Swat i mina xxx story

Swat i mina xxx story
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Up, Boy, Up! by Richard Mountbatten Chapter 1 The alarm went off with its usual piercing scream. At first there was no reaction from the two blanket-covered forms in the huge bed, but then a slender shapely arm appeared out of the tangled mass of bedding and began to grope blindly across the bedside table, knocking over the alarm clock as numb fingers managed to still the racket.

The arm collapsed back onto the bed and for several more minutes silence reigned in the room. Then two big blue eyes blinked open, half hidden by a thick mass of blonde hair that spilled in a golden cascade over one of the pillows. Jill Andersen focused foggily as she stared at the clock, shook her head and focused again. "Oh, for God's sake, Bob," she said, "something must be wrong with the clock. It went off a half hour early." Her eyes slowly closed. "Mmmmm, yeh," her husband murmured in a sleep-thickened voice.

"I set it that way." He moved over closer to his wife and slid an arm around her, cupping one of her firm young breasts in the palm of his hand.

"Gives us time for a little conjugal bliss before I run off to slave at the salt mines." Jill's big blue eyes flew open again, filled with apprehension this time. "What?" she said anxiously. "B-but . Bob, we made love just last night." The dull throbbing ache up between her thighs wouldn't let her forget that.

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"Last night was last night," Bob replied, his voice sounding more awake now. His hand squeezed her softly resilient breast a little tighter, and she could feel a slight growing pressure underneath his pajamas where his loins pressed against her buttocks. A sick feeling shot through her. Oh, not again. Not so soon, she moaned to herself.

God, it was only hours ago that I forced myself to lie patiently beneath his sweating body. And now so soon again? It's just too much to ask! "Now stop that!" she ordered as his other hand began to slip up underneath her flimsy nightgown. She tried to wiggle away from his insistent touch but his arms were too strong.

"Come on, baby," he said, his hot breath blowing against her sensitive ear lobe. "It's a beautiful morning. Let's start the day out right with a little loving." "No, no," she said, struggling harder. "I-it's not river girls i d like to fuck It's not even dark. I-I just can't do it when it's light like this. It's . sick!" She felt his body stiffen at her last words, and his grip slacken around her. Sensing his gaze on her, the young wife turned her head quickly around, and saw that his eyes were cold.

"I think you're the one that's sick," he said in an icy voice. He rolled away from her and got out of bed. "Maybe you could make my breakfast, if black girls watch me flash won't make you sick that is." His back was to her as he spoke, shoulders rigid in surpressed anger. He went on, talking almost to himself.

"Might as well go to work a little early. Maybe I can make some points with the boss, even if I can't make points at home." "Oh, honey, don't talk like that," Jill said with tears in her eyes.

"You know I don't want to hurt you. It's just that it's so hard for me . "Well it's not so easy for me either," he snapped turning towards her as he spoke. Recoiling inside as she saw the bitterness in his eyes, the tortured young wife turned away with a sob and buried her face in the pillow. She heard her husband mumble a few more angry words, and then the bathroom door slammed behind him.

The sobbing blonde lay facing the wall, wishing the day didn't have to start this way. Maybe there was some truth in what her husband said! Maybe there was something unhealthy in her that kept her from responding fully to his male advances!

But he bore some of the blame too, she thought defiantly to herself, and her mind automatically went back to their wedding night. Jill Anderson had been very carefully, very repressively raised by her parents. Her mother was a dried up defeated woman, plowed under by her domineering husband. Jill's father had spouted bible, sin, and hellfire to her ever since she could remember. He particularly raged against the temptations of the flesh and forbade her to go out unchaperoned with boys.

It had been a shock to Jill when one day at the tender age of eleven she discovered his secret cache of pornographic pictures. The young girl had stared in horror at the strange positions and lewd postures portrayed by the people in the photographs, and her confused mind had tried to match them up with the grunts of male pleasure and the desperately painful pleadings of her mother that issued from behind her parents bedroom door night after night.

And then when she was fourteen years old her father had unexpectedly made her sit on his lap one night. His brutal hands had ranged over her budding young body, lingering on her already lusty breasts while he had warned her what God would do to her if she let boys touch her here .

or here . or here . and all this time her mother was in the same room, watching, her face constantly changing expression as shame for her daughter battled with hate for her husband. Jill had blossomed early. When she was sixteen she looked twenty, with high proud breasts, sleekly swelling hips and long graceful legs.

The amateurish pantings and gropings of her young male classmates had only intensified her already deeply rooted fear of sex. What a relief it had been then to meet Bob.

It naughty teen rides hard on a bbc cumshot facial been her freshman year in college, and Bob was several years older than her, already a senior. Jill was unusual czech sweetie stretches her spread slit to the unusual off her feet by his suave, sophisticated manner, and even more by his obvious kindness and consideration for her.

In particular, he had been patient and gentle with her right from their first date, never pressing her sexually, always stopping at the first sign of her resistance. Soon Jill found herself for the first time in her life kissing a boy and enjoying it.

And as time went on she was amazed at the sensual little flutters that raced through her body when Bob's strong hands caressed her excitedly throbbing breasts, always through her clothes of course. And then one night, one warm summer night, she and Bob were lying out on the grass under a full moon.

They both had consumed some champagne at a party earlier in the evening, and Jill found that her head was slightly giddy so that somehow the feel of his hands stealing over her body was especially vivid, almost electric.

Her dreamy mind did not notice when he reached back up under her sweater and released the catch on her brassiere, or when he slid the sweater up in front of that the white shimmering mounds of her full naked breasts were presented to his hungry gaze. Then, almost in a trance of excitement and uncertainty, she felt fingers up under her skirt, sliding over the smooth material of her bikini panties.

A low moan of half-conscious pleasure broke from the young virgin's wetly parted lips as she felt the first delightful pressure against the sensitive mound up between her legs and her thighs fell limply, automatically, open to give easier access to the caressing hands that were sending sharp little darts of wild pleasure through her fire-washed body. Bob's patient fingers were at the leg-band of her panties, worming under the confining elastic as the tip of his outstretched index finger dipped like a burning knife into the moistly heated channel up between her legs.

Jill moaned with the knowledge that she wanted that finger deep up inside her hungering young vagina, wanted to be made love to! She looked over at Bob, love washing over her like a tidal wave, and then her heart froze within her as she saw the look of sheer lust that was twisting his features, making him look almost like her father that evening when he had forced her to sit in his lap.

The frightened young girl tore herself away from his grasp and quickly forced her passion tortured mind and body back under control. It hadn't mattered to Bob, who just thought of it as virginal shyness, after all, they were going to be married in a month anyhow, and he could wait. And Jill buried the episode in her mind, attributing her resistance to normal modesty. As it was, she loved the handsome student so much that nothing could have kept her from marrying him. And then on the day of their wedding night!

Jill had spent several hours with the Minister before the ceremony, listening as the elderly man told her how beautiful her first night with her husband could be, how God would be present with them.

So when the wedding was over, when they had finally escaped from the wild reception that Bob's fraternity brothers had given for them, when they were finally in the bedroom of their honeymoon cottage by the lake, Jill had expected heavenly music, sweet perfumes, tender words, and . the rest her virginal young mind could only guess at. How terrifyingly different it was! Bob was drunk! She had never seen him like this. His fraternity friends had kept pouring alcohol down him all night and dragging him off into corners where hot teen adria rae loves sucking jessy jones huge cock seemed to be telling some kind of jokes.

In her innocence Jill couldn't understand why some of the young men kept snickering and looking over at her as they talked to her new husband. And then Bob had started looking at her, too, a strange fire in his eyes.

When she and her husband got to the cabin, Jill went into the bathroom with her overnight bag and changed into the beautiful sheer nightgown she'd bought just for the occasion. Then she stepped timidly back into the bedroom to share the sacrament of their marriage with her husband. Bob's drunken eyes bulged from his head as they took in the ravishing image standing before him. He had never seen Jill naked before, and the transparent material of her nightgown left nothing to the imagination.

An inarticulate animal sound came from Ws lust-distorted mouth. "Do-do you like me, darling?" Jill asked hesitantly. Bob's only answer had been to lurch drunkenly toward her and crush her fearfully trembling young body to him; his saliva-covered mouth smashed down against hers, pressing her lips painfully back against her teeth.

"Be gentle. Oh God, Bob, please be gentle," Jill pleaded vainly, but her sex-maddened husband began to tug at the nightgown that stood between him and his goal, finally succeeding in ripping the beautiful material from her and ruining it forever. His head dropped to her naked breasts and his wet ovalled lips closed around the tiny virginal tips of her nipples. She gasped as his teeth sank in so tightly that blood seeped on the surface of her unblemished flesh.

The frightened youngster fought against the pain, fought to understand, and then somehow they were on the bed. Bob struggled from his clothes, and then for the first time in her young life she saw it! An erect male penis! It was huge! The virginal bride stared with a horrified fascination at this enormous thing that she was supposed to take up inside her body. She saw her husband positioning the obscenely swollen shaft before the tight little vaginal opening, and she knew it would never fit.

"Oh, please be careful, don't hurt me, don't hurt me!" she pleaded with the lust-driven stranger crouched above her trembling form. This wasn't how it was supposed to be! And then with an animal groan, he drove his wildly throbbing cock into her without preparation, without mercy, aware only of his own drunken need. The impaled young girl's shrill scream had knifed out into the room, but Bob went on ramming his long hard penis further and further into her with each stroke, oblivious to the agony he was causing his innocent young wife.

Jill struggled vainly against the pain for several minutes before discovering that it wasn't so bad if she just let her muscles relax. A tremendous awareness of how much this was like what her mother had gone through came over her and for a time she felt it was her brutal father rocking over her.

She shuddered in horror and revulsion. Then to her amazement the first trickles of painful pleasure began to radiate out from her plundered young cunt as it became more accustomed to the alien presence inside. A guilty feeling of lust swept over her, burning lewd associations into her young mind that would last forever.

An obscene knowledge of her own body started to form along with the feeling that she was involved in something depraved and sinful and perverted . and beginning to love it. No . she was not the person she had thought she was, nor was Bob, for he was dragging her into evil ways, the evil ways of her parents.

And the terrible thing was that she wanted to shout, to scream for him to go on with his now-pleasurable ravishment of her body. For she could feel the possibility of some great final orgasmic goal within her for which she was ready to trade all her years of careful moral training.

But then Bob roared and his body stiffened and she felt his wildly jerking penis grow in spasms up inside her heatedly throbbing vagina and his cum, hot and unendless, shot up into her, filling her belly with a burning wetness. A compelling lewdness swept through her hopelessly aroused body, a feeling that she had never known before.

At that moment the young bride felt herself teetering on the edge of an abyss and knew she would---at this minute gladly abandon all her training and fall wanton and lewd into a deep valley of sensuality and never return if only he would take her over the peak and make her cum. She felt her body alive and tingling with this unholy electricity causing her hips to grind in an alien animal way as she reached for something . that vague promise of release!

It was then that Bob grunted and his body relaxed, and all of his sodden alcoholic weight pressed down on her nakedly trembling breasts . and he passed out. It was quite a struggle to get him off her, but he finally rolled over and began snoring loudly.

The unsatisfied young bride was left lying naked on the bed, a horrible guilt combined with shame and anger sweeping over her. She was humiliated! In a moment of sensual weakness she had offered up all of her cherished beliefs to her husband to do with as he would, and he had used her as a faceless receptacle for his lust.

Never again, she promised herself! Never again would she let her treacherous body trick her into hungering after the goals of lust! And she had kept her word to herself, dutifully letting Bob make love to her when he demanded it, but permitting herself very little satisfaction from the despised act.

Bob had been confused at first by her unresponsiveness and then later angered. He could remember almost nothing of their wedding night, and Jill had never been able to force herself to speak about it. The young husband became more and more frustrated and lately had been trying to force her into degrading acts, things she knew were wrong and sinful.

It had been that way last night, and she was afraid it might be that way again. He had been becoming more and more violent and rough in his lovemaking, and she was a little frightened of him, which was one extra reason she didn't want him to make love to her this morning. Suddenly she was jerked from her revery by the sound of the bathroom door opening.

She quickly closed her eyes, feigning sleep. From under her eyelashes she could see Bob walking towards the bed and with a stab of panic realized he was completely naked, his face clouded by anger! Oh please God, no . she breathed silently, and then sharply drew in her breath as she felt Bob roughly pull back the blankets, uncovering her body.

"Bob ." she began, pretending to be only half awake. She fought to control her mounting fear. Then the frightened young wife shrank back instinctively as her husband's hands began to roughly roam over her quivering body, pulling up the edges of her nightgown to reveal her panty-clad hips.

"No, Bob, no ." she began piteously, desperately trying to squirm away. "Shut up and be still," Bob snarled angrily, and something in his tone made her heart freeze. She had never seen her husband in quite this state before and didn't know what he might be capable of.

The frustrated young man pulled her nightgown completely up and over her head and threw it angrily into a corner. He began struggling with the hooks of the brassiere she insisted on wearing to bed, and finally succeeded in pulling it away from her soft white breasts.

Then, shoving his hands under the tight elastic waistband of his wife's panties he rolled them down over the ripe curves of hardcore teenage girlfriend deepthroat and anal fucked hips until she was completely naked, her satiny flesh shining lustrously in the soft morning light. Jill lay perfectly still on the bed, hardly daring to breathe, afraid of making him angrier than he already was.

And to her surprise he was gentle. Bob hovered over her a second, his breath catching in his throat as he was his wife lying naked beneath him in the full light of day.

He had almost forgotten how beautiful she was, and his excited gaze moved passionately over her lushly ripened body, drinking in the way the delicately shaded hollows contrasted with the long alabaster curves of her thighs, lingering over the delicate molded hips and richly swelling breasts.

The lustful young husband's hands began to follow his eyes and traded hotly down his wife's frightened body, his fingers sliding slowly along her gently quivering thighs and easing tenderly back and forth in the soft crevice between. His hands pressed upwards, traveling cautiously, tracing a slowly narrowing circle over the ivory flesh until with a sudden electric contact they brushed against the first softly curling hairs of her vaginal mound.

Jill winced, her long silky legs stirring slightly from the unwanted stimulus of his touch. Her arms stiffened in resistance but her pelvis tilted upwards independently in unconscious reaction to his probing hand. With an effort the young wife willed her loins to retreat and her naked buttocks sank back down into the mattress in an effort to escape his advances. Bob withdrew his fingers, not wanting to force his passage prematurely. His strong hands slid around and under her softly warm hips, cupping her satiny buttocks and caressing them until they began to flex involuntarily in a slow circular motion.

Jill could hardly believe her own reactions. It felt . it felt . good! She felt her breath catch in her throat and her mind short circuited under the maddening caress of her husband's fingers. She just had to accept the ecstasy of his touch.

Once more his hands slid upwards and moved with a sudden directness to her softly curling pubic hair, his warm palm pressing flat against the moistly throbbing hill of her vaginal mound, his strong pulse merging with the rhythmic beat of her throbbing organs. This time there was no resistance and Bob gently pressed his outstretched middle finger up between the sensitive cuntal lips, sending a spasmodic wave of joy through the young blonde's love- starved body lying beneath him.

"Oooooohhhh . ooooohhhhh ." Jill crooned, hardly able to believe it was her own voice that was gasping out this unconscious cry of pleasure. Bob began to move his middle finger in a circular motion inside the wetly gleaming furrow of her pussy in ever widening sweeps, spreading the moist tendrils of her pubic hair and stroking the pulsing lips of her blood-swollen cunt. Working upwards, his fingers finally came into contact with her erect little clitoris.

"Oh God! Aaaahhhhh .!" Jill moaned, her mouth falling open. Her long legs bucked up from the surprising thrill of his touch as he teased his finger over the vitally sensitive knob, driving bolts of pleasure through his wife's twitching body.

It was incredible! Bob could feel the hot center of her loins flexing wildly, almost begging him to fuck her. His eyes stared at the enticing pinkness of her openly receptive pussy, fascinated by the way her outer pussy lips formed a fleshy collar around the faintly contracting petal-shaped vaginal hole. The sight of the pink folds drove him wild with passion.

Some rational part of his brain kept warning the young man to control himself. He had not won his prize yet, and his hope for conquest was still teetering on the edge of the full acceptance he had so long desired.

But that last spark of reason was suddenly drowned in a flood of ungovernable lust as he looked down at the mouth-watering feast spread open below him. Taxi 69 lesbian full movi an inarticulate cry of passion Bob bent impulsively forward and buried his head between his wife's widespread thighs, shooting his tongue snake-like into her warm moist depths.

"Aaaaahhhhh! Oooooooh!" Jill cried as she felt the first searing contact of Bob's long wet tongue against her helplessly open vagina. She looked down in horrified disbelief at the obscene spectacle of her husband's dark head rammed grotesquely between her up-drawn thighs. A spasm of revulsion shot through her and she desperately tried to squirm free, but his fingers held her tightly, pressing painfully into her flesh, holding the unprotected plane of her fearfully cringing vagina wide open to Ws disgusting attack.

"Nooooo . oh God, noooo . it's wrong, it's wrong .!" she sobbed as he stabbed his heavy tongue once more into her defenseless vagina. Oh, God! Oh, God! Why did he have to turn it into this?

Why did he have to spoil it all again? she thought wildly to herself as she struggled to get free. Finally Jill managed to tangle her fingers in his hair and yank his obscenely dripping face up from between her cringing thighs.

For just that one moment his iron grip on her loosened and she twisted free and rolled heavily to the floor. The outraged young blonde was on her feet in an instant, looking down at her confused husband. "You . you filthy animal!" she screamed. "How could you? How could you turn it into that?" Then she saw the anger beginning to build in his eyes and she ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

"You fucking iceberg," Bob shouted after her. "You'll never learn what it's all about. Too bad you can't take lessons. Hell, I'd even pay for them." He was silent after that and a few minutes later Jill heard the front door slam and knew she was now alone in the house. Her chin quivered for a moment and then she began sobbing uncontrollably.

It was a long time before the shattered young wife got herself under control. Plan after desperate plan was born in her mind only to die again. She didn't know what she and Bob were going to do about this horrible problem between them but she did know one thing: she loved him and would do almost anything to stay with him, "anything" that is except become an animal. No . she wouldn't leave him, not ever. But would he stay with her?

Right at that moment she would have gladly shared him with half the women in the world if mom and son classical vdz could just keep one little bit for herself. The heart-broken young bride wandered disconsolately around the bedroom before finally realizing she didn't have any clothes on.

Going to the dresser she took out her white shorts and halter and mechanically put them on. She would go out and work in the yard, she thought to herself. It always made her feel better when she was in the garden, and tonight when Bob came home she would have his favorite meal all prepared for him. But deep in her heart she knew that would not be enough.

It would take a lot more than a good dinner to heal the widening breach between her and her beloved husband. Chapter hot hairy girl fucks in the bedroom the big burly man said excitedly, "would you look at that tight little ass!" He let the curtain fall back across his front window and turned to the young woman sprawled on a couch on the other side of the room.

"I'm gonna have that, I'm gonna fuck that or my name ain't Bill Reagan." He licked his lips and the parted the curtains slightly again to continue his observation of Jill Andersen as she puttered around in her garden, across the street. "How about Rumplestiltskin?" the girl asked suddenly. "Huh," Reagan said absentmindedly as he kept his eyes glued to Jill's lush figure. "Whadda you talking about anyhow?" "Well you're going to need a new name, because you're just not going to make it into little miss chastity across the street, so how about Rumplestiltskin?" Reagan turned from the window, a scowl twisting his heavy features.

"That's about enough out of you. When I want comedy I'll turn on the T.V." His eyes went back to the window. "Keeee-rist, she's bending over! It oughta be against the law to wear shorts like that in public.

I think I'm gonna cum in my pants." "That's as good a place as any," the young woman said, 'cause you're not going to cum in her. I don't think even her husband has that honor. I talked to him a couple of times, and he's about the horniest bastard I've ever seen." "You're pushing your luck with your big mouth," Reagan said over his shoulder, unable to tear his eyes away from the window.

"Did you ever see any broad old Bill Reagan couldn't have when he had his mind made up?" "No, I guess I haven't," she answered, then giving a little shudder, she murmured to herself, "God help them." Reagan turned back from the window, his face thoughtful. He was a big man, about fifty years old with grizzly hair and a heavy build. His face wasn't ugly but there was a certain coarse hardness about it that made others not want to look at him too long.

He looked down at the girl he'd been speaking too. She was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old with long black hair.

There was a dark smoldering beauty about her that was most noticeable when she moved, every motion seeing to signal some secret sensual invitation.

Her eyes were curious; dark, lustrous, but somehow dull, as if she were masking her spirit behind a cloudy curtain. She was not alone, but was gently stroking the powerful head of a huge German shepherd sitting next to her. "You say you've met her husband?" Reagan said thoughtfully. Then, not waiting for an answer, "And you say he's horny ." The big man paused. "I think I know how I'm going to get into his luscious little wife.

He's going to help me and he doesn't even know it." "Sure, sure, give him five bucks, and he'll slip you the key to his front door," the girl said sarcastically.

"You're the key to his front door," Reagan said, pointing his thick forefinger at her. "You're gonna lead him down the garden path." "Hey, now wait a minute," the girl said heatedly. "How did I get involved in this.

Can't you go out and get your own ass?" "Shut up and listen. You're gonna get him to fuck you, and big tits amy reid fingering her pussy we're fervid chick is geeting peed on and ejaculates wet cunt use that to pressure the little lady. And don't give me any of your lip, Mae," he said threateningly as the girl started to open her mouth.

But she couldn't resist needling the bully standing over her. "Oh, all right, all right. Just promise me I won't have to fuck you for a month. Hell, maybe I'll even like it. He's pretty good-looking." She tried to dodge as Reagan stepped forward, but his heavy palm crashed against her face. The dazed girl stood awkwardly a moment, her hand moving slowly up to her reddened cheek. "You didn't have to do that Uncle Bill. It's just that I don't care very much for men, you know that." Bill Reagan looked down at his niece, satisfied that she had learned her lesson.

Damn, she was a beautiful piece, he thought to himself. What a bit of luck when his sister had died. He'd griped at first when he'd had to take in the homeless orphan. She was a skinny kid then, but had soon started to bloom. He'd broken her in right. What a fight it had been those first few times. He'd had to be pretty rough, but he'd trained her just like he liked them. She'd turned out a little strange though, hard and cynical .

and then there was her thing with the dog . and that gave him an idea. "Tell you what, Mae," he said in a somewhat conciliatory tone. "You play ball with me in this and I'll give you a little reward. You can have Hector for an hour." The girl's eyes suddenly became very alert. "When?" she asked sharply. "Why, right now, and maybe again after you've done what I asked you." Then he saw the changes start to come over her face. It always amazed him that she could get so worked up over such a thing, but he had to admit, just watching her and the dog got him worked up too, and he always insisted on watching.

She was a weirdo all right. Would you believe it? The only thing that really turned her on was fucking his dog, Hector! Reagan had owned the dog for several years. For his own amusement he had trained the animal to have a sexual preference for human females. Of course, he had used Mae in the training, along with a couple of prostitutes.

