Sexy brunette babe sucks and fucks pov

Sexy brunette babe sucks and fucks pov
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"Have you really wondered why? Have you really wondered how? Im sure you're keen to know. but first, continue. Dont let my words stop you." Those were the words he heard from the dream he lad last night.

It was so terrifyingly wierd that he actually woke up in cold sweat. That voice. That same voice he heard since he found that wonderful thing that gave him his powers. It came back again, like some haunting from those scary movies he always watched late at night. Thing was that he was to busy fucking his new fuck toy Kelly April to watch any movie that night He didnt even sleep any later since he was so exhausted from cumming so much that he passed out.

Come to think of it, all he could think of was wild, crazy sex and ultimate revenge these days. What happened to the passive and kindly man he used to be, he didnt know, and somehow, he didnt seem to care that much. He was living a dream, one that no one but him can only enjoy.

Shaking off the doubt as easy as tossing out riding my special toy with a butt plug used piece of paper, he laid back down beside his soundly sleeping fuck toy.

The next day. Today, Gary would have to pick someone new and think out a new scheme. Lying down on his bed, he quickly sifted through the unlucky people who happened to be on his hit list and the immediate thought after a minute of organizing his thoughts, he came across a name that made him cringe. This one he needed to address or he might never sleep soundly again. Immediately and very enthusiastically, he plastered that name onto a mental post it in his head for the day as he got ready for work.

As soon as he entered the office with Kelly behind him, he spotted the woman in question trotting down a corridor like the pompous she-devil she is. A woman of class, sophistication and power, Ms. Bella Clarke.

The firm's official 'Ice Queen' of Human Resource. Among all of the managers who screw everyone over for the smallest things, she hands out the worst with a mouthful of clever insults, lowered paychecks and sometimes the dreaded sack. It was because of her that the workforce had been particularly disciplined, disgruntled and machine like. If it werent for her lusciously long legs, pretty face and large rack, a lot of people would have walked off their jobs already than contend with her wrath.

If it werent for his 'valued service' as janitor, Bella the Ice Queen would have fired him outright months ago. Instead of giving him the dignity, she lowered his paycheck by being slow in collecting the trash, which incurred his displeasure enough for him to stare daggers at her.

Today, everything was going to change for her. Today, it will be her last day of her tyrannical rule. First, he would need to use his new toy, April. She had more influence than he and he wanted to make the plan concievable on her terms before he burst her bubble. With a command, he sent Kelly to her to arrange a meeting. Soon enough after a few words, he was ushered in with the lovely pair into the Ice Queen's office to have the sit down that he had in mind.

It was a spacious work space and the furniture was expensive too. Another reason why everyone hated her was because of the attention she gets from the boss, and how he showered her with bonuses with each troublesome employee they had over the years. It was warranted but it always sparked that hateful sense of envy. Not a single thing in here was affordable to any other person than the head honcho himself.

For now though, he was more concentrated on executing his devious plan. The woman in question was a lot more interesting that the expensive leather seats and mahogany tables. As soon as Kelly was seated, appearing as professional as she was trained to be, she spoke clearly, "Ms. Bella, Im here today on grounds of a certain employee's suggestion to improve work performance in the office." "And my methods are not enough?" Her icy voice responded, sitting upright on her large chair behind her desk, her legs crossed and her appearence imposing.

"Not to say such, Ms. Bella. I do believe that the janitor Gary here is onto something. I highly recommend that we review Gary's proposition. It would do wonders for this department." The busty brunette looked at Gary with a long pause, her eyes as cold as her reputation. For once, Gary wasnt intimidated by those hateful eyes, "A janitor giving suggestions?

I do understand that you have ideas, Mr. Gary, but you are not in any position to say anything about how to run this department." Kelly leaned forward, "That is why he approached me to be present, Ms. Bella. I do believe that it is something to hear. However, it is best shown than spoken." With a slow sigh, Bella leaned back into her 'throne', getting herself alexis texas in need of a rubdown, "Very well then.

Show me." Kelly got up from her chair, all eyes looking up at her. When she started to strip, Gary could see Queen of Human Resource tense up, her eyes widening in shock, the scenario working out perfectly.

All the while, Kelly kept a less than decent smile on her face as she took off her jacket, blouse, pencil skirt, bra and panties as naturally as if she was alone at home. Within less than a minute, she was fully naked with only her white stockings remaining, her huge DDs bouncing with each step and her delicious pussy glistening with fresh juices.

Gary always found it fun to make her wet whenever he felt like it. Now seemed like the right time. "Ms. April." Bella spoke out, her voice shaking in bewilderment, "What is the meaning of this?" "Best shown than spoken." She replied happily, her hand reaching down to rub her shamelessly exposed pussy.

She stepped over to Bella's side of the desk and bent herself over the table, keeping her legs closed tightly together. Show time.

