How she had made love to me with her tentacles and healed my body and merged into me. "And she's an.alien. Like from another planet?" I nodded my head.

"From Venus?" Why do your people keep thinking that? Venus is a horrible place. It's worse than Mars. I giggled. "No, no, she's not from Venus. She finds it odd we think that." "Well, it's Venus. Where else would a beautiful, female alien who likes to cure hysterics comes from?" Tabitha asked. "Not from Mars like one of those invading aliens." Invading? Merita asked. I frowned at my friend. "You know, like in HG Wells's serial. Don't you read Pearson's Magazine?" Tabitha asked.

"It's just getting good. The tripods are out and they have heat rays and they're marauding across the English countryside." "Oh, a story," I said and wrinkled my nose. "No, I don't read books about.aliens. And invasions." "You should. So she's not from Venus." "She's from a different planet around a different sun," I answered. "Way far away." "Wow," Tabitha said, a huge smile on her face. "This is amazing." Tabitha fell back on her pillow, face painted by the lantern.

She licked her lips and let out a squirm and a moan full of pent-up hysterics. I understood. My belly fluttered and I was so wet and itchy between my thighs. I knew it amateur real lesbos love to get naked wrong to keep "curing" each other. Especially with tongues and lips, but it was so wonderful. "So.Merita cured your hysterics with her tentacles?" asked Tabitha. I nodded my head.

"And plucked your maidenhead?" I nodded again, blushing and remembering how her tentacle had penetrated my hymen and buried into my depths. I had shuddered and writhed, my naked and stranded teen is given a lift and sucks a dick as payment gripping her appendage. It was so wonderful feeling her slide in and out of my cunny.

"And you even sucked on her it was a prick." My eyes widened. "What? Sucking on a prick?" Tabitha nodded her head. "My maid was such a wicked girl. She told me that even gentlemen loved having their dicks sucked. A little oral pleasure, and there was no risk of pregnancy that way. She advised me if I wanted to keep a gentleman's attention on me during courtship and win his affection and marriage proposal, I should be prepared to use my mouth." "That's so sinful," I gasped and grimaced.

"Eww, I could never do that." Nor could I. Penises are the worse. They're just disgusting. "You used your mouth on my cunny," Tabitha pointed out.

"That's different. I wasn't satiating a man's vile lusts, I was curing your hysterics." The lie was so reassuring. It wasn't sex between us—sinful, lesbian sex—but two girls helping each other out. The fact it was the most wonderful thing in the world only made the chore a delight to perform. "I liked curing your hysterics." "And I was having fun until your.tentacles sprouted." Tabitha's hand touched my bare thigh.

My nightgown hadn't gone all the way down to my legs beneath the cover. She slid higher, pressing beneath my gown. My pussy fluttered. "And.well.I was wondering.if you could.cure my hysterics with your tentacles?" Oh, that sounds wonderful, Merita purred. You'll love it. I had a feeling I would. I nodded my head. "Gladly. Only.I don't know how to make them come out." I concentrated, pushing down with my pussy, trying to force them out.

I groaned, straining, but they did not appear. Merita? Hmm, this is an unusual case. But I imagine Tabitha only has to stimulate you and they will appear. "Well, I think I can make them appear," Tabitha purred, like she had heard Merita speaking in my mind.

Tabitha leaned in and her lisp kissed mine. They were so juicy and sweet, adorned with my musk. I groaned, trembling as we shared our kiss. It started out chaste, but soon our tongues were meeting each other, kissing in the vulgar French fashion. But it didn't feel vulgar with her hand stroking up and down my thigh, sending tingling flutter racing to my pussy.

I shifted, my juices flowing as I savored her lips. They were so wonderful. My heart beat faster and faster, sending a rush of delight through my body. I think I loved her. Tabitha broke the kiss. A smile spread across her freckled cheeks. "I like kissing you." "Me, too," I said, a little breathless. "And you're nipples are so hard. Look at them." Tabitha eyes flicked down to my nipples poking at the linen.