She had rebelled at first, and he'd had to use a little force.

But once she had gotten into it she was really hooked, always following the dog around with her eyes, and he knew damned well she'd have Hector fucking her all day long if he let her.

But Reagan rationed the big animal out carefully so that he could keep his hold over his niece, knowing she would do anything for a chance to have that long animal cock in her!

He laughed at the hungry look in Mae's eyes. She wouldn't dare move towards the dog until he gave his permission. "Yeh, baby, right now, right here in front of old Uncle Bill," Reagan laughed knowing she hated to have him watching when the dog fucked her. But that was the only way he ever let her do it. He decided to have a little more fun with her. "On the other hand," he said in mock seriousness, "maybe we should wait until after you've had a crack at the young stud across the street.

We wouldn't want you to get all worn out now and disappointed ." A look of dismay came over Mae's face and she broke in. "Oh, no, no, I won't disappoint him, I promise. I can fuck all the time, Uncle Bill, I swear." There was a look of desperate pleading in the girl's passion-hungry eyes.

"What?" he thundered back. "That's not what you high school gharl sar xxx me when I want a little. You're always too tired or too busy. You wouldn't want me to think you'd prefer someone else, would you?" For a second the pleading girl's face flushed with rage. God, how she hated this pig, she thought to herself.

For years he'd tortured her, humiliated her, lowered her to the status of a slave. If only she could get away from him. But he'd warned her what would happen if she ever tried to leave him, promising to follow her to the ends of the earth if necessary, promising she'd wish she were dead before he finished with her.

And there was the dog, too. She knew she could never leave Hector, and he was Bill Reagan's dog, fiercely loyal to him. The lovely dark- haired girl gritted her teeth and begged again just as she knew he wanted her to.

The only thing that would be able to still this special burning hunger up between her legs was that marvelous tapered penis of her animal lover and she must have it at any cost. "Oh, please let Hector fuck me! For God's sake, please!" "Ya really want it bad, don'cha baby," Reagan sneered down at her now- kneeling form. "But how ya goin' to do any fucking with your clothes on.

You get naked and I'll decide whether your goin' to get any or not." Reagan began to laugh in delight as the beautiful woman before him tore frantically at her clothes. Damn, this thing she had about the dog was stronger than any dope addict's habit.

He watched in undisguised enjoyment as more and more of her beautiful body came into view. Christ, she was really built! Mae had her blouse off and was fumbling behind her with the clasp of her brassiere.

It came loose and she flung the flimsy halter away from her impatiently, allowing her high full breasts to swing free. Her uncle took in their lush ripeness greedily, watching as the cooler air in the room caused the tiny nipples to leap instantly into erect hardness. Her skirt fell in a loose pile around her ankles and she kicked free of it, wearing only her little silk bikini panties now.

Reagan watched avidly as her thumbs hooked in the elastic waistband and in one smooth motion pulled the flimsy briefs down to her ankles. When she straightened up again, she stood before him completely naked, attempting to hide nothing from his gaze.

Her skin was a rich creamy color, set off by the perfect dark triangle of sparse pussy hair over her pubic area. With her every movement the sleek muscles of her belly and thighs rippled sensuously, causing the light to play in ever changing patterns over her voluptuous body.

Reagan never had been able to hold back a gasp of awe each time he saw his niece in her nakedness. Damn, she was all any normal man could want, he thought, but then, he wasn't really like other men. His greatest enjoyment was to find proud innocent young women and break them to his will, and he had broken Mae long ago. Now she was his tool, his instrument, to help him trap others in his cruel web, the men as well as the women.

Yes, the men too, like that lousy snob across the street with the pretty blonde wife. Reagan knew that type; young college graduates that wouldn't give men like Bill Reagan the time of day, much less let him get close to his wife. Well he'd show the son of a bitch. He'd ruin him and for the crowning blow he'd fuck that prudish little wife of his right in front of his eyes! Reagan had tried to say hello to that little bitch out in front of the house one day but she had made some excuse and gone inside, like she was afraid of him.

Well he'd give her something to be afraid of! His thoughts were interrupted by Mae's voice. "Now .? Can I have him now?" she asked desperately. "Always thinking of yourself, aren't ya baby? And what do you think your old Uncle Bill is gonna be doin' while you're havin' your fun, except standin' here all lost and lonely." "Wh-what do you mean," Mae asked in confusion.

"I mean you're gonna have to earn your little dog-fuck in advance. You're gonna have to suck my cock." A look of revulsion passed over Mae's beautiful face. She'd sucked a lot of cocks bisex incest whoul british family and generally liked it. But the thought of being forced to suck her vile tormentor's hated penis under these conditions, being used like a dirty whore before he'd let her have what was so important to her caused a tight ball of anger to form in her seething stomach.

She thought of refusing, but it was too late now. The near prospect of the beautiful fucking she might be getting from the German shepherd in just a few minutes was already lighting an uncontrollable fire deep up inside her waiting belly. "I'll do it," she rapped out, gritting her teeth. "That's really nice of you," Reagan said with false good humor. "I'm really a lucky man. How many other uncles have nieces that are so loving and thoughtful." Then his voice changed.

"Now get over here you stupid bitch and let's see how you suck, because if you don't do a good job you're not gonna get no animal nookie." With that the big man turned and walked leisurely to a big easy chair and relaxed back into it. "Now come on, baby. Give your old uncle some of those sweet lips." He grinned and motioned for her to come over then, held up one hand in a warning gesture as she started to get to her feet.

"Nope," he ordered, "I want you to walk over here on your knees . MOVE," he roared when she hesitated. The humiliated girl dropped to her knees obediently, her face now an expressionless mask, her hatred seething impotently inside her.

Reagan straightened his legs as she approached and spread them apart so she could move between them, sliding down in the chair at the same time so that his buttocks were resting on the forward edge. As Mae crawled between his knees the big man tangled his hands in her lustrous dark hair and pulled her head down, grinding his crotch up against her face so that she could feel the hardness of his already erect penis beneath the material of his pants.

She closed her eyes in bitter submission, knowing that now she had no choice but to go ahead without a fight. "Pull it out for me, baby," her uncle hissed through leering lips, twisting her hair in his hands until the trapped girl thought he babes timo hardy and kira queen bring the rip it from her head by the roots.

The humiliated niece reached forward hurriedly to do his bidding, anxious to escape the pain, and fumbled with the zipper on his pants to release the hidden cock throbbing beneath. "Hurry up, hurry up," Reagan shouted cruelly from above when she had trouble in unzipping his fly. "I'm gonna cum in my pants before you even get there." Finally, after Mae had fumbled for another moment the huge fleshy staff burst out through the open fly.

Reagan took her hand and forced it around the thick fleshy staff, making her skin it back so that the lust-swollen head popped out from the thick foreskin a few scant inches from her hooded eyes. Then his coarse fingers were at her lips prying them open so that the soft spongy flesh of his cock rubbed lightly against her teeth. With a shudder, the nakedly crouching girl stared down the entire length of his long rigid penis. It was incredibly large!

The helpless captive hesitated a moment, sickened by the thought of her mouth being used as a receptacle of lust by sexy amazing hottie is horny hardcore and blowjob hated uncle and of the lewd sperm he was going to pump down her unwilling throat.

But then, he twisted her hair cruelly again and, as her mouth opened automatically from the pain, the thick pole of hot teen adria rae loves sucking jessy jones huge cock flesh rammed forward into the moist saliva of her mouth.

She could feel the huge pulsating cock-head sliding wetly up the full length of her tongue inside, the tiny droplets of lubricating fluid seeping from it filling the warm cavern between her cheeks with its pungent salty taste. Reagan's hips began a slow undulation on the chair, his eagerly throbbing penis sliding in and out of the kneeling young woman's mouth with a lewd sucking sound as he guided her head with his meaty hands wrapped tightly in her hair.

He leaned down to watch the puffing of her cheeks as he pushed his lust-thickened cock between her clasping lips, his grin widening each time he heard her grunt as he rammed it into her helplessly trapped face.

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It was an exciting picture---the subserviently kneeling girl's helpless face being held tightly between his two huge hands while his saliva-glistening penis fucked its way in and out between her straining red lips causing her to groan in submission between his legs below. Then he looked up and made a signal with his head to the huge German shepherd. "Okay, Hector," he leered. "Let's see you climb up on that beautiful ass and fuck the hell out of her!" The big dog had been increasingly nervous over the last few minutes.

He had gotten to his feet in excitement as Mae began undressing, the sight of her beautiful naked body causing the blood to begin rushing through his veins, in tingling anticipation. He had mounted her many times before, and he wondered in his animal mind if he would once again have the chance.

But he knew he must wait for a signal. His master had trained him long ago to remain still, ready and waiting until the order was finally given, but it was difficult, and his front legs shifted excitedly, his ears slanting alertly forward as small whining sounds came from his massive throat. Hector watched, perplexed, as Mae crawled between his master's knees, and the sight of her swelling white buttocks pointed back in his direction were almost more than the eager animal could stand.

He could see the soft tuft of hair high up between her thighs that masked his hoped-for goal, and his sharp nose detected the faint odor of musky feminine excitement coming from those familiar depths. Finally the signal! The big animal heard his master's passion-distorted voice urging him on towards the swelling half-moon buttocks thrust back towards him in open invitation. Hector moved forward slowly, not completely understanding what was happening this time.

He moved up behind the laboring girl, his head extending cautiously as he pushed his nose up between the nakedly crouching brunette's firm white thighs. Mae's entire body shuddered as she felt the first long-hoped-for wet touch against her waiting backsides. Reagan also waited in expectation. The full-length mirror across the room gave him a perfect view up his niece's defenseless buttocks and he watched avidly as his pet approached closer and closer.

Mae started to mumble some encouraging words to the dog around the thick shaft of Reagan's cock and for a moment he felt the pressure lessen around its bloated length. "Keep sucking bitch," he growled, "or the dog goes away." He grinned in triumph as she obediently went back to her slave-like sucking, looking lecherously down as his long hardened penis continued to saw rhythmically in and out of her ovalled mouth.

The very sight of it caused his loins to tense and jerk into her face until it looked as though he were sinking the full length of his monstrous rod all the way down her throat. Almost all of it seemed to disappear with each hard thrust he made until only a little stretch showed white and glistening, protruding from between her lips.

Reagan looked back up at the mirror just in time to see Hector's thick tongue snake out and lick wetly up the wide split crevice between Mae's buttocks, the tip burrowing slightly, into the tiny ring of her anus. The kneeling girl's body jerked as if from an electric shock as the beloved tongue dug into her most sensitive flesh.

Then Hector began lapping the narrow pink slit up between her thighs in earnest. He ran his tongue wetly the full length of it, from the tiny sensation-bud of her clitoris, up the fluted pink edges of her cunt and over the tightly puckered anus. His great tongue spread through the soft hair-covered swelling like a knife through hot butter. It flicked relentlessly between the girl's widespread thighs, stopping sporadically to curl its way deep into her quivering vaginal opening.

Mae's whole body was trembling in wanton excitement now, and Reagan could feel her mouth tightening in spasmodic rhythm around the head of his swollen cock as she began to put her heart into sucking. The lust-maddened girl started to moan incoherently, the sounds bubbling obscenely from where her hot teens get enjoying their stepdads dicks in a group fuck clasped tightly around Reagan's long throbbing cock.

All the while, the giant dog-tongue continued to thrust relentlessly up Mae's moist passageway, and she reached desperately behind her with one hand to spread the ivory globes of her buttocks in order to give the salivating beast full access to her tiny anal ring.

The tongue lashed her for another long moment, and then the giant animal began to crowd in hard against her. What he wanted was plain, and the moaning girl obediently raised her naked ass-cheeks even higher, bending before the panting dog in abject surrender while her face remained firmly anchored to her Uncle's sex xxx storys sise gar penis that fucked relentlessly in and out of her mouth.

Reagan watched spellbound in the mirror as his huge pet mounted Mae's passionately offered buttocks and locked his strong forelegs around her slender waist. Dripping, the glistening long scarlet penis slipped from the hairy sheath under wild sex in a nonstop manner hardcore massage animal's belly, the tapered point slipping and dancing into the hot wet crevice as Hector trembled and jerked, trying to bury his gleaming shaft in the kneeling girl's body.

Sobbing in desperation, Mae shifted her round buttocks, in a crazed effort to capture the lengthening dog-cock, trying to sheathe the long scarlet curvaceous ebony minx gets slammed really hard interracial brunette in her tightly contracting cunt. The sharp tip missed and slid up to find a momentary purchase in her anus, then attempted to enter.

But Mae gave a little cry and tensed automatically to evade the sliding prod. Having tasted success, Hector returned immediately to the attack and thrust blindly, the thin point sliding unsuccessfully along the entire length of her wetly heated cuntal crevice.

The hot scarlet of the jabbing canine penis contrasted lewdly with the fever-pink of the girl's passion-inflamed genitals, as her cuntal lips spread open under the relentless pressure of the still unhoused dog-cock rubbing so madly between them. In final desperation Mae reached back with one hand to grasp the slippery organ and guide it to the little opening of her moistly throbbing slit.

Sensing victory Hector rammed forward, parting her pussy lips wider and wider with each forward thrust of his long animal penis. Reagan watched in awe as the German shepherd humped wildly and buried his huge red shaft deep up into the squirming girl's grasping cuntal passage.

The massive organ slithered forward with a rush until it was sunk to the hilt, the hairy balls swinging below in the open space created by her widespread thighs. Mae gave a low moan of relief as Hector began fucking rhythmically into her. The quivering girl undulated her nakedly kneeling body and moved her buttocks in lewd circles, abandoning herself to the delicious animal fucking she was receiving from behind. Her face was contorted in rapture, and her large taut breasts danced beneath her writhing torso, moving in time to the dog's skewering cock, a relentless hot poker of glistening flesh, buried itself deep up into her belly.

Each powerful thrust from the slaving animal behind rammed the girl's lewdly writhing body forward onto Reagan's lust-swollen cock. The girl's passion-drugged mind began to wander. Nothing really mattered but that cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star long animal penis fucking up into her burning pussy, and she wished she could devote all her attention to it.

But the only way she could get rid of her uncle's hotly pulsating cock in her mouth was to suck and lick it until he came. The submissively kneeling girl began sucking to please, running her tongue wetly around and around the desire-swollen head and flicking her tongue-tip teasingly into the tiny open slit at the end of the moist glans.

She could feel his penis throbbing as if it had a life of its own, and she knew it would erupt at any moment into a great gushing fountain of white hot cum that would spurt into her mouth and throat in a never-ending stream.

Then she would be free, free to concentrate on the incredible sensations she was receiving from the fiery cock of her animal-lover behind. Mae's head bobbed up and down slavishly over the thick shaft of flesh, sucking to end it, sucking to draw the thick milky semen from it until she killed it.

Her uncle twisted and groaned above her, raining obscenities down at the top of her dark head and watching with delight the stretched oval of her full young lips straining at Ms penis as though it were a stick of peppermint candy.

The girl worked on and on, pinned between the two rutting males, the man in front and the big dog behind, the very helplessness and humiliation of her position beginning to cause strange masochistic sensations to grow erotically in her churning belly.

Reagan's face writhed in pleasurable agony as Mae's tongue made the head of his cock jerk and throb like some chained animal wanting to be free. He watched hypnotized as the flesh of her lips was pulled out grotesquely on the out-stroke, clinging to the saliva-coated shaft of his penis as she sucked hungrily, all her concentration now on the task before her.

Looking over his niece's laboring shoulders, Reagan stared with obscene delight into the wild animal eyes of his own dog as it fucked relentlessly into the spasming female body before him. It was almost as if his wildly pulsating cock in her mouth was somehow connecting him to the unnatural coupling of his niece and Hector, and an obscene thrill shot through his mind.

"Suck it baby, suck it," he hissed, closing his eyes and pretending for the moment that it was the blonde bitch across the street who was hunched like this before him. Goddamn, he'd like to have her here, ramming it deep into her aristocratic little throat. By God, he'd shove it all the way down to her tonsils when he did get her and then pump his cum down her throat, filling that little belly of hers until she burst. Without warning, Reagan's pelvis began pistoning wildly, each tremor ramming his long rigid cock deeper and deeper inside Mae's voraciously sucking mouth.

The gasping girl could feel his lust-thickened hardness throbbing against her cheeks and tongue, and she knew this was it. He was going to cum in her mouth! The ultimate humiliation was being forced on her. But she wanted to get it over with. She wanted to end this degradation and she sucked hungrily, her mouth salivating as black guy and human sex story never had before, while sharp bolts of forbidden pleasure shot upwards from her animal- filled cunt.

Her uncle groaned above her, flailing his head and ramming deep into her throat, while he held her lust-contorted face in the prison of his heavy hands. Suddenly his cock began to jerk and a second later it spewed gushes of thick white cum deep into her throat.

Mae groaned as she continued sucking and her Adam's apple bobbed quickly up and down, trying to keep pace with the spewing sperm that jetted rhythmically into the warm confines of her mouth. Clasping her lips in a tight elastic ring around the ejaculating member, the beautiful young woman swallowed madly, swirling her tongue around and around the swollen cock-head. She wanted to suck him dry, to hurt him, to punish him for the bitter humiliation he had subjected her to.

She mistook his groans of pleasure for pain and spurred herself on to greater effort. It went on and on and she thought it would never end, until finally the hands clamped at the sides of her head fell away, and the giant throbbing cock gave one last spurt and slipped loosely from her mouth.

Mae went completely out of her mind now that she was able to concentrate on the wild sensations that Hector's cock was pounding into her. Looking back over her shoulder at the hunching animal, the wildly excited young beauty called back lewd exhortations. "Oh God, fuck harder, faster! Come on darling, fuck your Mae .

cum in me. I want you to fill me with your animal cum .!" The obscenely swaying girl was no longer human but a quivering mass of sweating lust-deranged flesh that begged to be subjected. She was reveling in being big ass milf oiled the suspect told us it aint my fault that she loves the gigantic by tills panting beast, even if it was in front of her hated uncle, and she ground her body back against his hairy jerking loins like another animal.

Reagan continued watching the salacious spectacle in fascination, his thick depleted cock lying limply on his thigh. Tiny rivulets of moisture were building in the crevice of the girl's nakedly rotating buttocks and they glistened in the light as they ran slowly down the backs of her straining thighs. Suddenly the unmistakable signal of sensual fulfillment sprayed through Mae's seething loins like the prickling of a million needles, gnawing at the base of her belly with the lewd promise of frenzied orgasmic rapture.

The sex-maddened girl moaned helplessly as she neared the jagged edges of her mounting climax and rammed back even harder into the long wet cock that slithered mercilessly into the grateful little hole up between her bucking thighs. Abruptly the passion-stunned girl raised her head to wail out a guttural animalish groan from deep in her throat. Her glazed eyes grew large and unseeing. "Ooooohhh .

oooohhhh . God, lover. I can't stand it! I'm going mad! Oh, fuck me, fuck me with your beautiful cock!" Then her voice died in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh as the first wild spasm of her orgasm struck, and she shrieked, thrusting her wildly convulsing loins back against the raging dog-cock in a desperate lunge.

Hector responded with a forward st scarlett licked by her lesbian coach just as his huge hardened cock began to jerk up inside her convulsing young belly and sexy latina teen striptease and pussy play its hotly foaming animal sperm in liquid jets deep up into her contracting cunt.

Again, the sex-maddened girl screamed out, her tautened buttocks reacting convulsively to the lewd animal explosion filling her raging belly and loins. Her head was flailing wildly in her final bliss and her black hair whipped from side to side in a smoky cloud. A lewd combination of human-animal liquid passion trickled warmly from the nakedly kneeling girl's still sucking cuntal mouth and dripped in white pools onto the floor below.

Then the exhausted girl groaned softly and collapsed forward onto the carpet, Hector's softening penis slipping loosely from her flooded cunt with a lewd wet sound. The big dog stood above her for a moment and then his massive head lowered and he began obscenely licking the remnants of cum from the girl's twitching young buttocks.

All was quiet for a moment except for Mae's exhausted panting and then the sound of clapping filled the room. Mae wearily raised her head and saw that her uncle was applauding. "What a show! You two should be fucking up on the stage," he jeered. Mae turned her head away, not able to look at her lewd tormentor. But Reagan got to his feet, buttoning his pants and went over to her prostrate body. "Okay, on your feet," he said and reaching down he seized her by one arm and pulled her roughly erect.

"One down and one to go," he said. "Or have you forgotten our little deal. In exchange for fucking Hector you have to go out and lay Mr. High-and-Mighty from across the street. Now come on, you haven't got all day. I know that he usually stops at that little cocktail lounge over on Grand Avenue on his way home from work.

You're gonna be there and you're gonna score, is that understood?" Nodding numbly, the girl bent to pick up her scattered clothing. She headed for the door into the hall, Reagan's last taunting works floating after her. "And take a shower! You stink like a bitch in heat. Chapter 3 "For heavens sake, go on home, Bob," Mr. Aubrey said affectionately.

"Everyone else left an hour ago." "In just a few minutes, sir," Bob answered. He looked up and smiled. "I wanted to finish the Davis account. It's due tomorrow." That should sound good to the old boy, he thought. Mr. Aubrey came over and put a hand on his shoulder. "I really appreciate that kind of thinking, Bob," the older man said. "You know, it's hard to find young men today who have the sense of duty and hard work that you do." "Thank you very much, Mr.

Aubrey," Bob said, managing to manufacture a modest blush. "But this company has been good to me and the least I can do is to get my work in on time." "The company is only good to you because you earn it, my boy," Mr. Aubrey replied. Then his voice became a little more confidential. "And I can promise you that if you keep up this level of work it will be made well worth your while. My partner and I are getting along in years and we're going to need bright young men to carry on for us." Bob smiled gratefully and turned back to the papers spread out on his desk.

He made the last few necessary entries and then began filing the documents back in their folder. When would the old bastard come right out and say something about the vice presidency, he thought to himself? Sometimes he wondered if the old fox wasn't cleverer than he looked and was just stringing them all along, all the bright young men in the office who were working so hard to knife one another in the back.

But no, the opening for the vice-presidency was real. Someone was going to get it and it might as well be him. Not that he didn't have competition. That damn Tom Brewer, for instance, the conniving bastard. He was always buttering up old Aubrey and once he had even taken credit for some of Bob's work.

And he sure had some help from that bitchy little wife of his. Bob ground his teeth as he remembered how she had played up to Aubrey at the company party, her big tits practically failing out of her low-cut dress. The old bastard hadn't been able to take his eyes off her fucking knobs all night, what with the way she kept pushing up against him and simpering.

Bob wouldn't be surprised if the little whore would let the old boy fuck her, hell, maybe she already had! A bolt of alarm shot through him at the thought. That would give Tom Brewer a real head start at the vice-presidency.

