Hawt xxx beauteous teen sex act hardcore blowjob

Hawt xxx beauteous teen sex act hardcore blowjob
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Like two sublime dishes, the women lay on the table, wet and glistening with various juices, sauces, and fluids. And thusly their lovers devoured them, tongues wet and twisting, smacking and slurping as they thrust and cleaved their supine lovers, basting their yielding, eager cunts with their lustful, frustrated seed.

I thought my wife looked particularly beautiful, her body covered in cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, gravy, and spunk. She cooed and giggled as her lover screwed her silly in front of me, shamelessly arching her back and losing herself to sensual pleasure as she indulged in the most private of pleasures with no care of what I thought.

My sweet stepdaughter was every bit as beautiful: she was drenched in honey, wine, and the remnants of a chocolate cake that she had lain in when she originally presented herself to her lover.

Like a hungry dog, he lapped at the sweet sticky fluids on her porcelain white skin, while her boyfriend, naive and innocent, nursed a frustrated erection just inches away, staring in awe as he watched a man and a big tits sluts doing hard shaft in the sex bus mate obscenely for the first time. "God, I love you Mitch," Michelle said, her hips grinding away at her lover. Mitch moaned and grunted, kissing my wife vulgarly, and licking a puddle of gravy from her tits.

"You're so sweet baby," he moaned. "I love you, I love you." Meanwhile, my step daughter had turned onto her hands and knees, prompting her lover to mount the table with her. He grunted, and placing his hands into the dressing and painting her back with it, began thrusting into her viciously. "Oh Vince," Abby cooed. "Harder, harder, oh yeah, that's right." She began to moan as Vince ground her into what remained of the foodstuff like a dog in heat.

Me and her boyfriend, frustrated, took to our knees, and began lapping up the spilled food and fluid that hit the floor. Our cocks stuck out awkwardly as we lapped the floor, hunched over, asses in the air, almost like our women, only completely frustrated and unrelieved. This was a regular routine for us: me and my wife outwardly lived normal lives, with me as a loving husband, my step daughter as a good girl and an A+ student with a good, if not somewhat nerdy boyfriend.

However, in truth I was quite the cuck, and a slave in truth, in the marriage only because it pleased my wife to humiliate and tease me, and because I took such good care of her after her wilder fucks.

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In return for the occasional orgasm on, or rarely in her, I was allowed to tend to her and watch with frustration as men she desired her serviced her with no care for my part in the relationship. As for my stepdaughter Abby: well like mother, like daughter. She enjoyed teasing and humiliating her boyfriends while she fucked away with older boys and sometimes men.

Her latest boyfriend was quite the innocent virgin, and couldn't believe what kind of girl she was until he had seen her making out with a stud from the football team one day. She knew she had him when, ava taylor getting the pounding of her life of reacting angrily or storming out, the boy began to become aroused, and openly masturbated himself in front of her. He eagerly took to being her little fuck servant, cleaning up after her fucks, and cuddling and caring for her after her sex partners had used and satisfied her, watching with frustrated awe and adoration as her lovers gave and received pleasures that he couldn't even imagine, much less endure.

Such was how it was tonight; we scampered about on the floor, on our knees, hands bound behind us. Our cocks constantly leaked and dripped the juices of our frustration onto the white marble floor, as we scooted about, lapping up the sauces, juices, and violently displaced foods that had been knocked onto the floor as the lovers mated upon the table.

Occasionally, we would stop, and gaze up in awe and pathetic adoration, watching the copulating couples express their love and lust for each other. The women were beautiful: my wife, Michelle, was coated in various sauces, mixed and mashed together, dripping onto the table. Her skin glistened with sweat, and the spit of her lover, as he licked the sweet, sour, and salty sauces from her body, even as he fucked her into them.

Mashed potatoes, spaghetti, and dressing dripped from her arms and tits, marinated and pressed with the sweat of her erotic agony. My stepdaughter looked even sweeter: she had chosen to be fucked atop the deserts, and was bathed in various chocolates, fruits, and sweet candied sauces.

Her hair was deliciously matted with the remnants of a chocolate cake, and as her lover ground into her, as he licked and slurped at the sweet, succulent treats on her sweeter, luscious body. Their mates looked obscenely and vulgarly beautiful as they pleased them.

Their muscles smoothly strained, their definition showing clearly, as sweat and lovers spit glistened on their taut, flexed muscles. They were artful in their fucking, their strokes slow, deliberate, and poised. They would smoothly pump and thrust, slowly but smoothly withdrawing almost the length of their cocks before ramming them deep into their lovers' eager, tormented pussies.

Like mechanical oil rigs, their hips would buck and grind, to a slow, regular rhythm, their hard, rigid cocks plumbing the deep, soft folds of their lover's cunts, to deposit white gold when the time was right. With every thrust, the women squealed with delight, their legs and arms quivering with pent up pleasure as they were brought ever closer to orgasm.

Occasionally, one of the men would stop, and slow down, as his woman clenched him, and her own hips bucked in orgasm.

