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Hot pussy sharing with wild sweetheart homemade hardcore
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I'm back dear readers, with another wanton tale of lust, pain and pleasure.and that's the fun part of the story! The music blares loudly out of the Bose speakers, thundering AC/DC as it adds to his being disoriented. I like him better that way, besides, the noise covers up my.stealthier movements, and allows me to surprise him.

I yank his covered head back and slap his nipples with a wooden paddle. "Attention worm!!! You are here to punished! Is that clear?!?" I yell loudly. "Yes, mistress!" he blurts. He'll have to do better than that to avoid a.rougher time that he might have anticipated. "WHAT? I can barely hear you!" "YES MISTRESS!!" he screeches.

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Two big slaps on the nipples with the paddle for that, and it's time to put the clamps on as well. I love the clamps! The click they make as they lock around his nipples is a lovely sound as is the low squeal he emits as they go on. "I'm going to give you exactly what you deserve, worm, and I'm going to savor your screams, isn't that right?" "YES MISTRESS!" he screams again. Good, he's getting the picture. A slap on his face with an open palm, open because it stings more than a gloved slap.

Another for good measure. I move around so I'm in his view, which is limited a bit by the hood, but, well, I can't have him in full control of anything, can I? I caress my breasts which are almost showing the nipples above my leather bustier. I make sure to sigh a bit as I do, and his eyes are staring straight at me. Good, I do have his full and undivided attention. I lick my fingertips and then allow him to see just a bit of saliva on my breasts.

Oh, goody, he's starting to sport wood. I love it when they do that. It's now fully erect and hanging out from below the leather restraints, and there's absolutely nothing that he would want than for me to touch it, rub it, and take him all the way to an orgasm, but that's not how we do things here, is it?

"Oh my god, you disgusting pig, we're not here to see your almost imperceptible cock, worm, we're here to punish you!!!" With that he gets an even half dozen slaps across his nipples with the paddle, and now they're nice and red, just the way I like to see them.

A slap on each cheek for good measure, and a twist to the clamps, followed by an open hand to his stomach cutie teen ingrid banged in her asshole by big hard cock I yank him forward into position on my rack.

His butt cheeks actually quiver in anticipation and while I'm in charge, I'm not totally evil. The paddle goes across them several times, and I grab the larger, leather wrapped paddle and give him an even half dozen that are much harder and he squeals in pain. I'm good at what I do, and I DO enjoy it to the point where my own body is starting to react a bit, but I can't let him see that.

"You know you deserve that, don't you, worm?" "YES MISTRESS! I need to be punished!" he yells out. Two shots with my bare hand as hard as I can deliver them and two sharp yelps from him. I do so love to keep my score even.I come back around and put my 6 inch spike heels up in front of his face. "You know what you must do worm, you know it, now DO IT!" I yell as I crack the paddle down next to him. He kisses and licks my shoes fawning and cringing and looks slightly up at me.

"No, worm, you don't deserve to look at me, and especially not to look at my body, I saw you imagining my pussy with my clothes off, and that won't do!" I bark out as I bring the smaller paddle across his knuckles and get the other side as well. "You aren't worthy to even LOOK at me!! Never do it again!

I'll have to teach you a lesson, but what, oh what can I do so it.sinks in." I grab a long back candlestick and light it. It burns for a few moments and then the wax begins to drip down the sides.

Good candles burn longer before the wax melts, the cheap ones are the best for this sort of stuff. The wax pools at the base of the stick and before it can cool, I pour it onto the top of his ass which sits before me. Sure, there's better ways to wax, but this is so much more fun to me. He czech first time anal beauti as the heat gets to him, and I cover the fabric I've placed there completely.

Now to slap those cheeks until they're good and red, using my hands, but eventually going back to the bigger paddle. It's so much fun to hear him switch from whimpers to small shrieks!

"That's just a tiny sample of what you deserve, worm, or do you think I"m being too mean to you today? Am I?" "No-no, no, I deserve all of it, you are a good and kind mistress, punishing me as I deserve only." "Oooh, goody." then I rip with all my might and there's not a stitch of hair in his ass crack anymore, but he screeches out due to my.loving attention to his personal grooming.

Now I can't use more wax, but I do have some oils that I've warmed up. I pour some and the gentle warmth henriette blond takes a double facial after dp real tits and pornstars them soothes him for a moment, then their heats kicks in as I spread them across his quaking ass cheeks.

Nice and hot, and well, a little more attention to them with the paddle and.THERES"S the whimpers of pain I was looking for. Now gently slap his balls to a squeak and.put the ball gag in. As the strap snaps into place I pull his head back to look into his eyes. "You know you deserve all of this, don't you?" I ask softly.

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He nods in response. "That's good dear, I do so hate it when people try to blame their pain on others, when it's clear as day that they brought it on themselves." Then I drip more wax onto his chest, and dear me, it drips all the way down to his exposed penis and balls.

Imagine that.a little oil to his chest and belly rub it in, and then a few solid slaps with my open palms.

Then it's time to show him a bit more of me. I slide the bustier down to reveal my breasts. They're not bad at all, still firm with rosy nipples and I rub them gently, but being sure to not let him know that I enjoy it as well.

He hungrily drinks in the sight of me, and because he's been such a good boy, I unzip and let him see the top of my landing strip of pubic hair and his eyes bulge at the sight of it. Oh, too much, he's over stimulated. Time to fix that. "You just couldn't adorable romanian femme fatale gets her pussy drilled a little skin, could you?

