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Sex xxx story foran com sex stories play story
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Alexa is 23, single, state beauty queen, dancer, and college student. She has never made love before, has not seriously dated any man. She is always hearing stories from her friends what it is like to become aroused and make love. Alexa realizes that she can't deny the attraction between her and me. I'm tall and thirty two years older. My lips look full as I smile. Did she actually think my lips are nice? Moving uncomfortably, Alexa feels her nipples harden against the water.I waited impatiently by the indoor pool.

I decided that there will be a slight change of plans. After instructing my staff, I stood by the fragrant flowers and watching at the door from a distances.

Finally Alexa came out. She is beautiful, as I let out a long sigh. The green dress I had picked out for her and had the seamstress adjust to fit her perfectly. Her long hair is styled so the waves curl towards the bottom, just where her shoulders were. I notice the dress emphasized the swell of her breasts and the slimness of her waist. I feel my pants tighten at my crotch feeling passion stir with me. As tempted as I am to run over to her and rip the dress off and have her against the wall, other ideas came into place.

Oh, I will have a little fun with her before we made love in my bed. Softly laughing, I begin to walk over. Alexa looks around cautiously and notices a strong, sweet smell in the air, lulling her to their direction. Recognizing roses and hypnotized by the scent, she bumps into me. Freezing immediately, she tenses and watches me warily. I'm in awe.

The gown intensifies her dark eyes, and her light skin is a contrast against her hair. Her breasts are heaving up and down in time with her heavy breathing. Alexa realizes I'm looking at her breasts and quickly turns to the side, asking haughtily " So what do you want, Mr. Malone? Perhaps you will rape me out here, then?" I laugh walking closer to her.

" Call me John." She steps away. " Will you walk with me?" I ask to vacant air, as Alexa had turned away and begins to walk into the hall. She stops by the wall pretending to admire a painting on the wall, all the while in her mind she is running. Then a wild idea came--she will run. Stepping forward with purpose, she aims for the open archway, yards away from me as I follow behind her, rapidly closing the gap between us.

Grabbing her arm roughly, I back her against the wall pushing my body against her. Alexa gasps and begins to blush, feeling my hard cock pushing against her lower belly. I notice her pink cheekbones and begin to laugh. " Do you like how it feels?" asking lustily. " Soon it will be in your pussy and you will want to keep it in there." Alexa beat against my chest and pleading. " Don't, just let me go!" My chest begins to ache from her fists and my arms put her own in a iron grip.

Standing there for a few moments, I look fiercely into her eyes. Then gently, I let her go kissing her. Alexa's mouth is feeling a rush of sensations. My tongue exploring and teasing hers, and her mouth opens further. Her lips are soft and full against mine, making me want her more. Slowly, my hands slide down to her waist encircling her body. Alexa involuntarily kisses me back fiercely continuing with enthusiasm, her arms around my neck, playing with my hair.

Our tongues met dancing as the rough edges rub against each other. The tip of my tongue is pointy and rough as I glide it over Alexa's lips. Letting out a soft moan, she thrusts her tongue into my mouth as we begin another passionate kiss.

Her lips feel like soft, miniature pillows, as I press and massage them, exploring every curve. My lips move down and begin to caress the smooth curve of her neck. Alexa lets out a soft sigh as I grin, pleased that I found an erogenous zone.

But now it is time to really find out. Moving my hands upwards, I cup her breasts and begin anal loving babe wants to be assfucked massage them until I feel her nipples stiffen underneath the fabric, my thumbs teasing the hard nubs.

Pulling away quickly, Alexa realizes her mistake and jumps quickly away from the wall. I tried to grab for her but instead, my face is met with a lukewarm punch. Laughing and wincing slightly, I chase after Alexa as she runs through the house.

Running towards a archway opening, she is not fast enough, as I had my arms around her waist rubbing my crotch against her ample ass. Struggling against me, Alexa fell flailing her legs wildly, trying to prevent me from grabbing her. The entire time I laughed, adorable blonde bailey brooke is horny for big cock if I'm enjoying some sort of game.

" Get off!" she yells, falling underneath me, and then kicking sunny lion sex stories sexy download to get some room. Getting up quickly, Alexa pulls her dress down looking down at me with disdain.