Damn, why couldn't his own wife, Jill be a little more helpful? But no, she always had to be her pure, superior, frigid self. She'd really blown it at the party. It had been clear from the start that his lecherous employer really had it on for Jill but she had been cold and remote. Bangkok blowjob and rough face fuck facial compilation xxx one ring to rule them all thing about the old boy though---horny old bastard that he was---he demanded faultless behavior from his employees.

He was always talking about the loose Godless morals of the younger generation, and he'd fired one of the most promising members of his staff on the strength of a rumor that he was about to be named co- respondent in a divorce case.

Only a rumor! "What's the matter, Bob, something bothering you?" The resentful young men jerked out of his revery to realize that he had been scowling as he was thinking and he quickly put a smile back on his face. "No, sir, just going over the account in my mind to make sure I didn't miss anything." What you had to do to make a living these days.

"Well, let's close it up then," Mr. Aubrey said with satisfaction. "Why don't you let me give you a lift home?" "Why doxy gets fucked from behind indoors homemade and hardcore you very much, sir," Bob said, really flattered.

It wasn't often the old boy made such an offer. Maybe his stock was riding a little higher than he hot teen fucked by her bf on web camera thought. Bob managed to keep up an amiable conversation with his boss all the way down to the executive parking area in the basement of the building, doing his best to think up replies to the old goat's rambling inanities.

Yes, he really wasn't doing so bad for a young man of twenty-six. Just four years out of college and already in line for a vice-presidency at one of the most prestigious firms in town. The ambitious young man continued feeding his dreams as he relaxed back against the luxurious cushions in Mr.

Aubrey's huge Continental. He could already imagine himself with a car like this. It wasn't all idle dreaming either. Mr. Aubrey liked to see his executives looking prosperous and he paid them enough so that they could afford it. "Looks good to the customers," he had said one day and he was right. Some of the his girl helps him fuck another girl tube porn people in the city let Aubrey Investments handle their financial matters, and they felt reassured by the obvious air of prosperity about the place.

"How's the little lady?" Mr. Aubrey abruptly asked as he guided the big car through the afternoon traffic. "Why, uh, fine sir," Bob answered, not knowing what his employer might be leading up to. "There's nothing quite as important to a young man on his way up as a loyal intelligent wife," Aubrey said. "You know, Bob," he added, "I haven't had much of a chance to get to know your wife." There it was, Bob thought.

The old boy was fishing for an invitation. What for? he wondered. Was it out of lechery, or was he serious about wanting to make sure that Bob had a woman who could give him moral support in the vice- presidency?

There was no choice but to play along with him and invite him to the house. But not now, for God's sake. Not after that mess this morning. He knew how long it took Jill to get over things like that and he was worried she could not help but make a bad impression on his boss tonight. No, he wanted a chance to prepare her first, tell her what to do and say to the old bastard. "That's really a shame, Mr. Aubrey," he said. "Jill talks about you all the time. I guess you made quite an impression on her at the company party.

Do you think you would be free some night to come over for dinner?" "Why I'd love to my boy. It's really a treat to eat out after you've been married as long as I have. One gets a little tired of the same old meals at home day after day." Bob found himself thinking that meals probably weren't the only thing at home Mr.

Aubrey was tired of. He'd met that old cow of a wife of his and he wondered how Aubrey could climb into bed with her, not that he was any prize himself. It wasn't hard to understand why the old boy chased around after his employees' wives and Bob figured he'd do the same thing himself if he were in Aubrey's position.

If Jill would only cooperate, up to a lovely amateur blonde being fucked from behind on the couch of course. Bob didn't know what he'd do if the old goat really tried to seduce Jill. She'd just have to learn kinky and nasty woman in fishnet gagging and cum swallowing to string him along.

"Well, let's see, Mr. Aubrey. How about next week, say Tuesday. Would that be all right with you?" "Why certainly, my boy. But maybe we'd better drop in on your little lady and make sure it's all right with her." "I'm afraid she's over at her mother's this afternoon," Bob said, thinking fast. "I'll ask her when she gets back tonight and let you know first thing in the morning." He could see that the older man was disappointed, but that was better than having him come in right now and seeing the tension between him and Jill.

They were driving through the suburbs now and Bob decided it would be better to keep Mr. Aubrey completely away from the house this evening, and besides, he needed a drink.

"Do you think you could drop me off at the shopping center," he asked. "I have a few errands to run and it's only a couple of blocks from latina girfriend coco valentina enjoys a hot sex was relieved when he was finally out of the car and watching Mr.

Aubrey drive away. Hell, he really did need a drink. There was a small cocktail lounge nestled back in a comer of the huge shopping center, and Bob generally stopped there on the way home to get his nerves under control after a day's civil war at the office. "Hi, Mr. Andersen," the bartender said as the young regular walked through the door into the softly lit bar. "Hi, Harry, make it the usual.

No, make it a double." "Hard day, huh?" "Yeah," Bob muttered, not wanting to go into details. It had been a hard day right from the beginning. His mind went back to that fiasco this morning with Jill. Christ, when was she going to grow up and start Teaming what it was all about.

Who'd had ever thought she'd turn out to be frigid? Hell, the way she had responded to their necking before they were married had led him to expect something else. True, she had never gone all the way, but he'd figured she was just saving it for her wedding night.

As it was, she didn't have anything to save. What a shame, with a body like that, he thought, and his cock jerked a little in his pants at the memory of her nude perfection this morning. He'd almost made it, almost got her to respond. A sensible man would have tried her out before they got married, but what the hell, he really couldn't help himself. He had to admit it, he loved the girl and there was no other way about it.

There was nothing to do but keep trying, and hoping that things would get better, but God, he was horny! And it wouldn't help when he told his prissy wife she was going to have to play up to old Aubrey. She just didn't seem to understand the realities of modern day life. "Hi, neighbor," a throaty voice purred next to his ear. Bob turned in surprise and saw that a beautiful young woman had sat down on the empty stool next to him.

"Neighbor .?" he said slowly, and then he placed her. Sure it was that girl who lived across the street with that weird old guy who had the dog. Some kind of relative. "Yeah---neighbors," he said. "but I'm afraid I don't remember your ." "Mae," she said again in that throaty voice, "just call me Mae." Damn, she was really easy to look at, he thought to himself, and wondered why he had paid so little attention to her before.

He faintly remembered having spoken to her in front of his house one day although she had seemed different then, kind of vague and withdrawn. But now, some kind of smoky sensuality seemed to emanate from her. She was wearing a simple black sheath dress, cut low in the front, drawing his attention to the way her firmly ripened breasts jutted forward in a high taut curve .

and the way her lustrous black hair fell over one side of her face, setting off her darkly inviting eyes. She sure was a contrast to his blonde wife, he thought, and the novelty made her seem even more attractive. "You come in here often?" he asked, looking for conversation. "Only when I'm lonely," she answered, and he was silent for a moment, not knowing how to take that.

"Another double, Harry," he said, then turned to the girl. "Something for you?" "I'll have whatever you're having," she said and let her eyes play boldly over his face. Bob began to get a little nervous under her gaze and downed half his drink as soon as Harry brought it. The liquor made him feel better.

"How long you been living across the street?" he asked. "Oh, years and years. Ever since my mother died and Uncle Bill took me in." So, Bob thought, it was her uncle. "Strange we never got to know one another, living across the street," Bob said, the liquor making him bolder. "I guess we haven't been lucky," she purred .

until now." She leaned towards him and the top of her dress fell open a little giving him an unimpeded view of her magnificent cleavage. Christ, was he imagining it or was the girl propositioning him? Perhaps he'd better just find out. "Maybe we'll get to know one another better, a lot better, and soon." "I think I'd like that," she said in a half-dreamy voice, her eyes staring moodily at the bar top. She reached over and drew the nail of one finger in an aimless pattern across the back of Bob's hand.

The reaction of his body to this simple gesture was amazing. He could feel a thousand tiny tingles spreading over his skin at her touch and an ominous hardness began to form inside his pants. Mae looked around her suddenly. "I don't like bars," she said. "They're too dark and too . crowded. Why don't we go over to my place for a quiet drink . and listen to some records." "But won't your uncle mind if we crash in on him?" "He's out of town for a couple of days," she lied, looking straight at him with those huge smoky eyes.

Bob had a feeling that he should steady himself, that he could fall into those mysterious depths and never come up again. Damn, here it was, an open proposition. What was he going to do? His natural physical reaction was to go with this beautiful stranger and to count himself lucky. Things like this didn't happen to a man every day, at least not to him.

On the other hand he was a married man, but that immediately brought back to him the humiliating events of this morning, and he found himself getting angry again at the thought of his wife. What the hell, it would serve her right, and he could always change his mind if he thought the situation was getting out of hand.

All he would have to do is just go out the front door of this mysterious creature's house and cross the street to his own home. If he could force himself, that wild dildo playing with sexy lesbians hardcore and reality. "All of a sudden I don't like bars either," he said.

He stood up abruptly, hoping his partial erection didn't show and put a five dollar bill on the bar. "Keep the change, Harry," he said. For some reason he wanted to seem more reckless than he really was. Mae stood up too and preceded him out the door without a word, not noticing that Bob turned as he followed her and threw a conspiratorial wink at the amazed Harry. As soon as they were outside, Bob started to head for the street he lived on, but Mae took him by the arm and led him into a side street.

"Let's go the back way," she said. "It's a lot shorter, and more private." The confused young husband almost sighed in his relief.

It would have been touchy to walk openly right past his own house and go into another with this seductively sexy woman. Mae had thrown a light wrap around her bare shoulders as they left the bar, but nothing could disguise the wonderfully sinuous motion of her provocative young body as she walked. Bob couldn't take his eyes from her hips as they gently swayed before him.

There was something special, strange almost, about this lovely woman. They walked down the alley behind her house, and a couple of minutes later the anxious young man found himself in an ordinary suburban kitchen.

He followed Mae into a well-furnished living room and took the seat she offered him. There was a large bar in one corner of the room with row on row of bottles. "Want a drink?" she asked. "Sure, my usual I suppose.

Scotch on the rocks." "Oh come on," she said with a sultry laugh that sent chills up and down Bob's spine. "Let's be a little different today." She reached up and pulled down a strangely shaped bottle filled with a thick green liquid. "This is a very special Pernod," she son caught sniffing mom panties, "made with absinthe.

It's outlawed now but I like it." Without waiting for an answer from Bob she poured two glasses full of the liquor, then filled them the rest of the way with water. The thick green color turned to a milky white as the water was added, fascinating Bob, and he decided he wanted to try it. Mae dropped in a few ice cubes and handed him his glass. "Cheers," she said and drank. Bob followed her lead and took an experimental sip. It tasted like licorice and went down smoothly.

He drank some more. "Like it?" "Fine, but it doesn't seem all that powerful." "Powerful enough," she said. Then after a short pause, "It's an aphrodisiac you know." The young husband almost choked on his drink, but Mae kept on talking, a queer smile playing over her lips. "It sneaks up and hits you when you least expect it. Never makes you dull or sleepy like alcohol, just a smooth mellow feeling that stays with you. And it heightens the senses." The nervous young man began to wonder what he was getting into, but he decided to put up a bold front and quickly drained the rest of his drink.

He held up his glass for more. "It's your turn to make the drinks," Mae said. "Meanwhile I want to get into something more comfortable." She put her glass on the bar and walked towards a wide archway that led into the hall while Bob moved behind the bar and poured the drinks.

He put a little more in his this time, admitting to himself that it did have a nice soft effect. Already he was feeling light-headed and a "don't give a damn" feeling was spreading over him. In fact, he was feeling a helluva lot better than he had in a long time.

He took a good-sized slug of his drink and walked out from behind the bar and then his thoughts were cut short by Mae's voice coming from the other room.

"Why don't you put some music on while I change," she said. The shock of hearing an unexpected voice made Bob realize in what a far away place the liquor had already put him. He mumbled an okay and walked over to the record player. It was near the big archway, and he couldn't help but notice a movement down at the end of the hall, and he saw with a shock that he was looking into a bedroom, the bedroom where Mae was changing her clothes. The embarrassed young man looked down quickly and fumblingly put on a record.

Soft. music filled the room. He didn't want to be a peeping Tom, but what the hell, she must have known he would be able to see her from the record player. She must have set it up that way or why wouldn't she have closed the door?

Bob quickly took a large drink from his glass, noticing that with each further sip of the milky white liquid the cares that had been weighing on him ever since he left home this morning seemed to be slipping further and further away. A strange confidence that he had never possessed before seemed to be seeping magically through his blood, so smoothly that he had hardly noticed the change.

He marveled at the effect. It was as if his senses were wrapped in a soundproof cocoon of heightened awareness. He looked up again just in time to see this strange girl he had followed home drop her simple black dress to the floor.

His cock lurched inside his pants as her horny whore does her superlatively good to cum young body came into view. She was moving slowly, almost theatrically, as if she knew his eyes were on her. But even so there were no lewd or obscene movements on her part.

She didn't need them; the natural sensuality of her lush body was enough in itself. As the unintentional voyeur watched breathlessly, Mae turned her back towards him and bent over to pick up her dress from the floor. The fully rounded moons of her buttocks came into sight, and he had a tantalizing view of the narrow nylon strip of her panties slipping teasingly into the crevice of her buttocks as she stooped.

The panties remained caught between her ass-cheeks as she straightened up to fold her dress. The mesmerized young husband watched with bated breath as his beautiful neighbor walked across the room to a closet, her tautly rounded buttocks jiggling slightly as she moved. It was a graceful easy walk that reminded Bob of a leopard he had seen once in a zoo.

Yes, there was a lithe suppleness about this strange girl that dripped sex and forbidden pleasures. He judged that she must be two or three years older than himself, but she still had the body of a twenty year old. One thing was certain; he could not back down now. That would make him appear to be a gutless coward in front of this fascinating creature.

Still, from somewhere in its back files, his mind fished out the word "infidelity" and flashed it across his conscience. Yes, this was infidelity but damn it, it was as much Jill's fault as his.

If she weren't so unresponsive to his advances he'd be home right now where he belonged. His mind droned on, the subversive white liquid he had been drinking rationalizing away all the defenses he would normally have.

The straying young husband watched Mae more intently now as she turned back from the closet dressed only in her brassiere, garter belt, panties, and high-heeled shoes, the thin veneer of the stockings shining silkily in the soft light of the room.

It suddenly occurred to him that he'd like to take her like that, with her stockings and high heels still on. He had never fucked a woman that way, and though he had sometimes tried playfully to pull Jill down on the bed when she was undressing, she had always pushed him away in her best puritanical manner and continued her undressing in the bathroom.

How many times had he seen his own wife naked? Not many! She seemed to have a thing about it he could not understand. This woman was different. Her every movement shouted out that she knew what her sensual young body was for and that she would not hesitate to use it in bed. There could be no doubt about that!

The nervous young husband pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped it across his brow to absorb the tiny beads of perspiration that were beginning to form there from the tenseness of his body. With an effort, he tore himself away from his watching and moved quickly to the bat to pour himself another drink, pouring it quickly and drinking it down before the ice had even cooled it properly.

He needed it now; the painfully throbbing erection in his pants had risen to almost its full height. The tight restricting material of his shorts hurt, and he pushed down, allowing his thick eager cock to slip out one leg band into the greater looseness of his trousers. For the moment, it helped. "Bob," he suddenly heard that excitingly throaty voice from the other room, "Please bring me my drink." Behind the bar Bob jumped slightly from the unexpected sound, almost knocking over his glass.

He had been too immersed in his own half- drugged thoughts to be prepared for the sudden summons. "Bob," she repeated again, "Please?" "Y-Yes," he stammered back, "Right away." "Well hurry, it's lonely and dry in here." The flustered young man flushed as he tried to force his fully erect cock back into the tightness of his shorts. How could he walk into the room like this? It was too obvious. After a moment's struggle he got it pushed down the best he could, then picked up the two drinks and headed for the bedroom.

No thought of resisting remained in his mind now, only a little self doubt. Could he handle this woman? Mae looked up at him as he came into the bedroom and smiled slowly. She was wearing a light nylon robe now, that came just to the tops of her thighs. The robe was tied very loosely, and it was obvious that she had shed the brassiere and panties while he was mixing the drinks. She still had on the garter belt, sheer silk stockings, and high heeled shoes.

The deep cleavage of her breasts showed without impediment at the top. "Mmmmmmmm." She grinned after sipping from the glass he handed her. "You're learning quickly.

Just the right amount." "I've been practicing on myself," Bob answered, raising his glass towards her. He suddenly found he wasn't nervous at all, but felt instead a growing power and teen uses all her holes to dp and enjoys it that he had never experienced before.

He felt marvelous, as if he had finally found the true strength within himself, a strength that had been dormant all this time he had been married to Jill, all this time he had been catering to her prudish school-girl ideas about making love.

He knew that making love to this woman who stood almost naked before him was going to change him, and perhaps nothing less would ever satisfy Mm again.

Mae lowered her eyes for a moment to the bulge at the front of his trousers. Her smile deepened and two dimples appeared on her cheeks. "We're going to like one another," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I can tell." "Very observant," he said a little self-consciously. "I didn't think you'd notice." "How could I miss something like that? You're quite a man." She settled herself back on the edge of the big bed, leaning back on her elbows.

The short robe rode up over her full sensuous thighs, exposing the soft silky down of the pubic mound at the base of her smooth white belly. She patted the bed beside her, indicating that he should sit down. "Well," she said after he had settled himself. "Tell me something about yourself. You know, I really know very little about you---or your wife." Bob was taken aback for a moment.

What was there to say about himself or Jill either, for that matter? But before he could answer she said, "No, it isn't really important now. We can talk about that later---when we already know each other in more interesting ways . Do you like the Pernod?" "It makes me less inhibited, I will say that," he kidded, reaching over with one hand and tracing tiny circles with his nails over the whiteness of her stomach.

Mae shivered for a moment at this first contact of his fingers against her soft flesh. "Mmmm, it makes submissive bbw sucking and doggystyle hardcore blowjob a lot braver, too.

At first, at the bar, I didn't know if you would come home with me. " "That was centuries ago," he smiled over at her, feeling a slight flush from the liquor. "Shall I get you another drink?" "There's some in the cabinet." She pointed to a corner of the room. "You'll find everything you need there, including ice." Bob rose, taking her glass from her hand and glanced down at her thinly bearded vaginal lips clearly visible up between her slightly parted legs.

It did not make him at all uncomfortable to look at her like this, and a pleased smile crossed over his face as she opened her thighs a little more. She was clearly excited; the first tiny dewdrops of moisture were rising between her legs and glistening in the tight narrow vaginal slit as she exposed herself to him.

He hurried with the drinks, the impatient heat in his own body rising rapidly. When Bob returned to the side of the bed with the drinks, his seductress had loosened the front of her robe even more, exposing her large full breasts and their ruby-ripe nipples. "God, you're beautiful," he muttered, staring down at her seductive nakedness with the drinks still in his hands. He could see that her eyes were dilated a little from excitement, and it was all he could do to keep from dropping to his knees in front of her and locking his lips to her sweet little pussy at this very moment, but he held himself back, sensing that she needed more.

This woman would know what making love was all about, and she wasn't the kind one just jumped on top of and rammed it into without preparing her well. The reward should definitely be worth the torture of waiting. "You're not so bad yourself," she said huskily as she reached for the drink he handed her. "In fact, you're a very handsome young man." "I'm not that young," he said quickly, "almost as old as you." "Have you had many women?

Other than your wife I mean?" She asked the question matter-of-factly as though it were a perfectly normal piece of conversation. "Enough," he said, leaning bitchy emo babe deepthroats and anal banged by big cock her and kissing her lightly on the lips as if to show he had been doing this kind of thing all his life. She pushed him away for a moment. "Here, put my drink on the table or we'll spill it." The aroused young man took both drinks and quickly put them on the table by the bed, then leaned over her again, pressing his lips tightly down against hers.

She reached up and curled her arms around him to pull him down on her, and one of his legs jammed tightly between her open thighs. She was wonderfully supple and soft, and her voluptuous body was glued against his as though she were part of him. Her thigh moved up against his groin, scraping against his painful hardness as he ground his lips hungrily into hers.

He could feel the wetness from the seminal fluid that was seeping from the lust-swollen tip of his excited penis. It smeared against his leg inside his trousers, and he wondered if she could feel the dampness through the material.

Her thigh continued massaging against him with a practiced thoroughness until he thought the head of his cock would explode. It was jerking now as though he would cum at the slightest extra pressure. Bob thrust his tongue far into her mouth, and she sucked gently on it, nibbling with sharp little bites of her teeth that sent chills running the length of his spine.

To escape for a moment that overpowering teasing sensation, the shaken young man pulled his lips away and placed his cheek against her hair, thinking guiltily for a moment of Jill and how shocked she would be if she could see him now, stretched saucy bint gets nailed in the ring cumshot blonde the almost naked body of their seductive neighbor.

Her girlish innocence wouldn't believe it; she just didn't know infidelity existed. "Is your wife good in bed?" Mae suddenly asked, as if she had been reading his thoughts. "She's too inexperienced," he answered without wanting to get too far into the subject. "I'll teach you some things you can take home to her," she promised softly, breathing heavily into his ear.

"Come on, let's get naked." He realized suddenly that she was quivering beneath him, and that her thighs had parted even more and were pressing impatiently on each side of his hips.

"You want to fuck me, don't you?" she asked, breathing even more deeply. "Yes, God, yes, I want to," he black flight attendant fucks a frequent flyer in a toilet, the lewd words exciting him all the more since they came from her throat.

"Then tell me!" "I want to fuck you!" "How?" she groaned beneath him. "Deep, deep and hard. I want to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." "Oh God," she moaned, almost throwing him from her squirming body. "Get your clothes off before I die." The excited Bob rose from the bed and began desperately stripping his clothes from his body.

A slight tinge of self-consciousness came over him as he dropped his trousers and shorts and stood over her as she lay nakedly back and waiting on the bed, his cock standing out in full erection in front of him.

She lifted her body slightly and pulled away the flimsy robe she had been wearing, leaving her with nothing on but her garter belt and hose. Her black high heeled shoes had fallen to the floor with a double thud that sounded almost as one, they had come so close together.

She looked up at him standing starkly nude above her, and her eyes riveted on his long hard penis standing proudly out in the air'. For a long moment she watched its throbbing blood-filled head and then said: "It's beautiful.

I want to feel it deep inside me, twisting around deep in my cunt. Oh God, I want you to fuck me with it!" The now panting Bob lay down on the bed beside the beautiful naked woman, dragging her over to him with his strong arms. He moved one hand down to her smooth rounded buttocks cupping their beautifully shaped firmness. Her naked young body was warm and soft against his as she raised her face to him and locked her mouth to his while her hand searched down between their bodies, groping towards his rock-hard penis.

Bob could only gasp as her cool fingers closed around his stiffness, and he pressed his head forward to moistly return her kiss. Her odor was maddening, a perfume he didn't recognize, but one that reminded him of dark jungle glades.

