Busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob

Busty fat babe spunked hardcore and blowjob
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Tulsa When Tulsa entered my office for the very first time I already knew her. No I had never actually met her before in my life but I knew her grandmother from years ago. Tulsa was the spitting image of her grandmother about twenty years ago. I am the High School Principal and Tulsa was here for disciplinary action.

From reading her grade school record that was certainly nothing new for her. Actually I had been expecting it…however not on the very first day of the school year.

Let me fill you in on some of Tulsa's background. Her grandmother Jezebel was two years younger than I was in school but I knew her well…in fact every boy in school knew her well.

Jezebel was what we called a 'doorknob' back in those days. Everyone could have a turn on her. Jezebel was just an easy fuck and you didn't even have to buy her a soda or a candy bar either.

By the time Jezebel was fourteen years old she was pregnant. Thank God they didn't have DNA testing back then or I could have been the father.

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I sure fucked Jezebel just as much as anyone else did. I couldn't believe that her father had beat her until she finally confessed that she had no idea who the father of her child was and that she had let every boy in school fuck her. The truth was that every male teacher in school had fucked her too.

Who could resist the charms of a pretty young thing like her giving it away? The baby turned out to be Mary a pretty little thing. When Jezebel graduated from high school Mary was four years old. I still have her graduation picture in my photo album.

Even though I was in college at the time I got to go to a graduation party in her honor. That night of her graduation she let a hundred boys fuck her and I was lucky enough to be one of them. That picture of her with Mary was my reward for participating in her graduation party orgy. When I graduated from college I became a grade school teacher. That was how I got to watch Mary grow up. She was just like her mother too. She was free and easy with her body. The other girls simply called her fast and loose.

I knew that everyone was fucking her but I was able to resist the urge. It was a good thing too because when Mary turned fourteen she too was pregnant and Jezebel was a grandmother at the ripe old age of twenty-nine. Believe it or not Jezebel threw her daughter a graduation party orgy just like she had had.

I was invited but I got to spend my time with Jezebel instead. It was hard but I was still able to resist fucking Mary, but Jezebel was an entirely different story.

She and I went dirty talk rimming and cronys chums sister first time one day aaliyah receives a back. Jezebel had let me break her cherry so I guess that you could say I started it all. I had shown her what sex was all about and of course she had shown me what sex was all about too. The only difference in those days was that I couldn't get sex anywhere nearly as fast from the other girls as she could give it away to the other boys.

In the eight-grade I managed to fuck four other girls besides Jezebel but she managed to give it away to at least seventy-five of the boys including some forth and fifth graders too.

So anyway at Mary's graduation orgy Jezebel took me into her own bedroom and locked the door behind us. It was almost like old times.

Jezebel was then thirty-four years old and she looked very good for her age too. Jezebel always did have a very pretty face, nice long hair, and a great body. Her father had seen to it that she couldn't have anymore kids either so she was able to keep her girlish figure without getting knocked up every single year.

Jezebel was a cocktail waitress at a local restaurant and made pretty good tips. I was pretty sure that she was selling herself on the side too but I didn't know that for sure. I had been married for a couple of years at that time to a great gal. Yes I was happily married and we didn't have any children yet because we were waiting for me to get a promotion. I had been promised the job of Principle of the high school in the coming year.

When I was invited to the orgy Jezebel had promised me a picture of her with Mary and Tulsa to go along with my other picture in my scrapbook. She also said that I sex sania mirza xxx com have to fuck one of my own students to get it either. Instead I could just fuck her. I actually had to give that some thought. I had not cheated on my wife since I had started dating her and I still wanted to be faithful to her.

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However it was so nice to be invited, so nice to have Jezebel offer herself to me again, and so nice to reminisce about our past. At one time I had even been in love with Jezebel and later on had actually contemplated marrying her but I also knew that she could never stay faithful to me unless Bffs orgy in miami for spring break large cock group sex glued her knees together.

Talk about her being unfaithful and there I was about to do the very same thing to my wife that I feared that Jezebel would have done to me. I just couldn't resist, Jezebel was still my first true love and we had given our virginities to each other. Once inside her bedroom and Jezebel had locked the door she closed the blinds on the windows and lit some candles. She put on some romantic music to help drown out the noise in the rest of the house.

Then she came to me and we kissed. Soon my mind was racing back to thoughts of yesteryear when time was simpler and we were younger. Our tongues entwined and my hands roamed over her body. Jezebel was soft in all of the right places and she had womanly curves. I kneaded her ass cheeks, I felt of her breasts, and I tried to get my tongue into her throat.

Soon I felt Jezebel's hand on my crotch signaling me that she was ready for sex. Hell she was always ready for sex. Jezebel never needed any foreplay.

She only allowed us guy's the pleasure of feeling her up to please ourselves. I slipped my hand into her crotch taking her skirt in with me. As I felt the warmth of her pussy in the palm of my hand I also felt the texture of her skirt on my palm and the silkiness of her panties on the tips of my fingers too.

Her skirt was just as short as it always was. I was tempted to finger fuck Jezebel but she really didn't need it and she really didn't want it either all she really wanted was for me to fuck her.

I stood back a little bit and reached up for the buttons on her blouse. I thought about ripping it open and listening to the buttons fly around the room but I withheld myself.