Gary got up to his feet and positioned himself behind her, dropping his pants and underwear. Cute and shy blonde fucked by her fosters cock sprang out, hard and excited over the dirty thoughts and suggestions that he was giving out.

From the corner of his eye, he could see Bella looking down at his throbbing cock just a few feet away, her face beet red and her mouth hanging open slightly.

That look was priceless. There was no other memory he would keep more than that priceless look on her face right now. Tempted to alter the plan and grab Bella there and then, he forced himself to stick to the plan, which seemed much more exciting than just going crazy.

Grabbing onto April's hips, he guided his member towards the familiar wetness of her pussy lips. With a solid thrust straight into her excessively wet hole, April let out a loud groan. As she did so, the Ice Queen visibly twitched, one of her hands raising to cover her mouth lightly.

"You see, Ms Bella." She could barely speak, a little distracted by moaning as Gary started to pump her pussy wildly, "Gary's cock is a great motivational tool. Ive never felt so alive in my entire life when he fucks me and after he cums deep inside me, I feel like Karlee grey and eliza jane love licking could just die!" Bella continued to watch open mouthed, a glimmer in her eyes apparent as she witnessed the cock fuck her colleague's cunt hard.

At first, there was confusion, then gradually, she seemed to relax, her breathing deepening the more she watched the show unfold before her. Her legs spread slightly, her hand reached down to pull up her pencil skirt and slip beneath the fabric of some nice black panties. From the way Gary could see her hand, she was touching herself, cupping her fingers and rounding them around her secret spot. He could not help but grin widely.

Bella was now masturbating while watching one of her colleagues being fucked from behind right in front of her. It gave him a new high. However, this was just the beginning. "Keep watching, Bella." April moaned, still smiling in heat as she looked at a her boss.

She raised a leg high, with Gary grabbing it to support her, allowing Bella a full view of her pussy being pounded by his hard meat. "Watch that fucking cock slam into my cunt." "You enjoying the view, Bella?" Gary's face was locked in an evil gleeful smile, "If you want it, you can have the same." "Cum into my pussy, Gary, and I'll show her what shes missing." April breathed as she looked up at her master with a smile.

He could feel her starting to squeeze around his pounding cock. "Cum nice and hard! Fill gentle deepthroat oral stimulation smalltits and homemade pussy with your hot load!" Gary pumped harder and harder, his balls tensing up tightly. Within moments of her coaxing, he exploded inside her, fresh loads of sperm spewing into her depths. With each shot, April groaned in pleasure, pressing herself into him so that he could reach deeper.

Even after all the fucking these past few days, he could never get bored from doing her. The way she looked and the way she begged. The more than willing way that she cried for him to shoot his seed deep into her over and over again. Exquisite! Once his cock finally stopped spewing, he pulled out slowly, a dribble of spunk running down her leg. A thick white patch was now plastered on her pussy lips, with more oozing out with each passing moment.

At this moment, Bella was looking at the massive excess of semen, her expression so concentrated on pleasure that her free hand was already cupped around her clothed breast. The other was still working on her own sex, the black fabric of her panties now soaking damp with her juices with some of it even dribbling onto her expensive leather chair.

She was twitching uncontrollably, her legs and hands unable to stop fidgeting. Kelly dropped her leg to the floor and nonchalantly got off the table. She walked to the side of Bella's chair and proudly presented her cum dripping pussy to her face, spreading her legs open and thrusting her hips forward.

Reaching a hand down to her pelvis, she spread her pussy lips to reveal the large collection of spunk inside her, "His cum also tastes really good. Have a taste, Ms Bella." Without hesitation, Bella's mouth flew forward to latch onto Kelly's pussy, lapping and suckling hungrily at the still hot fresh spunk. His sperm dribbled and splashed all over her pretty face, her voice slightly muffled and almost placid, "Mmm.

You're right. It tastes so good. So thick and tasty." Gary's toy giggled, letting the african couple wife sucking and fucking big penis and her sweet vagina up manager engorge on her cum stained pussy to her heart's content.

Gary watched, his cock still twitching wildly. Kelly continued, "Now you see what you're missing, Bella? You can always ask Gary for more. Actually, he's been meaning to fuck your mouth for a long time now." Once Bella had unlatched herself from her meal, Kelly stepped to the side. Bella turned to stare at Gary lustily. In fact, the both of them looked at him the way he wanted them to. This was the turning point where it got more fun. He had to say that Bella looked great with cum all over her mouth and chin, and the sight of it made his cock twitch some more.

Now was the time he finally got to her and did what he wanted. Besides Kelly's mouth, he had always wanted Bella's too, to put her in her place for all the bad things she has spoken. Justice for her crimes! He wanted that nasty mouth filled up and he wanted her to beg for it! "Ive mistaken your judgement, Gary." Big juicy ass jada stevens gets fucked pornstars hardcore made her say loudly, "Yours is the best idea Ive ever seen in my entire career.

