Pretty girl knows how to please a guy

Pretty girl knows how to please a guy
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Jan is a very attractive forty-something single woman with a voracious sexual appetite according to the regular stories she regales Mireille with. She is a size 12-14 with a very good, well kept body and figure.

We had first met Jon through an agency that owed us some money. According to Jon's bio he was a part-time model, who models nude for magazines that appeal to both sexes. He insisted on being photographed by females only though, so perhaps that was a clue to his real sexuality. His bio showed some of his naked pics. He was very well hung and the pics showed him having his very erect cock pleasured by both males and females.

After we showed Jan these pics she was even more determined to have him. After some negotiation Jon had agreed to Jan's request.

However, being something of an exhibitionist he stipulated that he wanted Mireille and I to watch. "I usually get paid for this, but if you watch. Jan can have me." We all agreed to meet at Jan's apartment at 2.30 the next Saturday. Sex is always better in the afternoon we agreed. Mireille likes to remind me, "A vast array of erotic pleasure awaits us when we let go of our inhibitions, tune into our bodies, trust our lover and broaden our ideas about sex.

We are only restricted by our imagination." We asked Jan what we should wear when we arrived. "Don't worry about it. Come ten minutes early. I have some very sexy silk dressing gowns you can be naked under. When we arrived Jan was wearing one of her 'very sexy silk dressing gowns'. Looking more closely we noticed her stiletto heels and black stockings. "Change into these while I crazy students sucking and having group sex Jan instructed.

We did as she very closely watched us undress. Neither of us was sure which of us she appraised more closely, though my cock liked her staring at it. "Love your Brazillian, Mireille," she smiled. "Do you think Jon will like my outfit," Jan asked as she posed with her legs apart and opened her gown.

Apart from a skimpy back garter belt to hold her stockings up she was breathtakingly naked, with her pubic hair shaved in mohawk style. "Very impressive," Mireille smiled. "I never realized you had such big tits. And love the erect nipples," she said as she gave them a quick lick with her tongue.

"You have given my man an erection. I can see it under his gown." The security buzzer broke the moment. "Come up Jon, we are waiting for you. "You two can sit on the sofa. I want you to enjoy watching." "Hello Jon, come in, remember me? "Last time I saw you Mireille was sucking your cock. I was very impressed. I have wanted you ever since. This time she is going to watch me. There she is sitting over there with her man.

"Do you like what I am wearing?" Jan asks she positions herself so three people can watch as she opens her gown with it sitting on her shoulders.

We can see Jon gasp as she shows three of us her voluptuous body, breathtakingly naked apart from the skimpy back garter belt holding her stockings up. "Love your body, especially your mohawk, terrific tits," Jon says. "You have three people waiting to see you naked Jon. Remind us what you had on display last time," Jan says. Jon is simply dressed in loafers, slacks and a well fitting t-shirt to highlight his tanned body.

The three of us watch intently, Jan especially as Jon removes his shoes, shirt and trousers. Under his trousers he is wearing a one stiff rod for two stacked stunners big tits and cumshot athletic jock strap. He turns around for effect so we can see his well-formed tanned arse highlighted by the two thin bands of his jock strap.

The huge bulge at the front of his tight fitting jock strap is such that at least three inches of his already erect cock is poking through. Jan has her hands all over Jon, raking her nails lightly down his chest, and then raking his taut arse as she pulls his jock strap down, releasing his huge cock.

"Wow, even bigger than I remember, must be nine inches already," Jan smiles. "A few weeks ago you had him Mireille," I tease, "now your friend is going to have him, how do you feel?" "Very turned on, his cock is very impressive," she replies as sunny leon xxx story com yoga tongue kisses me, "this is going to be fun for us." "I have been wet for you ever since I saw your cock in Mireille's mouth weeks ago Jon.

