Teen babes tight pussy is drilled by big young cock

Teen babes tight pussy is drilled by big young cock
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My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 18 Cayman Island Vacation, family scare and reunions. Characters Introduced: Odette, 34, Dee's Sister, 5'4, White, Dirty Blond with Green Eyes, 34DD Breasts Carmalina, 30, Dee's Sister, 5'4, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 36D Breasts Paula, 12, Carmalina's Daughter, 4'10, White, Brown hair Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts Paulina, 12, Carmalina's Daughter, 4'10, White, Brown hair Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts Paulette, 12, Carmalina's Daughter, 4'10, White, Brown hair Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts Danica, 13, Paula's best friend, 4'11, White, Black hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts Daisy, 13, Paula's best hot brunette victoria show her nice tits and suck a huge dick, 4'11, White, Black hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts Cara, 14, Dee's Niece, 5'2, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts Casey, 14, Dee's Niece, 5'2, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts Charlene, 14, Dee's Niece, 5'2, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts Erin, 17, Karl's Niece, 6'0, White, Red hair with Green Eyes, 38DD Breasts Shari, 13, Karl's Niece, 5'2, White, Dirty Blond with Black Eyes, 34C Breasts Sharon, 13, Karl's Niece, 5'2, White, Dirty Blond with Black Eyes, 34C Breasts Haley, 15, Karl's Niece, 5'8, White, Red hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts Katrina, 14, Karl's Niece, 5'6, White, Red hair with Green Eyes, 34D Breasts Joanna, 31, Karl's Sister, 5'4, White, Dirty Blond hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts Hadiya, 15, Orphan, 5'3, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts Annette, 14, Orphan, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts Anastasia, 14, Orphan, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts Ameilia, 14, Orphan, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts Josefina, 13, Orphan, 4'10, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts Jackie, 13, Orphan, 4'10, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts Julie, 19, waitress in Cayman Islands, 5'8, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 36D Breasts Dana, 15, Julie's sister,5'4, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts Jacqueline, 35, Julie's mom, 5'2, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts Helen, 13, Julie's sister, 5'0, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts Heather, 13, Julie's sister, 5'0, White, Blond hair with Cherie deville and lucy tyler crazy way Eyes, 32C Breasts Erin, 11, Julie's sister, 4'9, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 30A Breasts Erica, 11, Julie's sister, 4'9, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 30A Breasts Katyana, 21, Czech bride in the islands, 5'6, white, Blond with blue eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck Oleg, 26, Czech groom, 6', white with a little 5" cock ************************************ "Note to readers" ****************************************** This is a completely fictional story.

It contains scenes of incest, sex between an older man and young girls. Sex with multiple partners involving young girls and women. If this is not your cup of tea, stop reading right now. ********************************************************************************************** The story picks up right after the Christmas orgy.

Ben congratulates the movers on getting their women pregnant and bids the goodbye. Next to get up and get moving is Ken and Carol. Ken informs Ben that the additions will be ready by the time the family gets back from the islands and that the school should be ready by summertime. The office building will be ready by July.

Ben congratulates them on their pregnancy and kisses his former slave Carol. Ben is exhausted from the previous three days activities and heads to his luxurious master suite where he is joined by his bed slaves who have all showered and cleaned up. Ben then takes his lovely little Peggy into the shower and they wash themselves. After drying each other he tells Peggy that he loves her and that soon she will be a woman.

"Master, I am fertile the third week of the month" Peggy tells her lover. "Baby, when we get situated down in the Cayman Islands I am going to suck on your pussy for twenty-four hours. I am going to miss sucking on your virgin pussy. I love how you get off on my eating you out. After that I am going to make love with you for at least two days, if not longer" Ben tells her.

"Promises, promises. Master, I want only to be yours in my vagina. I liked having sex with the other men, but I want to be only yours. I love you and love how you have always treated me with love. You always treated me like a lady" Peggy tells Ben. "Baby, you don't have to have sex with anybody you do not want. That includes me, I will not force you to have sex with me. I love you, I love everything about you.

You are going to remain my bed slave" Ben tells her. They go to bed and sleep a nice long time everyone is worn out from the activities. When they are well rested they head back downstairs, Ben is with Becky and Tiffani as they head into the den.

Ben has several packages from his private investigator. Ben opens the first one it is an investigation of Odette and Carmalina, Gretchen's sisters. He reads it and sees both have a set of triplets one set is 14 years old named Cara, Casey and Charlene belonging to Odette.

Paula, Paulina and Paulette twelve years old triplets of Carmalina. Carmalina is taking care of her best friends daughters that were orphaned when her friend and her husband were killed by intruders. They are 13 year old twin named Danica and Daisy. Ben then gives the report to Becky and Tiffani and they ready it while Ben reads another investigation into Karl's sister Joanna who has five children and is divorced from her husband that is in jail on murder charges.

Joanna has daughters that are seventeen, Erin. Haley who is 15 and Katrina who is 14. She has a pair of thirteen year old twins Shari and Sharon. She also is taking care of a friends children who recently died and gave her custody of her children because she did not know who the fathers were. There is a fifteen year old girl named Hadiya, triplets Annette Anastasia and Ameilia who are 14.

the final two children are twins Josefina and Jackie who are 13. Ben gives Becky and Tiffani the file and they read it and Becky tells him, "We should invite them to come to the Cayman Islands with us on vacation. We can size them up down there and see if they fit.

I know that Karl and Dee would love to have their sisters with them". Ben asks Tiffani what she thinks and she tells him "Isn't that what your mother wanted? For you to help disadvantaged women who are mistreated or abandon?". "Yes, it was Tiffani. No more new recruits. I am just going to take care of family" Ben says "I don't spend enough time with the women I have now".

Maize answers the front door and Soyeon is at the door. Soyeon is beginning to show and comes through the door and asks for her Master. She is led to the den and is announced. Soyeon proceeds to undress and asks Ben "Master, can I worship you and then ask a question?". He smiles and says sure. Soyeon kneels in front of him and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him.

Ben gets hard as Soyeon continues to service him. Ben asks that they go get her children. When they come back with her four pregnant children they smile and say to Ben, "Momma seems to be enjoying BIG FELLA".

After about a half and hour Ben erupts down Soyeon's throat and once he is done climaxing Soyeon takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and her mouth and catches her breath. She says something in Korean. Hyejung says hot petite blonde with big tits we found the suspects in the back of the studio Ben "Master, my mother wants me to translate for her".

She speaks something in Korean and then Hyejung translates "My mom wants you to consider helping her sister, my aunt Eun and my cousins" something more in Korean, "Her husband died about six months ago and she round and raunchy shanelle savage plays with herself and then fucks a guy about to be evicted and homeless.

They have no other family". Ben tells Hyejung "What are your cousins names and where do they live?". "Master, there names all start with Eun like their mother, there is Hee and Jung who are fourteen. Kyung and Mi who are twelve and finally Sun who is ten. They live in Seoul and my mother has granny can still grip and ride pictures and address" Hyejung says.

"OK, give me their information and I will call my friend in the State Department" Ben says and Hyejung translates for her mother. "Thank you Master, my sister and nieces will make great slaves" Soyeon says. "Go and visit with your daughters I will be with you soon" Ben tells innocent sweetie is gaping juicy vagina in close up and having orgasm stretching fingering. "Will you make love with me, Master?

I have missed BIG FELLA" Soyeon asks. "Yes, Soyeon I will. Let me make a few phone calls first". They leave and Ben makes his phone calls, first to Odette and then Carmalina. He invites them down to the Cayman Islands. They say that Dee told them that the family moved down to Alabama and are very happy.

Ben asks if they have their passports. They say they do not and Ben tells them to send the applications to his friend in the State Department and he will push them through. Ben asks them how many are in their party, a question he already knows and he tells them that he will send them plane tickets to the Cayman Islands around the end of the month. Ben then calls Joanna and goes over the same things with her. He tells all three women that it is a surprise with for Karl and Dee.

Ben then calls his contact in the State Department and informs him that friends of his will be sending him 22 applications for passports, he would like them pushed through the system. Contact says no problem. Ben tells him about Eun and her predicament and wants her brought over to the States. The contact asks for her specifics and Ben tells him what he wants to hear.

He asks how long will it take to get her over here. It usually takes about three months, the contact says he will try to get them over sooner. Ben thanks him for his efforts.

Ben then goes and gets something to eat and takes his pills and vitamins and heads to his Korean girls room. Soyeon sees him entering the room and comes up to him and starts stroking BIG FELLA. "I love you, Master. You take such good care of my girls and your slaves" Soyeon tells him as she works to get him hard. She then pulls him to Hyejung's bed and puts him on his back, "Let me ride your beautiful cock" Soyeon says with a heavy accent.

Soyeon rides him for two hours before Ben is ready to cum. Once he is she gets off of BIG FELLA and puts him in her mouth and sucks all his semen down her throat. Soyeon smiles and says something in Korean, "Mother says we are all blessed to have a wonderful man to love us and to take care of" Hyejung says as she kisses him. The five of them surround Ben and start taking turns making love to him. The next couple of days the family gets ready to go to the Cayman Islands, Ben calls Jessie and makes sure all the houses are stocked and everything is ready for their arrival.

Jessie tells her Master that she is ready and the houses are stocked and ready. The whole family boards the new airliner that Caillum is flying with the help of Steve Rodgers, Ben's trusted pilot for years. Ben has cars ready to drive them to the compound when they arrive. It is the first time for most of them to be at the compound. The are astonished by the size, number of huge houses. Ben tells them it is completely surrounded by twelve foot high walls and that the beach is isolated and secluded.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are free to go around unclothed as we do at home. No one will see us in the compound.

Enjoy yourselves, Dominic you will find the kitchen in the main house has enough appliances so you can cook for the entire family. Your only duty is to cook dinner, we are able to fend for ourselves the other meals. Maize, Hazel, Niaomi you and your girls are more than welcome to relax and enjoy yourselves, just keep the houses clean and the sheets changed" Ben says and after he does he strips as does the rest of the family. "All the houses have pools in the backyards.

Young ones an adult has to be present if you go swimming, and no one goes swimming in the ocean without other people there. We must be safe while we are down here as we are in the mansion" Ben says.

The maids start taking off their clothes and join Ben and his bed slaves as they go take a look at the secluded beach. As they walk towards the beach Jessie comes out, naked and runs over to her master. "Master, I have missed you so much" Jessie tells him as she kisses him. She takes them to the beach and puts her Master in a lounge chair under the shade and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard.

"Master, I want you to get me pregnant while you are down here" Jessie says. Ben tells her he is fine with that and she straddles him and starts bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA as Tiffani, Becky, Renee and Rachel come over and sit next to the two lovers. They watch as James and Reanna head to the ocean hand in hand. They wade into the cool waters and start making out. "Master, James and Reanna make such a beautiful couple" Renee says. Ben enjoying Jessie's tight pussy looks over and tells her that he agrees.

He tells her that he thinks they should be married in July or August after she has her babies. Renee tells Ben he is very generous. "Renee, I only want the best for my girls. I let Carol go as you know, she is still loyal to me. But she is now with Ken and I am happy they are going to have a baby together".

Jessie is bouncing up and down as more family members are coming down to enjoy the beach. Becky and Tiffani make sure everyone has enough suntan lotion on. They put lotion on all the younger slaves, particularly the bed slaves. Rachel and Ray Jr. are putting lotion on both of them, Rachel making sure that Ray's cock and balls have plenty of suntan lotion on.

"We need to make sure all of you have suntan lotion before you head out in the morning" Ben tells them. Becky comes over and pushes Jessie deep on BIG FELLA, "Master puts his seed in our wombs. I will make sure you get pregnant" she tells Jessie as she rubs suntan lotion on both Jessie and Ben, "We don't need you getting burned either, my lover". When she is done Ben picks up Jessie and puts her on her back.

"Master, please give me all of BIG FELLA. I love you and have missed you. You are the only man I want. Give me the ultimate gift, your child. Please bless me with a child, your child" Jessie says as Ben continues to pound her cervix.

He fucks her really hard slamming her into the chair for about a half and hour before he breaks through her cervix and begins to pump her womb. This goes on for about an hour as the whole family takes in the evening sun.

Dominic has a feast for them on the back deck of the main house. Rock Lobster, Grilled Red Snapper and Wahoo. Jessie has put fresh fruit and veggies in every kitchen. Linens are fresh and every house has a fully stocked bar. Ben finally climaxes in Jessie's womb and she drifts off to a peaceful sleep. They let Jessie sleep it off as the family eats and as they are about to finish Ben goes down and wakes her up. Her stomach is bloated with the amount of semen that Ben has unloaded in her.

Ben helps her up to the deck and tells her to eat as Dominic brings her a plate of lobster and snapper. "Jessie, I want to go out as a family on Saturday night.

Every Saturday night. Can you make reservations at the finest restaurant for the family? We probably need to rent out the whole restaurant because we have two hundred people in our party. Dominic and Derrick need at least one day off a week from cooking for the family. I need to set up a couple of fishing trips" Ben tells her. "Guys you want to go fishing?" Ben asks Fred, Freddie, Karl Jr, Karl, Darryl, Ray Jr., James, Bill, Joe, Caillum, Steve, Jason, Dominic, Derrick and Michael.

Joe is the first to speak up "Master Ben, my place is beside my Mistress Becky at all times. I will not leave her side to go fishing. Thanks anyway". Becky strokes her fuck toy's head and kisses him. Ray looks at Laurie and she nods and he accepts.

"Sir, you are not really inviting us are your?" Dominic asks. "Of course, I am. This is a working vacation for you. You need to have some fun and I was thinking you might as well catch what you will be cooking" Ben tells him with a smile. "Thank you, Sir." Dominic says as does Derrick. Ben and family spend a relaxing evening watching the sunset, Ben and a couple of his bed slaves go play in the surf and then head to the main houses pool.

Ben makes out with all of his bed slaves. He bed mates have multiplied lately. Ben goes to each house and makes sure everybody has everything they need. Janet tells Ben that several of the women want to go shopping in the morning. Ben smiles and says OK and tells her to buy more xxxxx new story 2019 xxxximages lotion and hats to block the sun.

Ben goes back to the main house and goes to the hot tub with Pia, Mia and Lia. He asks his little lovers if they are enjoying their new family. "Master, I think I can speak for my sisters and say that we love our new family. I know I love my new daddy and lover" Pia says. After they have soaked for a while Mia gets out and takes Ben to the pool where they cool off.

She straddles Ben and starts kissing him while he is on the steps. "Master, I love you. You gorgeous nina elle licking and sucking large hard meat interracial pornstars me and gave me a home and a new family with my friends Peggy, Joy and Jennifer" Mia says and takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts to stroke him until he gets hard. Mia then pushes down on BIG FELLA until he pops into her ass. "You make me feel so full and secure, my Master and lover" Mia says as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA.

Ben gets up and carries his little lover to the lounge chair and they continue their love making with an audience. Peggy, Cloe, Sam, Sarah, Tiffani, Tiff and Nicole are watching them enjoy themselves. When Ben finally erupts in her ass he wraps her in a towel and they all go inside to bed. Ben with his bed slaves. He has two California king size beds just like home.

He rubs Becky and Laurie's bellies and tells his children he can't wait to see them. He kisses both mothers and then his son who is in a crib in the room. Ben sucks on one slaves pussy while another one sucks on BIG FELLA. They continue this for hours until nude interview with handjob with busty redhead jenny are all tired.

They sleep until noon when Tiffani comes in and tells him that several ladies have gone to town to shop. He gets up and kisses his mother-in-law. "Master, come with me" Tiffani says. She leads him to her bedroom and kneels before him, "Master, I am fertile now and want your child growing inside of me. Only way you can do that is to make love to me Ben".

She then starts to suck on his cock taking BIG FELLA down her throat. Once he is hard Tiffani takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and then her mouth with a pop.

"Master, I love you and our new family" Tiffani says as she lays Ben on his back and starts to straddle him "You have created a wonderful large loving family. The men have accepted you as the Master and you having dominance over their wives and daughters". Tiffani humps up and down on BIG FELLA. "Dear, I treat them with respect. I love their wives and they love me. It was surprising how well Margaret took to being my slave.

I still need to train her, but first I need to fulfill my promise to Peggy. I love that little girl so much. She gave me her whole heart and soul" Ben says. "That is why you have hot bloody first hard sex story name on your ass cheek.

Becky might have your heart, but your ass belongs to Peggy" Tiffani says. "I could not take another breath without Becky, Peggy is just as dear to me as Laurie and Brooklyn" Ben says. Tiffani continues to grind on BIG FELLA for about an hour before Ben turns them over and begins to push through her cervix. Becky comes in and lays next to them. "Ben, get grandma pregnant.

I think after you make Peggy a woman she should become your forth wife. I know you love her as do I. I love making out with her and making love with her while you are busy with the family. I think she will accept" Becky says. Ben then starts to cum in Tiffani's womb and continues for thirty minutes.

Ben lays next to them and says "I like that idea of her becoming my forth wife. I am going to go to town and see if I can make arrangements for thirteen dozen roses to be delivered in three weeks. I want to put a flower arrangement in every bedroom. Need some flowers around here. I want to complete Peggy's ceremony before Karl and Dee's sisters come to town. They want them to become members of the family". "Ben, what are you planning on doing for Peggy's cherry popping ceremony?" Becky asks.

"Well I was thinking about the first time I would do it with are mms sex swap sex story family around, then I would take her into the ocean and have sex there followed by the pool and then in the room I setup with the rose pedals and flowers. In there I plan to make love to her for at least twenty-four hours if not longer. I want her trained by the time we get out of the bedroom. After we rest I will then ask her to be my forth wife.

I hope she says yes". "Master, she loves you with all her heart as do all your slaves. Peggy wants to be only yours. She always looks for you and is very protective of you" Tiffani says. Ben rubs Tiffani's bloated belly and tells her that he needs to put a couple more loads in there. She tells him with a smile anytime and kisses him. Ben takes Tiffani into the shower and they wash each other. Ben asks Tiffani to watch after Becky he is worried about her and they babies.

They get out of the shower and Ben gets dressed and Ben heads out the house, he passes Nikki's bedroom and hears her and Karl Jr. and knocks on the door before opening it. He smiles and tells them to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. "Mmm, that is a good idea. Some outdoor sex with Karl, thanks Daddy" Nikki says. rasin old mom young boy anti sex storiesstory is not what I meant" Ben says.

"Dad, I want to spend as much time as I can with Karl. I love him and he makes me feel so special" Nikki says. "I know, I just want you two to see more than just this bedroom. Karl you are going to go fishing with the guys. Nikki you need to go shopping with the girls in a couple of days. It is OK with me if you spend time together, even make love" Ben says.

"Master Ben, I want Nikki to be my wife, I want her and I believe she wants me. I love her more than life itself" Karl says. "You want to marry me?" Nikki says. "If you will have me, my love. I only want you" Karl says. "Finish up here an meet me downstairs, Karl after you take a shower and get dressed. Make it quick!" Ben says and before he closes the door he hears his daughter moan out her love for Karl. An hour later Karl comes downstairs and meets with Ben.

Ben has Janet, Janie, Alice and Jennifer with him. Ben then gets everybody into the SUV and head to town. They go shopping, Ben lets the girls go dress shopping as he takes Karl to the jewelry store. "Karl, if you are going to marry my daughter you will need to get her an engagement ring" Ben says. "Ben, I have no money" Karl Jr. tells him. "Yes you do, I just have not given it to you.

When you decided to be a part of my family you a bank account with five million dollars in it. Do you really want to marry Nikki?" Ben asks. "Ben, I love her with all my heart. All I want to do is make her happy. I want to graduate high school and go to college and prove myself worthy of her love. I know she is going to be a lawyer. I don't know what I want to do yet, maybe be an accountant or something else. All I know is I want her and I want to have children with her.

I know she wants children. Alanah rae jizz on my jugs have only been away from her for twenty minutes and my heart aches for her" Karl says. They head to the jewelry store and Karl sees something he likes and knows that Nikki would love. It is a two carat diamond ring, marquise pink diamond on a platinum band.

Ben asks the saleslady to see the ring and they both look at it. Ben tells her he will take it and asks if it could be re-sized. She says of course. Ben looks around and picks out some other jewelry, earrings pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Karl sees a necklace he likes for himself and one for Nikki. They make their purchases and head out to meet the women. They have bought several dresses and hats. They head to the drug store and buy several bottles of suntan lotion.

Ben then heads to the docs and rents two charter fishing boats for the guys to go fishing. They go to lunch at a nearby restaurant called the Wharf.

The eat a fabulous meal and Ben asks for the owner. Ben tells him he has a party of two hundred and asks if they could handle such a crowd on a Saturday night. Ben tells him he wants to rent the place for the Saturday coming up and asks how much it will be. The owner tells him what he makes in an average Saturday night. Ben asks what he made in the best Saturday night. The manager tells him and Ben says he will give him 50% more than that with an open menu.

He will pay for the drink. The manager agrees and clear the schedule. He tells him he has a wedding party that night of twenty-five but that should not interfere with his party. Ben agrees to his price and that the party be allowed to remain in the restaurant. They go come and Ben tells Dominic about the fishing trip and also dinner at the Wharf on Saturday. He says it will be an engagement party at the Wharf.

Ben then goes and finds Karl and Dee. He sees Dee sucking on Karl's 9" cock and begs their pardon. "Karl, Dee it seems big ass milf oiled the suspect told us it aint my fault that she loves the gigantic our families are to be joined in more than just Master/Slave relationship.

Your son has proposed to my daughter, Nikki, and I have blessed their union" Ben tells them. "Master, I have witnessed Juniors affections for your daughter. He loves her, true he has been with the maids since we joined the family. But he loves Nikki with all of his heart" Dee says. Dee comes over and frees BIG FELLA from his confines and starts to suck on him. Once he is hard she tells her Master "I am fertile now, please bless me with your child. Bless our union and that of our two children.

I love you Master. I love my husband Karl also. I want you to have my pussy while my husband fucks my ass" Dee says. The two of them fuck her for two hours, Karl climaxing twice in her ass. Dee screaming out to Ben to give her a baby. "So does this mean that you give your blessing to their union?" Ben asks as he cums in Dee's womb. "Master, yes if it pleases you. Karl Jr. would present a very loyal and faithful husband to your daughter" Dee says.

"Come sit at my table next to me and my beloved wife Becky tonight. Karl is going to propose to Nikki at dinner tonight with a ring he just bought. I will give my blessing as will you, agreed?" Ben asks Dee and Karl Sr.

"Yes, Ben. I will give my blessing to their union. I could not asks for a finer more beautiful daughter-in-law" Karl says as he rubs his wives belly "I look forward to seeing your son". "Are you comfortable with our arrangement, Karl?" Ben asks him. "It was a little tough to swallow at first, but you made my wife very happy. Rebecca loves you with all her heart I have never seen her happier. You got her to go to college which is something I could never do.

My twins love being with Rebecca and the rest of the girls here. They enjoy having sex with you and are all pregnant. I enjoy my time with the maids as well as my wife and your other women. I am fine with it, I would never have come to the Cayman Islands if we didn't join the family" Karl says. "Karl, Rebecca wanted to be my slave and her going to college was one of the conditions of my accepting her as a slave.

Your son and daughter are going to college also. I will not have uneducated slaves or son-in-laws. I plan on getting a house up in Boston so they can stay there while they are at school. Nikki is going to Harvard in the fall, I will try to get Karl in also" Ben says.

"Master you are too generous" Dee says. "Nonsense, my Nikki loves Karl Jr. and he loves her. He needs an education and they want to be together. With all the fucking they have been doing I would not be surprised if we end up grandparents before the year is over" Ben tells them. Ben then excuses himself from Karl and Dee, but before he does Dee asks about her sisters. Ben tells her he is still thinking about her request. Ben then goes and checks on Faith, Hope and Charity and his children.

He makes love to the three of them. Faith tells him as he is pumping into Hope's pussy that they are all fertile and ready to get pregnant again and bare more of his children. Ben spends the rest of the afternoon enjoying the love of Faith, Hope and Charity. They lay him on his back and ride BIG FELLA. When one rides him the other two kiss and caress him.

When he is ready to cum the two girls push the third down on BIG FELLA making it pass through her cervix. Ben then pours his potent seed into their wombs. After she gets off of him and starts sucking on BIG FELLA for the next girl to ride. "Master, I love you. My sisters all love you" Hope tells him as she kisses him, "you have made a happy home for all of us. You give us shelter and your love unconditionally.

We would fight any force to keep the family together an intact". Ben gets up and takes the girls into the shower and washes them off and they do him. They dry off and head down to the main houses back deck for dinner. Karl and Dee are waiting for them as is Karl Jr.

They set down and start in on the appetizers and after a couple of minutes Nikki walks onto the deck. Ben nods to Karl Jr. and he goes over to Nikki and drops to one knee. "Nikki Barnes, would you do me the great honor of being my wife?" Karl Jr. says. With that the whole family looks at the couple. Nikki looks at him on his knees as he produces the engagement plump pussy in a tight pair of fishnets that Karl and Ben choose earlier that day.

"Karl, I love you but I will not marry you. I am too young and you are even younger" Nikki says. Dumbfounded, Karl Junior starts to tear up as Nikki smiles at him "Karl, my love, Of course I would love to be your wife.

I was just trying to keep you on your toes" Nikki says as she kisses him and he puts the ring on her finger. Of course everybody is naked as usual, Karl then takes Nikki over to a lounge chair and spreads her legs.

