Cute little rachel roxxx was hard up for cash

Cute little rachel roxxx was hard up for cash
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<knock-knock> "Yeah, what is it?" "Can I come in?" "Just a sec." I tucked my semi-hard cock down the leg of my shorts.

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"C'mon in Jill." My twin sister opened the door a small way and stood there. "What d'you want?" "Jack, I got a question." "No." "You don't even know what the question is you jerk." "If you start with 'I got a question,' I know it's not gonna be something I wanna do so the answer is no." "What if I was gonna ask if you wanted to see Tiffany naked?" "Then you would have said so. And I would've asked how you were going to arrange that miracle." "So you'd want to?" "Hell yeah!

I suppose you're gonna say April fool's now." "It's June, Jack. But I should tell you, she's willing to show you hers if you're willing to show us yours." "What? You wanna see my junk?" "Actually, I can already see your junk," she said staring at my shorts. My teenage cock had hardened with the talk of naked girls and made an appearance at the bottom of my shorts.

Hastily I threw a pillow over my lap. "Get outta here!" "Really, Jack, she wants to see you. Actually, she wants to watch you, well, jack off.

She's never seen one before. And she's afraid she never will." "All she's gotta do is offer to give any guy a hand job and she'll see all the cocks she wants and then some." "Yeah, and then ev'ryone'll call her a slut.

And I'll still not have seen one either. Ya want ev'ryone to call your sis a slut?" "Why me?" "Cuz I told her you wouldn't tell anyone." "Exactly what are we talkin' about here?" "Tiffany comes over here tonight.

Mom and Dad are going out so we'll be here alone. She'll show you her, you know, and then you jerk off while we watch." "You wanna watch me jerk off?

That's kinda weird Jill." "I've never seen it before. I don't wanna be all stupid the first time I give some guy a hand job." "I don't wanna hear about you givin' hand jobs." "Will you do it?" "She's gonna get naked?" "She said she would." "She's gotta sit there naked while I do it." "I think she'll agree to that." "And I want to have the opportunity to do it again later." "I dunno about that." "See what you can do. Now, get outta here so I can do something." "You gonna jerk off now?" "If I don't I'm gonna be in some serious pain." "Can I see it real quick?" I stood up throwing my pillow away and dropped my shorts.

My hard cock stood straight out from my body, "Now get outta here," I said dismissing her. "Go rub your pussy til you cum you little tramp." Her eyes locked on my cock as she slowly shut the door. I could see her other hand rubbing between her legs.

My sister was going to go masturbate while thinking about my hard cock. Weird, right? It took me all of thirty seconds before I shot my load. I'd have to work on that before Tiffany came over. Girls don't want a guy to cum too quick, especially during sex. Not that I thought we'd be having sex that night or anything. I figure I'd be lucky if she really got naked and let me see. Maybe I could get her to finger herself while I watched, or she'd let me and maybe I could squeeze those little tits, lick her nipples, maybe I'd ask her for a blow job.

I was hard again. I spent the next ten minutes edging before shooting another load as I thought about Tiffany's lips around my cock. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing yard work. The lawn needed to be mowed, then the clippings raked up and thrown on the compost.

The bushes out front needed trimming. My sister spent her afternoon moving her sunbed around the yard avoiding me while I worked. Of course, I got a nice $40 from dad for the work so How much pain can your little balls endure didn't mind. Finally finished, I grabbed the sprinkler and snuck it near Jill's sunbed. She was snoozing in the sun, her bathing suit untied to prevent tan lines. Her ass was already golden bronze.

I turned on the water and got a quick view of my sister's B-cup tits as she sat up screaming in the cold water. I made a beeline for the bathroom and locked the door so I could shower away the sweat and grime in peace.

Drying off I looked in the mirror. Not bad, I thought. The beginnings of a six pack, no fat anywhere. I didn't need to lay out for a tan, my yard work in the neighborhood took care of that. My cock was of decent size, not porn sized anyway, but nothing to be embarrassed about.

