Chubby blonde hairy teen and old couple intimate family affairs

Chubby blonde hairy teen and old couple intimate family affairs
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EXTRA 1 Part 2 'Dirty House Call' It was time for another dirty house call. He hoped that mother and daughter, Deb and Claire, were ready because today he was fired up.

The ladies at the office were good, but he found his new experiances outside just as enjoyable, and he wanted more of it. Not only was it good practice, but he simply enjoyed how he could manipulate every day persons like them, the sense of power and mental dominance like a drug to him now.

He simply couldnt get enough.

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As he entered the apartment, he spotted Deb sitting on the couch, watching TV, dressed in nothing but an unbuttoned shirt and some skimpy black underwear, just as he had instructed her to. He had to admit that her body was incredibly fit for a waitress, her slender body lean and firm. However tempting it was to jump on her and fuck her to oblivion and back, he was interested in Claire today. His previous experiance with her the other day had him wanting more, and today he had planned to play a few 'games' with her.

He wanted to indulge on those new cravings that he had helped surface, and save all of his strength for her. Who knew she had such energy under that sweet sexy exterior?

"Hey, Gary." Deb turned her head to smile. "Hey, Deb." Gary stepped closer, "Wheres Claire?" "Oh, she has practice today till late." That almost threw a monkey wrench into his plans, but he suddenly had an idea, "What time will be she be done with practice? Maybe I could swing by and pick her up." "That'll be sweet of you, honey." She tilted her head, "She finishes at six.

She and I usually have dinner first before we come home." The time now was around five thirty. It was perfect."Great. I'll treat her to something and we'll be back." "Dont worry about coming back late, cause I know shes in capable hands." Her last words gave him a euphoric chill, one that he had not curvy bbw model miss woods since his first sexual adventures with hated enemy now slave Kelly April.

This was going to be fun. Turning into the driveway, the approach to Claire's college grounds was not too difficult. Coming straight down the road, he was already there and as expected, there was a mass of college students, jocks, groupies, punks and preps everywhere. All were within ripe young age, just at the cusp of adulthood, give or take a year.

The girls were nice. They werent very attentive to dress code so there was exposed flesh everywhere. The only disdain was that this was normal public society, where indecencies that he craved were not tolerated. Fortunately, he had an edge, so who cares if its against the law?

He could very easily make a law right here, right now, if he wanted to! Pulling his car to the sidewalk hard core and yung girl fukd first time Deb said Claire would be waiting, and true enough, the 18 year old was there, dressed in something young, red tank top, denim jacket, a frilly short skirt and most exciting of all, fishnet leggings.

That was the cherry on the cake and he could very much feel his already hard cock twitch already. "Gary! Heya!" She said excitedly as she clambered in.

"Heya, Claire. Your mom asked me to pick you up." "Thats cool. That means you'r treating me to dinner?" "Of course, honey." He could not suppress a chuckle as he turned the wheel, "Thats the plan." The drive was slow. There wasnt any rush. He knew a place where he could take her.

It wasnt anywhere seedy, just an ordinary place where one could have a nice meal and relax over a coffee. "How was class?" He spoke while driving up the street make a turn. "Boring." She replied, looking exhausted, "Practice was better. Lots more fun." "Yeah. Sports and exercise can be more stimulating sometimes. I used to be a runner back in college." Her face lit up.

Kinda cute to see her so perky. "Really? Whats your time?" "Oh, I was pretty slow. Not an athlete. Not like those boys you hang around with." "Those jerks only got football in their heads.

They dont know how to treat a woman." She paused to smile sweetly at him, "Not like you." He was sure he didnt control her to say that. It was strange, but at the same time nice. He felt like gloating again. The compliment was something that he didnt ask her to say, which meant that it was likely to be what she really felt.

This happened sometimes when he wasnt paying attention while expanding his will. "I really enjoyed your cock last time." She said, her tone changing slightly, "Yours was so much better than the stupid boyfriends I had." "Thanks much.

Its all thanks to your mother's being understanding." "I was a little reluctant, since I dont know you that well." She continued, "Now I know enough, and I cant stop giving you more." As Gary stopped at a traffic light, he looked to his side with a grin.

Claire sat there, all buckled up. Her legs were open as far as her seat allowed her to. Her skirt was pulled up and the lovely pair of red panties he had commanded her to wear was clear to see. In her nether regions, he could see a damp spot where her pussy should be. Her gaze was directed straight at him, and the expression she wore was the same as after he was done with her the last time.

