Amateur brunette milf noise complaints make sloppy breezy cops like me moist for massive

Amateur brunette milf noise complaints make sloppy breezy cops like me moist for massive
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You WILL be my princess! Eric is mature vixen sydney hail gets her pussy beaten up prince and heir to the great kingdom of hanguitch he is extremely handsome. A tall tan 6'2" with muscle on his muscles, chocolate brown hair and eyes greener than bright green grass. He is smart and athletic to match his looks. He has everything but a princess. He has only a week to marry before his 25 birthday or the kingdom falls into the next borns hands so eric decides to simply marry one of the peasant girls in the kingdom.

He has all the unmarried girls 18 and up brought to the castle to pick from but find something wrong with every last one. He is angry and storms into the village saying he will just go look for one himself if the guards can not do so.

He rides into the village and is stopped in his tracks when he sees a young girl curled up against a tree reading. She is gorgeous. She has ice blue eyes and curly flowing blonde hair down to the small of her back. She is very petite only 5'4" with a toned tummy and long legs.

He gets down from his horse and walks over to the girl. Before he can even ask her name Eric hears a woman beauty porn teacher jewels jade fucking in classroom "No she is my baby girl!" From the near by house. He turns to look the he sees the womans husband sadly grab his wife and then nodd an apologetic nodd. He continues towards the girl and kneels to ask her name.

He smiles a breath taking smile and answers "Im Clair your highness." She closes her book and asks "Did you find your princess sir?" He only nodds till he finishes taking in the young girls beauty then he says "I have now." She gets a little worried when she looks past him and sees her father holding her sobbing mother. She jumps up and yells "Mama! Papa!" Then starts to run towards them but the prince gently grabs her arms.

She tries to push its away keeping her eyes on her mother while saying "Please my mama!" He reluctantly lets her go. She runs to her parents but he is not far behide. Clair says "Mama what is wrong?" Her mother looks at the prince and says "She is only a baby!

My only little girl!" He is shocked that she is so young but he still says "The kingdom thanks you for your beautiful sacrifice." The mother tries to grab her daughter by the prince picks the girl up and climbs onto his waiting horse.

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He looks at her parents one more time than quickly rides home seeing the sun will set soon. Once he gets back to the castle he limbs off the horse and stands clair on her own feet. She says very shyly "Sir I want to go home." He sighs not really wanting to deal with a young girls whining. He yells for a maid ignoring the girl and says bring dinner to my room for 2 and a night gown to fit this girl, he points at clair and then grabs her wrist and walks to his room pulling her behind as he walks much too fast for her.

He tells another maid to help bathe her. He lays them to it and goes to find his father the king. He tells him the great news and that tomorrow night they will wed.

The king agrees and has his fastest men set out to deliver invitations to all the important people. Eric walks back into his room famished and exhausted. He sees Clair pulling the silk night gown on and he smiles.

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Clair blushes and pulls on the robe next. Eric says "Clair my dear you look lovely in silk." He walks over and kisses the top of her head then says "Come lets eat." They sit and eat the meal brought up by the maid in silence.

Eric cant help but watch her soft sweet lip as she takes bits of the plump red strawberries on her plate. When she yawns Eric says "Clair I think its time for bed." She says "I can go home?!" He gets a little frustrated and says in a voice showing it "NO! You are never going home! Get in bed now!" He points at the bed and quickly gets up from the little table and runs to the bed.

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She crawls onto the huge soft bed and gets under the warm heavy blankets and just stares at him. He runs he hand down his face and rubs his temples saying calmer "Im sorry but you have to learn to obey. Now please go to sleep." He goes into the bathroom and calls for his maids to come bathe him.

Clair quickly falls to sleep in the comfy bed. Once his bath os over he has the women dry him off then he grads one by the hair and without a word pushes ebony fellow bangs gorgeous girl interracial and hardcore to her knees and pushes her face into his cock.

She starts to suck with all she has got till he finds his release, she sucks he cleans then he leaves her for bed. He climbs into the bed beside Clair after dressing. He cant help but smile at the way she looks like an angel while sleeping. He closes his eyes fighting the urge to wrap his arms around her and falls asleep.

The next day they are married Clair does as she is told for the wedding because the prince let her mother and father talk to her and be at the wedding. Eric takes her up to there room instead of to the reception afterward. He closes the door then gently and sweetly says "Princess take off your dress." She realizes now why they came to the room so early and shakes her head no.

He can tell she is scared so he tries to stay sweet. He turns her around and laces the dress himself. When he sees her nice tight ass in black lace panties he has to close his eyes and breathe in order not to attack her body right then. He turns her back around and sees her already well developed breasts in a matching black lace bra he pulls her close with one arm and holds her chin with his other hand as he kisses her soft pink lips. She tries to stuggle but it does no good. When he lets go she yells "Dont touch me!" and backs away.

He smiles and throws his jacket across the sofa and next his pants. She gasps when she sees his cock. She closes her eyes and covers them with her hands. He uses that time to move closer and pull her close so he can pull off her bra and tear off the sexy little panties hidding his prize.

She screams "Mama! Papa! GUARDS!!!!!" He says "Clair you are my bride now you belong to ME! No one is going to take you from me." She keeps screams for them. He is right no one comes. He lays her on the bed and she jumps up to run. He is pissed now he says "Really Clair!!" He grabs her and grabs the silk belt from her wedding dress and ties her wrists to the huge dark oak headboard.

She kicks and yells but he smiply says "I tried to work with you but you didnt cooperate darling so this is how it must be." He rubs her breasts and he flat soft tummy. She starts to sob and beg him to stop. He gives up on trying to make her enjoy it and her stokes her hair and wipes her tears. He whispers "Ill make it fast baby im sorry." He gets on her and neues leder lack outfit glaumlnzend striptease and deutsche her legs open and places his huge dick infront of her tiny tight pussy.

He strokes her tights and says "Relax baby it will only hurt a little." He slams into all at once. She screams "Get out! It hurts please!" She thrashs around under him trying to get him out. He grabs her hips and holds her still. After a moment he starts he pull out and slam back in over and over while she cries and begs under him.

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He says "Princess next time ill make you feel amazing." He pounds her pussy hard till he fills her full of hot cum. She wont even look at him as he pulls out and lays next to her.

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She asks "Can you let me go now?" He reaches up with one hand and undose the knot then pulls her into his arms and pulls up the covers. He kisses the back of her neck and whispers "You are mine now clair time for you to come to terms with that. Now go to sleep I can tell you exhausted." She knows he is right so she closes her eyes and in seconds she is fast asleep in her husbands arms.

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