Sunny leone sexy story old long time

Sunny leone sexy story old long time
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A Continental Arrival The travelers woke early at their Reykjavik Hotel. They showered and headed straight to the airport for departure. On the hardstand Janelle served some coffee while Inga and Gunnar finished the pre-flight inspections and handed over the manifest to the airport authorities. Janelle took their bags on board and served more coffee while they taxied out to the runway.

The next flight leg to Europe was shorter, with a lighter fuel load. They leaped into the air with a short take off roll. The climb out was steep and the airspeed a notch higher.

Copenhagen was about a three hour flight; they had a big breakfast after they leveled off a bit. After the Gulfstream jet's climb out, Janelle took a turn in the cockpit.

Now Gunnar and Inga could take a taste of Carla's lactating breasts. She was proud to be able to share her increasing flow with anyone, including the flight crew. Inga took the first turn on her left nipple. The stretched milk bag beneath reacted to Inga's soft cupping hold. She squeezed gently, exuding milk from the bloated nipple, with no suction. Inga rubbed the milk around Carla's breast with her finger. She blonde chloe licks her stepmoms wet pussy the taut skin vibrate, like a violin string under a horsehair bow.

She played that breast like she was soloist in the symphony pinching her nipple to join in as a duet with the surrounding aureola flesh. Then she applied her loving lips around the big erect nipple.

Feeling the warmth and response to her hot latin teen dances and masturbates thewildcamcom mouth, she checked between Carla's legs for heat and moisture.

Her hand against the damp crotch made the nipple drip a little more. She put her hand inside Carla's sweatpants to feel the soft wet membrane directly and put her finger inside to explore further.

Suddenly she started a slow suction and pulled there nipple and underlying duct deep into her mouth. Inga sucked harder and harder as though she would inhale the entire breast. Milk poured onto her tongue and she tasted the sweetness.

Mouthing and coaxing every bit she could inhale in between her cheeks, she worked out every drop inside. Her pussy fingering inflamed the extraction and she took both hands and forced most of the breast into her mouth and wrung it out like a twisted wash cloth. Carla wash in shock. Inga's expert mechanical skill deflated her breast and left it ready for a refill.

Then the woman pilot milk-kissed her and put her hand back in her pants to finger her again. With her long loving tongue kiss Inga let her go and returned to her cockpit duty and sent Gunnar back for his inflight meal.

Gunnar was qualified to command but, took the co pilot seat due to Inga's company seniority on the flight crew. Janelle also qualified and sat in the left seat for now. Inga sat in the co-pilot seat and relaxed, after her milk maid duty. Gunnar stationed himself on Carla's right nipple and kneaded her breast to distend the nipple into his mouth.

His enveloping grip forced milk freely into his throat and he swallowed her creamy gift. The rich lactation sealed his lips to her glands and he pulled his powerful diaphragm in his chest to bloat her nipple into a spouting spigot. His technique was so different but, the extraction was just as complete as the first. He rubbed some of her milk on to her breast to heal her stretched skin. She gave him her warmth and his vacuum suction pulled her nipple forcefully until it felt like it might turn inside out.

His perceptive mouth stopped before he hurt her and he let her flattened milk bag loose to be recharged. He kissed her neck and fingered her wetness slowly.

Her heat had been given and he stood up and asked if Carla wanted his seed to replenish her energy. He did not need to ask twice as she pulled down his slacks and began to hand stroke his joystick control unit.

She lightly stroked him and licked lubed him before taking the flesh into on to her tongue. She lapped and licked and felt the veins through the thin skin. She pressured and he pulsed and then she put a wet finger in his ass and began to work his prostrate from within to extract his fluids directly.

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In not time she found the weakness of his container and spilled his contents into her throat. Her inner finger pumping reduced him to a knee shaking collapse onto the floor of the aircraft.

Janelle handled the flight duty and guided the plane on its course as the regular pilots recuperated from their little inflight session. Her host was so generous, she felt it was the least she could do. Both pilots complimented Carla on her japanese wife fuck friend front husband looks.

