Playing with a hairy japanese bawdy cleft hardcore and blowjob

Playing with a hairy japanese bawdy cleft hardcore and blowjob
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Please fogive and spelling mistakes, after reading it several times i've become word blind. Fifteen years old with hormones giving me an erection at the drop of a hat, I only have to think about a girl's, one in particular in my class and I'm carrying a boner. I'm inexperienced with girls, only having one girl friend and that was 6 years ago, I was a popular lad, with plenty of friends, but girls were something else, I clam up and can't string a sentence together, come to thing about it, looking around my friends, there's only one who I could say had the chat, but then this is all he might have had.

Any way, each night when I got home from school I would take a shower and wank off, for just over a year, I had been doing this and every thing was good in the world, then one night I thought my world had fallen apart. I was showering, my cock in hand when the bathroom door opened and in walked my older sister Hailey, she's 19, tall with long blond hair, it looks like she has a good size bust, and when she wears a swimming costume or a bikini I can see her camel toe, how I manage to keep my erection hidden is a wonder.

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I have sexy diamond kitty plays w her favorite toy about her once or twice, but the girl my eye is the one that doesn't know I exist. So here I am wanking with Hailey standing the other side of the shower glass looking at me, "Oh my God, your gross, cant you do that in your room, I have to use that after you" I push the door open, grab a towel and dash to my room, as I enter it I hear Hailey's two friends asking what was up, "It's my little brother, he's been wanking in the shower, he's so gross, I can't wait to tell mom on him, he'll be in so much trouble" I sit on my bed, shaking with fear, really hoping she doesn't tell mom, but there nothing I can think of to do, to change her mind, then I hear, "What's wrong with you, haven't you played with yourself in the shower before now"?

"Yes but that's different" "How"? Hailey push's my door wide and say's "I don't have a cock like this pervert and spray my cum all over the place" her friends look in, I'm laying on my bed, the towel covering me, I see a smile, "Come on Hailey, it's not that bad, you don't have to tell your mom, he's not hurting anyone" Hailey comes up behind them, "I don't know, he has to be taught a lesson" "Come Hailey, let the kid off" "Ok then, what about a bit of fun" "What do you mean" she looked at me, "I'll not tell mom if you wank off for us" "No way am I doing that" "It's up to you Bro, wank off, or I tell mom" she pushed her friends in and stood waiting for me to decide which is the best option, I decide to wank off for them.

Moving the towel away my cock spring up, Hailey's friends look at it in amazement, I wondered why, I have measured myself, what boy hasn't?

I'm just short of 7 inches, to me that's normal. They sit on the bed, Hailey standing beside it not taking much notice, still saying how gross I am and all that kind of shit, I stroke my cock a few times, then I have an idea, I think, if I'm going to wank for them, I want something in return, so I look at Hailey's friends and say, "I want an incentive" they look at each other then ask "What" "How about showing me your tits" Sue say's "Sounds fare to me" and pulled her T shirt up and pushed her bra down, Julie followed her, I can't believe they actually did it, I look to Hailey, she shakes her head, "No way, I'm not showing him my tits" Sue tells her she's an old frump and what harm would it do, "Your looking at his cock, so come on get your tits out for him", "I'm not looking at his cock" "So why are you still in here then"?

Hailey looks back and forth from her friends to me, then with an grumpy tone in her voice say's "Alright, I'll do it" she takes her top off and removes her bra, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, here I was with three half naked girls, I had a good look at their tits, Hailey's were the larger, with Sue next and Julie bringing up the angela white busty aussie hardcore and facial, but she had the larger nipple, I was brought back with a nudge and "Come on then" taking my cock in hand again I started rubbing it, Sue and Julie were saying how big it was and they wondered what it would feel like, I moved my hand and told them to have a feel.

Sue and Julie reach out and touched my cock, "It's so hard" with out me asking they moved their had up and down, wanking me, "You should feel this Hailey, you wouldn't want to touch another one after you have" "I'm not touching my brothers cock" "Like your not going to let him see your tits", Hailey looked at Sue with dagger eyes, "Come on, feel it, you know you want to" they moved their hands away and Hailey looked at my cock, "It does look bigger than Jeff's" he was her boyfriend, until she caught him with of all people one of the chaps off the football team, she thought after she had kicked him out, if he had sucked her pussy like he was sucking his friends cock, he would have been fantastic.

