Picnic turns into a good fuck with milf more on hdmilfcamcom

Picnic turns into a good fuck with milf more on hdmilfcamcom
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One night while living in Los Angeles, Laurel decided to walk home rather than take a cab. It was the wrong thing to do; as her husband sat at home, wondering why she was so late here is what was going on in the dark small room of a run-down hotel on Hollywood Boulevard. Laurel, a beautiful blond, blue-eyed 5'4" woman with a 36-24-34 body had been abducted in broad daylight. Now a captive, she would never get home, not that night not any night, her life now belonged to her black captors who are making her a professional receptacle of his black sperm, and carrier of black ghetto babies in her lily-white belly.

While one of the black women had completely shaved her pussy and inserted a large vibrating butt plug into her ass, and the other attached strong metal clamps to both of her large 36DD nipples tightened until they had turned blue and a ball gag in her mouth.

The huge black stud, Jamaal first moved to her face to show Laurel what he was going to fuck her with and she recoiled in terror. Then he moved his mouth to her succulent, full pussy lips and lapped at them expertly fucking my mom in the ass watch part on fukflixcom his thick black lips to prepare her for his huge male cock.

Laurel struggled to resist without success as Jamaal forced his long tongue past the opening, into her soft wet cunt, and began to fuck in and out with it. Laurel moaned into the ball gag as his long tongue fucked deeply into her cuntal passage and she felt the first tinges of sexual arousal.

As her clitoris became enlarged Jamaal located it with the tip of his tongue took occasional laps at it exciting Laurel further. He thought that she tasted as oddly sweet as her first name implied. He then began to suckle her clit steadily and flick his tongue across it. Laurel's pussy lips old man sucking lactating breast milk further and her cuntal juices began to flow into Jamaal's mouth signaling her sexual awaking.

He lapped them up her tasty vaginal fluids as he fondled her bruised ass cheeks. He then nibbled further on her clit but stopped abruptly when Laurel's pussy contractions signaled that she was nearing orgasm. He wanted to withhold the ultimate pleasure from her until after he had climaxed deeply within her unprotected cunt. So, he removed his face from her soft wet pussy and applied an exotic lubricant over his cock and around her vaginal entrance to prepare her for penetration by his huge cock.

Jamaal then knelt between her legs, and moved his cock to her vaginal passage and prepared to give her the first extra-marital fucking of her life. One of the two black women opened Laurel's puffy pussy lips while the other held his engorged 11 1/2" long cock and fed it into Laurel's cuntal passage.

He pressed forward and the bulbous head of his black cock stretched her tender pussy lips to the limit and slowly entered into her.

Laurel tried to scream out in pain without success as Jamaal thrust his cock further into her soft wet cunt past small dick dudes cum in seconds entrance lips.

He made very little gradual progress at first because her pussy was so tight and his jet-black cock was so huge. Then he started to penetrate more deeply and initiated a steady in and out fucking motion as he held her flaring hips firmly in place. Finally, he pressed forward and burst through the area where only her husband had ever been with one lunge and in a few more long strokes sunk his huge cock deeper into her soft expanding cunt.

God, her pussy is tight he thought as he rested shortly so that Laurel could adjust to his huge cock within her.

Then, he began a steady fucking motion with his cock moving nearly out of her soft-wet cunt and then plowing deeply into it, trying to reach full balls depth. One of the black women continued to fondle and cup his tender balls while the other one moved behind and began to kiss and lick his ass cheeks to increase his sexual pleasure.

Laurel moaned and grunted through her ball gag but stopped resisting. She realized that there was now nothing she could do to stop the brutal rape of her once faithful cunt and decided to cooperate so that she would not be permanently injured. Thoughts of his black sperm flooding her belly and impregnating her without her consent inflamed Jamaal further and he moved his hands up to cup and fondle her 36DD tits around the nipple clamps as he plunged deeply into her unprotected pussy.

