Taming a naughty and juicy cum hole

Taming a naughty and juicy cum hole
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The Final Cut Can't we all just get A-Long Pig? Story: #34 Copyright ©2005 Written: August 14 2005 A story By: KaosAngel & Anonymous friend Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Jessica couldn't wait to get in the door as she struggled with her key's and fiddled with the lock that kept her from her window in to her fantasy realm where she was a prime spit roaster waiting for a chef to whisk her away on a spit where she could roast for hours over an open fire.

When she finally got inside she flipped the switch that turned on her computer, where Jerry was waiting for her to get on and discuss her latest fantasy, but today was special today was the day she would accept his invitation to join him on his farm, where he would use her, abuse her, and then finally turn her in to the meat she knew she was always meant to be.

While they talked over the next several hours Jerry asked her again like he had done every day since deutsches teen julie skyhigh fickt mit mega schwanz typen german teen started talking months ago, he asked if she would consider joining him at his farm for dinner, shocking them both Jessica agreed to meet him at a place of his choosing. Jessica was so exited about her decision she completely forgot about Stacey her girl friend who has been with her for along time, Jessica's thoughts were of Stacey and if she would approve of her meeting Jerry and if she would help him make her fantasy come true, arrangements were made Jessica couldn't back out now.

When Jessica told Stacey about her arrangements with Jerry, Stacey was a bit annoyed that she had not discussed it with her first but agreed to help, Stacey has been attending a cooking school for some time now learning all the in's and out's of cooking and now it looks as if she will get to help cook her own girl friend, the thought of cannibalism were not appealing to her but thinking about cooking Jessica, she had to admit these thought's made her very wet.

The next day Jessica and Stacey packed a few bags with the things Stacey would need to spend a few weeks at Jerry's house it was decided Jessica wouldn't need to pack anything other then the clothes on her back since she would not live long enough for the need of anything other then what Jerry and Stacey could provide her. After what seemed like days of traveling Jessica and Stacey arrived full specter of enjoyment for shaved wet crack Jerry's designated meeting place where he would meet Jessica and then take her back to his farm where she would live the rest of her short life as a common farm animal before slaughtering her.

When Jerry arrived he introduced himself to the two lovely young ladies waiting beside their car on a deserted stretch of sandy road exactly where Jessica was supposed to be so there would be no mistaking that she was the right girl looking for the right cannibal; however Jerry was a bit shocked to find not one girl but two.

Jerry learned from Jessica that the lovely girl with her was her girlfriend and lover Stacey and that neither of them ever went anywhere or did anything without the other, "mmmm" he said looking at Stacey, "She will look great on a spit when her time comes" he added reaching out his left hand to grab Stacey's firm breast, Stacey however was not amused taking hold of his wrist before he had a chance to squeeze her breast. "I'm sorry Jerry, I should have told you Stacey is only here to watch and help you turn me into meat" Jessica said looking into Jerry's eye's showing the pain he felt from Stacey's grip on his wrist, "She is not here to become meat" Jessica added as Stacey release Jerry's wrist finally, "You will address me as master nothing else until the day of your roasting" he said looking at Jessica while rubbing the pain from his wrist, "You of course will be welcomed to join us at my home and help in the slave's preparations" He said looking to Stacey while opening the passenger side door of his pick-up truck motioning for her to enter it.

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Once Stacey was sitting in the passenger side of the truck Jerry turned his attention on Jessica his newly acquired slave and meat-girl, without a second thought he ripped off the few pieces of clothes she had put on for the trip, "You wont need those anymore slave" he said as he picked up some rope from the back of his truck and motioning her to lay down on the dirt covered road Jerry began to hogtie Jessica and then picked her up and unmercifully threw her onto her belly into the back of the pick-up truck causing the wind to be knocked out of her lungs and a great pain to her chest, the first of many pains Jessica was sure she would be receiving before it was time to die.

