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Big ass milf oiled the suspect told us it aint my fault that she loves the gigantic
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"Cummon, Spike! Time to go!" Roanna Stillark, or Ran as she was known by friends, called to her 4 year old Alsatian. It was the school holidays and Ran's parents were at work and would not be home til late. Ran wasn't going to just sit at home all day and so she planned to go to the beach which was just across from their apartment.

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Spike came bounding towards Ran - she had to take him with her because unsupervised he'd rip the house apart! Hooking the loop on his leash through his collar she then opened the front door, picking up her swim bag as they stepped out into the warm midday sun.

The sky was clear; the air warm and still - perfect for bathing!

Ran slipped off her shoes as they stepped onto the beach, putting them inside her bag. She and Spike walked along the beach to a lone deck chair. Ran unclipped Spike's leash and he streaked off to the sea, crashing into a huge wave and becoming thoroughly soaked.

Ran rolled her towel out onto the deck chair and sat down. She slipped off her jeans and t-shirt and lay down on the chair - thank goodness she had taken the initiative to put her bikini on underneath because the changing cabins looked closed today. She lay there for a while watching Spike splash about then got up and ran to the sea jumping into the frothing waters. Spike joyfully bounced around her, barking loudly. Ran swam out a little way from the beach letting the salty water float her.

She looked back towards the beach when she heard more barking, this time not just Spike - another Alsatian had taken interest in Spike and they were both barking and sniffing each other.

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Ran returned to shore as the owner of the other Alsatian walked up. The other dog was apparently called Molly and was a 3 year old Pedigree. Spike and Molly were still playing along the shore. Ran could see that Spike was aroused by this tantalizing female who showed him such such interest, amateur beauty jerks cock in sixtynine pose reality and handjob penis protruding from its sheath beneath his belly.

Looking at it she felt a little strange, not grossed out but maybe a little tur. She shook her head - she hadn't just thought that. She returned to her chair, bidding the owner of Molly goodbye and calling Spike to return to her.

She looped his leash through his collar again, securing it to the deck chair. Ran lay on the chair for another hour or so, the golden sunlight kissing her smooth teenage skin, before deciding that they ought to return home.

They left the beach, Ran still in her bikini for home was only two minutes away. They reached the house and Ran unlocked the door. She was about to unleash Spike, but he was a mess of salt-matted fur and sand. "We're going to have to get you cleaned up Spike," she announced. She tugged him to the shower and turned it on.

She began to wash the salt and sand from his fur, rubbing his muscular haunches. Spike once again showed signs of arousal and nestled his nose into her bikini top as she washed his underbelly. Ran again had the dirty thoughts she had had earlier on, the sensation of Spike's nose on her breasts causing her to shudder a little.

She stood up and observed herself on the mirror-wall inside the shower. Her breasts were round and cupped inside the bikini top, a little smaller than the average fifteen year olds, her hips were nicely curved and her waist small. Her long brown hair fell across her chest. Ran removed her bikini and watched as the warm shower water ran off her pert nipples down her belly and down her nearly hairless pussy.

Damn, puberty had reached her late. She turned away from the mirror, towards Spike again. She was going to open the door when Spike pushed his nose into the gap between her legs, his wet nose rubbing her pussy lips. Ran was shocked and moved away, opening the door and letting herself and Spike out. He stood in the bathroom, his tongue out. Ran dried herself and began drying Spike too.

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Thoughts kept on rushing through her head - 'He touched me' 'It's gross!' 'It did feel good though' 'It's illegal isn't it?' 'I've never had anything like this before.' She kept rubbing Spike and noticed that once again he was aroused by her touch.

Ran stopped and stared at his thick dog cock. She could feel her nipples stiffening, her vagina becoming moist. She was being turned on by a dog. She reached out to touch Spike's beautiful babe knows how to fuck properly and as she did he moved out of reach of her hand but moved quickly round behind her.

Ran was crouched and only just managed to move as Spike tried to mount her. His dripping cock rubbed the back of her leg. Ran stared at him, his tongue lolling out. She moved out of the bathroom and through the house to her bedroom. Spike followed and waited at the entrance to her room. Ran closed her curtains and shut the windows.

She threw her duvet on to the floor and knelt down on all fours, spreading her legs a bit, causing the lips of her pussy to part. Spike moved in, touching his nose against Ran's soft teen folds.

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He moved back and Ran looked back to see him move at her again this time jumping so that his front legs came down by her hanging breasts. His weight nearly knocked her to the floor and she let out a little gasp. She looked under herself to see Spike's hips thrusting his now humongous penis at her innocent mound. Her kept missing, the tip hitting Ran's bottom or leg. Ran was breathing heavily, and let out a little scream as finally Spike made entry.

Her pushed an inch into Ran, her arms shaking and breathing hard. Again her thrust, pushing most of the rest of his massive cock into her tight vagina.

Spike began ramming harder and harder into Ran, her body rocking back and forth with each powerful movement. She was whimpering.

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She stood up, knocking Spike from her, his throbbing and lustful penis slipping from her vagina. She sat down on the edge of her bed, sobbing. She looked at Spike, his cock still ready.

Before she knew it she had been knocked onto her back by Spike's front legs and he had moved his back end in between her legs. Spike had Ran pinned, her soft breasts were beneath his paws. Ran shouted at him through her whimpers of terror. Spike again thrust his cock at Ran's hairless mound, stabs missing here and there, but eventually he entered her again, causing her to stiffen.

He forced his entire penis into her and she moaned. Spike was thrusting roughly now, Ran's tits bouncing back and forth with each forceful movement. Ran could feel Spike's violating penis swelling within her and the pressure on her vagina walls forced her into orgasm. She bucked and and screamed, her rocking meeting with Spike's thrusting. Suddenly there was an immense shock inside her pussy as Spike unleashed load after load of his dog semen. Again Ran screamed but this time out of despair rather than pain or terror.

She had been taken and violated by a dog, her dog. And now she was full of his semen and there me fuck my sweet valiyamma malayalam and teaching nothing she could do.

She cried and tried to move from underneath Spike but his knot was still locked inside her tight vagina. Eventually, the knot released, and Spike slipped from her, followed by a cascade of white fluid from Ran's violated depths. She just lay there with her legs open, crying to herself and nursing her scratched chest. †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††