The now panting woman crushed the full length of her velvety body against his and ground her pelvis tightly into him. Then she twisted almost frantically and pulled him over on top of her, opening her legs wide to take him between them. A lewdly grinning Bill Reagan sat on the other side of the bedroom wall, watching through a small opening. He held a camera in one hand and ,from time to time he raised it to photograph the nakedly writhing pair on the bed. He knew they could not see him even though he could make out every detail of everything they did.

Damn, he thought, his little niece really was fantastic in bed! He felt a slight twinge of jealousy as he studied her passion-distorted face. She obviously wasn't faking it, and he wondered why she never reacted this way to him when he forced her to open her thighs to him. The watching Reagan had never realized she could screw like this, other than with the dog. Well, when this young punk had finished with her today he would try her out himself and see how she came across.

He raised the camera again. He had plans for these pictures. They were going to help him get into his little blonde neighbor's pants, the wife of this bastard who was screwing his niece half to death just in the other room. The big man leaned back with the contented thought of Jill's long slim legs wrapped lightly around him as he shoved into her.

He would fuck her within an inch of her life. By God, he'd show her what a piece of tail was, and she'd never forget it as long as she lived.

He could feel his cock hardening at the lewd thought and he turned his attention back to the two bodies struggling on the big bed before him. Small beads of sweat began to form on his brow from the excitement he always felt when he watched other people fucking. Mae also was amazed at her reactions. She had looked on the seduction of this young neighbor as an onerous duty forced on her by her hated uncle, but found to her surprise that she was enjoying it, more than she ever thought she would be able to with a man.

She had been brutalized sexually ever since she could remember by Reagan, and the only bright spot of affection in her life had been the dog, Hector. Now this young man's patience and gentleness were having their affect, and her body was responding with a wild enthusiasm, in a way she had only thought possible with Hector.

How different it was from the gut- wrenching disgust she felt when her brutal uncle forced his perversions on her. In mounting excitement Mae crushed Bob to her and ran her hands searchingly down over his hard young body, eagerly exploring all of him. His cock was resting hard against her thighs, pressed into the narrow crevice of her hair-lined vaginal slit.

She arched her body for a moment levering both her and Bob up off the bed with the strength of her back and, reaching down under her buttocks with both hands, she pulled her wetly throbbing pussy lips slowly apart, giving his penis greater contact with her most sensitive flesh.

Then she relaxed, dropping her nakedly quivering body back onto the bed, his rigid member trapped tightly between her thighs. This new pressure against his aching cock shot pinwheels of sensation through the young husband's reeling mind. He forced his hands underneath the shoulders of the beautiful woman fuckpunished for curiosity balls licking and doggystyle trapped beneath him and ran them down the soft curves of her spine moving almost imperceptibly as she undulated her body up against him in a slow teasing rhythm.

Her tautened muscles rippled sinuously just under her velvety skin, indicating the powerful strength hidden in her lush young body. The cords in her thighs tensed against his hips, and he wondered how her legs would feel later when they wrapped around him in passion - when he had his long thick hardness planted deep up inside her hungering belly. "Oh God, you feel nice," she whispered, and squirmed her smooth flat belly close up against him.

Her nails scratched slowly across his back leaving small red welts in their wake. Bob pushed his hands farther down beneath her, once again cupping her soft warm buttocks in the palms of his hands as he pulled her naked virginal plane up tighter against him.

He undulated his body slowly, sliding his hardened shaft of flesh up and down her widespread slit, sensing her growing hotter and more aroused with each passing second.

Mae's hips began a more desperate rotation up against his loins until, without warning, her legs snaked out wide on either side of his body and her calves locked tightly against the backs of his thighs, pulling him closer into her.

"Oh, fuck me now, darling, fuck me now," she moaned into his mouth, her eyes clenched tightly shut, her pelvis grinding with a savage impatience. The gasping young husband started to move but she beat him to it. Her hands came down between their merged bodies and circled around his hotly throbbing cock, guiding it between the hair-lined lips of her desire-moistened cunt.

Bob groaned above her as he felt her scrape his cock-head up and down in the soft warm flesh up between her legs, parting her silken vaginal hair with the pulsating blood-filled tip of his penis. The dark pubic curls grazed teasingly against his penis, forcing it to an even greater hardness until it ached from the excruciating pressure. He couldn't hold back for another second! Wildly aroused, Bob flicked his hips forward with a sudden powerful thrust that drove his thick rigid cock into the hotly gaping mouth of Mae's pussy with a flesh-splitting force.

"Ooooohh," she moaned beneath him, and he felt the warm elastic-like cuntal sheath slip wetly over his rampant penis. His desire-swollen cock-head entered her tight little pussy, with a slight pop, as though she were a virgin being taken for the first time, but he instinctively sensed that she could control her vaginal muscles and make it this tight every time. He knew he wasn't going to let a woman like this get away for long, and mentally vowed that this would not be the last time they made love.

His long thick cock pushed up her warmly waiting cunt to the full depths of her belly. She was almost too tight at first and caused his rigidly throbbing member to ache, but her hot clasping passage soon became moist and slippery from her cuntal secretions and he fucked in and out of her easily. In his excitement, he rammed forward like a bull and felt his cum- filled balls slap hard against her upturned ass-cheeks.

Mae screamed below him, a low animal scream of pain and ecstasy, and twisted momentarily to escape the sudden unexpected pain. Her cry of protest only excited him more and he thrust harder, screwing his pelvis tighter into her loins so there was no escape for the helplessly skewered brunette.

The triumphant young man lay still for a moment to let the pain of his sudden thrust subside, proud that he could hurt her that way. He had gained the upper hand because he knew that he had hurt her, and she could not hurt him back in return. It was the age-old plight of woman, and would always make her subject to man. Bob reveled for a moment in the power he possessed over this beautiful woman, impaled nakedly beneath him, and he flexed the hot pulsing head of his cock a little deeper, bringing another low moan from between her clenched jerk off fast for me by mistress hotwifevenus. Damn, the bastard's really fucking her good, Bill Reagan mused from his vantage point in the other room as he watched the hard fleshy cock of his young neighbor disappear to the hilt between his niece's widespread thighs.

He wondered with a half-cruel smile on his lips what the kid was going to look like when he saw his own wife being fucked within an inch of her life by someone he hardly knew, namely himself, Bill Reagan.

An obscene thrill rippled through him at the thought of ramming it into that stuck-up little bitch's cunt. She was going to get it good. In the bedroom the lust-inflamed Bob began fucking his thick fiery cock like a madman into the voluptuously squirming flesh beneath him.

Mae strained back now, arching her hungry loins up at him in spite of the pain, lifting them both a few inches off the squeaking mattress with the strength of each of her answering upward thrusts. She moaned ceaselessly beneath his pounding body, opening and closing her legs around his hips as she worked her pussy up and down his long rigid cock in the chanting rhythm of intercourse as old as mankind.

Her mouth gaped open wide, her head flailing from side to side on the mattress in wild abandon. "Oooooooh God, it's good, it's good .

Shove your finger in my ass! Make me scream, make me scream!" Bob obediently reached down between her nakedly thrashing buttocks as he continued to piston relentlessly in and out of her wetly clasping cunt.

His hand explored the deep crevice between her straining ass- cheeks, stretching it wide, searching with the tip of his outstretched middle finger for her tight little anus. Suddenly he found it! A small rivulet of warm moisture was running down in the damp crevice between her buttocks from her cunt above where his long hard shaft was fucking as mercilessly into her. It had moistened the tightly puckered hole, lubricating it slightly as he probed experimentally with his fingertip.

He pushed harder, feeling it give a little and then suddenly the elastic nether ring gave way completely and his finger slid in up to the first knuckle.

The lewdly impaled girl jumped forward, almost crawling on her back across the bed to escape the first blinding pain. "Aaaaaahhhh, God it hurts!" He thrust again, sinking in to the second knuckle. "Ooooohhh, yessss, yessssss! . Hurt me, hurt me more!" In spite of the pain he felt her suddenly begin screwing her frantically squirming buttocks back on his impaling finger until it was sunk in blonde girlfriend takes bfs huge dick in ass the palm of his hand.

He jiggled his finger inside, rotating it around in her warm buttery rectum. Through the thin wall that separated her tight young cunt from her anus, he could feel the underside of his own cock sliding in naughty temptation for a juvenile beauty hardcore and blowjob out of her vaginal passage and he began to match that rhythm with his extended finger, skewering her between the two as she groaned under him.

His nail momentarily caught the tender flesh of her anus and she jerked, but then she recaptured the rhythm, opening her legs wider over the bed to give him greater access to the ravishing of her loins. The excited young man could feel his pulsating cock growing and expanding inside her wetly clasping pussy until he was sure it would burst from the inexorable pleasure building in his testicles as they slapped against her naked trembling buttocks below.

The pleasure was just too incredibly intense and he knew he couldn't hold back much longer; she had to cum soon. To excite her even more he rose a bit high on her so that his long thick penis was scraping her clitoris with every stroke.

"Oh . oh . oh ." she chanted out, digging her nails into his sides. Her fingers slid lower and desperately clutched at his nakedly pumping buttocks in an attempt to pull him ever deeper into her. Her passion-wracked body twitched and writhed beneath his long smooth strokes, her face contorted with lust, mouth working, nostrils flared, soft deep moans coming from her throat.

Bob could feel her warmly quivering cuntal flesh holding him in, sucking and pulling at his hot, almost bursting cock. He rammed into her from his very toes and sent the last inch of his thickness plundering into her wildly clasping pussy, pulling a fresh ecstatic groan from her lips with each new thrust, making her open her eyes to stare up at him with a lust-glazed look. "Aaaaaggghhh . wonderful, wonder . aaaaaaahhhhh ." she gasped and raised her smooth rounded buttocks up off the bed to give him more leverage as he pushed into her with all the strength of his hips and thighs.

His loins moved in and out of her nakedly gyrating pelvis, aiming at that hot clasping chasm in the center, pistoning in with strong muscular regularity.

Despite the shortness of his own breath, the thought of being able to hold her under such a spell spurred him on. He watched her face, glorying in his power to draw different expressions of passion from it while he moved over her as if she were some kind of instrument responding to invisible fingers on its keyboard. By now Bob's loins were aflame, consumed with a fiercely burning desire which swept through him in great hot gusts of passion and pleasure.

He gasped and quivered as he fucked into the writhing body below, reveling in the feel of her flesh, her beautiful flesh, the supple flesh of this darkly sensuous woman. "Ooooohhh . ooooohhhhh, hard . harder . fuck me harder!" Mae cried out, her desire seemingly insatiable. She begged and pleaded, gasping as if she had burst her throat. She was nearing her climax, and her body had become something demonic, her legs spread wide as she twisted and contorted, urging him on.

Bob was amazed at how hot her body felt and watched in amazement as she whipped her head wildly from side to side, her mouth open in complete abandonment. She swung her thighs up and clasped his waist in a vise-like grip, pulling him deeper and deeper into her convulsing young cunt with each powerful thrust of his loins. "Aaaaggghhh . I'm cumming . I'm cumming NOW . NOW . NOW . Yes . fuck me . ram your hard cock into me .

ooooohhh ." her voice trailed off into a whisper as she jerked for several long moments and then began to relax from the release of her orgasm. The intensity of Mae's orgasm acted like a spur to Bob's own potential climax, and he dug his lust-thickened cock deeply into the still- quivering cunt beneath him, screwing into her twitching young pussy like a relentless drill, crashing up to her cervix with his long pulsating penis.

Mae continued to gasp and pant beneath him as little flutters of a second impending orgasm washed over her belly and thighs. still highly excited, she moved under him passionately. "It's so goooood, it's so goooooood," she murmured. "Fill me now, fuck me hard, let me have it. Fill me with it . fill me . fill meeeeeeeeee!" She was gasping for breath as she rocked her hips up against the powerful lunges of his penis.

He thrust savagely, high and hard, searing up through her passage, resting at the apex of his drive and holding there for just a second before withdrawing for another thrust . and another. Knowing now that he was on the verge of cumming, the triumphant young man made one last mighty stab into her wetly convulsing vagina and let his white hot seminal fluid surge deep into her belly. "Oh Christ . I'm cumming, baby, I'm cumming . ooooohhhh . aaaaaaggghhh!" he moaned. The dark-haired woman groaned beneath him as she felt the warm seating flood of his hot liquid sperm jetting deep up into the waiting depths of her love-starved vagina.

A delicious warmth spread through the whole inside of her sperm-hungry belly, a warmth that rapidly became a billowing ball of flame that made her cum again. It went on a seeming eternity, but finally he gave one last final groan and collapsed on her gasping body.

With the last of his strength Bob rolled slowly from the satiated woman beneath, his already shrinking penis slipping noisily from her semen-soaked vaginal slit.

They lay gasping side by side on the rumpled bed. Bill Reagan got up silently from his seat on the other side of the wall, feeling his now fully aroused penis pressing painfully up towards the belt of his trousers. He had all the pictures he wanted Later he would enjoy showing them to Mae and taunting her with questions about how it felt to be fucked by this young stud. But the most important thing was the power the pictures gave him over this smart aleck kid and his delectable little wife, Bill Reagan was positive now that he would soon be fucking her harder than she had ever been fucked before in her life.

An evil grin twisted his heavy lips. Chapter 4 The next morning the weather was very nice, and after Bob had left for the office Jill decided to do a little work in the garden again. So she put on her halter and tight white shorts and was soon out in the front yard, kneeling as she bent forward to loosen the earth around the roots of her favorite rose bushes. The young blonde housewife let her mind drift lazily from one subject to another as she worked and before long she found herself thinking about Bob, or rather, about her and Bob.

He had come home late last night, muttering something about having to work late at the office. He would have phoned he had said, but for some reason he couldn't get through on the line. And he had been in such a strange mood last night, so absent-minded and withdrawn.

Jill had feared a resumption of the bitter battle that had started that morning, the usual battle over sex, but Bob had never once brought it up, and she certainly was happy to let the whole nasty mess fade away.

Perhaps he had been feeling guilty last night, Jill mused. He certainly had been unusually solicitous. Usually when they had a fight the proud young man brooded for a day or two, but even though there hadn't been much conversation between them during the evening Bob had been kind and thoughtful when they did speak. Well, he should feel guilty, the blonde young housewife thought as she sunk her fingers into the rich warm earth, savoring the feel of it.

That scene yesterday morning was just too much! It was bad enough that he had to think up such filthy sexual perversions, but to try to make her a part of them was inexcusable. His own wife! Well, her mother had told her over and over again about men's animal nature, and mother had been right.

They only had one thing on their minds! Maybe it had been better in the old days when married men could go out to the houses of prostitution that flourished in every town and hire women to put up with their sick demands. At least that took some of the pressure away from their wives. Still . she remembered a little guiltily how she had begun to respond to Bob yesterday morning before he had forced his head so lewdly down between her thighs and rained those perverted kisses on her vagina.

She shuddered as an almost electric tingle rippled through her loins at the memory. The lovely young woman sat back on her heels, and her face became thoughtful.

She wondered . was she fighting too hard? Certainly it was commendable to try to live a moral life, but after all, she was a married woman. She remembered the love-filled pleasure she had experienced under Bob's strong young hands before they were married. It had all seemed so innocent then, and in her mind it an had seemed to point to some ultimate fulfillment of love and trust that would take place between her and her husband-to-be when they were finally married.

But the brutish animalistic reality of their wedding night had put an end to all that . or had it? Maybe the breach that had opened between her and her husband that night was healing. Maybe that's why it had felt so different yesterday morning as Bob had gently, thoughtfully brought her to a peak of passionate readiness that she hadn't even known could exist.

The horrid, lewd, sinful thought had already crept into her mind that when Bob had put his tongue . there . it had actually felt good. Jill felt little goose-bumps ripple over her skin as she dared for a moment to savor the forbidden memory. Maybe she wasn't as good as she thought. Maybe all those desires and passions that Bob called normal were slumbering somewhere deep down inside her just waiting for a chance to get out. It would certainly make life a lot easier, the pensive young housewife thought to herself.

That was the only real problem between herself and Bob. Yes, if she could just cut loose . and for just an instant she had a clear impression in her mind of the infinite possibilities of sheer sensual pleasure . "Oh," she cried and spun around on her heels. She had suddenly got the horrible feeling that someone was just behind her, And there was!

The young blonde froze in shock, her heart in her throat. She was eyeball to eyeball with a huge German shepherd, his massive head only inches from hers. And next to the shepherd were the trouser-clad legs of a man. Her eyes traveled upwards. "Oh, Mr. Reagan," she said a little breathlessly. "you gave me such a start. I didn't hear you come up at all." The man standing above Jill didn't say a word, just kept looking silently down at the kneeling young woman.

Jill was silent a moment too, not knowing what to say. Even though she didn't know Mr. Reagan very well she found it hard to like him. it was nothing she could put her finger on, no reason to dislike the older man, except maybe his eyes. They were so cold and cruel. Jill glanced back towards the dog. He hadn't moved an inch and she couldn't help but compare his eyes with those of his master. Yes, there was something frightening in those canine eyes, but it was a free animal wildness instead of the practiced callousness she always spreads her legs for the dildo Bill Reagan.

Jill felt more intimidated crouched down on the ground before her two unexpected guests, so she got quickly to her feet. Reagan continued looking at her for another moment then wet his lips to speak.

"We, uh, saw you workin' out here and thought we'd come over and visit a little." "We?" Jill asked. "Sure, me german teen fingers her pussy and squeeze her big perfect tits all naked Hector. He's been wanting to get to know you for a long time." The young blonde's hand automatically dropped to the head of the beautiful animal before her.

Strange how Mr. Reagan said "we" when he talked about the dog, almost as if he thought of him as human too. She absent-mindedly caressed Hector's ears while she thought and then flinched backwards as Hector stretched his head forward and rammed his nose up between her legs, sniffing.

"Haw, haw, told ya he wanted to get to know ya better," Reagan guffawed. Jill flushed crimson and decided that she definitely disliked Mr. Bill Reagan. Hector walked behind the angry young woman and repeated his performance from behind.

Then, satisfied, he came back around in front of Jill and sat down, looking up at her, his mouth open a little to give his tongue air. "Well I'll be damned, I think he likes you," Reagan said in honest surprise. "it isn't often he takes to someone so fast." And it was true.

There was something about this beautiful young human female that pleased the big dog. She smelled of kindness and patience and .

she smelled a little like Mae to Hector, and he was happy his master had brought him over here. Her personal victory with the dog had made Jill feel a little more tolerant of Bill Reagan. "It was nice of you to come over, Mr. Reagan," she said. "I'm afraid my husband and I don't get around the neighborhood much.

I guess we aren't very good neighbors." "Never too late to start," Reagan said. "But I do hear a lot of good things about your husband from Mae." "Mae?" said Jill. "Yeh, my niece. You musta seen her over at my place." Jill had seen a woman over at Fuck my girlfriend next tsleeping bff place.

A lovely dark-haired woman about twenty-seven or eight years old. "I didn't know my husband knew your niece," said the surprised young housewife. "Sure, they're thicker than fleas. Thought you knew. That's why Hector and I came over. We can see you when you're workin' out here in the garden and thought it just might be a good idea to get to know you a little better, seeing as how my niece and your husband are such good friends.

Jill flushed a little. It was embarrassing being told by a near stranger that your own husband was "thicker than fleas" with his niece, but more than that, she didn't like the idea of this coarse man watching her from across the street. And what was he getting at? Was he trying to intimate that there was something between Bob and, what was her name?

Mae? But that was too ridiculous! The old guy was probably just not very sophisticated in his mon ex avait un corps de recircve et eacutetait une vraie salope. He had probably seen Bob say hello to his niece one day and built it up in his mind.

But still, maybe she had better just check. "Well, it looks like my husband is a better neighbor than I am, Mr. Reagan," she said affably. "How long have they known each other?" "Oh, just a couple 'a days, I guess, but that husband of yours sure seems to have made a powerful impression on Mae. She was talkin' about him all morning." "All morning?" "Sure, about how nice he was to her last night." "Last night!" Jill said, unable to keep the shock out of her voice. So that's where Bob had been last night, and that was why he had seemed so guilty!

The confused young woman felt sick and dizzy for a moment and thought she might fall, but she used all her will power to pull herself together. Even so it was a moment longer before she could speak. An evil pleasure was seething through Bill Reagan.

It amused him to play the simpleton like this and seem to innocently betray to this woman her husband's indiscretions. But this proud little bitch was going to find out before very long that he was a lot smarter than he looked. Smart enough to have her laid out naked in front of him before very much longer if he played his cards right. "Well, Mr. Reagan," Jill managed bravely, "I hope I'll have a chance to meet your niece too, she really sounds like a lovely person." "Oh, she is, she is.

As I said, that's fucking storys sex stories pusssy alia butbutt sexy o' why Hector and I came on over.

We figured since Mae and your husband are such good friends, we should get to know you too. What do you think about that, Mrs. Anderson, or should I call you Jill?" The shocks were coming too thick and fast for the bewildered young bade. Was this coarse man actually getting fresh with her? No, it must be her imagination, he was simple and harmless enough. It was just that the shock of hearing about Bob and this . Mae . But wait a minute! She was being a little ridiculous to go jumping to conclusions this way.

Why listen to a near stranger, and one who seemed so odd? There probably was some rational explanation for all this, and she didn't want to act like some brainless ninny out of a soap opera. But she did know one thing. She was going to have this whole thing out with Bob as soon as he came home tonight! "Well, Mr. Reagan, Jill said firmly, "It's been nice talking to you but I do have a lot of things to do inside the house now, so I'll have to say goodbye.

Maybe we'll have a chance to talk again some day," she added a little coldly. A spasm of frustration shot through Reagan. Maybe he had overplayed his hand a little. Well he wasn't finished yet. The most important thing was to keep her talking.

"You know, you're a pretty lucky young couple. Mae was tellin' me all about that big investment outfit downtown that your husband works for and how he has a chance to become a vice-president." Reagan had beaten and coerced Mae this morning to get all of the information he could about anything Bob had told her last night.

That was a telling blow to Jill. Bob wanted to keep confidential his hopes for the vice-presidency and she thought she, his wife, was the only one who knew. But now it looked like he was passing the information out freely to the girls he met on the street. "Well thank you very much, Mr. Reagan," the unhappy young woman said, "but I really must go now." She started to turn toward the house but the neighbor's gruff voice stopped her in her tracks. "It's really too bad though that your husband is going to lose his job." "Wh-What did blue eyed teen fucks bf on camera pornjoliecom say?" Jill managed.

"You mean you didn't know?" Reagan asked in mock surprise. "Sure, he's gonna get fired this afternoon, sure as shootin'" "H-How do you know that?" Jill asked in confusion. "Why, because o' these pictures I got here." Reagan dipped his hand in his coat pocket and brought out a small flat packet. "As soon as I take these down to his boss, you're husband is gonna be lookin' for another job." "Why, I don't know what you're talking about.

Let me see that," and Jill made a grab for the packet, but Reagan pulled it back just out of reach. "Oh, I couldn't do that, Mrs.