"They want to be played with, too." She leaned down, her red hair caressing my face, and sucked on two amazing gals play with dildo masturbation smalltits nipple through my nightgown. Her saliva soaked through the material, warm and wet. My nipple ached as she nibbled and sucked, shooting delight down to my pussy. Something squirmed in my depths. "Oh, yes," I moaned. "That's it, Tabitha.

Mmm, yes. Get me excited. Stimulate me and sprout my tentacles. And then I'll play with your body. We'll have such a wonderful time." Tabitha sucked harder. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. Her fingers crept higher on my thighs, pushing up my nightgown.

It was so hot all of a sudden, the covers smothering us. I pushed them down as she sucked on my nipple, exposing our legs. Her fingers reached my pussy. She stroked at my blonde curls as she kissed over to my other nipple and engulfed it through my nightgown.

The wet linen fabric rasped on my nipple as she sucked, shooting such delight through my body. The hysterical flutters built in my stomach. I twitched and shivered. Her fingers played with my blonde curls, only stroking the edges of my cunny.

Oh, she was such a tease. I groaned, my fingers digging into the sheets beneath us. "Tabitha," I panted, the squirming growing in my depths. "More, more. You have to touch my pussy directly. Please, Tabitha, stop teasing me." "But it's so much fun to tease you," grinned Tabitha.

She looked at me, her face hovering over the two wet spots on my nightgown. Yes, she is a naughty tease, Merita purred. You should touch her back. Stimulate her and she'll stimulate you. I liked that idea. As Tabitha leaned down to suck on my nipples through my nightgown—going back and forth between them, giving each one a brief i spy on my chubby step sister slid my hand up her side and fondled her round breast.

Hers were bigger than mine. I squeezed it through her nightgown, bringing a moan from her lips. Her fingers brushed my clitoris. I kneaded and played with her breast. Her nipple stood out hard against her nightgown, begging to be touched. I moved up to the laces keeping the bodice closed.

I pulled on the first tie. The cloth rasped then came undone. Then I did the second and slipped my hand down the front of her dressing gown.

"Etta," she moaned between sucks as my bare hand cupped her breast, her nipple rubbing into my palm. "Ooh, yes, I like that." Tabitha squirmed, her finger brushing my pussy lips. She made longer and longer contact, sliding up and down my slit and caressing my clitoris as I pinched her nipple. It was so hard between my fingers and yet soft at the same time. She moaned every time I rolled it. Her fingers rubbed harder at my pussy.

She no longer teased me. I groaned, my toes curling as she coaxed out my pussy tentacles. My legs spread wider and wider as the squirming in my depths grew and grew. "Tabitha," I moaned, my toes curling. My finger pinched her nipple hard. "I think.yes, yes, I think they're about to sprout." "Do it," she moaned, her fingers sliding up and rubbing hard at my clitoris.

"Let them out. I want you to cure my hysterics. Do it." My pussy clenched, squirmed. The pleasure swelled in me as she massaged my clitoris and sucked on my nipple through my nightgown. I moaned, the tentacles squirming out of my pussy. They brushed my thighs and then her hand as my orgasm burst inside of me. Juices flooded out with my tentacles, coating them. They rose into the air, purple and glistening with my juices.

I gasped and moaned, my tentacles flailing. Tabitha gasped, pulling her hands away from me, staring at the tentacles as the pleasure washed through my mind. "Oh yes, your pussy tentacles," she gasped and leaned over, staring at my cunny. "They're cumming out of your lips, stretching you open.

Ooh, that looks wild." "Uh-huh," I panted and shuddered, my orgasm peaking inside of me. I fell back on the pillows, panting, groaning, my toes clenching and my tentacles twitching. They were a part of me. Like my arms or legs. I could feel them, control them. It wasn't difficult either even though there were four of them. I wiggled them, bringing a giggle from Tabitha's lips. She clapped her hands. "Wow. Those are.exciting. I don't know what it is, Etta, I really don't, but the sight of them stir such wonderful flutters through my cunny.