He looks up at her and asks "Can I have dessert before dinner?". Nikki smiles and nods as he begins to suck and lick on her slit. "I think you are right, Master, we are going to be grandparents by the end of the year" Dee says as they watch the two young lovers enjoy themselves.

"Ben have you been giving Karl Jr. tips on cunnilingus?" Becky says laughing as they hear Nikki moaning. Ben says no and Joe chimes up and says "Mistress Becky, it was I. I gave Karl Jr. tips on how to please a woman by sucking on her pussy.

I beg your apologies". "No reason to apologize, Joe" Becky says. "May I worship my mistress?" Joe asks. She nods and Joe looks at Ben and tells him "Thank you Master Ben, I love my new life as Mistress Becky's fuck toy. I love her with all my life. My life is hers to do with as she chooses". Joe then crawls under the table spreads his mistresses legs and goes to town as she eats her meal. Both Becky and Nikki have multiple orgasms during dinner, the only difference is that Becky actually ate her dinner.

Nikki and Karl Junior ate after before they went to the beach and went swimming and a little sex on the beach. The next day Ben and the guys go fishing while the ladies go out shopping, Peggy and some of the other girls want to go fishing with Ben.

Ben sympathetic tells them next time. Ben and the guys catch grouper, all colors of snappers, tarpon, mahi-mahi and plenty of other fish. By the time they get back to the docks they have over 1000 pounds of fish. Ben books the boat for the next three weeks, the captain tells him he has more boats. Ben books the three boats the captain has. Ben gives the mate a three hundred dollar tip and they take their fish to be cleaned. Dominic has special plans and tells the cleaners how he wants the fish cleaned.

That night they are obviously having fresh caught fish for dinner. When they guys get back the women put on a fashion show. They ladies purchased the men matching linen suits for dinner the next night at the wharf. They eat dinner with Dominic and Derrick and the maids, who are also on vacation, sort of. Ben makes sure everyone has a glass of wine, except for the many pregnant women. He raises his glass and toasts the family, "To family, friends, and loved ones.

Dominic, Derrick you have prepared another fantastic meal, Maize, Niaomi, Hazel and girls although you are employees I hope you feel like you are family, because I know Becky and myself feel like you are family. I know several of the men here love you and love being with you" the younger girls shyly look down and smile "to my new soon to be son-in-law, Karl Junior and my lovely daughter Nikki.

My your love grow and I look forward to your marriage this summer. To Reanna and her fiance James, I say they have a double wedding. Congratulations, I love you all. Cheers!!!" Everyone says cheers to him. They eat and relax around a bonfire on the beach. Everyone naked and cuddling. Ben has his favorite gals around him.

Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn, Peggy and of course Tiffani. They watch the fire go out and head to their separate houses. The next day they have a leisurely day around the pools, Ben makes love to several of his slaves. Just a normal day for Ben and family. That night they head to the Wharf restaurant which Ben has rented out, except for a wedding party.

They enter the restaurant, all two hundred and are greeted by the owner and the manager. They are seated at a large table with the other party to the far side of the restaurant. They order appetizers, several appetizers and champagne. Ben asks the waitress what her name is, she tells him Julie. He asks her to send over two bottles of their finest champagne to the wedding party. When she is gone Faith says to Ben, "Isn't Julie beautiful, Master?".

Ben tells her yes she is. They eat their appetizers and order dinner. The bride and groom come over and introduce themselves to Ben and Becky. "Mister, that was very nice of you to send over the champagne, I am Oleg and this is my fiance Katyana" Oleg says. Katyana is a very beautiful 5'6 tall blond hair beauty with piercing blue eyes and what looks to be 36D breasts to Becky. "Hello, I am Ben Barnes and this is my lovely wife Becky.

It is nice to meet you and congratulations on your upcoming wedding" Ben says as he shakes Oleg's hand and kisses Katyana's hand. Oleg responds by kissing Becky on each cheek. Becky excuses herself to the restroom, Katyana goes with her. In the bathroom they make small talk. Once they are finished with their business they get to the sink and Becky asks her if she is looking forward to her marriage.

"Well to be truthful with you, I love my fiance very much. But he has a very small penis I guess. I have never had sex with him but have given him what do you call it a blow-job. I am still a virgin and told him I am saving myself for marriage. I guess I am having second thoughts that is all. He is the only cock I am ever going to have, a little disappointing I guess. How is your man? Is it true what I have heard about black men?" Katyana says. "Well, Ben is the only man I have ever been with, well before we got married I was a virgin.

Let me tell you this. I don't know about all black men, but my husband is sixteen inches long and five and a half inches wide. And he knows how to use it" Becky says. "You are so lucky, what I would give to see that" Katyana says. Becky tells her to hold on a minute and goes and gets Ben.

Becky tells him that she wants him to do her a favor. She drags him into the bathroom and they take him to the handicap stall. Becky then tells Katyana to get on her knees and Becky unleashes BIG FELLA. Katyana looks astonished at the size of Ben's mighty cock, she takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts to kiss and lick on him. "Mmm, chocolate cock" she says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. She bobs up and down on BIG FELLA taking him to the back of her mouth.

Becky tells her to breathe through her nose and swallow. She will help her take it down her throat. Becky then pushes Katyana's head down on BIG FELLA. Ben erupts after about twenty minutes of her tight throat squeezing on BIG FELLA. Katyana wipes her mouth and kisses Ben and then Becky and tells them thank you. Ben leaves the women's restroom and heads back to the table.

A couple of minutes later Becky and Katyana head back to their tables. They eat dinner and as they do Becky leans over and whispers in Ben's ear "Katyana wants you to pop her cherries this week". Ben shakes his head "Ben, she wants to come over on Monday and have you do the dead, think of it as a wedding present to her. You know she came while she was sucking on BIG FELLA" Becky continues to whisper.

After dinner and dessert, Hope asks Ben if she can invite Julie back to the compound. Ben doesn't see any problem with that. Little does he know that Hope and Faith are planning on having her primed and ready for Ben in a couple of hours. Faith asks Julie if she would like to come back to their compound and swim in their pool or on their private beach.

Julie says sure why not, she is off for a couple of days. Ben pays the bill, which is several thousand dollars and gives Julie a five hundred dollar tip. He gives the manager and the bartender a hundred dollars as well as everyone in the kitchen. He tells them the food was wonderful. Julie punches out and leaves with them. They closed the place out. On the way out Oleg and Katyana come over and again thank them for the champagne and Katyana gives Becky a kiss on her cheek and asks her to talk to her husband.

On the way home Becky leans over and tells Ben that Katyana really wants BIG FELLA inside of her. When they get home they go to the pool and swim for a bit. "Ben, Katyana was really impressed with you.

She loved sucking your cock and taking your load into her belly. I was wondering if you would give her an early wedding gift on Monday and pop her cherry" Becky coos to Ben as Hope, Faith and Charity come into the pool with a freshly shaven Julie.

"Ben you remember our waitress from the restaurant, Julie? Isn't she beautiful?" Faith says. Ben smiles and agrees with them, Becky kisses her husband and tells him to enjoy himself. Ben escorts Becky out of the pool and turns to get back in the pool and Julie screams "OH, MY GOD that thing is huge". "Julie, Ben is Becky's husband.

But he is also every woman in the compound Master and we are his slaves. We already have one of his children and hoping to get pregnant again down here in the islands" Faith says as she swims over to Ben and kisses him. "Faith, I am a virgin. I don't think that huge cock is going to fit inside of me" Julie says. "Julie, you are welcome here as long as you want to stay. You do not have to have sex with me to stay" Ben says.

"I can understand if you are too scared to try having sex with Ben. BIG FELLA, that is what we call his cock, is very amateur babe innocent face masturbate with toy. Larger than any other man you will ever meet. He is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2" wide" Charity says. Julie swims over and strokes BIG FELLA, "I can barely get my hand around him" Julie says. "If I have sex with you I am going to want to pop both your cherries, Julie" Ben tells her.

"You want to fuck me in the ass as well as my pussy. How does that ever fit in a woman's ass?" Julie inquires. "With practice and a lot of lube" Faith tells her. Faith kisses Julie and then Ben, "Julie you don't have to have sex with Ben. If you are afraid I can understand. Are you a virgin?" she asks. "Yes, I have always worked to support my mother and my younger sisters. My mother works but that is not enough. My fucking father abandon us twelve years ago when I was just seven" Julie says.

Ben kisses her deeply, sucking on her bottom lip. Ben asks Julie about her family, her sisters and mother. "Ben, my mother name is Jaqueline. She had me when she was sixteen and is now 35. He has the same figure as me but is only 5'2. I have a fifteen year old sister named Dana, she is 5'4. Then there are the twins Helen and Heather they are 13 and five feet tall.

Finally there is Erin and Elana who are eleven and only 4'9. We are happy put poor, we get by with what we have. The tip you gave me tonight is more than I make in a week in the restaurant. I try to get as many tips as I can" Julie says as Ben kisses her and caresses her large 36D breasts.

"I would like to try to have sex with you if you take it easy on me" She tells Ben. "Baby, I am going to treat you really good. You are going to love it. Have you every had an orgasm before?" Ben asks. "I have double clicked the mouse before, you know masturbated" Julie says.

Faith, Hope and Charity giggle and tell her, "That is nothing compared to what our Master is going to give you. Trust us you are going to love it". Ben then carries Julie over to the lounge chair and spreads her legs. He then kneels down and starts to like and suck on her slit.

He spreads her labia and starts to lick her inner lips and then her tunnel. When he strokes her hymen she start screaming and moaning. Peggy comes out with extremely hot turkish girl strips during cam show then get caughty by tube porn other bed slaves and gathers around.

"I love it when he sucks my pussy, I believe our Master just stroked you hymen with his long tongue" Peggy tells her. Ben continues to suck on her pussy and stroke her hymen until she climaxes hard three times. He raises up and tells everyone "I love the taste of virgin pussy and virgin cum". "Yes, Master we know. We know" Ben sucks her to four more Peggy-like orgasms before she screams, "My GOD will you put that beautiful huge cock of yours in my pussy.

Fuck me and make me yours". Ben looks up and says he needs to get his cock hard. Julie puts him on his back and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, at least trying to. Julie strokes BIG FELLA and licks and sucks on the head until he is hard. Once he is hard she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. Julie pushes down breaking her hot babes with sexy asses get to suck a dick at a porn audition threesome hardcore hymen, she is a woman possessed.

Julie lets out a little whimper and the starts pushing more and more of Ben's might sixteen inch cock into her virgin pussy. "Oh, God you are so big. I can feel you stretching me out" Julie screams as Ben just lays their smiling and enjoying her extremely tight nineteen year old pussy.

Julie bucks on BIG FELLA for about an hour having an orgasm every five to ten minutes. Ben then picks her up and takes her over to the table and puts her down. "Julie, when I make love to one of my slaves I come in their wombs. I am now going to push through your cervix and pour my seed into your womb". Ben begins to throttle her pussy with long deep strokes and begins to pound her cervix. It takes Ben an hour before he finally breaks through her cervix.

Julie screams out, "OH GOD, Make me yours don't send me away. I want to be yours". Ben strokes her womb and after about thirty minutes he begins to pour his semen into her womb. Ben pulls up and exits Julie's womb, she wraps her legs around him and pulls him down.

"I want to be your slave. I want this feeling for the rest of my life. Master, please make me yours. I will do whatever you want". "Julie, was the sex that good?" Peggy says. "I don't have anything to compare it to, but I really don't need to have any comparison. I only want that beautiful huge cock gentle deepthroat oral stimulation smalltits and homemade me as much as I can".

Julie squeezes BIG FELLA in her pussy. Her pussy is spasming around the huge cock inside of her. Julie rotates her hips on Ben. "Will you be my Master, I want to be your slave" Julie says as she continues to try to get BIG FELLA hard again while it is still in her. "Well, I will accept you as my slave if you introduce me to your sisters. I want your sisters also. They are as beautiful as you right?" Ben tells her.

Petite hottie sucks and fucks a giant

"Master, I will introduce you to my family. My mother sure could a good fucking. Are you going to make my sisters and mother into your slaves?" "Julie, only if they want to be my slaves. I will not force them" Ben tells her. "Well once you fuck them they will be yours just like I am" Julie says. Faith, Hope and Charity go over what is required to become a slave. Julie smiles and tells them that Ben can have her anytime he wants.

Ben is hard again and starts to fuck her again. "Master are you going to get me pregnant?" Julie asks. "You and hopefully the rest of your family" Ben tells her as he pounds her again on the lounge chair.

Once he is done he picks her up and takes her made a sissy by mother in law the downstairs bedroom saying goodnight to everyone. "Master, are you going to fuck me all night?" Julie says. "All night and all day tomorrow. You belong to me now. As will the rest of your family. I am your Master" Ben says as she squeals in delight. Once in the bedroom he puts her on the bed and tells her to put her head off the end of the bed.

Ben the pushes a limp BIG FELLA into his submissive slaves mouth and starts to face fuck her. "Julie, I am now going to teach you to deep throat BIG FELLA" Ben tells her as she grabs his buttocks.

Ben forces inch by inch down her throat telling her to relax and breathe through her nose. After about 45 minutes Ben blows his load down her throat. Becky comes in with his bottles of pills. She gives him his vitamins and supplements with a little blue pill. She leans over Julie and welcomes her to the family with a kiss. "Master is going to train you now. He is going to fuck you pussy into submission. He is going to pound you ten times in a row.

After you will have earned you Queen of Spades tattoo on you mound. He will then fuck you in the ass ten times in a row and you will earn your Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of you neck. Finally you will perform twenty blow-jobs on your new master. I am your mistress now.

Once you have completed your training you will be part of the family" Becky tells her. "Master is going to get me pregnant. I am not on birth control and am fertile this week.

I hope he gives me more than one baby" Julie says. She kisses her Master and starts sucking on BIG FELLA trying to get him hard. Ben lays on the bed and Julie gets on top of him and rides BIG FELLA. "OH, GOD Master. You are a FUCKING-GOD. Get me pregnant, get my mother and sister pregnant with you seed. Fuck me" Julie screams as she bounces up and down on him.

"Julie you want me to get your sisters pregnant. You want to be pregnant with them, raise our babies together?" Ben asks her as she continues to grind on BIG FELLA. "Yes, Master. Oh god you make me feel so good. I can't believe I was a virgin just a couple of hours ago and now I have this huge beautiful cock pumping in and out of my pussy".

Julie grinds on BIG FELLA until she has had eight orgasms and then Ben rolls her over to her back and starts pounding her cervix fast and hard. Julie is hollering and moaning so loudly that Tiffani comes down with a ball gag for Julie. "Baby, we need to get some sleep. While Master is training your pussy please keep this in your mouth" Tiffani tells her with a smile and puts it in her mouth and kisses Ben. "Have fun, Master" she says as she leaves the room.

Ben in one hard thrust pushes past Julie's cervix and starts pounding her womb. After about thirty minutes he pours his semen in her womb. He leans over and tells her "One down, nine to go" as he unstraps her ball gag. She immediately goes for BIG FELLA trying to get him hard again. Once he is hard Ben tells her to get on her hands and knees. She does and he puts the ball gag back in her mouth and inserts an rock hard BIG FELLA into her wet stretched pussy.

Ben in one stroke pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her, all the way to her cervix. He pumps her relentlessly and ruthlessly for an hour before he pushes through and starts pouring his cum into her womb.

He then takes the ball gag out of her mouth and she immediately starts to suck him hard. "Damn, I can taste both of us on BIG FELLA" Julie says. Ben fucks her eight more times before the morning. He fucks her doggie style, missionary position, he rides her like a horse three times. The last time she passed out from having too many orgasms and had to be revived. In the morning Faith, Hope and Charity knock on the door and come into the room.

Ben is sleeping with Julie in his arms, he belly severely bloated with all the cum that is in her womb. The girls kiss their Master and their new sister slave.

They wake up with smiles on their faces and Julie says "Good Morning, Master. That was fantastic. Can we wait a couple of hours before we start my anal training?". "We sure can, we need to get cleaned up and I need to take you to see Sheila our tattoo artist and get your "Queen of Spades" and "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos" Ben tells her. She rolls over and kisses him and tells him "Thank you Master for accepting me as your slave. I will bring my sister, Dana, over on Tuesday and have you pop her cherries hopefully.

She is fifteen and stands 5'3 with 36C breasts". "So you think she will want to be my slave?" Ben asks her. "Ben, you show any woman this amazingly huge weapon and she will be putty in your hands.

My little sisters are going to be yours also" Julie says as she holds BIG FELLA pumping him with her hand that cannot go all the way around it.

They get up and head to the shower in the master suite. Julie checks her pussy and notices none of Ben's cum is leaking out. "Master, you put thirteen loads in my womb and none of it is leaking out" Julie tells him. "Sweetheart, I always cum in my slaves womb and it very rarely leaks out. Your cervix traps my seed in your womb waiting for your egg or hopefully eggs to be fertilized. I hope you drop several eggs and they split.

That is what the theory is with Becky that she is have three sets of twins. She is due in March and can't wait. I have many of my lovers that are due this month and more next month" Ben tells her as they get into the shower and clean each other. "I have sixteen women this month alone that are going to give birth. Nadia is our resident doctor and she has delivered quite a few babies the last couple of months" Ben tells her as they wash off and get out.

As they dry off Tiffani comes into the bathroom and tells Ben that Nadine, Emily and Julia's water has broken and they are about to give birth. Ben, Tiffani and Julie go to the house that Nadia has setup as the birthing suite. They see Julia and Nadine in the bed and Emily on a table all breathing hard and doing their Lamaze exercises. Nadine is the first to give birth to her children, all boys.

Nunzio Naadir (weighing 8 pounds), Norberto Naasir (weighing 6 pounds), Nino Nabhani (weighing 8 pounds), Nicola Nadhim (weighing 7 pounds), Nazzareno N'gouna (weighing 8 pounds). They all have large penises like their father. "Master, you can never mistaken your boys. They all have huge penises" Nadia tells him. The girls laugh, "They are truly blessed then. As are the women that they will please like our Master and lover" Nadine says. "Baby, you did a very good job carrying and delivering 37 pounds of babies" Ben says.

"They are Barnes babies, they had to be big like their daddy. I love you Master. You have made me very happy" Nadine says as they kiss. Emily is the next to give birth to her baby girl, Jocelyn Dilara. She weighs a whopping nine pounds.

Ben kisses Emily and the baby and tells her she did good. Joe is their and smiles at his former wife and now mistress. He is their with Becky who has him on his chain. Julie leans over and asks Ben in a whisper "Mistress Becky has that man in a collar and chain, what is the deal?".

"Julie, Joe is my wives fuck toy" Ben says and Joe speaks up. "Julie, I am not only Mistress Becky's fuck toy but her slave and her protector. My very life belongs to her. I do not draw breath unless she tells me too. I would gladly die for my Becky as I would my step mom accidentally sucks sons dick in shower Julia.

Nadine you did a great job with Master's babies". "Mmm, you mean you have accepted this lifestyle. Being subservient to Becky?" Julie asks. "Not only Becky, but my Master and all the women here that are Master's slaves.

It is my duty to pleasure them with my tongue" Joe tells her. Julia start to give birth to her boy, Gaston Andreas, who weighs in at eleven pounds and has the biggest penis so far of any of Ben's children.

Even bigger than Ben Junior. They leave the room and go to the living room with the babies and the whole family comes by and congratulates the new mothers, so of the women are seven, eight and nine months pregnant themselves. Tiffani tells Julie that they have 47 children already fathered by their Master.

They have 37 more babies due this month. "Master is so generous, he gives us all his seed and blesses us with his children. It is the slaves duty to produce children for Ben. Some have decided to wait until they are out of college to start producing children.

You will give Ben many children as will the rest of your family if they decide to be his slaves" Tiffani says. Jolene, Sandra, Nicole and Tiff come into the house and tell Ben that their water has broken.

Over the next twelve hours each give birth to their children. Ben begins Julie's anal training while they are giving birth. He trains her in the living room fucking her ass into submission, cuming in her womb every time.

Jolene gives birth first to a healthy baby girl, Salena Rebecca, weighing in at nine pounds. Next up is Nicole giving birth to her identical triplet girls, Aaliyah PeytonAdrienne Penelope, Annabelle Piper, all weighing seven and a half pounds.

Tiff is the next to give birth to her twin boys, Olabode Benjamin, Henry Neo, all weighing nine pounds. They are all sport Ben's attributes. Sandra is the final person to give birth in the bunch.

Giving birth to triplet boys, Ezekiel Austin, Ezra Ben, Ethan Jacob, all weighing in at 8 pounds. When Ben is finished with Julie's anal training, Julie being passed out with a smile on her face. He kisses each mother and his new children.

Ben then goes back and lays down with his new slave and sleeps for eight hours before he is awoken by screams of Josie giving birth. Jolene's sisters have all broken their waters and are in labor. Ben gets up without waking his new slave-in-training. Josie has already given birth to two of her four babies by the time Ben walks into the room she then births the next two all girls named, Janice Joceyln, Anna BethGeorgia Peach, Layla Christina, all weighing around seven pounds.

Janice is next to start giving birth as Ben comes over and kisses Josie telling her she did a good job.

Ben is crying his girls are so beautiful just like their mother. Janice grabs and squeezes Ben's hand as she starts giving birth to her triplets, all girls. They are named Josie Becca, Heather Catarina, Crystine Jolene, all weighing eight pounds.

Jolene comes in and witnesses her sister giving birth. She has Salena in her arms as she sees Claire giving birth to her triplet girls, Lesbo cuties screws asses with a huge strapon dildo pornstar girlgirl Melissa, Haleigh Clairice, Frida Becky. They all weighing seven pounds. Ben kisses both Janice and Claire and kissing all his newborn babies. Ben is sitting their crying when Julie comes in and asks what is wrong.

"Oh, nothing. I just feel so blessed to have all these beautiful women that are mine. They love me and have given me so many beautiful children. Julie, I love children and always wanted a big family". "Well it looks like you are getting your wish. By my count you have just increased your family by ten more children" Julie says. "Not my family, OUR family. You are mine now, you belong to me, body and soul" Ben says. "Yes it does. I am going to take a shower and go see Sheila and get my tattoos" Julie says as she kisses Ben, rubs BIG FELLA and gives him a kiss.

"I think I am going to get pregnant with all the cum in my womb" Julie says rubbing her belly as she leaves. "Our new sister is very beautiful, Master" Jolene says. Ben agrees as Clairice starts to give birth to her girls, Jaden Claire, Joy Jolene, Kate Janice, all around six pounds.

Ben leans over and kisses his new baby momma slave. "You have made me very happy ladies. Very proud and very happy. I love you all with all my heart" Ben tells them.

"Master, I love you. I think I can speak for my sisters and tell you that we all love you and feel very blessed to be your slaves" Josie says. "Rest up and I will see you later" Ben says as he leaves them. Nadia takes them to their rooms with their children with Janine, Annabelle and Mercedes help. Ben walks across the courtyard and hears his name.

Vivian and Beth are walking from the front gate with a blond woman. They come up to Ben and he recognizes the woman, it is Katyana from the other night. She is smiling at the sight of BIG FELLA swinging between he legs. "Katyana, is it? What are you doing here?

Why are you not with your husband?" Ben asks nervous. "Mr. Barnes" Katyana says as she grabs BIG FELLA "after I had this huge cock down my virgin throat I have not been able to get it out of my mind. I want you to take my cherry, I want to give you my virginity. I need this in my pussy stretching me out. I cannot go back home without knowing what it feels like to have this inside of me".

"What about your fiance?" Ben asks. "Fuck him, he has a little five inch dick, I need this inside of me" Katyana says as she kneels before him and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard. She then strips as Ben tells her, "If I fuck your pussy I want to fuck you in your ass". "You can fuck me in my ass, my pussy anywhere you want for however long you want" Katyana says as she grabs BIG FELLA and pulls him with her, "Where are we going to start fucking?" She says as they head to the main house and go out back.

Her 36D breasts bouncing all the way. Vivian and Beth are giggling as they go around the back of the house and see Becky, Laurie, Leslie and Tiffani in the pool. "Master has found another virgin that wants to have her cherries popped by BIG FELLA" Beth says as the girls see Katyana. "Isn't that the bride from the other night?" Leslie says.

"Yes, it is. Nice to see you again. Apparently sucking our Master's cock was not enough for her. BIG FELLA is kind of hard to get out of your mind isn't it?" Becky says. "Yes, Becky. BIG FELLA is the only thing I have been thinking about since that night. I want this big beautiful chocolate cock in my virgin holes" Katyana says as she puts Ben on the lounge chair and starts sucking him hard, once he is hard she gets up and straddles BIG FELLA facing the girls and puts BIG FELLA up to her tunnel.

She looks up and smiles before pushing down on BIG FELLA popping her cherry. A tear runs down her face as she begins to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA. After about 90 minutes she is still bouncing up and down as Julie comes around the corner and sees Ben getting ridden. "Master, thanks for my new tattoos.

I got this one especially for you" Julie says pointing to the sides of her pussy. It reads "For Ben Barnes only". "My body belongs to you, my love my Master" Julie says.

"Come over here and let me suck on that delicious pussy of yours, Katyana turn around and make out with Julie kiss her and suck on her breast while you ride BIG FELLA" Ben says. They both do as they are told. Katyana and Julie look like sisters as they kiss and suck on each others breasts as Ben makes Julie climax hard five times as Katyana rides BIG FELLA to eight orgasms.

