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Nacho vidal fucks carol vega chanel preston natalia zeta susi gala
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I also noticed that the only person who was lucky enough to get a name in the first one was Ghost; I plan to fix that with this story.

I am open to suggestions for story ideas so do not be afraid to make suggestions in the comments. I accept all comments related to the story and my writing. However, please do not put stupid shit trying to get girls/guys to get up with you and exchange naughty photos.

Porn was made for a reason so just stop wasting every ones time and go look it up. Now that I have had my chance to rant please, enjoy part two of "The Goth" Over the next week, Ghost had continued to stay with me along with our other friends coming and going.

Other then the first night we had not had anymore-sexual encounters. A lot of kissing and cuddling but no sexual activities. Which I cannot say I am disappointed, just being around her makes me happy.

Friday morning rolled around, the day my sister was set to return from her second year of college. Our mother had given her the name Miley may enjoys her interracial footjob scene at dogfart however, since her first year everyone, including people she did not talk to, knew her as Snow. For very simple reasons actually. Her hair was dyed snow white and she loves standing outside in the snow.

I was up by 10 cleaning, Ghost had to go home and get some clothes so I was alone with black veil brides blaring. She had walked in smiling hearing her little brother. Her long white hair spinning wildly as she shuts the door and drops her bag dancing; jumping as if she is in the middle of the mosh pit.

I some how heard the door shut from up stairs and went to meet her as she came home however I cannot go down the steps. I can see her jumping and dancing from the top of the steps and can do nothing but sit on the top step and smoke my Marlboro NXT and watch her. Her small frame moving sent he large breast bouncing in her tight black long sleeve band t-shirt. Her black and red checkered "school girl" skirt flaring giving me a good view of her long stocking covered legs and the underside of her ass.

She was not very famous for wearing panties. After a song of watching her dancing my cock had grown erect. It was one of my only secrets; I wanted to fuck my hot sister in every way possible. Of course, I babe with most perfect oiled ass ever that was not going to happen.

She smiles seeing me and waves before grabbing her bag and heading up stairs. One her way past she kisses the top of my head like she use to do when we were younger. I do not mind it as much as I use to. Now it tends to give me a good view down her shirts that she usually kept low cut. While she was in her room unpacking for winter break I went down stairs to the kitchen and ordered us some pizza.

I knew she would not feel like cooking after a long drive and there was a reason I had ordered either pizza or Chinese food for the last week. She comes back down to the kitchen after turning my stereo down to a dull roar.

I informed her that I had ordered pizza already and she gave me that smile that just made most men hearts melt.

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After about an hour of small talk and eating the pizza, I ordered we move to the living room to talk and listen to music. "Well Vladimir I got another story you Might not don't want from your sister." That was her way of saying that she knew I was lusting after her and she was going to tell me a story about her and her girlfriend just to tease me. Okay so truth be told I do not know that is what she is saying but it fucking might as well be. "Her birthday was a week ago so I figured I would surprise her with a very happy birthday.

I went out, bought us a new strap on, and laid in bed naked waiting for her. I had the strap-on on and was covered with a sheet just up to my stomach when she walked in after work. I looked at her and said something completely corny like 'Remember when we talked about you wanting to fuck a chick with a dick? Well I grew a dick just for you' and whipped back that sheet to show her the strap-on.

She moaned just looking at me, slowly walking towards me striping with every step. When she finally made it to the bed, she was completely naked. Climbing onto the bed, she started to suck on the fake cock until she ebony babe moriah mills gets impaled and creamed deep throating it, getting it all good and lubed.

She has the nerve then to push me on my back and straddle me. Before I could remind her it's her birthday and for me to do the work she impales herself on the cock." She stands and smiles, kissing the top of my head. "That's enough of a story for the night; I am tired so I am going to bed." She walks from the living up the stairs stretching and yawning. "Fuck you Snow." I growl as I stand after giving her time to get to her room.

I rush up the stairs trying to control the bounce of my cock. Shutting my bedroom door I run more then walking I move to my bed stripping down to my boxers and climbs in laying on my back. I pull out my cock and begin to stroke myself under the covers with the thought of Snow and her girlfriend having sex still fresh in my mind. Suddenly a thunderstorm started but of course, I was not thinking about that. After about the third clap of thunder Snow opens my down and knocks at the same time, "Vlad, you awake?" I stop in mid stroke; I forgot Snow was afraid of thunderstorms.

"Yes sis, I am awake." I put my cock back in my boxers ands sits up. She steps into my room and just enough light pours in from my window to show her standing there in just a pair of tight black booty shorts and a loose black belly shirt. Nervously she reaches up and starts playing with a strand of her hair, "Do you mind if I sleep in here with you tonight?" How do you say no to that?

I smile and throw back the covers on the left side of my bed, "Have I ever told you no before?" Her eyes light up and she smiles, "Thank you" She walks over to the bed and gets just about there before the next thunderclap.

Hearing it, she does a mad dive into the bed and curls up under the covers. To make sure there was enough room for us both on my bed I lay on my side and my left arm out under Snows head. Thankfully, my cock had started to deflat, Snow scooted back and lay pressed against me.

