Dominant man wrestling that was the commencing of her rude drooly face fucking

Dominant man wrestling that was the commencing of her rude drooly face fucking
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The World's First Futa's Daughters Futa's First Naughty Birthday Chapter Two: Danielle's Naughty Birthday Game By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 July 22nd, 2037 Danielle Carter "A naughty party game?" Adelia Tash asked, the caramel-skinned talk show host leaning towards me.

I sat closest to her on my loveseat, my half-sister Bethany beside me with Leah on the other side of her. On the opposite side of Adelia was another love seat on which set my other three half-sisters.

Christina, Rebecca, and Lola sat there along with Lola's new wife, Jen. "Oh, it was naughty," I said. "Danielle doesn't know any other kind of gain," Bethany said, a bright smile on her face. "Though I think it was was unfair." "It's not my fault you decided to go fuck Georgia," I said, shrugging. The six of us were among the oldest of the second generation of futas.

Becky Woodward, the world's first futa, had bred our mothers first before she expanded to the others. Even better, the six of us, lead by Lola and Rebecca, had orchestrated our mother's presidential campaign. She was busy shaping the world into a paradise for us futas thanks to us. Not bad for a group of nineteen-year-old, horny redhead hottie anal toys her tanned nurse. Since it was our collective birthday, Adelia Tash had us on to interview us on her successful daytime talk show.

She had huge numbers of views, easily seven million watching her livestreams around the world, with her archives racking up tens of millions more views. It was an honor to be on her show. Somehow, the conversation had come around to our eighteenth birthday last year. "That's not why your game was unfair, and you know it," Bethany said. She had similar look to all my sister, traces of our futa-mom found in all our faces. But our female mothers all stamped their own look on us.

I had sandy-blonde hair I inherited from my mother, Dona, while Bethany's mother, Melany, gave her a more golden hue. Rebecca was a redhead, Christina brunette with glasses, while Leah had strawberry-blonde locks. "Why was her game unfair?" asked Adelia, giving me a curious look.

I grinned. "Well, we didn't know it at the time, but." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July 22nd, 2036 "Hey, Leah," I said, giving my half-sister a grin. She was staring up at the ceiling, listening to Lola and Rebecca getting their birthday gifts from their mothers.

The busty Mrs. Albertson and the equally top-heavy Janice had swapped daughters. "Oh, I wish our mothers had done that," Leah said. She shivered. "Your mom's hot." "Well, don't worry," I said, snagging her arm. Her strawberry-blonde hair danced about her shoulders.

"I have a fun game for us to play. Lola and Rebecca are out. But you can be in." "Fun game?" she asked. A naughty glint gleamed in Leah's blue eyes. "Does it involve the P word." "It's my favorite word," I said, my girl-dick throbbing hard in my shorts. I glanced around the living room.

We were at Rebecca and Lola's house. Their mothers were lovers (their family was super complicated and gave me a headache trying to think about it) so they lived together. It was what let them hatch up their naughty plan to get our futa-mom elected president this year. There were plenty of girls from school, seniors who'd just graduated like us.

Plus a few parents. My mom, Dona, was chatting with Tiffany and Chris, Christina's mother and step-father. "Hey, Christina," I said, spotting my nerdy half-sister reading a book in stunning sex with swarthy beautiful babe hardcore and blowjob corner. "Want to play a game with us." She looked up, her brown hair falling in curls about her face. "Game?" "It's naughty!" Leah said.

Christina frowned. "No thanks." "But it involves pussy," I said, arching my eyebrow. "No thank you, Danielle," she said, a bit firmer. I shook my head.

"You turned eighteen today, Christina." She was the youngest of us, with Lola the oldest by a few days. "Eighteen. It's time to enjoy being an adult. You have a hard cock and the girls here want to play." "Yeah, we do!" shouted Linda, a blonde from our school. "Ooh, yes, I so want to try a futa-cock!" moaned Karli. "I've only done anal. I've kept my cherry for one of you futas." She meant for our mother, a lot of girls tired, hoping to be bred their first time by the amazing Becky Woodward.

I didn't mind being her fall back. Since I turned eighteen, I've gotten as much pussy as I could. "You can play," Christina said, closing her book. She rose and slipped out of the room. I rolled my eyes. I loved her, I did, but she could be so prudish. I don't know how we both came from our futa-mom's ovaries. Her mother wasn't prudish. She loved futa-cocks. I'd seen her eyeing me all party. "What's this game," asked Mrs.

Baker, my math teacher. I had no idea how she got an invite, but I was glad the busty MILF was here. Sometimes, I had the feeling she wanted to teach me something other than trigonometry. "Oh, it's hot," I said. "But where's Bethany. I know she'll be in." "Closet," said Karli. "Can't you hear them." I moved over there. The music was playing loud, the new single from Heather Delight playing.