Her induced lactation would be helpful for her coming child and was a treat to everyone else. Her bloated, distended nipples were very sexy looking and they chatted about them after returning to the flight deck.

Janelle returned to the cabin duties after the two pilots had each taken their milking break. She put away the breakfast service and sat down to relax. The landing in Denmark's capital was uneventful.

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They cleared up the paperwork and the plane and baggage were inspected. Jackson rented a for them and the crew took a taxi to the city. Denmark was a free wheeling place. Bicycles were everywhere as they drove out into the countryside. As the got away from the urban area, Jackson headed towards one of the smaller towns on a branch road.

They saw a roadside sign, with a dog depicted in the artwork. The only clue to its meaning was the neon lit tip of pink dog dick, glowing brightly. They turned, to follow the sign's arrow, and arrived at a farm. It looked normal enough with a house and a couple of guest cottages as well. A few cows and sheep grazed nearby, like most of the other properties they passed. A woman came out of the house and addressed them in English.

What was their interest today? She had a dozen dogs and some sheep, she said. Dogs were 600 kroner, sheep were 500 kroner. Bruce was puzzled. The Great Danes and Dobermans were worth vastly more than the $80 converted price. Jackson laughed and explained it was not a sales price. It was the price per session. This was a dog brothel. Jackson said, it was one of hottie angela white gets doggystyled and creamed favorite stops.

Here, Nina had enjoyed her first dog dick experience. Already she selected one of the Dobermans and headed for the guest cottage. Carla smiled and looked at one of the smaller Great Danes.

He acted very friendly and she liked that disposition. The woman pointed to another door of the guest house and the dog led Carla in that direction. Jackson picked a German Shepard bitch for himself and told Bruce to go for any dog amateur pullout cumshot wife wont found interesting. One of the Great Danes presented herself to Bruce so he took her to another door of the cottage.

Each entrance door led to a small bedroom and the dogs knew the routine already. As long as no harm was done to the animal, bestiality and animal brothels were completely accepted in Denmark. The willingness of the beasts was a clear indication that they participated voluntarily. Bruce found some lubrication envelopes in packets on the dresser top. He lubed up his stiff dick and approached his Great Dane bitch from behind as she presented her self to him.

Slowly he rubbed his dick tip against her hot dog slit and as she got wet there he slowly pressed himself inside her channel.

Just feeling the warmth of her higher body temperature was a thrill. The juicy dog slit felt moist and slippery on his sensitive glans tip. Though only about one degree warmer than a man, dog flesh heat is strongly felt on the nerve endings of a man's dick. She felt hot and, this dog bitch squeezed tight too. She had not had puppies and she was not going to get pregnant from fucking humans for sure.

Bruce gripped her hind end and pumped in slow and deeply into her hot dog pussy.

She looked back pver her shoulder and panted with loving eyes at her man's thrusting attention. The farm woman checked in on them with a knock at the door. Bruce called to come in. She always checked on newcomers and she told him not to mind her. She just wanted to be sure the dogs were ok and not showing any signs of disinterest in their work.

If they hesitated at all another would substitute at once with no extra charge. Bruce noted that this bitch was very willing, initiating contact from the beginning. The woman nodded in approval. That is expected from such a favorite animal, she said.

Then the farm woman looked on Carla. She found Carla sucking down dog dick instead of taking the dog's pink one in her pussy. She asked why. Carla said she sought the food nutrient value of animal semen. When asked if she liked the feeling of dog dick inside her pussy too.

Carla said yes she loved it. Then the woman told her to take that dog dick in; she would bring the sperm Carla wanted sunny leone sexxy fuck and bf eating in just a minute. Carla had no idea what that meant. She knew it would feel nice, to get that heated dog dick inside her pussy, where the dog wanted to put it. The pooch started thrusting at her legs and ass as she got to her hands and knees. Clearly the hound preferred fucking over being sucked off.

This dog dick was big and Carla turned over on her back to give her more control. She did not want him to lock his big dog knot and hurt her tight pussy. The farm woman returned with a small dessert dish filled with a dark chilled pudding.

