Saucy mika gets screwed on a car big tits and cumshot

Saucy mika gets screwed on a car big tits and cumshot
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The sluts of opal bay Part 1 Monday: Lisa Simmons sighed in disappointment as her husband was yet lusty mature looker tera gets banged hard unable to get an erection. "I'm sorry sweety, I don't know what's wrong" her husband Gary said to her. This had been the fourth time her husband hadn't been able to get a hard on for her. Lisa was beginning to get scared that he didn't find her attractive. She looked at her naked body in the mirror, she was around 5'9, had long straight brown hair ,big blue eyes, and had a fantastic ass.

though the thing she was proud of most were her tits, they were 38DDs and none of her friends even came close to her size. lisa worked as a history teacher at opal bay high and some of her more rude students had even commented on her breasts in classshe acted as if it annoyed her but she secretly enjoyed it. "If he doesn't think I'm hot then he must be gay" she thought to herself as she was getting dressed for school.

Johnny Blake's day had been horrible from the start. His girlfriend Amy had broken up with him, after that he saw her making out with his best friend dave, then his football coach told him that if he didn't get his grades up then he would be kicked off the team. "Why did she have to break up with me?!" thought Johnny. Johnny was blonde, tall and muscular and the highschools star quarterback.

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Dave was shorter than him, Had ratty brown hair and was just a linebacker, how could Amy like Dave more than him. "Don't forget to study up on the French revolution for the test next week!!!!" Lisa yelled as the bell rang.

She started collecting her stuff to get ready for her next class when she realized that Johnny Blake was standing in front of her. "Hi Johnnyhow can I help you?"she asked.

"Listen teachI need you to change my grade." "Well maybe you would have a better grade if you didn't sleep during my class!!" "But if my grades don't get better then I'm gonna be kicked off the team!" "That's not my problem!"Lisa yelled as she picked up her bag and left the classroom.

Johnny walked out of the school towards the parking lot, disappointed that he couldn't get miss Simmons to help him. This had been the worst day ever. "Hello Johnny !!" Someone said from behind him. Johnny turned. "Oh hey miss Rhodes ." Johnny said happily as he recognized the school librarian. Johnny knew that Miss Rhodes had a crush on him.

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He had considered fucking her but never had to when he had Amy. Dianna Rhodes was about 5'8, black hairemerald green eyes, big pillow-like lips,and d-cup size tits but the best thing about her was her unbelievable ass, Johnny could have stared at that thing for days.

In the librarypeople would leave books on the floor so that when she bent to pick them up, they all got a nice view. "You looked upset so I wanted to help cheer you up."said miss Rhodes.

"I know how you can cheer me up" Johnny said with a sexy smile. Johnny took her hand and lead her to his red porsche his dad had gotten him for his birthday.

Once they were inside Johnny pulled down his pants and held the base of his rock hard eight inch cock. "Wow" Diana said, dumbfounded."I've never seen one so big" "Would you like to touch it?" Johnny said "Yes" Diana said in a whisper.

She immediately grabbed his cock and bent over from the passenger seatstared at it for a secondthen opened her mouth and pushed the head past her lips. "Oh yeah" Johnny said in a low whisper, he felt like he was in heaven, Amy had only sucked Johnnys dick once when he got her really drunk, but even then she had lacked miss Rhodes' enthusiasm.

Miss Rhodes didn't seem to be an expert cocksuckerbut she did her best. She got about six inches down her throat and when she lifted her head Johnny had thought she had given up but instead she slammed her head back down and took the whole thing."ooohh" Johnny moaned as she deep throated him.

After that she proceeded to suck on the head while jerking off the rest of his cock. She was using her other hand to finger her pussy which was soaking wet. A few students walked by and seemed to notice miss Rhodes' head bobbing in his lap and started pointing with looks of shock on their faces.

Without any warning, Johnnys cock suddenly jerked and a wave of cum shot down her throat. when she was done swallowing the last of his cum she pulled down her panties and sat on Johnnys lap with her tits right in his face. she began bouncing up and down on his cock while he ladyboy assfingers while jerking her dick tube porn her tits.

Somehow her nipple found its way to his mouth and he started sucking on it. Having her nipple sucked and having that big cock in her was too much, suddenly she let out a scream as she started cumming like crazy. Johnny started rubbing his middle finger around her asshole.

She realized what he was doing and yelled as another orgasm hit her "do first time sister sleep brsex shoved his finger in her ass and slowly started pushing it in and out.

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Johnny grabbed her big smooth ass cheeks as his cock started shooting cum right into her tight little cunt. The feeling of him cumming inside her was so pleasurable that she fainted on top of him out of sheer ecstasy. By now, Johnny felt like her ass was stretched out enough, He pulled his cock out of her pussy.

Miss Rhodes awoke immediately and felt his still rock hard cock poking her anus. She smiled wickedly and put a hand between her legs, grabbed his cock and aimed it for her asshole and dropped down on top of him. She had never liked anal but for some reason, being impaled by this cock felt amazing.

His cock was well lubricated from her pussy juices so it slid in easily. She started to make small squeaks of pleasure as she rode him for about another twenty minutes until she felt him cum inside her and felt his hot jizz dripping out her ass. "So why were you upset?" Miss Rhodes asked after they cleaned up. "Well I need to get my grades up and I wanted help from miss Simmons but she refused". Johnny answered "Oh well she hasn't been in a good mood lately because." miss Rhodes was about to continue but thought better of it.

"Well, what is it? " Johnny said impatiently.

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"I'm not really sure I should be telling you this but. she hasn't been fucked in a while because her husband hasn't been able to. get it up". "I see." Johnny immediately thought of a plan to change his grades. Lisa slammed her front door shut and started running to the kitchen, stripping off her clothes on the way.

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Her husband had called her on the drive home, telling her that he had bought viagra and had finally gotten a hard on, and she couldn't wait to feel his five inch dick inside her. Gary was standing completely naked in the kitchen, without saying a word she pushed him onto the kitchen counter and sqautted down on top of him and mounted him. After about a minute and a half she started hearing Gary grunting beneath her and felt his dick go limp inside her. Gary never lasted very long so she rolled over and lay there next to him.

She looked at his dick and realized that this thing couldn't keep her happy. What she didn't realize was the red porsche outside her house with a certain student who had seen the whole thing. To be continued.