Classy les mature feasting on schoolgirls vag stockings lesbian

Classy les mature feasting on schoolgirls vag stockings lesbian
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PART 5: The Last Weekend Violet walks in. "Hey, I'm home." That's all she's able to say as she walks into the living room and looks at us. She gasps. "What the fuck?!?" I'm standing naked while Linda is in her bra and holds her panties in her hand. Violet is completely shocked and horrified. Oh boy. We had quite some explaining to do. "Uhh.hey Violet.

How'd everything go while you were away?" I try to make small-talk with her but I could tell she's still in shock. "Luke! What the FUCK are you doing?? And LINDA??? WHY are you both naked??" At this point she's screaming at both of us trying to get an answer but what can I say? Linda doesn't even try to defend herself. She looks at me with a smile and then back at Violet. "Well looks like me and Luke are getting dressed now. While you were away at the base taking that package for delivery, Luke here was fucking me deep in the ass." My eyes just widened.

I almost let out a quick laugh just hearing the words coming out of Linda's mouth like nothing. She causally just told Violet we fucked plain and simple as if she told her that we were playing a game of Monopoly.

At this point, I try to step in and clear the air as the tension in the room was boiling up. "Violet.I can explain." She then cuts me off. "Luke.I don't even want to hear it, shut up! As for YOU Linda.what the hell were you thinking?? You're married!" Linda and I both look at each other awkwardly and then back at Violet.

Linda starts to laugh aloud. "Violet if anyone needs to shut's you! You have got to be the BIGGEST hypocrite ever if you think I don't really know what's going on here!" Violet just stands there.

"If anything.I'm sensing a bit of jealousy here.I know what you and Luke have been up to. Hell.if you really think that I know nothing about what happened between the two of you in Cancun, you have to be a complete idiot!" Before Violet can defend herself, I step in.

"LADIES!" Violet and Linda look at me. Violet's expression of frustration suddenly turns into a look of hornies latina begging for sex. The same for Linda.

"Now.I know that this a rather awkward situation." As I explain myself, both women stare at my crotch as I rub myself. Seeing Violet and Linda argue turned me on for some reason. I am ROCK HARD! "Instead of bitching at each other about the fact that I fucked you both.why not just settle it? Right here, right now!" Once again, Violet and Linda stare at each other and then look at me in unison with dirty smirks.

Violet begins to strip down, while Linda walks over to me. Oh we go again. __________________________________________ "Awww.FUCK!!! Hmmmmmm.uuggghhh yeahhhhhhh baby!!!" Linda cries with pleasure as I eat her pussy out. With two fingers deep in her asshole, and my face against her crotch, my tongue lashes in and out of her clit that's in despair after multiple orgasms.

Violet lusty hunk pounds gorgeous darling with great ferocity behind Linda rubbing her breasts intensely while licking her fingers. Linda is lactating now more than ever! Between her intense orgasms from the oral I'm giving her and the massaging of her breasts by her sister, Linda's titty milk flows down her chest with a rapid consistency.

"YES LUKE!! FUCK!!!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! UGGGGGHHHHH!!" Linda thrusts herself deep into my face as I begin to taste her juices squirt all over my face. Another orgasm!! I then sit up. I pick up Linda and shove her down onto the couch. Violet begins to touch herself while she watches me prepare for another round of sex with her sister.

I rub Linda's tits soaking my hands in her breast milk. I use her milk to rub my cock to lubricate it as much as possible. "Tell me where you want this cock Bitch!" Linda spreads her legs wide open for me and groans. "In my ASS Luke! Give it to me!" I grab my dick and rub it all around her sphincter.

I slowly insert it into her ass little by little. Linda pulls herself closer to me and wraps her arms around my lower back. She pushes me into her, completing ramming my dick inside her ass. "Fuck yeah!! Shove that dick ALL the way in baby!!

That's right!!!!" Linda starts to shake tremendously as I begin to thrust in and out. Hearing Linda begging for more and for me to pound her ass harder, I grab her tits and squeeze them hard while I pick up my pace. I pinch her nipples as hard as I can while I violently thrust deep into her bowels.

Linda's face turns beat red from the intensity. I look over at Violet who's rubbing her clit and massaging her breasts. She licks her lips lustfully while she stares at me fucking her sister roughly. "OH YEEEEES BABY! You LIKE THAT?? Fuck me harder!!! Give it to me LUKE!!!" Linda's eyes start to roll to the back of her head as she starts to shriek.

I continue to pound her deep in her asshole as she grows silent. Her body begins to shake as I feel her reaching her climax. I pull out of Linda as she starts to gasp for air loudly. "OHHH MY FUCK LUKE!!! Words cannot describe how GOOOOD this orgasm was!! I just let out a laugh hot bloody first hard sex story I begin to catch my breath.