Carla took a spoonful and recognized the smooth creamy texture on her lips and the familiar taste of semen. This sperm was like nothing she had ever seen. The woman asked if the taste was ok and Carla nodded that she liked it. Then the woman said she had more and left. The stud dog kept bashing his engorged dick-knot against Carla's outer lips and clitoris.

It got too big to slide inside so the hound kept sliding in and out, frantically pumping her like a bike pump on a flat tire. The smooth wet membrane slid against her with the most heavenly slippery wet sensation. The flow of dog sperm started as the knot got big and continued spurting out for more than half an hour. The big dog had a load that ran all over her body. The sticky matted mess of dog belly stuck to her smooth skin. She rubbed some of the juice from her abdomen to sooth her tender stretched out nipples.

The feeling of warm dog jizz all over her made her more aroused. The repeatedly drumbeat of the dog bulb slamming on to her pubic mound sent her over the edge of orgasm again and again. After three quarters of an hour of belly slapping the dog had emptied his balls and glands into and onto his subjects body. He pulled out and began lapping at her mess to taste his own dog spunk and it made Carla shudder and come yet again.

His pink tip retracted at last and his interest seemed to wane. As her head spun with pleasure Carla sat up and looked around the cottage room.

The dessert dish as still full of the unidentified animal sperm and she finished it off to nourish herself. The farm woman returned with another smaller German Shorthair Pointer and asked if she was ready for another round. One look at the extending pink boner rekindled her arousal. Carla nodded to leave the dog with her. The hostess noticed she had consumed her dish of dark beast spunk and took it with her as she left. The shorthair sniffed at Carla's messy pussy and licked her with slow sensuous strokes.

The texture of the slightly rough dog tongue added to the stimulation and she felt that inevitable feeling starting to return. She could get dog licked all day and never get enough she thought. It was just too good yet, the hound had other ideas. She got on her hands and knees as he approached with his pink hard one extended. His dog dick was smaller than the last and she wanted to take the dog knot inside this time and feel herself locked to his body.

With a few tentative thrusts, the dog found his range. He then stuck his tip against her sloppy slit and found the entrance path. It felt great to had that nice dog membrane sliding against her moist interior and she pushed back against the dog dick to take his full length. The slim sliding shaft began to swell at the base as his bulb grew under pressure. His knot pressed out and locked him in making the long stroke impossible.

Now he could only push in and out in place banging his nob in her like a bell ringer dinging her love chime like a church bell. His flow began to seep from the hot tip of his dog dong and the knot sealed it in like a gasket.

Carla savored the warm gushing slosh inside her her womb.

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She bucked as he drove her deep. The hormones of her pregnancy made her hot to fuck all the time now. The more she came the more she wanted to fuck and come more. Her breasts were swelling with milk the inner pressure excited her even more.

A knock at the door alerted her to some new treat! The farm woman and Nina entered. Nina led another another Doberman in, while the hostess brought a tray with two full desert dishes filled with that strange dark sperm.

Nina led the new dog along side of Carla's face; then she hand worked his pink one out of its sheath and whetted the dick's surface with her tongue. The Pincher shuddered with arousal and his cock popped full and stiff. Then Nina guided his hot end into Carla's mouth and held him against her. With no hesitation Carla took the second dog into her face and swirled his tip like a pencil sharpener on her tongue.

He started to pump back but, Nina held him firmly so Carla to control him in her mouth. She balanced on one hand and cupped squeezed his balls. The shorthair kept pumping his fluid and shaking. His knot grew even harder as his frenzy continued. Now her hand slid up to the wet dog dick and she gently pumped his shaft towards her face. This movement started to extrude the come liquid and the warm feeling on her hand told her she was in for another treat.

Slowly she stroked and sucked until she tasted fresh jizz in her mouth once again. This boy had not been busy and his reservoirs were full. He unleashed the pulsing contractions down his dick and she cleaned her teeth with his hot jets of juice. The warm sperm ran down her chin and the pointers load began to overflow from her plugged pussy.

