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Gorgeous hottie with a bangin body hardcore and massage
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Another Good Night Since their parents passed away a year before Jason had become increasingly stern in the way he dealt with his younger sisters Sarah and Hannah.

Hannah was just some little kid that got on his fucking nerves but Sarah was a different story. She'd turned seventeen that summer and she was so fucking gorgeous that Jason would get a hard-on just looking at her. He knew that Sarah would have been disgusted even to think that he saw her that way and that she'd never reciprocate. He was twenty-two, nicely built and handsome, so girls said, but he was also her brother and not a beloved family member at that. In fact, Jason had his suspicions that Sarah hated him.

But hate him or not he was paying the rent on the house now and all the bills and everything that comes with it. Early twenties and tied down to running a household in the absence of his mother and father.

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No wonder he blew a gasket from time to time. No wonder he hit them. African couple wife sucking and fucking big penis and her sweet vagina time had been particularly bad. Hannah had spilled a glass of something at dinner and Jason had really let go on her, hitting her for so long, out of sheer frustration that Sarah had to stand in.

When she did he only hit her too; hard across the jaw. Then, round midnight that night, he'd gotten bored of seeing Hannah's weepy little face and he'd sent her to bed. "Go to your fucking room," he'd said, "and I don't want to see you out here again. Understand!?" Sarah had watched as Hannah went into her room, the one of three that adjoined the small living space, the bigger one being Jason's. She took a look at Jason brooding on the couch and thought it best to get out of his way before he got angry again.

He lost his temper for anything. If you spoke. If you were silent. Anything. "I'm going to go to bed too," Sarah said, making to leave. "No," Jason said, "we need to talk." "Jason," Sarah answered, "I'm tired." "I said we need to talk," Jason said, more fiercely, "get over here." Sarah blinked and moved across the room.

Sitting down next to her brother. Her face still stung from where he'd hit her earlier in the night. He was a big enough guy for twenty-two and he never held back. "Look," he said, "I don't want to be the bad guy all the fucking time." Sarah just stared at him. Not wanting to answer back. "But this is becoming a fucking nightmare. This house. Hannah. You. I'm out every fucking day, Sarah, keeping you in clothes, rent, food.

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Everything. But where's the fucking gratitude." "We are grateful." Sarah lied, but hoped it sounded sincere enough. Truthfully she wished more than anything she didn't have to rely on Jason. He made her skin crawl. "Look," he said, short hair teen dani desire hitchhikes and gets banged a little closer, "I don't need Hannah to be grateful. She's just a dumb kid. But I want you to show me a little fucking gratitude." "I don't know what more I can do," Sarah said, "I know you pay for everything, Jason, you're a good provider." "I don't want much, Sarah," Jason said, "fuck, just don't avoid me when I come in from work is all.

When Hannah goes to bed at night we could watch a movie or something." She didn't like the idea of spending any longer with her obnoxious brother than she absolutely had to but for what he did for her and Hannah financially watching a few movies with him was no price to pay. That's how things went on and for awhile it even seemed to work a little. Jason was still an asshole to both of them of course but he'd at least stopped hitting them they way he did. Sarah was amazed that just sitting with him at night after Hannah went to bed was making him so much calmer.

One night Jason and Sarah watched some movie with a long, protracted love scene in the middle. At seventeen, and a virgin, Sarah was still a little skittish about sex and it was clear the scene embarrassed her.

Especially having to watch the whole thing with her asshole older brother. Still she got through it and before she knew where she was the credits were rolling; the love scene forgotten. Jason switched off the TV. "I've been busting my fucking balls at work recently," he looked at Sarah "I think it's time you started thinking of new ways to show your appreciation around the house." She looked away like maybe he didn't mean it. Anyhow, what more could she do? She spent the whole night with him as it was.

"No, I'm serious," he moved a little closer to her on the couch, "we shouldn't be acting like we fucking hate each other every day. We should start being a bit more affectionate. It would really show me that you appreciate me." cartoon fuck xnxxx in marathi Sarah thought, she didn't have an affectionate feeling towards Jason in her whole body. She couldn't even have faked it. "Yeah, sure," Sarah lied, "I can do that.

I'm going to go to bed now. Thanks for the movie." "Wait," Jason put his hand on her arm, stopping her from leaving, "we can start tonight." "Start what?" Sarah frowned. "Being a bit more affectionate," Jason said, "can I have a goodnight kiss?" "What!?" Sarah could hardly believe what he'd just said.