Laurel was powerless to resist and knew that he had completely taken control of the situation and was going to fuck her brutally until he climaxed inside of her, filling the inside of her unsullied and unprotected body with thick globs of his scalding black sperm for the first time.

However, she was so aroused that she lost all control of her body, began to fuck back excitedly, and began to coo and moan loudly until, with one violent thrust, he seated the full 11 1/2" length of his gigantic black cock far into her cunt, balls deep opening her cervix to allow total penetration.

As he gave her a moment to adjust to having his huge cock balls deep within her, he abruptly moved one of his hands between her exposed ass cheeks and spread them widely as Laurel whimpered in terror. Suddenly he roughly removed the large vibrating butt plug that had been inserted by one of the black women.

He then cruelly inserted the two fingers of his other hand deeply into her ass hole as she howled with shock. She tried to beg him to stop raping her asshole but could only make muted whimpering noises through the ball gag tightly in her mouth.

He ignored her whimpers as he started a forceful fucking rate in and out of her vulnerable cunt with his massive cock and in and out of her ass hole as he violated her with his long black fingers. Laurel had never been dominated so completely before and was lack of penis is dangerous girlfriend hardcore to be so totally under his control.

He flexed his fingers inside her ass hole, stretching it open wider to his probing finger to reaffirm that he was in complete control. By this time, Laurel was so highly aroused that she finally joined him in a intense fucking rhythm with Jamaal withdrawing his monstrous jet black cock until it nearly passed out of her pussy lips and then thundering forward until it was seated, balls deep, inside her unprotected cunt again.

She met each one of his thrusts as his giant cock burrowed tantalizingly against her swollen clit arousing her further. She then began to scream shrilly that she was nearing climax as she tossed her head back and forth in ecstasy. He increased the speed of his cock and finger thrusts as he felt her cunt spasm wildly around his huge black cock.

Jamaal tried to hold back his final climax as he enjoyed the overpowering sensual sensations, which spread, throughout his powerful body. As he looked down in triumph through his eyes glazed by the strong lustful feelings he was experiencing, he could see that Laurel was entirely under his dominance and was losing all self-control.

As he continued to drive his massive cock deeply into her defenseless cunt completely opening her cervix, he felt the rising sensations of a coming explosive orgasm, which he couldn't deny any longer. Perspiration dripped drop off his excited body as his heart raced wildly.

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Suddenly his body began to spasm and shudder wildly and he screamed like a wild stud bull as he finally went over the top into total rapture. His body shook powerfully as he erupted in one of the most shattering orgasms of his life. He bellowed loudly like a wild stud animal impregnating a female animal in his girl helps him fuck another girl tube porn as they each climaxed explosively in consummate ecstasy.

Huge globs of thick black cum leapt out of the end of his massive cock, searing deep into the tender walls of her cunt, and flooding her to overflowing for the first time in her life opening and touching places her husband's much smaller cock had never reached.

In turn, he felt her hot feminine come splash down onto his ejaculating prick as he continued to fuck deeply into her vaginal passage, screaming loudly in triumph as he violated her body and soul, until the last glob of cream emptied into her conquered body from his huge, black cock.

Laurel screamed constantly as she experienced the uncontrollable sensations of a continual series of orgasms and her body shuddered uncontrollably in sexual passion for the first time of her life.

The potent sperm sped through her wildly contracting cuntal channel toward her uterus. Thousands of virile black spermatozoa invaded her womb for the first time and swiftly encircled a helpless ovum like a marauding army ready to conquer a defenseless prey.

Finally, Jamaal bellowed shrilly in one final surge of ecstasy and conquest and slumped down on top of Laurel with his fingers still deeply inside her ass hole and his fully erect cock remaining far within her thoroughly raped cuntal channel.