She tentatively reach out, her fingers touched my cock, she was acting like it was red hot, reaching out again she closed her finger around it for a few seconds, "Come on Hailey, grab it, and stop acting like you've never held a cock before" "That's easy for you to say, he's not your brother" "Shut up and get on with it" Hailey's fingers closed around my cock, "God it is gorgeous and busty mom fucks young guy in the dressing room then Jeff's" her hand moved up and down, I couldn't believe my sister was wanking me, Sue told her to give her a go, then Julie took a turn, "Come on Bro, show us your coming face", even though I was having my cock wanked, I was feeling a little left out, so I reach out and felt Sue's tits, she jumped, but moved back so I could have a good feel, my other hand reached for Julies, after a few minutes, I was surprised when Hailey said "What's wrong with my tit's aren't they good enough for you"?

moving my hand from Sue's tits I felt my sister's she was wanking my cock hard and fast, seconds later my cock twitched my spunk flew up, as far as my chin and covered me, her hand was coated too.

Hailey reached for some tissue's and cleaned me up, then they left my room, as she was pulling my door to, Hailey told me if I said anything about this I was dead. I dressed and went down the park, I had to clear my head, and think over what had gone on, then how was I going to be around Hailey in the future. I saw dad walking threw the park on his way home, I ran up to him and we walked home together. Hailey acted like her normal self, but I found it a little uncomfortable, but I got threw the night and was relieved when I climbed in bed.

I lay there thinking back to what had gone on five hours earlier, I still couldn't believe my sister and two of her friends had played with my cock and I had felt their tit's, I so needed to have a wank, but I was frightened in case Hailey came in again or mom or dad caught me, so I had to resist the urge's, I finally dropped of to sleep a couple of hours later.

For three weeks I was so careful when I wanked I was starting to manage without having one, I had stopped thinking about the girl in my class, she was going out with a lad from the year above us, and he wasn't one to mess with. Half term was coming up, I knew I would be home alone, but this didn't bother me, because I would probable be off fishing, or just hanging about the RSPB centre.

On the Monday morning mom looked in on me and asked what I had planned, "Don't know, I'll see when I get up" "Ok, see you later" then she was off, dad had left already and Hailey she should be off in about forty minutes, I turned the TV on and half sat up watching the National Graphic channel. I could here Hailey was up and going from her room to the bathroom, then down stairs, she came back up a few minutes later and knocked on my door, she asked if I would like a drink, before she went to work, "Please" "OK I'll be about ten minutes" "Thanks sis" she came up and handed me the cup, she smiled and asked "What's up, not wanking this morning" this was the first time she had mentioned it after that day, what she said next was a total shock, "That's a pity sexy latina teen striptease and pussy play If you had been wanking, I might have stayed home and helped you out, but it looks like I'll have to go to work" was I hearing what she was saying, she didn't leave, she just looked at the TV, I decided to see what she would do, so I pushed the sheets off me, I was already naked, I started stroking my cock and she turned to leave, "Well now what do we have here"?

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she pulled her mobile phone out of her pocket, pressed a few buttons, "Hello Christine, I can't come in today, my little brother isn't feeling to good and moms asked me if I can stay home to look after him, I don't know I'll she how he is in the morning, if I'm not in, he's still ill" putting the phone back in her pocket she slipped her jacket off and put it over the back of the chair, sitting on the bed beside me she reached out to take hold of my cock, I kept my hand covering it, "Forgotten something" I asked, she smiled and unfastened her blouse and slipped this off, then came her bra, I moved my hands, she took a light hold and started wanking me off, "Oh bro, you'll never know how many times I've wanted to do this again, if my friends hadn't been with me before, I would have wanked you all night" she was moving her hand slow and steady, I reached for her tits, she moved a little so I could feel her easier, after three or four minutes I thought I would push my luck, if she had been thinking about wanking me, then she might not object to what I wanted to do.

I put my hand on her knee, she didn't move it, slowly I ran it up her leg, reaching her panties I rubbed my finger across her pussy, she opened her legs a little, she wasn't minding me touching her like this so I thought I would go a little further, I eased her panties aside and rubbed her naked pussy, "Oh God" America naughty girl natasha malkova mofos house party stood up, I thought I had blown it and she was leaving, but she unfastened her skirt and let it drop to her feet, then frida sante and christen courtney erasmus students unleashed panties followed, I couldn't believe my sister was naked in my room, she sat back on my bed and continued wanking me, I slipped my hand back between her legs and started fingering her pussy, she was already wet, she had a couple of orgasms, then she rolled over me, my cock still in her hand, she moved up a little and I felt my cock pressing against her pussy, "Open me up" I parted my fingers a little, this was enough and she sat down with my cock entering her with ease, "Oh God, your filling me" she just sat there for a few minutes, she then started moving her hips a little, "Fuck, Oh fuck, I need this" picking up a little speed she gyrated her hips on my cock, she was moaning all the time and saying how good it felt.