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My head nodded to the beat. I reached the closet, and I could hear it now. That faint gasp of a girl writhing in pleasure. I wrenched into open. Bethany had that naughty slut Georgia pinned against the wall, fucking her hard from behind. My golden-hair sister was naked, her large breasts heaving as she pumped away at Georgia's cunt. lovable nymph is gaping spread twat in close up and having orgasm sweeties undies, hey, Danielle," she moaned.

"Did you want a poke at her? I'm almost done." "Oh, say you do!" Georgia moaned, the black-haired girl throwing a smoky look over her shoulder at me. "I would love to go again on your dick." "We're playing a game," I said, my futa-cock growing hard in my panties at the sight. I could just see Bethany's thick cock plunging into Georgia's juicy cunt.

"You in." "I just need to finish up and. Yes!" Bethany moaned, her strokes growing faster. "I'd stop now," I advised. "No, no, I'm there!" Bethany moaned. "Yes!" "Oh, god, you're cumming in me!" A loud whoop rose through the room as a cheering group of eighteen-year-old girls celebrated the futa-orgasm.

I grinned as Bethany's back arched, her ass clenching as she pumped her futa-jizz into Georgia's hot cunt. "Damn," Leah groaned. "That's making me hard." "I'll take care of you," Karli moaned. "I got a cherry pussy for you." "No, no," I said. "There'll be plenty of time for that in the game." Bethany's moans echoed over the cheers and whoops.

Her body shuddered. Georgia whimpered, her face twisted in orgasmic rapture. Her back arched, clearly loving behind filled to the hilt in futa-cum. "Oh, damn, that was good," Bethany said. She pulled her cock out of Georgia's cunt. A flood of cum spilled down the black-haired girl's thighs. "So, what's this game?" "It's a contest to see which of us can produce the most amount of cum in an hour," I said.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out four blue pills. "I have the Viagra. We pick our girls, have fun, and when we cum in them, they have to let our jizz dribble out of them into a container. Whoever has the most, wins." "Oh, no fair," Bethany said. "I just spilled into Georgia's cunt." "I tried to stop you," I said, shrugging.

"You in?" "Of course!" Bethany grinned. Out of the six of us, she was the only one that had a libido as strong as mine. We seemed closest to our futa-mom in that regard. Bethany snatched up the pill and swallowed it.

I turned to Leah. She grinned and took one for herself. She tried to swallow it then coughed and darted for the kitchen. I shrugged and popped the pill in my mouth. It was large, but I was good at swallowing things.

It was a skill I mastered as a child. I really hated eating my greens. I got good enough to just swallow them whole, no chewing, no having to have those nasty things in my mouth. It paid off in swallowing pills now that I was an adult. Leah came back, a glass of water in hand.

She was sipping it while the girls around us were all giggling, excited. It was clear that word of the party game had spread and they were interested in playing. I got out my supplies and pocketed Christina's Viagra pill. I spotted her outside reading. I shook my head. It was her party, too, but she'd rather be in a book. I wanted to yank her in her and make her have fun, but maybe she was happy out there.

I came back into the living room with the kitchen timer and three large measuring cups, the type that could hold four cups of water at a time. Each one was labeled with pieces of masking tape upon which I wrote our names. "Someone was prepared," Bethany said, still naked. The Viagra must be working because her glistening futa-dick was growing hard again.

"Planning a presidential campaign is teaching me a lot about organization," I said as I set down each measuring cup on the coffee table, mine in the middle.

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"Let's get naked!" A flurry of clothing flew off. I meant just for Lean and me to strip, but the watching girls were eager to join the fun. A sea of bouncing titties appeared around me. I groaned, almost dizzy from the variety of youthful breasts.

Small, firm mounds to big, bouncing boobies crowded the living room as the girls stripped off jeans and skirts. Most of the girls were shaved, but a few had bushes.

All were wet and dripping. I peeled off my top, exposing my round breasts, my sandy-blonde locks spilling around my shoulders. Then I wiggled out of my skirt, my futa-dick tenting my purple panties. They were cut for us futas, allowing us to have sexy underwear without strangling our big cocks.

"Ooh, you are hung, Danielle," moaned Georgia. She stared at me, still naked. A thick dribble of my sister's futa-cum ran down Georgia's thighs.

"Thanks," I said, stroking my cock. "Though Leah's got a pretty cock," Georgia said. "So pretty," moaned Megan, a black-haired friend of hers. She had a dreamy look as she stared at Leah. "Okay," I said, grabbing the kitchen timer. I twisted the knot to an hour. Released it. "Begin!" I had just set it down when Georgia pounced on me. The minx had a hungry look in her eyes as she pressed me down to the floor, her round tits heaving.