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God that was a great fuck he thought as he hoped that his sperm had already done its duty and impregnated her lily-white, defenseless body. Jamaal told Laurel that from now on, she would always wear 6" high white spiked heels, with white garter belt and silk stockings otherwise being entirely naked showing off her 36DD tits, shaved pussy, and ass at all times.

He would then fuck her ass, pussy, or mouth several times a day at will until he was sure that her periods had stopped and that he had positively impregnated her lily-white body with his black sperm. Then she would be denied an abortion. Jamaal's sperm began to bombard the walls of the waiting ovum violently, urgently trying to be the one to penetrate Laurel's final defenses and conquer her. The fragile ovum seemed to sense that it should resist but was swiftly overwhelmed by the superior attacking forces until finally one spermatozoon broke through and completely impregnated the ovum.

Laurel had been knocked up cute teen fucking in her first porn scene ever la nintildea star the first extra-marital fuck of her married life, as a black stranger raped her virginal white body without her consent. The black fertilized ovum had attached itself to the wall of her uterus and already began to grow.

Jamaal removed his satisfied cock from her violated cunt and sat back completely sated. The black women removed her ball gag and then forced Laurel to lick his cock clean of the remaining cream on it.

Jamaal then lay back on the bed basking in the afterglow of a fantastic fuck and rested while the black women untied Laurel and removed the clamps from her nipples. Laurel pleaded that she had now reformed and would do everything he desired to please him sexually without conceiving, but she didn't know that it was already too late since she had already been knocked up by the black stud on the very first fucking of her life.

He did say that he would continue to fuck her without any contraceptive protection until she had proven that she was ready to satisfy her sexual cravings and then, in the unlikely event that she was not already pregnant, he might let her resume using a diaphragm or birth control pills.

The following day the same two black women came into her room, and told Laurel she was to being prepared to have her 36DD nipples and cunt lips pierced along with a piercing of her clitoral hood.

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One of the black women told Laurel that after the piercing of her clit hood had time to heal, she would have continual orgasms when she walked in her 6" high heels. She was taken to a room down the hall where another huge black man was waiting to perform the piercing. In the room a table similar to the one, she was familiar with from her gynecologists' office with swing out stirrups. The black man lifted her stacey is getting a big black cock striptease and piercing to the table and the two black women secured her feet to the stirrups and placed the ball gag back in her mouth.

The black man then ask "Which would she would like pierced first, her 36DD tits or her wide open abused cunt". Without waiting for a reply, he applied the clamps to her nipples completely flattening them I preparation to be pierced. He then pushed a needle through her left nipple as she screamed into the ball gag. Withdrawing the needle and inserting a gold stud, he the proceeded to pierce her right nipple in the same manner, again soliciting a sharp scream of pain from Laurel. He then proceeded to pierce both of her cunt lips and insert gold loops.

Last, but not least he clamped naughty wife invites teen over for hubby clit hood, which was now more than 3 times as prominent as before Jamaal's huge cock had fucked her the night before. As the black man proceeded to pierce her clit, inflicting severe pain and being rewarded with a long silent scream through the ball gag. He then inserted a gold U-shaped stud through her clit hood.

She was then taken back to her room in extreme pain from both her nipples and cunt. Before leaving, one of the black women applied an ointment to her piercings to sterilize and combat infection.

Laurel then dropped off to a very sound sleep. Laurel was awakened the next morning by soft stereo music, which was piped, into her bedroom. At first, she couldn't remember where she was and didn't recognize the plush bedroom surroundings. When she moved in the bed and stretched her legs, she felt a sharp pain between her legs. As she gradually awakened, she then felt a flash of sharp pain from her pussy. When Laurel moved her hand down to vaginal area, she could feel the piercings, and in addition, the nipples of her lush 36DD nipple piercing were somewhat painful as well.

As she looked around the room, she didn't recognize any of the surroundings and couldn't recall where she was. Suddenly, she remembered in shock where she was as the events of the prior evening came back into her mind with a rush. She thought with horror how Jamaal had brutally fucked her white body, which had never tasted the nectar of a virile male, and how she had been subjected to the extremely painful piercing of her nipples and pussy.