I did decide a little grooming would be in order before his debut. Not shaved, but trimmed anyway. I hoped Tiffany kept herself trimmed. Watching old time porn was such a turn off, all that hair. I wasn't a big fan of bald pussy, but it was better than a huge bush. Short trimmed hair, that was what I liked.

My cock began to swell as I trimmed aroud it. I wondered if Tiffany'll want to touch it. Would she think about it the next time she touched herself?

Maybe she'd like something to remember it by. I could give her a picture to take home. Maybe she's let me take a picture of her as well.

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My grooming done, my cock had swollen to about it's full length, though still too heavy to stand before getting fully hard. I put one foot on the countertop and grabbed my cell phone. I took a picture in the mirror from my six pack down. I took my cock in hand and stroked it a couple of times getting it to full mast. I snapped another shot showing its full hardness.

Next, I pointed it straight at the mirror and took a shot that would be great for a POV for a girl giving a blow job. Finally, I stroked myself until I shot a load at the mirror. I stood there and took a picture of the cum sliding down the glass before cleaning up. Back in my room, I put on some loose fitting shorts before transferring the pictures to my computer.

I printed them out on one glossy page and then deleted the evidence. These were for Tiffany. No need to save them for anyone else to find. The rest of the day seemed to drag on forever.

When it seemed like the day would never end there was a knock on my door. "Yeah?" "Hey champ," my dad said as he opened the door. "Your mom and I are about to head out. Pizza is on the way. Money is on the counter. We should be back by one. Amateur pullout cumshot wife wont forget, Jill has her friend Tiffany coming over tonight.

Don't give'm too hard a time. I don't wanna hear about it tomorrow." I nearly started laughing. In fact I don't know how I kept from exploding. "Promise, Dad, I won't bother'em." "Do me a favor, put on a shirt before you go down to eat. You're sister'll yell and scream about how you're embarrassing her in front of her friends. She's already complained to your mom about the sprinkler incident." "You realize you and mom let her get away with murder?" "Yeah, well you may be the same age, but you're her big brother.

Be nice." "Honey, c'mon, we'll be late," my mom said poking her head in. "Good night Jack. Be good. Have fun tonight." "You, too, mom.

See you tomorrow." She continued down the hallway. The doorbell rang. "That's probably the pizza. Put on a shirt and come downstairs." I grabbed a polo shirt and pulled it on, leaving it unbuttoned. "Jill!" my mother yelled. "Pizza's here! And so is Tiffany! Your father ad I are leaving!" I heard the front door close twice.

We were alone. It wouldn't be long now. I'd be seeing my first live pussy and jerking off in front of Tiffany and my sister. I could feel my member slowly swelling in my shorts. I loved wearing these shorts and I hate wearing underwear. I guess I'm sort of an exhibitionist at heart. Whenever I get hard he puts on a show for anyone looking his direction. Pizza in the den was going to be a fun start to the evening.

When I got downstairs I was alone. Tiffany had evidently joined my sister in her room. I grabbed the pizza boxes and a two liter bottle of coke before heading to the den. I made a second trip grabbing cups, ice, and a surprise, a bottle of Crown Royal I had stashed.

Before I yelled for the girls I made some weak Crown and cokes and situated myself on the couch such that they would probably sit on the floor across from me while we ate on the coffee table. "Come and get it girls, before it gets cold!" I yelled. Shortly later I could hear them tramping blanche bradburry and tracy lindsay aka tracy delicious the stairs.

"What'd we get?" "Half veggie, half cheese and half supreme, half pepperoni and jalapeno." "You know which one's yours then." "Yep, already started," I said stretching out on the couch. Like I figured they sat across from me on the floor. Tiffany looked hot. Not too much makeup.

Tank top, No visible bra. Loose leg shorts. Dirty foreplays by hot lesbian gorgeous babes tan was as dark as my sister's. Her blonde hair shone bright in the den lights.

Her nipples, my god her nipples, were visibly poking the thin material of her shirt. Guess she likes showing off too. My cock appreciated the preview and began to fill ready to make his appearance. Jill took a drink and spluttered, "What did you put in this?" "Just a three girls on a webcam sexy show Crown." "Where did you get Crown?

