First class anal sex porn video scene

First class anal sex porn video scene
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Early one evening I drove over to my friends house to return blecked lun butifull girls xxx couple of DVDs I'd borrowed. He lived in a well sized house with three of his friends who all played in a band.

When I arrived I let myself in and found the house strangely quiet, usually there was the sound of loud rock music coming from the Hi-Fi in the living room competing with the noise of drums and guitars from an upstairs bedroom.

I looked into the living room and found the TV off and no one sat inside. I walked upstairs and found my mates bedroom door open, I stuck my head in but it was all in darkness. I put the DVDs on the desk and scribbled a quick note saying thanks. As I got to the stairs I heard a muffled moan from the next floor up, I looked upstairs and saw a crack of light at another bedroom door, curious, I walked quietly up to the next level.

I put one eye up to the edge of the door frame and peeped inside. My eyes were greeted by a rather unexpected sight.

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A girl I recognised as the drummer's girlfriend was sprawled on her back on the double bed, completely naked and her head thrown back in obvious ecstasy. Between her legs was the blonde head of her slender daughter who cannot have been older than eleven.

I could not believe what I was seeing, Sarah was letting her daughter lick her pussy, and from the sound of it, she was doing a pretty good job. My cock instantly hardened in my jeans and I started to think that I should just leave and forget what I'd seen. Then a more dark thought entered my mind. I pushed the door open and cleared my throat loudly. Sarah's eyes shot open and she sat upright suddenly, her arms crossed across her ample 34dd tits.

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She pulled the covers over her lower half covering her daughter. as playing with a hairy japanese bawdy cleft hardcore and blowjob looked up at me she said in a shaky voice "What are you doing here?" I replied calmly, "I was just dropping back a couple of DVDs I borrowed from Ray.

You two look like your having a fun evening?" she seemed taken aback by the calm attitude I had in finding her in this situation. "Any chance I can join you? I'm guessing you wouldn't want anyone else to know what you've been up to?" I asked with raised eyebrows and a growing grin on my face. The tension cracked and she smiled back, "I'm sure we can make room for one more" she said half to her daughter who was emerging from under the covers to lay next to her mother.

"Millie, this is Jon, he's going to join us for a bit of fun" Millie beamed and looked excited to have someone else join in their fun.

Sarah pulled back the covers on her other side and I quickly stripped down to my boxers and slid in beside her. Millie ducked back under the covers and Sarah gasped gently as her daughters tongue started tickling her clit again. I kissed Sarah deeply and moved my right hand onto her right breast. she was breathing deeply as I kissed down her neck and onto her tits, I circled each of her nipples with my tongue and sucked them hard scraping over them gently with my teeth.

Sarah's back arched as she came and she bit her lip as her body shook. Millie resurfaced from under the covers with a big smile on her face, "Was that a good one mum?" she asked. Sarah nodded and cuddled her close. "yes darling, it was amazing" she replied, then looking at me she said "I think we should do something special for Jon" She pushed me back down onto the pillows and slid down the bed, she pulled off my boxers and took my hard cock in her hand.

Millie moved next to her mother and looked at my hard cock with amazement. Sarah lowered her mouth to my cock and moved her lips slowly over it, I tensed as I felt the warm wet feeling of her tongue sliding over the head.

She slowly lowered her lips over my cock and did not stop until it was deep in her throat, she looked up at me and started to move rhythmically up and down, running her tongue up the underside of my cock as she sucked. Millie watched with fascination and after a short time said quietly "Can I try?" Sarah moved over and smiled at me as I felt Millie start to suck on the end of my cock, her technique was nowhere near as polished as Sarah, but her enthusiasm and warm wet tongue more than made up for it.

Sarah was sex beeg sani liwan com me intently and when she saw it was obvious I was nearly coming, she took over from Millie, quickly engulfing my full length again and sucking me to a fantastic climax. As my come filled her mouth and dribbled down her chin, Millie leant in an tasted the dribbles from her mothers lips.

she smiled and licked up some more. "Next time, I want to finish" she said matter of factly.

"Next time?" Sarah repeated smiling, "What do you think?" she said turning to me. "Any time, any place!" I replied.

Later in the week, I spoke to Sarah in secret on Facebook, she said we'd have plenty of chances to meet up again over the next few weeks as her boyfriend was getting lots of practice in as the band was touring Europe in less than a month. I decided to spend more time with the whole group in the time leading up to this, just to have then chance of stealing some time with Sarah.

Our first liaison was quick and very sneaky, we were backstage at a gig and as the band went on for their set we all made our way out front to watch, on our way down the maze of corridors to the main hall, Sarah pulled me into a side room and hissed "we'll have to be quick". She threw her arms around me and we kissed deeply for a few seconds, her hot tongue caressing mine, she then dropped down to her knees and unbuckled my jeans, my semi-hard cock was into her mouth in seconds, as her tongue twirled around the head she looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes, hungrily she pumped at the bottom of my shaft with one hand while her wet lips moved up and down over the head, within a minute i was filling her mouth with a hot load of cum which she swallowed straight down without stopping her pumping till i was drained dry.

she got up as i leant back against the wall, with a blown kiss over her shoulder she hurried out the door towards the loud music being played out down the corridor. I quickly buttoned up my jeans and entered the hall from racy and wild fuckfest smalltits and hardcore side exit near the bar in case anyone noticed my delayed arrival.