Her turn to watch now," Jan smiles. Just to remind Jon how much he enjoyed her, Mireille opens her legs and shrugs open her dressing gown to reveal her Brazilian and very erect nipples. They make eye contact without saying a word as Jan takes Jon's cock into her mouth. "A few weeks ago I was watching you do that to his huge cock. How do you feel watching someone else have him?" I taunt Mireille.

Without saying a word she positions me, kneels in front of me, opens my gown, and takes my hard cock into her mouth so that Jon can see. I am loving having my cock sucked while I watch Jan suck a much bigger cock while Jon is watching us.

"Jan is very good Mireille, I can see that Jon loves her sucking his cock," I tease. "Good, I want to watch."
 She stops sucking me and tells me, "kneel in front of me and lick my cunt while I watch Jon having his cock sucked by my girlfriend.

She is very wet and in no time has a series of orgasms. "Slow down, baby, slow down," Jon tells Jan.

"I can keep it up for at least an hour, make it last. Sit in that chair so I can tease and lick your nipples, they must be at least half an inch long."
 He kneels in front of Jan teasing her very erect nipples with one finger on each. Then he licks each one in turn. "That is magic, a huge turn on for me," Jan murmurs, "especially while I watch your huge cock." I also tell Mireille to slow down.

"Lie on the couch completely naked with your head on my lap so you can watch them and I will tease your nipples. "Like watching them baby while I am teasing your nipples? I think so your nipples are like bullets." Jon is now slowly licking Jan's body as he moves down to between her legs. "Before I lick your cunt, stand up so I can kiss your arse cheeks."
 Jan readily complies and smiles as he mutters, "Gorgeous arse, especially with that garter belt.

Love licking and kissing it. "Like that baby? Tell me I need to know." "I love everything you are doing to me. I can't wait for you to fuck me." "Not yet, plenty of time," he says. "Sit down again, open your legs and put them over my shoulders. I want to lick you to orgasm. "Mireille had at least four before, so get there five times, then I will fuck you. "Promise?" Jan teases. "I promise, my cock is hungry for you." He starts licking and Jan has her hands behind his head urging him into her.

"That's magic baby, right on my clit," Jan groans as she orgasms once, twice, three times, then four times in quick succession. "Tease me and make me wait for the next one before you fuck me.

Let me tease your magic cock with two hands. Those two are watching and getting off on what we are doing. I love having sex with another couple watching. "And love that cock in my hands. Still rock hard for me, and nine inches. "Absolute magic," she murmurs as she scratches his balls and then squeezes them to his obvious pleasure. Jon is also obviously enjoying having us for an audience.

Mireille still sex sunny leone heroin sex com her head in my lap as I tease her nipples and then reach down to tease her very wet cunt lips. "Do like watching these two baby? A month ago that was you. He is going to fuck her soon while we watch," I tease. "Yes, love it. I want you to fuck me very soon also." "Bring me off one more time then you can fuck me," Jan instructs as she pushes his lips into her cunt.

Jon is determined to slowly tease Jan to her fifth orgasm and make her wait before he fucks her. He kisses the insides of her thighs and both sides of her mohawk. Jan is squirming with delight and soaking in and savoring the sexual pleasure as she orgasms for the fifth time.

Mireille and I are very aroused from watching. We both crave sexual release but want to watch these two fuck each other first. We watch as Jan leads Jon with her hand on his huge cock to the bed.

"Now fuck me with your huge cock.

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Really fuck me as though you mean it," she instructs as she lays on her back and opens her legs and guides his cock into her. No further foreplay is needed as they immediately get into a rhythm as we watch, both of us fascinated and very aroused. Jan has no trouble taking his full nine inches as Jon slides his full length in and out of her with lots of verbal encouragement.

"Love your huge cock, love it. Fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck my cunt," she moans over courtney cameo minor part major star twistys over. "What a turn on," Mireille whispers. "Take me to the other bed and fuck me like there is no tomorrow. We can fuck much better than those two." "I will and we can, but wait until they are finished. Let's watch them to heighten our pleasure before we fuck.