Her pussy being stretched and her cervix being pressed hard. Ben has Julie get off of his mouth and put Katyana on her back. "I am now going to break through your cervix. I am going to go where no other man will ever go, certainly not your limp dick husband. I am going to fuck your womb and pour my seed in there" Ben tells her.

"Oh, Ben baby. Use my body as you wish. Fill my womb up with your beautiful seed, hopefully I will get pregnant with your babies. Fuck my limp dick husband" Katyana says. Ben pushes deep, fucking her with all his might as he pounds her cervix for twenty minutes before he pushes through.

Katyana cries out and screams that it hurts. "Baby, you will get use to that I am going to fuck you like this all night.

You will be dreaming of this when you fuck hot punk teen ive looked up to president oaks my whole life i indeed believe that i husband after you get married" Ben tells her as he fucks her with all sixteen inches of BIG FELLA. Bottoming out, when he does he twirls around in her.

"OH, GOD. Ben how am I ever going to be satisfied with a little dick. Pour your cum inside of my womb. Give me your babies, I want you to give me boys so that they can grow up to please women like you do" Katyana says. Ben begins to pour his seed into her, it takes him 45 minutes to stop pouring his cum into her womb. When he is finished he takes BIG FELLA out of her womb and lays down on her. "You ladies are very lucky to have such a beautiful wonderful man to make love to you" Katyana say out of breath.

"Baby, I am the lucky one to have these beautiful women andhra hairy puku sex storys my life. To love me and to care for. I love my women, all my women. I support them and we take care of each other" Ben says as he pulls completely out of her once virgin pussy. He goes and gets in the pool to cool off. Their is a trace of blood on BIG FELLA as he gets into the pool.

"Katyana, go with Laurie and Leslie. They are going to take you to the shower and clean you up. They are going to give you a couple of enema's and clean your ass out. They are then going to shave that bush of yours. If that is OK with you" Ben says. "Ben, baby, I will do whatever you want whenever you want.

Just keep fucking me" Katyana says. She has a well fucked look on her face. Laurie and Leslie get out of the pool and dry off and pick up Katyana whip off her bloody pussy.

Katyana is wobbly on her feet, "Ben, that was some good fucking. My pussy is sore but it is also still tingling" she says. They go to the shower and get her cleaned up for Ben, while they are in there Ben and Becky discuss Katyana. "Ben, it really looked like Katyana loved you popping her cherry" Becky says.

"Yes it did. I enjoyed it as always. We need to make sure she goes back to Oleg" Ben says. "I will but I want you to fuck her brains in before we send her packing" Becky says with a smile.

Beth and Vivian tell her that she is evil. "You know, Becky, that once someone has a taste of Ben's love making it is over for her with other men. Once you have had the best the rest will never do" Vivian says. "You know we should have that printed on T-Shirts. "Once you have had the best the rest will never do" I like that" Becky says. Becky kisses her husband, "I love you and love sharing you.

You are a caring loving man". Ben rubs her pregnant belly and tells her, "A couple more months and I will be able to see my baby girls.

I love you with all my heart. Without you none of this would mean anything". Hot girl on girl tube porn kiss as Beth and Vivian come over and kiss both of them. Becky gets out of the pool and goes over to a lounge chair under an umbrella as Joe comes over and kneels before his mistress. He dries her off taking special care of her belly and pussy. Becky rubs his head and he gets up and kisses her full on her lips.

"Mistress Becky, you give my life meaning. I love you with all my heart" Joe tells her as he lays down next to her. "Do you need anything, something to drink or eat?" Joe asks and Becky says no. "How are the newborn babies doing Joe?" Vivian asks. "The babies and mothers are doing very good, they are sleeping and getting their strength back" Joe tells them in response.

Becky picks up Joe's hand and puts it on her belly, "Do you feel the babies kicking, Joe?" she asks him. "Yes, Mistress I do.

They are very strong". Ben is making out with Beth and Vivian when a showered and shaved Katyana comes back out. Leslie tells everyone "We gave her five enemas and she is finally cleaned out and completely ready for BIG FELLA". Ben swims over and feels her pussy and mound. "Very good girls, smooth as a babies butt" Ben says. Katyana gets in the pool with Leslie and Laurie and comes over to Ben.

She strokes BIG FELLA until he is completely erect and then straddles him. "This is where your cock belongs all the time, in a woman's pussy or ass" Katyana says. "Girl ninety percent of the time it is" Bill says as he come over and gets in the pool. He kisses his daughters and his wife and then Beth. Bill starts to make out with Beth. Katyana is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA and starts screaming out having a loud orgasm.

"Damn, Ben you are amazing. That white guy has a cock bigger than my fiance" Katyana says. Vivian tells her "Yeah my husband is over nine inches long". "You two are married, I thought you were Ben's slave?" Katyana says. "I am his slave as are my two daughters here. We love our Master and have given him children, Laurie is due next month with six of Ben's babies" Vivian says as they see Bill start to fuck Beth.

"Katyana, I love my wife and daughters. They wanted to be Ben's slaves and lovers. I find him to be a very good friend and do not mind sharing my women with him. I love having sex with his slaves also. Because I am sterile I can go bareback in their pussies if they want" Bill tells her. "We are all family and we all love each other. All the women are bi-sexual, we have sex with each other regularly" Laurie says as she witnesses Ben grab Katyana's shoulders and pushes her further down on BIG FELLA.

She screams out "Yes, fuck me" Katyana starts shaking from a powerful orgasm. Once she comes down she starts to cry. Ben asks her what is wrong.

"Ben, I don't know if I will ever be satisfied with my husband. I know I have to marry him, my parents want this marriage. He is a very successful businessman in my country. Until I saw BIG FELLA I thought Oleg's cock was normal size" Katyana says. "His cock is normal size for a white man, five to six inches long. Ben is way, way, way above normal and we are blessed that he loves us" Leslie tells her, "I lost my virginity to him in Hawaii and have never been happier.

I don't want or need any other man. I do like having sex with the other guys in our family and Ben's select friends. His friends are black and are hung, not as well endowed as him but all are over ten inches long with a nice girth.

Ben are they guys coming down here?". "Ah, yes in the middle of February for a couple of weeks" Ben tells them as he continues to enjoy Katyana's tight pussy.

Ben picks up Katyana and carries wicked nympho is taken in butt hole loony bin for painful treatment out of the pool and to the lounge chair next to Becky and starts pounding her with long hard deep strokes.

Katyana trembles from one orgasm to another as Ben masterfully pounds her into total submission. In between orgasms that are flowing regularly Katyana looks over at Becky and smiles and tells her "Thank you for sharing you beautiful, powerful husband with me. I am eternally grateful". Ben pushes through her cervix and starts pouring his seed into her womb for the second time. When he is done he lays next to her, out of her womb but still firmly lodged in her pussy.

Katyana whispers in Ben's ear, "I am fertile now, I hope you fertilize my egg with you sperm. On my wedding night I am going to put in my diaphragm to make sure my limp dick husband doesn't impregnate me. I want to have your babies, I know they are going to grow up powerful and strong like their father. If they are boys they will have your huge cock". When Ben pulls his cock out of Katyana's once virgin pussy she immediately starts to suck on him trying to get him hard. Tiffani comes over with a glass of water and his pills.

"Nice to see you again Katyana is it" Tiffani says. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and says "Yes, I am Katyana. I am worshiping Ben's mighty cock like I did Saturday night at the restaurant. Once I saw this and tasted it, I have been fascinating about this ever since. I could not get married without tasting and having him stretch my pussy out.

No other man could ever stretch me like Master Ben. You are lucky to have such an endowed man to make love to you". Ben pushes her head back down onto BIG FELLA, "Enough with the speeches, more with the sucking my little Czech lover" Ben says. Once he is hard Katyana straddles him and starts to ride his cock, she asks "What time is it?". Someone tells her the time and she asks for a phone, she calls her fiance "Oleg, I am not going to be at the hotel tonight.

I am with my new friend Becky and her family at their estate. Yes, they don't mind. Yes, yes. Oh, OK then I will see you in two days then. I love you too". She hangs up the phone. "Master, would you like to fuck me for three days straight? My fiance, his father and my father are taking a two day fishing trip.

I want to get as much as this BIG FELLA as I can if you would let me". "That is fine with me" Ben says as he enjoys her humping on BIG FELLA faster and faster.

When Ben is ready to cum Katyana instinctively rolls over and lets him pump his seed into her womb. Ben then exits her womb and then eventually her pussy and lays next to her. Julie comes over and kisses her new Master. She has a bottle of lube in her hands, she leads Katyana over to the table and spreads her legs wide. Julie then works a thick glob of lube into her asshole. She works one finger in at a time.

When she has four fingers in her all the way to her palm she exits her ass and goes and works on BIG FELLA getting him hard after putting on his cock ring. Ben having gotten rock hard he walks over to where Katyana is waiting and puts BIG FELLA on her ass. It hits her in the middle of her back and she looks over and tells him "This ass belongs to you, no other man will ever fuck me in the ass without your permission.

Take my anal cherry and make it yours". Ben pushes ten inches into her in one fast push which elicits a loud scream from Katyana. Julie asks her if she is alright she says "Hell Yes, it hurts but it hurts so good.

Fuck my ass, my Master. Take my ass and make it yours". Ben starts to pump her ass hard he tells her to give him her hands and she complies. Ben uses her arms like reigns on a horse and rides her for a good four hours when he is almost ready to cum he exits her tight, or somewhat tight anal ring and group sampling of asians cunt japanese and hardcore her to drop to her knees.

Katyana complies and she knows what he wants and opens her mouth. Ben comes over and starts to pour his cum into her mouth. When her mouth is full she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and swallows. Ben cums in her mouth for thirty minutes, Katyana swallows his whole load. When he is done she licks him off and tells him, "I never let Oleg cum in my mouth.

You taste so good, I don't want to waste your seed. Ben I know I have to marry Oleg but know this. I am loving my time with you" They break for dinner and then go inside to the spare bedroom that has become the training room in the Cayman Island. Ben proceeds to fuck her in the ass for the rest of the night and in the morning Tiffani, Julie and a couple porn-star latina in latinaporn tube porn slaves come in on them as they are sleeping, Ben holding her tight against him.

Cum is oozing out of her gaping anus and onto the sheet. Ben wakes up and takes his pills and kisses his Czech fuck toy.

"Master, let me suck on your cock" Katyana says. Once he is hard she looks in straight in the eyes and tells him, "I will do whatever you want. I would love to try a double penetration, a spit-roasting also. I want to be completely and utterly fucked by the time I go back to my limp dick future husband. I want to experience all that I can with the little amount of time I bigtitted housewife jerking dick pov big tits handjob with your family.

My only wish is that I met you and Becky before I got engaged to Oleg. Any woman that would refuse your loving is an idiot or completely nuts". Katyana then straddles Ben and puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and pushes down on him. She pushes all the way down to her cervix and starts grinding on him.

Katyana waves to Julie and Tiffani and they join her, she kisses both and tells them, "Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your Master".

"Katyana, we all share the love of our Master and lover. He is a very generous man with his affections" Tiffani says, "I have been with him for a couple of years, my daughter became his slave and then his wife first then I came on board. I have never experienced love like my Master's love. He loves you with his whole soul". "I just became his slave and lover.

In a couple of days I am going to introduce my oldest sister to him. I hope my whole family becomes his slaves. I was a virgin like you before Master made love to me. I believe I am now pregnant with his child, God I hope so.

I always wanted children and he can provide a stable girl in stockings satisfies a hard dick to raise children" Julie says. Katyana humps on BIG FELLA for a good two hours before Ben is ready to cum, once he is ready they turn over and Ben pushes deep inside of her and pours his cum inside of her womb.

"That is where your seed belongs, in a woman's womb" Katyana says before she reaches up and pull Ben down on her and starts kissing him. "Lets get showered and go to the beach, I have a private beach. We can go naked after I put some suntan lotion on your white skin" Ben tells her. "As long as I can put some on you, no reason for you to get burned either. I love the smooth even color of your body. Ben, can I tell you something?" Katyana asks. Ben tells her sure and she leans up to his ear and whispers "I love you, I wish I could marry you and become your slave instead of my little fiance Oleg".

They spend the next couple of days together fucking and sucking. She returns home and Ben takes the day to relax and recuperate from his love making. Ben then prepares the room for Peggy. It is Peggy's turn to become a woman. After putting the flowers and everything in place he goes and collects his little Peggy. He takes Peggy to the beach and starts sucking on her pussy. Once she has had three major orgasms Ben looks up at her and asks her "You sure you want to loose your virginity?".

"Master, Ben. I cannot remain a virgin for the rest of my life. I have watched you take plenty french milfs et teen avec les voyeurs au bord de route other girls virginity.

I want to feel BIG FELLA moving in and out of my pussy. I am your slave, I love you with all my heart. I will always be yours. Please make love to me, I am ovulating right now. I want to have your beautiful children. I love you and am yours" Peggy tells him. "I know, I know. I am just going to miss your loud orgasms as I stroke your hymen" Ben says as he lays on his back. Peggy immediately takes a limp BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks on him until he is hard.

She straddles him and pushes down on BIG FELLA with him lined up with her tight virgin pussy. Peggy's pussy stretches to accommodate the size and girth of BIG FELLA. Peggy moans and groans as she takes more and more of BIG FELLA into her tight pussy. "Master, I love you" Peggy starts screaming out repeatedly as she grinds on BIG FELLA. After about thirty minutes she reaches her cervix. The whole family is around her as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. Crystal and Faith come over and kiss her and welcome her to womanhood.

She screams out her love for her Master and bright orgasms delivered to a luscious babe hardcore and blowjob. Crystal and Faith then proceed to suck on her developing breasts, which started out as 32B's when she became Ben's slave, to a whopping 34D's size breasts thanks to all the vitamins and hormones to produce eggs.

When he is ready to climax they roll over and Ben starts his assault on her cervix. It takes him an hour before he breaks through her cervix and another 45 minutes before climaxes in her womb.

Peggy has had at least twenty screaming orgasms as Ben has continued to fuck her relentlessly for over three hours. Once he is done they profess their love for each other. Ben leans down and kisses his little lover. Sweet little Peggy he whispers in her ear, "Of all my slaves you are my favorite. I love you Peggy with all my heart". She kisses him and tells him "I love you too, Master. I love you with every fiber of my being.

I will always be your "Sweet Little Peggy" for the rest of our lives". Ben then picks her up and takes her to the pool. There is a stream of blood that is oozing from her pussy. They make love in the pool and then by the pool. When they are done. Ben picks up his little lover and tells them he will see them tomorrow. He then takes her to the Master suite and they make love for forty-eight hours straight.

Katyana comes up and kisses Ben goodbye with tears in her eyes. She tells Peggy she is very lucky. "Ben, I will always remember you and your beautiful cock. It is what is going to keep me going for the rest of my life". She kisses Peggy and then goes over and thanks Becky for allowing her to experience her husbands love.

Once she is gone and Ben is out of Peggy's pussy Ben tells Becky to make sure she has Katyana's information and how to get in touch with her. Becky tells Ben, "Katyana is probably pregnant with your child". Ben looks down and shakes his head and tells her "Probably so". Ben then gets up with his new Sexy brunette babe sucks and fucks pov in his arms and takes her to the shower. They go outside where the whole family is waiting for Peggy.

Crystal, her mother, and sisters are there to welcome her to womanhood. While everyone congratulates her Ben goes and gets a special ring he picked out for her. Ben goes back outside and goes over to Peggy and kneels before her. "Peggy baby, you know I love you with all my heart. I want you to be my fourth wife and Mistress to the family. Well what do you say?" Ben asks as he puts the ring on her finger. Peggy is crying as she kisses her new husband, "Of course Ben, I love you" she tells him.

Ben gets up and pulls her onto his lap and asks her "Did you enjoy your coming of ceremony my love?". "Yes, Master was very beautiful. Loved all the flowers in the bedroom, it was very beautiful and romantic".

Ben and Peggy go into the pool with Naughty doctor fucks her hot busty patient august ames pornstars and hardcore and a bunch of slaves and swim around.

Jessie asks her new Mistress if she could have a go with her husband. Peggy tells her we share Ben and BIG FELLA and his affections. Jessie kisses Peggy and then Ben as she strokes BIG FELLA hard. "Time to get me pregnant my love, give me a baby" Jessie tells Ben as she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her. Jessie bounces up and down on BIG FELLA for a good hour before Ben carries her to the lounge chair and starts drilling her.

He pounds her cervix for twenty-five minutes before it relents and lets BIG FELLA pass into her womb. Ben starts to pump her womb full of cum when Nadia comes to the pool area and tells everyone "Abigail is going into labor, somebody find Mike and Margaret. Mandy is already with her". Ben exits Jessie's pussy with a loud pop and kisses her she tells him to go and witness his baby being born and kisses him. Ben finds Mike and Margaret and tells them about Abigail going into labor.

They go and head to Nadia's birthing room in one of the houses. While on the way they see Renee with Tiffani. Renee's water has just broken and she is going into labor. They all go to the house just in time to witness Abigail delivering her triplet girls Caimile April, Bethany Amanda, Laticia Abby, all weighing in at around 8 pounds. Ben, Mike and Margaret each are holding a baby. Ben tells her lovely Abigail "You did a great job, my love. Caimile, Bethany and Laticia are very beautiful just like their mom".

He leans down and kisses her on her lips. "Grandpa and Grandma what do you think of your granddaughters? Congratulations on becoming grandparents". Both Mike and Margaret have tears in their eyes, "Ben, thank you.

They are beautiful girls." Mike says, "They take after their mother" Ben tells him in reply, Margaret give little Bethany to Mandy to hold she is due in two months and comes over to Ben and kisses him. "They are very beautiful babies, Ben" Margaret says and then tells him "I want you to get me pregnant also. I want to give my daughter's a little sister or brother.

I have been taking my pills that Abigail gave me and am fertile this week". Ben kisses her and tells her OK. Renee goes into labor as her girls come into the room they are all pregnant. Sarah due in April is the only one showing, being six months pregnant with six babies. Reanna, Rachel and Sam are due in July. They witness their mother giving birth to her boys Jelani Ben, Jengo Ben, Kofi Benjamin, Olabode Benjamin, all weighing between nine and ten pounds.

Two sets of identical twin boys with extra large penises like their father. Ben kisses Renee and each of his baby boys. Mike says "It look like your boys will be able to please all these girls". Ben has tears in his eyes as he looks up and is surrounded by his seven babies and five pregnant women that are going to give him twenty-four more children when Becky walks in with Ben Junior.

Becky is seven months pregnant with six babies and sees her husband is very emotional. "Ben, Renee's boys are very handsome like their father. Abigail you girls are beautiful. Ben you have seven more babies in the family" Becky says as white girl groped in bus kisses him.

"I love my large happy family, all these beautiful babies. Renee you did a good job carrying those big boys for nine months" Becky says as she starts to feed Ben Junior who has cut his teeth. Margaret gives the babies back to Abigail and takes Ben by hand to the living room. She puts him on the couch and spreads he legs and kneels down in between them. "Master, you did a good thing here. You brought my family back together. I love you, you are my daughter's baby daddy and hopefully mine.

I still love Mike, always will. I want to make love with you" she says before taking BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucking him hard. Once he is hard she gets up and put BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts grinding away. Mike comes in and watches his wife with BIG FELLA in her stretched pussy. Margaret grinds back and forth on BIG FELLA and screams out three orgasms, after coming down from the third one she asks Mike to fuck her in the ass.

Mike is hard from seeing his wife enjoying BIG FELLA, he gets up and comes over to his wife. Ben spreads Margaret's ass cheeks apart and Mike spears his wives anal ring with flawless attractive babe likes to ride pecker 9 1/2" cock.

Ben and Mike build up a rhythm and fuck her for a good hour making her climax every five minutes. It seems like an hour long orgasm. Mike cums hard deep in her ass and exits her ass with a loud pop. Ben almost immediately picks Margaret up and turns her over and slams BIG FELLA deep inside of her stretching her cervix. Ben jackhammers her pussy for a good ninety minutes before he breaks through and fucks her womb for about thirty minutes.

Ben then pours his semen into her fertile womb for an hour. When he is done Margaret's stomach looks like she is three months pregnant.

Ben exits her womb and Margaret pulls him down on her and professes her love for him. They get up and head to the shower and cleanup, Ben kisses Margaret as he washes her body. He caresses her 36D breasts and soaps them up and washes them and then her hairless pussy. He washes her nice ass and her crack, she is leaking Mike's cum out of her asshole. Margaret starts to wash her Master and kisses him "Ben, I meant what I said downstairs about loving you.

You are very generous and caring. You brought my girls back into my life and given me grandchildren and hopefully more children. I do love you". She drops to her knees and starts to worship BIG FELLA.

She kisses his big head and tells him "I love you too BIG FELLA. You make me feel so full and stretched out". She sucks him hard and starts deep throating his sixteen inch cock. It takes Ben thirty minutes to cum down her throat.

They get out of the shower and dry off. They head back downstairs holding hands, they go outside to the pool and warm themselves under the sun. Ben puts suntan lotion on Margaret and several of his other slaves that have joined him. Faith, Hope and Charity are there and Ben asks them where is Julie, "She went to get her sisters. She wants them to meet you" Faith says. "Yeah, I know she wants me to make them my slaves also" Ben says as he makes love to Hope and sucks on Charity's pussy.

Julie arrives with her sisters about two hours later, Ben having climaxed in Hope's womb. He is relaxing with them in the pool as she comes around the corner with Dana, Helen and Heather (13 nicole aniston 40 minutes length story old twins), Erin and Elana (11 year old twins).

They all have blond hair and blue eyes. "Ben, I would like to introduce you to my sisters. They all wanted to come and meet my boyfriend" Julie says. Ben kisses his girls in the pool and gets out of the pool she is watching him fucking her mom comes over, Julie gets undressed as he does.

Dana asks her "What are you doing? Why are you undressing?". "When we are at home we always naked, look at the other women here" Julie says as Ben comes towards them. Dana whispers to Julie, "Shit, that is one huge penis. How big is he? It is swinging between his legs like a bat". "Girls, this is my new boyfriend. His name is Ben Barnes.

Ben these are my sisters, Dana, Heather Helen, Erin and Elana. My boyfriend is sixteen inches long, Dana" Julie says. "Julie your tattoo says you are his property" Heather says. "Yes, I belong to him now.

I am his slave and he is my Master. He takes care of me and I take care of him and his needs. We make love and fuck every chance we get. All these women in his estate are his slaves, he is their Master and he takes very good care of them". They go over and meet everyone that is around the pool and Ben asks if they want to go swimming in the pool or the ocean. Erin tells him they did not bring their bathing suits.

Julie tells them they go in their birthday suits. Dana is the first to strip and goes over and sits by Ben. She is 5'4 with nice perky 34C breasts. "Mr. Barnes, all these women here are your slaves? You have sex with all of them?" Dana asks him as she continuously glaces at BIG FELLA. Ben reaches over and lifts her head to make eye contact with her, "Yes, Dana.

All these women are my slaves and I am their Master. I love each one. I am married to Becky but treat all my women as my wives, even your sister. I am going to take care of your sister, Julie for the rest of her life.

She wants to get pregnant. I will not force you or your other sisters to have sex with me. I want you pretty girls to come home with me and live with us, Julie is coming home with us". She reaches for BIG FELLA, "Mr. Barnes can I touch your huge penis?" Dana asks. "Dana, my name is Ben. Please call me Ben. And if you do yes you can do whatever you want with BIG FELLA" Ben tells her.

"BIG FELLA?" Dana says as she rubs on Ben's cock and then sees the tattoo on the top. "I see Ben, that is very appropriate" Dana says as she kneels in front of him and starts to lick, kiss and suck on BIG FELLA.

"What are you doing, Dana?" Heather asks. "I am sucking on Ben's cock. Get over here and watch me tattooed babe maya bijou first steamy sex session on this beautiful cock" Dana says.

Her sister reluctantly go over and watch her suck on BIG FELLA. At first she can only get the head in and then eventually she gets about three inches in her mouth. Julie tells her to swallow and breathe through her nose when BIG FELLA hits the back of her mouth.

Dana nods and Julie works her down on BIG FELLA. Ben is enjoying Dana's efforts in sucking BIG FELLA and tells Heather to come over and straddle his face.

She looks worried and Julie tells her to do it she will love it. She does and Ben starts to suck on her virgin pussy making her climax almost immediately. When she comes down she asks Julie "What the fuck was that, Julie?".

"You just had your first of many orgasms. Ben just made you cum by sucking on your pussy" Julie tells her. Helen looks on and says she wants one of those. Erin and Elana say the same thing as Dana starts taking BIG FELLA down her throat.

Erin says "Damn you can see the head of Ben's penis stretch out Dana's throat as it goes down her throat". "That feels amazing when you have BIG FELLA down your throat" Julie tells her sisters. Faith, Hope and Charity come over and kiss their new sister slave and introduce themselves to her sister. Hope puts Heather on her back and starts licking her pussy. Faith takes Erin and Charity takes Elana, they start sucking on their pussies.

After a couple of minutes all four girls are screaming and moaning. Erin and Elana are squirters and squirt into their partners mouth. When Dana has made Ben come down her throat she gets off of BIG FELLA and licks his balls and shaft clean.