Ooh, I need my hysterics cured so badly." She leaned over me, her red hair spilling around her face and falling down to brush mine. "Will you care my hysterics? Pretty please?" I grinned at her, eager to use my new tentacles. Our tentacles, Merita corrected. And you will enjoy using them. They are so sensitive. "I can arrange that, Tabitha," I smiled, eager to find out if Merita was correct. Tabitha rained kisses on my face as she squealed in girlish delight.

Her red hair tickled my face as her hot lips moved about my cheeks and temple. Then she kissed my nose and finally my lips. That kiss wasn't a peck, but hot, lingering, making my tentacles wave and undulated as excitement flooded out of my cunny.

Then she broke the kiss, a huge grin on her face and bolted up. She shifted on her knees, her breasts pressing against her dressing gown as she grasped one of my tentacles. I gasped, shuddering as she stroked it. "Ooh, it is slippery with your cunny juices," grinned Tabitha.

"And you smell delicious." Tabitha leaned over and licked at my tentacle. She dragged her tongue up it. My body twitched and spasmed. Her tongue rose higher and higher, gathering my cream. My tentacles were so sensitive, like my nipples, and I had four of them.

Four wonderful, writhing, undulating appendages to play with. Remembering how much Merita loved it when I sucked on her tentacle in my dream, I brought one to my mouth. It bent over and lowered down to my lips. I sucked on it, tasting my sweet musk staining the tentacle. My pussy clenched. I moaned as I sucked on myself. The pleasure rippled down my tentacle to my pussy, sending wonderful flutters through me. I sucked harder, wiggling more and more of my tentacle into my mouth.

Yes, yes, that is delicious, Merita moaned in my mind. It is. These are amazing. Ooh, I love them. Tabitha, a twinkle in her green eye, reached the tip of my second tentacle.

She swirled her tongue about the tip and then sucked on it, too. My eyes widened. Double the pleasure rippled down my tentacles, driving down to my cunny. My free tentacles writhed together, entwining and caressing as a tremble of church going bailey brooke wants to sin and getused in every way shot through me.

I sucked harder on my tentacle, puring in delight. My cheeks hollowed as I cleaned all my sex is what horny ebon awesome cutie needs hardcore blowjob off.

My eyes fluttered. Pleasure rippled down my tentacle. I shuddered as Tabitha swirled her tongue about the tip of the other, her hands stroking me. My hand shot out, grasping her knee through her dressing gown, clenching it as the hot pleasure rippled through me. I moaned again. My back arched as the new sensations rippled through me. They were so wicked and wonderful. And you have two other tentacles not doing anything at all, Merita reminded me.

They need to play, too. Yes, yes, yes, you're so wonderful, Merita. She purred in delight and, for a moment, I felt our thoughts kiss. It was sensual, a burning ripple that washed across my mind. I bucked again and then shot out the two remaining tentacles right for Tabitha. One went high. The purple appendage dived into her unlaced bodice, smearing my pussy cream across her chest as I searched for her breasts.

I found one and entwined it. The tentacle slithered around her tit, squeezing it until the tip reached her hard nipple and batted it. The second went low. It dived beneath the hem of her dressing gown, brushing her sleek thighs and then quested up her leg, searching for her virgin cunny.

Tabitha trembled, sucking so hard on my tentacle, shooting wicked delight down the appendage. I quested the fourth nick minaj fucked by quavo farther and farther up her thigh until I brushed her pussy.

Then I caressed. She was so warm and hot, her curly pubic hair tickling my appendage. I slid the tip up and down her slit, teasing her.

I brushed her clitoris, striking the little nub then slid down her wet lips and brushed her hymen. Oh, she is dripping wet, Merita. Can you fell it? Yes, the alien purred, her thoughts caressing mine. She's so wet and juicy. And her hymen. Oh, I get that wonderful thrill of taking her virginity, too. Plucking her maidenhead. I giggled around the tentacle in my mouth. It was so lil skeet got my dick way down her throat just to think.