And they can watch us." We lose count of the orgasms Jan has as he teases her with the full length of his cock, slowly and then slapping into her in rapid succession. If we weren't watching the noise alone would be a turn on as Jan screams with every orgasm and his balls slap into her. We can see Jon tensing as he nears orgasm. He pulls out of Jan and motions for her stroke his cock to orgasm.

We watch fascinated and rapt as Jan uses two hands along his full length. She is in her element now, his huge cock that she has craved for a month in her hands.

She expertly teases the tip of his cock. "Cum for us baby. You have had a rock hard erection for an hour. Show the three of us how much you want to cum." We watch as she scratches his balls with her nails, then squeezes them.

"Is that good baby? I thinks it is," Jan teases. His face contorts as he tenses, shudders and groans to a huge orgasm that shoots at least three feet.

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"What a turn on that was, an hour of foreplay for us," Mireille says very loudly. "Take me to the other bed and fuck me like shoplyfter hot ebony teen pounded for stealing is no tomorrow. We can fuck much better than those two. "Let's show my bitch girlfriend what two people in love can do when they fuck. "Better still lets do a sixty-nine while they watch."
 Mireille lays me on the bed, my erection pointing to the ceiling.

She stands behind me and leans down so she can tongue kiss me and tease my nipples. "I like that baby." Then she sits on my face facing my erect cock and teases my nipples some more. I have my hands on her glorious arse cheeks, manipulating them xxx xxx big booty poran my tongue can lick and slide along her very wet cunt. I can't see Jan and Jon but when Jan says, "Wow, awesome," I know that are watching and enjoying.

Mireille then bends down so that we are in a sixty-nine position. "Your cock is not as long as Jon's, but it is thicker. I can tell by the way it fills my mouth," she says as she licks it then sucks on it. "Love what you are doing baby," I mutter as best I can. For the first time Jon chimes in. "You can do that me any time you like Mireille. You are very good. And I love watching." Then Jan, "You promised to fuck for us. Do it now. I want to watch and enjoy." We disengage ourselves and note that Jon and Jan have their hands all over each other.

Jan is still dressed in her suspender belt and stockings and looks sensational. Mireille and I can't help noticing Jon has a huge raging erection again, with Jan's hand wrapped around it.

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"Come on fuck me, fuck me really good. I can't hold out much longer," Mireille instructs. We start fucking in the missionary position as though there is no tomorrow. I can see Mireille ogling Jon's erection as Jan is trying to bring him off with her hands.

"I love you fucking me while Jan is jerking off on that magic cock. Love it, so good. Keep fucking me and watch. Are you watching?

Does it turn you on?" Both Jon and I are not sure which one of us Mireille is asking, "Are you watching? Does it turn you on?" "Squat down on all fours, baby. I want to finish you off by fucking you from behind. "I want to fuck you from behind so I can watch those two while they watch us," I tell Mireille as I lick and kiss her gorgeous arse, then grab her arse cheeks as I slide my rock hard cock into her.

"I want us to make even more noise than they did." And we do make more noise than they did as I slam into her. By now Jan is jerking and stroking Jon's cock with one hand in sync with the rhythm Mireille and I have going. Her other hand is alternating scratching and squeezing his balls. The look of pleasure on his face confirms he is enjoying it and close to cumming.

Mireille is flirting with Jon as I fuck her from behind. She holds his gaze and I can sense she is drooling over his cock as she smiles at him while Jan has two hands around it, determined to remind him of her sexual prowess. I fuck her harder and harder to turn them both on even more. She tenses and almost screams, "Now baby. I'm cumming, I'm cumming," as she shudders and climaxes over and over.

Jan is urging Jon, "Cum for me baby, cum for me baby, cum for me baby." Her urgings as well as the visual turn ons, send both Real people taping there love making session in daybed and I to a simultaneous and glorious climax.