I saw your eyes bulging, and I knew right there that you WANTED me! As IF! Worm, you are so far below me that it isn't even funny, you will NEVER rise to that level!! And now, dear worm, it's time to show you just how low you are, to give you all that you could ever hope for." I walk around and take my biggest paddle and spank him hard with it, it has to be quite painful, but he merely shakes a bit on his restraints, and I don't just take care of his ass, his thighs and calves get equally slapped by the smaller strap and my hands.

All in all, it's a thorough spanking, and he's a quivering mass of jelly when I'm done, but I"m only done with the spanking. I carefully look over my selection of toys, and select the best thing for the job, it's a quite realistic 10 inch strap on that's very, very thick. I can't even take the thing in my pussy, so I can only imagine how it will feel for him.

Oh well, he knows what he's getting into. I set it up, and make sure it fits right, plus, a small vibrating egg inside of myself, that I set on 'high". Oooh.that feels good, because my 'disgust' at him is not real, in fact I get rather stimulated by these sessions.

However, he can't know that. "Okay, time for being my bitch, worm, and consider yourself fortunate that I'm in a good mood." With that I ram a smaller 7 inch dildo into him and sink it all the way to the base. I've lubed him up properly, but I'm hardly gentle, that would defeat the whole purpose wouldn't it. I slap it in and out a few times and he squirms against his bonds, I must have properly gotten his attention.

I climb up into place behind him on the table and yank it out and he visibly relaxes, oh, sorry, you really shouldn't have done that. I slam the massive ten incher home and he pulls as hard as he can against the restraints, as I drive it balls deep.

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I pull his head back and snarl "Feel that worm? That's what you're getting because you're nothing but my little bitch, just my little pussy assed bitch, and no man at all!" Then I proceed to ravage his ass with the monster tool. No prison violation could have been worse as I take him ruthlessly, slamming in and out with impunity and every time my pelvis slams against his quivering ass, I get that much more of a thrill from the vibrating egg and my own orgasm draws nearer.

Time and again I slam it into him and despite the ball gag, he's noisy, plenty noisy. The sounds of his pain are equally thrilling as the vibrations, and I'm getting soooo close. Finally he tenses and even though I'm behind him I can see the jet of his cum as he spurts all over my table. He shoots an amazing amount and not for the first time I wonder what that would feel like inside my pussy and that thought combines with the sensations of the egg and my building pleasure to trigger me.

My orgasm isn't huge, but it's deeply satisfying and I make no sound. Some well placed tissues make sure no liquid gives me away. I slowly pull out of him and climb off the table. I pick up the smaller paddle and whack him gently across his ass. Caroline pierce jack lawrence in neighbor affair release his bonds one by one, and he collapses to the table for a few moments, then he rises and gets off of it to stand unsteadily. "Are you okay?" I ask with genuine concern.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.sorry about the mess." he mutters. "No worries," I say with a smile, "cleanup is all part of the service." "Damn.that was.incredible, you've got.a mean streak that's amazing.

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Well worth my five hundred dollars. Worth every fucking penny." "You do say the sweetest things. It's always a pleasure." "Ah, I do need a little cleanup." "Bathrooms right there, need a towel for the shower?" "Sure.

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Thanks." I give him a luxurious, five star hotel quality towel and in he goes. Some ten minutes later he comes out and puts his clothes back on. He opens his wallet and hands me another hundred dollar bill.

"Tip, that was delicious schoolgirl rides on a long pole pornstars creampie smile. "Thank you! I had fun myself." He makes a polite goodbye and leaves. I spend some 20 minutes cleaning and sanitizing my toys.

Tomorrow I'll take the time to clean my leather properly, but now, I have other things to do. I climb the stairs out of the storm cellar where my dungeon resides and lock it carefully. Into the house I go with a bland looking bathrobe over my outfit so no one can see anything. Once in the house I put my outfit away and take a quick shower.

I do take the time to masturbate and have a lovely orgasm as I dream of someone far different than my most recent victim. Afterwards It's a nice pale blue sundress and some comfortable sandals, a fairly tame pair of panties and bra and I"m ready for the rest of my day.

Some two hours later a very handsome man enters my front door and I kiss him with passion, also taking the time to kiss my darling little girls. We chat about their day and I tell them to wash up as dinner's almost ready. My husband's already washed up and puts his arms around me as I stand in front of the stove, stirring the pot of spaghetti.

"So how was your day, sweetie?" he asks. "Oh, nothing too fancy, a few brochures, a nice business card and a banner for a hardware store.

The graphic design business is never all that exciting. You know that." "Then why won't you let me into the cellar/studio if it's so boring?" "Oh, I've told you, it's my space, and it's just how I want it, we've always respected each other's privacy.

You don't go in my studio, I don't go in your man cave. Fair's fair. Besides, the money's been very helpful, hasn't it?" "True, too true, a little extra money never hurts towards the ol' dream house and eventual retirement. I guess that's fine." He kisses me again and goes to help the kids finish setting up the dinner table.

Yes, a little money towards the dreamhouse and early retirement. He doesn't know that it'll come much earlier, but I'll spring that surprise when the time's right. Later that evening I overhear him talking with a friend on the phone. "Oh yeah, her graphic design thing's doing good, but truth to tell, it sounds like the most boring thing on the planet to me, I'm just glad she enjoys it." Boring? If he only knew. Perhaps he needs a session in my little dungeon?