I rubbed again at her hymen, feeling the membrane stretched over her pussy. There were holes in her maidenhead, but were too small for the tentacle to wiggle through. I slid it back to her clitoris, rubbing it, sucking harder on my tentacle, matching the ferocity with which Tabitha sucked the other. My friend fell onto her back, squirming as she stroked and sucked on one tentacle while another two caressed her pussy and tit.

I tightened the tentacle about her breast, constricting and relaxing, savoring how her tit felt while I flicked and massaged her nipple. And attacked her clitoris.

Tabitha squirmed, her eyes widening. She bucked and trembled, moaning about my tentacle. Her hands tightened on it. Such wonderful pleasure spilled down it. I trembled, my hands caressing my body. I pinched a nipple through my dressing gown while my other hand found my clitoris and frigged it. Oh, that's wonderful, I thought to Merita while moaning about my tentacle. I forced more of it into my mouth. I coiled against the back of my throat.

Push it in deeper, Merita urged. Deep-throat the tentacle. You'll love it. I did. Merita showed me how to relax my throat. I gasped, my throat bulging as the undulating tentacle pressed into it. The pressure about my appendage was exquisite. I rubbed my clitoris faster with my finger and Tabitha's with my tentacle. Tabitha pulled the tentacle from her mouth.

"Melody, yes, yes. You're tentacles are amazing. Oh, yes. I'm going" Her body bucked. Wordless cries of joy sounded from her mouth, lips rounded into a perfect O. Her paroxysms spasmed her body. Hot juices flooded out around the tentacle massaging her clitoris. I moaned louder about the tentacle in my throat, savoring the fell of her trembling body and orgasming cunny. "Etta," she gasped, eyes squeezing shut. "Oh, Etta, yes, yes, yes. These tentacles are wonderful.

I'm so glad you met Merita." Me, too, Merita purred. Yes, I agreed. The tentacle,f reed from Tabitha's mouth, ached cum on eugenie bouchard tribute 6 sensation. I shoved it down her dressing gown and wrapped it about her other breast. I squeezed them both. They pressed up into her dressing down, the tentacles writhing beneath, rubbing her nipples, savoring how they felt against her skin.

She spasmed again, gasping, her face turning as read as her hair. I rubbed at her pussy, pressing on her hymen. I wanted to take her maidenhead. But I had to ask her. I had to make sure it was what she wanted. I drew the tentacle out of my throat, gasping for air.

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I stared at my friend, struggling to breathe, my heart hammering in my chest. Her pussy was so hot. I wanted to ram my tentacle into her cunny and feel her around me. "Can I.?" "Yes," nodded Tabitha. "Pluck my cherry. Do it! I want to feel you in me, Etta. Your tentacles are so wonderful." I kissed my friend hard on the lips as I pressed my tentacle against her pussy.

My own cunny clenched about my tentacles as I strained. I rubbed the tip harder, my other two tentacles constricting tight about her tits. Her hymen resisted, stretched. And then tore. I moaned into her kiss as I sank my tentacle into the depths of her pussy. Hot, wet, silky, delicious flesh engulfed my tentacle. I wormed the appendage deeper and deeper into my friend's untouched cunny, savoring the pleasure of taking her maidenhead.

Of making her a woman. It's a wonderful gift she gave you, Merita moaned, emotion thick in her voice. And she's so tight and wet. Oh, yes. She's wonderful. Don't you love it? Don't you love how she feels wrapped about you? Isn't she so soft and silky, Henrietta? Yes! I trembled as I fucked my tentacle in and out of Tabitha's cunny, our tongues dancing together. Her flesh squeezed down on my tentacle. The pleasure rippled down the appendage. My toes curled. My finger danced harder on my clitoris, the two pleasures mixing, swirling, merging.

Merita, I moaned. Yes, yes, let's cum. Do it. Let's experience the wonderful paroxysms.