Her black hair swayed about her face as she stared down at me, her eyes glistening. "Two futas in a day!" she moaned. "But I'm going to get you all!" "Good luck," I said. "There's a lot of us!" Georgia had a huge look of delight on her lips, nodding her head.

"I want to concert to the Futa Cult just to worship your mother. She must be a goddess for birthing you and Bethany." "Maybe," I groaned. Science couldn't explain where our futa-mom came from. "Oh, Leah, yes," Megan moaned. "Ooh, fuck me!" I grinned then groaned as Georgia's sloppy cunt engulfed my dick. A naughty thrill went through me. My sister had enjoyed this pussy before me. Now it was my turn. That hot cunt sank to the hilt around me.

Georgia's back arched, her round tits heaving before me. She rose up me, her cunt gripping my dick, making me ache and throb. I felt so hard. Maybe it was the Viagra doing its thing, or maybe it was just the horde of girls around me, all naked and moaning, cheering us on. "Go, Bethany, go!" shouted one faction. "Fuck that slut, Leah!" moaned another.

"Cum in Georgia's snatch, Danielle!" my fans moaned, watching Georgia ride up and down them. "What, Georgia?" I heard Bethany moan. "No fair, she's got my cum in her pussy! That's cheating!" "Oh, damn, she's right!" I moaned, my dick feeling amazing in that sloppy cunt. "Mmm, better switch holes than," moaned Georgia. She rose off my cock with a wet plop. I shuddered as I came free.

She seized my dick, her hips shifting forward, and guided me between her butt-cheeks. With a great deal of skill, she lined me up with her asshole and impaled herself down my shaft. I groaned as her rectum engulfed my futa-dick.

That tight sphincter spread over my spongy, pussy-lubed crown in a moment. My pussy clenched as I sank into the tight heaven of her asshole. My back arched as more and more of her bowels engulfed my dick. Pleasure spilled through me. This incredible bliss. I couldn't believe I was enjoying this. "Damn!" I groaned, getting my first taste of anal. No wonder Lola was buggering Jen all the time. This was amazing. "Oooh, you are the biggest cock I've ever had back there!" moaned Georgia, her bowels squeezing around my dick.

"Love it!" "Ride me!" I moaned, staring at her pussy gaping open, Bethany's cum leaking out of her, staining her juicy labia. "Fuck that dick up and down my cock." "Oh, yes," moaned Georgia. Her bowels squeezed around my dick as she slid up me.

I groaned, my heart racing. My head tossed from side to side as she climbed up and up my futa-dick. My toes curled. I let out a groan caught smoking! smoking stinks and cost a bunch for nothing except r tube porn bliss, savoring her velvety asshole massaging my dick. She swiveled her hips, her tits bouncing, and stirred my cock around in her asshole.

It was an incredible bliss. Than she impaled herself down me. I groaned as she speared herself to the hilt on my dick. The pleasure screamed through me. My eyes squeezed shut. I groaned, my heart pounding away. A dizzy burst of bliss hot sex korea movie erotic through me.

It was incredible. "Oh, yes, work that ass up and down my cock!" I groaned. "Get all the cum out of me!" "Uh-huh!" she moaned. "Ride Danielle's cock!" cheered a fan. "Make her explode!" "Faster, Georgia, faster!" "Go Danielle, go!" "Go, Bethany, go!" CLAP! CLAP! "Go, Bethany, go!" CLAP!

CLAP! "Oh, Megan, your pussy!" moaned Leah. "Cum in her, Leah!" her fans cheered. "Spill all that yummy jizz in her!" "Oh, yes!" groaned Megan. The sounds echoed around me, making this game so much more exciting. I saw my mom with Tiffany, both clapping and cheering us on.

I shuddered as Chris was filming the game on his phone, recording this moment forever. I bet he would jerk off to it. He loved futas. "Work that cunt on my dick!" moaned Bethany. "Oh, yes, yes, that's good! That's good pussy! I'm going to cum! I'm going to win despite you cheating, Danielle!" "You didn't have to fuck Georgia!" I moaned. "I'm glad she did!" moaned Georgia, her tits heaving as she rode me. "Ooh, your cock feels amazing in my asshole.

Just the best." I grunted, nodding my head. I knew what she meant. It was incredible to feel this delicious asshole sliding up and down my girl-dick.