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As for the men, when they came, they quickened their pace somewhat, their muscles quivering erratically, until their balls clenched, and they came, shooting their spunk deep into our women's wombs. Our own balls would clench sympathetically and jealously with them, pleased that our women had serviced their lovers so well, and that their lovers had pleased them far better than we could endure: as it were, we would have cum within seconds, while the men fucking their lovers could last half an hour or more before cumming, making the women on the table squeal and cum maybe half a dozen times or more before relieving themselves.

All we pathetic males could do was hump the air, moaning softly in sympathetic lust as the couples consummated and copulated endlessly. The smell of sex mingled strangely and sweetly with the smell of mashed, smeared food and spiled cum.

It would make an excellent supper for us slaves. The lovers finished up their first mating session with a loving cuddle, the women snugly and warmly in the arms of their men.

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"You've made such a mess Mitch," my wife said, giggling and smearing a glop of tomato sauce onto the floor, which I gleefully licked up. "All good fun is messy dear," he said, kissing her. "Men's fun is messy." Mitch responded by shoving a finger into her cunt. She gasped in pleasure, as Mitch removed a soppy finger, wet and slick with his spent seed, mixed with her juices. "You girls made quite a mess yourself." "Mmm, and are you going to clean us up before we go to bed?" "But you're so sweet the way you are right now." "You'd rather have me in bed like this then nice and clean and fresh for you?" "Oh, yes," he said, mumbling in between kissing and suckling a mouthful of her tit flesh.

"Ohhh," Michelle said giggling, "men are such pigs. I can't believe you'd do this to me again, in front of my daughter." "Don't pretend to stop for my sake," Abby said sweetly. "You were the one who gave me my first demonstration." "Purely for your education dear," Michelle's gasped, as her lover suckled on her ear.

"When a girl gets to be a certain age, she needs to know how to use her gifts properly, and how to enjoy men and boys." "You're an excellent teacher ma'am," Vince said, tickling Abby, which elicited a squeal of pleasure from her. "Thank you Vincent, but please, call me Michelle: I feel so old when you call me ma'am." "You're hotter than a lot of young women that I've seen." "Does that include me?" Abby said, nipping him on the cheek. "Poor boy," Michelle said. "Now you've gotten yourself into a dilemma.

No matter what you say, somebody is going to squeeze your balls." "That's precisely why men should use their tongues for licking and as little speaking as italian brunette valentina nappi sucks and fucks a big dick Abby said, giving Vince's balls a squeeze, causing him to gasp happily before he playfully wrestled her to the floor.

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The two young lovers were a mess, their play struggle covering them both in food. Her boyfriend scampered awkwardly over to them to get a better look, his stiff cock bobbing as he did.

As they wrestled, they left smears of food and bodily fluids on the floor, which slave eagerly licked up. "Aww, isn't that so cute, her little cunt slave is cleaning up after them," Michelle cooed to Mitch. "To get his rocks off, probably," Mitch said semi derisively. "Well he is a boy after all, they can't control themselves as well as you and Vince can.

Besides, don't you think it's cute, the way he scampers over there and pretty woman pounded by large penis black dude interracial and hardcore so obedient like a dog?" "I think it's cute watching you cum when he cleans you up." "They are good for that aren't they? You want mine to suck me out before you try for another load, to get the weak cum out?" "Sure." My cock tingled in anticipation, knowing what was coming next.

I lay down on the floor, tongue out, eyes closed. My wife, extricating herself from her lover's grip, lowered her sopping, wet, cum filled slit over my face. Grunting, she began to piss, shooting streams of hot urine into my mouth.

I gulped and swallowed eagerly. When she was done, she squatted, plugging my lips with her own. I began to suckle her cunt eagerly, sucking the mixture of Mitch's spent cum and her own like the sweetest of nectars. My wife began to rock my face, masturbating herself with my mouth. I accepted this: her derisive orgasm, meant to further mock and humiliate me. She rocked herself until she came, her clit clenching around my tongue, squeezing any remaining lagging sperm out of her warm cunt and into my mouth.

Satisfied, she arose. Mitch mounted my face next, squatting over my face like a bulldog, his testicles rubbing against my head, and feeding me his flaccid, sticky, dripping cock. I accepted this gift as well, as my wife giggled at the helpless position I was in. His cock was sweet with the taste of my wife's excited cum. He grunted, and shot stream after stream of warm piss down my throat.

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After he had disgorged his store of post coital urine, he too began to fuck my throat, rutting until he climaxed, his balls rubbing against my head as they shot their thick, creamy load into my stomach. He stayed there for a minute, relieved himself of urine again, and removed himself. The two lovers kissed as they stood face to face. I looked over at Slim teens gets well fucked and gets a facial boyfriend: he was in a three way daisy chain, Abby and her lover kissing each other while Abby was positioned over his face, and her lover was buried deep in her boyfriend's ass.

His tummy was covered with cum, probably forced out by his recent reaming. When they finished, they retreated to the bathroom, to clean themselves, and to copulate further before retiring to bed that night to rest from their mating.

Abby's boyfriend lay there, spent, dominated, and semi conscious. I was frustrated, but satisfied that I had satisfied my wife and her lover. I drifted off to sleep there, eagerly awaiting morning, when I would be punished for inevitably urinating on the floor in my frustrated state, and for the mess that they made.