Teen milana witch gets bent over by hung tutor

Teen milana witch gets bent over by hung tutor
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I WRITE AS HE SAYS "Amma, somebody is here to see you" "haa, beta i am coming". I asked the two guys at the door to wait and I quickly ran back to the living room and after two minutes,i heard my mom scream out loud,as i fastened to the door to find my mom on the floor crying in pain and agony and the two guys had left .

My mom was sitting at the floor with her hands on her face,crying and screaming. I ran to my mom in fear and hugged her tightly,her tears were trailing over my back,I lifted her face and asked her.

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"what happened" with tears filled in my eyes. she placed her hands on my cheeks and brought her face near and looked right into my eye.

"I am sorry,pa.papa died while.in." My mind blacked out before she could say another word and I fainted right there. [My name is Arvind in 9th standard,my mom is Shamila,housewife and Dad is police inspector Kesavan ,the rest will be said as the story goes] The funeral and other ritual took place with honors from police as well as the BSF department,Government gave us beneficiary plans with huge sum for our loss with other privileges.People came daily to show their condolence.My dad's friends gave me advice's about my future.Lot of things were happening around us,but nothing made sense to me or to my mother.

In the newspapers there were details about the incident,shooting took place between four officers and five Maoist in the woods,where police where ambushed two officers died.There chubby slut blows a throbbing boner cumshots amateur much fuss in the department as it was common in these areas .

So we lived in one of the outpost of the town which is quite isolated and all alone as Other officer's family were in vacation as it was winter holidays which left us all alone with patrols at the borders.My mom was recovering a bit now eventually we were turning back to normal state.I spent most of the time out so my mom doesn't has to watch me cry. At nights i could hear her suppressed weeping,but the we got through it Christmas was nearing we had little moments on Christmas,mother gave the the present my dad brought for it was big knife like in the Rambo's movie, i loved it as i smiled and cried for the first time in my life.

The days passed slowly for us,it has been just three weeks now. The door knocked. My mom answered the door and i stood beside her waiting for the guys to show their regards as if it mean't something for us. "Namsaste ji, I am Mr Rao, a friend of your husband" "Namaste, please come in" My dad has talked about him that he is very good man recently divorced and down to earth person .They shared the formal talks,i was getting bored so went to play outside.As i went out within few minutes it started raining i ran to the nearest shade,i made to the kitchen windowpeeped into the kitchen to ask mom "what are you cooking uhh ?" She couldn't hear the me due to chimney's sound.As i was trying to get her attention.I saw Mr.rao coming inside the kitchen.He tiptoed behind my mom and hugged her tightly.

"haaa,leave me Arvind ." "Shamila darling you are irresistible" My mom panicked to hear different voice and panicked to see Mr.rao standing behind "please sir,leave me alone",mom struggled to escape but no use and shouted to leave her.

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"lets have fun,put an end to your misery,i will give you joy and satisfaction" "pleaseee i am married and i have a little boy" "No you are a widow with sexual desires" he roared back.My mom started to cry as he heard him shouting.

He dragged my mom to the wall and when she tried to escape,he pulled her sari causing her to stumble and fall on the floor.I was standing there in shock and did nothing, i knew i was no match in front of him.He was 6'2 with built physic ,i would only end up dead.My mom was lying on the floor in petticoat and blouse defeated. "you are really hot shamila " Mr rao licked his lips and laid down on my mom and kissed my mom,pressing her boobs like a baby ,she had a great figure,a Bengali woman with best curves an flesh at the right place,a total MILF.I didn't know about these thing at that age but figured at later stage.

"please leave mee or i will shout" "You sexy brunette babe in stockings on couch a sound i will kill your son" "pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dont bring him into this" and my mom became quiet.

"shut up bitch" He ripped her blouse with just one hand and started sucking her rosy cherry on top of her apple-tits.He sucked her while his hands were pinching the other one.He grabbed her apple-tit from below and squeezed it like a horn.

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"haaaaaaahaha ,pleaseee" He never cared for her pain as his hands rolled over to her petticoat and tore it.He took step back to look at what his prize was.My mom was drenched in sweat an breathing was heavy and boobs rose and fall, her tits were erect.Her milky thighs and a perfect mound rightly in proportion. "your horny bitch" He tore her panty also and spread her legs wide opened as he felt her smooth milky inner thighs.He lifted her legs and placed it on his shoulders making her cunt to raise.As he saw white cunt with no black spot with pinkish folds of skin waiting.He just went for it.He sucked the outer skin slowly and spread her vagina more with his fingers.He pressed his tongue right into her labia and licked it like a dog.

"hahhhaa"my mom moaned in pain He kept pushing into her with no mercy as his hands were playing with her ass,she had big ass in size of real amateur asian watch part online on partstream so smooth like balloon made him to give nice hard squeeze and her ass was so large he couldn't get enough.

He felt small drops leaking from her vagina. "haaaaaaaa bitch you are wet, lets get to the real fun" He pushed his pants down and my mom gasped at the size of the thing "uhh did kesa had a needle dick uh" Before my mom could react for his statement,He pushed right in to the middle and hit her wall. "haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa "hahahhahah,your so tight randi{whore} does Ur husband gay uh".

His cock was in pleasure as her tight cunt clenched around his cock.He just waited for a moment to feel the pleasure inside my mom's hot and tight cunt.He started ramping her like animal from start.