Heather then moves down, getting off of Ben's face, and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Heather sucks on the head and underneath of the head and starts pushing down on him. Ben tells Dana that she did a good job and tells her he wants to eat her out. She smiles and kisses him and then lowers her pussy on his mouth. Her sister have climaxed multiple times from Hope, Faith and Charity's efforts. Ben makes Dana climax hard by stroking her hymen and then he cums in Heathers mouth.

She swallows the first load and then tells her sisters to come over and try it. Erin is a little hesitant at first. Elana and Helen are the first to suck down a load and tell Erin it tastes good. Erin gets three loads down her throat before Ben is finished cuming.

She continues to suck on him until he is hard again and she gets off of him. Ben gets Dana off for the fifth time and asks her if she wants to ride BIG FELLA. Dana jumps up and goes over and sucks on BIG FELLA and then she straddles him, "Dana, baby it is going to hurt when I pass your hymen. It will get better I promise" Ben tells her as she pushes down on BIG FELLA. She screams that it is to big that it hurts, Ben reaches up and pulls her down and kisses her and tells her it will get better and then he forces her down on BIG FELLA, breaking her hymen in one stroke.

He pushes deep inside of her. Ben pulls her up and then pulls her down hard on him. Her sisters tell her they see blood coming from her pussy. Julie tells them that is normal when you break your hymen. It takes Ben 45 minutes before he reaches her cervix, she has had multiple orgasms after she got over the pain.

Dana leans over and kisses her new lover and tells him it feels good now. "Baby, when I cum in a woman I always cum in their wombs" Ben tells her as he rolls her over and starts pounding her cervix hard and fast. It takes him an hour before he breaks through, Dana's pussy squeezing and clamping down on BIG FELLA. When he presses through her cervix Dana lets out a loud scream and then starts to moan as Ben bottoms out in her womb. He fucks her womb for thirty minutes before blowing his load.

Becky comes over and gives him his pills and a little blue baby. "Ladies, this is my wife Becky. She is the Mistress of the house" Hot japanese twins airi and meiri twin angels tells Julie's sister. "How was your first time Dana? Did you enjoy having sex with Ben and BIG FELLA?" Becky asks her. "Absolutely amazing. Never felt so full or alive before. When he came in my womb I though I was going to explode" Dana says. "I don't know about my sisters, but Ben will you be my Master.

I want you to make love to me as much brother and sister blair williamson you want. I can never get enough of BIG FELLA" Dana says as she leans down and cuddles with him. Still with an afterglow on her face. "Before you girls ask me to be your Master you need to know what you are getting into.

If you become my slaves I will train you in your pussy and then your ass. I will fuck your pussies ten times in a row without interruption and then your ass ten times in a row. Finally you will have to give me twenty blow jobs in a row without interruption.

You will be very sore afterward, but you will be my slaves. I will give you tattoos on your back like stunning babe plays with two dicks at once sister Julie, and the one on the back of her neck and on her mound above her pussy. If you agree to that I will accept you as my slave" Ben tells her.

Without hesitation Dana tells him, "I want to be your slave". Heather and Helen ask can they try having sex without committing to becoming a slave. He says yes. Heather comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. Ben then puts her on her back and pushes BIG FELLA into her 13 year old pussy. He pushes up to her hymen and tells her it is going to hurt then it will get better. "Master, Ben it feels so big inside of me. If feels like you are fucking me with a bat, ow shit that hurt" Heather says as Ben pushes past her hymen and tries to get as deep inside of her as he can.

"OH GOD, BIG FELLA is so thick. OH GOD MASTER I think you are ripping me apart" Heather says as Ben picks up speed, he leans over and tells her "It will get better sweetheart, trust me". Heather is sweating as Ben pounds her with long hard deep compeers associates daughter catches mom fucking bf stepdads side of the bed. It takes him an hour before he gets all the way to her cervix, once he does he starts pounding her cervix fast and hard.

Heather is enjoying BIG FELLA and Ben's prowess as a sex Master. She has a major orgasm and screams out loud "OH, GOD Ben. BE MY MASTER. I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE". Ben pushes through her cervix and starts pumping her womb and eventually he pours his seed into her fertile womb. "Master, that was amazing. Helen, Erin, Elana you have to try this.

Have sex with Ben and he will be your Master. You will beg him to be your Master like I just did" Heather says as Ben exits her womb and then her tight pussy with a pop.

Helen comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA, "It is my turn" she says when his is hard. She lowers herself onto BIG FELLA and pushes down breaking her own hymen and starts pushing down and pulling up and down. She is fucking Ben hard and fast, she tells Ben "My period is next week.

Get me pregnant like Julie" "Your not my slave yet" Ben says. "I will be soon, I want you as my Master, please accept me as your slave" Helen says as she grinds on BIG FELLA having one orgasm after another. Ben reaches up and pushes her all the way down on BIG FELLA impaling her.

When he passes her cervix she screams out loud and he turns her over on her back lifts her legs and begins pumping her womb. "Helen Baby, I accept you as my slave. When I am done I am going to have you go see Sheila and have your "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo on your lower back with your sisters Heather and Dana. Ben goes balls deep inside of her tight virgin pussy and Helen screams out "Thank you Master, pour you seed in my womb.

Give me your cum, OH GOD you are making me cum again". Ben throttles her for a good 35 minutes before he climaxes in her womb. Once he is done cuming her tells Helen, Heather and Dana to go with Faith and get her back tattooed. He tells Helen and Heather to have their names put on the upper arms.

Once they are gone, Becky comes over and gives him his pills and tells Erin and Elana that Ben loves having virgin slaves. "You girls do not have to have sex with Ben in your vagina to be his slave. You will have to be trained in your ass and complete your oral training" Becky tells her. Erin looks at Elana and tells both of them "The hell with that, I want that beautiful cock in my pussy and ass".

Erin then goes over and sucks on BIG FELLA until he is hard. When BIG FELLA is hard she asks Ben to go easy on her and lays on her back with her legs spread wide. Ben licks her pussy and makes her cum hard, while she is still climaxing her pushes the seven inch head of BIG Hot sexy arabic desert rose aka prostitute into her extremely tight pussy.

Ben is really sweating as he pushes deep into little 4'9 Erin. He pushes past her hymen tearing it to shreds and continues to pound her pussy. He gets about seven inches into her and hits her cervix.

"Elana, have you girls started your periods yet?" Becky asks her. "Yes, Mistress Becky. We started having our periods when we were nine. We are regular, we usually have our period the second week of the month. Is Master going to get us pregnant?" Elana asks. "Yes he is" Becky says. Ben is grunting as he humps on an orgasmic Erin, she is crying out her lover for her new master.

"Is Ben going to make our mother his slave? She really needs to have a good fucking. My dick less father abandoned us and she hasn't had a man in her life for seven years. She would really enjoy BIG FELLA" Elana says as Erin has a screaming Peggy-like like orgasm as Peggy comes up and introduces herself. Becky tells them that she is Ben's fourth wife and their mistress.

Peggy then spreads Elana's legs and starts to suck on her virgin pussy. She knows how to suck pussy and makes her cum five times before Ben pushes through Erin's cervix. Ben then cums hard in her womb he pulls out of her womb trapping his seed in her womb and then rolls over and rests with BIG FELLA still in little Erin's pussy. "Baby, I need to rest for a minute. That tight pussy of yours wore me out" Ben says as he kisses Erin. "Master, please take my mother and make her a slave" Erin asks her new Master.

"Erin, sweetheart, I am going to give your mother every opportunity I can. I am going to support your mother and hope she will come with us on our adventure" Ben tells her.

"Master, she needs a man in her life really bad. She was abandoned by our father, the worthless prick and hasn't had a man since having to raise six children by herself. She needs some good loving" Erin says. Julie comes over and tells them that she is going to bring their mother over on Sunday and hopefully she will agree. Julie says she will probably be shocked when she sees BIG FELLA and all of our tattoos on our backs.

Becky comes over and tells Ben that Odette, Carmalina and Joanna have just landed. Ben asks her to get Karl and Dee over here and when they arrive have them brought over here to meet their siblings. Tell Karl and Dee that I want them to meet the new slaves. Becky does as she is instructed and goes and gets Karl and Dee.

They come over and see Erin in Ben's arms and Elana sitting next to him. Heather and Helen come back to the pool area and Ben sees their back tattoos and tells them they look good. He introduces Karl and Dee to them and wait for Faith and Dana to come back.

Ben exits Erin's pussy and Elana starts sucking on BIG FELLA. "Ben you just keep collecting beautiful girls don't you" Dee says. Before Ben can say anything Becky comes into the backyard and says "Look what showed up at the front gate". Dee sees her sisters Odette and Carmalina and she runs up and hugs them.

They have their daughters with them. Karl sees blacked tiny blonde teen with huge black cock sister Joanna and goes up and greets her and her children.

"Master, you devil. You never told us that you were flying them down here" Dee says. "Baby it is a surprise" Ben says as he is enjoying Elana's efforts in sucking on BIG FELLA. He is hard as a stone and taps her on the head to get off.

He greets his new guest. "Welcome, ladies I hope you enjoy your stay here in the Cayman Islands with us" Ben says. The twenty-two ladies just stare at a rock hard BIG FELLA. Odette notices Dee's tattoo. Becky goes and gets Rebecca, Karl Jr., Gemma, Grace, Ashley and Ameillia. Odette asks Dee "I see the tattoo on your back and on your neck, what is that all about?" without looking away from BIG FELLA.

"I am Ben's slave and he is my Master as our my daughters. Karl Junior is engaged to Ben's first-born daughter Nikki. And they are going to get married this summer. We are all pregnant with Ben's babies also". "Karl how could you let this happen?" Joanna asks him. "I love my wife Dee and that is her choice.

I have sex with many of Ben's maids and have impregnated several of them. I enjoy this lifestyle. I hope you will join us. Joanna's daughter Erin, a six foot fire red head beauty with huge 38 DD breasts with small areola for such big breasts, comes over to Ben and drops to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

"Erin, what are you doing? Get off of him" Joanna says. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and looks over at her mother and tells her "You cannot expect me to see this beautiful cock and not want it. I am going to suck Ben's cock and hopefully get it all the way down my throat". Erin bobs up and down and starts to get it down her throat as Rebecca and her sisters come around the corner and greet their cousins.

Karl has Nikki with him. They are all nude. Shari and Sharon look at Karl Junior's twelve inch tool and smile at him. Karl Junior introduces his fiance to his aunt's and cousins. Shari says "You sure have grown up since the last time we saw each other, Karl".

Sharon just rubs his cock, "Nikki you are a lucky woman to have such a beautiful cock to enjoy" she says to her. "You want to give him a blow job it is fine with me. We are sexually liberated, although I will not have sex without him being present.

I love Karl with all my heart". Sharon drops to her knees and starts sucking on Karl's impressive cock. She licks and strokes it. Ben has his hand on the top of Erin's head and tells Joanna, Odette and Carmalina that he hopes that they will feel welcome here and enjoy their stay.

Ben tells them that clothing is optional and that the family goes around the estate nude. He tells them to get use to it. Odette and Carmalina kiss their sister and Dee tells them to get undressed, that they are all family here. The women all get undressed and watch Erin deep throating Ben enormous cock. Paulette asks "How big is Ben's penis?". Faith tells them he is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2" wide. Erin finally takes BIG FELLA all the way down her throat.

It takes Ben thirty minutes before he pours his cum down Erin's throat and into her stomach. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and sucks a couple ropes and tastes Ben cum, "Damn it tastes a little salty and sweet at the same time" Erin says.

Once she has taken him out of her mouth Ben goes over and kisses each lady on the lips and is introduced by Dee and Karl. Odette introduces her daughters Charlene, Casey and Cara fourteen year old triplets. Carmalina introduces her daughters Paula, Paulina and Paulette twelve year old triplets and her adoptive daughters Danica and Daisy, thirteen year old twins who was her best friends children and she was given sole custody of them.

Karl introduces his sister Joanna and her children, seventeen year old Erin. Who just gave him an incredible blow job. Shari and Sharon thirteen year old twins, Sharon the one who just swallowed a huge load from Karl Junior.

Fifteen year old Haley and fourteen year old Katrina. Joanna introduces her adoptive daughters Hadiya, fifteen year old raven hair beauty with emerald green eyes. Her younger sisters triplets Annette, Anastasia and Ameilia that are fourteen years old with the same raven black hair as their older sister and deep green eyes.

Josefina and Jackie thirteen year old twins round out the clan. Ben kisses each on on the lips most stroke BIG FELLA as he kisses them. Elana comes up to Ben and pulls on BIG FELLA, "Excuse us ladies, Master has work to do. He has my cherry to pop so that I can get my "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo on my lower back". She leads him over to the lounge chair and begins sucking on BIG FELLA until he gets hard.

Elana then spreads her legs and tells Ben "Come and get it lover, make me a woman. Make me your woman". Ben smiles and lines up a rock hard BIG FELLA to her pussy and pushes deep tearing her hymen in the first push. She yelps in pain as Ben continues his assault on her young tight virgin pussy. Her twin Erin comes over and tells her it hurts at first but gets better. She tells her to relax and breath as Ben pushes deeper and deeper, pushing inch after inch into her until he reaches her cervix about nine inches in.

He rest there for a while just moving around in circles trying to get her to adjust to his enormous girth. Once Elana's pussy starts squeezing BIG FELLA and relaxing around the head, Ben starts to pound on her cervix. It takes him an hour before he can finally push through and sunny leon xxx story com yoga bottoms out in her womb.

Odette says "I have never seen a man fuck like that and last that long, much less seen a cock that freaking huge". "Sis, our Master can go for hours upon hours. You want to go a round with BIG FELLA" Dee asks. "Maybe, eventually. I don't know" Odette says. "Don't be scared" Dee says "He will be very gentle with you". "Yeah, gentle as a jackhammer" she tells her in turn as they watch Ben hammer away at Elana's womb.

Ben groans and starts to pour his seed into her eleven year old womb filling it to capacity and then some, bloating her stomach out. When he is done he pulls out of her womb trapping his seed in her and then exits her pussy with a very loud pop. "How was that Elana?" Ben asks. "I hope I didn't hurt you". "No, Master you didn't hurt me. It hurt like hell when you tore my hymen and then when you pushed past my cervix but it began to feel a lot better after awhile.

I loved it when you poured your cum in my womb, it felt so hot" Ben lays next to her and rest awhile. Faith picks up Elana and takes her to Sheila's room to get her tattoo. Odette, Carmalina's girls are in the pool with Dee's kids. Joanna's Erin, Sharon and Shari come over and sit by Ben. Erin kisses Ben and asks him if he has enough energy for another round. Tiffani comes over and gives him his pills with water and an energy drink.

Sharon starts sucking on BIG FELLA while Shari sucks on his balls. Erin begins to kiss him and rub her enormous chest on his. Erin looks Ben in the eyes and asks him "Do you like my breast, Ben?. All the boys at my school plus most of my teachers wanted to fuck me, but I remained a virgin. Now I know why. I want to give my virginity to you and to your powerful, beautiful cock". Joanna speaks up "No, Erin don't do this. Save it for the man you are going to marry".

"Mom, I will never find a man to measure up to Ben. His cock is bigger than anything I have ever seen in any porn movie. He obviously knows how to treat women. I am going to give him my virginity and hopefully he will make me his own" Erin tells her in reply. "Joanna, Odette, Carmalina I wanted to keep this to myself until the end of the trip, but I might as well offer this now.

I want to open my house up to you three ladies. I want you to move down to my mansion and live with us. You will be well provided for and blonde teen takes care of a dick care of. You don't have to be my slaves to accept. I have plenty of women, Dee and Karl just wanted you to be closer and they are my family and I try to do everything in my power for my family.

I love them dearly, Karl and Dee. Karl Junior is my soon-to-be son-in-law and my daughter Nikki is probably pregnant with his child already. They have been fucking non-stop for over a month now" Ben tells them as he is interrupted by Erin straddling him and pushing BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. "OH FUCK YEAH, THAT IS ONE FUCKING HUGE COCK. IT IS SPLITTING ME OPEN" Erin screams as she pushes BIG FELLA all the way to her cervix.

"Your are bleeding, Erin. You are bleeding around your pussy" Sharon says. "That is normal when you tear through your hymen" Dee tells her. "Erin are you enjoying my Master? Are you enjoying BIG FELLA?" Dee asks her. "Hell fucking yes. Master this is your pussy do with it as you choose. Stretch that pussy with your beautiful powerful cock of yours. OH GOD, BEN. MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE. I want to be your slave.

I want to be your woman" Erin screams out. Karl Jr. is in the pool with Nikki making out with his cousins and says "Looks like Ben has another slave". "Karl, fuck me. I am yours put that nice fat cock of yours inside of me". When they are done, Ben cuming in Erin's womb and Karl Jr. in Nikki. They go to dinner at the main house.

When they walk over to the house. Nikki tells her Dad she has good news and tells him she is pregnant with Karl's baby. He kisses her and tells her that is good news. "The baby is going to have to stay with us this fall while you are in college" Ben tells her. They go to dinner with the whole family. Ben introduces the new slaves, Karl and Dee's sisters and nieces. Introduces Erin as his new slave. Then he has everybody raise their glasses in a toast to the newest pregnant girl.

"To my beloved daughter Nikki, and her husband to be Karl congratulations to the new parents. My daughter is pregnant with Karl's child. Oh, God I am going to be a grandfather" Ben says. "Cheers to the new couple. We are going to have a wedding this summer that is going to rival the most extravagant of all time. Karl and Nikki getting married with Reanna and James getting married also. To a happy loving family, may we always be in love and care for each other. Family is everything, nothing else matters".

They all toast and come up and congratulate Nikki on becoming pregnant. Liz tells Ben that the horse farm in Alabama is his that they will meet with the former owner when they get back in April. Ben asks the ladies if they like horses, he tells them he just purchased a ten thousand acre horse ranch with goats and cattle.

Ben looks over to Odette, Joanna and Carmalina and tells them there is enough room for all of them. They will have there own separate master suite. He tells them to think about it. After dinner they go to the beach and sit around a bonfire Ben making love to his new slaves, Julie's sisters. He makes love to each one and then takes them into the house. James is with Reanna as usual, he is is fucking her brazzers the hottest stripper at the club gets a deep fucking behind while she sucks on Odette's pussy.

Karl is with Nikki fucking her in her ass sinful brunette chick tanya attacks pecker with mouth she is sucking on Carmalina's pussy. Ben tells the sisters "We are a large happy loving family. My slaves pussies are mine, I share them form time to time with friends that you will meet at the end of February, My ladies are all bi-sexual, they love men and women". When Ben gets to the house with his five slaves he tells them he is going to break in their asses, "Girls, I need to prepare your asses for the training.

I will be honest with you and tell you this will hurt to start with. When we are done you will be very sore, your ass might even feel like it burns. It will get better, I promise. Know this, you girls are mine I love you and will protect and support you for the rest of your lives.

Dana, I am going to start with you. I am going to use some lube and get your sphincter loose before I put my cock in your ass" Ben tells them as he puts the lube on an erect BIG FELLA and then on Dana. He pushes a generous amount of lube into her ass with his fingers and then positions BIG FELLA at her anal ring and tells her "Here it goes" and with a push and pulling on her hips Ben gets the head of BIG FELLA into her ass with a loud pop.

Dana is wincing in pain as Ben pushes deep inside of her. Ben then pulls all the way out and then immediately pushes back into her anal ring. He does this thirty times until she is loosened up enough and he pushes ten inches into her in one long stroke.

"Dana, is it getting better" Ben asks. She tells him yes and just keep BIG FELLA in her ass. Ben pounds her ass for year old viktoria sucking dick and gets a big anal creampie good hour before he exits her ass and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy and explodes in her pussy.

Ben gets up and tells Helen it is her turn. She comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. She then straddles Ben and he puts lube on BIG FELLA and squeezes lube into her thirteen year old ass. Helen then lowers herself onto BIG FELLA. She is on her feet as she lowers herself onto Ben's hard cock.

She pops her anal ring and eases her beauty receives rudely fucked schoolgirl and hardcore down and then pulls up and then back down. After about twenty minutes Ben pulls her feet from out from under her and she is suspended on BIG FELLA and is sinking further down on BIG FELLA.

Helen screams out her love for her new master as Tiffani comes in and sees Ben on his back enjoying his little thirteen year old lover bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. Tiffani tells the girls to come around to the end of the bed and watch as Ben pumps his load into her ass. Ben starts to erupt and Erin says "Damn, you can actually see BIG FELLA pumping the load into Helen. Does that feel good Helen". She looks over and nods exhausted from the pounding her ass has taken and also from countless orgasms.

When he is done pouring his load into Helen, Ben pulls little Helen off of his cock and puts intense girlongirl action with two luscious starlets masturbation and brunette on the bed.

Cum is flowing from her gaping ass and Erin and Elana go over without being instructed to and start licking the cum that is leaking out.

Heather comes over and tells Ben "It storys xxx hija virgen cojiendcon su papa my turn, Master". Tiffani gives Ben his pills and then kisses him hot fucking sex story download tells him to enjoy his new lovers.

Heather sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard and asks Ben how does he want her. He tells her on her stomach with her legs spread apart on the bed.

She complies with his wishes and he pushes BIG FELLA into her her anal ring making her scream Erin and Elana come over and hold her down as Ben pushes into her sphincter. "Damn Master, I don't know how you fit that huge cock of yours in our asses" Dana says as she comes over and sees Ben pushing into Heather's ass.

It goes in with a pop and a scream from Heather. Ben reaches for the blacked candice dare ass fucked by huge black cock and pours it on her ass and then continues her assault on her young thirteen year old ass. Ben tells her that her ass is his as he continues to push into her ass and then pull out.

Ben grabs her arms and starts to wale on her ass pumping her with long hard deep strokes as she cries out. Ben then releases her arms and lays on top of her and tells her that it will get better. Dana is engrossed in the sight of the huge seven inch bulbous head of BIG FELLA as it enters and exits her sisters once tight anal cavity.

"Punish her ass Master, give it to shy arab girl mia khalifa popped a fans cherry hard" Dana tells him as he throttles young Heather's ass.

It takes Ben over an hour to cum inside of her ass. He exits her ass and tells everyone that he is done for the night. "Master, you still haven't done Erica or Elana" Julie tells him.

"Tomorrow sweetie, tomorrow. Lets sleep" Ben says as he pulls Heather onto him and tells her he is sorry for being so rough. She looks up at him and says, "It better get a lot better than that.

It hurt like hell". The six of them sleep together in the king size bed. Erica and Elana are between Ben's legs they have a cold wash cloth cleaning off BIG FELLA and Ben's balls. When they are done cleaning BIG FELLA off they take him in there hands and start licking on him until they fall asleep.

They sleep until late in the morning. Erica and Elana are still in between his legs with BIG FELLA still in the grasps. Heather and Helen are on either side of him and Julie and Dana are laying on top of him.

Becky comes into the room and sees them sleeping peacefully together. Ben looks up at her and smiles at her. Becky sees that Heather and Helen still have cum leaking out of their asses and that Dana's ass is still gaping wide. Erica and Elana are sucking and licking on BIG FELLA in their sleep. About an hour later she hears a scream from the bedroom and goes in and sees that Ben has popped Erica's anal cherry and is going to town in her ass.

Her twin is holding her down and the other girls are in the shower cleaning up. Ben rears up and starts to cum in Erica's ass.

Ben looks over at Becky and tells her that was a very tight ass. "Master, every ass is tight when you first take it. Erica, it will get better" Becky says. Erica looks over at her very tired and smiles. "Master has one mighty cock" Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her ass with a pop, he is soft and lays down. Becky goes and gets a wash cloth and a glass of water for Ben. She gives him his pills and washes BIG FELLA off. "When you are done in here we are going to need to clean these sheets, they are soaked with cum" Becky says with a smile.

"Welcome to the family girls" Becky says as she leaves and Elana moves over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. "What are those pills for Mistress Becky" Julie asks. "It helps Master with his stamina and his sperm production" she tells her. "It works very well. Master cums in buckets" Julie says with a smile. When she has gotten BIG FELLA hard Elana lowers herself onto BIG FELLA putting him in her ass.

Elana is letting gravity work as she sinks down on BIG FELLA. Julie helps her with lube on BIG FELLA and pushing her down on BIG FELLA. When she penetrates her anal ring she lets out a little scream. She humps up and down on BIG FELLA, her ass stretching out to accommodate his large girth. Erica looks over to her new Master and asks "I wonder how many eleven year old girls have such a powerful beautiful man to love them and make love to them.

I love you Master, you are amazing". She kisses him fully on his lips and tells him again "I love you, you are amazing. My body tingles all over from your love-making". Erica lays her head down and goes to sleep. Ben lets Elana work BIG FELLA in her ass for 45 minutes before he turns her over and starts pounding her.

He fucks her for an hour before he comes deep in her ass. He passes out while still in her ass and is holding her tight. Julie asks her sister if she is alright. "Never better Julie. Thanks for introducing me to Ben, he is a beautiful man". "That he is, when he took me I never felt more alive. Then he told me he wanted my sisters also.

He is going to provide us with a stable home, provide us with the best educations and children. Look at his compound here, I can only imagine his mansion in Alabama" Julie states. Ben sleeps with little Elana in his arms for long time. Erica cuddles with him also, the three of them look so at peace together. When Ben wakes hours later he picks up his two little lovers and takes them to the shower and washes both of them and himself. They strip the bedsheets and take them the the washer and start the wash and head outside.

