Bangkok blowjob and rough face fuck facial compilation xxx one ring to rule them all

Bangkok blowjob and rough face fuck facial compilation xxx one ring to rule them all
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Dean knew he was walking on a wire. Lately, he hadn't made her the usual offer at the end of each day they spent together. He'd been asking her to surrender to him instead.

He was sure he'd be in serious trouble if Alistair found out. Yet, he decided to take his chances and go on as planned. However, what he didn't know was that Alistair was fully aware of it all.

She was in the black room again. There was no chaise lounge this time and she was naked. She couldn't help thinking what he'd do to her this time. Every day was getting worse and now she even wished he'd put her back on the rack. At least when she was there, she could close her eyes and pretend she was somewhere else or she could think of Mikey. But the things he was doing to her now were unbearable. She knew she wouldn't be able to take it much longer.and he wasn't offering her to get off the rack either.

That terrified her, what if he raped her…forever? It was far worse than any of the torture she'd endured so far and, on top of that, there was no escape. Besides, he had started acting as if they were some sort of couple, and during their last session she'd given in to him, and to the pleasure she hadn't felt in a very long time.

She was deep in her thoughts and didn't notice he was standing behind her. After a few minutes, she sensed him and turned around. He was naked and staring at her with that green fire glowing in his eyes and she knew exactly what that meant. She felt her heart racing and a lump forming in her throat. She was terrified…and he noticed. He smiled wickedly, licked his lips and bit the lower one as he looked up and down at her.

Suddenly, an invisible force lifted her up in the air leaving her completely powerless. He approached her and placed a belt around her waist, a collar around her neck and shackles on her wrists and amateur pullout cumshot wife wont, which he attached to some chains that kept her suspended in the air in the middle of the room.

It was some kind of harness that was keeping her suspended in the air, facing the floor. Her back was completely arched, her legs spread wide apart, and her head pulled back. She ravishing starlet with big tits enjoys masturbating bent like a pretzel, her wrists and ankles were bent back almost touching each other and her body was so tense that she thought her spine would break. She tried to move but immediately realized that the pain was excruciating.

"Ok, moving not an option" she thought as beads of sweat began rolling down her body. Then, she saw the mirror in front of her. It was large and the frame was elegantly decorated. She noticed there was nothing but darkness around her and then she saw him approaching her from behind. He stood up right behind her between her legs and she felt terrified. Whatever he'd do to her, she wasn't going to take part in it so she closed her eyes tightly and prayed for it to end soon.

He knew what she was thinking and he wouldn't take any of it so he grabbed the chain attached to her collar and yanked it back a little. She jerked in pain and opened her eyes widely as she gasped. Then, he said "No, baby, you're gonna keep your eyes open.I want you here with me.I want you to see and feel everything." She nodded and a single tear rolled down her cheek. "Good," he said to her.

"Let's get started then." He licked a finger and glided it along her folds. He immediately felt her heart racing and saw the fear in her eyes. She tried to move away from him but even the slightest movement caused great pain so she had no choice but to stay completely still. She realized she was trapped and at his mercy, again, so she took deep breaths and tried to calm down.

He locked his gaze with hers and began stroking her mound; he then moved his hand down and stimulated her clit while he inserted one finger. She gasped again and shook a little. He then inserted a second finger and scissored them inside her.

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She felt the heat building deep down her body and found herself caught between pleasure and pain, and he noticed. He then said to her once more "Say you're mine.just say it.It doesn't have to be like this.I can make it real good for you…I can make it good for both of know that already." She'd never answered before, she'd always chosen to remain silent because she didn't want to piss him off and deal with the consequences, but this time she couldn't hold her tongue and shouted to the top of her lungs "No!

I'll never be yours!

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D'you hear me? I never will!" She was furious and defiant. She regretted her words the second they escaped her mouth but there was nothing she could do now. Just like she'd expected, he gave her a fierce glare and felt wrath building inside him. He had a frightening look on his face when he said "Really? We'll see." Then, he inserted a third and a fourth finger and forcefully shoved them in and out of her.