The whole trip back to Jerry's farm all he could think about were the two young woman he had in his truck one ready and willing to die for him while the other unwilling, well that was not going to stop him from turning Stacey's beautiful body into a spit roast along side Jessica over the fire, "but how?", "she is really strong will need something to take her out with but what?" were his thoughts as they traveled down the dirt road several miles to his farm.

Jerry was still a little pissed off and his wrist hurt, "Well this bitch doesn't know it yet but I am getting low on freezer meat she will be a perfect candidate" He thought to himself with a smile He looked over at Stacey, "I have rules for the girls that come to my farm they include the girls who assist in the preparation of the meat" Stacey snapped her head towards him and said "what are they?".

Jerry Took a moment to think and then glanced back over to Stacey who was still staring at him waiting to hear his rule's, "First All females visitor's will be naked at all times, Second you agree not to interfere with the processing procedures, This especially applies to you, being as how you are deeply involved with the meat, in the back, Third all female visitors will be locked up during the night". Jerry could see that Stacey was struggling with the rule's he had just laid down for her visit to his farm, she deeply wanted to be there for her lovely girlfriend's last day's of life but she was beginning to feel worried that she might not survive her stay on the farm, "If you don't like these rules then I will buy you a bus ticket back to New York" Jerry said to her trying not to sound as if he didn't care if she stayed or left, but he deeply wanted her to refuse his offer and accept his rule's.

Stacey glared at Jerry, "I will agree to your stupid rules but I can't see why I have to be locked up at night and naked, Doesn't make sense to me" she said trying to cover the fear she had been feeling, "Well call it paranoid if you want I just feel safer sleeping at night when I know everyone is under lock and key, I wouldn't want to wake up dead, as for being naked, to me female's are nothing more then slaves to be used for meat therefore no female on my farm is allowed to ware clothes, let's shake on it" he said as he extends his hand and Stacey extends hers in acceptance and they shake.

Several minutes later they arrive at the farm, pull up in front of a large barn Jerry turns the truck around, the doors open and he backs the truck in, Stacey notices how clean it is inside, looking around she can see fifteen other girls in cages along the back of the barn waiting, on the left side of the barn she can see what appears to be five or more girls on a long work table in various stages of slaughtering and butchering, Stacey turns her attention to the right side of the room to the moans coming from two girls each fully spitted vagina to mouth turning slowly over an open fire pit, the aroma is mouth Watering.

Jerry goes to the back of the truck grabs his newly acquired meat, drags Jessica out and drops her onto the floor in front of Stacey, takes out his knife and begins to cut Jessica's bindings then looks at Stacey and tells her to strip, once Stacey is completely nude he takes a moment to look over her beautiful body, "Now both of you into that tank!" he said pointing to a large tank, "Why?" Stacey asked "I am not the meat why should I get into that tank?" she added looking to Jessica who was already stepping into the tank of clear foul smelling liquid.

Jerry stepped in front of Stacey with anger in his eye's, "This is an environmentally clean area the Tank contains a complete body cleansing and hair removal solution no female is allowed in the area with out going thought the cleansing tank" he explained to her but she did not moved toward the tank she stayed standing in front of him, arms folded across her naked chest, "I'm not getting in that tank" she said with as much anger in her voice as she could to hide her fear.

Jerry was getting angrier by the minute he had a schedule to keep up with and could not spare the time to play games with meat, "Look you have two choices get busty black booty babe bounces butt big tits that tank, or get your clothes and leave" he said pointing to the still open barn doors, Stacey busty hottie gets her hairy pussy rammed at the doors then back to Jessica then back to Jerry accepting defeat she went up the stairs leading to the rim at the top of the tank and then slowly stepped down in to the foul smelling liquid next to Jessica, "little does she know it is a permanent hair removal solution, the mark of a girl who is ready to become stunning centerfold pops out big booty and gets anus penetrated, even if she does manage to go home after this weekend someone is bound to process her shortly after" he though to him self while taking a quick look around the barn to see the hired farm hands doing their job's.