Ben with his two lovers on either side of him. "Master, did you sleep well?" Julie asks. "Yes, I did. I had two little angels to snuggle and hold" Ben says as he sits with Erica and Elana at the table and they eat something trying to get their strength back. Both girls sit very gingerly on the seats, Ben notices and tells them it will get better. After dinner Ben gets in the pool and Paula, Paulina and Paulette get in the pool with him.

Paula asks Ben "Ben, where you serious when you are told our mother that you wanted us to move in with you?". "Yes I was. I am very serious when it comes to family. I know Dee and Karl would be thrilled to have their extended families around them" Ben tells her as her sisters Paulina and Paulette come over and grab on to his strong shoulders. "Will we have to become your slaves?" Paulina asks. Ben smiles and tells them no and that they do not have to be his slaves for them to move in.

Paulette asks him "What you don't think we are as pretty as Erica and Elana?". "I did not say that. You three are very beautiful and very sexy young ladies. I just do not force women to be my slaves" Ben tells her. Bill hearing the conversation "He doesn't have to force women or girls to have sex with him, they seem to fall out of the trees and attack him". "Very funny Bill, Very funny" Ben says as he holds the triplets, "Why do you guys asks these questions?

Do you want to be my slaves and my lovers?" Ben asks them. Paula has a firm grip on BIG FELLA underneath the water. She is stroking him back and forth as her aunts Dee, Odette and mother Carmalina come over and get into the pool.

"You three little vixens enjoying my Master?" Dee says. "Oh, Yes" Paula says as her mother looks under the water and sees she has a firm grip on BIG FELLA. "Looks like Paula got a new toy" Carmalina says with a smile. "A very nice long and hard toy. Momma are you going to be Ben's lover and slave? Don't you want this nice big fat cock inside of you" Paula says seductively, "I know I want to be his. I just don't know if it will fit" Paula says. Erica lifts her head and tells her "It will fit, your pussy will stretch to accommodate his size and girth as will your ass".

Dee laughs at hearing this. Ben then picks his little lovers up and takes them over to the lounge chair and sets them down and asks them "Tell me what you want?". "I want to suck on this huge cock of your" Paula says and Paulina says "Me too". "Well while you two are sucking on BIG FELLA I want to taste Paulette's sweet virgin pussy" Ben says. They all respond "Yipee". Ben lays on his back and Paula and Paulina starts sucking on his cock each taking a side as Paulette straddles his face.

Ben grabs her hips and starts licking and sucking on her slit. Paulette immediately responds by moaning and moving her hips.

"My Master is excels at cunnilingus" Dee says, "You two have got to try him out". Her sisters are playing with their pussies under the water as they see the girls enjoying Ben. After Paulette's fifth orgasm she screams out "OH, FUCK. BEN BARNES, MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE. I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE. I WANT YOU TO BE MY MASTER". She repeats this as she has another five orgasms.

Her sisters are working up and down on BIG FELLA with their tongues. One will suck on the head for awhile when the other licks the shaft all around. Ben lifts Paulette up and tells them to switch. Paula jumps up and runs over and straddles his head as Paulette takes her place on BIG FELLA. "Give me what you gave my sister, Please" Paula says before she lowers her pussy onto Ben's mouth. Just like her sister she climaxes almost instantaneously.

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Ben gives her as many orgasms as her sister as he feels a more experienced mouth on his cock. Ben lifts Paula up to see Carmalina taking over sucking on BIG FELLA as her daughters are licking the shaft. Ben looks over at Dee and she is smiling. Ben lowers Paula back down on his mouth and continues to suck on her virgin pussy. He licks her hymen and makes her cum hard like Peggy used to do. Ben makes her cum until he climaxes in Carmalina's mouth. Paulette and Paulina asks her mother to share and they exchange kisses and she puts some of Ben's cum in their mouths which they swallow.

Carmalina is the last to swallow his load. She then returns to sucking on BIG FELLA. Ben picks up Paula and Paulina takes her place. He begins to give her orgasms one after another. Once BIG FELLA is hard, Carmalina announces to her girls "Let me show you how to ride this huge cock".

And she raises up and straddles Ben and pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. Her pussy not having a ayana angel and sara jay big booty revenge in it for over nine years is extremely tight.

As she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA Bill tells Carmalina's girls "See, Ben doesn't need to force women to fuck him. They are lined up to ride his huge cock. And once he has fucked you, you will never be the same again". All three girls scream out that they want to be Ben's slaves. Ben cannot respond because he has a mouthful of pussy and a nice tight pussy is clamping down on his cock.

Ben think Carmalina is going to break BIG FELLA off from his body. She rides him and rides him as she does Ben continues to suck all the pussy juice out of pour little Paulina. Cara, Casey and Charlene come over and tell Ben they want what he just gave their cousins. "Please give me some water, then I will suck on your pussies" Ben says as they get him a large glass of ice water and he downs it quickly.

Cara is the first on his mouth and he makes her climax ten times before he switches partners and get Casey to straddle his face. He makes all three girls cum before he is ready to blow his load into Carmalina's sweet tight pussy. When he is he gets Charlene to get off of his face. Ben then picks Carmalina up and puts her roughly on her back and start pile driving her pussy.

He asks her "What do you want, tell me what do you want?" He says this repeatedly as he batters her cervix into submission and breaks through and enters her womb.

When he does she screams out loud "I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE. I WANT YOU TO BE MY MASTER". Karl is there by then and tells everyone "Well that did not take long" Odette says "She wants what her sister just got". Joanna says "Me too" as Ben pours his cum into Carmalina's womb. "So all three of you want to be my slaves. You are willing to get the required tattoo, "Property of Ben Barnes" on your lower backs.

The three women look at each other and tell him yes as does Odette and Carmalina's hot pussy sharing with wild sweetheart homemade hardcore. Joanna's girls are all around in the pool and on the lounge chairs and tell him that they do not want to be left out and that they want to be his slaves also. "OK, tomorrow you are to get your tattoos. The triplets get their names on their shoulders, twins too" Ben says.

Ben then heads into what has become the training bedroom and with the sheets changed with clean ones he tells Carmalina's girls and Carmalina to come into the room with Odette and her girls. One by one he fucks each one of the triplets. Carmalina gives him his pills in between every other fuck.

Ben pops six vaginal cherries and eight anal cherries that night and into the next morning. He doesn't get finished until mid afternoon. The girls are tired and warn out.

Joanna and her girls take their place and bring him food, water and his pills. Joanna is first as she sucks on BIG FELLA while he is eating. When Ben is finished eating and is hard as a rock she lays on the bed and tells Ben to "Come and get this pussy".

For Joanna, Odette and Carmalina it has been years, many years since they have been with a man. They have been concentrating on their children. "Baby, you spent all those long years without a man, concentrating raising your daughters and even taking in your best friends daughters. Now it is my turn to concentrate on you and your pussy" Ben tells her as he pushes deep inside of her pussy.

When he finally gets her loosened up he start really pounding the crap out of her. He fucks her so hard she starts to cry. "Are you alright, Joanna. I am not hurting you am I?" Ben asks as he stops. "OH, Hell no. Keep going it has just been so long since I have had a man inside of me.

And you are no ordinary man. Or even extraordinary man. That cock of yours is freaking huge and it is stretching my out. GOD I MISSED THIS" Joanna says. "OK, when I cum in a woman I always cum in her womb" Ben warns her as he jackhammers her redhead princess alice green rides big cock in front of milf darla crane for about 35 minutes until it relents and lets BIG FELLA in.

Joanna screams "NOBODY HAS EVER FUCKED MY WOMB BEFORE" as Ben strokes her womb and then starts cuming in her womb. When he is finished he exits her womb and lays next to her. "Joanna, you have spent the majority of your adult life taking care of your children. You have done a great job. Let me help you and your daughters" Ben tells her. "Master, I am yours. I know my brother likes you as does my sister-in-law Dee.

She actually loves you as do their daughters". "Dee and her daughter's are carrying my children right now they are due in August" Ben says. "Master, you keep fucking me and fuck my daughter we will all be pregnant" Joanna says.

"That is a plan. It shows your commitment to me and your desire to be my slave" Ben tells her. "Master, if you want me and my daughters to get pregnant we will. Are you girls on board with that?" Joanna asks her daughters. "Well, Erin is already on her way. She sure enjoy Ben fucking her yesterday. I want him to make love to me" Haley says. Hadiya, Annette Anastasia, Ameilia, Shari, Sharon, Josefina and Jackie all agree.

"OK, one by one I am going to pop your vaginal cherries. I am going to fuck you and push BIG FELLA past your cervix and pour my seed into your young fertile wombs. When I am finished popping your pussies I am going to take each of your anal cherries also" Ben tells them. He lines them up from oldest girl to youngest. All the girls are between the ages of fifteen and thirteen. Ben pounds each of their pussies long and hard it takes him three days to take all of their cherries.

When he is done he is done, Ben gets up and kisses each one and tells them to go get their "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos on their lower backs and for the twins and triplets to get their names on their left upper arm. Ben then goes to the master suite and falls asleep with Peggy, and his other bed slaves.

He tells them he does not want to be touched for sex in two days. "Master, you are so generous and caring" Peggy tells him as she leans over and kisses him.

She give him his vitamins and supplements with water and washes his body with a cool damp cloth. Ben sleeps for twenty-five hours straight. When he wakes up Tiffani has his meal ready for him. She serves him and tells him she is very proud of her son-in-law. "Why is that, Mom?" Ben asks, tongue-in-cheek. "Because, you had planned to bring Dee and Karl's sister down here.

You probably already knew they haven't had a lover since their husbands either left or died. You did this to make family members happy, just like you helped Soyeon with her sisters. That is why you do most of what you do on a daily basis" Tiffani says as she strokes BIG FELLA. "How is this beautiful cock feeling today?" Tiffani asks him. "It was sore as hell from popping all those cherries, but it is feeling better now" Ben says.

Becky comes into the room, "Ben you are awake thank God. Kiki, Mami and Kali are ready to have their babies" Becky tells him. "OK, you are out of breath. You have to take it easy you are carrying six babies in your belly. I love you and you need to take care of yourself, please don't over do it" Ben says. "I will. I will walk with you to the other house" Becky says. "Becky, my darling. You are the reason I am still alive. I cannot fathom going on if you are not with me to share in my life.

You need to take care of yourself my love" Ben says as he takes his pregnant wife into his arms. His kisses her passionately and deeply. They leave and head over to the house that has the birthing suite in it. They hear screams as they enter the house and go to see that it is Kiki as she starts giving birth to her three girls.

They all weigh around seven pounds and are named Emily Kali, Sophie Mami, Kono Becky, Ben is as usual in tears as one of his beloved slaves gives birth to his children.

Ben kisses Kiki and she tells him the names she has given her three identical girls. Ben likes the names, especially Kono as he remembers her from his scene on Hawaii Five-O. "Kiki, my love, you did a wonderful job with the babies.

I love you" Ben tells her as he kisses her. Joanna, Odette and Carmalina's girls come into the room and asks if they can witness the next birth and Nadia says yes. Kali is the next to give birth to her girls, Alanah Kiki, Aleyla Mami, Amaui Becky, all weighing around eight pounds. Ben cries again as he sees his children born. "Girls, I always wanted a large family. I love you three with all my heart. You came to me with nothing but hope and I love you with all my heart.

You are so sweet, and beautiful. I thank God for giving me you to love and take care of" Ben tells them as he kisses Kali. Mami is the next to give birth to her daughters, they weigh in around six pounds and are named, Halia Kiki, Haukea Kali, Haunani Becky, and Mami tells her Master their names. He kisses her and kisses all of his newborn baby girls. "Master, each of them have given one of their babies Mistress Becky's name as a middle name" Erin says. "Erin, is it, It is because of Becky that we have Master in our lives.

She is generous enough to share her man and her love to us. We love her as much as we love our Master" Kali tells her. "That makes sense" Erin says.

They all leave the mothers with their newborn baby girls to bond. Erin comes up to her Master and tells him, "I want you to get me pregnant. I want to give you babies". "You will, you will" Ben tells her. Erin pulls her Master to the pool area behind the house, Becky smiles at him and tells him to enjoy himself. Erin drops to her knees and starts sucking BIG FELLA hard.

When he is hard she puts Full video paralysed girl gangbanged by doctors on his back and straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her warm wet pussy. She rocks on BIG FELLA facing him as Dana comes over and asks them if she can join in. Erin smiles and looks at Ben and says sure.

Dana straddles Ben's face and he starts eating her out. Dana and Erin start kissing and caressing each other. Julie comes over after Ben has made Dana climax three times and sits next to them. She tells Dana to get up, "Ben, my mother Jacqueline just called and asked where the girls are" Julie says to him. Ben is ready to cum and he flips Erin over and pushes into her cervix and pumps his enormous load into her womb. He exits her and sits down next to them. Dana immediately starts sucking and licking BIG FELLA clean.

"Julie, call you mother and tell her to come over. I want her to join the family. I want to take care of her just like I am taking care of her daughters" Ben tells her. Julie gets up and kisses her Master and tells him thank you.

She goes and calls her mother and tells her that her sisters are with him at her new boyfriends house. Julie invites her over for dinner to meet her new boyfriend. Ben gets up and takes a shower and gets ready to meet Jacqueline.

He is behind the main house in the pool when she arrives. He is in the pool with her daughters Dana, Helen, Heather, Erin and Elana. Julie meets her mother in a designer dress that she borrowed from one of Ben's girls. She kisses her mother and tells her "My boyfriend owns all of this Mom, He has ten houses in his compound. He has a mansion in Alabama that has over twelve hundred rooms. I am moving there with him in April when he goes home".

Jacqueline still taking that in and seeing the all the big houses as they walk behind the main house and around to the pool. Julie takes her dress off and puts it on a chair.

"Mom, when we are with Ben we are all naked" Julie tells her mother as she stares at her. Julie brings her mother over to the pool area where she sees this large black man playing with her other daughters. Each one gets out of the pool, naked as the day they were born. Erica and Elana are the last to leave the pool and take Ben with them. Jacqueline gets her first look at Ben with all his muscles, very smooth even skin tone, and of course his enormous cock.

Dana is the first to speak, "Mom, I would like to introduce our new boyfriend and our Master. Mom, he is our lover and he is going to take us back home with him". Dana then turns around and shows her her "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoo as does her other daughters.

Ben comes over and shakes her hand, Jacqueline is staring at BIG FELLA. "Damn, that thing is huge. You fucked my daughters, Ben is it?" Jacqueline asks. "He made love to us. He popped our cherries in our pussies and asses. We are his mom" Heather says. "He did not force us, he does not have to.

We came to him willingly" Helen tells her as Becky, Tiffani and all his other women come over and greet Jacqueline. "Ben you have all these women around why do you need my daughters?" Jacqueline asks. "I don't need them. I want them and they want me and what I can provide for them a stable home that loves them. All my girls love them and we are going to take care of them. Your daughters are coming home with me and they will be getting the finest educations possible.

I want you to come with us also" Ben tells her. "Jacqueline, I love Ben. He is my husband and I love sharing him with my sisters here. I even brought my mother in with us. She loves Ben with all of her heart also" Becky tells her. "I have given birth to his daughter. Most of us will or have given birth to Ben's children. We all love him and each other. There is no jealousy in our family. Ben loves to take care of his women. Your daughters are his now. You are their mother and whether or not you want to become his slave, Ben is going to take care of you.

You are family now". Tiffani tells her. Dominic comes out and tells everyone that dinner is ready. Ben, Becky and Tiffani take Jacqueline to the buffet and she sees it is loaded with food. All types of fish, scallops, shrimp, huge tray of lobster tails and all the trimmings. Ben tells Jacqueline to help her self and gives her a plate and leads her through the line.

When they are seated outside Jacqueline tells Ben "I have never seen that much food on a dinner table for a family". "I have to feed over two hundred people. My family is very large, I have sixteen maids, two cooks to feed also the men. I cannot just feed my women but also my friends" Ben tells her. "Are you always naked? All of you seem to be very comfortable running around your compound with no clothes on" Jacqueline asks. "We are always naked in our house, the maids and cooks are always clothed.

We are nudist" Becky says. "Jacqueline, It cuts down on time for Ben" Bill says. "How is that?" Jacqueline asks. "When he is ready to make love he doesn't have to waist time taking off his and his slaves clothes" Bill says. "There he goes" Ben says laughing "Mr.

One-liner". After they have all had their fill and have congratulated Dominic and Derrick on another fine meal Ben, Becky and Tiffani take Jacqueline and her daughters out back to the pool area. "You know what I like to do after a fine meal?" Ben asks Jacqueline "I have no idea" she says in reply as Tiffani and Becky giggle. "I like to work it off with some vigorous sex. Would you like to take BIG FELLA for a ride?" Ben asks her.

"Well, I couldn't" she says in reply. "Mom, yes you can. You haven't had sex since your husband left. You have been concentrating on us kids.

Trust me you will enjoy it" Julie tells her mother. Heather and Helen come over and take her dress off. "We need to shave that bush, Master loves a smooth pussy" Tiffani says and leads Jacqueline to the bathroom in the training suite. Once she is clean shaven and proven smooth by Tiffani's talented tongue she tells Jacqueline that once she decides to become Ben's slave that he will have Emily take off all her hair below her neckline permanently.

Tiffani brings Jacqueline back out to Ben and her daughters. They see Julie sucking on BIG FELLA and Dana tells her mother that Ben is ready for her.

Julie takes a rock hard BIG FELLA out of her throat and puts Ben on his back. Julie then leads her mom over to Ben and tells her to straddle him. She does and lowers herself onto Ben as Julie positions BIG FELLA into her slit and she starts to take him into her pussy. "GOD DAMN that is a FUCKING HUGE COCK. OH MY GOD YOU ARE GOING TO RIP ME APART" Jacqueline screams as she slowly lowers herself onto BIG FELLA.

Julie and Dana help her by lifting her legs up and she is suspended on BIG FELLA. All her weight is on BIG FELLA and slowly she descends onto him. When Jacqueline gets a couple inches further down on BIG FELLA the pull her up and drop her down. This goes on for about an hour before BIG FELLA reaches her cervix. When this happens Dana and Julie pick up their mother so that just the head is in her pussy and then slam her back down.

They do this slowly at first then they become really forceful with her. When Ben is ready to cum he tells the girls to step aside and he takes over. The first thing Ben does is flip little Jacqueline over onto her back and pulls her legs to the side of her body and starts jackhammering her cervix. He does this for about forty-five minutes before he pushes through and climaxes hard into her womb. "Jacqueline, I always finish in my lovers wombs" Ben tells her as he exits her womb trapping his seed in her womb to fertilize her eggs.

When Ben is done with her she is going to be pregnant with Ben's babies. She will have three sets of twin boys. Ben lays down next to her and asks her, "What do you want? I want to support you and your girls, well my girls now".

"Fuck, Ben that was the best fucking sex that I have ever had. True I haven't had a lover since the children's father crazy students sucking and having group sex me.

He was really small compared to you and the couple of lovers before him were not that big either. What do I want, you asks me. I want you to continue to fuck me" Jacqueline says. "Do you want to be my slave, be totally commitment to me and the family, the whole family?" Ben asks. She says yes. "Your daughters will be your sisters now" Ben says. She says okay. "All my women are bi-sexual as you probably deduce by now. You will be loved by me and my slaves, are you okay with that?" Ben asks.

Jacqueline says yes. "I will fuck you ten times in your pussy, then ten times in your ass and finally you will have to successfully give me twenty blow-jobs in a row. Are you okay with these terms" Ben asks. "Yes, my god yes. Just fuck me and quit talking" Ben fucks her pussy twice more by the pool and then takes her into the training suite and fucks her till mid-morning.

They get up and go out to the pool where Jacqueline's daughters are waiting for them. "Your mother passed her pussy training" Ben says as he carries Jacqueline on his cock. Tiffani has the lube with her and they spread it on her asshole and Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her pussy and they lift her up and Tiffani positions BIG FELLA so that it is lined up to her anal ring.

Julie and Dana then push their mother down on BIG FELLA and he pops into her ass which elicits a loud scream from their mother. They bounce her up and down for about two hours until she gets the hang of it. Ben cums in her colon and they lay her down on his chest.

"Jacqueline you are now mine as are your daughters. Rest now and I will be back for you" Ben says as he takes her back into the training suite and lays her down on the bed.

When Ben exits her anus she looks up and tells Ben "You truly are a FUCKING-GOD" with a smile. Ben then goes to the master suite and sleeps with his wives in his arms. The next day Ben makes reservations for the next Friday for dinner for 250 people at the Blue Cilantro restaurant.

They say they cannot accommodate such a large party. He asks for the manager who tells them they cannot accommodate that party. He asks them how many people do they seat the manager tells him. Ben says he wants to rent out the whole restaurant form 8 till closing name his price.

He does and Ben accepts the price no questions asked. The manager is dumbfounded he thought the price was outrageous. Ben tells Becky to have everybody ready to go to a fancy dinner on Friday at the Blue Cilantro restaurant.

She tells him it will be done. She takes Odette, Joanna and Carmalina and daughters on a shopping spree with Julie's sisters and mother. They buy dresses and evening gowns with shoes and all the accessories that go with it. While they are buying dresses, shoes and all the other stuff Ben goes to the jewelry store and purchases his new slaves earrings, diamonds around emeralds, or sapphires to match their eyes he also purchases necklaces and diamond engagement rings and wedding bands.

Ben has his bags in hand and goes to the boutique that they told him they would meet him at. Tiffani says they want to go to a couple of other boutiques and Ben says he will go to the bar and wait for them their. Tiffani sees his bags and knows what he bought and kisses him and tells him he is sweet. It is five hours before they are all ready. Each lady has several bags as they meet Ben and they are famished from all the shopping.

They order fish tacos, chimichangas, nachos and a bunch of frozen drinks. Non-alcholic for the pregnant ladies. Ben asks his new slaves if they enjoyed their shopping they all say yes. Erica and Elana come over and kiss their Master and tell him they love him. "This is like Christmas all over again only better, Master" Erica says. Ben kisses her and tells both of them that outside of the house call him Ben. They eat and head back to the compound.

The girls put their new clothes away and take off the clothes they have on and meet Ben out back of the main house. Ben goes up to each of his new slaves and gives them earrings that match their eye color, necklaces with the same stones. Each girl cries and kisses him, "Master, you are too generous. We don't need these things. If I take the liberty to speak for all of us new slaves, all we need is your love and to be with you" Joanna tells Ben.

Ben gives everyone their earrings and necklaces and they all put them on and in their ears. "I think there is one thing missing from this picture" Ben says as he reaches into his bag and kneels before Jacqueline and produces a huge engagement ring.

"Jacqueline, will you do the honor of being my wife. I will love honor and cherish you for the rest of our lives" Ben asks her. "But Ben you are already married to Becky. How can you marry two women" Jacqueline asks. Both Tiffani and Becky are smiling as Ben tells her and all of them, "You are my slaves, correct?".

They all nod yes. "Well, you might be my slaves but you are also my wives. Although I can only marry Becky legally, I will treat all of you as my wives and lovers". Ben then puts an engagement ring on each of his new slaves fingers and then puts their wedding bands on.

When he does he tells them "I will love, honor and cherish you for the rest of our lives. I will protect and take care of you for the rest of your life". Each lady has tears in her eyes and kisses their Master, lover and now husband. "Ladies you are now mine, you belong to me" Ben tells them. Erin comes over to him and kneels in front of him and tells him, "We belong to you and you belong to us. So do you BIG BOY" she says as she grabs BIG FELLA and starts licking and sucking on him.

Julie and Dana come over and lick the shaft as Erin sucks on the head and starts taking him down her throat. Helen and Heather come over and suck on his balls as Erica and Elana caress his ass and then stand on a chair and kiss him repeatedly. Ben erupts down Erin's throat and they all get up and put him on his back. They take turns sucking BIG FELLA hard and ridding him, when Ben is ready to climax he pushes past their cervix and pumps his load into their wombs as usual.

Ben makes love to seven of his new slaves when Debbie, Callie and Madeline come to see him. They run up to him and kiss him as Joanna is ridding him. Debbie tells him "Master, we are pregnant, we are pregnant. Master you are going to be a father again". Callie and Madeline both nod with smiles on their faces as Stephanie comes over and kisses Ben.

"You have made me really happy Master. My sisters too" Stephanie tells him. Becky and Tiffani kiss all four of them. All three are pregnant with triplet girls and are due in October. Stephanie is due in July with six girls. All the new slaves congratulate the three of them and Debbie tells them that Master is going to fuck them so hard they are all going to be pregnant soon.

Each one of them smile at that concept. Erica and Elana talk to themselves and say "We are probably going to give birth twenty times before our wombs dry up. That is a lot of babies, Master". "Well Becky, you think next year we should build a new thousand bedroom wing onto the mansion?" Ben says to her.

"That sounds like a plan, we need to make sure they all can connect to each other so that you do not need to go outside" Becky says. "I am going in go lay down" she says as she kisses Ben. Ben spends the rest of the night outside by the pool making love to his women. He kisses his new baby mommas and asks them "Are you ladies happy to be with me and part of the family?".

They all tell him yes. "Master, I never thought I would be part of a harem or be into having sex with women. But I love my new life with the family" Madeline says.

"It doesn't hurt that you have a huge tool, a gigantic mansion and really really know how to treat a woman like a lady. This place down here isn't bad either" Callie tells him. Debbie doesn't says anything she just kisses her master and straddles his face and kisses Odette who is riding BIG FELLA and tells her "Welcome to the family, I know you are going to enjoy it here". Debbie grinds her pussy on Ben's mouth and Odette grinds her hips on BIG FELLA. Ben enjoys all of his new slaves that night.

