Father reap daughter fuk story

Father reap daughter fuk story
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"How can you still be sleeping?", my sister Sara yelled as she burst through my bedroom door. I half opened one eye, "What are you.", Sara stopped at the end of my bed. As my eyes tried to focus in the light, I could see her blurry figure. It was a slender figure with long legs. She may be two years younger than me, but she got the height in the family. Many because of those long thin California tan legs of hers. My eyes focused in on her smiling face, which was over half covered with her long blonde hair.

She had what I thought at first was just a bra on, but realized that she had on a small bikini top on (actually any bikini top would look small with those breasts.) Her jean shorts were rolled up to expose the bottom of her ass cheeks. Boy, if she wasn't my sister. Many thoughts went through my head. My cock rose to full painful attention. "You got home from college last night.

How late did you stay sexen la calle por dinere 12 5 grabbed the blanket that was on top and with one pull, ripped it off of me. "What the hell Sara! Give it back." She giggled as she threw it back at me. "Don't worry Jonny, I have seen you naked before." "My you have grown. What is it seven or eight inches." I scrambled to cover myself. I scowled at her.

"Are you upset you haven't seen these." She placed her hands on both sides of her breasts and squeezed them together. The bikini top looked like it was pretty girl knows how to please a guy to pop right off. As she turned to leave, "You look just as excited to see me as I am to see you. Mom has breakfast ready." "GET OUT!!!" Sara smirked and shut the door. Sometimes I really hate my little sister. Yes she has seen me naked before, but I have never got to see her.

Sometimes I wish I could just barge into her room and catch her butt naked. She has pure blonde hair with blue eyes. Her hour glass figure allows anything she puts on look hot. She inherited our moms large breast size, and she has a perfect round ass. My cock started to ache as I was thinking about her. She is always teasing me with her body, and I get real mad because the truth is that I would like to see her naked.

I got up, threw some clothes on, and headed downstairs. I made my way into the kitchen where Sara and mom were sitting at the table.

Mom was wearing a tight white tank top, which enhanced her already large breasts. She was also wearing some jean shorts that definitely were cut high by her. As they say, the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

As I sat down at the table, I looked over at mom and could see her nipples fully erect through her shirt. "How's my sleeping beauty?", she said with a half grin.

"Are you planning to sleep your summer vacation away?" "No", I mumbled, as I poured milk on my Frosted Flakes. "I was catching up on much needed sleep after my finals." Sara hopped up out of her chair, "Well I am off to catch some rays. I will be back group of people play highest card wins headed towards the door, grabbed her beach bag, and opened the door to head out.

We heard voices at the front door and then heard Sara say, "He is in the kitchen." "Hello?" A familiar and most wanted voice called out from the front hall. "Hello Abigail," my mom sang out. Abigail appeared into the kitchen. I got up and embraced her with a long kiss.

Abigail has been my girlfriend for about a year and a half. She is one of my sisters friends. It isn't weird now, but it definitely took some time for everyone to get use to it. "I missed you so much these last four months," I said as I hugged her tightly. "AAHHH.Aren't you kids cute.", Mom said with a laugh, "It isn't like you haven't talked on the phone the last semester.

I bet you were on the phone every day." "MOM!!!!! Please stop. We didn't talk every day and talking on the phone is not the same!", "I think you embarrassed him Mrs.

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Murphy." "Then my mission as a mom was accomplished.", mom said as she was busy doing the dishes in the sink. "Let's go out back by the pool.", I said to Abigail. "Before my mom says anything else." We went through the back slider, and sat down next to the pool cabana where the shade was.

"So what are we doing this summer?", Abigail asked "Not much if I don't find a job. My parents will let me have the extra car, but I need to pay for the gas and wherever we go."I "Well you only have one more year left of college, then you will be able to get a full time job and then not worry about that anymore." "I guess." "So did you pass that physiology class?

I know you really needed to get a good grade on that to continue in your major." "Yes I did. I ended up doing an extra elective at night because my professor had an interesting guest speaker, who offered their services to the top ten in the class. The good thing is my parents may not give me spending money when I am home, but they will pay for anything that has to do with sweet hot chick demi lopez loves a cock what did you do?" "He was a hypnotist." "Really?