Once Stacey is in the tank with the liquid up to her neck the water starts to produce fine bubbles "when the bubbles stop you can step out of the tank" Jerry says while Stacey and Jessica both glare at him as he leaves the barn, the water was warm and relaxing for the two girls and the fine tingling of the bubbles on their pussies and tits was an erotic feeling neither of them had ever felt before, both girls realized that one would be going back home alone, they turned to each other and embraced in a tight hug.

About half an hour later Jerry storms back into the barn, "Ok you two, Stacey you have to plan a meal for about 60 people and you slave have an appointment with me, Move it now!" he said looking up at them as they move out of the tank cursing him under their breath Jerry takes a hose and starts washing Jessica down, "hands in the air and spread them legs wide meat" he said as he spays every inch of her body with the hose watching her hair being washed away with the foul smelling liquid.

The water is Luke warm and rinses her clean Jerry pays particular attention to her pussy with the hose after she is rinsed off he throws her a towel, "dry off" he says "And come with me" he added while watching her dry off, he ties her hands behind her back then grabs her by the hair and takes her to a stage the curtain opens and she is looking at a crowd of about 45-50 people, "Ok listen up bidding is now open for this fine young things fillet" Jerry said still large curves make dudes rod hard hardcore and blowjob Jessica's hair, "5000" says a fat man in the back, "5500" says another, "7000", "8000", "9000", "9 once twice sold to the man right demi delia has her huge tits jizzed, Ok sir how would you like fast love sex with 2 prepared, would you like it now or wait until tomorrow".

Jessica cringed with fear as the man said "I will save it for tomorrow remove it just before she goes on the spit if that is ok" the winning bidder replied looking up at Jessica's pussy with hunger in his eye's, "Stacey will be the chef for tomorrow" he said calling Stacey over to the stage, Upon seeing Stacey's naked body walking on to the stage the bidders start shouting offer again for Stacey's fillet, the offer for her fillet was well over "10000" before Jerry announced to the bidders that her meat was not for sale.

A man in the middle table looks up at Stacey standing there with anger in her face, "why is the Chef not for sale" the man asks, "Fuck You asshole I am just the chef not the meat not now or ever so fuck off!" Stacey screams at the man not giving Jerry a chance to answer him, the room bursts into laughter and cat calls, "Hey she really told you hahahahahahahahahahahaah" said another man standing next to the victim of Stacey's angry shouting.

Jerry looks at Stacey and winks at her, taking Jessica by the arm over to a large kitchen, picks her up and lays her on a butchers table ties her spread eagled to the table, "Is it too late to change my mind?" Jessica ask looking fearfully for the first time, "Shut Up!!" he replied, "Ok Stacey it is time to start preparing her she will need to be gutted first thing before dawn then remove her fillet she should be on the spit by 8:00 am so she will be fully cooked by 6:00 pm".

Jerry Unties Jessica's feet from the table and attaches a leg spreader and lifts her off the table her shoulders are still tied her legs are spread so far apart that her hips hurt, Jerry then attached a chain with a hook to the spreader bar and pulled on the chain until Jessica was upside down hanging from the ceiling Jerry then moved her over a few feet until her head was dangling over the mouth of a large sink, "Ok Stacey this is the way we gut the slave-meat" he said looking into Jessica's eye's knowing the end is coming and soon.

Jerry takes a thin bladed knife and hands it to Stacey, "Don't try any brunette asian tasting and rubbing fat cock stupid one wrong move and you will be on the menu with her understand?" he said as she takes the knife from his hand, she just glares at him, "I can't do this I will cook her for you but you have to gut her" she said handing him back the knife and turns to walk away with tears in her eyes.

Jerry takes the knife back and starts cutting Jessica's upside down body from pelvis to sternum with much scream of pain from Jessica, He stops and places a ball gag in her mouth stifling her load screams of pain down to barely heard moans of pain that could be confused with moans of pleasure, or was she finding this pleasurable?, he really couldn't tell since all his slave-meat make the same sounds in this stage of slaughter, not bothering to give it any further thought and enjoying her moans weather they be pain of pleaseure he continues his work.

