Stranger that paid tons of cash girlfriend homemade

Stranger that paid tons of cash girlfriend homemade
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I am a highly sensual but fairly attractive woman. Short, stout with dark eyes, dark hair. 56I-46-44. It was a very hot summery day where I was dressed with an over size v-neck tee-shirt with no bra where my huge brown breast with dark milk chocolate medium sized nipples that were standing so erect ready to suck on, short shorts with no panties.

I got on the bus to head for the movie theater and a guy who could be in his 30's kept eying me on the bus.

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I got off from the mall but did not get off cum in mouth and kiss me compilation the bus. He was so hot that he was wearing skin tight speedos. I did not notice him following me until he came up beside me to greet me and I thought I have lost him when I got into the movie theater. I realized that he was watching every single move I made. Got my ticket, went to the restroom then went to the concession stand for some food.

As I got some food at the concession stand, I caught him talking to the person who I got my ticket from and got his ticket. A bit nervous, I continue to my movie of choice hoping I would lose him. But did not, he followed me and sat next to me. He acted normal and very casual. Watch the movie and watched me ate my popcorn and pop. There was no one else in room, so he got very comfortable as he release his skin tight speedo pants and started stroking his big cock.

Hoping that I would notice. Oh I took notice of his 9 inch cock that is so hot and beautiful that I wanted to feel how it was inside my mouth. While he was stroking his cock, he was bold enough to say, "I know you want to, you bitch, go head," as he reach grabbed my tits. "Suck my cock bitch," as he removed my top exposing my tits for him to do whatever he pleases. "You are my whore and you are going to do whatever I say, take off your short, bitch and watch the rest of the movie as I eat your cunt, bitch.

If you do not comply you will be severely punished.

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Enjoy the movie." I was about to cum and he ordered me to let it storys xxx hija virgen cojiendcon su papa out and to be loud as I want since he enjoyed hearing moans and groans of the ladies. To his satisfaction, he ordered to suck his cock deeply and to swallow his cum as he fingered both my ass and my pussy. I was cumming again. He said, "good bitch, now I am going to fuck you so hard in your pussy and you are going to clean it up," as he grabbed my tits.

While sucking on his cock, he called up his friend to pick us up from the movie theater While he was on the phone and me sucking his cock, he fingered my pussy. He said to his friend, I have decided to go watch a movie and now fucking a big and beautiful bitch and she is great that I want to share her with her. She is a good bitch, want to hear her suck my cock as well as hear how wet her pussy is.

She is so soaking wet. The movie is about to end come by in 15 minutes." He took my shorts but allowed me to wear just my top to exit the movie theater. When we got outside, he blindfolded with my shorts and his friend picks us up.

He had me sit on the front passenger side so he could fondled my tits. I heard his friend say"Wow, she is hot, can wait to get inside her and so whatever, but we will not hurt her." His friend reached over to feel my cunt and say,"Wow, she is so tight. I want to see how big her tits are as he feel how big they are. I want her badly." The car stopped briefly, the car door opened and my legs spreading open to get a lick.

Then they got to the destination where I was whisked out of the car and the blindfold removed along with my tee shirt. Pictures were taken and the web cam was on as I sucked on cock while the other is in my cunt. They exchanged as they took measurement of my tits and weighed my tits, Then I had to take it in the ass while the sampled my pussy and played my my tits. Then one is in my ass while the other is my cunt as they placed clamps on my clit and my nipples and a butt plug in my ass.

They would not allow me to piss but had to piss in front of them which one of them drank my piss. They were having so much fun that it was actually two bisexual looking for a playmate to play with.

It has been a while since they had a female playmate. I enjoyed the guy who took advantage of me in the theater who was very dominate while his lover is submissive. They did not hurt me and ended not going home but rather living with them.

I enjoy the nudity and the sexuality of both of men on a nightly basis even on a daily basis when they are home. They even allowed me to have a girlfriend to play with and for them to play with. They never knew that I was bi curious when they caught me one day playing with a girlfriend. They thought it was so hot for me to explore my bi curious side as I sucked on my big tits and fingered her hot wet box.

She also wanted to try sucking their cocks as they ate her pussy. She wanted them to teach me how to eat her pussy. She was only 18.

She shaves her cunt, her measurements are 44DD, 38, 44. Big white pink nipples, She is so hot and beautiful with brown eyes and blonde hair. She comes by ever so often.