You spent extra money on something silly? Won't your parents be upset?" "No. The class does not come up as anything to do with hypnotism.

Plus the checks were made out to the doctor himself. He made a really good presentation and should how physiatrists can use this technique to help patients go deeper into their memories." My mom came out to the pool. "I need to run some errands. I will be back in a few hours to make lunch. Abigail, will you be going us?" "Yes, I will stay for lunch. Thank you Mrs. Murphy" "Ok. You kids enjoy yourselves." She left and Abigail continued on our conversation.

"I didn't know that was real. I thought it was fake. Can you make people bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken?" "We do not do any of that stuff. It was an intro class to basically put people under and how to relax them. We all were able to do it by the end of the semester. I plan on taking his follow up courses.

I feel it can be very beneficial to my practice." "So you are a professional hypnotist now. I bet you couldn't put me under!", Abigail teased. "I could. And after you wouldn't even realize it." "Try it. If you can." "Ok you're on.

We need a darker place.

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Lets go into the cabana." We got up and made our way into the cabana. It was a small room. It had japan ibu selingkuh tanpa sensor hooks on the wall and a soft pillowed seat.

The room was dark enough and the window let just enough light in to see. Abigail sat in the seat. "Ok you need to take this seriously. Just close your eyes and do try to talk natural tits chick get spanking hard more videos on xxxnips com tube porn I ask." She nodded her head, then leaned back and closed her eyes.

"Take three deep breaths. As you are breathing out, clear your mind." "Good. Now relax your body and mind. You are now feeling sleepy. As you listen to the sound of my voice, you are traveling deeper into sleep. I want you to take two more deep breaths and then your whole body will go limp and you will not be able to move." Abigail took two more breaths and she sank into the chair.

"Your body is now like lead. No matter how hard you try, you will not be able to move. The only thing you want to do is consentrate on my voice. I will count down from ten. When I get to one, you will fall into a deep sleep and only want to listen to my voice." "Ten.nine.eight.seven.six.five.four.three.two.one" Abigail sat there motionless, with the exception of her breathing.

Now I have put her under, let's try things we were not allowed to do in class. "Abigail can you hear me?" "Yes.", she said very softly. "Good. You are realizing now it is very hot in this room. So hot you are uncomfortable." She started to squirm uncomfortably in the chair. "Abigail. The only way to cool down is to take off your clothes.

Only then you will cool down. Understand?" "Yes, I understand." "You may stand up and take off your clothes." Abigail stood up and took off her clothes. Even with little light coming into the room, I could she her naked body perfectly. She has an athletic body. Her breasts are not as big as my moms or sisters, but they are perfectly round and her nipples gagrap rap sister all free rate small and hard.

Her devotion to the gym really pays off. Her six pack is very visible in the little amount of light. She keeps her bush very well trimmed and her pussy lips showing clearly. Her well toned legs are so smooth looking. My cock was starting to swell in my pants. I looked into her hazel eyes and noticed how red her hair was.

Boy she looked like a goddess standing there naked as a jay bird. Then an idea hit me. Let's see what else she would be able to do. "Your are now getting very horny. Your feeling so horny that you are going to orgasm.

But it's not just an orgasm. It is the strongest one you have ever had." She was starting to squirm around. She let out a sigh. It looks like it was starting to work. "The only way for you to release the orgasm is to suck my cock. When you make me orgasm, it will release yours." Abigail was staring hungerly at my pants. "You may now suck my cock." Abigail knelt down and pulled my shorts down. My cock stood straight out in front of her face.

She made no hesitation and put her lips around my cock. She slowly moved up and down my shaft. Wow that feels so good. She licked the head of my cock like an ice cream cone. Then back at going up and down my shaft.

I was feeling my orgasm rising to its peak. She also must have as she started to moan uncontrollably as she suck on me. The more she got exited, the farther my cock went into her mouth until her lips were hitting my balls. I could not hold it anymore. I released my load into her mouth an she aggressively took all of it.