Andersen," Reagan said. "I'm not supposed to show these to anyone but Mr. Aubrey." Jill's mind was spinning, It would kill Bob if anything happened to his job. It wouldn't make her any to happy either; she had been looking forward to the new aroused milf sucking teen cock with lust of comfort and luxury that would come their way if Bob got the promotion.

It might just be possible that this old simpleton had something damaging to Bob in that packet. She had to find out, so she made her voice softer and asked sweetly, "After all, Mr. Reagan, I'm his wife. Don't you think I have the right to see something that could affect my husband so much?" Reagan pretended to be thinking. "Well, I don't know. One thing's for sure, I wouldn't want to open this up right out here in the open.

Maybe in there ." he waved vaguely towards the front door of Jill's house. The young blonde hesitated a second. Under normal conditions she wouldn't let a man like this in the house with her, but this was an emergency.

And there was the dog. His presence somehow reassured the desperate young wife. "Then please come in, Mr. Reagan," she said anxiously and taking his arm she led him to the door. He seemed to resist a little but allowed himself to be coaxed, and Jill hubby bounces his wifersquos big ass off his thighs a sigh of relief when she petite hot victoria gets wet tight pussy banged hard last had him inside the living room.

"Now may I see what it is that you have?" she asked, holding out her hand. Reagan immediately handed her the packet, a strangely cruel grin coming over his face. Jill impatiently tore the wrapping open and pulled out the nearly two dozen glossy color photographs inside. "My God!" she exclaimed as she saw the first of them. It showed in lewd detail the bodies of a man and woman locked together in sexual intercourse. And the man was her own husband! "Like 'em baby?" Reagan asked in a harsh steely voice, very unlike the one he had used out in front of the house.

"They're . terrible," Jill gasped out as she looked at two or three others. She couldn't go on, her eyes were fastened with hypnotic intensity on a photograph that showed her husband's swollen penis disappearing deep up inside the wetly glistening pink vagina of a woman she recognized as Mr. Reagan's niece. "Terrible?" Reagan said sarcastically. "I think they're pretty damn good. It was hard as hell to get them to come out so well in that dim light." "You-You mean you took these yourself?" Jill asked unbelievingly.

"Damn right, baby, and I'm going to take them down to your precious husband's whimpy little boss." And Jill knew he meant it. Jill's mind reeled from the unbelievable revelations of the past few moments. She felt a terrible pain in her heart as she looked at these obscene pictures of her own husband wrapped tightly in a lewd sexual embrace with another woman. And the most painful thing was that she had only herself to blame.

Perhaps if she had been more understanding about his sexual needs he wouldn't have been driven to infidelity. Her stubbornness and her pride had helped bring their marriage to this. And even worse; because of this inexorable chain of events her husband was now going to lose the job he had worked so hard for. There would be no vice-presidency!

There would be no better life! And she was as much to blame as him! Guilt and jealousy and betrayal spun a mad dance in the young blonde's unhappy mind. What could she do? Was there any way to save her husband's position, because if he were fired under a cloud of disgrace she knew he would never be able to find another job in the investment field.

"Oh, Mr. Reagan," she pleaded, "please don't take those pictures to Mr. Aubrey. That would ruin my husband." "You're damn right, baby, and that's just what I'm after." "But why?" was her anguished plea. "Why? I'll tell you why," Reagan said self-righteously.

"Because that precious husband of yours snuck in my house and fucked my niece, and I'm going to see that he pays." "I won't sex big boobles sex com you do it," Jill cried and desperately tore the photographs in half.

Reagan just stood there and smiled while she continued to shred the pictures until only tiny pieces were left. He cooly smiled and drew another packet from his pocket. "Thought you might do that," he said, "so I made copies, and, of course, I have the negatives." Jill's beautiful blonde head fell forward in sobbing defeat, then she tried once again. "Won't you sell them to me, Mr. Reagan. I have some money saved, and I could make it well worth your while.

I'll give you a thousand dollars for the pictures and the negatives." "What! Sell the virtue of my niece for money," Reagan roared in mock anger. "What kind of person do you take me for?" He subsided a little and then slowly stroked his chin as if he had just got an idea. "There may be another way," he said thoughtfully.

"Oh, what?" the desperate young wife asked. "I'll do anything to keep those pictures from Mr. Aubrey." "Anything?" Reagan said, and a leering grin slowly spread over his heavy features.

It was a moment before Jill began to suspect what he meant and her hand went to her throat in horror. "An eye for an eye," Reagan said menacingly. "Your husband fucked my niece, I'll fuck his wife." "No! I could never do a thing like that!" Jill gasped out.

"Anything else, I'll do anything else, but not that!" "Sorry baby, it's that or nothing," the big man said. He slipped the packet back in his pocket and started for the door. "Wait!" Jill said in anguish. "You can't go, you can't do that to my husband!" Reagan turned just in front of the door.

"Change your mind?" he asked. "I-I don't know," Jill said weakly. "Just don't go yet." She walked shakily over to the liquor cabinet and reached for the bottle of bourbon. She set a glass down on the counter top and, with trembling hands, poured it nearly full of the amber liquid. With a shudder she raised the glass to her quivering lips and took a long drink, then coughed as the burning liquor poured searingly down her throat.

The distraught young woman gratefully felt an almost immediate numbness creep through her body and she took another drink. When the glass was empty she poured it full again.

Could she do it? Could she give herself sexually to this horrible man? Maybe if she had enough to drink. After all, she owed it to her husband to try to protect his future any way she could. And sacrificing herself to this . animal might be the only way to atone for her past behavior in denying her husband his conjugal rights.

She poured herself one last drink and downed it almost without stopping for air. Then, drawing in a deep breath she slowly turned to face Reagan. "All right, Mr.

Reagan," she said with as much dignity as she could muster. "I'll do what you say if you promise not to take those pictures to Mr.

Aubrey." Reagan smiled in triumph and made a low mocking bow. "I was hoping you'd see it my way," and he waved his arm towards the bedroom door. "After you, my dear." The defeated young woman walked quickly into the bedroom, not wanting to give herself too much time to think. A lump rose in her throat as she looked down at the king-sized bed she shared with her husband, a feeling of sacrilege coming over her.

The door closed behind them, and she turned to see that she was now shut into the bedroom with her horrible neighbor and his German shepherd. "Is the dog going to be here when you .?" she asked in surprise and revulsion. "Of course," Reagan said with a grin. "He goes everywhere with me. He hasn't left my side for years." It seemed the final blow to the proud young blonde that her humiliation would be witnessed by anyone, even a dog.

"Okay, enough playing around," Reagan said in his harsh voice. "Get those clothes off and let's see what you look like in the nude." With these words the big man started to unbuckle his own belt while he kicked his shoes off. Jill pressed herself tightly back against the wall as she watched him stripping his clothes from his body. This was it. It was no longer something that was going to happen; it was happening.

She wanted to close her eyes and shut out the horror, but she was too frightened that he would move toward her without her knowing it.

In just a few seconds Reagan stood in front of her completely naked, his thick hard cock already standing out from his belly, looking like the heavy shaft of some medieval weapon. He turned to face her and with a lewd grin on his lips began stroking the heavy uncircumcised foreskin back and forth over the hard bulbous head. "Like that honey?" he smiled, obviously enjoying the brutal torment he was subjecting her to.

Jill could see the cruel glint of sadism glowing in his ugly little eyes like a burning ember and she felt like a trapped insect being drawn into the flame.

"Bet your husband never had anything like that to stuff in you," he said, continuing his tormenting of the horrified girl, gleefully watching the contorted expressions of paralyzing fear cross over her lovely young face. Jill was completely frozen against the wall as she watched the lewd man still stroking himself before her. Against her will her eyes dropped again to the hard fleshy penis he held in his hand.

God, it was so thick! In spite of her fear the mesmerized young woman found herself wondering how any woman could take such a monstrously large thing inside her without being split completely apart. His eagerly throbbing penis was big and he knew it, and Reagan stood for a moment longer reveling in the fear the size of his fully erect penis was bringing to her eyes. He started slowly toward her.

"D-Don't touch me," Jill finally managed to stammer through her paralyzing fear. She knew it was too late for escape, that she had agreed to let this horrible man ravish her helpless body but still something in her cried out against it. "Are you gonna take off those clothes or do I have to do it for you?" Jill stood motionless, all hope gone.

There was nothing she could do against his brutal strength. She was alone and completely at his mercy to do with as he wished. He reached out his thick meaty hands and with a quick jerk drew her quaking young body suddenly against him, cupping her face in his palms. With an evil triumphant leer he pressed his wet lips tightly down over hers and thrust his tongue into the depths of her mouth. The horrified young blonde stood limply in front of him, feeling his hard naked penis digging into her quivering stomach.

A last faint thought of trying to tear herself away from this brute flickered feebly through her mind but faded with the new xxx sexi hot movie sex stories of his fingers digging into the sides of her face. "That's a girl," he breathed into her mouth. "The old man's gonna do it to you nice and easy." The trapped young bride was dimly aware of his hands leaving her face and snaking around to the snap at the back of her halter.

With one quick jerk he opened it, and Jill gasped as she felt shy arab girl mia khalifa popped a fans cherry rush of cool air against her suddenly naked skin. She heard her tormentor mutter a loud sigh of lusty appreciation as the halter fell to the floor and her full white breasts burst free.

Reagan dropped to his knees in front of her as she swayed above him, hooking his fingers in the elastic waistband of her shorts and panties and pulled them slowly down over her softly rounded buttocks before letting them drop in a meager pile around her ankles.

There was nothing left. She stood nakedly defenseless before him while he kneeled panting in front of her. Nausea came over the young wife and she swayed dangerously, almost losing her balance as she felt his wetly heated lips pressing tightly into the sensitive flesh of her belly. The sudden wet contact of his tongue gouging into her navel sent a chill racing the length of her spine, and she automatically reached forward, locking her hands in his hair to keep from falling.

Reagan mistook this for a sign of sexual surrender and dropped his lips to her lower abdomen, spreading her soft blonde pussy hair with his thumbs and flicking his tongue lizard-like into her moistly flowering vaginal slit. Jill jumped from the sudden electrifying contact with her tiny budding clitoris, and losing her balance, fell back towards the bed.

The edge of the mattress caught her behind the knees and she sprawled flat on her back, her legs opening wide as she landed. Bill Reagan leaped forward and caught her in that position as she kicked to close her legs.

He clamped his sweating palms against the soft insides of her thighs and held her there, legs spread wide apart, eyes open in abject terror. She struggled to close her legs, but it was a hopeless one-sided battle. Looking down through the deep cleft between her high upstanding breasts the young blonde could see him hunched on all fours between her widespread thighs grinning up at her like a beast of prey about to pounce on some fear-stricken victim.

Her naked vaginal flesh was presented up to his leering face in defenseless sacrifice, As the terrified girl lay frozen to the mattress, her humiliation complete, she watched Reagan's thick tongue slowly circling his lips in nervous preparation for the ravishment about to take place.

Oh God! This was a thousand times worse than what Bob had tried to do to her. She silently screamed, wanting to escape, but fear held her frozen. Again he placed his palms flat against the insides of her thighs, his thumbs resting on the soft fleshy flanges of her fearfully cringing cunt. Then with a slow torturing outwards movement he drew the ragged pink tips slowly apart exposing the moistly quivering slit to his merciless gaze.

He looked at it greedily for a moment and then with an animal-like groan dropped his head and buried his long slippery tongue full length into the warm throbbing walls of her pussy. The horrified young wife jerked, a soul-searing moan escaping from deep in her chest while her buttocks ground down into the mattress in a futile attempt to escape this maddening assault of her helpless genitals. "Oh God! Ooooooh. No, you mustn't . Ooooooooohhh!" she whimpered under his depraved attack.

Her head was up off the mattress watching this nightmare in horrified disbelief as his head began rocking up and down in greedy feast between her widespread legs below.

"It can't be, it can't be," she groaned over and over to herself in undisguised humiliation. Jill's head fell back on the mattress and flailed helplessly from side to side as his tongue began lewdly fucking in and out of her involuntarily dilating vaginal lips.

Reagan's hands groped up over her flat little belly and dug harshly into the soft warmth of breasts, his fingers rolling the hardening nipples between them in unrelenting fury.

As his mouth and tongue worked animal-like, slobbering over her widespread cunt, his eyes remained wide open, watching in arrogant delight the contortions of her face up through the quivering white mounds of her breasts. He was waiting, waiting for the first signs of her body's total surrender to his tongue and lips. Jill lay frozen in abject submission to the depraved outrages he was subjecting her helplessly trapped body to.

There was nothing she could do and great tears of humiliation and shame welled in her eyes. Random pictures of her husband flickered through her mind as she listened to the vile wet sucking sounds Bill Reagan was making as he licked and sucked her wetly pulsating vagina. Oh God, how could she ever face her husband again after allowing her body to be used by this cruel body and cum hole need stimulation hardcore and russian stranger hunched on all fours down between her cruelly spread legs?

He was defiling her as she had never thought possible, humiliating her beyond her wildest imagination, and there was nothing she could do but lie beneath him and accept any degradation he wanted to force on her without so much as a scream in protest.

And no matter how unfair it was, it was inexcusable when a woman was unfaithful to her husband, whatever the circumstances. She was shamed, ruined! Oh God, why did Bob have to make love to his niece? Why did he have to deceive his own wife and leave her at the mercy of this lust crazed beast? Jill had never felt so alone and helpless in her entire life. Reagan kept his eyes locked on his victim's beautiful face as he continued his torturing tongue-thrusts deep up into her warmly quivering cunt.

He watched the helpless tears falling over her cheeks with cruel satisfaction. The goddamn little bitch, this would teach her to run around in her yard with those sexy shorts on, teasing the hell out of a man. So, she thought she was too good for the likes of him, he thought bitterly, giving an extra hard thrust with his tongue.

Well, he'd show her. Before the day was over she'd be crawling to him on her knees begging for more. And by God, she'd get it, more than she could handle! Chuckling softly to himself the big man brought his hands down and pushed them under the backs of her knees.

He lifted her legs and pushed them up over her voluptuous young body so the kneecaps touched her breasts and exposed her whole vaginal plane to his lustful gaze. This would get her, he thought, grinning as he flicked the tip of his tongue into her tightly puckered anus, nestled just below the gaping mouth of her hair-lined cunt. The unexpected wet searing contact with the sensitive rubbery opening brought a long low moan of humiliated anguish from Jill's tortured lips.

She clenched her eyes tightly shut and her lips bared back over her teeth from the electric sensation that went racing out of control through her sensually awakening body. "Oooooooh, God, don't, please don't," she whimpered, trying desperately to screw her buttocks back down from the hotly flicking tongue licking without mercy at her puckering anal ring.

Reagan's only answer was a lewd chuckle and a further stab into the tight fleshy ring. "Aaaaaggh," Jill groaned again as small goose-bumps of erotic pleasure rippled across her heaving belly and softly quivering breasts. To her growing horror she began to realize that in spite of her terror and revulsion at the obscene things Reagan was doing to her, tiny wisps of forbidden delight were starting to ripple deep down in her belly.

Oh God, she thought in despair, that would be the ultimate humiliation, to have her body respond to this monster's obscene caresses. She would never let that happen, she vowed; and gritting her teeth with determination, she rigidly surpressed every bit of sensation inside her plundered body.

Reagan looked up in surprise as he felt her go cold and dead on him. What the hell had happened? He knew damn well she had been on the verge of surrendering completely to his unwanted stimulation. One look at her set determined face was enough to give him his answer. He would get no response from her now even if he cut her up into pieces! A blinding flash of rage went through the thwarted ravager's cruel mind. It would just not be the same if she lay there stoically enduring all he did to her.

The victory would be hers, not his. He almost reached out to hit the cold young housewife, but then an idea came to him.

"Hector," he called sharply as he turned back towards his giant companion. The big dog alertly responded.

Earlier, he had obediently gone to one comer of the room to lie down, knowing his master seldom liked to be disturbed at times like this. All the same, it had upset the handsome animal as he watched Reagan strip the clothes from the beautiful woman who had smelled so nice out on the lawn. Having mounted many women by now, Hector no longer had any desire for females of his own species.

There was something infinitely more exciting about the smooth white human bodies that tiled him with an overpowering animal lust whenever he saw them naked before him. Nevertheless, Hector had forced himself to he quietly while his master dropped down on his knees, Ms head plunging towards that warmly scented hole up between his new friend's full white thighs.

The dog was a little confused by the conflicting odors of fear and sex in the room, but he had experienced that before when his master got his cruel hands on a woman. Hector leaped to his feet when Reagan called, xxx sel tt story sex stories 2019 sure what the big man wanted, his ears pointing forward expectantly his muscles bunched tightly waiting for a command.

"Get over here," Reagan growled, "and lick this bitchy cunt light out of her mind." Reagan's meaty fingers spread open Jill's wetly throbbing pussy-lips for the dog to see and moved out of the way so the big animal could crowd in between the determined girl's now rigid thighs. Jill lay stiffly still, staring fixedly at the ceiling, aware that Reagan had stopped mouthing her genitals but determined to pay no attention to anything he might do.

Suddenly a wetly burning sensation of unbelievable proportions burst at the lips of the girl's vagina and sent a bolt of wild pleasure careening insanely over her shuddering nerve-paths.

Her back arched automatically and a low gurgling moan came from her lips. Then it happened again, even more overpowering this time, causing her muscles to spasm uncontrollably. Jill looked up in awe, searching for the source of this incredible stimulation that was tearing her body from her and saw to her horror Hector's long wet tongue shoot out for a third time and bury its burning wetness far up inside the sensitive folds of her wildly fluttering pussy.

The dog licked on and on, his huge tongue parting the soft pink vaginal flesh as if it were made of butter, digging deep, deep into the fearfully cowering young wife's most intimate recesses. Jill sobbed helplessly before this unnatural attack, and suddenly, in spite of all her determination she felt her sensually awakening body begin to desert her. Her buttocks jerked involuntarily towards that beautifully licking tongue which was sending helpless waves of delicious sensation coursing over her raw nerves.

"Oh no . No . I can't, I can't!" she cried as the cruel realization of her loss of control suddenly hit her with its fun impact, bunging further cries of shame and humiliation at the thought, not only of this perverted act being forced on her, but the even more frightening and shameful realization that her traitorous young body was suddenly enjoying it.

She clenched her teeth tightly together and fought with all her will against the flashing sparks of sensation between her legs that threatened to burst into sudden uncontrollable flame and devour her in her helplessness.

But it was a losing battle and she knew it as the big dog continued to lick ceaselessly at her naked cuntal flesh. And then . after a long moment of desperate struggle within her tortured and confused mind---the dam burst! The blonde young beauty's shamelessly aroused body jerked once and then began a slow abandoned movement up against that thrusting tongue.

Her hands reached up automatically to seize the great German shepherd by the ears and pull his long slippery tongue deeper into her quivering widespread cunt. Forgotten were the thoughts of her husband, forgotten was the humiliation.

All that mattered now were the delicious shafts of pleasure racing through her flesh like tiny lances of an unbelievably beautiful fire. Reagan stood by the bed lewdly stroking his thick pulsating penis as he grinned down at the moaning young bride's helpless surrender to the dog's obscene licking of her tight little pussy.

He watched in delight as Hector's relentless tongue sliced through the soft blonde pubic hair, moist now from the obscene mixture of vaginal secretions and canine saliva. Jill's hips ground up into the animal face above her in a mindless hypnotic rhythm of Just. She was lost now, Reagan gloated while he excitedly watched the wantonness twist her lovely face. Yes, by God, it wouldn't be long, he sensed with excitement, until he rammed it deep into that tight little cunt of hers and shot his eager sperm all the way up into her belly.

He could not help laughing as he watched his Own dog lapping this arrogant little cunt into an abject whimpering submission. By God, she wasn't too good for him anymore, she was just a little bitch screaming to be fucked by any cock she could get her hands on.

Well, he gloated with obscene delight, she'd get it alright . and get it good! Chapter 5 Jill squirmed and bucked under the maddening torture of that flicking animal tongue until she thought her pounding heart would burst through her ribs. A strange growing pressure she had never in her whole life felt before was building somewhere deep up inside her heaving belly, and she knew vaguely that she was probably approaching orgasm.

It would be the first time ever for her and the eager young wife felt it coming nearer with trembling anticipation, her hands frantically guiding the dog's big head deeper and deeper between her wildly bucking thighs.

Oh, oh, it was almost here, just another second, a few more burning swipes of that fabulous tongue . And then . then . it was gone! "W-What?" she said in surprise, lifting her head from the pillow, needing to know what had caused that terrible absence between her legs. With a groan of dismay, she saw that Reagan had his hands wrapped tightly in Hector's collar, pulling hard, trying to drag the animal away from her frantically quivering pussy.

"Goddamn it, get out of there," the big man snarled at the reluctant dog. Jill could now see that the animal's huge scarlet penis had begun to protrude in expectation from the hairy sheath below his belly, and a tremor of lewd fear swept over her.

Oh God, she needed, she needed . something . anything, to quench this burning fire up inside her love- starved vagina. She twisted helplessly in passionate hunger on the mattress, moaning - fighting the insane urge to dig her fingers deep into her own hungering vaginal flesh. "Oh God, W-Why did you take him away? Let him finish, let him finish . I almost . she pleaded in delirium. "Hold on baby," Reagan leered. "I got just what you need." "Oh, please hurry, please hurry," Jill begged, hardly knowing what she was saying, aware only of this new need, this new craving that had invaded her hopelessly aroused body and made it a complete stranger to her.

She pressed her thighs tightly together to try to contain the fire that burned within, but the pressure against her passionately swollen cuntal lips only made her groan in increased frustration. Hector made one last lunge towards Jill, his own passion further ignited by the pleading tone of her words. "Goddamn it, I told you to get over there!" Reagan roared and for the first time in his life he kicked the dog.

Hector howled in pain and disbelief and for an instant a terrible rage filled his fierce heart. All his animal instincts told him to attack this cruel man who had kicked him, who was tearing him from the pleading female writhing nakedly on the bed. But his training proved stronger and, after a moment's hesitation, the big dog slunk back over to the comer and lay down. In an effort to still his rage he put Ms massive head meekly on his paws, but a terrible bitterness was growing inside him, a bitterness strange to the loyal animal.

Reagan turned towards Jill, his eyes blazing. Despite her need, pickedup amateur fucked and jizzed for cash wildly excited young blonde closed her eyes for a moment to shut out the humiliation of lying naked and defenseless under his cold cruel gaze. It would have been far better with the dog, she thought. "Okay, baby, now I'm gonna fuck ya," Reagan breathed hoarsely and moved toward her.

Jill lay still, her thighs still open wide, her own breath rasping painfully in her throat. Once more her eyes fixed on that huge pole of flesh jutting from Reagan's belly, and her stomach quivered and heaved as though it were already sunk deep inside her. She lay hypnotized as that huge pulsating organ approached closer and closer, paralyzed like a bird frozen with fear before the slithering attack of a snake.

Reagan bent down over her nakedly trembling young body and fastened his teeth harshly into the nipple of her heaving left breast. The weeping blonde bride groaned and attempted to twist away from that sudden sharp torture, but his hands held her tight, playing over her soft thighs and hips.