Her eyes bulged from sheer hydraulic pressure and Nina giggled at her messy inescapable situation. Then Nina found some pillows and positioned her face right under Carla's pussy and began clit licking on her helpless pink button. Every lick from Nina sent a wave of pleasure from her stuffed pussy to her mouth full of dog dick. It was a wicked foursome and Carla's knees gave out and she just fell onto Nina's attacking face.

It was out of her control. She was tongue fucked and dog dicked from every possible direction now… Bruce entered without knocking and surveyed his wife's condition. The knotted German Shorthair was locked in place. He turned the dog around to face away since the dog's dick could swivel like a ratchet wrench. Now that the dog torso was off his wife's back Bruce licked his finger and gently inserted it into Carla's unused asshole.

He pushed against the dog knot inside and pressured her g-spot. Nina gasped for air as her face was smothered with the collapsed Carla's smoldering pussy. The heat intensified as Bruce probed her last entrance.

His wife sucked dog cock like a baby as she regressed helplessly to her core emotions. She nursed and fed on animal dick as the culmination of her predicament. She had been married for just a few weeks and her life had transformed completely from an occasional escort to a craven cum queen. Bruce was delighted with his hot wife. He had just fucked a German Sheppard but, this made him rock hard all over.

He pulled out his finger and slopped some saliva onto his dry dick. Then he wiped some of the leaking dog sperm to lube his woman's ass and stuck his dick in his wife's opened anus.

He felt the dog knot against his dick as he slid in deeper and the inner pressure drove her pussy to further convulsions. Between Nina's tongue, the dog dick in her pussy and her spouse in her ass she was filled down below. With another hound in her mouth she could hardly breath or interpret what was going on.

She saw stars and lost visual contact with the world and her head spun out completely. Fortunately the finale was at son caught using moms dildo her anus cinched down on Bruce so hard it pulled his load right out of his balls. Her clit almost popped in Nina's mouth but, the inner dog pressure finally started to diminish. The flow in her mouth ran down her throat as she swallowed as much as she could in her semi conscious state.

Her husband pulled out and her ears cleared with a back pressure pop. Nina and Bruce massaged the excess semen all over her body.

She was filled and coated with sperm in every orifice and on every surface. Now Jackson wandered in, to see where his friends and family had disappeared to.

He smiled with approval. This was just the type of excitement that could be expected in a wild sexy place like Denmark. Business life was boring and he needed to enjoy and share his wealth to justify his efforts. The dog brothel was a favorite stop. While many places did not prohibit beast sex, here in Denmark expressed animal love and advertised it in any form imaginable. The hostess returned with steaming hot towels for everyone and she led the dogs away to their kennels to recover.

Carla sat up and kissed Bruce with a sloppy dog come kiss and he held his beautiful messed up wife's sticky body against his own bare skin. He loved the feeling of her nasty condition. Nina turned her attention to her daddy's cock and pulled down his sport suit to take him in her mouth.

Her incestuous urges needed to revive his stiffness. Jackson sat on the bed to enjoy the warm feeling of his daughter's saliva lubricating his vein. Meanwhile Carla got up for one of the dessert dishes on the side table and sampled more of the dark sperm pudding. She wondered about this treat and hoped it was plentiful. When the farm hostess returned she asked about the source and the woman replied she could check it out shortly. Bruce and Carla showered together while Nina sucked her father to completion.

While the daddy daughter couple cleaned up, the newlyweds went out to the farm house. Anna the farm woman loaded Bruce and his wife into a four wheel drive wagon and drove out into the fields.

The went past sheep pastures and into a dairy cow area. At the far end was the milking barn and some other smaller structures. They parked and entered a small building and she led them to a large chest freezer. Inside were big blocks of dark ice in plastic bags. On close inspection Carla recognized the color as the sperm pudding she had been eating.

"This is our prize breeding bull," Anna announced. "He is kept here for safe keeping. There is enough many generations in the future if anything happens. His offspring are big milk producers." Then she led them to a narrow stall and told them to wait.

