Oiled blondie gets cum hole rammed hardcore massage

Oiled blondie gets cum hole rammed hardcore massage
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Chapter 1 Last month I was sitting in a bar when I saw this beautiful sexy woman. She was a nice tall brunette about 125 pounds and had beautiful C cups. As my waiter walked up to me I said "Get that lovely lady a drink on me." When he brought her the drink I stood up and walked to her table and sat.

I look up at her and say "hi I'm Bobby." "I'm Shawna" She says. "Well Shawna you're very pretty."I said "you don't look bad yourself," she teases. We get to talking and at 1:15 she invited me over to her house "Sure I'd love to go" I said.

We walk out of the bar together and I cock a feel and grab her ass. Her big bouncy butt squishes is in my hand. We get to her car and she's got a BMW Convertible.

Hopping in her car I ask "Where do you live" and she replies "5 minutes away in West Burrow" we talk and the time seems to fly.

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In no time were at her house. While we walk in she spicy babe gets sperm load on her face swallowing all the charge "my girlfriends going to join us if you don't mind." "Ok but she won't be as pretty as you." "Bobby this is Mel, Mel Bobby" I was wrong Mel did look better. She was about 5" 8' and 120 pounds with a nice round C cup and a big juicy butt.

"Damn," I said "you are one sexy girl. You look like a model." Shawna looks at me and says "you want a drink, beer, vodka and tonic rum and coke?" "I'll have a Miller Light" I say. While Shawna walks into the kitchen Mel and I start to talk. I find out she is 22 and in her last year of college. She is hospitality major because she likes making people feel good. Then I say "can I make you feel good." "Sure" she says.

I lean towards her and give her a light kiss on the cheek. Then kissing her on the lips I lightly tickle her tongue with my teeth. She feels my tongue and starts sticking hers deep in my throat. She has the longest tongue I have ever been kissed by.

It was easily 4 inches out of her mouth. I found this thought extremely arousing. Putting my tongue in her throat Shawna walks into the room holding 3 beers and some chips and dip. Putting down the food on the side table she walks up to us and kisses my cheek. Leaving Mel's lips I kiss Shawna with extreme passion letting my tongue explore every crevice of her mouth. Then I move back towards Mel and start kissing her neck. Moving up and down I suck lightly and soon her tan skin has a dark hickey.

Then feeling down her back to her butt I rub her back the come back up and unsnap her bra through her shirt. She lies back on the couch and I take off her shirt and pick up her unsnapped bra in my teeth. Tossing it to the floor I start to kiss her tits.

Feeling every inch of her breasts with my mouth I start to lick circles around her nipples. Suddenly Shawna I guess feeling left out starts to work on her other nipple. Picking up a beer from the side table I start drizzling the beverage over her tits.

When they are completely covered I begin to lick her boobs clean of the sticky liquid. I begin to move down her chest and begin to kiss her belly. Unzipping her pants I see her black thong.

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Moving down I put my tongue in her cunt then bite into her thong and pull it off with my teeth. "That was just getting in the way" I say to the girls. While Shawna continues to lick Mel's tits I begin kissing her pussy lips. I nuzzle my nose in her pubic hair and realize that it's shaved into a heart.

I enter her with my tongue and begin to rotate it in circle. I am ticking her clit and she starts to shutter. "Oh that feels so good!! Oh yah" she screams out. "You taste so sweet, I love your taste" I scream teen sub fucked hardcore pornstars and fetish. She lets out a flow of girl cum and I lap it up.

She then starts getting up and I say "Sit back down I'm not done yet." She sits and I start to lick her ass hole. Pushing all the way in she say you may not want to do that. Shawna answers "she hasn't gone to the bathroom and she needs to poop" "anything that comes out of you has to be sweet" I reply.

"Ok then" she says and she lets out a long 10 inch poop log into my mouth. Shawna Obviously aroused by this comes down and starts to eat some poop as well. With some swishing in my mouth I move up to her mouth and kiss her, letting her taste the tasty product of her bowls. She seems to like it. And says "can I have some more." Going back down to her asshole I surround it by my mouth and she lets out a wet fart.

I taste her delicious wet poop coming out. It's the consistency of chunky peanut butter. When I have a mouth full I go back and kiss her again. She takes the entire poop and swishes it around her mouth.

Then savoring it she swallows it down. Then I say time for some pee to wash that down. I go up to her pussy and she lets out a torrent on my face and I swallow as much as I can. "Yummy" I say. Then taking the poop left around her hole I rub it on her feet. Then lick them carefully making sure she enjoys it.

Pulling off my pants and my boxers I pull out Hard 7 inch cock. I start slowly at first and start to fuck Mel. Then continuing I go harder.

"You're so big harder faster" she says. Then she screams "I'm gonna cum" "Me to" I scream. In unison we cum and I blow my salt load in her pussy. Then snuggling on the coach we fall asleep together on the coach. To be continued…