Let her cunny cure our hysterics. I broke my kiss with Tabitha and gasped, "Yes, yes, yes." Her eyes widened as the pleasure burst out of my pussy. My tentacles pulsed. They expanded and contracted as the pleasure washed through me and splashed against my mine. Her pussy stretched and clenched about my tentacles as it pulsed, the others squeezing her tits harder. "Are you.?" Her eyes widened. "From taking my cherry? You're orgasming?" "Cumming," I moaned, spasming. "You feel amazing, Tabitha.

Wonderful. I love blecked lun butifull girls xxx in you." "I love you in me." Her smile grew as my orgasm peaked. The tentacles stopped pulsing.

"Ooh, that was wicked. Keep working your tentacle in and out of me. It's amazing. Oh, yes. I can feel you so deep in me, Etta. Love this." "Me, too," I moaned. Thank you, Merita. She caressed my thoughts with hers, kissing and loving me as I fucked the tentacle in and out of my friend's cunny.

New pleasure built inside of me was I pumped my appendage. The other two constricted and relaxed on Tabitha's breasts, teasing her nipple. But the fourth had nothing to do. Fuck your ass, Merita hissed. Ram that into your sphincter. Do it. I did love it when your tongue probed it. As Tabitha bucked and trembled against my tentacle, I reached the unoccupied one around behind me. It pulled up my dressing gown and caressed my ass, wet with my saliva. I groaned, my sphincter clenching as I slithered it between my butt-cheeks.

"Yes, yes, yes, cure my hysterics," moaned Tabitha. "Oh, please, please, Etta. Keep ramming that tentacle in me. I'm going to cum again.

I love cumming. Those wonderful paroxysms are the best." "Yes," I nodded my head in agreement as the tip of my tentacle rubbed at my sphincter. I felt the puckered, wrinkled opening, stirring around it. The strange sensations shot to my pussy as I did.

I grinned at Tabitha as I probed and poked. Her green eyes twinkled. She reached out and seized my free hand. "What are you doing with that fourth tentacle?" Tabitha asked, her voice breathy.

"Pushing it into my rectum," I answered, my eyes bugging as my sphincter gave away. The tip of the tentacle entered my sphincter. "You're buggering yourself?" asked Tabitha, her eyes widening. "Lord have mercy, that's so dirty." I nodded my head, pushing my tentacle deeper and deeper into my sphincter.

My bowels stretched. The burning sensation swelled as my appendage slithered deeper. My back arched, my asshole clenching. I gasped, clenching my hands hard on Tabitha's and my tentacles about her breasts. "Oh, yes, yes, bugger yourself," she hissed, trembling, her hips humping. "You are so filthy. I love it, Etta. I love you." Our lips met in another kiss as I pumped one tentacle in and out of her hot, slick pussy and the other in my tight, velvety bowels.

Both holes felt so different, but equally wonderful. I trembled, my tongue playing with hers, our hands held tight. My heart beat so fast with excitement. Love her, whispered Merita. Love her. Oh, you two are so beautiful together. Make her cum. Yes, yes, yes. We writhed on the bed. I pumped the tentacles faster and faster in our holes. My bowels clenched down on them. So many sensations rippled through my body: my tentacles wrapped about Tabitha's breasts, the others reaming our holes, the burning delight radiating out of my bowels as I buggered myself, the sweet touch of her lips.

And her hands. Tabitha grasped my small mounds through my nightgown. She clenched on them, her fingers sliding around my nipples. It was such a wonderful, wicked sensation, sending tingles radiating through my body. My tentacles all throbbed as she played with my nipples. Oh, yes, that's wonderful, Merita moaned.

Fuck her harder. Fuck us harder. Cum again, Henrietta. I want to feel that wonderful bliss again. Me, too. It was addictive. A vice that she had heard the temperance women railing against. Like alcohol or opium. She didn't want to give up the paroxysms of delight. She loved them. They were wonderful no naughty temptation for a juvenile beauty hardcore and blowjob how sinful it was.

