Jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part two

Jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part two
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It was time to go home and see my family. My loser brother followed me on Social Media and I would ask how Dad was and what he was up. Nothing ever big got told over the phone so I didnt know much.

I got on the bus and figured I would surprise the family and just show up. Helen wouldn't want me to come if I called a head. As I stood at the front door I froze its been years what am I going to say? As I knocked I hoped Dad would answer or Drew. Unfortunately Helen answered and was in complete shock she even hugged me. I walked in and seen Dad wasn't around but Drew came out of his room a glistening and in gym shorts.

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Damn he was tall and slimmed up even had some abs. My face just barely level with his chest when he hugged me. Wondering where Dad was I asked Helen but Drew spoke up first "Dads out back working out I just finished some reps with him" that explained it to me.

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He has been working out with Dad getting in shape unlike when I left he was a short chunky punk. As far as I could remember Dad was all about being in shape. It drove Dad insane that Drew wouldn't work out with him. As I went to walk down to the back door Helen stopped me "are you going to visit with your mother first?" I told her we could catch up at dinner and I really wanted to see Dad. We really didn't gave a good connection. Her and Drew went to the store.

As I walked down the hall I looked in Drews room. Porn magazines and posters of naked chicks were everywhere. On the bed I seen a magazine with teacher and student xxx hot english story page opened and cum all over the girl's breast.

Guess Drew finished his workout here. My pussy tingled thinking about Drew and his new body. I had to get out before I got to aroused. The back door was cracked open and I could see Dad still working out, his body more defined then I remembered. His body was wet and glistening in the sun. Once again I could feel my pussy tingle and wet.

I couldn't help but to be turned on for some reason. I leaned back against the wall and slid a finger into my pants and started playing with my clit as I watched him workout. Closing my eyes and fingering my hole while rubbing my tits. I was dripping wet almost about to cum when I heard the weights drop. I quickly got my act together and opened the door as Dad reached for it. "LeighAnn baby girl?

What are you doing here" he grabbed me and hugged me so tight and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around him. "Daddy I'm home, I've missed you so much" his musky man smell put me over the edge I knew there had to be a wet spot in my shorts. He carried me all the way to the kitchen and sat me down on the counter as he did when I was little.

He grabbed a drink for us and we caught up. I was sitting on the counter as he had one hand on each side of me leaning over my lap.

I wondered if he could smell my pussy. He was so close to my body I kept getting wet and tingly. I've never got so hot over my Dad, or the fact my brother came all over a porno magazine. Helen and Drew walked in and startled me I hoped down of the counter sliding my body down Dads rock hard body, I think Flem orang yang ngetot sama hewan felt his cock but wasn't sure.

After dinner everyone went to bed leaving Dad and I alone in the living room watching a movie. I grabbed a cover and snuggled up to Dad.

He wrapped his arm around me and slid over so I could rest my head on his leg, my face an inch away from cock. I rubbed his leg and adjusted trying to play it off. I seen his cock bounce a little hitting his shorts.

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Hot tanned babe gets her pussy banged he liking my head this close to his cock? I got wet again. I could see a smile on his face as I continued to "adjust" and move my hands across his cock even moving my head across his cock feeling it on my cheek I knew he was getting hard.

I looked up at him "Daddy are you getting a boner" it look like it startled and shocked him I would ask such a question. Before he could answer "I like it Daddy" he slowly moved his hand down to my ass and grabbed a hand full. "Oh Daddy you have firm hands" he looked at me and asked if we should really do this. In informed him I know what I'm doing and I wanted his cock.

He slipped his fully erect cock out it was huge and thick. My mouth watered as I grabbed his cock spitting on the head and rubbing it down his cock. I could feel his cock throb for more as I started to licking his head he moaned a deep moan and his cock throbbed more.

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As I started to move my mouth around his cock and sucking he slid his hand down my shorts playing with my ass. I lifted to my knees giving more access and he took it. Suddenly his fingers were working on my clit and a finger slipped in to my pussy. He knew what he was doing god it felt good. I was sucking his cock and playing with his balls. It felt so good having him in my mouth.

I made sure to get his whole cock deep in my throat. He moaned some more and with his hand I felt him grab my hair and started to control my head, and thrusting his cock deep he was in control and I liked it.

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I was no longer just sucking his cock he was fucking my mouth and fucking it hard. Soon he cam all in my mouth and held my head down until I started to gag. After swallowing and looking up at him he looked at my mouth "sorry honey Daddy couldn't help you felt so good" I'd never had a guy do that to me like he did and I enjoyed it.

In one swift move he grabbed my legs and through my on my back removing my shorts and thong. He stopped and looked at my pussy before he dove face deep into my pussy. He started teasing my clit with his tongue going in circles "Oh Daddy oh yea oh yeah Daddy it feels so good" with one hand he covered my mouth and looked up at me "shh honey you don't want your Mom or Brother to hear us" I hadn't realized I was being so loud.

With him back in my pussy he stared to play with my breast and I couldn't help but to moan and thrust oma auf der strasse angesprochen hips up to my Daddys mouth it felt so good and forbidden. My body was twitching left and right as he was licking my clit and fingering my pussy with two fingers hitting the perfect spot. He knew I was about to cum when he stuck his pinky in my ass. That was it my body couldn't hold it anymore. Still eating mye out I squirted all over his face and hand.

He got up and just left me laying there. I laid in awe before putting my shorts on. He came walking back in with a drink for us and a bag of chips. "That was the best pussy I've ever eaten, saucy bint gets nailed in the ring cumshot blonde can't do this again" I agreed and went to bed.