Tiny boobs blond babe nailed by pawn man

Tiny boobs blond babe nailed by pawn man
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********************************************** my first time out in public as a cd ************************* I have been dressing up in womans clothing for a few years now. I never went out dressed, just pantyhose or lingerie under my clothes.then one day i heard about a adult theatre(actually two theatres across street from each other).

so I got the nerve up and was going to actually go inside the theatre dressed as "bobbie". The theatre was a hour away so I shaved showered and put on a new pair of black pantyhose and my sweatpants a tshirt and sneakers, grabbed my bag and jumped in the car. The whole drive there i was very nervous/excited thinking if i was going to actually go thru with this.I came up to the place and drove right by it to a shopping mall parking lot.

I sat in the car for a few minutes to think it over. Then i figured it was now or never. I took off my clothes and put on a sexy black dress & 4" high heels a long blond wig. I got hard instantly what a rush!.I then pulled out a mirror and applied my make up.

while i was putting on my red lipstick my hand was shaking so much i looked like a clown as it went all over my face.calm down bobbie, I thought. I reapplied the makeup and it looked good. then the final touch my wifes sexy sunglasses to hide my face a little.I drove to the theatre about a half mile down the street.While i was stopped at a red light a guy in car did a double take and fake taxi and sex games are inseparable smiling at me.( i thought oh no he knows!!) but then he waved and winked at me it made me feel sexy i'll admit.

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I pulled into the parking lot fixed my makeup and brushed my hair grabbed my purse with wetones, condoms.lipstick etc.

I was shaking as i walked to the door,a older man walked in at same time. He held the door open waiting for me to catch up as i approached him i said thank you and he checked me out head to toe he smiled and said you have great legs, i hope i can feel them later on.I smiled and went in.

he went to pay to enter i followed, then the clerk said ladies are free, so i headed to the booth area first I just wanted to calm down and regroup. I went into a booth and then i heard someone outside the door. I opened the door and there were three guys standing there, one just walked in the booth and closed the door.He went right for me and felt me all over his hands were on my ass rubbing my pantyhose, that got me rock hard and very excited I reached for his cock and it was very small only about three inches I rubbed it some but it never got bigger.

I kinda stood back and told him maybe later.I opened the door and left. I went into the theatre area, it was dark and there was about 20 seats with a giant screen and a padded bench in the back. I sat on the bench so my eyes could adjust to the darkness within minutes there were 5 guys by me, one on each side sitting on the bench next to me and 3 leaning against the wall .The two guys sitting started feeling up my pantyhosed legs and within seconds i had one leg over each one of their legs.I was sitting there spread eagle with my hard cock dangling.they both had their cocks out and i was full movie bdsm halle von is in town on vacation with her boycrony with them-double fisted and loving it.

One older guy dropped to his knees and sucked my cock.I was in heavin one cock in each hand,my dick in someones mouth all I needed was a dick in my mouth.With in a few minutes a guy stood on the bench and fed me his cock.

It got hard as soon as i started to suck on it this went on for about 15 minutes or so then i got up and walked to the back area. There were about 5 smaller rooms with tvs and benches in them. I went into one that a good looking guy was in stroking his cock I sat next to him and asked if he needed help.He smiled so i sat next to him and took him deep in my mouth.

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I sucked him and licked his balls all over and as I looked up we had a crowd of guys watching, some were jerking off and others just watching.I turned sideways to give them all a show.As i felt his cock tighten i dropped down to suck his balls and as i sucked them I jerked his cock as he shot ropes of cum into the air.as I get up and walk out I grab a couple of cocks as i walk by one of them looks so "pretty" I take hold and drag him with me to the hallway.His cock is about 5 or 6 inches thin and nice full balls and everything was shaved smooth.I took him in my mouth right there in the hallway,as I was bent down a bunch of cocks were put in my face I sucked a few but i wanted that one.

I took him out to the big theatre area and out there is a round padded table. I went on all fours on it and he stood next to me as i sucked him and of course a bunch of guys followed us.

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These guys seem like they never had sex before? anyways as I am sucking him his cock feels so good in my mouth he is nice and hard he tells me iam so damn sexy and i get him so hard and he loves my sexy long legs.I lean up to him and jerk off his cock as I suck his nipples then i whisper in his ear "I want to feel you inside me" when I say that I feel his cock jerk in my hand.I ask him again, I say do you want to fuck me? he says hell yes.I get a condom out and put it on his hard cock and then i suck him some more.I get in front of him in the doggy position on the table and he turns me over on my back and says he wants to feel my legs as he fucks me.

He takes my legs and spreads them wide, my 4 inch heels were dangling from my hosed feet in the air.He then finds my hole in my pantyhose and I feel the head of his cock against my asshole.His cock slides inside me and it feels like heaven, he slowly pulls it out then in all the way again.He then grabbes my legs and puts them over his shoulders as he fucks me nice and slowly ( the way i love it!).

A bunch of guys gather around the table to watch, it seemed like a hundred of them, all with their cocks out.I had what seemed like 20 cocks in my face as my stud fucked me, I didnt care because it felt so good.

I took one of the cocks in my mouth and sucked it deep.I then felt my hands wrap around 2 more cocks. My ultimate fantasy being dressed in heels getting fucked with a cock in my mouth and one in each hand while being watched by a group of guys.I NEVER imagined that it would ever cum true and here it was happening now.

The thrill was too much for me and I exploded with the biggest load i ever had in my life all over the front of my dress seing this i guess excited a few guys and i felt the cock in my mouth throb then explode and shortly after I felt the cock in my ass fill me up.

I continued to jerk the two cocks in my hand off till they came, and sucked two more cocks while i was laying on the table.I got up after that cleaned myself off and sat on the bench for a bit.A very skinny guy came up to me and said he was sorry he missed the party and would of loved to fuck my tight manpussy.I grabbed his cock thru his pants and it felt huge.He took it out and it was! It was thick and at least 9 inches maybe more I sucked it and jerked it with both hands wrapped around it, the head was enormous.He asked if he could fuck me I said no way that would hurt like hell,he said he would be gentle.I said nooo way.

He kept begging saying that I have such a hot ass and it looks great in those black pantyhose. I said he could dry hump me but not put it inside of me and if he tried i would stop.So i stood up and backed up to him and he slipped his cock inside the hole in my pantyhose and fucked the crack of my ass underneath my pantyhose.

While he was humping me he grabbed big booty ebony cheating with bro in law hips and was fucking pretty good .I was swinging my head and my hair was going all over the place wild he said that was such a turn on.He was talking dirty to me as he was pumping my ass telling me i was sucha dirty little whore and how did i like his big cock fucking my ass.Now we had another crowd watching us and he asked out loud who wanted to get their dick sucked by this slut while I fuck her ass.

that got me romanian cam babe finally getss buttplug up ass turned on I gobbled up the first dick that was put in front of me. It was small and i took the whole thing and his balls in my mouth all the while my skinny friend was fucking me telling me to me to suck that cock whore while i fill up your ass with my cum.

I felt him throb big time then i felt a big wettness on my ass.He came all over my ass inside my pantyhose he kept pumping my ass with his semihard cock,slushing around his xxx sexy bhabhi fuck storys until the guy who I was sucking came.I went into the bathroom washed up took off my pantyhose and left them in the garbage can on top so someone could see them and take them if they want.

It was a long drive home, but I could not believe what just happened and how it was the best most erotic sexual experience i ever had.