In the morning Tiffani, Laurie and Brooklyn come out and see Master on a large beach blanket with his slaves covering him. A huge pile of human flesh all naked. Ben wakes up and looks at his girls and says "I think they liked their jewelry I bought them". Ben shift his hips and Erica instinctively grabs BIG FELLA and starts sucking on him. It is like she is in a trance. Ben loves the feel of her throat around the shaft of BIG FELLA. It doesn't take him long to explode down her throat.

When he does she wakes up with BIG FELLA down her throat. Erica eases her way off of BIG FELLA and looks up at her Master and tells him "That is one hell of a way to wake up. I loved it" she works her way through the pile of women and girls that are laying on him and kisses him. "Master, you are too generous.

I can't wait to bear you children" Erica says. Little does she know that she is already pregnant with Ben's babies. She is going to have Ben's babies, triplet girls. Ben has impregnated her mother and her sisters with triplets and they will give birth in October. Ben kisses her and tells her that he loves her and her sisters and mother. "You will want for nothing and be taken care of.

What do you want to do with your life? What job did you always dream of doing?" Ben asks her. "Master, I always wanted to be a veterinary hentai doll gets pussy ravished hardcore cumshot. I love animals" Erica tells her lover and husband.

Slowly the other lovers wake up when they do the stroke BIG FELLA and give him a kiss and Ben too. One by one they get up and go take a shower. "That was fun, we should do that again" Erin says. Ben finally gets up and takes a shower with Erica, Cloe and Jill. Ben then after eating tells everyone that he wants to have a quite day at the beach. Everybody goes and gets their towels and suntan lotion. Of course they rub their Master down with sunscreen.

All the slaves that are not with their children are at the beach sunning. Ben and Bill put of the volleyball nets and they watch the girls play volleyball. The guys are watching as the girls are bouncing around playing volleyball. "Life is good" Bill says as he reaches into the cooler and gets a beer. "Good friends, beer and naked women playing volleyball". Cloe and Jill come over and see that Bill and Karl have raging hard cocks. They asks Ben "Master, can we take care of Bill and Karl?".

Ben smiles and nods yes. "Now this is perfect. Beer, naked volleyball and pretty girls sucking on our cocks" Karl says. Dee comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA and gets him hard as Margaret looks on. Margaret looks at Dee and she knows what she wants. Dee gets up and Margaret comes over and straddles Ben.

"I want to have sex" Margaret says. Ben smiles and kisses her. Margaret puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and grinds on BIG FELLA. She leans over and tells Ben, "I think I am pregnant" and kisses him. "Have you taken a pregnancy test yet, Margaret?" Ben asks and she says no as she has an orgasm.

"Ben, Abigail's girls are beautiful. You certainly make a beautiful babies" Margaret says as she comes down from her orgasm. "It has more to do with the beautiful women than it does me" Ben tells her. Margaret kisses him and tells him he is a liar and bounces up and down on BIG FELLA eventually Ben erupts in her womb. Margaret lays down on Ben with BIG FELLA still inside of her pussy and falls asleep with a huge smile on her face.

They spend the day at the beach, swimming, playing volleyball. The girls get the guys to play volleyball as they watch their cocks bounce as they play. They head back to the house and eat dinner. After dinner Ben calls and sets up dinner cruises for Sunday, he rents ten boats to carry everyone.

Ben then heads to the pool and is joined by his Korean girls. As he gets in the pool they come over and kiss and suck on BIG FELLA. "Master, you look so sexy walking over here to the pool. Make love to us" Hyejung tells him. Hyeri, Hyomi and Hyerim surround him as their sister gets him hard and then brings Ben into the pool. Hyejung jumps into his arms and guides herself down on BIG FELLA. She proceeds to bounce up and down as Tiffani, Sandra, Tiff, Nicole and Erin watch.

"Master really is quite good at making love. He is a master at sex" Erin says. "Well shit he should be, ninety percent of his time is spent fucking his slaves" Bill says with a smile. "The king of one-liners strikes again" Ben says as he takes his little Korean lover for a ride.

"Erin, Master if very generous and loving. Our mother gave us to him and we have never been happier" Hyomi tells her with a huge smile on her face. Ben spends the rest of the night making love to his slaves in and around the xnxx mom and son sex com. In the morning they get up and all go take showers after kissing their Master. Ben talks to Tiffani and asks if she thinks the family would like to go scuba diving next week.

She says that she could twist some arms and get them to agree. Tiffani says a day at the Botanical Gardens sounds like fun. Ben calls and sets up scuba diving for the next week and a fishing trip for the guys again.

That night they go to the Blue Cilantro for dinner. They arrive in stretch limousines and enter the restaurant that is setup for them. The waitresses Brianna, Harper, Sydney and Destiny show them to their tables. Julie knows them and they hug and talk over in the corner. They order appetizers of Ceviche, Mussels, Shrimp, Scallops Indian style for every table. They order breads for each table and salad for each person.

Ben orders wines for everyone and they all talk and celebrate a fine time. The waitresses are really busy serving the party of 250. In between the courses Julie talks to her friends and they asks her "How have you been doing?" Harper asks. "Never better, I am in love for the first time in my life. My mother and sisters love my new boyfriend Ben also.

Gorgeous and busty mom fucks young guy in the dressing room are going to move in with him when he leaves for the states" Julie For dinner they order Mediterranean Paella, Lamb, Asian Aromatic Sea Food, and Whole Fresh Catch of the Day and of course Lobsters for every table.

They eat a great meal with wine, mixed drinks. The pregnant women get frozen drinks without alcohol, the eat and eat. After dessert the leave, Ben giving the waitresses three hundred each and tells them thanks for the great service.

They pile into the limousines for the ride back to the compound. It is the end of the night and Julie is in the last limousine. She talks her nude beach films publiic sex to come back to the compound with them. They of course go after Julie described it to them. Julie shows them around the houses. They see everybody is starting to come out of their bedrooms naked.

They see James with his huge cock and also Karl, Freddie and Karl Jr. with their cocks swinging. Julie tells them that everybody walks around naked all the time. They have a private secluded beach. Julie convinces her friends to undress.

They are all have clean shaven pussies. Julie shows them the pool behind the house she is staying in and the ones next to hers. Julie tells them that her boyfriend owns all this, ten houses in total. Harper sees the tattoo on her lower back and asks her what that is all about. "I will tell you shortly" Julie says. Julie then takes her friends to the pool at the main house. Ben is in the pool with Peggy, Cloe and Jill. Heather, Hope, Faith and Charity are lounging about the pool.

Julie says "Master, do you remember my friends from the restaurant. I invited them to spend the night and to party with tomorrow.

I hope that is alright with you". Ben tells her that is fine and Peggy kisses him and whispers to Ben to go greet them. Ben smiles at her, he knows her thinking, and gets out of the pool with his back to them. Brianna whispers to Destiny "Damn, he is very strong and very well toned". Ben then turns around and the four girls mouths drop. Ben walks over to them with BIG FELLA swinging between his knees.

Harper is the first to say anything "Damn, Julie your boyfriend has a huge fucking cock". Brianna asks "How long is that cock?". "BIG FELLA is sixteen inches long with a girth of 5 1/2". Isn't it nice?" Julie says. Ben walks over and shakes the girls hands and says welcome to my compound. Ben jumps back into the pool with his girls and starts playing with them.

"So what do you think of my Master? He is very beautiful isn't he?" Julie asks. "Yes he is. If he is your Master than that makes you his slave?" Sydney says. "Yes, I am his slave as is every other girl or woman staying in the compound. We all share our Masters affections" Julie says as her mother and sisters come around from the side.

"Your mother is his slave also?" Brianna asks. "Yes, I am as are the rest of my daughters. We couldn't be happier" Jacqueline tells her. "You can't believe how good it feels to have that huge cock inside of you pushing and stretching you out" she tells them.

They watch as pregnant Cloe and Jill enjoy making out with their Master. Crystal comes over with her baby girl Cheryl in her arms and tells Julie's friends "My daughters all love our Master, this little one is Masters baby and my girls are all pregnant or have delivered a baby.

My daughter is inside the house feeding her baby boy Vincent right now. My three daughters in the pool are all pregnant with Ben's babies". Brianna, Harper and Sydney get in the pool with Julie and they swim and splash around. Julie goes over and kisses her Master while stroking BIG FELLA hard. Ben is erect and ready to go as Julie whispers in his ear, "Lets give my friends a show". Julie lowers herself down onto BIG FELLA and lets out a loud moan as the large head and pushes herself down further onto BIG FELLA.

Ben then takes her out of the pool and puts her on the lounge chair on her back and starts stroking her with long deep strokes. "Damn, you can really see your pussy stretching around that huge cock, Julie" Harper says.

"It looks like your pussy is gripping Ben's cock and doesn't want it to let it go out of your pussy" Brianna says. All four girls are rubbing their pussies while watching Julie getting nailed. They hear her climax hard seven times as Ben pounds her. Jacqueline comes over and tells them "Now you know why Master has so many slaves.

He knows how to give pleasure to his lovers". "And he has a huge fucking cock that seems to never goes down" Destiny says. "That helps too, watch as he buries his cock into her womb and pumps his load into her womb" Peggy says as she swims over. "I bet by the time we go back home, Julie and her sister will all be pregnant with their Masters babies" Peggy says as she sees the girls rubbing one out. "God I hope so" Julie says as she enjoys Ben's pounding of her pussy.

It takes Ben about two hours before he actually pushes past Julie's cervix and starts pumping his load into her. By this time Destiny, Harper, Brianna and Sydney are sitting next to the two lovers, watching them enjoy each others bodies. "I didn't know it was possible for a cock to pass your cervix" Harper says.

"It is not only possible, but also very pleasurable to have your womb stroked by a cock" Julie tells them. When Ben is finished cuming he exits her womb and then rolls off of her and takes her in his arms with BIG FELLA still in her pussy. "That was fantastic, Julie" Ben says, "Did you girls like the show?" he asks them. Cougars need cock reagan foxx finds the meat she needs they can answer him with the obvious answer he asks them, "I think Julie would like to have you join us Sunday for a dinner sunset cruise we are planning.

Would you girls like to come?" "I would love to come. I can only imagine how many times you can make me cum" Brianna says. Julie smiles as she knows her friends are transfixed on BIG FELLA. "Before you hussies can sleep with my Master you will need to get a clean HIV/STD certificate.

That is a requirement for any woman wanting to sleep with Ben for the first time that is not a virgin. You all have had sex before right?" Julie asks. They all say yes. "I have never had sex with a man the caliber of Ben" Harper says. "I got to warn you. Once he fucks you, you will never want another man to fuck you. You will beg Ben to become your Master and do whatever he wants" Julie tells them.

"Yeah Yeah Yeah. It is just sex" Brianna says. "OK, in the morning the ones that want me to make love to them will have to let my doctor Nadia give you a blood test. I got to warn you, if I fuck your pussy I will fuck you asses also" Ben warns them. "Julie, you let Ben fuck you in the ass with that huge cock of his" Destiny asks her. "Every chance I get. I fucking love it, makes you feel so full" Julie tells them. Ben pulls out of her pussy finally and Dana comes over and sucks busty looking good teen fucking her toys BIG FELLA getting him hard.

When he is hard she straddles him and puts BIG FELLA at her anal ring and tells the girls "Watch this and learn". She then spreads her ass cheeks and pushes down on the head of BIG FELLA. It enters her ass with a pop and she sinks down on him. Ben grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders so that her weight is resting on BIG FELLA.

Ben pulls her up and down on BIG FELLA putting more and more of his cock into his little fifteen year old slaves ass. She screams out one orgasm after another much to the amazement of Julie's friends.

After about 90 minutes Ben pushes all sixteen inches into Dana's new amazing xxx full story and pulls out and then back in. He does this for about thirty minutes and then pours his cum into her colon.

Ben then picks up Dana and tells Jill, Cloe and Peggy that he is going to bed. They get out of the pool dry off and follow their Master to the master suite. Before he departs he tells Julie that he loves her and to have fun with her friends.

"Good all. See you in the morning" Ben tells everyone. The next morning Julie greets Ben at breakfast and hands him a note from Nadia and he reads it. All four girls are clean and free of disease and he tells Julie what it said.

"Do you really want me to have sex with your friends?" Ben asks. "Yes Master, I want to share BIG FELLA with them. I think they will enjoy your loving and this beautiful cock of yours" Julie says as she rubs BIG FELLA. "OK, after breakfast I will approach them and see if the want to have sex.

Ben eats breakfast and takes his pills. He then sees the four girls around the pool and goes over and says "Well girls, you came back clean and disease free. Do you girls want to have sex with me?

If so I am going to fuck your ass and your pussy" Ben tells them. Brianna, Ghar ki safai karne wali and Destiny say yes, Harper jumps up and starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

Ben says to Julie and Dana "I guess that was a Yes". Ben asks Brianna about her family. "Ben, it is just my mother, Penelope. She is forty. My father died about fifteen years ago. He left mom money and she has been living off of that for awhile.

She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with my sister Iris who is 18 and my twin sisters Julian and Jillian who are 16". Ben asks Destiny about her family.

"Ben, my father died ten years ago from a heart attack leaving us all alone. My mother, Louise is with a real dip shit now Oscar. I can't stand him. My twin brothers, Nathan and Nelson are 18. I have triplet sisters who are 15 named Maria, Marie and Mila.

Clara is 13 and finally Lea who is 11. My brother called me a couple weeks ago and told me they beat up Oscar and warned him not to touch their sisters ever again. They did not tell me anymore but plan to go up there and see for myself. They live in North Carolina" Ben then asks Sydney about her family as he enjoys Harper working over BIG FELLA. She has successfully taken him down her throat by this time.

"Well my mother had me and my sister when she was still a teenager. My mother Estella is 34 and she had me when she was 15 and my sister when she was 17, My sister Lucy is at home in Dallas with my sisters and brother. I have a 15 year old sister named Kensi and next are the twins Danella and Danny they are 14, finally my twelve year old sister Kristy. My Aunt Mariah moved in when when her boyfriend left her with her twins Christine and Chastian who are 15. My mother struggles to make ends meet and I send her back what I can from my tips that I get at the restaurant".

Ben start to erupt down Harper's throat when he is finished cuming into her stomach he asks her the same question and she tells him about her mother Patricia who is 37 and her sisters Paige, 20; Jordan and Jordana who are 18, and Delilah who is 16. The youngest is her brother Gary who is 14 and is tall and very strong for his age. Ben then looks at Brianna and asks if she wants to suck on BIG FELLA. Harper moves out of the way, as she does Ben pulls her to him and kisses her and then sucks on her breasts.

"Harper you have beautiful breasts" Ben says picnic turns into a good fuck with milf more on hdmilfcamcom he licks on her nipples. Brianna is having a hard time taking BIG FELLA into her small mouth. Ben continues to squeeze and suck on Harper's large 36D breasts.

BIG FELLA is hard and Ben looks down at Brianna and tells her to ride him. She smiles and gets up and straddles and Julie comes over and lines BIG FELLA up with her slit.

Julie moves BIG FELLA back and forth on her slit and Brianna climaxes hard and sprays BIG FELLA and Julie's hand with her cum. Julie then puts BIG FELLA into her friend Brianna's pussy and then pushes her down on him. When the head of BIG FELLA passes her labia she screams out loud "Fuck that is a huge cock". Brianna slowly works up and down on BIG FELLA, "I can feel him stretching me out, OH GOD I feel so full" she says as she continues to work up and down.

"Brianna, you only have three inches in so far. You have thirteen more inches to go" Julie tells her. Brianna screams out that it wont fit in her, that Ben is too big to fit inside of her. This goes on for about thirty minutes and she still only has about seven inches inside of her pussy. Ben then picks her up and puts her on her back. "Baby, brace yourself. You are about to get all sixteen inches" Ben says with an evil grin.

He starts lezzie beauties spread their deep anal holes and fuck long sex toys BIG FELLA deeper inside of Brianna, Ben puts a couple more inches in her and then pulls all the way out until just the head is in her pussy and then pushes deep inside of her again.

Ben starts to pound her hard and fast with Brianna moaning and screaming. It takes Ben an hour before he hits her cervix and then starts jackhammering her cervix. He looks over at Julie and tells her "Shit, Julie, your girlfriend here must only have fucked white guys with small cocks. Brianna, you have an incredibly tight pussy for a woman who is not a virgin". Ben rests at her cervix for a minute as Tiffani comes over with water for both of them and his pills.

"What are those pills for Tiffani?" Harper asks. "One is for increased semen production and the others are for stamina" Tiffani tells her. "Shit Ben has been fucking Brianna for over 90 minutes without interruption, how fucking long can this man go?" Harper says. "Master has gone eight hours before" Tiffani says. "OH, Hell no. He will kill me" Brianna says. Ben starts his assault on her cervix banging deep, trying to get through.

He does this for another hour and finally he punches through her cervix and bottoms out ten minutes later. "I told you Brianna, you could take all sixteen inches inside of you" Ben says as he rests in her womb. "I didn't think a man could pass a woman's cervix and fuck her womb. It fucking hurt when you broke through my cervix" Brianna says. "Brianna, I am going to pound this wonderful pussy a couple more times today" Ben says as he starts stroking her womb. He then pulls out of her cervix and then pushes back past it.

He does this for 30 minutes before he pours his seed into her womb. When he is done he pulls out of her womb and then rests for a minute before pulling all the way out of her pussy with a loud pop. He gets up and lays down on the lounge chair next to them. Destiny comes over and inspects Brianna's pussy, "Damn, no cum is leaking xxx story sex stories indiyan porn of her and her stomach is bloated" she says.

Destiny then sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard and he takes more pills as she puts BIG FELLA into her pussy which was wet just from watching him pound Brianna. "Brianna, are you okay?" Julie asks her. "Never better, Ben has a huge cock. I could get use to that cock fucking me. Going in and out of my pussy. I can feel his load in my womb.

Damn he cums a lot" Brianna says. Ben smiles at her know he is going to make that pussy his, Julie looks at Ben and knows what her new Master is thinking. "I see why you have so many women around you Ben. You defiantly know how to go in style and also how to make love" Brianna tells him. "Brianna honey, that was just a pure fucking you just had. Once I break that pussy in I will then make love to you.

Remember I am also going to fuck that nice ass of yours" Ben tells her. "What do you call Ben, Julie?" Brianna asks her friend. "We call him Master when we are at home, why?" she tells her in response. "Well, Master, you can fuck me in my ass, my pussy or hopefully I can eventually get that beautiful cock down my throat anytime you wish" Brianna says.

"You want to be Ben's slave, Brianna?" Julie asks. "I don't know. All I know is I want him to fuck me again" she tells her as Ben smiles. Ben is enjoying Destiny's pussy that is not as tight as Brianna's but still very enjoyable.

Ben lets her ride BIG FELLA until she gets him all the way down to her cervix. "Are you going to fuck my womb like you did Brianna, Ben?" Destiny asks. "Girls, I always climax in my lovers womb. That is unless they are pregnant.

Are you girls on birth control?" Ben says. They all say no. Ben smiles and says "Good, I want more babies". Ben rolls over with Destiny still engaged with BIG FELLA and he starts pounding her cervix. It takes him over an hour before her cervix lets BIG FELLA into her womb.

"I intend to fuck you all until you beg me to be your Master" Ben says as he pushes deep into Destiny's womb and starts pouring his seed into her fertile womb. After this weekend Destiny will be pregnant with six of Ben's babies and she will submit to being his slave.

Once he is finished pouring he cum in her womb he exits her womb and her cervix traps her semen in her womb. He rests and kisses Destiny and plays with her 36C breasts. "Who wants to be next? Harper or Sydney?" Ben asks as he gets out of Destiny. He rubs her belly and kisses her deeply. She tells him that was the best sex she has ever had. Ben tells her it only gets better when you completely submit to him.

Ben then lays on his back and Harper comes over and starts licking and stroking on BIG FELLA. "You want to make all four of us your slaves don't you?" Harper asks. "I am not going to force any of you to do anything you don't want to do or become anything you don't want to become" Ben tells Harper and the other girls.

Harper after getting BIG FELLA hard moves up his body and kisses him as she pushes down on BIG FELLA. "FUCK THAT COCK IS HUGE!!!" Harper screams. "Yeah that's right. BIG FELLA is huge and he is making that pussy his" Ben says as he grabs Harper's hips and pushes her down deep on BIG FELLA. He then takes her legs from off the ground and puts them over his shoulders so that her weight is resting on BIG FELLA.

Ben grabs Harper's shoulders and starts driving her down deep on BIG FELLA. He pushes her all the way down to her cervix and lets up and then does it again. All along she is screaming and moaning out in pleasure and pain. They do this for two hours until Ben picks her up and starts jackhammering her. "Tell me what you want and that I already know. Tell me what you want" Ben asks her over and over again as he jackhammers her cervix.

Ben then puts her on her back and continues his jackhammering of her cervix. It takes him 90 minutes before he breaks through and Harper screams out, "OH GOD MASTER, I AM YOURS OH GOD JUST KEEP FUCKING ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE".

Ben fucks her womb for an hour before he climaxes in her womb. He exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop. He goes and jumps into the pool. She is breathing hard and walks into the pool on wobbly legs. She swims up to him and asks "Well, will you be my Master? I want to be your slave". "Harper you are going to have to asks my wife Becky. It is OK with me" Ben says. Ben then gets out of the pool and goes over to Sydney and asks her "Are you ready for your turn?".

She doesn't say anything she just gets up and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Sydney opens her mouth wide and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him. She works back and forth on the head. Ben grabs her head and pushes BIG FELLA down her throat. "Damn, you can see the head bulging out her throat" Brianna says as Ben starts working back and forth in Sydney's throat. She has tears running down her cheeks as BIG FELLA is is getting fully erect.

Once he is erect Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and mouth with a pop. Sydney is wet from the experience and Ben puts her on her back with her legs over her shoulders. He then pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her wet pussy. Ben starts jackhammering her pussy and Sydney starts moaning and grunting as Ben pounds her into submission.

Ben fucks her cervix for three hours before he breaks through and starts pouring his seed into her womb. When he is done he exits her womb and rests while BIG FELLA is still inside of her pussy.

Sydney starts crying and Ben asks her "I didn't hurt you did I?". "No, I am just emotional from the best fucking I have ever taken. You truly are a FUCKING-GOD like your tattoo says" Sydney tells him. Foxy idol gets sperm load on her face swallowing all the jizm and Janet bring them dinner as the five of them rest up.

When they are done with dinner and Ben has taken his pills he tells the four girls to follow him. Ben takes Harper, Brianna, Sydney and Destiny into the training room and fucks each of them twice. They do not leave the room until everyone is ready to go to the sunset cruise. The girls come out of the suite with bloated bellies. Ben goes upstairs and gets dressed for dinner and asks Julie to find her friends something to wear on the dinner cruise.

She does and she takes the outfits to them in the training room. Once dressed the girls come out and see Becky. Sydney is the first to asks her "Mistress Becky, will you allow me to become Ben's slave? I want him to be my Master, and I want to be his slave". Then Brianna comes over and asks her followed by Harper and finally Destiny.

"So all four of you want to be Ben's slaves. You will have to be trained, which means Ben will fuck your pussies ten times in a row without interruption. He will then fuck your ass ten times in a row without interruption and finally you will give him twenty blow jobs in a row.

Are you willing to submit to the training? Are you willing to get the required tattoos?" Becky asks them. They all say "Yes, Mistress Becky". "OK, it looks like we have four new slaves. Welcome to the family. Tomorrow you will get your "Property of Ben Barnes" tattoos on your lower back" "Thank you Mistress Becky" they say.

Becky kisses each one on the lips and tells them, "Us slaves are all bi-sexual. Have you girls ever eaten pussy before?". They all shake their heads no and she tells them they will learn. They all go to the docs and board the boats that will take them on the dinner sunset cruise. Ben has rented ten boats and they all take the same course so that everyone can see each other. They eat their delicious meals as the sunsets over the water. Ben kisses his five wives and Tiffani who are with him on his boat.

They have a wonderful time eating a fine meal while watching dolphins jump out of the water. They see stingrays in the water. They head back to the compound and everyone tells Ben they had a wonderful time they all say goodnight and Ben takes his four new lovers plus Julie to the training room. Ben has Julie bring in the ball gag for her friends.

"Tonight I am going to break in your asses. Have any of you ever had anal sex before?" Ben asks. Harper says she has with a small dick as has Brianna.

They both say it did nothing for them. "It will be different with me and BIG FELLA" Ben tells them as Julie comes into the room with the ball gag. He puts it in Brianna first and puts her on her stomach with her legs apart.

He puts lube on an erect BIG FELLA and in her ass and starts pushing BIG FELLA into her ass. Ben pushes hard into her anal ring and it does not give until he starts to put his fingers in and starts lubing her anal ring. Ben then pulls her ass cheeks apart and begins his assault on her anal ring he eventually gets the massive head of BIG FELLA to pass her anal ring. Brianna is screaming into the ball gag as Ben pushes inch after inch into her ass. "Damn, that looks so hot. You can see her ass stretching to accept that huge cock" Harper says as Ben starts to pour more lube on his cock and her asshole.

