Blacked candice dare ass fucked by huge black cock

Blacked candice dare ass fucked by huge black cock
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Mystress Patience Assail: Part 2 The Embrace So here we are. I am continuing the dirty little story of my life and my unlife. Up till this point, I have shared with you how I was breed into the person I was at that time. Perfect white breeding mare. so to speak.

I shared the story of my coming of age and how that caused my being sold to various lovers who all bid to father my first child. Then I let you know the experience of my father's raping of me. Thus, I continue the story. You now get to hear the next part of my life.

Again, I warn you the following tales are slightly horrific. May turn some stomachs. You just may walk away disgusted. To that I say, "You're the one who asked to hear the story." ***************************** My mother was right, I did learn to like the sex I was expected to give willingly.

I also learned to play games with my lovers. I demanded riches in exchange for my "services". Though they had already paid my mother, they were glad to indulge me as well.

Not long after, I was pregnant with my first child. By my 21st birthday, I had breed seven perfect breeders (daughters) for the society's cause. And because of that, I had surpassed my mother's popularity for being the most beautiful and well loved breeding woman in the society. I had found I could be extremely cruel to my mates and lovers and they would still pay anything for the drop of heaven they found between my legs.

I could beat them with a whip my father'd shown me how to use. I could kick them, hit them, smack them, even deny them.

Yet, they came back for more. So, I taught my daughters to be as cruel and heartless as myself. However, I had found I still did not much like the whole breeding thing. My body was, like my mother's, the ideal of German perfection, but I was tired of having children.

So, I made a shocking deal with the society. I would stop having children. In exchange, I will go capture women around the world to be breeders for them. At first they threatened me with death for my stubbornness.

My mother, still alive but no longer breeding, was appalled. However, in the end, and after threatening to just simply run away. I won out. I always won out. For six or seven years, I did just that. I enslaved beautiful girls with blond hair, blue eyes, and a perfect body to take back and turn into the society. These girls were never over sixteen years old and never under eleven.

They were always virgins or were tight enough to be passed off as one. (This I checked myself with my own fingers. I would slide a couple fingers into the pussy of each girl to see how tight she was.) If they did not comply, I would kill them without thought.

I had no time for disrespectful slaves. They would breed children in my place. I, in exchange, would be free from the cruelty of my mates.and the society they belonged to. One day, when I was following an army from village to village (it was easier to find abandoned girls this way), I was napping not all first time squirting on bad dragon dildo far from the army's camp. I was awakened by someone on top of me. It was one of the soldiers.

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He had my legs spread and my arms pinned above my head. His cock was pressing the lips of my pussy and he was growling like a hungry dog. He was trying to rape me. Instantly, I went into battle mode. There was no way in hell I was going to let another man rape me!! I hit him. Kicked him. Drew my sword on him.

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Killed him. He had buddies with them. I fought and killed them as well. I would be damned before I allowed another man to use me like that again. So, damned I became. That's when I felt another set of eyes on me. Watching me. I turned slowly and I saw him.

Fierce eyes. Strong. I drew my sword and stood in defense of him. He obliged me to a fight, but it seemed to be more of a game to him. A seductive Dance. He never came closer to me than the sword's length. The first man in my life to ever not come any closer to me than I allowed.

He seemed to wait for an invitation. This, I did not allow. No man would ever have invitation again into my circle. He turned and left into the darkness as easily as he came. Every time I fought some father trying to protect his prescious daughter from me.

I felt those fierce eyes on me. Every time I sliced off the head of a whining soldier. I felt that strength near me. Every time I seduced some poor fellow into giving me what I wanted. He watched me. Everything I did, he watched me. Every evening, and in the strangest times of it, he would appear. Never coming closer to me than I allowed. Never invading.

He hardly spoke. And when he did it was to give me better fighting tips. Like it was all play time for him. A game. A dance. Finally I asked his name. "Lucus Von Irving" was his response. That seemed to open me up more and between sword thrusts, he would ask questions of me.