She was suddenly deeply uncomfortable; even just sitting next to him. "Come on," Jason smiled, "I'm your brother. I want us to start acting like we like one another." "We don't need to kiss to show we like each other," Sarah said, still uncomfortable with the whole subject. "It's just a little goodnight kiss." Jason leaned in and touched his lips softly to Sarah's. Sarah cringed. "You see, that didn't hurt" Jason smiled, "if we kiss at night maybe we'll start to feel better about each other." Better?

Even the brief taste of Jason's lips was turning Sarah's stomach. But she did well to hide it. "I'm really tired, Jason," she said, standing up, this time he let her, "I'm going to try to get some sleep." He watched her leave; slowly savoring the taste she'd left on his mouth.

* It was a Sunday when everything got worse. Sarah had been taking care of Hannah all day and so when Jason came in from work she was already tired. But they put her to bed as they always did and watched a movie.

Not that Sarah could ever focus on what was happening with Jason's hot eyes always on her. His 'little goodnight kisses' were now a nightly thing. As soon as the credits rolled on the movie and the TV was switched off he'd lean in to father in law sex scandal and ask her to kiss him.

She just pecked his lips for peace sake most nights but when she was tired, like she was now, she couldn't even face doing that. When the movie finished she tried to make a quick exit to the bathroom. From there she could probably get to bed without having to kiss him that night. But he noticed. "Are you forgetting something?" He said.

She turned back towards him as though she'd just forgot. Anything to keep him from falling into one of his violent tempers. "No, sorry." She leaned into his kiss.

"Goodnight." "That's okay," he said. And then he did something he'd never done before. He put a hand, soft but firmly, on the back of Sarah's neck. It felt weird. She pulled back from the little peck she'd given him. His hand stayed firm on the nape of her neck; not letting her get too far away from him. "Goodnight," she repeated. "Goodnight," he replied, kissing her again, softly. Then he kissed her again. And again. "Okay," she put her hand on his chest, "I've got to go." "What's the rush?" Jason smiled.

"I'm just really tired," Sarah said, "I've got to get up tomorrow and get Hannah to school." "Okay," Jason said, "well we'll get this thing done then you get to go to bed." "What thing?" Sarah felt her body instinctively squirm; trying to get out of Jason's grip.

Jason just smiled and leaned in again. She felt his lips touch her's as usual but nearly threw up when she felt him trying to push his tongue into her mouth. "No!" She pushed herself back with all her weight, "No! Jason! What are you doing!?" "Relax." He pushed forward; forcing his mouth back against her lips. "You can't do this, Jason!" She screamed, "Please!" "Shut up, Sarah!" He shouted, "you wanna wake Hannah!?" "I just want you to let me go, Jason." She looked at him pleadingly, "I don't want to kiss you anymore.

I just want to go to bed. Please I'm tired. I'm scared, Jason." "It's okay." He kissed her lips twice. Softly. Like before. "You don't need to be scared, Sarah," he said, "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just gonna kiss you for a while before you go to bed.

that's all. Fuck, I don't ask for much. I'm out there every day breaking my balls for you and Hannah the least you could do is show me a little gratitude. Give me a little kiss goodnight." He kissed her lightly. Her lip quivered. "Fuck, you look so beautiful tonight." "Please don't say that." "You're so fucking sexy." He tried to use his tongue again but Sarah turned her face away.

He just ended up licking her skin. "Jason," she had to get him away from her, she felt like she'd go crazy if he held her there another minute, "I'll do it tomorrow night." "What's hot ass teen babe brittany shae gets drilled by her stepdad hardcore brunette Jason said. She didn't even know what she was saying but she carried on anyway.

"I'm too tired tonight," she said, "I didn't even know you wanted to. to. God, please, Jason, we can put Hannah to bed early tomorrow night and. please, Jason." "It's okay, Sarah," he stroked her hair, "God you're so cute. I'll give you until tomorrow night. sure I will. actually us making out is kinda new to me to.

now give me one more little kiss and you can go to bed." He pressed his face against hers; forcing her head down onto the rest. His mouth was closed on hers but he was making a deep moaning sound that made Sarah's stomach turn. He pulled back and looked at her. "Fuck," he said, "I can't wait for tomorrow night." * The next night Sarah's chest was halfway between sinking and tearing up with the thought of what Jason might do.

He forced Hannah to go to bed extra early which she protested about only as long as it took to realize how pissed that was making him. Hannah was becoming an expert at reading Jason's moods and avoiding him when possible. There was no movie that night either. Jason had chosen to cut to the main event.

When he'd made sure Hannah was sleeping he came into the living area. There was a little open plan kitchen too where Sarah was doing the night's dishes; just for something to occupy herself. Truthfully she couldn't clean them for her shaking hands.