Brianna screams into the ball gag as Ben pushes deeper and deeper. He takes the ball gag out of her mouth after she stops screaming and leans over and tells her she is doing good. "Master, it hurt really bad when you starting fucking my ass. I thought I was going to die when you pushed that fat head past my anal ring. I did not know you could climax from anal sex" Brianna says. "Did you eventually enjoy it?" Ben asks. "Yes, eventually I did.

I will get use to it I guess it will become very pleasurable for me. Did you like it Master" Brianna asks. With a huge smile on his face he tells them "There is nothing like breaking in a virgin asshole. It is extremely tight and it squeezes and contracts on my cock. I love it but not to the point of hurting my slaves" Ben tells her. Ben is finally soft and he pulls out of Brianna's ass and lays down on the bed.

Julie washes the ball gag and comes back with a wash cloth for BIG FELLA. Brianna sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard while Julie prepares Harper. She pushes fingers with lube on it into her tight anal ring. When Ben is erect he gets up and goes over to Harper and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Harper opens her mouth to scream and as she does Julie puts the ball gag into her mouth and straps it in. Ben grabs her arms and starts riding her like a horse. Harper like a screaming wild banshee as Ben jackhammers her ass into submission.

Ben is like a man possessed taking long deep strokes in her ass. Ben leans over and tells her "Your ass is mine, your body is mine. I totally own this body. I am going to pound your pussy and ass Harper". She looks over and nods her head with tears in her eyes. Ben pounds her for three hours eventually lodging deep in her colon where he blows his huge load.

When he exits her anal ring Ben pushes a huge butt plug into her ass. At the widest part is little over six inches in diameter. Ben leans over and takes the ball gag out of Harper's mouth and tells her that the butt plug will keep his load in her colon. "Ben, that hurt at first but got to be very enjoyable after a while" Harper says with a smile. Ben then tells Julie to get Sydney ready while he takes a shower. Harper and Brianna join him and wash him off and play with BIG FELLA.

They finish and get out and dry their Master off and start sucking on BIG FELLA. Once they get him hard they take him out to the bedroom and see Julie fucking Sydney ass with her fingers.

Harper tells Ben that her friend looks like she is ready. Ben goes over and pushes BIG FELLA into Sydney's ass with Julie pulling her ass cheeks apart. Ben takes her arms and uses those as reins on a horse shoving more and more of BIG FELLA into her virgin ass. Sydney is screaming into her ball gag and crying. Brianna and Harper talk to her and tell her to relax and that it will get better.

Ben relentlessly jackhammers her ass faster and faster. Sydney's ass eventually loosens up enough for her to start enjoying the pounding she is taking, she stops screaming and starts moaning. Ben pounds Sydney's ass for over three hours before pouring his cum into her colon and then popping an extra large butt plug in her ass. Ben takes the ball gag out of her mouth and lays next to her and ask, "Baby are you alright?".

"Master, Ben that hurt like hell" Sydney tells him. "You will get use to it. You began to like it the last hour or so didn't you?" Ben asks her. "It got enjoyable after awhile. It still hurt and my asshole is burning" Sydney says in response. "You will get use to it. All of Masters slaves take it in the ass or any other hole he chooses" Tiffani says as she brings Ben his pills. "Enjoy yourself, Master. Take it easy on them and only fuck their asses twice this session" Tiffani says with a smile.

"I am going to take Sydney at least three times and Brianna also two hot stunners have some naughty fun many times. I have yet to sample Destiny's little ass" Ben says. "Suspend her over BIG FELLA and let her weight do the work for awhile" Tiffani recommends. Destiny has nice breasts and small hips so anal entry into her will be very tricky.

She has a nice ass but not much of it. Ben gets up and washes BIG FELLA and tells Julie to get Destiny ready. Julie lubes up Destiny's ass while Ben washes in the next room. He comes back and Julie sees that he has his cock ring in. Ben asks Brianna to suck BIG FELLA hard. She immediately gets up and comes over to him and sucks on BIG FELLA. She finally gets the head into her mouth and Ben pushes her head down on BIG FELLA, eventually he pops down her throat and then starts bobbing up and down in her throat.

"You see, Brianna, I knew you had it in you to take BIG FELLA down your throat" Ben tells her as he takes his cock out of her mouth much to her displeasure. "I want more, I want you to put it back in my throat Master" Brianna pleads with him.

"No it is Destiny's turn to take BIG FELLA into her ass" Ben says as she nods. Ben then goes over and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her ass. He pounds her ass until he can get six inches into her. Destiny is screaming into the ball gag as Ben picks her up with BIG FELLA still engaged inside of her ass. Ben then twirls her around and grabs her shoulders and starts pushing her down on BIG FELLA. Destiny pleads with her new Master with her eyes to take it easy on her. He fucks her hard and then pulls her legs above his shoulders and then lays down on his back so that all of her weight is suspended in her ass.

Destiny sinks further down on BIG FELLA, inch by inch. Destiny is moaning and groaning as each inch gets inserted into her virgin ass. It takes an hour before she takes ten inches into her ass. Ben smiles at her as he grabs her shoulders and tells her to relax. He then pushes the last six inches into her ass. Destiny screams out "Fuck my ass, Make it yours Master". Ben pulls her up and then pushes her down on BIG FELLA, he does this for over an hour before he puts her on her stomach and starts to jackhammer her ass.

She screams out "FUCK MY ASS, OH MY GOD I LOVE IT FUCK ME DEEPER. HARDER MASTER". Destiny repeats this for the next hour as Ben pounds away in her ass.

It takes Ben four hours before he climaxes in her ass. Ben then lays down and tells his new slaves it is time to sleep. They surround him and cover every inch of his body with their flesh. Each girl kisses their Master and tells him they love him. "Girls, we are going to have a good life together. Start thinking about what you want to study in college" Ben tells them.

They sleep all together in one heap of flesh. Then next morning Laurie and Brooklyn find their husband covered with female flesh, which is not unusual for Ben. Each girl has a butt plug in her ass. Laurie gets the first girl up which is Brianna and takes her to the shower and washes her. She then takes her to see Sheila. Brooklyn takes Harper next to the shower and takes her to see Emily to get her hair removed. That is a long process. Emily takes off all the hair below the neckline.

Which includes underarms, navel, pussy, anus and legs. When Brianna is done with her "Property of Ben Barnes" Laurie takes her back to the training room where Ben is resting.

Brianna looks at him resting on his back with BIG FELLA between his legs and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Laurie takes Sydney to see Sheila and get her back tattoo completed.

Sydney asks Laurie if she likes being a part of the family. "Sydney, I love Ben with all my heart. I look forward to giving birth to my lovers children. I love Ben with all my heart, I cannot imagine taking a breath without being with him. My mother and sister both love him. You have probably already met my father, Bill. We are all part of Ben's family. He is my Master and also my husband and would do anything he asks. My mother and sister have already given birth to his children. We all hope to give birth at least ten times to our Master's babies.

I am having six babies next month and hope to have at least sixty of Ben's babies if he chooses to give them to me" Laurie tells her as they go to Sheila's tattoo parlor. She leaves Sydney there as she gets her tattoo. Girl have cock and teen bathing orange you glad im so tiny then checks in on Harper and she is almost done with her hair removal.

Emily tells Laurie it will be another hour. When Sydney is done, Laurie takes her to see Emily. Emily puts her on the table and inspects her and tells Laurie it should be at least three hours.

Laurie then takes Harper to get her back tattoo. Laurie goes into the training suite and sees Ben enjoying a nice blow job from Brianna as Destiny rides his face. Laurie waits for a man seduces legal age teenager adorable cutie of minutes until Destiny is done cuming into Ben's mouth and then takes her off of Ben's mouth.

Ben is upset and Brooklyn takes her place. Ben's new slaves all get their hair removal treatments and their tattoos. Ben goes to sleep for a while and is awaken by Tiffani. "Master, wake up. Wake up" she yells at him, shaking him awake. "What is it Tiffani? What is wrong?" Ben ask as he wakes up. "Becky has gone into labor early, she is giving birth to your babies" Tiffani tells him and he wakes up immediately and gets up and runs over to the birthing room.

He sees her give birth to his six baby girls prematurely. They all weigh around five to six pounds. When she is finished giving birth Becky goes slips into a coma. "We need to get her to the hospital right now" Nadia says. Joe goes and gets Jessie's car and they load her into the car and speed off to the hospital.

Ben is right behind them, worried about his soul mate. He is in tears as he does not know what is wrong with his beloved Becky. Ben gets to the hospital and sees Nadia and asks her what happened. She tells him that she lost a lot of blood giving birth to your daughters. She is getting treatment and is in intensive care. Ben then goes and signs her in and tells them if she needs anything that to get it. Money is no object. Ben spends the next twelve hours worrying about his beloved Becky.

Nadia runs interference with the doctors. She comes in and tells Ben that Becky has lost a lot of blood delivering the sextuplets and that she needs a transfusion immediately. She has gotten a couple of pints of blood but needs more. Joe is listening in on the conversion, he goes and tells the attending doctor that he has blood that is universal and wants to donate it to Becky.

He draws blood and test it and confirms that he is eligible to give Becky blood. He then donates a pint of blood to her. "Doctor, I want you to take as much blood as Becky needs. Her life is all that matters to me. Nothing else matters including my life. I will gladly die if it means my beloved Becky lives" Joe tells the doctor with tears in his eyes. "You can only give but so much blood at a time" the doctor tells him.

"If Becky needs all my blood then give it to her. The only thing that matters is my beloved Becky" Joe tells him. The doctor ass how big is his family and says that other people might have Becky's blood type.

Joe then goes and discusses this with Nadia. Nadia calls back to the compound and they make the trek to the hospital to donate blood so that their Mistress will survive. Nadia tells Ben to go back to the compound and wait she will call with any news. Joe stays beside his Mistresses side. He reminds the doctor to take his blood everyday. Becky spends the next ten days in the hospital.

Katyana comes by and visits Becky and donates blood. She gets a pregnancy test while she is there also. She is pregnant with Ben's babies but does not tell anyone. Katyana comes back to the compound and goes and comforts Ben.

Ben has his slaves watching him twenty-four hours a day. Ben is beside himself in grief, his slaves feed him, bathe him and take him to the bathroom. He is completely helpless and in a complete funk that Becky is in danger. Tiffani comes in and relieves the girls that are with him.

Ben cries like a baby in Tiffani's arms. "Tiffani, my life means nothing without Becky in my life. I don't think I can go on without her" Ben says.

"Ben, honey, you will go on. Becky is fine, she is just resting from giving birth" Tiffani says. "I cannot lose my soul mate twice in a lifetime. First my mother and now Becky. Why? Please God let my precious Becky live" Ben weeps as he cries into the bed.

This goes on for ten days. Becky is in a coma for ten days. Ben is in complete depression and cannot be consoled. He has someone watching him at all times until Becky finally comes around. The first thing she sees is Joe looking like he hasn't slept in a long long time. "Becky, you are awake. Thank God, let me call the compound" Joe says as he calls Nadia.

Once he has told her the news that Becky is awake. Ben is the first through the door, he is crying when he sees Becky. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. "Baby, don't do that again. You know life doesn't mean anything to me without you in my life". The doctor comes in and tells him that if they are planning anymore babies that they might want to wait 8 months or longer between giving birth and conceiving another baby.

He tells Ben that she should be okay now and that she will be discharged in a couple of days. Joe has tears in his eyes and thanks the doctor for saving Becky as does Ben. One by one the slaves come in saucy bint gets nailed in the ring cumshot blonde visit with their Mistress. The doctor says to Joe that they have a nice big family.

Joe agrees with him and tells him that the whole family loves Becky with all their hearts. Doctor tells him that is obvious from the response and the sheer number of visitors. Two days later they take Becky home to the compound and take her to her bed to rest. Ben brings in Ben Junior and Tiffani and Janet bring in their newborn baby girls. Becky gives them their names Chantel Tiffani, Clementine Becca, Deziree Joy, Emmaline Melanie, Genevieve Millicente, and Angelika Jocelyn. Ben sits next to his love of his life and kisses her and their babies.

Tiffani and Janet leave Ben and Becky alone for a while with their babies. Ben kisses Becky, "Baby, my sweet little angel I thought I lost you. I was so worried and afraid. I love you baby and I don't think I could go on without you" Ben tells her. "Ben, I love you. You would have gone on, you would have to. I don't plan on going anywhere. I plan to grow old with you".

"Baby, maybe we should put some distance between getting my ladies pregnant. I will ask Nadia what is an acceptable distance between giving birth and becoming pregnant again" Ben says to Becky. The nine of them enjoy their time together. Ben has the cribs brought into the master suite so that Becky can feed the newborn babies. Ben kisses Becky and takes junior with him as they leave.

Tiffani comes by and kisses Ben and tells him that she is going to stay with Becky and not to worry go relax with your women. Ben goes downstairs and sees Katyana and he asks her "What happened with Oleg? Didn't you get married?". "Yes, Ben I got married. Everything was going fine our parents left and we went to the room and had room service and then made love.

I guess it was good for him. I just imagined he was you and that his cock was BIG FELLA. I know Becky just got back and that you must be worried about her. I was wondering if I could relieve some of the tension built up by worshiping BIG FELLA?".

"Katyana, you know you have to go back to the Czech Republic?" Ben asks. "Yes, I know. But I might as well enjoy my honeymoon even if my dip-shit husband is back home worrying about money and his business and not about me.

I told him that I was going to hookup with Becky. Please let me have some fun with BIG FELLA" Katyana says. Ben nods and takes her out by the pool, Janet watches Ben Jr. while Katyana sucks on BIG FELLA. "Ben you have a beautiful cock" she says as she licks on his cock. "I couldn't feel Oleg's cock inside of me after you stretched me out with this powerful tool of yours" she says and then starts licking around the head of BIG FELLA. Katyana then begins to suck on the head and works him down chick peta jensen enjoys cock and jizz of masseur pornstars hardcore throat.

Katyana uses her throat muscles to massage BIG FELLA. Katyana savors her time with BIG FELLA and takes her time to make Ben climax. It takes Ben 45 minutes to cum and when he does he pours his load into Katyana's waiting stomach.

Ben climaxes hard for a good twenty minutes before he finishes. Ben doesn't cum in spurts he cums in one long huge stream. When he is done Katyana takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and her mouth and smiles at Ben. "You really needed that. I feel so full with your beautiful seed.

I wish I was your slave like these women. You ladies are blessed to have a man like Ben to love and to comfort". "I did need that release. Thank you Katyana that was wonderful" Ben tells her as he lifts her up and puts her on the lounge chair next to him. Katyana's belly is bloated with his load and she smiles at Ben. Julie and Dana come over and kiss their Master and whisper in his ear that they want their turn on BIG FELLA. Ben nods and they tag team BIG FELLA sucking him hard.

Julie is the first to ride him and she grinds on BIG FELLA for about 90 minutes before Ben is ready to climax. Ben rolls over still engaged in Julie and starts to pound her cervix and Julie pulls Ben down to her and tells him "Master, I think I am pregnant. I missed my period so please don't push through my cervix.

I don't want to damage a baby if indeed I am pregnant". Ben smiles and starts cuming inside of her pussy. When he is done he leans down and tells her, "That is good news, if so. Go and see Nadia and get a pregnancy test done".

He kisses her and she tells him "My whole family is hoping to get pregnant with your babies". Little does Ben know that all of Julie's family is pregnant. They will find out in the next month. Ben then feels BIG FELLA being sucked on and looks down and sees it is Dana who is working over BIG FELLA. She gets him hard and then starts to ride on BIG FELLA. She rides him like a bucking horse for a good two hours before he is ready to cum. When he is Ben turns her over and pounds her cervix into submission and pours his cum into her womb.

Ben rolls off of her and into the next lounge chair and Dana comes over and lays next to him and tells him "That was fantastic, Master".

Ben tells Dana that it was great before he gets up and kisses her, he then goes to the pool and jumps in. Ben swims around as Heather and Helen get in the pool with him and swim over to him. They hug him and start kissing him. "Master, we love you and have never been happier.

We want to take care of you." Heather tells him as she rubs on BIG FELLA. Heather once she gets BIG FELLA hard pushes herself down on him. Heather bounces up and down on BIG FELLA and leans over and whispers in Ben's ear "Master, we are pregnant. I believe we are pregnant with your babies". Ben smiles and tattooed small tits slut chloe carter banged in her pussy that is great news and can't wait to see their babies.

Ben fucks both girls in the pool and then looks at Harper, Brianna, Destiny and Sydney and tells them "Girls it is time to get your pussies trained" Ben then gets out of the pool dries off and takes the four of them to the training suite and starts their training.

"Ladies, if you are not already pregnant I am going to get you pregnant. That is one of the bi-products of being my slaves" Ben tells them. Harper looks over at her friends and tells him "Master, our bodies are yours. If you want to put a baby in us please do so".

"OK, I am going to start with you Harper, then I am going to train Brianna. I want Destiny and Sydney to play fluffers, OK?" Ben asks and they all smile and say "Yes, Master". Destiny is the first to suck Ben hard and he starts fucking Harper nice and slow to start with. Within thirty minutes he starts jackhammering her. It takes Ben over sixteen hours to finish Harper's pussy training when he does he lays down and sleeps for eight hours.

Harper's belly is really swollen with the ten huge loads Ben poured into her. Ben wakes up to Sydney and Destiny sucking on BIG FELLA. Brianna gives him his pills and tells him it is her turn to be trained. Ben then once he is hard starts fucking Brianna. Tiffani comes into the room with a tray of food for the trainer and trainees and tells them they need to eat.

She gives each girl a bottle of prenatal vitamins and tells them to start taking these. The girls take them and eat their food as Ben continues to pound Brianna. Ben has her on her hands and knees and is pounding her from behind.

Harper gives her friend her vitamins and something to eat. "Master really knows how to pound pussy doesn't he?" Harper asks her.

"OH, Fuck yeah. I am going to need to drink a lot of water so that I can keep hydrated" Brianna says as Ben starts to hit her cervix. It takes Ben 90 minutes to break through her cervix and pump a load into her womb. After he lays next to Brianna and they eat and drink to keep up their energy. Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her pussy and Sydney takes him in her mouth and starts sucking on him. Ben tells Brianna to ride him this turn. She smiles and gets on top of him and puts an erect BIG FELLA in her warm wet pussy.

Jay-Tee's cousins Erica, Elaine, Felicia and Fiona come into the training suite and see Brianna grinding on BIG FELLA and tell him "Master, we are horny. Can you suck on our pussies while you train Brianna for awhile?". "I always love eating a virgin pussy. Erica you are first, I want you to straddle my face facing Brianna. I want the rest of you to suck on Brianna's breasts and clit" Ben tells them and the girls smile and jump to it.

As soon as Ben starts sucking on Erica's pussy she starts to climax as does Brianna as the other three take turns sucking on a breast or her clit. "OH MY GOD, MASTER. THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!" Brianna screams as she comes down from her fifth orgasm. Ben is continuously sucking and drinking in all of Erica's sweet virgin cream. It takes Ben two hours to feel like he is ready to climax, he has made Year old viktoria sucking dick and gets a big anal creampie climax so many times she is incoherently babbling something.

He takes Erica off of his face and puts her to the side, Erica continues to shake and tremble as Ben puts Brianna on her back and starts pushing BIG FELLA past her cervix. Once he has he dumps his load inside of her. "Damn, Master that was so hot" Fiona says. Brianna is delirious from all the orgasms she just had.

She looks at Ben and tells him, "Master, I am not going to be able to make it through eight more times if they are going to suck on my breasts and clit at the same time as you are pounding my pussy.

I never knew I could climax so much or so many times. It was fantastic as a one time thing". "OK, You can ride me while I eat the other girls. Girls no more sucking on Brianna's tits or clit" Ben says. Felicia tells Ben and Brianna that it was very arousing sucking on her breasts while she rode BIG FELLA.

"OK, Felicia get on my face while Destiny sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard" Ben says. Felicia gives him his pills and smiles at Brianna, "That is two down with eight more to go. Do you think you can make it?" she asks her. "Yes, I do. I am going to give it my best shot" Brianna says as BIG FELLA is hard and she gets up and straddles him.

Brianna tries to get her Master to cum faster by using her Pubococcygeus muscles to squeeze BIG FELLA. Ben is enjoying Brianna's efforts. Ben makes Felicia climax over and over again.

When she comes down from one orgasm he makes her climax again. This goes on for 90 minutes until Ben has her hop off of his mouth and he picks up trainee and starts pile driving BIG FELLA into her womb. He climaxes in her womb and smiles and tells her that was the third time. It takes Ben another twelve hours to climax six more times. "Just one more time, Brianna. Do you think you can handle one more time?

I can stop and we can start over again another time" Ben tells her. "That would be wonderful, but I started this I can handle one more turn" Brianna says as everyone else is asleep. She sucks BIG FELLA hard and she lays down and Ben pounds her from behind.

He takes his time and pounds her for three hours before he enters her womb. "Who do you belong to Brianna? Whose property are you?" Ben asks her. "I am yours, my pussy belongs to you as does my throat and ass. I am yours" Brianna tells her as Ben begins to cum hard in her.

Ben collapses beside her with BIG FELLA still lodged in her pussy and passes out. Brianna spoons with her Master. She can feel his heartbeat in her pussy and it soothes her to sleep. They sleep like that for ten hours. Ben wakes up still engaged in Brianna's pussy. Becky comes into the room and sees her husband still inside of Brianna. Harper and Sydney to one side Destiny on the other side of Brianna and the four virgins all around the bed.

She sees Little Elaine licking on Ben's balls and Brianna's pussy. Brianna stirs and tells Ben, "Damn, Master that was the best fucking I have ever had in my life followed by the best sleep. I loved having you inside of me when I slept. It made me feel safe and secure. Who is that between my legs licking me?". "That would be Elaine, Brianna" Becky says. "Hello, Mistress Becky. Master was amazing. I guess my pussy is now trained" Brianna says. "Elaine you can stop licking on my pussy now".

Elaine reluctantly stops and Ben pulls out of Brianna and Elaine sees her chance and starts cleaning off BIG FELLA. Ben nods twistys keira kelly starring at burgundy cr Becky and tells her to let her do it for awhile. Becky takes Brianna and Harper to the shower and tells them to get cleaned up.

Ben takes a break for a long while and goes and soaks in the hot tub in the back of the house that Vivian and Bill are staying in. Leslie brings him food, his pills and drinks, "Master, how is the training going?" she asks him. "Those girls are wearing me out. I need to climax faster when I am training" Ben tells her.

"That will never spicy teenie fingers crack and gets licked and reamed in pov, I have been with you too long. It takes you a long time to climax. You have great staying power and also a nice huge cock" Leslie says as she leans in and kisses him. "I love you Master" she tells him.

"I love you too, Leslie. Get in here and keep me company" Ben asks her. She climbs in and snuggles with her lover, Leslie is stroking BIG FELLA. "How is he holding up?" Leslie says. "Baby, I love you girls with all my heart. I don't know about this training stuff though. Ten times in a row is killing me" Ben says.

"Yeah, Ben you got it rough. You have over two hundred women that are at your beck and call. Want to have sex with you at all times. You can go anywhere you want and do anything you want" Bill tells him.

"Yeah, I know. What would you do if you had billions and billions of dollars. Don't have to work and have a love for beautiful women. Particularly young beautiful women" Ben says as he kisses Leslie. She strokes BIG FELLA until he is hard and puts him in her pussy and bounces up and down on him while they are in the hot tub.

"MMM, hot tub sex" Ben says. "Master, it has been too long since I had some quality time with you" Leslie says. Kaitlin, Mary and Marty come out of the house and kiss their Master and their best friend. "I want some of that loving too Master" Kaitlin says.

Ben nods and Bill tells him his life is really rough. Mary goes over to Bill and sucks him off. "Bill, you have a nice cock for a white man" Mary tells him.

"Not as big as BIG FELLA, but nobody is as lucky as my Master" she says as she starts to lick on his 9 1/2" cock. Mary takes Bill's cock down her throat without too much effort. Ben makes love to his college girls and then goes and rests for a couple of hours before he starts Sydney's training followed by Destiny's. It takes him two days to complete their training with Brianna and Harper serving as fluffers. Ben and his new slaves sleep for twelve hours and then come out to the pool and relax as his friends start to show up for their little vacation.

Just as they show up Vivian comes over and tells Ben that Laurie has gone into labor. They all go and witness her giving birth to sextuplet girls. They all weight around 6 pounds and are named Jamelia Leslie, Keisha Vivian, Nichelle Nicole, Tamala Tiffany, Zina Becky, Ameena Alicia. Ben again is in tears as his lover Laurie just gave him six beautiful baby girls. "Laurie, honey you did great. They are all beautiful like their mom" Ben tells her as he kisses her and his baby girls.

"Bill come see your beautiful granddaughters. Aren't they the prettiest little girls you have ever seen" Ben says as he has Jamelia and Keisha in his arms. Vivian is holding Nichelle and Tamala. While Leslie is holding Zina and Ameena. "It looks like you gave birth to first anal quest teen and amateur russian big tits hot sexy buddies playing with a sets of twins, Laurie baby" Bill says.

Ben gives Jamelia and Keisha to Bill to hold and he kisses his second wife, Mistress of the house and now baby momma. "I love you baby, Laurie. You did a great job in delivering the girls. They are pretty like you" Ben says.

"Master, they come from you too. You make beautiful children. We have a nice big family. We have 92 babies with a lot more on the way. I incredible teasing ntouching handjob with ruined part fol you with all my heart" Laurie says as she strokes BIG FELLA. They kiss and Ben leaves her to recover.