That wonderful heat that danced around me. My heart pounded in my chest. My passion swelled inside of me. I was coming closer and closer to erupting. To spurting that hot jizz into her bowels. I couldn't wait for the titanic explosion. To erupt from me. I could fill a huge load brimming in my ovaries. I would splatter her bowels with so much jizz. I grunted and groaned as she rode me. She worked her hot bowels up and down my asshole faster and faster.

The friction was incredible. It was this hot rush drawing me closer and closer to that amazing eruption, my ovaries brimming with my spunk. "Danielle!" Georgia whimpered, her fingers pulling on her nipples.

"Oh, Danielle, that's hot. Oh, I love it! I'm going to cum so hard on your dick!" "Good!" I groaned. "Milk my dick! I'm going to flood your asshole with so much cum!" "Yes!" she groaned, her face twisting with passion as she slammed her asshole down my bowels. "Oh, yes, Megan!" Leah groaned. "Ooh, yes, take it! Take my cum!" "Go, Leah, go!" cheered her fans, drowning out Bethany's chanting at the other end of the living room.

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Megan howled. "Is that it! Is that all your cum in me!" "Uh-huh!" Leah rolled off Megan. The black-haired girl bounced to her feet, her hand shoved between her thighs. I watched her snag up Leah's measuring cup and rip her hand clear.

She groaned, cum spilling out of her pussy and landing in the cup. My sister's pearly spunk flowed out of her. I groaned. "Damn, that's hot!" whimpered Georgia, looking, too. Her asshole writhed about my dick.

I gasped as her juices squirted across my belly, bathing me in her hot cream. She impaled her convulsing bowels all the way down my dick, her velvety flesh sucking on them. My attention wrenched from Megan filling the measuring cup to my dick. The very tip swelled, the pressure reaching a fever point. I groaned, my cunt clenching. My toes curled. Then my futa-cum fired out of me. A huge eruption of spunk spayed from my cock. I groaned, stars bursting across my eyes. I whimpered as the heat rippled out of me.

My cunt spasmed and convulsed as the futa-jizz teen harlot little candy has all her holes drilled out of my ovaries into Georgia's sweet asshole. "Oh, fuck, yes!" moaned Georgia. "Oh, that's good. Your cum. Oh, wow, your firing so much cum into me! Damn, that's a lot!" "Uh-huh," I moaned, my heart racing.

My futa-cum spurted hot and fast into her. That delicious treat rushed out of my dick. Stars burst across my eyes. I whimpered, my head tossing back to and fro as the heat pumped out of me. Another huge load of my cum. I let out a groan as my last blast of my spunk spurted into her bowels. I panted, shuddering on the ground. My eyes fluttered. The pleasure retreated out of me. Georgia whimpered as she squirmed.

Then she wrenched her asshole off my dick. "Here you are," a familiar voice purred, older, more mature than the girls cheering around me. "Pour all that cum into this." "Yes!" I moaned, opening my eyes to see Mrs. Baker naked, her large tits swaying. They were so soft, her dark-red nipples thrusting like fat erasers from her wide areolas. She held the measuring cup out. Georgia squatted over it. My pearly cum flowed out of her asshole, forming a puddle in the cup.

I grinned as so much poured into it. The girls around me cheered my name, breasts heaving in delight while my futa-cock. My futa-cock stayed hard. It throbbed and ached. The Viagra worked. "Who's next!" I asked as Mrs. Baker set down the measuring cup. It was a quarter full. "Me, of course," my math teacher purred.

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The married woman licked her lips, her brassy hair falling loose about her face. She'd unpinned her bun, and it was so sexy to see it swaying about her shoulders.

"Yes!" I gasped in delight. "Oh, damn, yes," groaned Bethany. "I still have cum in my ovaries! Take it!" I smiled, glad Bethany managed to get off, but her problems were her own fault for sneaking off with Georgia. Leah was already on her next girl, flesh slapping flesh in the distance as Mrs. Baker pushed me down on the couch. She knelt before me. "Going to lick my pussy first?" I asked as she hefted her big boobs. "Nope," she said and then wrapped her big tits around my dick fresh from Georgia's asshole.

I trembled in delight at the feel of those silky mounds around my futa-cock. "Mmm, let's just buff your dick clean, then you can slide it into my pussy," she moaned, working those soft, lush, pillowy mounds up and down my dick.

"Oh, hell, yeah!" I moaned in delight, my girl-dick throbbing. It was my first titty fuck. I had a huge grin on my face as my sexy teacher slid those soft mounds up and down my dick. She buffed my dick clean while smiling up at me, her brassy hair swaying around her face as she worked. My pussy clenched, drinking in the delight of her big tits caressing my futa-dick. She pumped them up and down, squeezing them tight around me.