Jason came up behind her and his arms snaked round her waist. She tightened up. "Fuck, you're tense." When she didn't respond he decided just to get the show on the road. He walked her over to the couch and used his superior weight to press her against the material. He climbed on top; face directly over hers. "I should clean the place up first," Sarah said desperately.

"It's cool, baby." Jason looked into her eyes from above. "Are you sure Hannah's asleep?" She looked at her sister's room; voice faltering with the question. "Everything's fine, Sarah," Jason said, "everything's nice and romantic for us. Just open your mouth and leave the rest to me sexy." A tear ran down Sarah's face.

She held onto the hope that he'd only kiss her for awhile and then let her go; like he'd done the night before. And she knew by looking at him that he'd get fucking pissed if she didn't do what he said. She opened her mouth ever so slightly as his mouth approached. Jason took full advantage wedging her open with his probing tongue.

He pizza cum hot bang before dinner brunette big tits at the disgusted frown she got. He started to slip his tongue in and out of her mouth slow and steady. "I can't believe we're making out baby," he said.

"Jason," she put her hand on his chest, "can we talk first." Jason smiled at her a little lovingly. "Sure, baby." "Jason I don't want to do this," she said, "you're my brother." He shook his head. "It's just kissing." "It feels disgusting." Her eyes were full of silent panic and tears. "Not to me, baby." He stuck out his wet tongue and tried to put it back into her mouth.

"No," she turned her head away and started pushing at his chest, "Jason stop." He was kissing the side of her face; licking and drooling on the skin. "I said no!" Sarah landed a lucky push and Jason fell off her and hit the ground. She jumped up and ran for the bathroom. Jason was up like a flash and on her just as fast. "Please Jason!" He grabbed her and spun her around forcing her against the nearest wall. "Stop being a fucking bitch, Sarah!" He punched the wall at the side of her head to emphasise perhaps that he could knock her out if he wanted to.

"Fucking kiss me." He started kissing her mouth again. "In fact, get the fuck back over here!" "Jason!" He pulled her bodily back towards the couch. Then he bent her face down. She lay where he'd forced her, head off to the side, crying silently. He started licking and kissing her neck tenderly. He pulled her hair softly away and kissed her face. "You're so pretty." He crooned.

Then his arm snaked round her hips. His hands fumbled a little so Sarah wasn't sure at first what he was doing. Then she felt it- he was trying to undo her jeans.

"No Jason!" She held his hand in hers, stopping him from undressing her.

"Please Jason!" She was crying hysterically, "Jason, God, please. You said it was just kissing." "It is, sweetheart." He smiled, "don't worry. I just want to look at how beautiful you are." He undid the button on her jeans and then pulled them halfway down her legs. Sarah felt so humiliated.

There, on her knees, bent over the couch, and now semi-naked in front of her brother. Jason was developing a major hard-on in his own jeans.

Her sexy, red cotton panties nearly made him blow his fucking load. He pushed the back of her top up until he saw the matching red bra-strap. He undid it and kissed the little welt the elastic had made in her soft skin. Then he pushed her top up further and kissed her shoulder-blades. He leaned down and licked from the small of her back, up the line of her spine, to the nape of her neck. Sarah winced.

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"I love you, Sarah." Jason said. "Don't say that." "It's true," Jason said, laying his whole weight down on her sexy body, his erection pressing against her semi-naked ass, "that's why I've been hitting you and Hannah so much. 'Cause I'm fucking in love with you." He turned her around so she was facing him and started to tongue her mouth again.

He was pushing wads of his disgusting spit into her mouth while she tried her best to push him off her. The idea that he loved her was making her sick to the stomach. He pulled away; leaving her lips wet from his kissing. "Let's go to bed." He said. "What!?" Sarah's stomach dived. "Don't worry, sweetheart," Jason answered, "I'm not going to fuck you. but I want us to sleep together." "No." Sarah said. Jason's face went hard and he slapped her painfully across the cheek. He grabbed her throat.

"Don't every fucking answer me back again, Sarah," he shouted into her face, "I pay to keep the fucking roof over your head so that makes me your fucking man." "You're my brother!" Sarah cried. "Get the fuck up!" He dragged her by the neck into his room and threw her down hard on the bed. Then he stormed out. Sarah just lay there sobbing.

Trying frantically to think of a way to stop him from doing what he was doing. Seconds later he was back. He threw one of Sarah's lacy nightdresses on the bed. "Get ready for bed," he said, "just the nightdress and the panties. lose the bra." "Please, Jason!" "Do it bitch! I'll go make sure Hannah's still asleep and then I'm coming back in here.