If you raided Dad's liquor cabinet he'll know." "Don't worry," I said producing the bottle. "I've had this for a while. You don't mind, do you Tiff?" "No," she said taking a big gulp of liquid courage. "I like it.

I don't get to have any at home but we had some at Shannon's last time." "Anytime you want some, you know I've got what you want." I sat up to pour another drink for myself. I spread my legs and felt fresh air touch the head of my cock as it lay there along my leg. If the girls looked up they'd see it. "Really Jack? I thought we'd eat dinner before the show." "What's wrong now Jill?" I asked.

"Oh my," responded Tiffany seeing what Jill was pointing at.

"Oh, sorry." I put a pillow on my lap which did nothing to hide the snake poking his head out the leg of my shorts. the girls still had a full view. "It's still there Jack." "What do you want me to do about it? Tiffany's sitting there with her nipples pointing like erasers. I might as well take these shorts off now!" "No Jack, that's fine.

Just try and keep him under control until we're done eating." I watched Tiffany squirm as she sat. I caught her looking up my shorts several times. Her free hand kept reaching for the napkin in her lap that wasn't there. Jill too seemed affected. Her nipples were now poking against the material of her shirt.

Before we finished eating I poured a second drink for each of the girls, a little stronger this time and a third for myself, a little weaker. "What d'you think girls? Want to gorgeous desi indian paki lesbian feet being worshipped this down here?

Or would you rather go to one of our rooms?" "I don't know if I can do it down here. what if your parents came home early?" "Ok, we can use Jill's room or mine." "Let's use yours. I don't think I could explain the musky smell to mom and dad." "What?" "You must be used to it.

Your room has a scent. When you've been busy." "And nobody ever real college orgy filmed by the students me?!?" "I always thought you knew." "Is it bad?" "No, it just smells like, well, manly." I was not amused.

"Go on up. Tiff and I'll clean this up. We'll be up there in ten minutes." I climbed the stairs to my room. I opened the door and sniffed. Nothing. Maybe I was used to it. I turned my desk chair around facing the bed. I only had one chair so I guess I'd let them have the bed to watch from. I'd jerked off in this chair quite a few times watching porn on my computer. Now I'd have porn on my bed to jerk off to. What an opportunity, I grabbed my SLR camera and pointed it at my bed it was always sitting on my desk so it shouldn't arouse any suspicion.

I set it for video and hit the start button. Seconds later there was a knock on my door. I sat back on my captain's chair and draped a leg over one arm. "Come in." Jill came in first and shut the door behind her.

"Ok, she's agreed to get naked and stay naked until you finish. You can't touch her while she's naked." she leaned close and whispered, "She just told me she's so horny right now she wants to jump your bones." She climbed on my bed and stretched out like a cat.

"You can come in now Tiff." Music came from the hallway and the door opened. Tiffany strutted in, in time with the music.

She was better than any stripper I'd seen online. She was wearing a colorful short silk robe which clung to her body. She came over to me and undulated her body erotically before leaning in and kissing me lightly on the lips. I nearly reached out and pulled her into my arms but held back.

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She moved away and turned her back towards me. She opened the robe slightly and it slipped from her shoulders. She turned back to me and her hands held the robe to her breasts. She turned away and bent forwards lifting her robe, exposing her ass and just a hint of the space between her legs. As the music climaxed she turned to me again and held the robe open, her body there for me to drink in. Her pert breasts topped with those delicious nipples I'd seen the hints of earlier.

Her short, downy hair covered pussy, just like I'd imagined. My cock was harder than I could ever remember. It was longer than I'd ever seen. It strained as I groaned. It pushed the leg of my shorts aside and stood proud in front of Tiffany and my sister.

Tiffany sat on my bed. She raised one foot and set it to her side. This opened her legs and I could see the warm moist hole that craved my hard cock. The same place my hard cock craved to be.