"Oh, Tabitha," I moaned, breaking our kiss as she pinched my nipples through my nightgown. "Your cunny. So hot. Oh, I love fucking you." "And how does it fell to bugger yourself?" Her green eyes twinkled. "So amazing.

It is different than being in your cunny. But soooo wonderful. Oh, my bowels are so tight on my tentacles." I shuddered, ramming my tentacles in deep, loving the duel delight of the my bowels caressing my appendage which caressed my bowels. They fluttered through me, building inside of me. A massive paroxysm of delight swelled in the depths of my pussy. "Oh, you have to bugger me next time," gasped Tabitha.

"Oh, yes, I want that. I'm so close to my release.

Cure my hysterics." Her fingers pinched hard on my nipples. "Please, please. I love you so much. Fix me." "Yes!" I rammed my tentacle deep into her pussy. The others assaulted her nipples, writhing beneath her nightgown.

Tabitha's eyes rolled back in her head. She trembled and moaned. Her mouth opened into a wide O. And she came. I gasped at the hot feel of her pussy spasming about my plunging appendage. The silky friction increased, shooting wicked delight down my body. Tabitha spasmed on the bed, her legs brushing mine beneath the covers.

"Oh, Etta, oh, yes. Love you. So good." The feel of her spasming cunny on my tentacles plunged me over the edge. It was the final stimulation I needed.

The paroxysms exploded in the depths of my pussy. The walls convulsed about slender amazing bitch rides a cock hiddencam and hardcore four tentacles extending from my sex. My bowels clenched down on my plunging appendage. "Tabitha," I gasped. "Merita, yes. Yes, yes. I love you both. So good." Love you, too, moaned Merita in my mind, trembling in delight as our thoughts hugged each other.

So good. Yes, yes, yes. The pleasure boiled through me. The bliss peaked in me. I gasped, my back arching. All my tentacles pulsed, expanding and contracting. Tabitha groaned, her pussy clenching down on my tentacle, her pussy stretched wide open over and over. "Cumming again," she moaned through clenched teeth. "Oh, yes. Your tentacles are the absolute best. Thank you, thank you." "You're so very welcome," I moaned and then sighed, my blonde hair spilling about my sweaty face.

Drowsy pleasure descended on me. My body buzzed as the tentacles retracted and slithered back into my pussy. Then they were gone and I was a normal girl again. My hand took Tabitha's as we stared in each other's faces in the flickering lamp light. She rolled over quickly and extinguished the flame before flopping on the bed, a grin on her face. "That was the best." I nodded my head and didn't resist as she pulled me in for a sweet kiss.

Our arms held each other. My eyes closed. I sighed when she broke the kiss, our heads pillowed side-by-side. It was such a long, exciting day. I fell into sleep. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Merita drowsed with Henrietta in her mind.

The alien's thoughts still buzzed from the wonderful orgasms. But as she drifted off into sleep, a spike of worry shot through her. She was stranded on the primitive planet and the core of her spaceship was missing. It contained nanites. If she had any hope of fixing her ship, she had to recover it. And before any human found phat ass ho dayna vendetta pounded hard by throbbing cock. That could be disastrous.

The nanites were separated from the ship's computer, not under any control. Merita had no idea how they would react if they came in contact with a human. Tomorrow, I need to convince Henrietta to leave her school and find it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Miss Marilynn Gully was the newest teacher at the Kensington Boarding School. A lesbian, she had been eager to land a job at the school. It was whispered in the circles she moved through—women who understood the pleasure that could be shared with each other—that Kensington molded its female body towards the pleasures of the feminine, using hysterics as a guise to introduce sapphic pleasures.

"Miss Marilynn, I thought we came out to walk," the maid Daisy said, her voice squeaking with fear. "We are walking," Marilynn answered as she led the way through the fog. "I can hear the noise. It definitely fell here." Marilynn was a young woman, her green dress tight about her body, cut to enhance her rather generous bosom. Her auburn hair fell in curls about her face. She wished she had worn a cloak as the damp assaulted her hair, but excitement gripped her after witnessing the shooting star's fiery plunge.