Violet stands up and makes her way over to me. "Luke, I KNOW you're not tired! You have not fucked me since we got back from Mexico! And you are going to fuck this tight pussy SILLY!" Violet crosses her arms and gives me a stern look. I do owe it to her. As short of breath as I am, I'm still not close to my orgasm yet, as it's only been less than an hour since she caught me and Linda red-handed. I give Ms.

Taylor a smirk and push her down hard onto the couch. "You're right Sensual teen opens up juicy vagina and loses virginity defloration and hardcore.

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It's been too long!" Violet starts to laugh as I spread her legs apart roughly. Without any trouble at all, I slide my dick into her very-welcoming vagina. Oh how I missed the warm, cozy feeling of being inside her! It truly did feel like paradise!

I start to pound Violet, picking up the pace as I go. Faster and faster in and out of her pussy! Violet moans begging me for more! She's so horny, she just stares at me begging for me to fuck her harder! "C'mon Luke! FUCK ME! Fuck me baby!! Oh yeahhhhh.I know that's not all you got! Show no mercy on me Luke! What?? Is that all you got?!? I saw you fucking my sister in the ass WAYY harder!!

You better fuck me.HARDER BABY.YEESSSS!!!" I start to obey Violet's ever so demanding requests. Meanwhile, Linda plays with herself watching us both. She eventually gets tired of hearing Violet's ongoing cries for me to step it up. "I'll shut her damn mouth for you Luke." As I continue to fuck Violet, Linda makes her way around the couch. She gets on top and spreads her legs open, directly above Violet, who stops her cries and looks up.

"What are you waiting for Linda? Sit on my fucking face like I know you want to!" group of girls sucking and fucking cocks in the bedroom Linda grins and sits down on her sister's face as I continue to thrust in and out of Ms. Taylor's pussy. Her cries are completely muffled as her face is buried in Linda's cunt. Futurama porn fry and leela having sex just groans as she shakes her crotch all over Violet's face.

"That's right sis! You just shut the fuck up and eat me! Mmm.just like that.oh fuck yeah!!" I have to admit, seeing these two together was beyond sexy in such a filthy way! I almost begin to feel the need to nut inside Violet just by looking! We continue in our current positions for a good ten minutes, until I finally start to feel the need to catch my breath again.

As soon as I pull out of Violet, she reaches up and pushes Linda aside, just as out of breath as I am. At this point, we're all sweaty and begin to relax. Linda stands up and starts to stretch.

"What a WORKOUT!!" Me and Violet start to laugh as we begin to stretch as well. "Yeah well, don't get too tired now, because I haven't came yet," I say. Linda turns to Violet. "I get dibs! He's going to finish inside my asshole!" Linda exclaims.

Violet just shrugs. "Fair enough. You're the guest here this week." Linda looks at me with a dirty smirk. "Sounds good to me." Violet then asks me, "Luke what do you want to do right now?" Without even thinking, I already have a plan in mind! "Alright you both, listen up. Linda you're going to bend down on the floor near the couch, and Violet you're going to be bent over on top of Linda on the couch. I'm going to take turns fucking you both in the ass, until I feel the need to cum.deep inside of you Linda." Linda and Violet don't even reply back, as they both just listen to my instructions in unison.

Once in positions, I lick two fingers, and jam them up Violet's asshole. As Violet begins to grunt enjoying the very familiar sensations, I direct my cock back into Linda's hungry ass.

I immediately begin to fuck her at a rapid pace while I continue to finger Violet deeply in and out of her butt, preparing her for my cock. "OHH FUCK YEAH!! Fuck my ASS BABY.DON'T STOP!!!

Arggghh I AM GOING TO CUM AGAIN!!!" Linda's going berserk! She grabs her lactating breasts and rubs them as I continue to thrust in and out of her from behind. Violet just looks back at me while I'm fucking her sister. She has this deep lustful look in her eyes.

I'm getting the familiar sensation inside my ball sack of my next arrival, so I pull myself out of Linda once again. I put one foot onto the couch for balance as I bring Violet's ass closer to me. Without ANY trouble, I insert my rod deep into her bowels and begin to fuck her at a much faster pace then her sister!

"OHHHH MY.SHIIIIIIIIITTTT!!!! FUCK YEAH LUKE! You fuck that asshole!!! Fuck this tight asshole baby!!! Oh FUCK YEAH!!!" While I'm banging Ms.

Taylor, this time I take my free hand and spank Linda's ass as hard as I can repeatedly. She begs me to spank her harder! This dirty bitch! Linda couldn't get enough of me treating her like the freaky slut that she is, yet her pussy was "off-limits" out of "respect" for her husband.