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She relived how he fucked his huge black cock deeply into her tender cunt although she was helpless to resist and he yelled in orgasmic triumph while totally possessing her defenseless lily-white body. The second fuck she was forced to kneel on her bed with her ass and cunt thrust helplessly up into the air and her head down against the pillow so that he could take her body doggie style like and wild stud animal seachamateur femoms bbw ass cleaner fuck a female animal in heat in order to impregnate her.

She suddenly remembered that even though she was in the most fertile part of her monthly menstrual cycle, Jamaal, in anger, had removed the birth control diaphragm, which a doctor had fitted tightly on her cervix, during the rape session. She realized in terror that he might have successfully impregnated her with his powerful black sperm during the first real fuck of her young life! Her body shuddered at the thought that there might already be a jet-black fetus attached to the wall of her womb as an unwanted pregnancy had begun.

Somehow, she didn't care because her body now longed for Jamaal's huge cock and felt empty without it. During the next month, she found out, she was indeed pregnant and realized that she would be required to carry this product of a brutal fucking of her once faithful, white body for a long nine months until it reached full maturity inside of her. Her body would swell grotesquely as the marauding tentacles of the pregnancy systematically spread throughout her once voluptuous body until it totally possessed her.

She was in near hysteria at the prospect of being in a pregnancy for nine long months as she checked her nude body carefully in the mirror. Although she saw no change yet in her sensuous flat stomach, lush hips, and erotic thighs, she knew that if nothing were done about such a horrid condition, she would start to lose her spectacular figure shortly.

As she stood in front of the mirror, she visualized in how her usually wonderful body would be distorted as a full term pregnancy relentlessly took full control over her. She cupped her sensuous flat stomach with her hands and imagined how it would enlarge and bloat horribly as her body filled with the pregnancy that he had started.

Laurel also mentally visualized how her firm tits and tight ass would droop and sag and she would only be able to waddle around in her repulsive condition. As time passed she became more accustomed to being pregnant having passed through the period of morning sickness she was attended by one of the black women.

After a short healing period for her piercings, Jamaal fucked her in her pussy, asshole, or mouth everyday at least 3 times. She was now completely addicted chubby blonde hairy teen and old couple intimate family affairs his huge cock and wonderful mouth and tongue, and would have at least four huge orgasms each time he fucked her.

Her belly continued to expand and after 8 months became so large she could only accommodate Jamaal's fucking her pussy or asshole from the rear while on her hands and knees or by him fucking her mouth and throat, yet she could not seem to get enough of his huge cock and longed for him when she was alone. Exactly 9 months from the day of her abduction, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, however when the baby was brought to her shortly after birth it became evident who was now in control.

Her beautiful baby girl was like Laurel, lily white with blond hair and blue eyes. Jamaal came in shortly to check on her, and was surprised to find he had fallen in love with her, and would love both her and their daughter.

Within a few days, Jamaal had moved Laurel and their daughter, who they named Lauren into a large suburban house. Lauren is now robber fuck my wife anal beautiful blond haired, blue-eyed teenager at 13 years old, and neither Jamaal nor Laurel has lost any of their sexual desire for each other. Jamaal and Lauren still fuck at once or twice a day, and both still have fantastic orgasms each and every.

Jamaal had her diaphragm put back in place within a few days of the birth of Lauren. She still keeps her pussy completely shaved, and has multiple orgasms from her clit piercing. She now wears clothes around the house for the benefit of Lauren and her teen aged friends, but without a bra for her 36DD tits or panties and her once voluptuous body is only now after 13 years, at age 38 beginning to show any signs of aging.

Laurel has never thought of attempting to contact her husband, Dan to try to explain the situation as she is totally occupied with her family, Jamaal and Lauren