I groaned every time she engulfed the tip of my cock. I smiled as she slid down my shaft, my crown popping out, glistening with precum. "Go, Mrs. Rita, go!" cheered my fans. "Yes, yes, Bethany, pick me!" "No, no, you want to be in my cunt, Bethany!" "I have a better cunt than Izzy's!

Pick me! Please!" "Sorry, girls," a familiar voice said. "It's my pussy she wants." "Oh, Ms. Carter," Bethany moaned. "Mom?" I gasped, spotting my female mother stepping naked before Bethany. My half-sister was on the seat, staring with lust at my mom. "What, no, you can't fuck her!" "Oh, why not?" she asked as she straddled Bethany, her brown hair falling about her face.

She was in her late thirties but still had a great body. She didn't look as wild as she did when she was my age—she didn't have a nose ring any longer—but she was still sexy. "Because you're my mom!" I moaned. "I'm trying to enjoy a titty fuck here." "Enjoy it," she purred. "I'm just going to enjoy your sister's cock. Mmm, she's not my daughter. I can fuck her as much as I want." "Yes!" Bethany hissed, shooting me a look of triumph. "Your Mom's going to milk so much cum out of me.

I'm going to win." I would have sexy latina teen fingers her pussy on webcam my tongue out at her, but a different tongue swept across the tip of my girl-dick.

My gaze shot down to Mrs. Baker working those lush tits up and down my cock. Her tongue flicked against the crown when my shaft emerged from between her soft tits.

"Mmm, still a little sour," she said, her eyes flicking up to me. "Needs a bit more cleaning." "Oh, yes, buff my dick clean!" I moaned, my pussy drinking in the sensation. I wasn't going to let my dumb mom and stupid Bethany ruin my first titty fuck. "So clean!" she moaned, a naughty smile on her lips. What a wicked teacher. She pumped those tits faster and faster, squeezing them around my dick. My toes curled and flexed as the pleasure spilled through me. It was such a delicious treat to enjoy.

A wondrous caress stroking up and down my girl-dick. I whimpered, my eyes fluttering as the heat built and built around my ovaries. My juices flowed, leaking out of me and staining the couch.

I'd hoped Mrs. Albertson had her furniture scotch guard because I was going to squirt a lot of juices when I came. I whimpered, my big tits heaving, Mr. Albertson watching as he stood with Chris and Tiffany, the grandfatherly man grinning. I winked back at him. I didn't mind guys watching. Maybe a few of the nubile, barely legal girls at the party would give him a ride. "On, Mrs. Baker, yes!" I moaned. "I wished we studied this in school." "You were my student than," she moaned.

"Now your eighteen and graduated. I can do whatever I want to you." "Yes you can!" I whimpered. "Go, Danielle, go!" whooped my supporters.

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"Ride Bethany faster, Ms. Carter!" "Ooh, Leah, fuck Hannah's cunt hard! Churn her up!" "Make Danielle cum with those big boobies, Mrs. Baker!" "I'm so wet! I want to go next, Leah!

Fuck me next!" "Bethany! Bethany! Bethany!" "Cum, Danielle!" I was getting closer. Then Mrs. Baker's tongue danced around the crown of my cock again. I groaned as her tits slid up, engulfing the tip of my dick. That wonderful ache filled me. My eyes rolled back in my head. Then she slid her boobs back down. This time her lips engulfed my dick's tip. She sucked. My futa-cock spasmed in her mouth. My pussy clenched. A rush of heat shot up my shaft as she nursed my shaft's tip, her tits squeezing around my girth.

I groaned, my eyes fluttering. My toes curled and flexed as the naughty teacher sucked my cock. Then her mouth popped off. "Ooh, almost there. Barely any sour flavor left." "Yes, yes, yes!" I gasped, trembling, on the verge of erupting. She worked those tits up and down my dick faster. She polished them, her mature face flushed. She was so sexy. Her soft tits massaged my girl-cock. My pussy released more juices.

They flooded out of me. I was coming closer and closer to that explosion. To firing my cream all over the place. My head lolled back. The heat built and built in me. I bit my lip. My cunt clenched and relaxed. I groaned, my back arching. Her tongue flicked against the crown of my dick again. The teasing flutter sent a wave of heat down my cock to my pussy. My eyes squeezed shut. "Cum, Danielle, cum!" a group of girls chanted.

It came from the other side of the room. "Cum, Danielle, cum!" "Yes!" I whimpered. "Cum, Danielle, cum!" "Cum, Danielle, cum!" I was getting there. I just had to explode. My eyes fluttered around real teen orgasm squirt fuck proving papa wrong room. The cheering girls were all around Bethany, my mom riding my blonde sister. Those shining faces grinned at me, their naked, youthful titties bouncing as they shuddered in delight.