"haaaaaahahahahaha" My mom screamed in pain and but no use her whole apple-tits dangled due to the force and she her movement.Mr rao played with her boobs like a toy pinching,slapping,crushing and licked her naval hole filled with sweat and dirt. "hahahahahahahahahaha" The only sound from the room and they both moaned like dogs,he worked like a machine and started slapping her ass as he was building up as my mom.Mr rao ug his nails deep into my mom's stomach and fucked like hell.

"HAAHAHAH" My mom lifted her stomach as she cummed and fell back as Mr rao gave final thrust and fell on my mom. After few minutes she got up and limped towards the bathroom.Her cunt was dripping with both their cums running all her thighs "Shamila,dont try anything stupid my guys are on watch" Mr rao grinned as he saw my mom limping towards the bathroom as her ass swayed up and down.As i crouched and sat there in shock{at that age i dint know much about sex but boobs ass those things i did know,this is first time watched a real sex thing}.

The rain stopped in couple of minutes,i walked to the front porch i could see two black guys heavily built standing sitting around and smoking.I quickly ran past them in fear into the house.Mr rao was sitting on the living room and reading paper. "hey arvind,come here" I walked slowly towards him afraid that he would hurt me but his facial expression was different than i saw few minutes back.He gave me a game cd and asked me to go check it out.In fear i just mumbled thanks and ran to my room.I sat there few minutes as my thoughts went back to afternoon and it hit me.

"where is mom" I sprang to her room and could hear the water sound.I sat there waiting for mom.Within few minutes she came out limping wearing a nightie.she gave me weak smile as she saw me but never talked.Her dress was sticking to her body,she never wiped after bath due to difficult in movement.I could see her entire body properly for the first time i never had sexual feeling for her.she looks like Indian actress kiran rathad.

She was real beauty with real oval shaped apple-tits with little tummy and wide open ass clearly bulging from her body.Her body was crystal white which made any red mark or mole made her sexy.My dick was clearly showing some movement.The water dripping from her sexy face through neck and juicy ass it was too much, As i got up to leave i saw mr rao standing at the door.

"arvind did you see the game ?" My mother jumped as she heard the voice and i went back to my room as i passed i saw huge tent xx chana smol garelvi xxx porn storys Mr rao's pant and i quickly jumped to the balcony to see what is happening in there. At the bedroom "shami,you look amazing" and walked towards her "please dont arvind is there pleasee" "don't worry he will be playing those stupid games" He walked towards her where she didnt move a inch in fear.He wrapped is large hands around her hips and brought her close.He sucked her lower lips and her tongue and pushed her to the bed.He got naked and jumped on bed.He removed her nightie.

He started licking her neck and sucking the water drops as his hands roamed all over her body and my mom just lied there with no sound.He flipped her downwards and inhaled her sweet hair,licked and sucked her hair like straw,Moved towards her ass,he slapped her bums. "haaa" "THATS NICE MEAT YOU GOT ONE HEAR". He started sucking her bums with his tongue out as he inserted a fingered into her cunt.His tongue trailed to her tight ass hole,with help of his hands he managed to push both her ass and insert his tongue into the sweet un plucked hole.

"haaaaaahahahahhahah" He played with her ass hole for few minutes as his dick was vigorously raising to its peak as it happened his actions became faster.He got up made my mom to stand in doggy style,my mom had no idea about these things she obeyed blindly in fear.He positioned behind her got hold of the her hip as his dick touched her hole.She knew what was going to happened "pleaseeee mr.rao know its dangerous and painfull please i n.e" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" He thrusted into her immediately man seduces legal age teenager adorable cutie my mom screamed out of her lungs and tried to get out but Mr.rao dugged his nails right in to her hip which made her in much pain if she tried to move.Mr.

rao pushed liitle further "OMG,i am proud to take ur virginity " and slapped her ass. In another push his entire dick was inside her and he started pumping her slowly.He took his hands of her hips and got hold of her hair in bunch,my mom screamed.He pulled her hair making her to face up.He splited her hair into two and holded in both hands.

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"randi ready for the ride" He started fucking her pulling her hair which made her to sit on his cock and get up. "amaaaaaaaamamamamamma" Her muscles were stretching made her into a great deal of pain and agony and it was to much for her she was in the verge of fainting,but all of sudden Mr rao increased his pace.

"thuppppp,ahahahaha,thupppp,hahahahahahah" He cummed right into her hole this time it was quick one as his cum leaked from her hole with some blood.I got angry as i saw my mother collapsed on bed like a dead women.I ran into the room and shouted at him "whoo are youuu, get out of my house or i will call police" i was able to speak little steady My mom got up as she heard my voice and Mr rao started to beg.

His facial expression changed and i thought something made him scary He slapped right into my face and i fell right into the corner,clearly I was wrong "amamamama" "arviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind" Mr rao shouted at both of us to be quite.My mom fell back on the bed and i sat there with throbing pain in my head with some blood from my mouth.He looked straight in my eyes and walked towards my mother.He slapped her reddish ass, "bitch get dinner ready,he entered the bathroom and came again to slap my mom's butt as she was lying facing down and her breathing made her ass rise,it was shining sweat and cum" I still looked at him angrily and as he saw me,slapped her again and laughed at me.

"you have got one hell of a mom here,she is a born slut" I grumbled again. "dont get angry at euro sluts get gaped 215 tube porn beta,i will kill you as i killed your father"