As she wiggles back, she puts her ass in a place so that my cock is right between her ass cheeks. With every wiggle to get comfortable or every jump when thunder claps, her ass cheeks move on my cock, slowly making it hard again against my will. Surely, she has to feel my cock being hard pressed against her. Without warning Snow reaches around us and puts her hand against the waistline of my boxers, "You have comforted me through out the years my little brother, please let me return the favor." Her hand slides slowly into my boxers and wraps her slender fingers around my cock.

Honestly I admit that at this point I am at a lost for words. The object of my desire since even before I met Ghost now has her hand on my cock.

Her mind jessica moore talks to the camera before my hesitance as acceptance she starts to stroke my cock, slowly at first but faster still with each pump.

Turning around to face me, her hand adjusting so she can continue to slowly stroke my cock, she presses her lips tightly to mine, her tongue pushing in to swirl with mine as I give in and give her complete control.

She pushes me from my side onto my back and gets on her knees beside me, removing her hand from my cock long enough to pull down my boxers. Kneeling so that her ass and pussy are within easy reach, she leans down and pulls my now fully hard cock into her mouth, sucking it like a pro. First, she swirls her tongue around the head of my cock slowly before taking just the head of my cock into her mouth, her hand never stopping her stroking motion. As her hand slowly stops stroking my cock her head begins to move up and down taking my cock into her wonderful mouth.

From within I let out a small moan that seems to encourage her as he head begins moving more up and down on my cock. My hand slowly slides up her leg to rest on her ass, squeezing through her booty shorts earning a small moan from her. Drawing back, I smack her ass causing her to moan more around my cock.

Reaching up I pull her booty shorts down to her knees and rubs her ass cheek before smacking her bare flesh. Her ass wiggles under my hand as she moans around my cock. Moving my hand around, I begin running two fingers up and down her dripping wet pussy lips. Her moans increase around my cock as those same two fingers push deep into her pussy. Slowly at first, then steadily getting faster, I move my fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

With each thrust of my fingers her moans increase, her body beginning to tremble. Unable to control myself anymore, I move myself out from under her and throw her onto her back. I climb over her slowly, looking into her eye.

A smile crossing my lips as she begins to bite her lower lip; her arms sliding around my body. Now laying fully on top of her the head of my cock presses against her pussy lips. A soft moan escapes her lips as she feels the warm head of my cock against her.

"Please bub, aussie lesbian chloe b paula love to me. I have wanted you for the last year." Her words coming in short ragged breaths. Hearing her beg urges me to action. Reaching down between us, I wrap my hand around my cock, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips before pushing slowly into her pussy.

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Her moans increase in volume as she clings tightly to my back, her nails digging into my flesh. As my cock gets down to the base, I slowly pull back out to the head, just to push back in, slightly faster then before. Her moans, along with my breathing, begin to pick up as I move my cock faster in and out of her tight pussy.

The room fills with her moans, my heavy breathing and the sloppy wet smacking sound of my cock slamming into her dripping wet pussy. As her pleasure builds, her nails dig deeper and deeper into my back causing me to slam my cock harder into her.

As I feel her nails sexually excited attractive teen in a virgin sex act break through my skin and blood come from the nail marks my heavy breathing turns into a loud moan. Looking down at her, I notice that her ample breasts are still hidden by her shirt.

Pulling from her arm I sit up on my knees, my hands starting at her thighs slowly move up her body running over her breast, moving as if to choke her. As my fingers begin to trace the flesh of her neck I quickly grab the neck of her black belly shirt and slowly rips it down the center.

Throwing her ruined shirt apart, I smirk looking at her beautiful exposed breast. Once I had sit up on my knees I had ceased fucking her pussy, now she begins to wiggle and roll her hips, so her pussy moves on my cock, a small whimper pulling it's self from her throat. Her begging tone catches me off guard, just slightly. "Please." Deciding to be a tease, I go back to moving my cock in long slow thrust.

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Her moans increasing as I increase the force I am pushing into her, slowly but steadily working my way back up to thrust hard into her; all the while watching her beautiful breast jump and bounce with each thrust.

Her moans get louder and louder as I slam into her, her pussy walls tightening around my cock. "Ahh fuck Vlad!! Make me cum please!!" She screams out as my cock repeatedly invades her pussy. At her pleas I grab her legs and run them up my chest and leans over her, folding her in half as I slam down harder into her. The new position allowing me to slam straight down, gravity working on my side.

The new angle and force causes her moans to redouble as I pound her dripping wet pussy. Suddenly her pussy walls contract hard to clamp down on my cock as she begins to orgasm.

Wave after wave of pleasure flood through her as her pussy juices flood out of her. Feeling her orgasm around my cock forces me over the edge. As I continue to pump into her I fire load after load of my cum deep into my sisters pussy, filling her to the brim. As our orgasms subside I look up into her eyes, smiling. "I love you Vladimir" her words coming out slowly, her breathing heavy as she meets my gaze. "I love you Snow" I say to her, never missing a beat. Leaning my head down I press my lips to hers and kiss her deeply.

I move to pull my cock out and lay down beside her but she wraps her legs around me, holding me firm. After a moment of holding me there she shakes her head, "No Vladimir. I want to sleep with my brothers' cock in me. That pull over i need my black cock in your pussy acid rain which ever of us that wakes up first can wake the other." Her lips pull up into a mischievous smirk. Returning her smirk I nod, "Okay Sis, sleep well.if you can"