Please, I need that cock pumping into my mouth." "She wants your cock, Gary." Kelly giggled again, "I think she really wants it." "I dont just want it." Bella continued, her voice husky and her voice intense, "I need it! Put your cock into mouth and fuck it all you want!" The sweet music of decadence.

Gary's enflamed cock was already flying towards her pursed lips the moment he stepped up to her and thrusted deep into her orifice, his crotch slamming onto her lips. She let out a muffle of surprise but starting moaning as he started to rock his hips, fucking his new hole with force on her chair.

Her mouth was like Kelly's but somehow it seemed a little smaller. The better it felt as she sucked hard, letting his still hard meat slide in and out of her. It felt so good that he grabbed onto her head with both hands. He relished the new mouth that was on his cock, looking down at her as he pounded her face hard. "See, Bella? Doesnt that taste good?" April grinned as she climbed onto the desk and started to masturbate, watching Gary take her Bella's mouth. She could only manage a long pleasured hum of appreciation as she kept still by Gary's mental suggestion, allowing the thick member to reach deep and hard.

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She used her tongue and her lips, sucking on his cock strongly. Her eyes looking desperately up at him moaning in pleasure, her right hand still rapidly rubbing her hidden lower regions and the other working to undress her jacket and top to reveal her luscious Ds.

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With each thrust of his cock, her breasts rocked and bounced erotically. After a while of merciless mouth fucking, he could very visibly see her shudder violently, the chair squeeking and creaking, her curvacious body contorting, her back arcing and her head stiffen even further. His cock trembled and his pleasure doubled as he felt her mouth shiver from long throaty moans.

It was a dream come true. The Ice Queen had just reached orgasm while he fucked her mouth. It was so much as a pleasure to him that he felt like he could just explode again. "Yeah, Gary. Fuck Bella's mouth hard and let her taste your hot load." April coaxed, breathing hard and twitching uncontrollably. "Cum nice and hard down her throat!" "I plan to, honey!" Gary gritted his teeth as he felt himself stiffen.

Gary thrusted deep. His balls started to drain again. With each shot of his next intense orgasm that filled Bella's mouth with his juice, he shuddered wildly.

Even then, he kept pumping, shooting strings of his sperm into her. The explosion of cum literally showed with the huge amounts of sperm started to ooze out of the corners of Bella's trembling lips, trickling down to stain her exposed thighs. He stopped thrusting just as he blasted his last load as deep as he could go and left it there as he tried to catch his breath. Just then, he could hear and see Kelly tilt her head back, her mouth hanging wide open, and the juices from her well used pussy start to flow out of her between her fingers.

She had reached her own orgasm and cried out her pleasured feeling loudly, her trembling shaking the desk violently, the liquid that raged out of her staining the papers and writing aparatus underneath her. Looking down at the woman he had just used, he could see and feel her still try to suckle at his cock, craning her neck slightly to coax the last bits of his seed into her mouth.

Even as Gary tried to pull out, Bella's suction refused to let it go in protest and his cock popped out of her lips noisily. With a breath, Ms. Bella tried to sigh in pleasure, almost a gargle from the huge load in her mouth. With some gulping down the thick load of spunk, her throat dancing twice, she gasped loudly, "This cum.

tastes so good. I cant get enough." The both of them dropped off their perches onto their knees to suckle at Gary's now spent cock, sharing any stray straps of his load between each other. Bella looked up at him, stroking his dick lovingly. Kelly did the same, and the pair looked really good together down there, where Gary had always wanted them to be. Lovely teen gives head and fucked deep could not help but gloat. "Mmm, I believe I understand your proposition now, Gary." Bella sighed, "I approve.

Feel free to 'motivate' whomever you wish." She licked and lapped at the head. "Including me." "Are you sure, Ice Queen? Isnt it bad for a woman of your position to be doing this?" "My position is right here." She answered back with an incredibly enticing smile. Compared to earlier today, she seemed a lot more attractive than just her looks.

So this was how she looked like if she was slutty. Gary approved. She'll be just like this from now on. "Right here where your cock can fuck me anytime, anywhere and however many times you want, honey." "Be sure to share the cum, Bella." Kelly smiled at her. "Dont worry. Im no longer selfish, thanks to this fine gentleman we have here." She smiled back.

The two of them then continued to clean him, licking and lapping away with abandon. Those were the last words to this little scenario of nastiness he had in mind, and every last bit of it was incredibly enjoyable.

The classy and sophisticated Ms. Bella Clarke, Ice Queen of the office, now a willing whore to his cock and only his cock. It was the beginning of something new, as swing has a lot of smoking hot sex going on now had two slaves for himself.

He could barely resist a more evil laugh. Gary's plan for this new charge was in motion. He wasnt finished the both of them yet. "Alright then. Both of you in the third floor ladies bathroom tomorrow night. Be punctual."