" What do you take me for, your mistress? I've had enough of these games--you are to take me back to Scottsdale." " Alexa, you are not the one here to make the demands--I am," I said firmly, while getting up. " You will do as your are told. You will stay here as long as I want you too." Alexa threw back her head laughing. " You call this dump a home?" Her laughter fills the hall as I seeth at being insulted. Seeing, she is taken off-guard, I lunged for her. Her laughter ending abruptly, Alexa tries to pull away but didn't pull away fast enough--what is wrong with her?

It almost seems like she is enjoying what I'm doing to her. I begin to kiss her neck and involuntarily, Alexa lets out a low sigh.

" You are a beautiful young woman," I whisper into her ear. Grinding my crotch against her ass, I place my hands on her hips and feel her grind against me. Chuckling, I continue to trail soft kisses along the right side of her neck and slide my hands back to her breasts, which I tease again. Alexa pulls away looking at me. " What do you think you are doing?" Walking closer to her, I whisper, " What you're letting me do." Shocked, Alexa is Looking up, I clap my hands and a guard enters the hall.

" Take her to her bedroom. If she tries anything, call me." Alexa looks around angrily to see me winking at her. My tongue then licks my lips and grinning again, I wink.

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She finds herself becoming aroused johnny sins a student teacher affair made a point to not turn back to look at me after they left the hall.

Still grinning after she left, I look over at the painting. Feeling my groin become tighter, I wonder if her nipples are the same beautiful peach color. Her bedroom had a large bed covered by a canopy and soft tulle hangings. Another door led to a small outdoor balcony from inside the room and when Alexa checked, it is locked. She notices a full-length mirror standing across the room and walked up to it. In the reflection of the mirror, she notices a soft, lacey fabric towards the floor.

Turning around, there is a light chemise gown with lace edging sitting on a chair by the door. Lifting it up, she examines it.

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The chemise is transparent and soft. Something that cad thought of. Attached was a brief note: Wear this. Alexa snorted with disdain but then remembered—" Do I have a choice?" Resigned, she put on the chemise slowly. If this had been the same situation under different circumstances, it would have almost been romantic. But now, even with the dreamy bedroom and the sensual attire, she can't help but feel that no matter what, she is going to get raped.

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Alexa looks down and gasps—it is see through. Deciding that no, she no longer wants to be wearing it, she begins to walk back to the closet when I step into the room. Alexa backs away slowly as I advance quickly towards her, until she walks in the path of cascading moonlight from the glass panes.

I gasp as my eyes skim over her body. The chemise did not leave much to the imagination, and the moonlight bathed her in an ethereal glow. She looks like an angel standing before me, as if she is taken out of a painting. Still keeping my eyes on her, I went over to the balcony door and closed the blinds, so the flickering lights of the candles lit the room. Advancing towards her, Alexa tries to head to the door but I'm faster. " What did I tell you about putting up a fight?" I growled angrily.

My arms went around her as I begin to feast on her neck again. Her body went limp in my arms as heat emanated from my body to hers; Alexa cannot stop what is happening. Her mind and body no longer wants to have a battle of the wills, instead rest languidly in my arms.

Sensing that Alexa is cooperating, I slip off the chemise from her shoulders kissing her soft, smooth skin until both shoulders are pulled down. After the dress drops, Alexa slaps me across the face. I slap her back, and japan show body hot and big milk shrieks in pain, holding onto her face.

" Asshole!" she shrieks and kicks me as hard as she can near my crotch. I doubled over and swore, but not without grabbing onto Alexa's hair firmly as she tries to run past me. " Do not play games with me," I said with a slight menace to my voice. " Me? Playing the games? Or should I remind you whose game this was in the first place?" Alexa gasps through tears.

Ignoring her, I pull her towards the bed looking her over. She is everything I wanted tonight. Her shoulders are small and sloping, contrasting with the fullness of her breasts. Two large peach nipples pointing at me, which sat on firm globes. I grin, admiring the way they pointed.

Her waist is small compared to her hips, with full creamy thighs and calves. My eyes centered on the smooth, shaven area of her pussy and I let out a sigh, wondering what it will be like to lick between those lips. Alexa stood before me, naked, shivering, with a tear-strewn face. But she is still headstrong, with her arms crossed across her chest to hide herself.

Gently, I pull her arms apart and cup her breasts but Alexa slaps my hands away. Growling, I gave her an angry look but she refused to falter.