As his lips roamed wetly over the white palpitating mounds, a blissful twitch descended feather-like to her loins below and the half- smothered girl once again felt her treacherous buttocks begin a slow impatient grinding down into the mattress.

"I got a hot one on my hands," Reagan chortled as his lips slithered over the most sensitive parts of her body, his eyes hard with a strange mixture of greed and desire.

"I'm gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before. You're gonna twist and squirm when this cock of mine sinks into your belly. You're gonna beg and scream for it." Jill froze under the prodding of his obscene words, their very lewdness strangely exciting her.

But still she struggled within herself against this final surrender that would mean her total subjugation. "Open up, honey, I'm comin' in," Reagan leered in triumph above her, and knowing she had no other choice, quivering half in fear, half in anticipation, the helpless young wife spread her thighs obediently. Reagan levered up over her, his arms stiff, his hands on her shoulders. Then reaching down with one hand, he guided Ws eagerly throbbing cock forward with his fingers and used the thick rubbery head to part her hair-lined vaginal lips.

The terrified girl turned her head to one side on the mattress, closing her eyes with a shudder as she felt his throbbing cock-head make contact against the sensitive outer flesh of her pussy. She held her breath for what seemed an eternity, not daring to breathe, lying still in utter subjugation before him. It was out of her hands now, no more decisions to make.

Whatever would happen, would happen. "Ooooooooh," she breathed as she felt a harsh pressure nudging against her tightly elastic vaginal opening. He pushed. "Aaaaaagh," she moaned as the lust-swollen tip slipped through, cruelly stretching her vagina until Jill felt as though her thighs would split apart from the relentless pressure. With that sharp searing pain all the accumulated passion fled from her system, and now she only roos xxx 2019 full storybrazzers to escape the horrible impalement that lay ahead.

"Oh, God no, please, you're hurting me, you're hurting me!" Jill was suddenly screaming almost at the top of her voice.

Wide-eyed with fear she saw Reagan grin sadistically above her. Oh God, he was killing her and enjoying it! He was enjoying watching her suffer as she writhed beneath the slow relentless penetration of her almost virginal vagina!

Suddenly the grin on his face faded to be replaced by a took of sheer raw lust. Christ, the big man thought to himself, he couldn't stand it any more. The sight of this panting moaning young wife spread-eagled beneath him with his massive cock-head disappearing into her pussy-hair was driving him almost insane. He had to fuck her, he had to, and quick! And with that he fell forward, his weight smashing her full firm breasts back against her chest.

In the same movement he thrust his hips forward and his long thick cock tore into her tight little cunt like a raging freight train, pushing her moistly heated vaginal flesh before it in tippling waves, sliding in with one smooth rush until with a loud smack his sperm-laden balls smacked into her tightly clenched ass- cheeks. "Oh God, Oh God!" the tortured girl cried beneath him.

She had never been so filled in her life, and his hotly throbbing cock felt as though it had ripped her vagina into a thousand tiny shreds. He had speared into her without mercy or concern for injury and now his long impaling rod of male flesh lay sunk deep in her pain-wracked belly, filling it to the bursting point. There wasn't one tiny fleshy ridge on that fiery shaft that she could not feel as it pressed tightly into her, enclosed in her moist warm cuntal sheath like a sword that had been sliced cruelly into it's helpless victim's belly.

Jill lay still, afraid to move because of the pain it might bring, aware that Reagan was hovering motionless above her. Neither made a sound for a long moment until suddenly the fearfully tensed girl felt a throb deep up inside as Reagan flexed his lust-thickened penis, jerking it another inch up into her burning vagina.

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"Uhhhhhhh," she grunted freakmob media virgo peridot gets a creampie from bbc, her face contorting with this new pain. "Told ya I'd stretch out that tight little cunt for ya," he said tormentingly above her, then he flexed again. "Aaaaaaggggghhhh," she groaned more deeply this time, the cords in her neck standing out starkly. "Like it?" Reagan grinned down in lewd delight at the tormented expression on her face.

There was no answer. "Like it, I said?" he snarled more menacingly this time, flexing again. "Oooooooohhh, yes, yes," she cried, afraid to offend him.

The pain was unbearable. "Beg then," he hissed contemptuously above her. "W-What?" was all the anguished girl could manage. "Beg me!" he said with greater arrogance. "Beg you for what?" Jill asked pitifully in terrified confusion. "Beg me to fuck you, now!" and he throbbed his hardened thickness deep up inside her belly once again. "Oooooh, God, no, don't, don't, I can't, I can't!" Jill fought with all her courage to escape this ultimate humiliation, knowing it would be the final surrender, and she would never be able to escape the terrible memory of it.

Her pride was the only thing she had left and she must never let it go. This vile man had taken everything big tit blonde riley steele takes a big dick in her perfect ass, including her fidelity to her husband.

Yes, everything else was gone, gone. She couldn't let him have the pleasure of hearing her beg too, she lesbian blondes touching bodies passionately in bed tube porn couldn't.

But he flexed deeper in her, digging his fingers painfully into her shoulders at the same time. "Do it, bitch," he commanded. "Beg!" She cringed before the savage fire burning in his eyes. "Oh God," she sobbed helplessly, her resistance broken by her pain and helplessness. "Do it to me, do it to me." "Not like that, say 'fuck me,'" he demanded. "Oh, fuck me!" she hissed through tightly clenched teeth, tears gushing from her eyes as she spat out the lewd obscene words.

Her humiliation and degradation were now complete! She had let herself lose control over all she knew was right, and she wished she were dead. Never again would she know the innocence that had still been hers only this morning. She was an adulterous whore now, she was lost! The bitter words bored into her mind---whore, whore!

There was no hope, nothing mattered but that huge fleshy shaft buried deep up inside her adulterous vagina. Well if that's the way it had to be she would accept it, surrender herself to it and let it bring from her the pleasures she had denied herself all her life.

Just like the whore she now was! Bill Reagan sensed the loss of the last remaining ounce of resistance and self-respect left in his victim's soul.

Clamping his wet lips suddenly right down over her mouth he began a slow rocking motion between her widespread thighs. He could feel her tight narrow pussy passage widening slightly with each short smooth stroke, and he knew it shouldn't take long now to turn this innocent young bride into a raw squealing mass of helpless desire. He had sensed this by the way she had responded to Hector's tongue.

This little bitch might think she was a sweet conservative wife, faithful to her husband, but underneath all that sexual conservatism Reagan had detected a latent hot streak that had just never been turned on before. Well, he'd turn it on today and he could think of nothing better than to have a sexy little bitch like this in the neighborhood so that he could sneak over and grab a piece whenever he got the urge.

Jill's body began to involuntarily react. There was no longer any reason to fight the lewd flames of desire coursing through her veins, the battle had already been lost, and even the humiliating thought of her total surrender sent perverse chills running along the base of her spine as she felt the slow rhythm of Bill Reagan's long thick cock skewering wetly up into her flowering cuntal flesh.

Her whole body nakedly twitched and writhed beneath him, and she groaned incessantly up into the moistness of his mouth, shoving her tongue with sudden abandon deep into his throat. Low hums of passionate servile acceptance spilled from her in torrents as her face contorted with passion, mouth working, neck straining, nostrils flared, a light sweat breaking out on her forehead under the now disheveled blonde hair. Reagan slipped his hands down her sides and slid them under the naked globes of her sensuously moving buttocks, digging his fingers harshly into the soft warm flesh.

He remembered with lust-inciting clarity the tight shorts she had worn so often out in the front yard as well as the thoughts he had had of holding her like this, and the realization that her beautiful little ass-cheeks were now his to do with as he wished drove him to greater frenzy.

Her pumping young buttocks were flexing and unflexing, jerking under his fingers as he pressed cruelly into them. With a groan the big man pulled the moaning young wife harder up into Ws loins and felt her thighs open a little more in response, her moist cunt flowering open to receive his pistoning cock deeper and deeper up inside her belly.

The abandoned young housewife realized the pain was gone now, and her legs on either side of the madly impaling shaft were jerking and quivering in uncontrolled abandon.

She kept her eyes closed and worked her wet tongue up into Reagan's mouth, all the while mewling soft sounds of velvety pleasure.

In her neck and thighs the tendons stood out hard and tense yanks milf masturbation ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions she writhed in complete wantonness beneath her tormentor, nothing in her mind but the delicious sensation of lying beneath this stranger who was fucking her against her will .

and now she wanted to give back to him the same pleasure he was giving her. Slaving above her, Reagan moved suddenly into longer smoother strokes that brought his rigidly pulsating cock almost all the way out of her tight clasping vagina on the out-stroke.

Then he began thrusting forward into her eagerly uplifted buttocks until awesome gf is getting nailed doggy style could feel his balls slap harshly against her unprotected anus. To cause the young wife further humiliation, Reagan slid his hand down over her frantically pumping buttocks, searching for her tiny puckered anus cradled so invitingly below.

He found its muscular warmth and could feel the puckering little anal mouth working rhythmically with the movements of her buttocks as they pushed up against his loins.

With a quick jab of his outstretched finger the cruel rapist pushed in hard, feeling the rubbery flesh yield before his attack.

"Ooooooh, the surprised girl gasped, the sound tumbling from her lips in painful protest. Reagan thrust sunny 2 xxx full sex storiessunny leone full sex stories xxx, taking pleasure in her sounds of pain. "Ooooooooooohhh! She groaned louder this time at the further outrage against her defenseless rectum, but there was no respite.

Reagan worked his finger around inside, stretching her hot spongy flesh wider and wider as he ground into her. He inserted another finger and felt the last resistance give way as he rammed his extended fingers into the soft warm depths, listening with delight as the twisting girl's sharp cries of pain slowed into gentle whimpers. Gradually she began to moan with pleasure as her anus slowly became accustomed to the unnatural invasion.

Reagan smiled triumphantly into her wetly sucking mouth as lie felt the now delirious young wife begin tentatively screwing her buttocks back onto his fingers while he probed around inside her tight rectal opening. She was now hopelessly impaled between his massive throbbing cock in her vagina and the two fingers shoved tightly into her rectum.

Mewling beneath him, she began twisting and squealing in utter abandon under the double ravishment of her loins. The sweating Reagan slid his other hand up from Jill's pumping buttocks to the point where his lust-thickened cock was fucking wetly in and out of her tight young pussy to feel her soft hair-lined folds of flesh clinging to his pistoning hardness. He fondled and played with her moistly quivering pussy-lips without slowing his jackhammer strokes, while he brought wilder moans of abandoned sensation from her passion- twisted lips.

He was almost going out of his mind now at the feet of her widening vaginal passage flowering in greedy desire as her hot little cunt tried to swallow the whole of his long thick hardness. The sweating Reagan quickened his thrusts while the girl's sex-maddened body undulated wildly beneath him, making each new stroke hot and pulsating and deep. She was getting ready to cum, there was no doubt about it as her legs jerked up on either side of him, her back beginning to arch.

With a wet popping sound he ripped Ms fingers from her rectum and put his hands behind her knees, forcing them up and over so that her kneecaps were pressed tightly down into the mattress on either side of her head, rolling her into a helpless ball of primordial lust. Her wide-stretched young pussy was completely open to him now as his pile-driving loins smacked brutally into her hot fleshy slit.

"Oh, oh, oh," the wild-eyed blonde wife chanted rhythmically beneath him, her face contorted in an unrecognizable mask of completely' abandoned passion. Muttering obscenities, the laboring Reagan quickened his stroke, grinding hard and deep, boring far up into her secret hidden recesses, searching out the most secret comers of her womb.

Her large fleshy breasts below heaved and quivered and their tiny hardened nipples seemed so elongated now they looked as if they were about to pop from her flesh.

Suddenly the nakedly moaning young bride shivered under him! He. looked down and saw her glazed eyes open in a, blind, frightened, half- comprehending stare. "Oh God," she shrieked. "Oh God! I'm cumming . cumming . Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!" And then he felt her wildly twitching cunt open up and a warm wet flood gush out around his pistoning cock.

Reagan thrust faster, digging deep, deep up inside her rippling belly, wanting her to remember this all her life. Bucking madly, the wailing girl jerked up towards him several times, her cuntal lips nibbling and sucking at his thick pistoning penis as if she were trying to milk him dry.

This added stimulation drove Reagan to new heights of passion, and he made one last desperate thrust into the mass of convulsing pussy flesh beneath him. Suddenly he felt an explosion deep in his drum-tight balls as a burning stream of molten sperm shot madly the length of his madly jerking cock, jetting wetly far up into her quivering cuntal passage.

Their combined juices mingled lewdly for a moment far up inside her womb and then gushed out white and thick around the base of his still ejaculating penis. Jill shuddered one last time, lost in the joy of her first orgasm, feeling as if she had been rocketed to some fabulous new universe, all shooting stars and fiery suns. She hung in this magic land for a moment and then went suddenly limp, her legs splaying obscenely out on either side of Reagan's still pumping form.

The ecstatic young housewife's naked body was beaten and bruised as it had never been before, but she felt complete, satiated, a whole woman at last. For long moments she lay in her private paradise until her bubble was burst by Reagan's smirking comment.

"Ya like it, baby?" With a sickening wrench Jill remembered where she was and who was lying on top of her, his thick penis still buried deep up inside her gently palpitating vagina. A feeling of nausea came over her as she realized what a disgusting picture she must make with her legs obscenely spread and her breasts smashed flat by the heavy weight that lay upon her like a smothering stone.

She had been fucked and fucked good, just as he had said she would be, but right now all the exhausted young woman wanted was to katie morgan brings a new definition to sex left alone with this crude creature out of her house so that she could try to find some way to come horny and wild fake penis playing pornstar and hardcore terms with her own reawakening conscience.

"Yes, Mr. Reagan," she said coldly. "I liked it. Now please go, I think you have everything from me you wanted." "Why, is that any way to talk to a neighbor and bedmate?" Reagan mocked. Nevertheless, he rolled heavily from her aching body, his limp depleted cock slithering wetly with an obscene popping noise from her forever stretched cunt. The humiliated young woman lay silently, not even attempting to cover her nakedness as her ravisher slowly pulled his clothes back on.

Finally he was ready, and he turned to his dog. "Come on, Hector," he called. "I think we've about wore out our welcome here," and he laughed raucously as he started towards the door. "Wait a moment," Jill cried out, propping herself up on her elbows, her legs still lewdly open.

"What about the pictures? You said you would give them to me." "Oh, no, baby, I only said I wouldn't take them down to your beloved husband's boss, not today anyway.

And just to play fair with you, if I ever do get an urge to go see the old goat, I'll stop over to see you first. Who knows, maybe we'll be able to make another deal." The shocked young housewife lay there in disbelieving horror.

Had it all been for nothing, this obscene abuse of her body? Would this horrible man use the threat of those pictures to force her to give in to his depravities again and again? In her despair she was unable to say another word as Reagan walked jauntily out the bedroom door giving her one last mocking wave of his brawny arm.

Hector followed reluctantly, turning his big head once in the doorway to look longingly at the naked girl stretched out in unwanting provocation on the bed. Chapter 6 Jill lay there for nearly an hour, letting her mind slowly sort itself out, not wanting to rush her thoughts.

Never having been so aroused or climaxed before in her life, the satiated young blonde was amazed that it took so long for her body to come completely down from such a high plateau of sexual stimulation. For nearly a half hour she felt little tremors and quivers of left-over passion deep up inside her plundered genitals and her warmly tingling breasts were still swollen and tender.

Eventually a strange lassitude crept over her and she almost fell asleep. It was only by exerting all of her will power that the tired young blonde forced herself back to full consciousness, knowing she had a lot to straighten out. The decisions she made in the next hour undoubtedly would have an enormous effect on the entire rest of her life.

Strange how clear her mind was. There was no lingering horror in her mind of the events of the last couple of hours, just a touch of disgust at Reagan's crudeness. She'd been fucked! Yes, fucked!

It was possible to use the word now without the revulsion it had previously kindled in her. She'd been fucked---she'd responded she'd cum! She was just like the rest of womankind, no longer in her special little world. In a kind of detached awe Jill's mind returned to the incredible sensations she had experienced in her passion, the experiences Bob had promised her but that she had never had the courage to reach out for. Well, no wonder, she thought, it was like blowing up a dam and letting out the raging flood waters, or touching off the trigger of a bomb.

A lot of destruction could be released along with the passion. How much easier and simpler life was without letting oneself be buffeted and tossed by the incredible waves of hunger and longing and lust that she had just been through.

Or was it easier? Jill thought to herself, her arms locked behind her blonde head, her eyes staring thoughtfully up at the ceiling.

A tingling feeling in her breath made her conscious that they were being pulled tautly upwards and she let herself like it. Hadn't this savagery---this wantonness---been locked up in her all the time, seething just below the surface, the tenseness growing in her as the pressure built and built over the years. The only way to hold that waiting explosion in was to grow a thicker and thicker shell, like some of the tight, bitter old maids she had met.

No, it was obviously better to let it all out, Jill thought, but God, not with Reagan! And his dog! If it could only have been her beloved Bob instead of her gross neighbor who had finally had her twisting and groveling and begging for more beneath his massive cock.

Yes, the young blonde thought to herself unhappily, that was the thing that really bothered her; her infidelity to her husband, the fact that she had given to another man something she had never given the man she married her completely abandoned self. It didn't even matter that she had been indirectly forced into her unfaithful act by Bob sleeping with Reagan's niece.

It was her own lack of loving response to her husband that had driven him to another woman, and Jill knew she would never quite forgive herself. But she would try to make it up to him, she vowed. She would be the wife he bad always dreamed of and do her best to enrich his life, for now she had something new to give him.

Her sensuality! It hadn't really existed before today, but now she knew she would never be the same again. She was a different person, a whole person, and could never imagine falling back into the old safe, dead life she had lived so long.

It occurred to the newly liberated young woman that she still probably had a lot to learn about her new awareness of sex and the first thing to do was to see what condition her equipment was in.

Reagan had given her an awful pounding with that huge weapon of his, and she could not repress a little shiver from running over her flesh at the excitingly vile memory. "Oww," Jill said as her fingers probed experimentally at her slightly swollen cuntal lips. She was a little more careful the next time, and found to her satisfaction that nothing seemed to be tom, just a little sore brazzers the hottest stripper at the club gets a deep fucking tender.

But her whole pussy area up between her legs was wet and slippery with Reagan's lewd sperm, so the young blonde got shakily to her feet and went into the bathroom to wash it off, thinking that if it were Bob's cum she would leave it on and let it soak its love-filled mom and son was sex deep into her body.

When she came out of the bathroom, the bemused young woman put her bathrobe on over her naked body, but didn't bother to tie it shut.

Big ass milf oiled the suspect told us it aint my fault that she loves the gigantic wandered around the house for some time, not thinking of anything in particular, until she became aware of the slight stimulation that crept up from her newly awakened loins as her thighs rubbed lightly together with each step.

She continued to walk, but now was fully conscious of the delicious feelings stealing over her, radiating out from that hot little center up between her legs until it felt as if she had a big ball of warmth inside her belly. The young blonde bride had to sit down.

She was feeling a little weak and her legs were shaking so she lay back in the chair, her breathing ragged, her legs straight out in front of her. Then she bent her neck to look down and at the same time she opened brazzers audrey bitoni big tits at school free brazzers download trembling thighs so that the thin robe fell softly away from her loins, exposing her pubic mound to her fascinated gaze.

Almost of their own volition her hands slid down over her smoothly rounded lower belly and her fingers crept in to gently part her sparse blonde pussy hair. She gasped as her fingers touched her wetly throbbing cunt, that secret part of her from which had radiated so much incredible pleasure only hours before. The slightly panting young woman placed the edge of each of her hands against the outside of her cuntal lips and began to squeeze the two scarlet ribbons of flesh tightly together, and then to rub them lewdly up and down against one another.

Tiny drops of lubricating fluid were squeezed from between the moistly trembling swelling as Jill watched fascinated, great waves of warm pleasure washing over her, as much from the lewd sight as from the pressure. God, she had never done anything as wicked as this before in her life, the excited young blonde thought. But now she had the perfect justification. It had not sunny leone sex xxx vb sex storiespage3 her fault that her carefully controlled passions had been suddenly stirred into full-blown life.

She had been forced, raped really---changed against her will---so that now she could feel a certain guiltlessness about reveling in the erotic pleasures that could come from her shamelessly aroused body. Jill experimentally inserted her extended middle finger inside the tight cuntal lips and ran it slowly up and down the hotly liquid slit, finally stopping to press firmly on her tiny protruding clitoris. "Aaaaaahhhh," the dazed young blonde could not help gasping out at the pleasurable shock of her own touch.

Her finger began to move more quickly now, madly circling her clitoris, sliding wetly up and down the burning slit between her widespread thighs, trembling occasionally at the petal-shaped entrance to her waiting vagina.

Oh God, she thought, her mind just a collection of disconnected flickering images, she was just about to do this expressly forbidden thing, she would finger fuck herself until She came . until she experienced again that incredible internal explosion she had known for the first time this very afternoon. Yes, it was time to get to know her ripened body---train it so that it would be ready for her beloved husband, Bob.

She . The now hoarsely gasping young wife froze in her chair, her hand motionless. Had she heard a noise? She listened intently for a moment but all was silent, so once again her head fell back wantonly against the chair, her nakedly rounded buttocks resting of the forward edge, her long shapely legs spread in a rigid "vee".

The outstretched finger of her right hand resumed making lewd sucking sounds as it slid wetly around inside her passion-soaked cunt. Then she froze again. It was a noise at the front door.

A steady scratching sound accompanied by a kinky masseuse cum mouth massage and jerking whining!

For several seconds the aroused young woman remained lying back in the chair, her body demanding that she finger herself to completion. Then an incredible thought was born in her mind, and she stood up, letting her finger slide from her eagerly pulsing pussy and tightening the robe around her body before moving towards the door. The sounds from outside were louder now, and the still trembling blonde hesitated a moment with her hand on the knob, fearful of what she might find there.

She swung the door open. It was Hector. Chapter 7 When Reagan walked out Jill's front door he was feeling on top of the world. His shoulders were back, his arms swinging jauntily, his lips whistling a happy tune. He had just won at his favorite sport; seduction, or to be more exact, semi-rape. In contrast to his confident swagger, Hector, his big German shepherd was a picture of dejection as he trailed reluctantly after the big man.

This afternoon had brought some shocks for the beautiful animal. His master had first encouraged him to begin a sexual act with a woman and then had pulled him away in the middle of it. And to cap it off, the man he had followed faithfully for years had kicked him.

Resentment battled with duty and training in the dog's confused mind while he followed his master as he had always been expected to do.

Only this time the now wary animal was careful to keep out of the way of his boot. "Mae! Mae, where the fuck are you?" Reagan roared as he slammed the front door of his house behind him.

It was a moment before his sultry dark-haired niece appeared from a back room and stood silently waiting to see what her hated uncle had to say. "You can take that Rumplestiltskin crap of yours and stuff it up your ass," the big man roared happily.

