Small school girl first tim xxx

Small school girl first tim xxx
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My name is Shareefa and I am 13 years old. I'm 5'5, 120 lb, and im black but light-skinned. At the moment, I was dazed because I was staring at my brother's GORGEOUS friend.

His name is Javion and he is dominican and black. He has light skin, hazel eyes, and dark hair that he always has in braids. I've seen him with out a shirt before, and the image alone makes me so wet. I mean the boy is perfect! He was currently playing video games wit my bro. If i could get him alone wit me.somethin would go down for sure.

I went over to where Javion and my bro were sitting and asked if i could play. Javion smiled at me and said sure! He showed me how to play and i was more excited about being so close to him than about this stupid game.

I actually was doin good in the game, which made me suprised since i kept starin at Javion's face. Before I knew it, he was leavin. "Iight lets go to the movies tomorrow, iight?" my bro said. "yeah, and btw, ur sis is cute" Javion said while staring at me.

I wanted to faint right then. I wanted him sooooo bad, but first there was the age diff. I was 13 and he was 17, and 2nd, why would he want to fuck a lil virgin girl like me? I got really depressed as i saw him walk out the door and see it close behind him. "Aye bitch" my bro said coldly. "U want my friend?" he said wit a smirk on his face. "Naw" i said shakily. "Then tell me why there is pussy juice drippin down ur leg and yo eyes are glazed ova?!?" he said loudly.

"Um.cuz." I left him hangin and made a sprint for the stairs. I went into my room and fingered myself for hours, with only one thought in my mind, Javion. The next day was Saturday and I dressed really nicely because this time i knew that Javion was commin over. Nicely meaning i was wearing a micro-mini and my boobs were practically hanging out of my tube top.

I heard a knock at the door and rushed to go answer it before my dumb ass brother did. "Hey" I said. "Hey mami, u lookin mad good." he said while steppin inside. "Thanks" I said while starin at the ground. "So um, where ur bro, he was supposed to come to the movies wit me and some of ma friends." Javion said making me snap back to reality.

" bro, actually i kno where he iz hold on." I dashed up the stairs to my bro's room. "hey, remember when u asked if i wanted Javion or not? well i lied a want him a LOT so can u please act sick so i can get some alone time wit knoxville tennessee blonde fucked drunk in hotel i said in a hurry.

"iight" my bro said casually.

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"You serious!?!??!" I said in shock. "Yeah, actually i really aint feelin too good fa real, so go on, get ur man, jus teen masturbation orgasm hd theres not much that is sexier than a sizzling florida get pregnant." my bro snickered. I can't believe he was cool wit me wanting to fuck his friend, but i didnt think about it much because i rushed out the door and back down stairs.

"Javion, my bro aint feelin well he can't go.and i don't want you goin any where eitha" i said bravely. "Say wut? i gotta go to the movies, n tell ya bro i hope he feel betta, peace chica." he said as he head for the door. "NO WAIT!" I yelled. "What?" he answerd. He sounded kind of annoyed now. "I want chu" i mumbled. "Wut?!?" he asked me wit a smirk on his face. He heard what i said he was just taunting me. "I want you." i said louder. "Truth is, i wat chu too girl." he said.

"Fa real?!" I said, excited. "Yup" he said and all of a sudden he picked me up and went upstairs. He headed straight to my room since he been to my house so many times before, he knew where everything was. He laid me down on the bed and started to undress.

I saw his rock hard abs and yet again, instantly got wet. He reached for my skirt and pulled it down, suprised to see no under wear. "Did you kno dis was gonna happen?" he asked. "Maybe." I replied while taking off my tube top. "Nice cunt you got there" he said and he bent down to stick his tounge inside of me. I moanded and pushed my pussy into his face while he started licking and sucking rapidly. I felt something round and cool on my pussy and assumed it was a tounge piercing, which made me like him even more.

I was just about to cum, and all of a sudden he stopped. "Why'd you do that?!?" I asked while panting and moaning. "I want you to cum for your first time when im inside of u" he said while pulling down his pants. When i saw his dick i gasped in suprised. That thing looked 13" long! Not to mention VERY thick. I was gettin kinda scared.

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"You want me to use a condom or u wanna be fucked raw?" he asked me. "Im not sure if i still wanna be fucked, u look too big for me." i replied, slightly scared.

"Come on baby, it'll only be a lil pain, and alot of pleasure." he said. "Iight, fuck my raw, i wanna feel when u cum in me" I said still slightly nervous. Javion went in between my legs and spread them apart with his own. He put his dick and my entrance and slowly pushed in.

At this point i was crying because it hurt so bad. He finally met my hymen and whispered "I'm sorry" then he stayed still for a few mins. I thought he had changed his mind and i started to relax but all of a sudden he started to french me then shoved himself deep inside me, hard and fast. I felt like screaming, but he kept frenching me. He pulled out and then slammed back in and i moaned this time, this felt good. About 5 mins into our fucking he started slamming in and out of my pussy, holding my hips down.

I started screaming his name and moaning VERY loud. "Damn daddy" I moaned. "Go deeper, DEEPER!" i screamed, and he listened. His dick went unbelieveably deep in me and it felt so fucking good. Nothing had felt better in my whole life. He kept ramming into me and his whole body glistened from sweat. All of a sudden i tensed up and i came, gallons pussy juice came flowing. Coating his dick. I had came 3 times before he finally came.

He sexily moaned my name and released all his sperm in side of me. I was thinking he would never stop. When he finally did he pulled out and dropped next to me. He slid down and went between my legs and black maid cleans up the bosss dick my pussy, tasting a combination of my and his cum.

When he came back up to my side he held me close and whispered i love you. I smiled and whisped "I love you boo." Every saturday night has been that way since then. and there aint no complaints from me!