Chubby slut blows a throbbing boner cumshots amateur

Chubby slut blows a throbbing boner cumshots amateur
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"OH GOD" Jessica moaned as she and Heather shared the two way dildo.

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The dildo sank in and out of Jessica's aching pussy. Heather was also feeling the great feeling as the dildo rubbed her clit into a sexual frenzy. Jessica screamed as an orgasm raced through her leaking pussy.

Heather was not far behind and soon an orgasm flooded her pussy with juices. "That was incredible!" Heather gasped. Both of them looked at each other.

Heather was a rather short brown haired girl who had normal sized breasts for a 14 year old. Freckles covered her face. She was average build and was a girl you would call cute not hot. Slutty euro exchange student starts an orgy in her hotel room 4 tube porn had brown hair also and long legs.

She had small breasts for the 14 year old she was, and a shaved pussy. She had legs and thighs that made every man she saw gape. They were semi muscular and very soft and very creamy. Her breasts while small were very good; they had nice nipples and also a very good color to them. Heather on the other hand had legs that were shorter but had a bit more meat on them. While Jessica was very skinny Heather was only an average build.

Both had no cloths on as they lay in a pile at the foot of a dresser. The dresser had started all of this really. Jessica and Heather were snooping around Jessica's parent's room when Heather had opened Jessica's mom's underwear drawer. There they had found a strap on several dildos and a vibrator, and also the two way.

"I dare you to take one and try it." Heather had goaded her. "Ok if you do also." Jessica had said. "Ok but you first." "No you first." "Together." "Wouldn't that make us like lesbians?" Jessica asked. "Not in the same room!" Heather said. "Well than how will we know if the other did it?" "Well…" "See and I don't know bout you but I'm not going to believe for one second that you actually did it." Jessica stated.

"And if we have to do it in the same room at the same time that makes us lesbians and I aint gonna do it!" Jessica added very sternly "I think you're just a wimp." Heather teased.

"Fine then if you think so I'll do it." "Ok than go." "You said you'd do it to!" Jessica reminded Heather. "Alright." They both looked at each other.

This was wired they both awkwardly looked away as they each took a dildo from the drawer. They tried not to look at each other as the slowly undid their skirts that they had to were as they both went to the same Catholic school.

They then each pulled down there panties until they could fit the dildos in neither looking at the other. Both then slipped the dildos into their panties and began stroking there pussy's with the fake penis's. Both were virgins in every way, neither had even masturbated before now. Both felt a pleasure that they had never felt rise in between their legs.

Neither wanted this pleasure to end and they stroked faster. Jessica moaned and Heather looked over at her. What she saw made her moan herself. Heather was getting so turned on by the combination of the dildo rubbing her and the sight of her friend rubbing herself.

Heather than did something that changed this friendship forever. She moved in front of Jessica and began to moan as she rubbed the head of the fake penis into her crotch. Jessica stared as Heather rubbed herself. Then Jessica began rubbing herself again this time with vigor. Heather unbuttoned her shirt and flung it off herself than her bra followed.

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Jessica did the same only she took her panties off and stood there naked in front of her friend except for the knee high stockings and high heeled shoes. Heather followed suit. They still rubbed themselves but now their eyes were examining each others bodies. Then Heather stopped rubbing and put the dildo down. She walked up to Jessica and began kissing her using her tongue to probe Jessica's mouth Jessica dropped her own dildo to the floor and soon they were both kissing each other passionately using their hands to explore each others bodies.

Heather broke the kiss after a long while. She moved her hand down and found Jessica's clit. She rubbed it and began to tease it with her finger. Jessica moaned and she pushed her pussy up against Heather's finger. Heather than stuck a finger into Jessica's pussy, and Jessica shrieked and moaned "Oh yeas keep doing that…OHHHHHH!" Just before Jessica climaxed Heather withdrew her finger. "Not yet." Heather said teasingly.

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"Oh god I loved that do it again please!" Jessica begged. "Oh no, I've got something much, much better." Heather than went to the open dresser and picked up the two way. "You wanna try it?" "Oh god yes let's do this!" Jessica moaned. "Come over here than." Heather said leading Jessica to the bed. Jessica went over to the bed and lay down. Heather than lay down next to her and shifted so they were facing each other.

They had no idea how to use the thing but they improvised. Heather stuck the thing into herself and screamed as she felt the huge fake thing penetrate her virgin pussy. It sent waves of pleasure through her. "Get on top of me." She gasped breathlessly.

Jessica did as she was told and straddled her friend. She then slowly lowered herself onto the huge two way cock.

She also screamed as she was penetrated for the first time. Then both the pair lay together for a time allowing their pussy's to get used to the intrusion. They then both began to rock back and forth so that the dildo penetrated them repeatedly. They both moaned in unison as the felt the cock slid into them.

They both went crazy both felt pleasure they had never felt before running through them. They both screamed loudly and Jessica thanked God her parents weren't home. Soon both felt something new almost a building sensation in both their pussies. This was going to be their first orgasm.

They both flailed as they felt a pleasure so pronounced building. Soon both of them screamed as they hadn't done before and both squirted juices everywhere. The bed was getting soaked with all the juices flowing out of them. They both felt the others cum squirting onto them.

"OH GOD" Jessica screamed. They both collapsed exhausted from the intensity of their orgasms.

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Heather felt Jessica's juices dripping from her thigh. For that matter there were juices everywhere. "That was great I've never felt so good," thought Heather. Jessica was still reliving the great pleasure that had ripped through her only seconds ago.

"Maybe we should get cleaned up?" Heather said quietly, gently pushing Jessica who still lay on top of her. "What? Oh yeah," Jessica looked confused. Both she and Heather slowly removed the two way from their dripping pussies. The sensation flooded back as they did. When the dildo was out of both of them a flood of their love juices leaked out of their pussies.

They both picked up all the dildos and put them back in their original spots. After they both sucked the juices off them first. Then they both slipped their panties back on put on their skirts, then their shirts, and finally the ties. Then they got a roll of paper towels and did their best to clean up the pools of pussy juices that were every where. They did everything in complete silence and finally they headed back to Jessica's room.

Neither could believe what had just happened. And both felt guilty about it.

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The End