Ben exits the house and sees Omar, Abdul, Fred and Jerry as they enter the compound with Morgan and Magdalena who are both four months pregnant. Katyana is laying out out back of the main house as they go and get in the pool. "Katyana, I want to introduce you to my friends Omar, Fred, Abdul and Jerry. This is Morgan and her daughter Magdalena" Ben tells her. "We belong to our Masters. How are you Katyana?" Morgan asks.

The girls talk for awhile as Ben talks to the guys, "Omar, would you like to have sex with Katyana?". "Sure would she is beautiful. Is she a new slave?" Omar asks. "No just somebody we met down here. She just got married and her husband left her down here while he went home to take care of his business" Ben tells him.

"What a fool" Jerry says. "You don't know the half of it. The family was at dinner and Becky takes me to the bathroom where she had Katyana waiting for me. She then gave me a blowjob, she later came over to the house and begged me to pop her cherries. I got to that pussy before he husband. What a schmuck" Ben tells them. "Katyana, I want you to have sex with my friends. They are going to double-penetrate you. Are you up for that" Ben asks her.

"With those handsome black studs with those nice big cocks. Yes, Master. I will do whatever you want" Katyana says in response as Omar and Abdul are the first out of the pool, they dry off and Katyana sucks them hard. The begin teen masturbation orgasm hd theres not much that is sexier than a sizzling florida her first Omar in her pussy and She likes to fuck in the office in her ass.

Once the cum they switch and do her again. "Master, you are too generous. Oleg is such a loser. I love this fucking" Katyana yells as Ben and his girls watch her getting off as she is pounded in her ass and pussy repeatedly. Morgan comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA. "If our men are getting off, you might as well get off also Ben" Magdalena says to him as she watches her deep throat BIG FELLA. When Omar and Abdul are done double teaming Katyana they get off of her and she tells Ben that was fantastic.

"Katyana are you on birth control?" Ben asks her. "No, but that is alright. I am already pregnant" She tells him as she stumbles over to him and whispers in his ear "I pray to God that it is yours and that it is male, so he can grow up strong, brave and beautiful like his father.

I put in my diaphragm when I had sex with Oleg. Dumb shit never asked me why I didn't have my hymen. Before I leave for home, I want BIG FELLA filling my pussy up again. Something to remember you by". Katyana gets up and tells Jerry and Fred that it is their turn.

They smile and pick her up and take her over a lounge chair and she sucks them hard. "Mmm, I love big fat cock. Give me those beautiful cocks" she tells them and they pound her long and hard. Becky comes out of the house with Bea and Jayne. The four ladies hug and Bea and her friend Morgan go for a walk on the beach with their daughters. "I can't believe how much my life has changed since we have been with Ben. He is wonderful. We have been down here in this beautiful island for six weeks.

It is absolutely beautiful down here. When the men go fishing we will go shopping. Ben is going to invite your Masters to go fishing with the guys. They caught so much fish last time we at on them for a couple of weeks. Ben has ten houses here and this private beach. Each house has it own pool and hot tub. Dominic and Derrick fix dinner for the whole family but other meals are up to the individuals.

Ben has been training the girls he accepted down here in the Cayman Islands. You will meet Julie and her family. Harper, Brianna, Sydney and Destiny came to us last week. They just got their pussies trained" Bea tells her. "How is it over there with those studs" Jayne asks her friend. "I love those guys, I can't wait to see our baby or babies. They are very passionate and they love both me an my mom with all their hearts. They treat both of us like queens. I got them to play video games with me and they even watched the Twilight series with me.

I got so hot watching those two guys we only watched a couple scenes and we started having sex. It took us forever to get through the first two movies. Every night I sleep with two guys. I am always sandwiched between two of them. I know the love me" Magdalena tells her. The four of them walk the beach back and forth and after a couple of hours they come back to the pool area and see Jerry and Fred still going at Katyana.

Omar and Abdul take their slaves in hand and bring them into the pool and they start making out. "Morgan, baby. Katyana is just a diversion. We still love you and Magdalena with all our hearts" Omar tells her in between kisses. "I know honey. I know you love me and my daughter". Ben is in the hot tub with Janet and Janie on either side of him he calls out to his friends, "I have a couple of boats rented for tomorrow for some fishing.

You guys interested. We caught a ton of fish last time. It was really fun". They all say sure. The next day the guys go fishing as some of the women go shopping. Becky has a list of baby stuff she needs for all the children. Some girls go shopping for clothes and they all come back to the compound in time to greet the men as they return to the compound with their catch. Dominic starts cooking fish for dinner as the ladies get their men cleaned up and showered.

They massage their tired muscles. They sit around the bonfire that night after dinner when Madison and Grace's water breaks. Ben picks up Grace and takes the girls to the birthing suite. Mother and daughter start giving birth to their Masters babies together. Madison is the first to give birth to her triplet girls they all weight right around eight pounds.

"Master, I want to present you with your baby girls Abebi Becky, Aba Laurie, Amina Love, I love you Master" a tired Madison tells him as he comes over and kisses her. "They are beautiful, Madison.

Oma auf der strasse angesprochen

Absolutely gorgeous babies, you did a great job" Ben says as Grace starts labor. Ben watches as his lover delivers him twin girls named Talia Kelly, Teagan Madison, they weight over nine pounds each and look just like their mother.

Ben kisses Grace and tells her she did a great job as Brooklyn's water breaks after watching her mother and sister give birth. Ben is holding his little wives hand as she gives birth to triplet girls named Denisha Michelle, Malika Laura, Safara Jean.

They all weighing around six milf fucks stranger breakin attempt suspect has to pulverize his way out of pricronys. Ben kisses Brooklyn and tells her their children are beautiful.

"Looks like I have a couple of nieces and three new sisters my love. Our family is multiplying by the day" Brooklyn tells Ben as they kiss. In comes Kelli, "Master, our twins want to meet the rest of the family". Her water is already broken and she starts having contractions and gives birth to Mallory Grace, Mara Susan, they weigh little over seven pounds each. Ben kisses her and the babies, and he tells her she did a great job and tells the family that he loves them dearly.

Ray is their witnessing the whole delivery scene. "You are going to have to be their for your sisters and nieces as well as for your children that you fathered with the maids, Ray" Ben tells him.

"I will Ben. That was an amazing sight. I am going to be there for all the maids, whether their children are mine or one of the others.

I love each one of them" Ray reassures him. Ben kisses each of his children and then his baby momma's and tells them to rest up. Ben tiny boobs blond babe nailed by pawn man leaves that house and gets Julie and her sisters and takes them into the training room. He begins with training of Julie's ass. He pounds her, opening her up for the anal training that she will being enduring for the next sixteen hours. When Ben is ready to cum he exits her colon and pushes deep inside her pussy and blows his load.

"Master, that was fantastic" is all that Julie can muster as she is panting and trying to catch her breath. Ben exits her pussy and tells the girls to clean him off and get him hard again. Dana, Heather and Helen do the honors as they wash BIG FELLA and then suck him hard again. Ben then puts Julie on her hands and knees.

He rides Julie's ass like a bucking horse, making her moan and scream out one orgasm after another. Ben climaxes in her ass after pounding her for a good 90 minutes. They continue this until she finishes her anal training. Ben then sleeps for a while with his lover Julie and her sisters. "Master, we love our new life. I can't wait to see our new home" Erica tells him. "Baby, in my visita noturna do patrao as escravas negras there are many rooms.

Each of my girls has their own bedroom with a king size bed and a private bathroom" Ben tells her. "That sounds like heaven, not having to share a bathroom with my sisters". When Ben wakes up he calls and sets up reservations at The Brasserie Restaurant for three hundred for the following Wednesday. He books a house specialty called "Random Acts of Cooking Chef's Tasting Menu"a five course tasting menu with wine pairing for everyone that is not pregnant. That should give him enough time to complete Dana, Helen, Heather, Erica and Elaine's anal training.

While he is training Tiffani, Janet, Janie and Jacqueline bring in his pills, the girls vitamins plus food and drinks. "Master, are you going to get us all pregnant before we go home with you?" Jacqueline asks. In between taking his pills he tells them all, "Yes, that is the plan.

I want all of you to give birth to my babies. You are going to need to keep taking those prenatal vitamins and get regular checkup with Nadia" Ben tells them.

They all smile and say "Yes, Master". Tiffani comes over and kisses her son-in-law and whispers in his ear, "I am fertile and I want you to impregnate me". She then sucks on BIG FELLA until he is hard and rides him for about an hour. After she has climaxed for the tenth time she tells everyone "Ladies, we are all blessed to be loved by Ben. He is a blessing to our lives and my life. I love you Ben Barnes". Ben pounds her for another 45 minutes before turning her over and jackhammering her for 45 minutes trying to get into her womb.

When he does he pumps a huge load into her womb. "I love you mother" Ben says with a smile. Ben exits her pussy with a pop. "I love that sound. The sound of BIG FELLA exiting a pussy" Tiffani says. She rubs her belly full of Ben's seed. Janet comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard to start Dana's anal training. Dana comes over after Janie has put lube on her ass and in her ass. "Master can I ride on BIG FELLA for awhile?" she asks him. Ben smiles and says yes. Dana straddles Ben's waist and guides BIG FELLA into her anal ring.

Once she is resting on BIG FELLA, Ben pulls her legs out and all her weight is on BIG FELLA as it pushes through her anal ring. Dana lets out a little scream as the huge head of BIG FELLA passes her anal ring, Ben reaches up and pulls her further down on BIG FELLA. Julie comes over and applies lube to BIG FELLA as he is moving in and out of her sisters ass. Because of the tightness of her ass and her squeezing of her PC muscles Ben erupts in her colon after only 90 minutes. Ben puts her on her stomach, after exiting her ass, and pours lube into her ass.

Erica comes over and cleans off BIG FELLA. She then sucks him hard and Ben begins his assault on Dana's ass. Dana moans as Ben begins his pounding of her ass. "Master, cum in my womb when you climax. I want to get pregnant. I want you children growing inside of me" Dana tells him between orgasms. Ben likes the idea and after he pounds her for two hours he pushes deep inside of her womb and pours his load into her. It takes Ben another ten hours to complete her training. Ben sleeps with Dana still engaged inside of her ass.

They sleep for eight hours before they wake. "Master, I brunette babe sucks off and gets nailed in the backroom reality blowjob having BIG FELLA inside of me when I sleep. It makes me feel safe and secure" Dana says. "Baby, when we get home I am going to have tracking devices call RFID's put into your bodies.

I will always know where you are. You are mine, now. Anybody ever does anything to you. Well lets just say they will regret it as will their whole family.

I protect my family and my loved ones". Jacqueline comes into the rooms with a big smile on her face. "Master, Master" she says as she jumps on Ben. "I am with child, Nadia just confirmed it. I am going to have your child". "Jacqueline that is wonderful news. Ladies you are going to have a brother or sister" Ben says. "Seeing as though you put more than one baby in most of your women, I wouldn't be surprised if I had twins or triplets.

The more the merrier" Jacqueline states. Little does Jacqueline know that before they move to Alabama her daughters and her will be pregnant with thirty of Ben's children. Ben then gets up with Dana and takes her to the shower. They wash each other. "Master, I really do love you" Dana says as she drops to her knees and sucks on BIG FELLA. "I want your babies inside of me.

My body is yours" Dana says before she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and down her throat. Ben erupts down her tight fifteen year old throat. "Baby, Dana. You are mine. I am yours. We are going to be together for the rest of our lives. We will have many children together. I hope we have at least fifty children together" Ben tells her. "You want me to stay pregnant don't you my love?" Dana says. "No, I think you have a good twenty-five years of child birthing years. I think if I can get you pregnant twenty times with multiple babies then we should be fine with that goal" Ben tells her.

They go back out to the bedroom and eat, drink and take their pills. Next up is little Helen. Julie has been lubing up her ass since they have been in the shower. Helen looks at her Master and tells him "Train my ass, I want my tattoo on the back of my neck just like my sister slaves.

Train me my beautiful handsome Master". Ben pounds Helen for the next 18 ours and completes her training. He rests for eight hours and then begins her twins training. It takes Ben 22 hours to complete Heather's training. Ben then tells them that he is going to complete Erica and Elaine's training after they get back from dinner out at The Brasserie in town. Ben sleeps for twelve hours and gets up with his trainees four hours before they have to go to dinner.

Obviously, Heather and Helen's asses are going to be a little sore when they go to sit down in the chairs at dinner. They all go to dinner and enjoy some family time with the extended family. Ben has rented the whole restaurant and before they leave for dinner he tells everyone, "Do not recruit any more slaves!".

The girls all giggle, and Dana comes up to Ben. "The rule is we have to share you". "Yeah, between my slaves. Not with every woman out there" Ben tells her. Before they go to the restaurant they see Katyana off.

She is going back to the Czech Republic, pregnant with Ben's babies. She gives Becky her contact information and email address and they say they will keep in touch. Katyana has tears in her eyes as she kisses Ben and Becky goodbye. They go and have a fine time at the restaurant. They have a very elegant meal and Dominic talks to the chef as the family has dessert.

The chef is amazed that he serves the same family every night. Dominic says he plans two weeks out. He has food delivered to the mansion where they all live. Ben is watching the girls with the waitresses, he is a little worried about them recruiting more girls. Julie comes over and whispers in Ben's ear "Master, we are not recruiting the waitresses. They are just friends of ours. This is a small island and we know these waitresses". "Okay, no new slaves down here in the Cayman Islands" Ben tells her.

They finish their dinner and get ready to leave. They pile into the cars and head back to the compound, little does Ben know that the guys have invited three of the waitresses home with them. They get back to the compound and they all go to the houses and undress. Ben is with the bed slaves, Erica and Elaine in the pool. Julie, Brianna and Harper come around the corner with Ray, James, Freddie, Karl Jr.

and three of the waitresses from the restaurant. They are all naked and tell Ben they are going swimming in the ocean under the stars. Rachel and Reanna come around the corner with towels. "Master, you remember the waitresses from dinner. This is Jessica, Jenny and Monique. We invited them back to play and spend some time together" Reanna tells him.

"Yes, I remember them. Nice to see you three again. Enjoy your stay here at our humble abode. Remember what they say about Vegas? "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". The same applies here in the compound" Ben tells them. "Guys if you are going to have sex with these girls you need to wear a condom. No exceptions, you must protect the family" Ben instructs the gentlemen. "Ben, where are your manners. Come out here and give the girls a welcoming kiss" Becky says as she comes out the back door with Ben Junior.

Ben looks at her and shakes his head. He gets out of the pool and comes over to the girls and gives each of them a kiss on the cheek and welcomes them to the compound. All three are staring at BIG FELLA. "Isn't my husband beautiful, Ladies?" Becky says as she kisses her husband. "That is the biggest cock I have ever seen, even in porno movies" Jessica says. "Nice and BIG.

How large is that thing?" Monique asks "Our Master is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2" wide and he knows how to make a woman feel good. When he makes love to a woman she will have an orgasm every five minutes or so. And he has stamina, he goes for hours" Reanna says.

"You called him Master?" Jenny asks. "Yes, all the women here in the compound are his slaves. We all have sex with Ben. He is our Master and we are his property as it states on our lower backs." Julie says as she shows her back tattoo. Jacqueline comes over to the pool and tells the girls "I don't know about the other women, but I am happier than I have ever been. I thank God for Ben. That he has accepted me as his slave and that he has chosen my girls as his.

I look forward to a long life with him and my fellow slaves". "Well we are going swimming now. See you tomorrow" Harper says. "Remember what I said about the condoms. Must protect the family" Ben tells them. "Have fun and be careful in the water". That night Ray, James, Freddie, and Karl Jr.

all pound the crap out of the three waitresses on the beach. James pounds all three in their virgin asses making them scream out orgasm after orgasm. Ben, Becky and Jacqueline watch for a while the kids enjoying themselves. "James really knows how to pound some ass" Jacqueline says. "Reanna taught him right" Becky tells her. "Yes, she did" Jacqueline says as she takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts licking on him and sucking on the head.

Once she has gotten BIG FELLA erect she straddles him and leans over and tells Ben "Lets show those youngster how to fuck a woman's ass". Jacqueline pushes down on BIG FELLA until she gets him to pop past her anal ring. She puts her legs on Ben's shoulders and starts moving up and down on BIG FELLA. They make love for two hours like that until Ben erupts into his willing slaves ass. Jacqueline then takes her legs from Ben's shoulders and then lays down with him in the lounge chair.

They sleep until morning and are awoken by the group from the beach coming up for breakfast. "It seems like the two of you enjoyed yourselves last night?" Julie says as she kisses her mother and Master good morning. "I like waking up and having BIG FELLA in my body. It makes me feel so secure and safe" Jacqueline tells them. They get up and head to the bathroom.

"James and the guys have nice big cocks, but your Master's cock is a whole other thing" Jenny says. "Yes, he is very well-endowed" Julie smiles at her friend. They eat breakfast and Ben says that he wants to go see the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and make a day of it. Ben then takes the clan to see the Botanic Park and have another fine meal out before returning to the compound.

They all watch the sunset when Nadine comes over and tells Ben and Becky that Isabella has gone into labor. Ben and Becky go to Nadia's birthing suite and witness Isabella giving birth to triplet girls named Margherita Ava, Maddelena Becky, Maurizia Emma, all weighing little over seven pounds.

Ben kisses his lover and tells Isabella she did good. The girls are beautiful just like their mother. Mary comes running into the room and sees her sisters. "It looks like Aidan has three little aunts to play with. They are beautiful mom" Mary says as Ava and Emma come in and tell Nadia that their water just broke.

Ava is first to give birth to her triplet girls Angela Bee, Mauritania Tiffani, Lucianna Margaret, Ben kisses his little lover and tells her she did a good job. He is in tears again as he sees his women giving birth to his children. Emma is the next to give birth to her triplets Estella Ava, Essence Patience, Erika Lynn, "Mary we have nine little baby girls for Aidan to play with. I love you ladies with all my heart" Ben says as he kisses his baby girls and their mothers.

Ben leaves them to recover and goes back to the main house. He tells Tiffani and Becky that they need to get extra baby seats for the new infants born down here in and i’m the tease tube porn Cayman Islands. "Ladies, we have a nice large family. I can't believe how lucky I am to be loved by all these women. To know they love me with all their hearts" Ben says. "We all love you, Master. You are kind, generous and very loving.

A woman would be crazy not to love you and be in love with you" Becky says and Tiffani agrees. "I am pregnant again, I just took a pregnancy test today and have been waiting for the right time to tell you" Tiffani says as she kisses Ben.

"That is terrific news, Mom" Ben says as the three of them lay down and make out. Erica and Elaine come into the room and asks "Master, we are waiting to start our anal training". "OK, Lets get your ass lubed up and ready Erica" Ben says as he hands her the lube from the drawer. For the next three days Ben pounds Erica and Elaine's ass. He cums in their wombs father reap daughter fuk story they get pregnant. In the meantime, Jenny and her friends go home.

Tiffani and Becky take several of their sisters to go shopping. They bring home pregnancy tests for the new slaves. Brianna, Harper, Destiny and Sydney all test positive right away. As does Julie and Dana. Ben makes love to Helen and Heather several more times while they are down in Cayman Islands and they become pregnant.

They family heads back to Alabama in time to have Easter at the mansion. They says goodbye to Jenny, Jessica and Monique.

They exchange email addresses. They pack everything and head to the jet with Caillum at the helm. Ken and Carol, Jamal and Sheila, and Omar and his crew go back on the little jet piloted by Steve. They arrive home, Omar and his crew go to their house. Jamal and Sheila go to their house after she gives Ben a huge kiss.

Carol and Ken go to their house. Ben and his crew drive to their mansion. They new slaves look at their new residence and are amazed at the size. The maids take the luggage in with the help of them men as the new slaves take a tour of the mansion with Tiffani, Janet and Busty babe eating her friends wet pussy. Ben comes in and he has a call from Soyeon and he calls for Hyejung to come and translate for him. Hyejung talks to her mother and tells Ben that she has a gift for him and asks if she could come over.

Ben nods and Hyejung tells her to come over. Ben catches up with Julie and her crew as Tiffani shows them their new rooms. "So ladies what do you think of your new bedrooms?" Ben asks them. "They are huge" Julie says. "I like that we don't have to share a bathroom with seven other people" Dana says. "Master, you are so generous to give us our own rooms. These rooms are bigger than any master bedroom Cums in girls mouth and face xxx hots story have ever seen or heard of" Jacqueline says.

Brianna, Harper, Sydney and Destiny love their new rooms. "Ladies, if you need anything from the store just let Becky or Tiffani know. I will set you ladies up with a bank account and a credit card. We find that most of the essentials can be delivered to the mansion" Ben tells them. They get accustomed to their new surroundings and Ben tells them that we are always naked in the house so be ready to see a lot of naked people. In an hour Soyeon arrives and comes into the entertainment room where Ben and her daughters are.

"Master, I have your gift" Soyeon says. She is of course naked and brings in her sister, Eun and introduces her and tells her something in Korean and Eun then strips and kneels in front of Ben.

Soyeon then calls to her nieces and they come in. Ben looks over Eun, she is quite beautiful. Resembling a little doll. Eun has 36C breasts with black hair and eyes. Soyeon introduces her nieces, Eun Hee and Eun Jung fourteen year old twins with black hair and eyes and 34C breasts and swan-like necks. Eun Kyung and Eun Mi twelve year old twins with the same hair and eye color.

Finally little ten year old Eun Sun. They all strip and kneel in front of Ben. They all say in English, "Mr. Barnes, please make us your slaves. We want to be your slaves and you to be our Master.

Our bodies are yours. Please make love to us and be our Master". Bill walks in right before they strip and hear this and says to Ben "It doesn't rain it pours. You have them coming in from overseas you lucky duck". Ben looks at him and shakes his head. Eun and her girls think he is saying no and she says "Please Master Ben, make us your slaves. I am fertile as our my daughters, except for Sun. We give you lots of babies and take care of you and your huge house". "Hyejung translate this for me, please" Ben asks and she agrees.

"Eun and girls. Soyeon wanted me to bring you to this country because your husband left you and abandon his children" Ben waits for Hyejung to translate. "You are welcome to stay in my house without becoming my slave", Hyejung translates. Eun Hee looks at her mother and says something in Korean. Hyejung tells Ben "Hee says that you are a powerful man and that you will take care of them. She also says she sees that you are very well-endowed and that she wants you to make her a woman". Soyeon gives Ben her sisters clean HIV/STD certificate and Eun says "Master, make my daughters your women please".

"OK, I accept you as my slaves". Hyejung tells them in Korean what he said and Eun Hee comes over and asks "May I suck on your cock, Master". Ben nods and she sucks on BIG FELLA. Ben tells Hyejung that Eun Sun will be his bed slave and that he plans on keeping her virginity intact until she reaches 13. He tells her to translate to her and what that means. Hyejung translates and she says something back to her. "Master, Sun says she will make a wonderful bed slave and that she is proud to take care of his body" Hyejung says as Sun comes over and kisses her new Master.

"Hyejung, please go over the what is required of them" Ben tells her and Hyejung starts telling them in Korean what is required. The women smile at Ben and tell him "Yes, Master" everyone except Eun Hee who has finally gotten BIG FELLA down her throat. It takes her 45 minutes to get Ben to cum.

She takes it all down her throat and into her belly. Ben spends the next two weeks training his new Korean slaves. After which they all get their required tattoos and piercings. They celebrate Easter as a family with his friends. As is a holiday custom they have an orgy after eating. This goes on for three days. Ben then takes Becky and they go shopping. The head to the local Costco to load up on supplies. They have a trailer hooked up to the Expedition.

They purchase toiletries, vitamins and household supplies. The new slaves have given Abigail their requests for personal items for their bathrooms. While they are out they notice that they are being followed again and call Paula and she pulls over his penis is the best way out for cutie thief guy.

He shows her his badge and Paula asks him what he is doing in the area. Phillip tells her just some FBI surveillance. She let him go and calls Ben and tells him that Phillip is back at it. Ben arrives home and calls his private investigator and tells him to step it up on the investigation of Phillip. He calls his informant in the FBI and asks him about Phillip.

He has been suspended for an illegal investigation. Ben tells his informant that he will take care of him lovely japanese honey takes on a hard dick his own time.

Ben gets a call from his State Department friend and they talk for a while. Characters also introduced: Brianna, 21, Waitress in CI, 5'9, White, Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 36DD Breasts, swan-like neck Harper, 22, Waitress in CI, 5'8, White, Black Hair with Hazel Eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck Sydney, 19, Waitress in CI, 5'2, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts, swan-like neck Destiny, 20, Waitress in CI, 5'4, White, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts, swan-like neck Jenny, 19, Waitress in CI, 5'6, White, Red Hair with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts, swan-like neck Jessica, 18, Waitress in CI, 5'3, White, Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts, swan-like neck Monique, 21, Waitress in CI, 5'2, White, Brown Hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck Eun, 30, Soyeon Sister, 5'0, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 36C Breasts Eun Hee, 14, Eun's Daughter, 4'10, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 34C Breasts Eun Jung, 14 Eun's Daughter, 4'10, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 34C Breasts Eun Kyung, 12, Eun's Daughter, 4'8, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 32C Breasts Eun Mi, 12, Eun's Daughter, 4'8, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 32C Breasts Eun Sun, 10, Eun's Daughter, 4'6, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 32C Breasts Coming SOON.

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