Free ride fuck in female fake taxi

Free ride fuck in female fake taxi
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THE OFFICE ORGY My wife Karen and I have enjoyed reading porn forums, before we got our computer. We were talking about the old days, and recalled this story about a hidden fantasy of hers, we felt worthy of sharing with you. My wife has always fantasized what it would be like to have two men at the same time. I suggested making her fantasy a reality; she said "she wouldn't want it to ruin our love for each other by fulfilling this fantasy".

But when an old boyfriend of hers went to work at her office, I thought it would be a perfect time for her to experience her fantasy.

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Ryan is a thin, quiet guy a little shorter than me. I like him because we have many of the same interests, including Alanah rae fucks bill bailey I can also trust him to keep his hands off, unless allowed!

He dated Karen before I did, then his Parents moved to another state, because we were all minors at the time he had to go. I fell for Karen about a year after Ryan moved; we kept in contact with Ryan over the years he said, " He always knew that we would end up with each other" meaning Karen and I.

When I suggested to Karen that we have a three way with Ryan, and we can trust him, she again expressed her reluctance to engage in the three-way, but I could tell that she was intrigued by this suggestion, seeing he was an old boy friend that we both knew and liked. When ever we used to read the stories about three-ways; she said she would never do a threesome with another woman, because she would get really jealous, she says I'm quite a catch", I'm 6 foot 1 with that American good looks as she puts it, athletic body, and the cock from hell!

I believe that cock is what she fell in love with, but she says no, I know other wise, because when I'm putting my meat to her, all she screams out about is my big fat cock.

I don't know why she won't do a three-way with other women, I've told her "not to worry" "because, she is the most beautiful woman in the world as far as I'm concerned", "and I will follow her to the end of the earth if need be", I've jokingly told her that "she could pick out the girl", then we would laugh. I said, "I don't need anyone but you sweetie" "Because I love you so much, I would be a fucking fool to mess up our relationship by doing something you didn't approve of.

Karen feels the same. We love and trust each other completely. She is a tall strawberry blond, 5 foot 10", beautiful blue eyes, that would melt any mans heart and make it drool from his dick! She has a pale complexion, perfect 36c tits, with small pink areolas, and the most perfect little nipples that poke out when excited!

Karen has a flat stomach that leads down to her nicely trimmed light orange bush, soft in texture. Her clit is just visible from under its hood, and she has the most luscious puffy pussy lips that men have killed for, not to forget the small, tight opening to the world of lust, I have ever seen.

She has long gorgeous legs that run down to her perfectly formed feet, there is nothing about this woman that has a flaw in alexis adams well toasted pussy eyes. One morning I woke up in an extremely horny mood. I went down between Karen's gorgeous brandi bae good at interracial porn and began munching on her wonderful hot pussy.

After eating her for about 20 minutes, I rolled her over and slid my throbbing meat stick into her incredibly hot fucking pussy, and fucked her doggy style.

I fucked her as hard as I could, but didn't bring her off, so I concentrated on my own orgasm as it was getting late. I pumped her full of my hot cum, and told her "sorry baby!" "I'll have to make it up to you later." "You had better be ready tonight, because I'm going to make you eat my aching cunt then fuck me all night long!" Later that day she called and said she was so fucking horny from the morning's escapades, that she wanted me to stop by her office after work and fuck her there.

Her boss was on a business trip, and she could send Ryan home early. I jokingly said that she should have Ryan put his cock to her.

"Very fucking funny, just get your ass over here after work, or you'll pay for it, if you know what I mean!" I thought what the hell, this would be the perfect time to fulfill Karen's fantasy, and took the opportunity to initiate the threesome. When I got to the office, Ryan was just gathering his stuff. I leaned over and asked him "if he wanted to help me fuck my wife?" With a look of wonderment on his face he nodded, and said "hell yeah!" Conspiratorially I told him to lock up the office, and "stay at your desk until I call you".

I walked into her office; and was greeted with a mind-melting kiss. She placed her hand on my all ready stiff member, and told me "get undressed and she would send Ryan home." I told her "if she wanted any cock, she was going to have to fuck both us!" I said it jokingly, because if she objected; I would have shrugged if off and took care of business myself.

She put up a show of reluctance at first and I didn't think she was going to go for it, but in the same joking manner she said, "well if that's the only way to get cock, then I'll have to do you both!" She thought I was bluffing, but when I called Ryan into the office, she had a look of hesitation in her eyes.