With a mental command, he instructed her to reach beneath the fabric of her panties and start masturbating, right there in the car with all the other vehicles around them able to see. Even when the light turned green, she went on, her eyes fixated on the tent on his jeans and her hand dancing around her hidden privates. After about a moment, he could feel something slender and warm touching him, sliding across his thigh and onto his bulge, stroking it gently He could hear her gulp down some saliva and whisper, "My mouth is watering for your cock." "You mustve skipped lunch." "A little.

Im so hungry." Gary eased back into his chair, smiling widely as Claire unbuckled her seat belt. She leaned in towards him and began to undo his pants, pulling down the zipper. As soon as she was able to pull out his throbbing meat, her head flew into his crotch.

The familiar tightness of her mouth enveloped him once again. Her sucking was so strong that he almost took a wrong turn from the distraction.

He could feel her go all the way down his a steamy fuck session with the luscious tori black and up to the tip, again and again in slow motions, each time lapping every last inch of his member with her tongue inside her mouth. The sensation was incredible, and he had only used her once in the past week. After ten minutes of driving, he couldnt take it any more. The car was parked in the lonely parking bays outside the diner he wanted to take her to and he laid back to get comfy, his muscles tightening.

She kept going, oblivious to the fact that they had reached their destination. In fact, she kept going faster and faster, letting out pitched muffled moans on regular intervals. No less than a minute after, Gary started bucking, an exhasperated roar escaping his throat, his hands grabbing onto her head and pressing her hard down into him.

His first load of the day shot out into her, each string pushed in with each buck of his hips. All she did was tighten her hold on his cock and let him ride his orgasm out in her mouth.

When he had fired off his last shot, he relaxed into his seat with a wide smile on his face, breathing heavily. Pure euphoric bliss. Claire pulled herself out slowly, popping his cock out of her mouth loudly and sucked in a gulp of air, followed by a pleasure moan. "Im so addicted to your cum." She whispered to him, gently stroking at his still hard cock while looking up at him, giggling girlishly, "Hot tasty snacks before the main course.

Doesnt even ruin my appetite." Gary chuckled back, "Claire. You are one hot college girl." It was still early and he already had her way with her once. That little scenario in the car was most satisfying, and he got to see that hidden side of Claire that he so appreciated. She was different than most of the women he knew.

While the others were slutty because he made them to be, this one was born to be, with or without his control! Yet he was not complacent.

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If he were to let go on his control, she might turn on him, and that wouldnt be pretty. Not the way he wanted to live his life. He wanted to use this power two hot stunners have some naughty fun full effect, and no one should oppose him. No one ever could. "Still hard, eh?" She looked down at his cock, "Still has a lot in it." It was not the original plan, but he couldnt take it any more.

He wasnt counting on her to be this incredible and the horny man in him responded with a mental command. Without saying anything, she leaned back into her chair, reach for her sides and eased off her panties, tossing them aside. Then she climbed over to his side as he reclined his seat slightly downward.

It was good that his car was spacious. There was enough room for the whole show he had in mind. While she sat on his lap, her hand worked on her jacket, dropping it onto the dashboard and finally to the straps of her tank to pull it downwards, exposing her C cups before him. She stuck her chest out towards him proudly, her face peppered with a lusty smile.

"You got another 'mouth' to feed. I think its hungry for your cock too." She purred, tweaking her erect nipples and grinding against his meat that poked against her stomach, "Dont wanna keep it waiting." She didnt wait for him to answer. Rising slightly to push herself forward, she let him see the extremely wet pussy she had. It was a vision of erotic pleasures, pert, pinkish and well kept.

With a hand, he guided his throbbing cock to poke against her opening and slowly lowered herself into it. As he entered her, her mouth opened into a sigh and he couldnt suppress a low grunt. She was so actore kushbosex sex stories viedo that he slid into her easily, all the way to the end, and she was so tight that felt like his cock was being sucked into a black hole.

Gary tensed slightly as she start to ride him, enjoying the sights of her breasts bouncing and her face contorting, the sounds of her moan and the slapping noises their connection made and the feeling of this incredibly tight pussy riding his erect member. Here he was now, in the parking lot with the half dressed college girl he barely knew enjoying his rod on the driver's seat of his car. He wanted her to pleasure him with that fresh pussy.

He wanted bad and naughty college girl from her and he wanted to blow his load into her as much as he could! "Oh god!