If only his stupid ass could see us three! I continue to fuck Violet until I get a much stronger feeling of my arrival cumming sooner than expected! I slow down completely and pump my dick deep into her ass as I possibly can.

In and out. In and out. I shove it as deep into her ass as Wild ebony cutie tiffany nunez gets paid for sex can go. When I thrust out of Violet, her ass and pussy begin to queef! She laughs as I continue to thrust in and out of her ass deeply. "Holy FUCK! I can feel your cock in my stomach!" Linda turns to me and gives me a stern look.

"I better feel that cock of yours just as deep as Violet can when you cum in me!" I just roll my eyes and continue to spank her ass as I continue my slow thrusts in and out of Small dick dudes cum in seconds. At this point, I know I'm not going to last long. I pull myself out of Violet and shove her to the side. I grab Linda and pick her up. I shove her to the wall next to us, leaning her forward.

"That's right Luke.bend me over and.UUGGGHHHAAAAGGGHH!!!" Without warning, I ram all 7 1/2 inches of my manhood and shove it as deep into her butthole as I can. Like a wild animal, I pound her tight ass with all the remaining energy left inside of me! I grab her hair for support as fuck her. I'm banging Linda so hard while grabbing her by the hair, her head is just violently bobbing back and forth! "FUCK ME.FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME.FUUUUUUCCCCCKK!!!!" My time has cum! I let out a deep growl as I release my spunk deep inside Linda's ass.

"FUCK!!!! OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD TO LET GO!! Can you FEEL THAT CUM INSIDE OF YOU BITCH?!??" Linda is hysterical, screaming aloud. "Oh FUCK LUKE!!! I can feel your cum!! It's so warm!!!! I love this!!!!" I look over at Violet who makes her way over to us. "Luke don't pull out of Linda just lovely masseuse mouth fucked by her client. I want to taste your cum!" I shake my head acknowledging Violet's command.

I grab Linda, and make our way to the couch. I slowly begin to pull my softening dick out of her ass. When I do, Linda turns around and sits down on the couch, spreading her legs out wide. "Come get a taste of this Violet!" Linda says with a big smile on her face.

Violet grabs her sister by the legs and leans into her crotch area. She takes two fingers deep into Linda's asshole and begins to finger her. Without any trouble, my load leaks out of Linda's ass. Violet licks all around her sister's asshole as she eats up all my jizz! What a sight to see!! Linda lays there moaning enjoying her sister eating out her ass.

I watch closely as Violet's tongue swirls around the edges, in and out of Linda's asshole. Eventually, Violet sits up and begins to tongue Linda.

I perfect cumshot compilation and cumplay tube porn them both make out like passionate but dirty lovers. "Ahem!" Both of them turn and stare at me and laugh. "Looks like Luke is feeling left out.come over here baby!" Violet signals me over.

When I approach them, Linda grabs me and pushes me back against the couch. She sits on my lap while she begins to kiss me. As our tongues play with each other in our mouths, Violet leans into my ear and begins to swirl her tongue in and out all around it. She nibbles on my ear lobe as me and Linda continue to tongue each other. If only this night could last forever! This moment was beyond a dream!

This was my first three-way with two GORGEOUS women!

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And they both happened to be sisters! I MUST be living in some kind of fantasy! After my intense encounter with Ms. Taylor and her sexy ass sister Linda, we all took a shower together and relaxed for awhile. Linda made the suggestion to catch a late-night movie. We all hopped in my car and drove downtown. We ended up watching a cheesy romantic comedy but nonetheless we had a blast!

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I sat in between Violet and Linda, and about half way thru the film, both of them pulled their pants down and panties, three coed girls have lesbian sexual intercourse for me to finger their much horny pussies. It was only us and another couple in the theatre but we never got caught.

After the film, we all took pictures in a photo booth. I took pics with Violet first. We did goofy pics and a pic of both of us sharing a kiss. Linda joined us for another set of pics in the photo booth.

The pics were going to be a great memory, as I spent my last night with Violet before I head back to college the next day. The next day, I wake up early. I spent the night at Ms. Taylor's house. Me, her, and Linda shared the bed together. Boy, were we all exhausted! I head over to my house and quickly pack up my bags. I have a long road trip ahead of me back to college and a BUNCH of things I need to do before classes start for me again.

When my final bags are in the car, I make my way over to Violet's house for one last goodbye. I won't be seeing her for a couple of months till summer break comes.

She and Linda are both in the kitchen drinking coffee. When Linda sees me, she stands up and hugs me. "Luke it was a pleasure getting to know you! Have a safe trip back and hope to see you soon!" She kisses me and makes her way upstairs to get changed, leaving me and Violet in the kitchen.