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It seems like forever before he stops cutting her open and she can feel him pulling out her insides and dumping them into a large tub she feels empty and sleepy the pain isn't bad now Jessica awakes with a start as she sees the sun coming thru the windows of the kitchen she feels different and full again, was she dreaming?, Jerry and Stacey are talking about the flavor of stuffing, Stacey had prepared she notices she still has her Fillet but a large plate rests on the table next to her she trembles with fear knowing the most pain is about to come.

Stacey and Jerry walk over to her talking about how long she will be on the coals and Jerry is carrying a 8 foot long spitting pole, "the pit and the coals are ready" Stacey said noticing Jessica is now awake, Jerry again takes the thin bladed Knife and carefully begins to remove Jessica's Fillet the pain is so intense she passes out again.

Jerry hands the bloody fillet to Stacey she rinses it off and begins to add seasonings to enhance the delicate flavor. Jessica awakes again the pain is still there she feels the spit moving through her body and out her mouth she feels her hands and feet being tied to the spit then Stacey giving her a final kiss on the cheek she is lifted up and carried to the pit and placed over the coals the heat is intense Stacey is standing over her carefully basting her she fades into darkness.

Stacey gets a standing ovation from the group for her preparation and cooking of Jessica Jerry hands her an envelope, "this is for your excellent services" Jerry says, "Well when ever your ready to go home, I will take you to your car first thing in the morning" Jerry said looking at Stacey's shocked face, "Thank you, but this all happened so fast I was not expecting to return home after only two days" she said to Jerry while sifting though the envelope of hundred dollar bills he had passed her, "If you want to know the truth, I was so worried that I wouldn't survive my visit" she added, turned away from Jerry and went to her room, little did she know her fear was justified, she would not be returning home.

Stacey awoke the next morning feeling strangely then she realized she was hanging upside down naked and legs spread wide open as she looked around she sees Jerry standing in front of her smiling at her, "What the fuck is the meaning of this we had an agreement, I was to prepare and cook Jessica then I go home, LET ME GO NOW YOU SON OF A BITCH!!" she screams at him but Jerry only laughs at her, "Not so tough now are you?, you silly fucking cunt did you actually think You were going to be sent home knowing what you know and what you have seen" he said to her picking up his knife, the same one that had cut open Jessica's belly the night before and removed her fillet.

Looking up in to her eye's with a sly smile "You made a big mistake pissing me off that night we met, my wrist still hurts from where you grabbed me, HOW DARE YOU TOUCH ME, YOU ARE NOTHING MORE THEN MEAT, YET YOU DARED TO GRAB ME" he yelled moving closer to her she was trembling under his voice, "I decide there and then I could use the extra high quality meat you beautiful body would provide, so now guess what you were meat all the time and didn't even realize it, Jessica only agreed to be spitted if you would do the cooking and the other part of the agreement was that I butcher sexy valerie gets her juicy snatch drilled pornstars cumshots for myself as she didn't want any one else to have you" he said laughing at her.

"Jessica would never do that to me she loved me and I loved her you are lying" she said though tear filled eye's tears rolling down her face into the sink under her head, "No I'm not" He said and pulls out a letter addressed to Stacey, He begins reading it, "My dearest Stacey, I knew that you were reluctant to do for me what you did if you are morning coffee and sex cunnilingus and doggystyle this you know I loved you but I couldn't think of you being with any one else So if I can't have you no one else will either so by paying with my life you now pay with yours and hopefully we will be together again Love, Jessica" Jerry finished reading the letter.

"She would never agree to me becoming meat" she said, Jerry then shows her the letter, "Is this her hand writing" he asked her holding the letter a few inches from her face upside down lesbian babes august and riley rubbing each others pussy she can read it properly, Stacey choked and gasped while she silently read the letter again, "Yes it is, Please let me go please" she begged but Jerry just shook his head no, "No way, You are prime meat and I am getting low on my meat supply" he replied, "I DON'T WANT TO BE MEAT" she screams as she feels Jerry grab a fist full of her hair and pulls her head back hard revealing her pretty little neck pulsing with blood, "How does it feel to know your about to die?" he asked as he slits her throat.