Still shivering, her body responds quickly to my touch. I still sense her body is tense and rather enjoys it. Her breathing is shallow and ragged as I fondle her young feminine body. I plan on having my way with her even if it took all night. Grinning to myself, my hands exploring her gently. I'm going to enjoy her and take my time. Aria's nipples became hard as my hands continue the gentle caressing. Massaging them, I flick my thumbs across the hard nipples softly.

Her breasts fit my hands so I can cup them completely. Alexa lets out an involuntary sigh but tenses right away, not wanting to let her guard down. She quickly pulls away and tries to raise her arms to cover her nakedness, only to have me hold her geneva gets her pussy fucked by lps cock at her sides.

" Can you not relax my sweet?" I ask her slowly, looking into her eyes. Alexa realizes she is looking straight into my eyes and then quickly looks away, blushing. She never thought she'd be in a situation such as this: standing before a man naked. Especially not John Malone. I gently touch her face lifting her chin up so she can look at me again.

I have a black book full of beautiful women, Alexa is the newest addition. Slapping my hands away, Alexa looks at me angrily. " Brunette babe hailey little masturbating her tight pussy masturbation and pornstars you're going to do, get it over quickly." Her jaw is set, but there are still tears in her eyes. I look at her questioningly. " I have know virgins are afraid their first time—" " A virgin! I have had sex with men at college.

Do not think you have the upper hand," Alexa shouts, standing firmly and feeling less afraid. My facial expression softens as I hold her face and shook my head. " If you are not a virgin, why are you shivering?

You must be afraid of something." She continues to tremble as her eyes fills with tears. " Alexa, I want you in my bed. I will make love to you and you will want me as well. I am your Lover and you will do as I say. I will be gentle." My voice trails off as I tilt my head down and cute babe sucks a big delicious dick to kiss her neck.

Acting fast, Alexa kicks me running around the bed, towards the balcony doors where she is certain she had seen a knife. Seeing it resting on a sheath, she grabs it quickly and faces me, who is behind her. I clucked my tongue and grinned.

" Now my sweet, what are you going to do with that toy?" " Give me some clothes, let me go and there won't be anything else to do," she struggles to reason.

" Hmm," came my voice mockingly. " I don't think so. You're naked in my bedroom and I think the only thing left to do is you." Alexa backs away, edging to the door as I move backing her so she is forced to walk around the bed towards the candles. " I'm not afraid to use this," her voice came out wavering, but loud.

Saying nothing, I continue to back her into the bed until she has nowhere to go.

Then pouncing on her, I push her onto the bed and hold her arms back, so she ends up on her stomach with her arms out, almost being crushed in my grip.

I relish the wicked slut likes to be on top hardcore and blowjob of her bare back and full ass. Getting on top of her before she can escape, I growled in her ear " You are making this very difficult." Then I spanked her ass, Alexa softly squeaks as I took away the knife.

Pulling her up from the bed, I hold her against me firmly. " Why are you making this so difficult?" My words trailed off as my tongue slides down to the nape of her neck and I begin to gently massage her breasts with one hand. " No please John—just stop, please." Ignoring her pleas, I made sure to kiss the other side of her neck, which I suspect is more sensitive.

I'm correct, as Alexa lets out a soft moan and feels her body lean against me. My mouth kisses her neck gently again as my hands follow the soft curve of her waist, continuing down and squeezing her ass, rubbing the area I had slapped. Alexa sighs as she feels her body surrendering to my caresses. A low moan escapes her lips as I continue to feast on her neck.

Her body becomes lithe against my arms.

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Turning her body roughly towards me, I thrust my mouth against hers exploring her mouth again with my tongue as I hold Alexa firmly against me. Lust surging through me as I feel her hard nipples against my chest. A low guttural sound came from her as I continue to ravage her mouth. Her arms quickly went up pushing my body away as my mouth is pulled from hers. " Please.I." Alexa pleads as she looks real mother and son zex my firm gaze.

Saying nothing, I take my shirt off advancing closer to her. Alexa stares at my hairy chest in awe. She has never seen a older man's bare chest before but has heard stories from girlfriends. Alexa feels herself becoming very aroused as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

She has a strange urge to touch my chest feeling the hair. I grin and laughed softly, bringing her from awestruck reverie. " No John please don't--!" ignoring her, I pull my trousers down pushing her back onto the bed.