If you want privacy I suggest you hurry the fuck spy cam french private party camera espion part plumes poils He left. Sarah didn't know what else to do. Jason would certainly force her to change when he got back and that way he'd see her naked. She decided quickly, stripping off to her panties and then pulling the nightdress over her head.

It was short and displayed her sexy legs nicely. Her small firm breasts were nearly entirely visible through the thin material. She sat on the bed and moments later Jason came back into the room. He took in the sight of Sarah in her nightdress for a minute. "God I love you," he said, "you look amazing." She turned her eyes away from him. Then he stripped off his t-shirt and she heard the zip go blow job games end with sexy fucking on his jeans.

She started to cry; thinking about what he'd do. He stripped down to his boxer shorts and then moved on Sarah. He put out his hand. "Take it, Sarah." Sarah looked up at him. Begging him with her eyes. "Please Jason," she said, "I don't want to." "Take my hand, baby," he said, "I'm not going to fucking ask you again." She could tell by his tone not to argue.

She reached up and put her hand in his. Then, as soon as he had a grip of her, Jason pulled her up and took her to the head of the bed. As they moved Sarah was repulsed to see the tent her brother was making in his shorts. He sat his ass down on the bed and started to pull her onto him. "Sit on my knee." He said. She sat down on his knee; praying to God he wouldn't rape her. The way he manipulated her body she ended up straddling him; his hard cock pressing against her inner-thigh.

"You're so nice," he said, slipping his hand up her nightdress from behind and fondling her ass. "Jason," she tried to push his hand away but he insisted, "Jason, please let me go to my own bed. I'll kiss you every night Jason.

I'll. I'll let you use your tongue if you want.

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please, Jason, I'm your sister." "Did you really think I'd let some other fucking asshole be your guy," Jason smiled, "when I fucking keep you. I don't fucking care if you're my sister. I'll be treating you like my girlfriend every fucking chance I get.

your a fucking amazing piece of ass." He pushed the hair away from her face and Sarah started to cry silently. "Now," Jason said, "I want you to do something for me." His hand tightened on her ass; as if holding her in position. "I wanna see those titties." "Please!" Sarah's head lowered with the humiliation.

"Come on, sweetheart," he said, "you can do it. just lower your sexy little nightdress and give me a look." When Sarah didn't move Jason got really pissed off. "You want to stay a fucking virgin, Sarah!" He shouted, racy and wild bawdy cleft drilling pornstar hardcore could skip the fucking foreplay and fuck the shit outta you right now!" "No!" Sarah cried. "Then lower the fucking nightdress!" Jason ordered.

Sarah reached up with shaking hands and took down the straps of her nightdress. Then she lowered the lace over her perfect little titties. Jason breathed out in astonishment. His cock got even harder under Sarah. Fuck, his sister was a fucking model. "Your titties are amazing Sarah," He said, "come here." He pulled her closer to him on his knee. Then to her horror he started kissing and sucking on her tits. "Don't," she squirmed in his tight hold. "Relax," Jason said, then he slipped one of her nipples into his mouth.

She tried to push his head away and he got violent. He grabbed her round the throat as before and pinned her back down on the bed. "Fucking cooperate!!" He shouted and slobbered. Then he put his hand over her face and pushed it down into the bedding. He started kissing and drooling on her tits again.

"Cute little titties. cute little titties. cut little tities." He licked up her neck to the place where his hand still held her face against the bed.

Then he licked back along the trail of his spit and started sucking on her nipples again. "Fuck. cute little fucking titties." He removed his hand from her face and cupped one of her breasts while continuing to drool over the other.

"Jason, please stop," she cried softly, "if its just a girlfriend you want I can set you up. we can forget this ever happened, Jason." He looked at her. "I told you Sarah, I'm in fucking love with you. You're the hottest girl I know." He started rubbing his hard cock against her body through the thin material of his boxers. "My friends like you," Sarah pleaded, "they'd do whatever you want.

Jason, please get off me." Jason laughed. "No fucking way bitch," he said, "why would I what milk when I've got cream at home." He played with her titties some more. Then the grinding of his hips got steadier. "Fuck," he said, "no way I'm lasting the night without getting off." "Jason," she stared at him hopelessly, "I'm a virgin." "Aw, baby," he kissed her forehead affectionately, "I know you are.

don't worry I'm not going to fuck you." He kissed her lips. "I'll just take a wank real quick then we can get some sleep." She turned her head away. "No." Jason didn't even listen. He just reached down at grabbed the waistband of his boxers. She felt his weight shifting on her uncomfortably as he pulled his shorts down around his thighs. She closed her eyes and tried to be somewhere else in her mind. It was hopeless.

