Two amazing gals play with dildo masturbation smalltits

Two amazing gals play with dildo masturbation smalltits
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Fate and the wrong number This story is based on true events, names of course changed. I answered my cell phone and heard a sweet voice say: " Sally?" There was no one named Sally in my life, but I decided to mess with her and her sexy voice.

In my most breathless sexy voice I could muster, I half whispered: "Sally, oh my god is this Sara?" She said, "No, this is Connie, why has something happened to Sally?" I said, "Connie, I had to dump Sally, she just couldn't fulfill my needs. There was a pause, then she said that I must be Jim, the guy at Sally's work she talks about all the time. I said, "Connie, did she tell you that I've wanted to meet you all this time, and now I'm free".

She said, "No, Sally never told me you were interested in me at all. When have you ever seen me?" I said, "Connie, I've never seen you, but just dressing well with dolly leigh and riley nixon is a must pornstars and hardcore description and now your voice, I have to meet you, your so sweet according to Sally, we must meet".

Another pause and she said, "My oh my, I've never met you ether, not even a picture, but Sally said you were a hot guy and by your voice, maybe we better meet and see what happens, right?" I said right and that Sally had changed her cell number, the correct number should be on your phone right now.

She paused and then said "OK, I have it saved to my phone now". Then a long pause and she said, "Wait a minute, this phone number is only one number different than Sally's old number, how did you", pause, pause. Then she said, "You shit!, I punched in the wrong number calling Sally, didn't I!", and started laughing, I started laughing and said, "Oh Connie, don't dump me, I haven't even seen you yet, you know I want you so bad." She started laughing more and lost her breath.

Finally I said in my regular voice, "Well Connie, how could I resist your hot voice, you do sound wonderful." Finally she began to speak, "You've been a bad boy mister, and paybacks can be hell!", and laughed.

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I said I should give her a sporting chance to pay me back, but we better describe ourselves first, I said, "I'm 3feet tall and weigh 500 pounds." She said, "Yeah? Well I'm the bearded tooth pick lady at the fair and I weight 45 pounds, naked!" After the jokes, she said she was single, 23, 5'4" tall, weighed 115, black hair in a pixie cut, wore black framed glasses, and said she had a nice set of 36CC's.

I told her I was single, 28, 6'2'' sandy blond hair, slim build and weighted 170 and well endowed. She laughed and said, "You better not be lying to me mister." We agreed to meet at a caf?Friday night at 7. I arrived and got a booth and waited and waited. I finally decided to order when a huge guy came over and asked if I was Babe rides my dick in the grass telsev. I said yes, and he said he was Connie's boyfriend.

(Gulp.) Then he said she was taken and I had better buzz off quick.

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I said "OK, I'll just eat by myself". He stood over me and said "Did you hear me? I said beat it!" I thought of all the ways I could knock him on his ass and I stood up and got in his face. About that time this cute girl, just like Connie had described herself came running over and they started laughing.

I said, "Now I've been tricked and you're a little shit!" She said this is my brother Dan. We all laughed, Dan and I shook hands then he left. She snuggled up to me.

She had on a black way low cut sweater with lots of cleavage, a white pleated short skirt, with hot legs and a beautiful face. We talked a minute and then she said, "I'm not through with you yet, bad boy. Let's go over to my place as I've already got dinner for us". I followed her to a nice house and we went in. We went into the dining room where candles and a fancy set up for two was placed. She lit the candles.

I said, "You seemed pretty sure we would end up here, didn't you". She said, "You just get ready to eat". I smelled roast beef, mmm. Next she sets down a box of breakfast cereal and an empty bowl, and says, "Dig in you bad boy". Then she brings in a small roast and sets it in front of her and proceeds to slice off a big hunk for herself.

I said, "Gee, I just had ate a slice of cardboard at noon and I'm just not that hungry!" We busted up laughing, and the jokes never stopped thru her wonderful dinner. She then said, "Come with me, bad boy", and led me over to the couch. She had me lay on my back and she fisting his girlfriends ruined pussy tied to a tree submissive stretching on top of me.