"But, Miss Marilynn, I didn't think you meant a real walk. Out in the fog. I thought we were gonna." "Have relations?

Yes, so did I." It had been Marilynn's intentions when she set out with the girl to enjoy the maid's lush body.

Marilynn had met Daisy yesterday when she arrived to begin her teaching. A brown-haired, freckled face girl of eighteen dressed in her maid's smock. She was fetching, stirring a letch between Marilynn's thighs to enjoy the girl. It wasn't hard. The school earned its reputation as a haven of lesbian activity. So when Marilynn invited the maid out for a walk, it wasn't long before she had the maid pinned against a shed, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss. Marilynn's hands slid up the maid's body and found the ties to her bodice.

She pulled, loosening the lace and dipped her hands inside. Warm, round breasts. Nipples hard. Marilynn shuddered as she strode through the fog, her pussy burning for Daisy's lips licking and nuzzling. The teacher would have enjoyed a spectacular orgasm on Daisy's mouth. And then the shooting star flashed across the sky, blazing with its own fiery passion. It was so low and then impacted near the school.

And though Marilynn taught philosophy, the thrill of finding a meteorite and bringing it to school for the students to study was too much for her to pass up. She could always enjoy Daisy's sweet mouth after they found it. "But it's so dark, miss," Daisy said, fear thick in her voice. "No one goes out in the fog. It's cursed. There are fairies out here. They like to play tricks on people." "Fairies are not real," laughed Marilynn.

"Humans have always had a predilection towards the poetic, as Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling wrote about in his Historical-critical Introduction to the Philosophy of Mythology.

Humans strive to find a explanation for natural events, but without a scientific groundwork, they allow their poetic side to create flights of fancy. I guarantee you, Daisy, there are no creatures out here." "Then what is making that sound?" Daisy asked. The sound was a rising, hissing, buzz. It had a mechanical regularity that had Marilynn frowning. Perhaps it isn't the meteorite we're tracking but something else.

I thought it fell this way, but the fog is quite dense. "Probably some mechanism on a farm. Maybe a pressure vessel has sprung a leak. It would explain the hissing." "What kind of mechanism would be out here? It's nothing but farms.

And I grew up here. None of the farms have devices which make these sounds. Let's go back to the school, Miss. You can explore inside my bodice again.

Your hand was very nice." "Tempting, but I am curious." The hissing grew louder. She crept through the wet grass. A light pulsed in the fog, a beacon. It was a bright light, pulsing with a regularity not found in nature. It was electric. Strange, I didn't think electricity had reached out here. "Miss," groaned Daisy again. "See, it's fairy. They're luring us in. We'll be walking into a bog or something. They like to play tricks." "Silly girl, it is not a fairy.

It is something man made. The fog has just rendered it.surreal. It is a common effect at night. Humans senses are optimized for daylight, not the nocturnal." The fog billowed, exposing a silver canister embedded in the ground like it had fallen from a great height. A light pulsed on top of it, a beacon that flashed not from an external bulb but from the metal itself. A crack ran across the side and something hissed out, a gas darker than the fog. "What is it, Miss?" Daisy asked, her voice farther behind, holding back.

"I don't know," Marilynn said. She moved closer, peering at the crack. She bent down, sniffing but detected no noxious fumes. She reached out her hand and waved it through the fog.

It clung to her finger. Something was suspended in the gas, black, oily. It swelled down her fingers, moving, reaching, alive. She jumped back and gave a maut ka lauda bur mil jayega as the taint spread.

The gas, once billowing out in a straight stream, moved and undulated. It reached towards her like a gaseous serpent. The teacher screamed, her heart hammering, and turned to flee as the fog engulfed her body. The oily substance filled her mouth and nostrils. It poured down her throat. She staggered two steps and fell to her knees while the maid called her name over and over. Marilynn choked, struggling to breathe as more and more of the gas flowed into her mouth.

The world fuzzed dark and she fell onto her face as the nanites went to work on changing her body. To be continued.