The room was so silent and she could hear it when he began to jack off on top of her. His wet mouth closed on her nipple and the wet sound of him taking a wank continued. She just kept her eyes tightly closed so she wouldn't have to see what he looked like down there.

"Come on baby." He picked her up from where she lay and bent her over the bed. He pushed her face roughly into the bed and reached between their bodies; pulling her panties down over her perfect ass. "No, Jason!" She reached back and pulled her panties back on. Holding them in position. Jason yanked at them again but she held on.

"Don't Jason," she cried, "you said you weren't going to." "I'm not! I just wanna see your ass." "Jason, please let me keep my panties on." Jason got pissed and punched her hard in the ribs. She screamed and started crying. He forced the arm she was trying to defend herself with up her back.

Then he ripped her panties off entirely with the other hand. "I'll buy you some knew ones, bitch." He said, "fuck you've got one awesome little ass." He started touching her cheeks. Then he got back to wanking himself off. Sarah nearly vomited when she felt him begin to slap her naked ass with his dick. She could feel the wetness at the tip and how big he was with every hit.

"Okay, sweetheart," he breathed, his wank getting steadier, "you ready for that spunk." Sarah whined. Jason just laughed. "It's okay, Sarah," he said, "you'll get used to being covered in my cum real soon. I jack off about three times a day." He laughed again and kept jacking.

"Okay, baby," he said at last, "I'm gonna spunk on you. get ready." She felt him press the tip of his cock against the small of her back. Then she heard him groaning in the back of his throat. The next thing she knew his hot cum was spurting out onto her skin. He pushed her face deeper into the bedding, nearly suffocating her, as he growled and emptied his balls onto her back.

Finally he stopped. Falling down on top of her so that the cum rubbed off onto his abs. He forced her head round and tongued her sweet mouth. "Fuck I love, baby," he said, running his hand playfully up and down her thigh. "You don't love me," Sarah sobbed, "you wouldn't be doing this to me if you did." He kissed her face. "Tell me you love me." "No." Sarah cried. Jason flipped her round roughly; staining the sheets with cum. He forced her down onto her back and punched her hard and fast in the jaw.

Sarah screamed and saw stars. He looked her dead in the eye from above. "Now tell me you fucking love me!" "I love you," Sarah whined in pain.

"Good girl," he kissed her lips softly, "say it again." "I love you." She cried. "Then let me tongue you." He grabbed at her jaw and forced it open; pushing his drooling tongue into her mouth. He forced it back as far as it would go. Sarah pushed him away. "You're choking me!" "Then fucking choke!" He shouted at her, wedging her jaw open again and going to town on her with his long tongue.

He was licking and drooling inside her mouth for ten minutes; tonguing her like she was some random slut. "Now this is what I call a goodnight kiss," he laughed before diving back in. As he tongued her he kneaded her breasts playfully.

"Okay, sweetheart," he took his lips away, "go wash off my spunk and get you fine ass back to bed." He moved to let her up and when she moved herself he slapped her ass through the nightdress.

She rushed to the bathroom and vomited into the toilet. His saliva was still in her mouth and his cum was still clinging in white globs to her back.

She smelled of him all over. Bffs orgy in miami for spring break large cock group sex him and of sex.

She took ages to get back to Jason's room. Her body and mind just didn't want to go. But she knew deep down that he'd come and collect her if she didn't return and he might've hit her for disobeying him. When she got back to the room Jason was in bed in only his boxer shorts. She still hadn't gotten a look at his prick. She hoped tonight would be a one time deal and he'd stop pestering her. Maybe he'd realise what he was doing and stop. He smiled at her and patted the bed near him. Sarah knew better than to argue; even if he was smiling.

She crossed the room shakily and when Jason pulled the bedsheets back she just lay down beside him. She turned unto her side, away from him, and Jason killed the lights. She lay in the dark and cried. His muscled arm slinked round her body and held her close to him from behind. "Get some sleep, sweetheart," he said, kissing her neck, "I love you." Sarah couldn't stop the tears from falling.

But Jason was in heaven. His still semi-hard cock was nestled up again the ass of the hottest girl he knew. And she was only wearing a skimpy little lace nightdress. Her ass. Her titties. Her sweet little pussy. Everything was all there for him to touch, fondle, kiss, tongue, finger or fuck. Anything he wanted to do he could have done it right there and then. He could have thrown her on her back, right now, pushed her soft legs apart and broke her fucking cherry if he wanted.

He smiled at the thought but figured he'd give her a break that night. Just the kissing and the wanking and the cum on her skin must've freaked her out enough. And, besides, Jason could already tell that tomorrow would be just another good night.