"Cum, Danielle, cum!" I wanted to, but. It hit me like a lightning bolt. I was about to make a huge mistake. "Mrs. Baker!" I gasped, on the verge of erupting. "I need your pussy on my cock! I'm about to explode." "Cum, Danielle, cum!" "Oh, no," my teacher moaned in realization. She ripped her tits free and rose. The girls cheering were no booing. If I had erupted, my cum would have drenched my body and Mrs. Baker's. It would have been impossible for me to get all my jizz into the measuring cup.

Bethany's fans were playing dirty. They knew I had the advantage. My teacher's hot cunt slammed down my dick. I groaned as she sank to the hilt in me. Her wonderful, delicious pussy gripped me. She held me tight as she engulfed every inch of my girl-dick. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back in my head. My dick erupted. "Mrs. Baker!" I howled as my cum fired into her pussy. Blast after blast of my jizz spurted into her. Her eyes widened. She trembled atop me, her pussy squeezing hot as my cum filled her.

My ovaries contorted inside of me, forcing out all that spunk to flood out of me and fill Mrs. Baker's pussy. The MILF moaned. She kissed me hard, her tongue thrusting into my mouth.

Her tits pressed against my own round tits. I clutched her tight to me, trembling as her nipples caressed mine. Our tongues dueled as the bliss shot through me. Her pussy rippled about my cock. An orgasm shot through the MILF. She groaned into the kiss. A surge of pride shot through me. It so turned her on to give me a titty fuck that she came on my girl-cock. I was a futa-nympho! "Danielle!" my fans cheered.

"Flood her cunt, Danielle!" "Fill her with all that yummy jizz!" "I wish I could lick it out of you, Mrs. Baker!" "Maybe next time," my teacher moaned as she shuddered on me, her lips breaking way from mine. "Someone, grab the cup." "I have it, Mrs.

Baker," Georgia said. "Just returning the favor." I smiled as my teacher slid off my futa-dick. There was a wet plop. Georgia was fast, thrusting my measuring cup between the teacher's thighs and pressing the glass rim to her pussy.

Almost immediately, a flood of my cum poured out. I grinned at the sight, the thick, pearly proof of my futa-prowess brimming in there.

"Oh, yes, Ms. Carter!" Bethany howled in the background. "I'm giving you so much jizz." "Mmm, yes you are," my mom purred. "Someone grab the cup. We can't let any of Bethany's seed go to waste." "You could be on my team, Mom!" I groaned. "Sorry, Danielle, but I can't play favorites today." "Hey, Danielle," Karli said.

She was pressed against the wall nearby and shaking her ebony rump at me. She had a bubbly ass, jiggling and delicious. "Care to slide into my pussy?" Her pink inner folds peeked out as she shoved her ass back at me. Her shaved vulva glistened with her passion. "Yes!" I moaned and bounded to my feet. I plunged into Karli, my pale crotch slapping into her dark rump. She felt incredible. Tight and silky in all the right places. My tits heaved and bounced as I fucked her.

She worked her hips, wiggling them back and forth as I plowed into her. She had a great cunt to plunge into. Which was good. I was taking a while to build to my third orgasm. My dick was hard, but my ovaries needed a little recovery. I wasn't my futa-mom. But that didn't stop me from enjoying myself. I pressed my round tits into her dark back and squeezed her small, firm breasts. My crotch smacked into her soft ass over and over. "Oh, yes, yes, fuck me!" she moaned. "Oh, that's it!

I love it!" she howled the first time she came. It was hot pumping my girl-dick through her spasming delight. But it wasn't enough. I pinched her nipples and kept thrusting, sliding through her pussy as her orgasm died down. Her juices soaked my thighs and filled the air with her tangy scent. It was on her second orgasm that it happened. I don't know how long I was fucking her, but the ache was finally building, my ovaries recovering. I groaned, slamming into her hard and fast.

She was in heaven from the sounds she made. "Fuck my cunt! I'm going to cum again! Oh, yes, yes, just ram that girl-dick into me!" I did. She came. Her pussy convulsed even harder around my dick. Her silky flesh writhed about me. It was incredible.

I felt her sucking hunger pulling at me, drawing me towards that explosive release. I buried into her. Erupted. My cum spurted over and over into her. Powerful blasts of jizz shot through me. It was such a delight. I groaned. I held her tight, squeezing her tits as my orgasm slammed through me. It was fast and hot, over fast. "Oh, damn, yes," I groaned as her pussy milked me dry, my fans cheering me on. I pulled out of Karli, panting from the intensity of my orgasm.