Then he made an offer. Something that was strange. Sounded odd to me. Offers of a sire that would never betray me. A sire who would be strong enough and man enough to treat me like the woman I need teen amateur girl love hard home sex and swallow cum be treated. Things that made me roll my eyes and leave him standing there.

I think he liked the way I would just walk off away from him. Turning my back and throwing my chin in the air. So arrogant I was. So Proud. He seemed to enjoy this aspect of me. Eventually, he must have gotten tired of the never arising invitation. I knew he wanted it. That's why I never gave it.

However, he grew bored with waiting. He wanted me. or I thought he wanted me. and he was going to have me no matter what. That night, he took me. Though, he eased his way into my protective circle. His sword came closer to me that night than ever. It slipped. I thought. to my neck and sliced it a little.

I gasped at it, but before I could curse the bastard, his lips were to my neck and I was on the ground. I fought like a wild badger. Cursed him and clawed him. Things that seemed to drive him into an aroused frenzy. I managed to push him off me and run. only to have him come from what seemed no where and pounce on me like a cat playing with his meal. His strength was too much and I could hardly move under him. One of his hands grabbed my forehead and the other grabbed my pussy.

Two fingers slid into my pussy as he brought his lips to my bloodied neck. I thought he was about to rape me like so many others had. That was until I felt something pierce my neck. His teeth. Oh my god!! He was biting my neck. I felt the blood rushing through my body and out the area he was biting.

"What the hell was this creature?!" I wondered to myself before I could hardly feel thoughts in my head. I felt his fingers caressing my pussy and finger fucking me. I heard his low voice speaking sweet words of joy, lust, and passion.

He took his other hand off my head. I was too weak to run now. I could barely see him bring his fist to his own mouth and bite it. The blood flowed from I like a fountain. I could smell it.

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Like honey. Sweet. My stomach rolled. His wrist came to my lips and the blood flowed into my throat. First slow. It filled my mouth and I swallowed. Nectar! Life. I grabbed his wrist and held it to my mouth.

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I arched my back as if the blood pleasured me. At that, his fingers fucked me harder as the blood flowed into my mouth. My desire to live hungered three girls on a webcam sexy show the blood and my need for passion hungered for orgasm. I fucked at his fingers as his blood flowed into me. He pulled his wrist from me and replaced it with his lips.

He never pulled his fingers out of my pussy. I could feel myself wet and tight. He bit my lip and sucked at my blood. His fingers moved faster and his sucking my blood drove me over the edge. I came to hard I thought my head would explode.

He held tight to me fingering me harder. Kissing me deeper. I came again. Harder. Then I collapsed. When I came to, I jumped up in confusion. I was over come with an uncontrollable need for blood and an undying desire for orgasm.

I looked around and saw him sitting, leaning against a tree. He watched me close. Then leapt out of the way when I sprang to claw out his eyes. He laughed at me. I jumped at him again.

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This time he grabbed me and held me tight. Pressed his hard body to me and forced a kiss onto my lips. I bit his lip and spat in his face. He commented on my temper being doubled and how he liked that. He told me if I settled down, he would tell me what was going on. I calmed down, surprisingly easy. His voice was soothing to me now. I jelena jensen casey calvert home schooled part two that odd.

How I fell to its whim like a little girl following the directions of her father. Then he began to explain that I was now Kindred. (A vampire). I belonged to the type of vampires that would welcome my rebelious spirit.

He taught me the ways of the night. How to hunt. He introduced me to many others of our kind. I followed the man for a year learning all he wanted to teach me. Begging him to make me orgasm like he had that first night.

Of which he gladly ablidged. Seemed like that was his little "owning me" trick. KNew what I was addicted to and made it seem like he was the only one to give it to me. I was his puppy. His toy. However, came the time that he needed to move on without me, and I needed to do the same without him. To Be Continued.