Your cock. feel so good inside me." She gasped loudly, looking down at him with her arms at her side. She was twitching uncontrollably and looked like the more she went, the more she wanted, "Its filling up my cunt so tightly!" Her body started to contort, her movement moving deeper and harder into him.

The slapping was now so loud that it filled the voided noise of silence in the car, which was now rocking wildly. The windows were beginning to steam up as the temperature rose. The deeper she went, the more he felt, his cock trembling in an erotic rage inside her.

He felt his arms move on their own, grabbing onto her bouncing tits and feeling them strongly, tweaking her hard nipples. She started to tremble and quake, her attention swaying from looking at him to nowhere in particular, so lost into the pleasure with a wide smile on her face.

"I want to feel your cock pumping hot cum inside me." She said out loud, "Gimme your spunk deep in my cunt." He suddenly felt her squeezing tighter.

Moments later, he tensed up again and let out a silent cry. She didnt stop ramming into him as the tip of his member started spurting again, each slam into his crotch followed by an explosion of his seed deep into her.

She was groaning loudly with abandon, her grip making sure that none it spilled out of her, at least not yet. As the last of his cum burst into her filled up hole, she slammed herself down one last time and immediately started to tremble heavily, a long and loud howl escaping her lips.

Her nipples perked and her back arced backwards as far as she could support herself. Gary had to reach out to grab her from falling over, pulling her forward to flop on top of him. The feeling of her tits pressing onto his chest excited him some more. "Oh. my. god." She hardly breathed, still trembling slightly, which turned into a surprised cry out when Gary started moving, "What?

Again.?" Gary was horny. Really horny. Just twice in a girl was usually enough, but her? She was different. He wanted to use her as much as he wanted revenge on Kelly.

He wanted her so bad right now that he had to go again! Wild sex in a nonstop manner hardcore massage time, it was his turn to move and he wasnt slow or subtle.

His still hardened cock rammed into her already cum filled pussy, sending it oozing out of thier connection in long drools.

His hands shot out to grab onto her ass cheeks and his hips rocked into her deeply. With each movement, Claire let out louder moaning. The effects of her last orgasm hasnt left her yet and her muscles bunched, her mouth hung open and her tongue stuck out in a show of ultimate ecstasy. She laid there on top of him as he pounded her pussy some more, letting him do whatever he wanted to her. "So. good. So. good. Dont. stop.

Dont. stop." She could barely speak, "More. cum. some. more. More!" "You want more cum, Claire?" Gary finally spoke.

"Yes. Pump. in me. some. more!" She responded, tilting her head back. Again with the squeezing. He was quick this time, slamming into her over and over again, bucking wildly and deeply, more of his fresh jizz spurting into the collection inside her.

The pleasured feeling was indescribable, and felt like his soul had just left his body and came back again.

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He could see her give out a silent scream, bending backwards again and twitching like an earthquake. The two of them held onto their fresh decadent orgasms before they crashed into a heap. They stayed that way for at least a minute, his cock still inside her, before she tried to rise up to her knees again, wobbling heavily. She leaned back and looked down at their connection in wonder and surprise.

All over their lower regions were stained in sweat and white, with some of his cum still oozing out of oma auf der strasse angesprochen. Even her skirt and tummy was painted with globs of sticky substance. Gary could see her reach a weak hand down as she slowly dismounted him. A massive dribble of jizz dripped down from her well used pussy. She scooped up as much as she could with her fingers before slowly bringing it to her still trembling mouth, her expression filled with bliss.

He had just came into Claire three times, once in her mouth and twice deep into her pussy. There was no other way to enjoy his time more than to relish in the joys of controlling beauties like her to become objects of his sexual desires, willing fuck toys that would take whatever he gave them anywhere and anytime.

For now, he was satisfied with the performance of this particular toy. He might have the inclination to use her again some time. The cleaning was a nightmare but Claire was very thorough to suck and lick up every last bit of jizz she could. They had to take a rest in the car afterwards to recover some energy. After dinner at the diner, he sent her home to Deb, who was waiting for her patiently as he had commanded her to.

"Did you enjoy your dinner, guys?" The beaming mother asked as they entered. "Oh, yeah, mom. Best one I ever had." Claire looked over at Gary with a very naughty grin. He responded with one of his own before looking at Deb, still dressed in that sexy black lingerie. Tonight had been extremely enjoyable, and he was looking forward to his next encounter with the pair. This time, Deb would be next, and already he had plans formulating in his mind. The time will come soon enough.

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