She looked at Ryan then back at me, and poor Ryan didn't know what to say or do at this point, it was like a Mexican stand off! I realized that I was going to have to make the first move, so I reached over grabbed the front of her blouse, and pulled hard! Popping the buttons, they just went flying! I took her blouse off, tossed it the floor unclasped her bra and it joined her blouse on the floor.

There they were, my wife's perfect tits in all their glory! "God what a site", Ryan must of have thought so, because his jaw almost hit the floor.

I figured they must have grown since they dated, because he was looking at them, it was like it was for the first time. But it seemed like his eyes had radar built in, and they had found their target, at this time he zoned right in, and went for them!

He started by unleashing a barrage of pent up passion he must have had for her, he was no longer quite Ryan as he grabbed her right globe, and bathed her gorgeous nipple with his saliva, then sucked it into his drooling mouth!

Feeding on it like a starving infant. Not wanting to be left out, I squeezed her left perfect mound, forcing her nipple to strain against its own skin, and softly took her beautiful button between my teeth, and rolled it back and forth, Karen flung her head, and arched her back, sticking her chest out, like offering her prize possessions to crazy college babe wants my cock winner!

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It was like a contest between Ryan and I, we nibbled, and sucked, coating her gorgeous love mounds with our saliva. We were sucking my wife's tits, and her into submission! She moaned softly, taking in the fact that she has two men devouring her jutting breasts, her breathing became heavier; she was enjoying the sensation of having both her tits sucked on at the same time!

She leaned her head back and said " Suck my tits boys" "make Karen horny for cock" "give me cock, I want some cock!" I couldn't take it any longer, I stood up, and japan show body hot and big milk my clothes off in some sort of speed record, reached over yanked her skirt down over her gorgeous hips letting it fall to the floor, she steeped out of it, and kicked into the pile with the rest of her clothes, I damn near shredded her panties getting them off her!

Ryan wasn't far behind; he released her tit, and had ripped his clothes off, and was ready for action! We stood there looking at each other, breathing heavily, our hearts pounding with adrenaline, our blood coursing its way to our engorged cocks; our brains were no longer in control of our bodies. Ryan and I looked at each other, and attacked her at the same time! We wrestled her to the floor, he went for her beautiful love mountains, and I went down to big bubble butt brazilian orgy 12 gorgeous pussy, and lapped at her hot cunt like a starving dog.

I shoved my tongue as far as it would go into that sweet pussy; I curled it around her sensitive clit, and tickled her G-Spot with the tip of my tongue, she went wild, bucking and twitching, her pussy clamped on my tongue like a vise! She screamed out a war call, saying, " YES! Flawless attractive babe likes to ride pecker my cunt you fucker." "Eat my pussy and make me cum." Her body started quivering, and twitching, her muscles contracted, forcing her blood to her swelling clit, and she exploded with such power, I choked at first, by the amount of love juice as it gushed from her body, and power she put behind that first orgasm.

I was forced to keep my self in check, and drank all the juice I could handle, letting the rest run down the crack of her ass. I went to work on lapping up the remainder of her love juice paying close attention to her lovely asshole!

Karen's body went limp, but not for long as Ryan kept licking and sucking her tits, as though it was going to be his last meal! Then Ryan moved to her head, got on his knees, and rammed his cock into her drooling mouth with such force; it made her gag, saliva poured from the corners mouth, he was possessed, she was gagging, and spitting! As he kept forcing his fat cock into her throat; she positioned her self so she could breath while he fucked her hot mouth like an animal. As Ryan fucked my wife in the mouth, I grabbed her ass, and slammed my meat into her quivering cunt, not giving it a chance to stretch and get used to the hard invader, I kept pounding it, forcing it to submit to its attacker!

My wife's body went rigid; she cried out, (between his powerful thrusts) "Fuck me!" she yelled. Ryan grabbed her by the hair, and shouted "Shut up Bitch" "Suck my cock" he jammed cock back down her throat, and she came violently, her body flopped on the floor like a rag doll in a Childs hands.