Georgia was already shoving the measuring cup in, gathering more of my futa-cum. It was filling my cup up. I surveyed the room when I saw something naughty. Tiffany was riding Bethany. A second wind shot through me. My ovaries ached as I watched Christina's mom worked her pussy up and down Bethany's girl-dick. The brunette MILF moaned while her husband filmed her, stroking his dick with his off-hand. He looked so excited, like a boy instead of a man in his late thirties.

"Ooh, I've missed fucking a futa-dick!" moaned Tiffany. "A real cock's in me again, Chris!" "Yes, yes, fuck her!" whimpered Chris. "Shame you have to let her cum dribble out. I would love sloppy seconds." They were kinky. Then an idea occurred to me. There was still ten minutes on the kitchen timer.

I could cement my lead and have a wild time. I knew I would have an easy time cumming. It would just be so hot sharing Christina's mom with Bethany. I darted past Leah fucking Mrs. Baker from behind, the MILF bent over the couch, her tits swaying. Mr. Albertson had that cutie Megan bouncing on his dick. She flashed me a grin as she rode the older man. I winked back as I headed for Christina's mom. Tiffany was in great shape, her tits firm and bouncing. Her back sleek.

Her ass looked delicious. It drew me on, my dick throbbing and aching to slip on into her bowels and make her howl. "What do you want?" Bethany moaned as I stepped up behind her. "I'm fucking here." "Just joining the fun," I said, my clit-dick dripping with pussy juices. "You don't mind if I slip in your asshole, do you, Tiffany?" "Oh, no, not at all!" moaned Tiffany.

"Two futa-dicks sounds like a dream come true." "Yes, yes, fuck my wife's asshole!" groaned Chris, stroking his cock faster. "Just don't mix up the samples!" moaned Bethany as I lined up my dick. I pressed my skinny beauteous bitch is valuable at cock riding hardcore and blowjob against Tiffany's asshole. I groaned and slammed into that delicious sphincter, buggering Christina's mom.

It was such a sweet delight, my second anal sheath of the night. And she was tight. Virgin tight. "Oh, damn, yes!" groaned Tiffany. "It's been years since I've seen your mother! Since I had a dick that big in my jenna marie back seat boning hardcore blowjob, you got so tight!" my half-sister moaned. "You stuffed her ass full, didn't you, Danielle!" "Uh-huh," I groaned as I rammed my girl-dick to the hilt in Tiffany. Then I drew back.

Tiffany's brown hair danced about her shoulders as she worked her hips between us. She knew how to fuck two cocks. The recliner Bethany sat on creaked and groaned.

The springs rasped as she let out a whimper big tits nylon garter belt delight. My crotch smacked into her rump while the pleasure of ass-fucking her surged through me. It was treat. It had my dick aching and throbbing as I reamed her over and over. I buried to the hilt in her. I sodomized her with powerful strokes. All while her husband watched. "I'm fucking your wife's asshole!" I gasped. "She's panting like a bitch for me and my sister!" "She is!" Bethany moaned.

"There cocks are amazing, Chris!" Tiffany gasped. "Oh, yes, fuck my married asshole and pussy! Two futa-dicks!" Her bowels squeezed around my dick as I plunged into her, increasing the velvety friction. I moaned, rubbing my tits into her back, hugging her tight as I drilled into her bowels. Bethany moaned on the other side, enjoying the MILF's married snatch. We fucked Tiffany. She bounced between us. Every stroke into her bowels brought me closer and closer to exploding.

To erupting my cum into her and winning this contest. I groaned, pumping away hard. It was so hot. "Danielle!" "Bethany!" "Danielle!" "Bethany!" Our supporters shouted back and forth. Their passion echoed around us. I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. I pumped away hard and fast. I buried my dick to the hilt in her asshole.

I reamed her hard, fast, the pleasure surging through me. My ovaries brimmed with another load a perfect threeway sex act with alena croft and kristen scott hardcore and blowjob cum.

I couldn't believe I had more. The Viagra kept my dick hard as I hammered froward. My breasts jiggled against her back, loving the feel of her silky skin caressing me as she shuddered. "Oh, yes, yes, that's it!" she moaned.

"I'm going to cum!" "Oh, yes, honey, cum on their dicks!" panted Chris. "That's so naughty!" Georgia said. To my shock, she fell before the guy and sucked his dick into her mouth. "Shit!" he groaned. "Don't cum yet, honey!" moaned Tiffany. "I'm almost there and. Yes!" The MILF's married asshole writhed about my girl-dick. That wonderful delight spasmed around me. I shuddered, slamming hard into her while Bethany gasped and moaned.

My sister's face twisted in bliss. I stared at her over Tiffany's shoulder. "Oh, fuck, yes!" she moaned. "Cum!" both our fans chanted. "Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!" I moaned and rammed forward into Tiffany.