Alexa quickly grabs the covers pulling them up to her chin and suddenly gasping as she looks at my engorged cock. Her eyes went wide and her lips parted with her mouth opening in surprise. No one ever told her that they got that big! She finds herself curious as she looks at the thick, purplish head and the girth of my cock. " What am I doing?" she thought, panicking. Blushing, she looks away and begins to shake as I drink in the sight.

Her large eyes looking around pleadingly as her chest heaves with her labored breathing. Splayed upon the bed is her long, blonde wavy hair, casting ripples of light like a mirror from the flames of the candles. I kneel on the bed grabbing the covers, slowly pulling Alexa, causing her to sit up pushing the sheets away. Alexa grabs for the sheet again but I'm faster. Still clinging onto it for dear life, I end up pulling her completely in front of me.

Quickly wrapping one arm around her, with the other I discard the sheet. Once again, she is nude before me and blushing, though her face is defiant.

She looks away crossing her arms, covering her breasts. The gentle curves of her hourglass figure are accentuated with the dancing light as my hands softly follows them down to her shaved mound. She roughly pushes me but I caught her hands with one of mine. Slowly, the other hand went in between Alexa's thighs.

Gasping, she quickly moves away towards the headboard, which is a mistake as she is cornered and can't escape. I pull her legs down, causing her to yelp and put her back onto the bed. Grinning gleefully, I noticed the way her breasts bounced as I roughly pulled Alexa. Forcefully, I spread her legs through her protests and begin to mount her. I so want to take her right there and then. Pushing my hard cock against her pussy, I watch her large eyes widen further as she gasps and trembles.

" No! Get off of me you wild animal—" she yelps as I begin to nibble her ear. Struggling, Alexa attempts to wriggle out from underneath me, only to cause me to press my body against her while holding her hands down. Why was she becoming wet? The two wills still struggled inside her, one to succumb to my seduction and another to fight against it. " Are you afraid of me?" I whisper in her ear as I begin to kiss her neck.

" No," she shot back, half lying. I knew this and continue to kiss her neck. " Relax and enjoy what I do to you." " John," Alexa's voice came out high and pleading, " You will stop right now." Laughing, I look at her mockingly. " No—YOU will stop right now." Alexa turns her head aside as I tried to kiss her. Ignoring her rejection, I kiss her neck finding tense cold skin. " Would you like to make this difficult, and have me force myself in you?

As you can see, I'm well endowed and I'd rather take you in nice and wet." I ask angrily. Breathing hard, she turns her head to face me reluctantly.

Looking into her sexy milf teaches beautiful teen how to satisfy cock, I kiss her lips gently and then with force, hold her arms down with my hands, our fingers intertwined. " I promise I will be very gentle. If you enjoy what I do, there will not be any pain. I'm going to kiss you in places you never knew existed.

You're going to beg me to touch you in your hot little spots. Your hips will match my thrusts as I make love to you again and again tonight. I want to hear you moan with pleasure, Alexa. I want to feel your hot little body underneath me, and hold onto my shoulders as I thrust hard into your pussy. I will show you what making love is like with a real man instead of with boys." Alexa cannot allow this man to take her virginity and make her his own! " I am NOT your lover!" Grunting loudly as she struggles against my weight on top of her, she is able to bend her knee close to my cock and pushed up hard.

I suck in a breath and shifting my hips just in time. Growling as I look at her, I place my crotch on top of hers and grin at the shocked look on her face as my cock brushes against bigtitted sub throats cock in maledom trio pussy.

I begin to kiss the left side of her neck again, and Alexa cannot help but feel a strong lusting desire in her wanting to find release from hearing my seductive words. Her crotch rubbing against me as she squirms underneath me, only inflaming both of our passions.

Slowly moving my hands down, I begin to play with her breasts as my tongue plunges inside Alexa's mouth teasing her tongue.

She kisses me back savagely without meaning to, kissing me with more passion than she had in the hall. My mouth releases and went to her left breast. Gasping loudly, she feels my mouth licking and sucking her nipple. It hardens and raises instantly. Hearing Alexa moan, I went to her other bud and begin the same pleasuring and torturing with my tongue, teasing with my teeth and sucking.

She is so relaxed underneath me, but I did not want to let my guard down about wanting to pleasure her. Sucking her nipple hard, I pull my mouth off and start kissing her stomach, down to her thighs, and open her legs.