With the heat, and pulsing that was coming from Karen's hot cunt, I was just about ready to cum, but I didn't want to fill her just yet, I tapped Ryan on the shoulder and said for him to switch with me. Karen thought she had a few tricks of her own, because when we pulled our cocks out of the cavities they possessed, in the heat of the moment, she leaped up and said "You boys want this body you are going to have to catch me first!" As she turned and went to take off, Ryan was still on his knees, he lunged forward and grabbed her ankle, and I dove over her and grabbed her by the waist pulling her back to the floor.

She fought back trying to break free, but we were having none of that! She was ours to do what we wanted! I rolled over and pulled her on top of me, and Karen was beating me on the chest, and playing the game! Ryan got behind her, yanked her ass high into the air, and slammed his cock into her dripping cunt!

I held tight as the fight was being fucked out of her. She gave in, as another powerful orgasm was about to rip through her body.

Ryan pulled out of her steaming pussy before she did, and aimed it at her tight asshole! As he slowly started to push against her ass, Karen pushed forward saying, "I'll go through with just about anything, except for that. You can fuck my face or my pussy but not my ass." I was a little disappointed, because I was hoping that in the heat of the moment I was finally going to be able to slip my dick in her virgin ass. I was also glad that she had pulled away from Ryan and not let him take her lascivious slut seductions by two males lingerie japanese hole cherry.

With that, she rolled off me and turned around. She was still straddling my groin with my rock hard cock between the cheeks of her ass.

She lay back and gave Ryan a gorgeous view of her dripping pussy and demurely told him that if he was going to Fuck her, then he better get with the program. Ryan needed no further encouraging; he came forward and with one quick thrust was buried to the hilt. Karen's moans became louder as they built up a rhythm.

Her pussy juice was dripping down the crack of her ass and onto my balls.

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She was sliding that gorgeous ass up and down my shaft in time to Ryan's thrusts. I didn't think I could take any more when all of the sudden she told me to fuck her in the ass. Those were the words I longed to hear from my wife. I have tried unsuccessfully in the past always to be stopped and here she was begging me to do it.

She was like a woman possessed screaming, "C'mon baby fuck my ass, and slide your hard cock into my virgin hole.

I want to feel both of you Cumming at the same time." Ryan slowed his pace down enough so I could lift Karen up enough to position my cock against her beautiful virgin hole. I pushed slightly and felt just the head enter, I waited for a few to allow her time to accept the invader and to stretch around my cock.

When she relaxed I pushed in a little farther repeating the process until I was buried to the hilt. I was in Heaven. Her pussy is tight but nothing compared to the tightness gripping my cock as Ryan and I built up a steady rhythm fucking my gorgeous wife.

"Fuck me" she cried. " I want you to fuck me hard." "C'mon fuck my ass and my pussy. Fill me full of your cum." "Treat me like the slut you want me to be." With this encouragement, both Ryan and I pounded her as hard as we could, him slamming her box and me ramming her back door. I could feel her body tense as another mind-blowing orgasm ripped through her. Not long big booty brunette rides cock hard maddy o reilly, Ryan yelled out that he was going to cum.

I felt him spasming inside her cunt, which triggered my own orgasm. I pumped what seemed to be gallons of Jiz into her hot ass.

As we all started to come down from the frenzied fucking that had just occurred, Karen suggested that we continue the party back at our house. My cock was listening and started to spring back into action.

Ryan begged off saying that he had to meet someone for a dinner date and it was too late to cancel. He added that he hoped we could do this again sometime.

We watched Ryan gather his clothes and head out.

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Karen in the meantime had 3 fingers furiously working in and out of her sopping snatch. She would stop long enough to lick her fingers before finger dipping them back into her hot pussy. She noticed me watching her and with a demure smile asked me if I wanted to fuck her ass one more time? I obliged the pretty woman and took her doggie style. Her ass already stretched and lubed from the first go around, allowed me to slide in with little resistance.

Her moans started softly and built with intensity as she rocked back to meet my thrusts. She asked "Do you like my brown hole baby?" All I could do was grunt my reply because her ass muscles were milking my cock, wanting me to shoot the second load of the night.

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After Karen had a couple of more super intense orgasms and I had cum for the second time, we lay there in each other's arms on her office floor. She was totally flushed from the Fucking that she had been given.

Smiling at me, she explained that she was always afraid of getting butt fucked because she thought that it would really hurt. "I'm glad that you took me there because it was the most intense feeling ever." "Your cock felt so huge and I could feel every nerve in my body exploded." With that she leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss then whispered, "C'mon baby lets take this home."