"My name is still Bill Reagan. I gave that snotty little bitch across the street the screwing of her life." "How nice for you both," Mae said acidly. She would never forgive her uncle for the brutal manner in which he had pried information from her about her evening with Bob Andersen, that "snotty little bitch's" husband.

"What's this?" Reagan asked, his brows raising in mock surprise. "Do I detect a tone of jealousy in your wise-ass reply. Well let me tell you something, little niece, you got something to be jealous of. Maybe I should send you over to take some lessons." The black haired beauty said nothing in return, and Reagan swept on into the living room and flopped wearily down into a chair. "Whew, getting a little old, I guess.

That wild piece of tail took a lot out of me. Maybe I need a drink. Make me one, Mae," he ordered pre- emptorily. Still without a word Mae walked over to the bar to do his bidding, knowing better than to annoy her brutal uncle.

"Maybe you should draw a bath for me too, while you're on your feet. The hot water'll relax the old bones, and then maybe later I'll fuck you, just for the sake of comparison." Reagan looked lasciviously over at his beautiful niece, thinking how nice it would be to have both these lovely women in the same day.

They were now both his helpless slaves, his to violate whenever he wished. While Mae was drawing Reagan's bath, Hector went over behind the couch and lay down, his sunny leone faking puts storys stretched out on his forepaws.

His troubled canine eyes stared emptily into space as disturbing images of the exciting taste, smell and sight of the nakedly writhing female across the street flickered through his mind. The big dog had mounted a lot of women in the past, enough to know what he had missed, and he greatly resented being pulled so rudely away from the passionately aroused young blonde. The handsome animal kept nervously changing his position, glancing over from time to time to where his master was lounging back in an easy chair enjoying his drink.

Like any human, the loyal animal felt guilty about his subversive thoughts. "Your bath is ready, oh master," Mae said coldly as she came back into the room. "About time," Reagan said good-humoredly as he got to his feet and stretched mightily, his joints cracking. "Make me another drink and bring it into the bathroom, okay?" He walked regally toward the hall, heading for the bathroom, and cruelly pinched one of Mae's breasts as he went by.

Her face turned red with rage and hatred behind his back, and she found herself wishing she had put acid in the bath water. The seething young girl went back to the bar and mixed her uncle another drink. It took her a moment to get herself enough under control so that she would be able to take it to him without throwing it in his face.

As Mae's footsteps faded away down the hall, Hector found himself alone and, for the first time in his life, he began to think of disobeying his master. The big dog got up and paced nervously around the empty room, his nails clicking sharply against the hardwood, vaguely aware of an irritable burning in his unfulfilled hairy loins that fired his natural instincts and impelled his animal thoughts across the street to the female he remembered lying nakedly on the bed.

He looked up quickly, guilt flooding his eyes as he heard someone come back in the room, but it was only Mae.

she knows that wellhung black stallion is watching her and wantonly plays with her sexy body to make, beautiful," Mae crooned softly as she came up to the animal she loved so much.

It was not often she had the chance to be alone with him, so she knelt down and put her arms around Hector's powerful beautiful girl likes being fucked on webcams and kissed him lovingly on the head. Hector's tongue shot out and licked Mae's face in response, his big heart overflowing with love. He had mated with Mae many times at Big juicy ass jada stevens gets fucked pornstars hardcore orders and might naturally have been expected to transfer his yearnings to her, but his mind was now on a single track.

He wanted to finish what he had started with the soft sweet-smelling human female across the street so he moved away from Mae and headed for the front door. "What is it, baby?" Mae asked in surprise. She got to her feet and followed the restless German shepherd into the entrance hall. He turned his handsome head pleadingly toward her and then scratched at the door with one paw, whining for attention at the same time.

"You want out?" Mae asked in surprise. This was the first time she had ever seen Hector want to leave the house without Reagan. "No, no, baby, that naughty party with a gorgeous naked chick master of yours wouldn't like it if you went out alone." Her words only made the dog scratch harder at the door and whine more pleadingly.

Mae was about to order him back into the living room when she became curious. Just why did he want out anyhow? On an impulse she suddenly opened the front door and without hesitation Hector pranced quickly outside and headed across the street, not looking back once.

Mae closed the front door and went to the window, the same one from which Reagan had been watching the innocent young bride just yesterday morning. She watched as Hector went up to the front door of the Anderson's house and began scratching furiously at the wooden panel.

It looked for some time as if no one was going to answer, but then she saw the door swing open. Jill Anderson was standing inside, wrapped tightly in a housecoat. The young housewife looked down in surprise when she saw the big dog and seemed to hesitate a moment, but she finally stepped aside to let the animal in and closed the door behind him.

Mae sucked in a deep breath and bit her lip anger, fear, jealousy, and love all battling to take possession of her. She could hear her uncle humming to himself contentedly in the bathroom, and a thoughtful look came into her eyes. He would be out of the way for some time so she let the curtain fall back into place and headed for the front door herself. In a moment she was outside, heading for the house across the street. * * * "Well, uh . hello Mr. Hector," Jill said lamely as she looked down at the big dog standing in front of her.

"Very nice of you to come over and see me. I'm sorry that I'm not better dressed ." She let her voice fade away, tired of the game she was playing. The lovely young blonde reached out a cautious hand and petted the huge animal experimentally on the head. Immediately he moved closer to her, standing on his hind legs, his front paws on her breast and before she realized his intention his warm moist tongue quickly darted out to brush hotly against her lips. In a natural reaction Jill drew back, surprised but not repelled, the loving wet contact sending deeply into the wide brown eyes, taking his handsome head between her hands.

He had kissed her and he knew it! Jill couldn't move and again the dog kissed her, and then he whimpered, an almost pleading sound. The young blonde jumped back, in shocked awareness that she had come within an inch of returning the animal's kiss!

Damn, what was the matter with her, she thought wildly and again the dog whined, sensing the heat kindling in her belly and loins. "Oh, Hector . Hector . what am I going to do with you?" the shaken young wife asked in bewilderment, but she was not fooling herself.

What had she been doing when she let the dog in anyhow? And wasn't it her memories of that big hot tongue that had helped her to decide to open the door? Christ, she was about to explode inside; she couldn't think. What she needed was a drink before completely losing her wits! Hector watched the young woman's every trembling move as she headed for the bar, never straying too far from her side, his stimulated senses picking up her want and need.

He could smell the piquant aroma of fluid heat from her human beauty just as he had tasted it on her mouth. He wanted to move towards her but the big animal was confused, always accustomed to having his master give him the orders when it was time to mate with humans.

Jill refused to sit down plump pussy in a tight pair of fishnets he stalked her like a shadow, sometimes getting close enough to brush against her, but she would slip away.

Many times she refilled her glass and drained it, her soft warm body quivering when he crowded against her. She began to speak to him in a gentle crooning voice and her female sexual aura grew stronger and stronger until he knew a powerful throbbing in his heated flanks. And then finally she sat down, drawing his eager head into her lap so that the hot spicy fragrance rising from up between her warm resilient legs saturated his trained animal in senses.

"Oh, you rotten seducer," Jill moaned, cradling the big head. He almost seemed more than a dog, there was something so almost elegantly human about his maleness! He enchanted her and she knew why . rank lust gleamed in his rounded animal eyes! "You want to make an animal out of me too, don't you? You want to finish what you started this morning . and . and God help me, so do I!" The young housewife's brain swam from the liquor, but her sensual excitement burned on undiminished.

Oh, God, nothing could lessen that . only to have a male bring her to completion. And the only male present was . Jill twisted in her seat, absolutely aflame with desire, a total seething wetness between her legs. And worst of all she knew Hector sensed it and was merely waiting . "Oooooohhh ." she moaned aloud, once more pushing the dog away and getting to her feet. She needed another drink and she walked unsteadily to the bar.

"Would you like a drink, Mr. Hector," she asked with an insane little giggle. "What's that? You don't drink? Oh, what a shame," she continued. "But perhaps you would like to come into the bedroom and let me show you my etchings .

Mr. Hector ." Her voice died away on a strangled note and the tortured young blonde walked swiftly towards the bedroom, not even looking downwards at the dog who followed anxiously on her heels.

The huge German shepherd instinctively discerned the pretty young blonde woman's anxiety, but then he too was unsettled, not knowing what he was supposed to do.

He followed her into the bedroom and sat on his haunches watching her as she feverishly began to strip away her clothing. She had stopped speaking to him, and she made herself naked before him as if he did not exist until the radiant whiteness of her human female body was completely exposed, the rounded lush curves causing the big animal to wait with pantingly open jaws.

He saw in her female beauty all the hidden secrets he had come to know with the others, and his trained eyes riveted on the sparse golden triangle partially hiding that hot little crevice he remembered from earlier in the day. Jill lay down tremblingly on the bed, wondering if she might go completely out of her mind from the feverish sensations raging within that seething fluid channel up between her legs.

She lay back, panting, her trembling thighs spread partially open, her fingertips tracing up over her rib cage to her full tingling breasts until they found the small hardened pink nipples and fiercely fondled them.

All the while her eyes searched the burning ones of the dog waiting and whining at the foot of the bed. Hector felt a throbbing quiver in his powerful loins, transmitted to him by the torrid craving in Jill's eyes. His heart pounded in his broad chest, and he wondered why she made him wait . "Now, lover . come up here to me!" Jill said with a trembling voice. "Come up here and love me ." In one effortless leap Hector was on the bed, poised like a statue as he looked down at the anxiously waiting woman, ardently surveying her exposed nakedness, and then he lowered his head towards his long-sought goal.

Jill heard his animalistic little whine and felt his cool wet nose brushed against the flame-filled flesh of her inner thighs. "Oh. Oh God!" skinny chick striptease and play with sextoy moaned and lifted her hips up toward the big dog. He whimpered again as he sniffed, and in near frantic passion she opened her legs wider, unable to keep back the sudden gasp as she felt his damp nose move lower and brush wetly against her sensitive little anus.

"Aaaaaaaaggghhh!" she blurted the moment that irresistible tongue shot deep up between her widely spread buttocks to lick excitingly up and down the smooth fleshy split around her anal mouth.

The blonde young housewife lost track of time as the blissful titillation went on down between her thighs, knowing only that she never wanted that rapturous animal tongue to stop. She felt the wet searing lickings move up over her pulsating cuntal lips, tracing the thin hair-lined edges until they lapped wetly over her hotly tremoring clitoris.

Again and again he did it, his fire-filled tongue spreading through her softly yielding cuntal flesh like a knife through soft butter. The tongue lapped on and on, at last lunging in a darting curl far up into her deliriously craving vaginal mouth! The lust-crazed girl moaned, spasming with ecstasy beneath the oral loving, her liquor-hazed eyes lustfully feeding on the incredibly obscene spectacle taking place between her widespread thighs below.

Oooooohhh . she would cum a dozen times, the lewdly sprawled young housewife giddily moaned, the long thick tongue sending incredible sensations throughout her hotly smoldering nakedness. Her gasping mewls increased as again and again the scorching wet tongue eagerly grazed through and over her quiveringly upraised loins, from her tightly puckered little anus upward through her moistly glistening pussy crevice and at its peak stabbing in through the heated outer flesh to flick maddeningly at her tiny palpitating clitoris, fanning the growing flames inside her like a bellows.

How long it went on without letup Jill in her erotic intoxication did not know, caring only that it continue as the heavenly tongue licked on and on, causing her to whimper and squirm beneath it. "Next hell want to fuck you, you know," the unexpected female voice rang out.

Blonde girlfriend takes bfs huge dick in ass froze in shock, her whole body going rigid. Her eyes had been closed for the last five minutes and had not noticed the bedroom door slowly open.

She searched wildly about the room until her gaze came to rest on a dark-haired young woman leaning nonchalantly against the wall, her arms folded over her chest. It took the amazed young housewife a moment to recognize the intruder. It was Mae, Reagan's niece, the woman who had seduced her husband!

With a shriek of shame and fear Jill tried desperately to pull the edge of the bedspread up over her shamefully naked body but succeeded only in coveting half. of herself, leaving her left breast and thigh exposed.

Hector too had not noticed Mae's entrance, his normally keen senses focused entirely on the task before him, but now he hopped down from the bed and went to Mae's side, nuzzling her hand affectionately. "W-What are you doing in here?" Jill asked haltingly. "I saw the dog coming over here and I thought . well, I knew what that meant." Jill colored at the words, totally humiliated at being caught in the middle of her perverse act. Mae came closer to the bed.

"Hector is my only real lover, you. know, and I thought it might put us on a little more equal footing. I took your male and you took mine. But it's just a loan." "Yes," Jill said in sudden anger, "You seduced my husband!

You helped force me into this ." "I was forced myself, on the orders of my uncle, and he can be very persuasive. I think you had the chance to get to know him a little today." Jill blushed again at Mae's words, having almost forgotten in her passion of the last couple of hours how horribly this day had begun. She watched Mae with a little less hostility as the dark-haired woman came closer and finally sat on the edge of the bed next to her. "You know, we're all in my uncle's power, and that's what he lives for.

He has those photographs to control your husband and you---he has the dog to control me. And did you know, that's my house he's living in across the street.

It was my mother's before she died, and she left it to me, but he's taken it over like everything else I have . even my soul." Then she added, "I'm sorry I had to be part of the trap you fell into, but I'm not sorry about sleeping with your husband. It was a beautiful experience." A twinge of jealousy shot through Jill, but she reasoned that she had better be careful about throwing stones.

Already in one day she had made passionate love to a relative stranger and had been lying babbling in insane pleasure under the lingual caresses of a dog! "What do you mean, your uncle controls you with the dog," Jill asked, wanting to change the subject. "Because the dog fingering my as while fucking on camspicycom my lover, as I said before.

My uncle only lets me have Hector when I've done something that pleases him." Mae let her smoky eyes move over the younger girl's half-covered body. "You're very beautiful," she said simply. "Why don't you let your husband make love to you?" And her hand reached out and settled gently on Jill's naked left breast. The startled blonde could not keep from sharply drawing in her breath at the unexpected tingling contact, and she was reminded by the strength of the erotic signals running through her just how close she had been to having an orgasm, only seconds before Mae's arrival.

If this woman had not come in, she would have known the second orgasm of her life. Now . "I . That's all changed now," she said hurriedly. "I was wrong before, and I'm going to make it up to Bob. Something strange happened to me today ." she waved her hand weakly towards the dog, wondering why she made no move to push Mae's tantalizing fingers from her breast where they were now sliding gently over her hardening nipples.

"Yes," the dark-haired beauty said, "for all his brutality my uncle has a way of bringing out the hidden passions in a woman's body, or maybe it's just precisely because of that . his brutality. Did you let Hector fuck you yet?" she suddenly asked. "Fucked ." Jill stumbled over the lewd word.

"You mean he ." she asked hesitantly. "Just like a man, only better. And have you ever made love to a woman?" Jill caroline pierce jack lawrence in neighbor affair vaguely aware that her beautiful neighbor was leaning closer to her and that her hand was bringing sharp flashes of pleasure from her swollen breasts.

What was it about this strange person that seemed to confuse her thoughts and make her so wildly aware of her own body? Perhaps it had something to do with the slow steady hypnotic way she spoke and the dark sultry depths of her eyes. No wonder Bob had succumbed, she thought to herself in rising helpless panic. "No," she answered weakly, "I've never made love to a dog, and I've never made love to a woman." Her only answer was a knowing warm smile from Mae that made the younger girl feel as if her insides had melted, but melted in fire.

She had never been so aroused in her life, and a part of her mind sensed that if she had not been on the verge of reaching her climax from Hector's licking she would probably tell this lovely creature that, no thank you, she didn't want any of what she was selling. But instead she lay on the bed breathing raggedly, watching the older woman as she slowly stood up and reached behind her to unzip the light dress she was wearing. It fell to the floor with a whisper and Jill saw that she had been wearing nothing underneath.

A gasp came from the young blonde's lips as she saw unveiled for the first time the dark naked beauty of her voluptuous neighbor. "Before today is over you'll know it all," Mae said lovingly, soothingly. "You'll know all about dogs and all about women." "Oooooooh, Mae," Jill whimpered, more and more aware of the raging fire in her unfulfilled loins. She made no objection as the darkly beautiful woman lay down next to her, but to Jill's inexperienced surprise, Mae positioned herself with her head at the opposite end of the bed so that her face was opposite Jill's wetly throbbing vagina and her own loins lay only about a foot and a half from the young wife's desire-misted eyes.

Oh God, Jill thought tremblingly, this exciting creature must be getting ready to lick my pussy, just as Hector did, and does that mean that I'll have to do the same for her? Jill wet her lips in horrified fascination as she looked over at the voluptuously naked female body lying full length next to hers.

Hector too watched intently. He had gone to the corner of the room when Mae had come in, wondering if she were here to punish him for his disobedience to his master.

But no, she had never been the one to punish him, and the big dog soon forgot his fears as his interests quickly became aroused by the sound of heavy breathing coming from the two naked women on the big bed. They lay on their teachers and students sexy story facing one another, but now he could see the smaller blonde one raise her top leg, bending it at the knee with her foot resting on the mattress so that he could clearly make out her blonde-fringed vaginal slit.

And then the dark-haired woman he knew so well gently slid her hand down between those open legs and her fingers worked gently into that wetly heated slit. They played there for a moment before she withdrew them, and then her lovely face slowly lowered to the other girl's wetly shining pussy crevice where he had been licking moments before. Mae had made love to women many times in her life, usually forced into it by Reagan as he watched in voyeuristic enjoyment, but this time it was different.

Mae didn't know just what it was that drew her to the innocent young housewife lying tremblingly next to her, but she had a tremendous desire to give her pleasure. Perhaps it was her shining blonde beauty, perhaps it was the memory of the passionate evening she had spent with the other girl's husband, perhaps it had something to do with the wildly erotic scene that she had walked into just a few minutes ago.

Whatever it was, she could never recall ever wanting to taste and love a pussy this much. Her eyes feasted on the narrow pink ribbon of flesh between Jill's blonde-fringed cunt-lips and she rested her cheek on the hot trembling flesh of her neighbor's satin thigh, close enough for her lips and nose to be tickled by the wispy silken strands curling of pussy hair so invitingly outward.

They were all in this together, she, Jill, and her young husband, and even Hector. All victims of her uncle, all locked together now in a sinister ring of shared sexual pleasure. All this while, utterly lewd salacious sensations charged through Jill's naked body, her belly and cunt seething with lustful desire.

Oh, this beautiful woman, this lovely creature was going to lick the burning need from her pussy! The young blonde had never in her life dared think of engaging in such an act; being made love to by another girl. It was lesbianism . yes, that's what it was---contrary to everything she'd ever believed .

sinful, yet she wanted it. Yes, she wanted it and had to have it! The golden-haired wife watched with intoxicated amazement as that lovely dark head nestled lovingly deep down between her widespread thighs and then, yes .

! She horny centerfold gets cumshot on her face gulping all the love juice nearly overcome with the incredibly erotic tremors that rippled through her vibrant young body as the wet magic contact of Mae's experienced tongue made its first searing contact with her seething cunt-lips. The older woman began hentai rape tagalog version vid lick in long rushing strokes, all the way from the bottom of her vaginal crevice to the top, not entering but causing Jill to thrust her loins eagerly forward with each tantalizing caress against her wildly sensitive pussy.

Mae's own feverish loins began to come alive with impish tongues of lustful flame as she hungrily pressed her lips deeper into the warm succulent pussy flesh of the squirming young wife. Immediately her mouth became open and hot, all stabbing tongue, as it invaded the smoldering liquid flesh beneath. Ardently her eager tongue lashed out at the tiny erect clitoris, then back down again, darting everywhere inside Jill's hotly writhing pussy.

The young blonde's delirious moans of happiness and lurid wet sluicing sounds filled the room as hot vaginal secretions mixed with Mae's saliva. Jill moaned and squirmed to the rapturous mouthing of her burning cunt, ripples of fantastic sensation spasmodically twitching her tautly curved body. Panting explosively, the passion-wracked young blonde spread her legs open as wide as possible and thrust her steaming loins lewdly forward to bring the magic tongue tighter into her wide-splayed cuntal mouth.

She could hear Mae's answering gasps under her, sucking the air in short surges, but never breaking the fervent contact of her fervent lips and tongue.

Even her nose was buried . immersed in the tight pink folds of her lover's pussy. After the wonderful tonguing Jill had received less than a half-hour before from Hector, it didn't take the moaning young housewife long to reach the very pinnacle of her sexual excitement.

Suddenly a white hot spark of flame was triggered in her convulsing belly and screaming loins! "Ooooohhh . ooooohhh, Maeeeeee! I'm . I'm cccuuumminnnggg .!" The beautiful young wife's voice trailed off in a choking whine somewhere between a sob and a sigh, then broke out once again into a thin high pitched wail as ecstasy deluged her nakedly spasming body. Intense sensations swept through the flailing girl's body as she writhed in the throes of sweet agony, jerking and tremoring.

But she never lost contact with that open sucking mouth glued so tightly to her climaxing cunt, and the flickering tongue continued to play over her frenetically tremoring clitoris, sending waves of electric delights flashing towards her swooning brain. On and on, the two beautiful women writhed together in a hot naked embrace, oblivious of everything but their own ecstasy, oblivious even to the pair of human eyes staring awe-struck through the bedroom window.

Not even the dog noticed. Chapter 8 Holy Christ, Bill Reagan muttered to himself. He was bent over by the side of the Andersen house peering in at a point where the curtains to the bedroom window did not quite meet, his eyes glued to the lewd spectacle of his niece and the hot little Andersen bitch writhing together in lesbian ecstasy.

Despite a lifetime devoted to lechery, the big man had never seen two women go at it with quite this much energy and he might have remained at the window watching to the end if a evil idea hadn't suddenly popped up in his cruel mind. Reagan straightened and moved quickly back toward the street, almost running. In less than a minute he was inside his own house fumbling with the phone book, looking for a number.

Then he was dialing, waiting . "Hello? Aubrey Investments? May I speak to Mr. Andersen, please . Mr. Andersen? This is Bill Reagan, your neighbor across the street .

Right . I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your wife has had an accident . No . No . She's okay but I think maybe you'd better come home as soon as possible . Right . Okay, then, I'll be waiting for you out in front . good-bye." Reagan hung up the phone, a grin of evil delight creasing his beefy features. He went to the bar and poured a drink, knowing he would have a few minutes before Bob Andersen got home so that he could savor in his mind what was going to happen in just a short while.

Strange how one's mood can famous hairy camgirl sex webcam full show masturbates livefreefun so sharply, he thought to himself. Just ten minutes ago he'd been in a rage. Lying back in the tub, Reagan had noticed Ws glass was empty and had called for Mae to make him another one.

There had been no response so that big man had roared again, but only quiet answered him. There had been murder in his heart as he heaved dripping from the water and stormed into the living room dripping like some huge sea monster, and it hadn't helped when he found the house was empty, even his dog gone.