Instead I unbuttoned her blouse like a gentleman. Then I removed it and placed it on a chair. I was surprised to see that Jezebel was wearing a bra but I was sure that it was for my benefit so I just smiled and started to kiss her cleavage. I could smell her favorite perfume between her lesbian peaches stretch their deep anals and pound long dildos because it was my favorite perfume too.

I reached for her mini skirt and pushed it down her hips. I considered hooking her panties with my thumbs and taking them both down together but I didn't. As I reached the floor with my hands my face reached her crotch. That same familiar smell was there too and I had to smile. I itched my nose on her panties as I inhaled. Upon removing her skirt I stepped back to admire Jezebel. She smiled and posed for me.

She did a slow turn and then she started to sway with the music. She looked like an angle before me and I knew that I still loved her very much. Her bra and matching panties were a bright red in color. There were devil horns embroidered on her breasts and on her panties was embroidered the words, "Doorway To Hell!" I then removed her bra and her panties. It had been about five years since I had seen Jezebel naked like that but she looked exactly the same to me.

Her breasts were just as firm and proud, her nipples were fantastic, and her pussy fur was still cut into the shape of a cute little heart.

I slowly pushed Jezebel back onto her bed. She centered herself on it and reached up to the corners of her headboard. There she had two soft ropes that were tied in loops. She slipped her hands into both loops and grabbed onto the ropes themselves as if I had tied her hands to the bed.

This was something new but it sure excited me. I could always do whatever I wanted to do to Jezebel in the past but this just made it more evident. As she lay there I reached out and grabbed a hold of her breasts and squeezed them just a little harder that I should have just to see her facial expression change.

When I removed my hands I could see the red impressions from my fingers. Then I opened up her legs, I bend her knees, and then I positioned myself between them. Next I reached for her pussy and Jezebel moved back slightly with anticipation. When I reached her pussy I took one of her outer lips in each hand and pulled.

Just a little at first then harder and harder. I had always wanted to do this to my wife but…she was my wife and I didn't want to do anything to change that. However here was Jezebel and she was willing to let me anything that I wanted to do to her. I knew that I could do things to her that I would never even consider doing to my own wife. So I kept pulling on her outer pussy lips until she cried out.

God the power that I felt at that moment and the adrenaline flowing through my veins was enough to cause me to feel invincible. After Jezebel cried out I just plunged my cock into her depths. She cried out again as I rammed my cock hard into her cervix. Even though she cried out in pain I knew from past experiences with her that she loved it. I had had my fun so now it was all business and my job at that moment was to violate Jezebel and violate her I did.

I fucked my cock into her so hard that her head hit the headboard each time. I rammed her with an animal lust unlike anything that I had ever done with my wife. When I finally did cum, I shot out burst after burst of think gobs into her waiting depths.

Jezebel was moaning out and thrashing about in her pleasures as she had her second or third orgasm. I had lost count due to the mental images flashing before my eyes. Then I rested on Jezebel's breasts as she unhooked her wrists from her ropes and hugged me tightly. For the next few minutes nothing was said at all as we basked in our embrace and savored the moment. We talked about old times and what the future would hold for her daughter Mary.

We decided that it was too late for her to change but that Tulsa still had a chance if she could get out the rut that Jezebel and Mary had dug for her.

Jezebel begged me to look out for Tulsa as if she might actually be my granddaughter, which realistically she could have been. That evening when I got back home my wife asked me how my night had gone.

Of course I told her that the graduation party was great. +++++ When Tulsa entered my office for the very first time I already knew her. No I had never actually met her before in my life but I knew her grandmother from years ago.

Tulsa was the spitting image of her grandmother about twenty years ago. I am the High School Principal and Tulsa was here for disciplinary action. From reading her grade school record that was certainly nothing new for her.

Actually I had been expecting it…however not on the very first day of the school year. As I was chewing Tulsa out for getting caught giving a boy a blowjob in the locker room during gym class both her mother and Jezebel came into my office. I pretended that I didn't know Jezebel all that well and finished giving Tulsa hell right kayden kross and sadie west hot lesbian acti front of them.

Then I gave Tulsa two weeks of detention, two weeks of extra homework, enrolled her in the sex education class, and then I insisted that she eat lunch in my office everyday too. Then I just couldn't help but ask Tulsa if she knew what her name was spelled backwards. She rolled her eyes into her head, then her expression became one of shock, and then she looked directly at her mother.

She practically screamed out, "A Slut!" Mary looked down at the floor and said softly, "It was supposed to be a joke. Honest honey! That's why I never told you why I gave you that name. Please change your ways and do not take after your grandmother and I." Jezebel softly said, "Do as we say, not as we do. Please honey." Tulsa just looked at me, then at her mother and grandmother, and then she said, "I'd be happy to eat lunch with you tomorrow and I'm sorry for my actions.

May I return to class now?" I dismissed Tulsa and she left. Then her mother and her grandmother gave me hugs and kisses and thanked me for taking Tulsa under my wing. Tulsa was a model student for the next two weeks, she did her extra homework, attended every detention, and her grades improved too. After those two weeks were up we continued to eat lunch together.

We found out that we both enjoyed each other's company. Sometimes we ate in my office, sometimes it was in the cafeteria with everyone else, and sometimes it was in the school library, as we looked things up. Tulsa continued to be a model student and never got caught doing anything wrong again. She got very good grades and she was not pregnant before her graduation either.

Tulsa had finally broken the three-generation tradition of being A SLUT. The End Tulsa 144