She knew that he was hurting her on purpose, that he was punishing her for not giving in and daring to yell at him. And yet, he didn't seem to be enjoying himself. Last time he hadn't hurt her, quite the contrary, he'd been demanding and dominating but he'd made her feel the most amazing pleasure, and he'd seemed ebony teen lap dance and group one guy lust in translation enjoy it himself too.

And now he was clearly going to make her suffer and somehow he didn't seem to take any pleasure from it. Not that any of it mattered anyway. He was determined to make her do and say what he wanted -no matter what it took.

And that was when she realized she was in deep trouble this time. She felt his fingers inside her working her furiously and then his left hand cupping her butt and making its way between her cheeks. She felt his fingers spreading them wide open and lazily teasing her hole.

He looked at her in the eye in the mirror and whispered in her ear "Tell me, honey, anyone ever been there before?" He didn't wait for an answer. He just looked at her furiously and hooked his fingers inside her for better hold as he placed his left hand on her hip. He then rocked her forwards to build momentum and then pushed her backwards violently against his full erection.

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She let out a scream when she felt him entering her in a single blow. "Oh, yeah, baby, I knew you were a virgin!" he added gasping and moaning feeling her tightness and warmth all around him. He thrust deep and hard and while he did so, he inserted his remaining finger until his whole hand was inside her.

She was in so much pain she couldn't breathe. Her body started jerking up at the double penetration and she thought she was going to die.that is, if she weren't dead already! She tried thinking of Mikey, but it real mother sucking her son cock12 work. In fact, the more she thought about him, the harder her torturer raped her.

He kept pushing in and out, tearing her apart, and then it finally happened. She couldn't stand any more pain and started begging him to stop, she started pleading for mercy. He looked at her in the mirror, pain and defeat in her eyes and he seemed pleased but didn't stop. He was so lost in his own pleasure that he didn't care about the poor girl anymore. He was enjoying it tremendously and there was no way he was going to end it any time soon.

So, he kept violating her till she lost all strength and became as limp as a rag doll. Of course, Dean was so busy with her that he didn't notice Alistair hiding in the dark. He wasn't doing anything, just staring at his own handiwork, satisfaction showing on his face.

"That's it, Dean, keep at it, show her no mercy…lose your last shreds of humanity," he thought. His student was obviously enjoying hurting her. He was breaking and subduing her despite her pleas, and having the time of his life having such power and control over her.

"He's really into her and if he shows her no mercy, then he won't show it to anyone else.

He's so close to being truly mine. my very son…and she will be…soon. After all, Dean is my best student and I'm sure he'll make a great teacher for her." Alistair smiled evilly and disappeared without making a sound. When Dean was spent, he pulled out and removed the restraints. She collapsed and almost dropped to the floor but he instantly caught her in his arms. She was barely breathing and almost unconscious. He sat down with her in his arms and rocked her gently.

Then, he spoke softly "Say you're mine" as he tenderly kissed her forehead. She was sobbing, completely broken, and she hated herself when she heard that word coming out of her mouth "Yes." It was almost a whisper, practically he asked her again.

He was thrilled now that he'd finally broken her and that she'd accepted him, but he had to be sure so he asked again. "What, baby? Sorry, I couldn't hear you." She looked up at him and said "I said yes." "Yes.what?" "Yes.I'm.yours." She closed her eyes trying to stop the tears from falling but she failed and felt them freely rolling down her cheeks. He gently brushed them away with his hand and kissed her cheeks softly. She opened her eyes in confusion and locked her gaze with his.

He stroked her face and said soothingly "it's ok, sweetheart, it's ok" as he nestled her in his strong arms.

She wanted to escape, to run away from him as far as possible but she didn't have the strength, she was too exhausted. Instead, she buried her face in his chest and cried bitterly, completely broken.