Anna went outside and herded the bull into his enclosure. She chained his halter to the hitching post and lashed his legs in special straps to hold him still. Then she produced a bag with a stainless steel apparatus. She stuck one long rod into the animals ass hole. "You have to have a good electrical ground for this," she explained. Then opened a small side gate in the stall and put a stainless bucket on the floor under his chest.

She motioned to Carla to get down to see what "came" next. She connected the rectal plug to a battery box and took another wired up wand and gently indian girl fucked by a big black cock the bull cock.

The huge beast murmured and snorted but, stayed still curly brunette got hard pounding in various positions she worked his shaft from his sheath and made him get hard. She told Carla to get beneath and take his end in her mouth. He might come from her suction but, she could trigger him electrically if required.

Needing no further encouragement, Carla took up a safe position between front and rear legs. She guided the bulls working end into her mouth and hand worked the sides of the huge shaft. It was big and obviously could hurt a woman when it was stiff and banging about… The fascinated look on her face put a smile on her husbands face.

Just knowing she could find every need fulfilled her made him happy about the trip again. The bull muscles showed the effects of Carla's attention but, the devilish Anna knew she could speed up the reaction and used the electro tickler to start the process of unloading his hanging balls into the guest's face. Each testicle was the size of a small melon.

Clearly the internal fluid storage had to be immense to float that much seed loose. Bruce remained enthralled with the wicked process unfolding before him. Anna's deft touch triggered some spasmodic contractions in the hanging ball sack. Concentric circles of dick muscles worked up the big stump of bull cock and started to pull the juice from within.

The fearful look in her eyes showed the realization that, Carla considered the consequences what was unleashed now. There was no time to react. The first blast of bovine semen fired right down her throat and into her stomach without swallowing.

With the instant flood the back pressure bulged her cheeks and overflowed around her mouth. Then the black juice blew out her nostrils like an Oklahoma gusher. She gobbled as best she could but, could not hope to breath. She had taken a massive internal injection of sperm food and it overwhelmed her capacity to take it so fast. Anna pushed the bucket forward and helped Carla out of the way. She was trained in first aid and made sure Carla was able to resume breathing and did not turn blue from the obstruction of he huge come load.

Bruce admired his wife's ability to choke down vast volumes of any type of sperm. Her own milk production could only benefit from this rich nourishment.

Carla's coated facial treatment covered her from her hair to her chest. She rubbed the slimy spunk into her eyebrows and scalp. Bruce reached in and soothed her ravished nipples with more of the juicy lotion. The liquid sensation felt wonderful everywhere it touched her from her belly to her breasts.

Her eyes glowed with the excitement of taking such a big shot of sperm. Anna then announced, "Well that bull has been saving up for a while. Since the freezer sat full and the cows are all bred this season, he has been just waiting for a place to unload.

I don't know if I have ever seen a woman take such a big blast! You are quite the talent Carla." She produced a hose and some towels and cleaned up her guest as best she could.

Then she said, "We keep a camera system for security and veterinary observations. You will probably want to keep a copy of that spectacle for a souvenir of your visit to Denmark!" Bruce and Carla smiled and agreed.

She had not been able to see how dramatic that eruption overwhelmed her. Surely Nina, and Jackson would be impressed too. They drove back to the farm house in silence looking at the idyllic pastoral surroundings. The scenery gave no clue to the cultural traditions, besides the milk and cheese production. Back at the cottages Bruce and Jackson gave Carla a hand milking for a change.

Her nipples were big enough for a good hand grip now and the variety of stimulation made it fun for Carla too. Nina collected the flow and tasted it for cute milky skinned attractive babe homemade and hardcore control before passing the glass around to the others.

They were fed and milked and it was time to continue on their tourism now. The loaded themselves back into Jackson's car and drove back to the main road.

They looked back nostalgically to neon sign with the dog dick. It signified a milepost, the memory of their visit to the dog brothel. Nina sat next to her dad while he drove. She held her warm hand on her daddy's dick, while the newlyweds made out in the back seat. The main highway lay just ahead.