Then she started to shake and scream. She fell to the floor and was having the most incredible orgasm I have ever seen. She went on what seemed like forever. Then she just curled up in the fetal position gasping for breath.

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When she seemed to get herself under control, I started again. "Abigail, please stand up." She slowly stood up. I had to use this again. But I needed to be able to put her under quickly again and without her fully knowing.

I remembered one of the lessons on putting the patient under quickly again and looked around the room. I found a yellow hair elastic that was left in here. I grab it it started to speak. "Abigail. You like this feeling of being in this deep sleep.

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Anytime I put this yellow elastic on your wrist, you will immediately fall into this deep sleep and listen to only me." "Now when I wake you up, you will be refreshed and not remember any of this. Also after you wake up, when I say 'noodles', you will run out to the pool, strip naked and jump in. Once I say 'noodles', that is the only time you will do it.

Do you understand." "Yes I do" "I am going to count to ten. As I count, you will put your clothes back on. When I get to ten, you will wake up fully refreshed. One.two." Abigail started to put on her clothes. "Three.four.five.six.seven.eight.nine.ten." With that, she fully opened her eyes and woke out of the sleep. "So did you put me under?", she asked "Yes I did." "How will I be able to know?" "I put a one time only thought in your mind that you would never do on your own.

When I say a certain word." "You better not make me do anything gross." "No. But it will be entertaining." "What did you do? You better not make me do something stupid. Will I know what." I didn't let her finish. "Noodles" With that, she ran out of the cabana, took her clothes off next to the pool, and jumped into the pool naked.

I put the yellow elastic in my pocket for later. "JOHN YOU JERK!!!!!!" Abigail only had her head out of the pool. "Why did you do this? You are really sick you know. Anyone could nasty lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out threesome and creampies out here any moment." I was laughing my head off.

"I needed to do something that you would know that I did it." I grabbed a towel from the closet and wrapped it around her as she got out. She grabbed her clothes and went into the cabana. I told Abigail I was going into the house. As I walked into the kitchen, I heard someone in the house. I headed into the living room to see my sister on the couch. "The beach not agree with you?", I said. She turned her head and said, "No. My friend that brought me got nasty alice romain enjoys a solid pussy fuck call that she had to go into work early and we had to call it a day.

Plus my shoulders are very tense and I didn't want to stay by myself." I flem orang yang ngetot sama hewan over to the couch and poked her shoulder. "OUCH!!!!! I am serious you moron!! They really hurt. "What hurts?", Abigail said as she was walking in.

She had the towel on her head drying up her hair. "My shoulders are really tense and your stupid boyfriend is poking me there." Abigail looked at me with that "What's the matter with you" look.

"I can massage them out if you want", Abigail said, "We need some oil as my hands are dry." Sara worked her way up to her feet. "I should have some in my room." "Why don't we do it up in your bedroom. It would be easier that way. I will be up there in a second." Sara made her way up the stairs. Abigail looked at me playfully, "You're really trying to get yourself in trouble today." I looked at her, "it isn't my fault!

You didn't believe me that I could put you under. And my sister has been a brat to me all day." Suddenly a crazy idea came to me. "Abby hold out your hand." "What?" "Just do it." She reached her hand out to me. I took out the elastic from my pocket and put it on her wrist.

She immediately went limp and closed her eyes. The trance worked!! Now let's see how far I could go with this. "Abigail, you are in a deep sleep. You are going to go upstairs and massage Sara's shoulders.

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When you do, you are going to relax her and put her in a hypnotic trance. Do you understand?" "Yes" "Good. When you do, you are going to tell her that I am the one in charge and when I put an elastic on her wrist she will fall into a deep sleep.

I also want the both of you to come down in bikini tops and just Jean cutoffs. No underwear. Understand?" "Yes" "When I snap my fingers, you will come to but still be under my suggestion as long as the elastic is on your wrist. When you come back down, and I snap my fingers, you will go back under." I snapped my fingers and she came too.

"I will be down here in the living room watching TV. When you are done have the two of you join me." She smiled and kissed me. "Ok. We will." With that she headed upstairs.