She took off her glasses and said in her sexiest voice, "How dare you trick me.

Your just a big fake and a liar. What did you hope to gain from me? Would you have run away if I had been a skinny ugly girl?" I started to stammer when she kissed me long, wet and sweet. She said, "Don't talk to me and tell me more lies, you're here now and you belong to me.

I'm going to punish you, for your dirty tricks on me bad boy". I couldn't help but smile big. She grinned and then continued. "Did you think you were going to get me alone and get some pussy?

Did you think you were going to feel my tits, feel my pussy, lick me good and then fuck me long and hard all night??? Carry me up to my bedroom right now, Mr. Bad Boy!" We kissed all the way up to her bedroom, while unbuttoning all the clothes we had on. Dropping them all on the way.

I placed her on the bed, never stopping our kiss. I finally said, "You've had your way with me, now I'm going to punish you for the Dan trick you pulled on me". She put her arms around my neck, grinned real big and said, "We're on Dan's bed right now and he might come home any minute now", and giggled.

I said, "Who's the big fake liar now, little miss teaser". As she smiled, I slid down and attacked her now hard nipples and she yelped with joy.

I continued down to her pussy, lifting her beautiful legs up and out to gain access to it all. I took my time letting my tongue tease her pussy. She moaned loud as I licked her clit, and put two fingers in and massaged her pussy deep. She said, "Oh my god, I knew you had something with that voice and I just knew (panting) you'd be hot in bed", and began squirming, moaning and out of breath breathing.

Her pussy was dripping hot, so I rolled her over and sat her on top of my dick, which she slipped in her warm masturbation on top of my washing machines pussy.

I said, "You bad girl, and spanked her butt lightly, "You will fuck me, and you will fuck me good, until you cum hard." He eyes went wild, muttering, groaning, sliding her pussy on my dick and pumping with increased intensity. I said, "Fuck me bad girl, harder and deeper!" She got red in the face and gasped for more air.

Then she started to yell, "Oh, OH, OH GOD", and pushed her pussy down as deep as it would go on my dick. She shuttered, moaned and shook. She collapsed on top of me, soaking us with her pussy juices.

She quietly moaned. I rolled her over and kissed her softly as I whispered, "Now for the final punishment", and put my finger on her clit and massaged it. She jumped, gasp and said "Are you dick hungry babes cassidy and alyssa get fucked in a bath by a stiff dick to make me cum again???" I said.

"Yes, your so beautiful and hot, I have to make you suffer.". Her arms and legs wrapped around me as she gasp for breath. I started out slow and teased her pussy lips. I rubbed my dick all around her soft bush, as she squirmed waiting for me to slip my dick in.

I slowly lifted her legs up and back. I had her put her arms around her legs to hold them and whispered. "Hang the fuck on". I started my dick in with long slow strokes, deeper and deeper as I went. She moaned each time I went deep. I picked up the pace as I pinched each nipple.

Then we quickly went into a fury of fucking with her moaning becoming steady. Our bodies slapping together in rhythm. I felt my balls get ready to explode. She yelled out "OH JIM!, Geeeeez" and I let go with a massive cum in her hot pussy. We both bucked and moaned hoping it would never stop feeling so good. We felt my hot cum fill her pussy and spill out with her juices. We humped until we just ran out of power.

We were now laying locked together as we felt our spasms of pure pleasure jolt us and ever so slowly fade out. We drifted into a quiet sleep.

As I sit here writing this story, Connie sits beside me half naked and pestering me. It's hard to write when she grabs my dick, or rubs her boobs on me. She knows, that eventually I'll jump up and chase her all over the house. She calls out, "If you can catch me, you can fuck me!" Somehow, I always win. I finally got to meet this Sally, wow, she is hot! OUCH, Connie just jabbed her fingers in my side. Sally has long blond hair, a great figure, short and has big tits.

Sally knows the story now and calls when Connie isn't around and tries to have phone sex. Opps, I have to go now, someone is sitting on my lap and it's hot in here.