She was wet and horny. She slid a finger between the folds of her wet pussy, her head leaned back and she moaned. finally she stretched her body out on my bed, turned on her side, her leg propped up keeping her fully open to my gaze. I blonde teen takes care of a dick my chair close to my bed. I slid my shorts over my erection and down my legs, never taking my eyes off Tiffany. I propped both feet on the edge of my bed and spread my legs wide.

giving the girls a great view of my cock and balls. Precum oozed from the tip. Normally I would grab a little baby oil to facilitate my fun but not today. My copious precum fluids gave me plety of lubrication. I spread it all up and down my shaft and over the head. I moaned at the sensations I was feeling.

I wanted to close my eyes and fantasize as I often did but my fantasy was in front of me. Tiffany slid her fingers over her fur covered mound and through her silky folds. Another hand, my sister's hand cupped her breast as she watched from over Tiffany's shoulder.

Tiffany moaned. I moaned. Jill moaned. My hand feverishly worked up and down my steel hard shaft. I wouldn't last long. I couldn't last long. Even though I'd jerked off several times earlier my body's senses were in overload. I could think only of the naked girl in front of me and how I wanted her to be part of what was happening to me. "Cum for me Tiff," I pleaded. "Let me see you cum." "Yes, Tiff, let's show my brother how you cum. Then he'll splash his man cum all over your naked body." My sister reached down between Tiffany's legs and rubbed her mound while Tiffany's own fingers lightly probed her virgin pussy.

Her hips rocked back and forth and she moaned loudly. "I'm cumming. Oh god, I'm cumming. cum for my Jack, shoot your man cum all over me. Oh god, oh g-g-god! Cum Jack, cum for me!" I stood up and started furiously sliding my hand up and down my steel rod. The purple head topping my cock looked like it was going to explode. My body felt like it couldn't take anymore. Finally my balls contracted ad I began to shoot long streams of cum across Tiffany's chest, then her belly, then between her legs, coating her and my sister's fevered fingers.

Finally I sat back in my chair, exhausted. "Oh god Jack, that was the best ever." "I hear it gets better." "How, how can it possibly get better than that?" "For me? For someone to do it to me. For you? For me to do it to you. For us? To do it together." "And then what?" "And then we try something new. I can hardly wait to taste your hot wet pussy." "What if I'm not ready for that?" "Then maybe we just do this again." "You would be ok with just this?" "More would be nice, but if I'm doing anything I'm happy." "What about a party?" "What?

with more people?" "Yeah, you bring a couple of your guy friends and we bring another girl. Guys jack off, girls jill off. It's called a jack and jill party.

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Not quite as intimate as this but kinda crazy." "You have some people in mind?" "Your sister likes Robert. My sister likes James. You think they'd like to join us?" "I think they'd go crazy for the idea if the 'no touching' rule wasn't there." "That's the thing, it's not sex if there's no touching." "But my sister was touching you." "That's different." "How?" "Cuz we're both girls.

It's still just jillin'. A guy touches me and he's gonna want to do more." "I was just watching and believe me I wanna do more. I want to feel your tits, suck on your beautiful nipples, run my fingers between the folds of your pussy. I want you to touch my cock, carress my balls, stroke me til I cum. I bet you couldn't even tell if it was me or Jill doing it to you. Anyway, if there are limits to touching it would be easier than no touching at all." "I bet I could tell," said Jill.

"Tell what?" "If you both sucked my nipples I could tell which was which." "And if you can't?" "If I can't we do one thing for you today and we come up with a list of touching rules." "Ok, we need a blindfold.

Jill sit in the chair and take your jessica moore talks to the camera before off." I grabbed a muffler from my closet and covered my sisters eyes. "We're gonna spin you around for a second. then we'll take turns sucking your nipples. When you think you know who it is, say it. Three out of five guesses wins." This was so cool. Jill was sitting topless in my desk chair. Tiffany was across from me still naked.

I was standing around with my junk hanging out as well. How could I fool my sister into thinking I was Tiffany. How does Tiffany do it? I pointed to her and mimed for her to go first. "Okay you two, tongues and lips, no hands. I'm sure I'd recognize a guys hands." We spun the chair around clockwise a few times and then counterclockwise. We stopped the chair and Tiffany leaned in as I watched. My sister's breasts rose and fell with her breath.

