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Pornstar idol gets her ass hole nailed with erected love stick amateur and babe
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The Insect Let me tell you about myself I'm a guy 6'2" tall about 170 lbs. green eyes short brown hair with an average build. It was a cool summer night, and I went out side to smoke my last cigarette before go to bed. It was nice out as I sat on the porch listening to the chirp of the crickets.

When I heard something behind me, and as I turned around I saw what looked like a two foot long cockroach. Before I could react an appendage like a needle struck me in the neck. Quickly I found myself unable to move as a warm feeling spread all over my body. I was still aware of what was happening I just couldn't move. Then a second needle like appendage shot out into my abdomen.

I could feel a liquid begin to fill my abdomen as my belly began to swell just ever so slightly. Then I heard a voice in my head telling me to get rid of the cigarette, that I would not be wanting them anymore.

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I felt compelled to obey like it was the right thing to do. Then I was told to get up and go inside, as I was told this the insect crawled up on me, and I did as I was told. As I stood up I began to sweat profusely and my clothes dissolved right then and there. When I entered the house, I was instructed to go to my room and lay on my bed. After lying down, I looked down at my now naked body to see what changes were taking place.

As I looked down my body, I notice I was growing breasts, and that my cock had moved down further between my legs. At this point the insect removed the needle from my stomach and once again another rush of warmth ran over my body. This is when I realized I really had not felt any pain except for a brief stinging sensation for only a second when it initially stung me in the neck.

Now it removed the original stinger and crawled down in between my legs. Next it used its stingers to inject its seed in to my balls and they began to swell, and they didn't stop until they were the size of a couple of small water melons. My scrotum was stretched so thin I could see through it like paper. What it did next even in my relaxed state frightened me; it bit in to my pelvis area and began to burrow, or at least that's what I thought it was doing, although it was really using its appendage to make me a vaginal tract to meet up with the womb it had given me earlier, which I had not realized, until it informed me of what it was doing as if it could sense my concerns.

At this point I relaxed and it just continued working, and I fell asleep no sopehe leone sex stories xxz story it probably injected me with something to make me sleep.

When I woke up, I felt as if I were lying in a pile of silk. When I turned my head to look my hair had grown very long, so long that it hung off the sides of the bed. My breasts had grown as well and were now a nice DD cup. The insect could not be seen; but other than my head I really could not move, when all of a sudden I felt it move inside of me.

It was implanting it's eggs in my new womb. Finally, after what must have been many hours, I felt a slight pain and a compulsion to push. After about five minutes of pushing to help it out, it crawled out of my new pussy. After I laid there for a few more minutes I felt the incredible urge to fuck my self.

So I spit on my hand and reached for my cock, blow job games end with sexy fucking that's when I realized that it was nearly two inches thick and all most eighteen inches long, and it was not fully erect yet. I lubricated my massive cock head and began to rub it up and down the slit of my pussy. First very slowly up and down, up and down, then I gently began to insert just the head of my cock into my honey hole.

Slowly at first in and out with just the head back and forth, then I got the urge to want more to go deeper and I began pushing my cock in inch by inch until nearly sixteen inches were stuffed inside me. All the way past my cervix a knot began to form in my cock. With each thrust the knot got larger until it had made a seal yeah keep em cumming egg licking and cunnilingus tight that nothing could escape my womb.

After just a couple more strokes at the base since the knot had made movement impossible, I began to cum.

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OHhhhhhhhhhh!!!! was all I could get out of my lips. At this point the insect who had been observing the past fifteen minutes began spraying a slimy liquid on to my stomach so that my skin could stretch to accommodate the near two gallons of cum bubbling out of my balls. Soon after about thirty squirts of cum, my balls had shrunk to about half their size the pressure in my belly began to hurt. Right on cue the insect injected me in the neck one more time and the pain quit immediately.

Finally, when all of the cum was in my uterus and my belly had stretched sufficiently that the pressure had subsided, did the knot in my cock shrink. Slowly I pulled my massive dick out of my overly stretched pussy.

Not one drop of cum escaped my womb. Then I felt the over whelming urge to pee. So as I started to stand up the insect removed the stinger from my neck; and I made my way to the bathroom. For the first time, I really felt the weight of my breasts, and notice the true length of my hair which dragged the floor like the train of a wedding gown. I also felt the weight of my babies and my balls which had already began to fill back up with cum.

After sitting down to pee and arrange my cock so it wasn't in the water of the toilet. I began to urinate from both my cock and new pee hole in my pussy. When I returned to bed, and lay down I began to feel hungry and my cock almost immediately began to get hard. So I took that as a sign as what I should eat I quickly began bobbing up and down on my cock and it wasn't long before I started cumming in camilla moon real orgasm with dildo closeup talking mouth.

I swallowed half a gallon before I stopped cumming; but I was still kind of hungry so I began sucking on my left breast. The milk that came out was thick and very rich.

I sucked for nearly eight minutes before my left breast was empty, all the while I had unconsciously been masturbating my clitoris. Another eight minutes later found my right breast empty and on the verge of a monster orgasm.

My orgasm was so hard I passed out.

When I woke up I notice my belly was enormous the size of a woman nine months pregnant with triplets. Then I realized that I had not seen the insect since I had gone to pee, which made me have to go to the bathroom again. After having a difficult time peeing; because my balls had swollen back to the larger size they had before, so I ended up sitting on the toilet backwards just to get that little job done.

Then I returned to bed and started feeding again. This time; only from my breasts since I could no longer reach my cock with my mouth over my enormous belly. Once again I passed out or fell asleep.

This process continued for the next two days, and I had gotten so big I could jack barkwith barkwiths cam skype tube porn longer get out of bed. Just when I began to think I would lay here till I would explode, I felt a pain like I had to push again. So I pushed and pushed hard. It felt like a dam burst; because when my babies began coming out, all five hundred thousand of them, their feet felt like fluid running out my vagina.

About that time the insect showed up again. It quickly injected me in the ass with something and my asshole began winking open and shut. Soon it was staying open more than it would shut and I thought to my self that I would shit all over the bed; but before that could happen my babies started crawling inside me through the asshole.

In the meantime the swarm of the rest of my babies had entirely engulfed my body in an effort to stay warm. Slowly they entered my intestines until they were virtually all inside me again. When I felt like a whole bunch of them were going to come out my throat.

Was, I surprised when only one, two and half inches thick and seven inches long, crawled out of my mouth.

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Then another and another and another until all of them had made their trip through me, growing forty times their original size. During this time while they were coming out one by one the original insect had led them off single file back to the hole in the ground out of which it had came. After seeing them all leave and strangely sorry to see them gone, I returned to the bedroom to do this all over again but little did I know I had used up all of the insects seed on my first pregnancy.

Now I was just full of human sperm and eggs. But that's another story!!!!