I buried into her convulsing asshole. That wonderful, massaging flesh had my dick throbbing and aching. My cum fired out of me. Pleasure slammed through my mind as I grunted through my orgasm. "They're both cumming in me!" the MILF moaned. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! Bethany and I flooded Christina's mom with our jizz. We pumped her full of spunk. My ovaries emptied them while Bethany grunted and gasped. My sister and I shared this MILF, using each of our holes.

"Honey!" Chris moaned, joining us in orgasms. The crowd cheered. Then the timer buzzed in the background. I panted and moaned, my entire body trembling from the pleasure. I ripped out of her as Karli sauntered over, a big grin on her face, her eyes still glassy.

She held my measuring cup. The cum flooded out of Tiffany's asshole, dribbling into the cup. It rose higher and higher, nearly filling it up. I beamed in triumph. I had fired so much cum into her. I trembled as I sank down on the couch while my mom came up with Bethany's cup. "Is that it?" I asked, blinking in shock. She had barely filled hers a quarter of the way with cum.

Then I glanced at Leah holding her cup and catching the cum flooding out of our his girl helps him fuck another girl tube porn. It had crossed over the quarter mark, but not by much.

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"Mmm, here we go," Tiffany said, rising up. A small dribble of cum poured out, over in a flash. "That's about the amount of one of my husband's load." "My fifth cum in an hour," panted Bethany. "Lucky anything came out." "Well, it's clear I won," I said as Mom set Bethany's measuring cup by mine and Leah's.

"Leah's second place by a smidge." "That's no fair!" Bethany complained as she stared at the measuring cups. "You cum ten times more than us, Danielle! That's cheating" "I guess I do," I said, shocked by the difference between my measuring cups and my half-sisters.

If they combined theirs, I'd still win. "Huh, you don't gush buckets of jizz like our futa-mom?" "No, were not freaks," Bethany said, her cheeks red. She glared at me. "You knew!" I grinned at my sister and winked at her. "It was an honest mistake." Leah giggled as Bethany threw up her arms and marched away. She paused, grabbing my mom. "Want to have more fun." "With my mom?" I groaned.

"Again?" Bethany winked at me and then headed upstairs. "I'm still hard from the Viagra. I might not be firing much jizz, but I can still make your mother howl her head off." "Sorry, honey," my mom called, giving me a big smile. "Just helping out your sister." "I'll help distract you," Georgia said. "Oh, no, let me," moaned Megan. "I want to feel your gallons of cum firing into my pussy." "No, no, you can fire into my asshole!" panted Linda, her blonde hair spilling about her face.

"Some of the girls want to lick me clean," Mrs. Baker purred, a hungry glint in her eyes. Girls swarmed me and, well, Bethany could enjoy my mom. I would just have to take care of all stunning babe plays with two dicks at once friends. I wanted to see if I could rival my futa-mom. It would be difficult, but I was up to the challenge. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July 22nd, 2037 "Turns out, I orgasm with the same volume of cum as our mother," I said.

"I didn't know I was different from my sisters until them." "Yeah, she 'didn't' know," Bethany said as she sat beside me, her fingers making air quotes. "I think she did. She set up that game so she would win." "It wasn't like there was a prize," I said. "It was just for fun." "It seems only a few of us get the extra cum," said Christina. "Georgina definitely has that trait." Adelia nodded her head, as mile crossing her lush lips.

"Oh, yes, I have watched every porno your half-sister's made. She's very. prolific." "Yeah, she is," I said. I'd never met Georgina, our sister who was the first futa to get into porn. There were a few others by now, and I was sure as more and more of my thousands of half-sisters turned eighteen, they'd join the fun.

"So, did you rival your mother, Danielle?" Adelia asked. "Came close," I said. "But then the Viagra wore off and my dick was so sore. However, I left them all satiated and dripping in my cum." The studio audience clapped at that. I beamed at them, proud of my sexual prowess. I wasn't our futa-mom, but I came close.

"So, all yours sisters were having fun," Adelia said, turning over to stare at Christina. "So much fun," Rebecca said, a big smile on her lips.

Lola nodded her head and shared a giggle with her wife. My sister-in-law, Jen, had a wicked gleam in her blue eyes. "But what were you doing, Christina?" Adelia arched an eyebrow. "Just reading a book." "Well." Christina said, her cheeks blushing. My eyes widened. "Wait, what, you were actually doing something naughty out there?" Christina's cheeks only went redder.

"I. was." "Well, Christina, the entire world's waiting to find out," Adelia said. I nodded my head along with my other sisters. We all stared at Christina eager to find out. To be continued.