I run my hands all over her body, reaching back up to squeeze and tease her breasts, which are now hard from arousal. I grin as I look at her pussy, which is creamed with her wetness. Her folds look like the petals from the peach rose and her scent is as intoxicating.

Using a finger, I gently explore her folds, touching her clit and then finally sliding my finger inside her. " Ooooh OMG." Alexa sighs loudly. Her legs are still trying to close in spite of the pleasure she feels, with brute force, I open her legs further, holding her thighs with my arms.

Her body wanting me to pleasure and ravage her. She wants me to pleasure and ravage her. Desire echoing through Alexa's body like waves, heating every ounce of her. Inserting one more finger, I thrust them in and out, feeling her heat and then finally finding the thin hymen, which encircles her opening. Pushing my fingers up, I begin to rub her hymen being careful not to tear it. Alexa sighs moving her hips in rhythm.

Hearing her sigh, I place my mouth on her wet pussy and begin to rub my tongue over her clit. " Ahhh" Alexa moans while her hips grind against the whips of my tongue, pleasure rippling through her. I flick my tongue over her folds. I lick and suck her creaming pussy. Swirling my tongue all around her throbbing clit, I feel my cock throbbing with anticipation. Alexa moans like an animal while gasping lustily. " Oh John please s-stop," came the request in a light, raspy voice that even Alexa didn't recognize.

Her hands clutching onto the sheets tightly and her body experiencing sensations like no other. She feels her pussy opening becoming wetter from her juices and my mouth, and a sensuous heat building up in her. I continue to swirl my tongue over her nub while her hips grind against me. My tongue lapping at her swollen nub like candle flames, touching lightly and then roughly.

Moving my tongue down to her wet opening, I slowly lick the flimsy barrier and then move my tongue in tasting her.

Alexa moans immediately, pushing her hips towards my tongue. Further in it went, tasting the sweet wetness of her inside. She is going wild on the bed, as the rough and coolness of my tongue contrasted with her hot, smooth insides as my tongue fucks her. My tongue went back to her clit swirling a figure eight around and around. I suck her pussy lips tapping the rough edges of my tongue onto her clit, and then rubbing the smooth area against it.

She writhes with pleasure on the bed and her hands went to hold my head as my tongue continues to send waves of pleasure through her. She guides my head into place until she feels my tongue hit a more sensitive spot on her clit. Alexa's body feels shock waves each time I flick my tongue back and forth. Her cries of pleasure fills the room as my hands reach up grabbing her tits. My mom shower and caught son peeping still swirling, I gently squeeze her breasts rubbing my thumbs around the hard nipples.

I caressed her pussy, gentle as a kitten, from the crest of her clit to the crack of her ass, in a great, sweeping oval, again and again. Alexa begins to burn, and ache, as she struggles, she feels the lips of her pussy slipping against each other. She is so wet as she has ever been, and she aches for relief. " You want it," I said. " No." " Ask me for it." " Please don't." My hand slips to where her thigh joins her pussy, I throw an arm under her as easily as if she were a bag of groceries, and she can't move a muscle.

She lays there shivering as I continue touching her. letting my fingers explore her.she feels my fingertip approach her clit, as she longs for it. It seems like only a few strokes will bring her to climax, if I just touched teen hardcore destroyed chop shop owner gets shut down, just touch it.My hand disappears, and her heart sinks with disappointment.

Disappointed? The shame of wanting me made her wetter, hotter, as she eases her legs together just to contain it. I shifted upward and she feels my cock head.

Despite her desire, her stomach aches with fear. She isn't ready. She can't handle it.the thick and slippery tip of my cock. The tip straining against her hymen, begging for entry. Alexa squirming against it, my cock is now touching skin, " Don't do it. you don't have to." She pleads. " I do. I have to." My hand underneath her shifted her up again, and suddenly my hand is down on her pussy again. I tease her shaved pussy again. Alexa bore down on my hand, trying to pin it, but it is too strong, and moving.

moving fingers landing on her clit again, so slick she hardly feels them at first. I rock my hand against her, working off the wetness, until the slow ache of pleasure begins to build again. She is struggling as the tip of my cock is again against her hymen, wildly, unsure if she is trying to get me away or inside her.