Violet is the first to speak. "So uhh.this is it." I nod. "Yeah.this is it. I'll see you soon.summer will be here faster than you know it." Violet smiles at me and embraces me with a deep passionate kiss. We hold each other. "Luke.thanks for everything. It's only been over a week since we've met and yet.I don't think I've ever been so close to someone! The way you helped me when I was feeling sick, taking me to Mexico for vacation, spending time with you and dani daniels birtsex storiesay in brazzers house all honestly feels like a dream!

I haven't been this happy in a LONG time! Thank you!" Violet continues to hug me, as I just let out a chuckle. "Violet.I honestly can say I've never been THIS happy in my entire LIFE! These next couple of months without you are going to suck.but that won't matter because I know that me and you will always be there for each other.

Getting to know you this past week was BEYOND a pleasure!" We both just laugh as we hold onto to each other a little longer. I finally say my last goodbyes and head out. Summer NEEDS to cum already! =========================== EPILOGUE =========================== sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch THREE YEARS LATER.

My heart is pounding. I see him! My hands have been freed finally after COUNTLESS tries of cutting the ropes that have imprisoned me. It's been days without food or water. I'm so weak at this point. With his back turned to me, I stand up quickly. My knees are so weak from being tied to a chair for days, it's hard for me to stand.

"WHAT THE FUCK?? GET BACK IN YOUR SEAT NOW BITCH!!!!!" He screams at me and reaches for his box-cutting blade. That same blade that he has used to slash my cheek, arms, and chest.

I grab the gun on the desk. He shoves me to the floor and we wrestle, both of us trying to overcome each other. Suddenly, the gun goes off. "BANG.BANG!!!" "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" I wake up drenched in sweat.

I try to catch my breath and regain my composure. "What is baby?!" Violet wakes up startled, after my tossing-and-turning and screams. "I keep seeing's the same nightmare all over! I can't fucking sleep!!" Violet grabs me and embraces me, while caressing my head. She begins to shush me while comforting me telling me it's ok. "'s ok. It's just a flashback baby. You need to let it go. It's been three years. It's all in the past. I need you to just breathe for me.

Go outside and get some fresh air if you need to." Taking her advice, I kiss her. I get out of bed, and walk to our small kitchen. I wash my face with cold water and drink down a large cup for rehydration. I walk out the front door and down our private path. The stars are bright in the sky and the moon is in full effect.

It's a gorgeous evening as the moon reflects upon the Italian River in our little village of Vernazza. I stop once I reach the cliff, close to the trail that's connected to the rest of the little villages in this Italian region.

Our village is very private with absolutely no access to cars. Only way in is by boat or helicopter. I stop and think about how my life has turned the last few years ever since that summer day I came back home to see Mrs.

Taylor. I think about my family that I left behind back in the United States. I miss them so much, but I know that I can never return back. I'm a ghost.

Violet is a ghost. We both died that day, according to the Police, Coast Guard, and all other Search and Rescue teams.

We were given new lives. New aliases. A fresh start.on the one condition that we could never go back home. Ever. It's a quiet and peaceful place here and I've adjusted well to it all. I work at a local market and I also hot bloody first hard sex story by the coast for a living.

Violet sells jewelry and other accessories all around town to the tourists that come from around the world. Life is good.but I still deal with my demons I just can't let go.

They haunt me and take me back to that day when the world as I knew it came crashing down! They come in the form of nightmares mostly. I've gotten better as time goes by, but they're still there.

If it wasn't for Violet, I don't think I could ever handle it. The fear. The guilt. The trauma. It's a permanent scar for life that I can only treat but can never heal. Don't get me wrong.she needs me just as bad as I need her. What we both went through that day.I'm surprised she's been so strong for me. I sit down on a large boulder, overlooking the coast.

I close my eyes. I take deep breaths. I listen to the calm sounds of the breeze and the waves of the water crashing into shore. It's the best remedy for me to calm myself down. The best way that I can describe it is a peace beyond understanding that embraces me.telling me that everything is going to be alright.

I get up and start to run. I feel the breeze against my face and I run faster! I run down the trail taking me all throughout the villages of the Cinque Terre region. Time flies by because when I stop to catch my breath, I look across The Valley and see the sun beginning to rise.

I walk back home with a smile on my face. Everything is going to be ok! I take the final turn by the trail and up the cliff where my house is up, down a private pathway. It's time to wake up Violet for breakfast, and start our day.

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END OF PART 5 Thanks for the ratings!!! PART 6 the FINALE of this series will be coming soon! I would much appreciate hearing some feedback from you all, if you've enjoyed this series so far! I hope you enjoyed the teaser in the end for what's in store to cum in the FINALE!