She had a couple of minor orgasm's and rode my cock threw them both, then her muscles contracted around me and she shook violently, this squeezed my cock and I cum, feeling my spunk filling her she screamed out, "Yes, yes, yes, fill my belly" I pumped my seed into her for half a minute, her orgasm eased and she dropped onto my chest, panting for air. I was still rock hard and she flipped us over, she pulled her legs up and wide open, I started pumping my cock in and out of her, with all our juices there was not a lot of friction so I pounded her for almost ten minutes before I was close to coming again, she pulled her legs right up over her head and I jabbed into her, my cock swelled and she had a second helping.

She lay back and we turned on our side's facing each other, she kissed me and closed her eyes, I held her close and lay there wondering where we went from here.

We lay there for ten minutes; she then sat up, "Come on need food" we went down stairs, as we were, she cooked us breakfast and she sat in my lap as we ate, we returned to my bed and she was all my dreams come true, she sucked my cock swallowing my spunk, then sucking me back up we fucked again, and again.

We lay there holding each other for an hour, not speaking, there was nothing to say, turning to kiss me she said we needed to have a shower, I followed her to the bathroom and we washed each other off, after drying we went down stairs still naked. After lunch we returned to her bed and I spent the afternoon with my cock in her slim pretty girl lies on her side or pussy, we showered again and were in the lounge when mom came home, she asked how our day had gone, "Ok mom, I just hung around the house" Hailey said "Same old same", dad came home and we ate as a family, then he was off to the golf club, it was committee night and they had an important item to discus, mom went to her sewing room and finished off the curtains she was making for her sister, Hailey and I sat watching the TV for a few hours then I went to bed, Hailey followed half an hour later, she sneaked in and kissed me, "Want me to stay home tomorrow"?

"If you want" she slipped her hand under the covers and rubbed my cock, "No wanking tonight then" with another kiss she left, I was so tired I was asleep in no time.

The next morning Hailey came into my room, in her night wear, a top and panties, she was sitting on the edge of my bed facing me, I had my hand between her legs fingering her pussy and she was stroking my cock, hearing the floor board creek we quickly broke busty milf wife gets a lesbian massage till she orgasms, mom walked in, she was surprised seeing Hailey with me, "No work today love" "No I thought I'd have a couple of days off and spend some quality time with Bro" "That good of you, will you be going out" "Should be, were just deciding what to do" "Do you have enough money"?

"I could do with a bit more" mom went to her room and came back in and handed Hailey fifty pounds, "Have a good time and if you need any more just ask" "Ok mom and thanks" as mom was heading down stairs Hailey was removing her panties, I pushed the sheet down and she took hold of my cock, I pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy, we jumped with fright and had only just parted when mom looked back in, "I forgot to say, I'm working late and you dad is going straight to the golf club, so sort yourselves something out for tea if your back home" "Ok mom" I saw mom looking at the floor and looked a little puzzled, but she just says "Bye" and was gone, Hailey looked down and she lifted her foot, her panties were on her toes, she giggled, "Do you think so knows"?

I shrugged my shoulders and slip my hand back between her legs, we hear mom drive off, we spent the morning fucking then after showering we climbed into her car and went out, we had no idea where we were going, we just drove and made it up as we went, we found ourselves in Skegness, we were like lovers not brother and sister, we held hands and kissed, laying on the beach we cuddled, we went on rides and spent some time in one of the arcades.

When we got back home we were brother and sister again, our lives will never be the same again, with mom and dad we are family but together we are lovers. I did well in my exams and got a college place with no trouble, the down side was it was too far away to commute, so I would have to find somewhere cheep and close to the college, this problem was sorted when Hailey was offered a new position and it turned out to be where I was going to college, she had the offer of a flat and took it saying I could have the second room and she would only charge a nominal rent, we moved in, three months ago.

Were due to go home next week for dads birthday, and we have to find an easy way to tell mom and dad that Hailey is pregnant, with my child. I'm dreading it and don't want to go, but Hailey says we have face the music some time.

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