Innocent sweetie is gaping juicy vagina in close up and having orgasm stretching fingering

Innocent sweetie is gaping juicy vagina in close up and having orgasm stretching fingering
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It was 4:30 a.m.

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and my alarm clock was ringing non-stop. I slept through the first 10 minutes because I definitely do not like getting up early, but today we had a new group starting at camp.

I actually got a job at the same YMCA camp that I dreaded going to back in the seventh grade. I had recently moved to a new town and I was still a little shy, and I wasn't looking forward to spending a week with relatively unknown classmates. Camp started off slow, but I was in a cabin with about seven other boys that were the same age as me, and we all looked similar as well.

Same build, same skin tone, same height, and all around similar. I recently became more interested in my sexuality, and as any other 13 year old boy, I got a boner with any move I made. The week went by very quickly in a storm of sexual tension that always remained just out of sight. Anyway, fast-forward back to the present day, as I am groggily getting ready to meet and greet new campers and their families.

I am still quite curious about my sexuality in my mid 20's. I have never really had a steady girlfriend, and actually never really got past a couple of dates. Everything to do with sex turns me on, and I definitely love surfing the web for porn.

I will watch straight, gay, bi-sexual, or just about anything else, and I love reading erotic stories. There is something about imagining something that you would probably never do that is a huge turn-on! I headed out to the great hall where we would meet and greet the incoming kids and their families. The first day is almost like a tryout social event. This is an opportunity for families and counselors to interact, and the kids would then pick who they want to spend their camp time with.

When I got into the hall, I found out that our incoming group was a boys church group that would be spending a month at the camp. My initial thought was that my time was going to be boring with a church group. Just a bunch exclusive mommy teaches how to blow prudish little innocent boys.

My last couple of years at the camp have been filled with that same sexual tension that was around in my seventh grade time, and it is tough as a horny twenty something around a bunch of horny boys. There just is not much time for release, and it is pretty difficult to even masturbate during the first week with a new camp group.

The social day was going great, and I was meeting a lot of interesting kids and families. It looked like we were going to have pretty small groups, only two or three kids per counselor. I noticed two boys that seemed relatively shy, and they didn't seem to like most of the counselors.

Who can blame them really because most of the other counselors here for this session were permanent employees in their thirties and forties, or young high school kids here for a summer job.

Most of the other counselors annoyed me as well, and they certainly weren't going to bond with these young boys. I went over and introduced myself as a camp counselor and immediately hit it off with the boys and sunny lion sex stories sexy download parents.

They seemed to take a liking to me, and I found that these boys followed me all around the room. Their names were Tim and Joey, and they were average height for 13 year old boys.

They were about 5' or 5'2", and about 90 pounds, with light-brown, sun-bleached hair. They were good-looking kids, and they had that beautiful summer tan that you wish for when you get older.

Later that night, I talked with my boss and found that I would be in charge of the Oak cabin for the summer. I loved the Oak cabin because it was secluded from the other cabins and it sat right on the lake!

It had beautiful views at night, and it stayed extremely quiet. I was told that I would receive my kid assignment in the morning. The kids would camp together in the great hall tonight while my boss assigned the kids. I really had no doubt that I would end up with Tim and Joey busty milf driving examiner bangs in car they didn't really like anyone else. I thought they were great kids, and it seemed like we would have a great time this summer.

I headed out to the cabin and got my stuff set up, and I also got some of the linens and other supplies that the boys would need ready to go. The next morning I got up kind of early. I stayed the night in the cabin since I was all set up, so I decided to go out and take a quick swim in the lake before everyone else started waking up. I usually sleep naked, and last night was no exception! I wasn't sure if I would have another opportunity for the next month with the church kids.

I decided to go ahead and go swimming naked as well as I knew that no one else was around. There was still two hours until we had to report back to the great hall. I dove into the lake and was greeted by cool summer water. It felt so good around my entire body, and it immediately got my dick hard! I still had not relieved myself of my pent-up sexual energy, so my dick just stayed hard as I swam around.

I decided to get out and lay on my towel in the warm summer air. As soon as I lay down, my dick slapped onto my stomach. I have an average dick, about 6" hard, with a good thickness. I may not have the biggest dick around, but I was pretty happy anyway.

My cock really fit the rest of my body. I am about 5'9", with a slim but athletic build. I weigh around 145 or 150, and I have slightly toned muscles. I work out a couple times a week lightly, so I keep the shape that I like. I slowly started to stroke my cock up and down, and a slightly cool breeze had started up.

The intense pleasure that I have missed so much coupled with the breeze was sending shivers down my spine. I really wasn't sure if I would last very long. I took my other hand and naughty teen rides hard on a bbc cumshot facial rubbing my balls with a light touch, and slipped my fingers down toward my asshole.

I started rubbing light circles around my puckered hole, and I was in heaven. I was getting to the edge and I was running out of time.

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I definitely did not want to be late to the lodge, so I quickened my pace. I felt an intense orgasm start up, and I slowed down my strokes slightly and sent numerous spurts of cum up and down my chest and stomach. As I was coming down, I heard rustling in the bushes and turned to see what appeared to be Tim and Joey running away through the woods! Oh shit, I am going to get fired! I can't believe that I was so stupid! I got up quickly and ran into the shower inside the cabin. I showered fast, got dressed and shemale renata araujo and a guy exchange blowjobs and then he fucks her toward the great hall, where I was dreading what might happen!

I arrived at the great hall and stepped through the doors. Everyone turned to see me enter, but went back to whatever they were doing. I figured that the boys who saw me must have chosen to keep it to themselves, but I am still nervous. Why would they keep this to themselves, and what would I have to do to make sure that my secret stays safe? I started walking toward over toward my boss to receive my assignment when I glanced to the side and saw Tim and Joey.

They looked up at me with huge grins and ran right over. "Guess what" Tim said. "What" I answered. "We are going to be cabin mates" Joey added with a rather wicked grin. "And I am sure we will have lots of fun!" Oh my, I am going to have an interesting summer!