Either way will be a relief. either way will be a way out of this awful agonizing limbo.I shifted again, and suddenly my cock is tight against her pussy, so wet as to be no resistance. Did I know? Can I feel it? Did I know just one thrust will have me inside her? It is now or never. Alexa grabs the edge of the mattress pulling with all her strength, kicking up both legs, and throwing me to the side.

For a heartbeat she is free. for a heartbeat she had a chance for the door, my chastity intact.But without leaving the bed Lots of orgasms for a darksome slut grab her by the waist and throw her back to the bed, on her back, and leap on top of her. I pin her arms with both hands. Alexa thrashes her legs, keeping her knees tight, but it didn't matter. I push one knee between them.

then two. wedging her legs apart. I release her suddenly, before she can react, I shifted into position between her legs, dancing the thick purple head of my cock against her pussy, pushing this way and that.

Alexa flails, turning sideways, but my cock is too big for it to matter. It is everywhere, and the more I work it against her pussy, the wetter it got. The wetter it got, the easier it slips between her lips. Alexa shuts her eyes tight. " I'm begging you, please." She whispers. " Don't do this." I grab her face making her look up at me, making her see the look on my face as I finally push.

my eyelids shuddering, my cock hard and throbbing, as I push inside her. There is a surge of intense pain, and then nothing.

I rested inside her like a coiled snake. Alexa shut her eyes again, as I slap her face until she looks at me again. Then I start thrusting into her. Long strokes, as she struggles against me, but I'm too strong. I'm in complete control. The best she can do is to pull her hips away from my stroke, but I just find the center again.I push into her again, thrusting hard and deep, until she can't think, can't think of how to throw me off.

Her brain filled with fire, with the liquid movement of my cock deep inside her. Hentai shemales fucking and playing with toys thighs shaking, as I groan in response. God help her the sound of my groan made her wetter, as I feel the change. I'm groaning, as she got wetter, and she moans despite herself at the throbbing of my massive cock buried inside her.

I take my hand off her face pushing it between us to her clit, working the front of her mound with my palm. Alexa screams, with pleasure, with fear, with shame as the sensations are too much for her. She feels like she is burning alive. " Please. please." She begs. " Please what?" I ask, a look of smug satisfaction on my face. I'm playing her like a piano, plunging my cock like a sword deep inside her.

" Please fuck me." She said. " I am fucking you." "Please. fuck me harder." I smile and step up my tempo. Alexa hears the thick sound of me sliding inside her, and she feels me as deep as her navel, alive inside her like a dragon.

She screams again. Alexa didn't care who hears her. I dig my nails into the back of her neck. " Come for me," She groans. " Come for me, you fucking asshole." I grunted. Alexa feels my balls clench, my cock swelling.I increase the speed of my hand, as she feels her climax rolling over her like an avalanche.

" I'm coming. oh Jesus Christ I'm coming." She wraps her thighs around me, screaming. The pleasure is unbearable. Tears running down her face. Alexa bites my shoulder, and suddenly I shout " I'm coming, oh God." I throw my head back and slam into her.intense pain over whelming her.she punches me in the chest, but I continue thrusting harder.I feel my cock go off like a shotgun, spurting deep inside her.

Immediately it begins oozing out, I thrust one, two, three times.I collapse, tired and sweaty. Alexa closes her eyes tightly as wave after wave of humiliation sweeps over her. I pull out of her pussy sliding my cock to her asshole. No, oh god, no, please! Alexa lets out a muffled moan of pain as I press against it. The moan turns into a sharp scream as I thrust my hips forward shoving my cock into her ass. Tears run from her tightly closed eyes trickling down her face.

I fucked her tight ass with no consideration for her agony; I thrust harder when she cries out. I'm grunting with each thrust, driving harder and deeper with growing intensity.

I groan harshly as she feels me begin to cum. After a couple of spurts I let go of her and pull out, shooting the rest of my cum on her ass. It hit her cheeks trickling down her thighs.

With a frisky girls bang the biggest belt cocks and spray semen everywhere groan, I finish, then wipe my cock against her ass to remove the last few drops. I got up off of her and off the bed, Alexa raised up painfully. Her ass burns and her pussy is sore, from the rough treatment. I come back into the room and gather her clothes up tossing them to her.

" Clean yourself up." I said, turning walking out of the bedroom, closing the door behind me. Alexa feels so used and discarded.