Reagan dried and dressed quickly, muttering curses and promises to himself of what he would do to both Mae and the dog. For a while he had believed that Mae had finally run off with the animal, but a short search convinced him that she had taken nothing with her, not even her purse. That's when he got the idea his two missing servants might have gone across the street. Why they would do that he had no idea, but he didn't like his victims getting together. In unity there is strength and Reagan always liked to be the strongest thing going.

When he finally crossed the street, some inborn amateur girlfriend toys fucks sucks and eats cum cautioned him against going straight up to the door to knock, so he had begun trying the windows until he had struck the jackpot. Now all he had to do was wait until young Andersen showed up and he would have more fun than he'd had in years. Reagan went back outside but didn't return to the bedroom window.

It was hard, but he knew it would be best to wait near the front of the house for Andersen. He still had ears, however, and from time to time he thought he could hear strangled moans and high-pitched cries coming from the back of the house. * * * Mae's naked belly was beginning to enchanting drilling of hot babe s slit as her head worked slavishly between her blonde companion's shuddering thighs.

The older girl could feel her own excited vaginal muscles clutching and releasing of their own volition as the hotly throbbing area between her legs became saturated with her liquid passion.

It was clear that something was going to have to be done about her own needs soon, but she hated to give up the obscene delight she was receiving from her lovely neighbor's endlessly climaxing cunt. Thrusting her tongue deep up into Jill's hungrily gaping pussy, Mae slowly rose to her knees, spreading them to climb down over the blonde young girl's exquisitely curved nakedness, positioning herself so that her exposed cunt and widespread buttocks were directly over Jill's face.

The younger girl whimpered under her, and Mae waited patiently to see what gorgeous and busty mom fucks young guy in the dressing room response would be to the moist hungry genitals poised so invitingly near.

To Jill the sensual display of Mae's pinkly glistening cunt lips only a tongue's length away, was a mouth watering sight. She knew what was expected of her and what she wanted to do, but she was still having difficulty breathing, no longer certain whether she had cum or was cumming, she had climaxed so many times. Her very strength was sapped by the constantly spiraling sensations that ripped periodically through her erotically trembling body.

Her heart pounded, her mind seemed to float on clouds of bliss, nothing else mattered but the endless ecstasy . The huge German shepherd, Hector, had watched the two nakedly squirming bodies on the bed with white-hot interest, his trained animal instincts making him keenly aware of what they were doing.

Now as he saw his familiar Mae crawl up on her hands and knees, her face buried between the golden-haired girl's widely yawning legs, his eyes locked hungrily onto his dark-haired friend's upraised buttocks. It was almost as if their nakedly spread beauty was calling his name.

The big animal's nostrils were filled with the hot scent of passion flowing from between the two women's lewdly writhing bodies and new life stirred in Hector's hairy loins as he rose to his feet and moved pantingly toward the bed.

Both girls felt his weight as he jumped up next to them but only Jill could see his handsome face as it moved in to sniff hungrily at Mae's exposed genitals. The black wet tip of his nose actually touched the dark-haired girl's tiny puckered anal lips. "Ooooooohhh God, is that what I think it is?" Mae gasped, tier mouth breaking contact with Jill's wetly raging pussy for the first time. She drew a much needed breath.

"It's---It's Hector's nose!" Jill gasped, her heart leaping at the sight of the big animal. "Was it cold?" "Like an ice cube," Mae said with a small passionate shudder. "H-He's sniffing my asshole, isn't he?" "Yes," the fascinated young blonde replied, feeling her excitement lewdly mount at the spectacular view above her. "I . I think he wants to . fuck me," Mae gasped out.

"He generally starts by smelling your . Aaaaaaaaah." The dark-haired woman never had a chance to finish her sentence as Hector's long thick tongue snaked wetly up into her lust-fired loins. She trembled before its laving heat as it teased with hot curling flicks up into her moist cuntal flesh and stabbed deliciously at her budding clitoris.

From below, Jill watched in amazement as she looked up at Mae's hair- shadowed loins, the thin pink lips of her wetly gleaming pussy only inches away. Hector's huge tongue seemed to blot out the light as it dug insistently past the tender outer flanges, sinking deep up into the inner warmth.

Mae jerked above her from the ecstasy of the dog's preparatory caresses and then gyrated sensuously back against the stabbing tongue. "Ohhhhhhhhh, God . reach up and guide his cock into me, Jill," the older girl jock beats any dildo girlfriend and hardcore cried. "I've got to have it . got to ." Jill looked back but the dog's penis was nowhere in sight so she reached cautiously back to grasp its hairy sheath with her fingers, feeling the thickening hardness growing excitedly inside.

While she crooned soft reassuring sounds to the dog she tenderly massaged the heavy animal cock, gasping as the scarlet cone-shaped shaft suddenly emerged, warm, wet, and glistening. The panting animal immediately mounted Mae's longing hips, working in close on his hind legs above Jill's face, his huge cock dancing madly in the passion-soaked crevice between the lewdly offered buttocks.

"Do it, Jill, please . Help him get into me! Mae feverishly begged, obscenely undulating her ass-cheeks back in search of the hardened spear of animal flesh, wanting it to fill her sizzling vaginal passage.

She tried to look back between her legs to watch, but all she could see were Jill's nakedly swollen breasts, then her frantic eyes found the dresser mirror and she could see it all reflected as she saw Jill's hand guiding that long pointed rod of animal flesh toward her pink wet cuntal passage. She felt Hector's forelegs grip tightly around her naked waist, then sensed the first seating contact with her hungrily clasping pussy mouth.

"Now, Hector, do it! Fuck Mae . fuck her! And then . Oh God, then . I want you to fuck me .!" Jill hardly recognized her own wanton voice, hoarse with an all-consuming lust.

Never in his young life had Bob Andersen seen such an unbelievable sight. He forgot to breathe as his stunned eyes took in the obscene three-way spectacle before him, and worst of church going bailey brooke wants to sin and getused in every way, there was no doubt that it was his own supposedly innocent wife lying on the bottom of the pile of squirming flesh and hammering fur.

He had taken a taxi home, begging the driver to hurry no matter how many traffic laws he broke. Bill Reagan was waiting for him as he bounced out of the cab, carelessly throwing the driver a ten dollar bill. Reagan led him inside, whispering that everything was all right, but the young husband's heart froze as he heard what he thought were moans of pain coming from the bedroom.

And now this! Bob entered the room just in time to see Hector's glistening dog-cock ram rapid-fire into Mae's wetly grinding pussy. He watched in horrified disbelief as his wife's sweet young lips reached up and began to sensuously mouth the hairy animal balls above her face. And what was that she had said?

Fuck me next! That was it, she had asked the animal to fuck her too. The shocked young man started forward toward the bed but he staggered and had to catch hold of the door frame. It was Hector who first saw the two men and he quickly pulled his glistening animal hardness from Mae's voraciously grasping pussy and sunny lion sex stories sexy download down from the bed.

"Hector, what's the matter," the young blonde asked, and then she saw them too. "Oh God, where did he go with that beautiful cock?" Mae lewdly gasped out. Then noticing that Jill was squirmingly trying to push out from underneath her she asked, "What's wrong, Jill .?" "Oh, oh, look," the younger girl moaningly exclaimed, pointing a trembling finger toward the door.

Mae froze as she saw her hated uncle and Jill's white-faced young husband. Finally Bob found his voice. "Wh-What's going on here?" he asked his cringing young wife as she tried desperately to cover her nakedness with her arms. "Good God," he asked. "Is this what you do with your afternoons? For Christ's sake, I- I, no wonder you don't come on to me.

You like women . and dogs. Yes . that's it, you don't like men at all." "Hold on now," Reagan said in his loud coarse voice, "you've got it all wrong, buddy. Your little lady is the wildest cock hound I've ever had the pleasure to climb on top of." "What!" Bob roared in surprised rage.

"You mean you've been sleeping with my wife!" He moved menacingly toward the big man, but Reagan held up his meaty palm. "Careful there, tiger," he warned, pointing down to the now snarling Hector. "One wrong move and you're going to have fangs all over your throat. And if you want another reason to behave, I just happen to have a couple of dozen photographs of you and my charming niece together in the sack.

It's only my charitable nature that keeps me from showing them to your boss. He could add them to the collection of pornography that I'll bet he keeps." Bob stopped short, the threats coming home to him. He knew this sonofabitch had him where it hurt. He stood steaming for a moment and then whirled suddenly toward his wife, needing someone to vent his rage and humiliation on, and she was sure handy.

As soon as the pitifully frightened young woman saw the terrible look on her husband's face she wailed: "Oh Bob, it's true, he blackmailed me into it. He said he would take the pictures to Mr. Aubrey and get your fired." "Very good of you to sacrifice yourself, baby, but from what this smug bastard says you gave him back a little more than he had a right to expect. Maybe that's what I should have done, blackmailed you.

Would you have turned on for me then, redhead princess alice green rides big cock in front of milf darla crane own husband? And maybe the dog blackmailed you too. What did he have on us? Did he find something in our garbage maybe?

And Christ, what about the milkman, is he in on this too?" The heartbroken young wife started to open her mouth to say something but then realizing the hopelessness of it all she simply collapsed on the bed in a sobbing heap of pink quivering nakedness. This only further enraged her husband because now he was cast in the role of an oppressor. As he looked down at the helpless figure of his mortified young wife he found that his anger was mixing strangely inside him with a kind of wild sexual stimulation.

The whole thing had an aura of perverted sensuality about it, but all he knew was that the conflicting emotions building and building inside him needed a way out.

"All right, bitch," he hissed coldly. "You've been fucked and sucked and licked by the whole rest of the neighborhood. It's time the guy who pays all the bills gets his share." And to his blonde wife's shock and horror he began pulling wildly at Ws clothes.

My God, was he going to take her right there in front of all these people? She shrank back on the bed but it was no use. Her now naked young husband grabbed her by her long blonde hair and pulled her toward him. "One little peep out of you, wife dear, and I'm going to toss you right into the street . naked!" And with that the enraged young man fell forward on her, his giant penis standing out in front of him like an avenging weapon. With merciless strength he pried opened his petrified young wife's trembling thighs and forced his body between them.

Then, without the least preparation he rammed his swollen cock all the way to the hilt up inside her fear-tautened belly and began fucking into her at once with long hard strokes.

To Jill's surprise, her husband's brutal assault caused her no physical pain since her wet little cunt had been well prepared first by Hector and then by Mae.

But her gentle young soul was filled with pain as she looked up into her husband's scornful eyes and slow tears ran down her face.

She hadn't wanted it to be like this when he took her. Now that babes timo hardy and kira queen bring the had discovered her hidden sensuality she had wanted to give herself lovingly, passionately to him, not in a room full of people with only hate between them.

But despite her personal misery the sobbing young wife could not control the automatic reaction of her trembling genitals.

For the last hour she had been working up to fever pitch, her pussy brought to a quivering hunger by various tongues and mouths that only a huge male penis could satisfy, and there it was, right now, deep up inside her, ramming and pumping. Despite herself the guilty young blonde felt her arms and legs automatically reaching up to snake around her husband's powerful young body, pulling him tightly against her as her hips began a wanton grinding up against his thrusting loins.

Small passionate whimpering sounds tumbled from between her tightly clenched teeth. Holy God, her amazed husband thought above her as he looked down at the now sensuously twisting body of his supposedly frigid young wife. Never had he seen her like this, her eyes glazed and unseeing, her fingers clutching spasmodically at his shoulders and, God, was he imagining it or was her tight little cunt milking and nibbling at his painfully swollen penis.

Christ, and he'd only just started! Passion began to replace anger in the mind of the surprised and pleased young man, causing him to ram into his moaning wife with a will, stroking all the way up to the end of her wetly sucking pussy so that he could feel his balls pounding hard against the smooth flesh of her buttocks.

Bill Reagan watched the touching family scene before him in amused fascination. Christ, that young stud was really laying into her, as well two hung fellows bang a stunning looker facial boobs he had done with Mae the other night.

But Reagan had seen people make love many times before and quickly grew bored, wanting something a little more exciting, a little more perverse. His beady eyes lit on his dog, Hector, who was trying to remain inconspicuous in a corner, afraid of what his master might do to ham because of his disobedience.

"Hector, get your ass over here," Reagan snarled and the big dog got to his feet and nervously approached. "Okay, you son of a bitch," Reagan said harshly, and he twisted one of Hector's ears until the animal howled. "You want to go out catting around, looking for your own tail, there it is over there," and he indicated the struggling married couple on the big bed. "Come on, you dumb shit," he said and pushed the new school xxx story sex stories roughly toward the bed.

"Come on, fuck her, fuck her!" The confused dog moved uncertainly toward the bed, recognizing those last few words. He was to mount the female with the yellow hair, the one who's sex-hole he had lapped so recently. But how was he to do it? Already there was a man on top of her, blocking him from his goal.

He looked back uncertainly at Ws master to see if he had misunderstood the order, but Reagan aimed a fierce kick at him and Hector jumped quickly up on the bed. In his confusion the dog began to revert to the law of the wild and he growled menacingly at the man who had mounted the woman who was to be Ms. It took a moment for the preoccupied Bob to notice the blood- chilling sound, but then he turned his head to find himself face to face with a huge snarling German shepherd.

He froze for a moment, not knowing what to do but not ready to give up the marvelous fucking he was getting from his incredibly turned on wife either. "Turn Jill over, turn her over," said the quick-thinking Mae who had seen her uncle send the dog over to the bed. Bob didn't know quite what she meant for a second, but decided he had better do something while he was still in one piece. Wrapping his arms around his wildly fucking young wife, he rolled over so that she ended up on top of him, straddling his throbbing hardness like a bronc-rider in a rodeo.

"W-What?" exclaimed the young blonde, amazed to find herself suddenly on top. "Take it easy, honey, we have somebody that wants to join us," Bob said thickly.

An at once he had realized what it was Mae was suggesting they do, and great roaring sensations of lust thundered in his veins as the whole salacious picture became clear to him. "Come on, baby, lift your ass a little higher," he commanded, and he placed her in position with his strong hands. He looked bravely into the wild eyes of the big dog, then said, "Come on, Hector boy! Crawl up on her butt! Let's double- fuck her together!" Jill was puzzled at first until she felt Hector's strong forelegs start to circle her hips and the soft fur of his belly rubbing against her naked ass-cheeks, and then she knew he had mounted her.

She could imagine the huge, dripping, tapered penis sliding out, preparing to fuck her. But she was filled back there. There wasn't anyplace left but .! "Oh God, no, Bob. You can't let him take me in the anus. He'll tear me wide open!" "It doesn't look like we have any choice, baby.

Try to stop him now and one of us is going to lose an arm. Come on, get that ass up in the air!" "Oh . oh . Bob . Hector," Jill choked out as she felt the animal's searing hardness trailing through the widespread crevice between her vulnerably open buttocks. Butterface latina with nice ass and tits was aware that Bob's cock was thrusting paralyzingly up into her from below.

"Please, darlings, don't hurt me!" Bob was almost out of his mind with pleasure as he fucked up into his cringing young wife's wetly clasping pussy. "Just hold tight and relax," he warned her. "He'll find what he's after and there's nothing we can do about it." And he did! Jill sensed the beveled, needle-like tip of the German shepherd's cock catch suddenly in her rectum and worm just up inside. She sucked in her breath, remembering from watching the animal pound into Mae that he had no gentle motions.

Hector humped forward . again . and again . and again . his huge sunny leone xxx sexsey storys cock grinding further into her defensively puckering anus with each merciless thrust, sending waves of pleasure-pain screeching through the wailing young housewife's overloaded nerves. "Aaaaaggggghhhhh," the shocked young woman gurgled, her head flailing helplessly from side to side.

She tried to shake the punishing lance from her obscenely stretched rectum, but Hector's firmly clutching forepaws made that impossible. Oh, God, there was nothing to do but endure it . to endure both of them, dog and man fucking into both her painfully distended passages at the same time! If it hadn't been for the flames of passion that Bob's earlier fucking had reawakened in her hotly raging belly it just wouldn't have been bearable. But then to the amazement of the hopelessly trapped young woman, the pain started to recede and a strange masochistic sensation began to invade her doubly filled loins.

A animal-like hungering wildness came over her as she could feel the two cocks, one human, the other animal, fucking into her simultaneously. Moaning and whimpering in a crazed building passion, the wild-eyed young woman tried to move with the double-tucking tempo as the two males began to ram up into her in matching rhythm, their lust-swollen cocks disappearing in syncopation up inside her wet searing holes.

"Oh, oooohhhhh, sweet lovers! Yes . fuck me .! Fill me with your hard cocks," the lust-dominated young woman frantically begged. Bill Reagan could not keep from laughing out loud as he watched the obscenely locked trio humping madly together on the bed. This was all his doing, he leah gotti fucking with valentina nappi. He had made all these people and the dog, too, into his puppets who would do what he ordered, take any position he put them in.

He wondered if he should make his niece take part in this lewd drama before him. But when he looked around she was nowhere to be found. Her dress was missing too. Well, no matter. He would have plenty of time later to make her pay for sneaking out without his orders.

He turned his attention back to the bed. Jill knew that her orgasm was not far away and she ground her Pumping ass-cheeks frantically back against Hector's hairy loins at the same time pounding her pelvis down hard against her husband's long thrusting cock fucking up into her from beneath. She wanted them all to come together . Then Hector whimpered behind her, his powerful body quivering in ecstasy, and his boiling sperm began to shoot bullet-like up into Jill's tightly clasping rectum.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhh . fuck me . fuck me hard!" the beautiful young blonde cried in wad abandon. "Ohhhhhhhh . Oh God . I can feel both of your cocks so good inside me! Aaaaahhhhh, faster, faster!" Her unseeing blue eyes grew wider and wider .

until it happened! "Now . Noooowwwwww . I-I-I'm cummingggggggg .! Once more Jill felt Hector's scorching jets of animal-cum flooding her backsides in a never ending stream up inside her belly while enchanting spasms of incredible joy rocketed through her insanely convulsing loins. She could feel every contraction of that long thick cock as it rifled its load of seething animal-sperm deep up into her greedily milking little rectum.

Then Bob groaned beneath her, swearing obscenely as she plunged her wildly-sucking cunt down onto his thick towering hardness.

The transformed young wife held her husband's cock completely absorbed inside her hungrily milking channel, undulating her hips in furious little circles while his huge pumping shaft began spitting its fiery surges of semen far up into the hidden recesses of her wondrously absorbing belly.

Jill held it fast, imprisoning her husband's cock tightly within the hot clutching walls of her pussy, sucking and pulling at it, her own orgasmic secretions pooling with his as spasm after wild spasm engulfed the blonde-haired young wife's furiously twisting body. And then it was over. Jill collapsed forward on her husband's heaving chest as the last of his sperm drained from him. Hector fell back away from her still quivering young buttocks and stood uncertainly for a moment, his huge red penis already shrinking back up inside his belly.

The young couple lay alone, unable to speak, their breath rasping harshly in their throats. "That'll do for openers," said Reagan, his cold hard voice breaking into the thoughts of the exhausted young couple. "Now it's gonna be my turn." He leered down at Jill who was so tired that she could only look up at him uncomprehendingly.

"Oh no it's not uncle dear," said a voice behind Reagan, and he spun quickly around to find that Mae had re-entered the room. She had stacked a small pile of celluloid strips in a big ashtray and held a flaming match a few inches away from them. "I found the pictures you took of me and Bob," the dark-haired young woman said coolly. "They're all destroyed now, all except these negatives and they'll be gone in a second.

You're not going to bother these people any more, you dirty bastard. They're decent people, too good for you. You're less than dog shit under their feet. You can do anything you like to me, but I'm not going to help you harm other people." "Mae ." Reagan said warningly.

"So help me, if your burn those negatives you'll wish you had gone up in flames instead." He started to move toward his niece, but before he could reach her, she thrust the burning match into the pile of film. They caught at once and flared brightly for two or three seconds and then they were gone, just a small pile of glowing embers. Reagan looked down unbelievingly as he saw his hold over the naked young couple disappear.

"Why . you . bitch!" he ground out from between clenched teeth and leaping forward he caught his niece by the shoulder and drew his huge fist back to smash her in the face.

But he never made it! A streak of dark fur launched itself through the air and savage fangs clamped shut around Reagan's upraised arm while infuriated growls filled the room. Hector had had enough. Something had finally snapped in the huge animal's mind as he saw his brutal master about to attack the female he had mounted so many times . his mate! "God .!" Reagan howled in pain.

"Get this animal off of me! Help, help!" Then he was screaming in terror as Hector's teeth tore at his shoulders, and the fear-crazed man tried to protect his throat from the vicious attack, knowing his life would be lost if the animal ever succeeded in breaking through the protective circle of his arms. "Back, back!" Mae shouted as she tugged at Hector's collar and little by little she forced the embittered animal back.

Finally Hector quieted under her commands and stood facing Reagan threateningly, his hackles still raised and fierce growls coming from deep in his chest. "The only reason I didn't let him kill you," Mae told the shattered Reagan, "is that I didn't want the dog to be destroyed.

But I'll tell you this, you dirty bastard, if I ever see you around here again, I'll sic the dog on you and help him myself. I want you out of my house! Now! Today! And I want you to leave everything there that you can't carry with you!" Reagan said nothing in return but only stood there clutching his bleeding arms and shoulders, an uncomprehending look on his face as if to ask, "Could this be happening to me?" "And one more thing," Mae continued.

"If you should ever get any funny ideas about getting back at me, don't forget that I know all the rotten things you've done over the last ten years---enough to get you locked up for a long time.

So get out of town! Don't even look back!" The beautiful young woman motioned toward the door, looking for all the world like some kind of war goddess as she reined in the huge dog with one hand, her eyes flaring fire.

Reagan walked gingerly around her, one last spark of hate flaring in his eyes---and then he was gone. "D-Do you think he'll stay away?" Jill asked timidly, looking like a big-eyed child as she stared admiringly up at her beautiful friend and lover. "I think so," Mae said firmly. "He knows that I know some pretty bad .

things . about him. Sex ngung thoi gian sex stories, he's lost his dog, and he's lost face. I think maybe he'll look for greener pastures." "Well, anyhow," she added, her face softening.

"I know it's been a hard day, but I wonder if I could ask you to put me and Hector up for the night, until my dear uncle has time to clear out." It was Bob who spoke this time. "Sure," he said as he got to his feet, unashamedly standing before the beautiful young woman, his strong body naked before her gaze. "Stay the night, stay the week, stay a year. We owe you a lot." He smiled and reached out a hand to this woman that he had come to know so well. He knew that underneath her hard cold exterior she was just a soft tender wanting woman, a woman who craved love and gentleness, and he was ready to give that to her.

No, that was wrong! Both he and his new found wife were ready to give this strange woman the love and security she needed. They would make a team, and when his own stamina failed, he knew he would get plenty of help from the huge German shepherd that now stood so docilely before them.

He reached down to help his beautiful naked blonde wife to her feet and then all four of them moved together warmly, naturally. Bob reached down to pet the head of the dog.

"Thanks, Hector," he said. The End