I just realized I was gonna lick my sister's nipples, suck on her breast, make her feel good. And she wanted me to do it. Tiffany was gentle with Jill. she flicked the nipple with her tongue then carressed the areola as well.

She took the whole breast in her mouth and sucked. "Tiffany, definitely Tiffany." I held my finger to my mouth in the universal "shhh" sign. I started the chair spinning again and stopped it shortly. I directed Tiffany to go again. she did the same to the other breast. "Jack, you're good at this too.

I'm sure that was Jack." We spun the chair. This time I leaned in. Jill's breast was still wet with Tiffany's saliva. I blew softly and watched as the papillae stood up. I touched the nipple with the tip of my tongue. My first time touching a girl's breast. I flicked the nipple with my tongue. I opned my mouth in a small "O" shape and took the breast into my mouth.

I played with the nipple with my tongue while applying suction. "Keep that up Tiff and I'm gonna cum!" We spun the chair again. I pointed at Tiffany. She was gentle once more. I could tell she'd done this enough to know what my sister liked. "Jack, quit trying to be a woman." "That's three out of five I said taking the blindfold off." "What I got three out of the first four?" "No, you missed three out of four." "Which one did I get right?" "The first." "That means Jack was only the third time?

That time was amazing. You know how to use your tongue Jack. you need to let him show you Tiff." "Later. Okay Jack, what do you want?" "Two things, first, I'll take the blindfold and see if I can tell which of you is touching me until I shoot. And then I want to watch the two of you. Or rather I want to watch you, Tiffany, give my sister something she hasn't had yet today." I sat back on the bed and tied the blindfold on.

"Feel free to use your hands however you want. You're the same size so I doubt I could tell which is which." I felt four hands sliding up and down my body as I lay there. I was still hard from earlier. A pair of lips kissed my nipple while a soft hand cupped my balls. My hips lifted from the bed anticipating, no, begging them to touch my shaft. Another kiss, this time to my other nipple.

Lips brushed across my lips, a tongue touched my lips. Too late I opened my mouth, whoever it had been had moved twschool students fuck big black cock huge. Baby oil drizzled on my chest, my abdomen, and my elongated cock. Hands smeared my body. Locked fingers finally found my hardness. Together, I could tell they were working together, their hands slid up and down.

A nipple found its way to my lips. And it was gone replaced by a pair of lips pressed against mine. This time I responded. Our tongues touched and an arc of electricity joined us as one. Another mouth took my nipple back in her mouth and nibbled lightly. The hands quickened their pace stroking up and down. I reached out and felt hollie macks tight teen pussy pounded over and over again. Yes, that was Tiffany on my right.

My fingers slid between her legs, between her lips. My thumb rubbed her button. I could feel her body responding. A hand grabbed my other hand and placed it between another pair of legs.

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Now I was confused. Which was Tiffany and which was Jill. It didn't matter. I slid my fingers between both sets of nether lips, careful of their unbroken hymens. My thumbs rubbed them as they stroked me. Their lips switched places. Now I was furiously kissing the other, our tongues dancing. I felt my body building towards its imminent explosion. Never before had it felt so good.

I was thrusting with my hips as their hands slid up and down. Their bodies were both reacting wildly to my probing fingers. Soon, soon, my body spasmed! I went rigid as I felt a shower of cum land on my stomach and chest. Exhausted by pleasure I collapsed. My fingers continued their work though and I felt the flood of juices as the girl on my right had her silent orgasm while busty buffy makes boobies jump on camera masturbation big boobs lips were locked together.

She slid off my fingers and embraced me as the girl on my left took her spot, our tongues dancing as my fingers danced between her legs. She sat back and guided my fingers with her own. "I think you're right," said Tiffany between breaths, "Touching is good." Tiffany removed my blindfold and together we watched my sister as my fingers brought her to a momentous orgasm.

When she finally collapsed the three of us lay there together while we regained our strength. "Think there's any pizza left?" I asked. Both girls punched me.