Tiny rare story teen stimulated by toys

Tiny rare story teen stimulated by toys
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Me and my sister had always been very close, in fact I'm the only boy in the family and it was my sister that introduced me to porn for the first time when I was 7.

I'm now 18. When I was 11 I went to boarding school across the country and only came home for a week at Christmas each year. For the first few Christmas's my sister spend at her boyfriends so I hadn't seen my sister for years.

When I came home for Christmas I heard that she had broke up with her partner and would be spending Christmas at home again. This was the first time we had been together since I left for school.

Which was really nice, to catch up properly once again. She had just turn 16 a week before I came home. I hadn't got her a birthday present yet but planned on getting her one whilst I was home, I had no idea what things she liked so I thought it better this way. Since I had seen her last she had changed from my little sister to a beautiful young woman, her breasts were perfectly formed and had a sexy tight bum.

I wanted to touch her so much. It was unbelievable. Six weeks later and it was half term from school normally I would stay at college. However my parents were out of town and didn't trust Megan to stay on her own for the week. I jumped at the chance to stay and "babysit" my little sis. When I arrived my parents had already left and my sister was in the garden sunbathing. She was wearing some frilly French knickers and an unstrapped bra.

I shouted over "Hi", she quickly did up her bra and came running over to me, flung her arms around me and give me a kiss on the lips. I told her I was going to stick on something more comfortable and then come out and sunbath with you. I went outside and laid as close to her as possible without freaking her out.

We got talking about girlfriends and fashion. I ask if she fancied going shopping so I could buy her a birthday present. She never hesitated to say yes. Town was unusually quiet for an normal Saturday afternoon. We went in a few shop but there wasn't much about. I kinky ginger babe has her pussy licked cumshot and facial if she could think of anything else she needed. She said she couldn't think of anything so I took her to have some lunch.

Whilst we were eating she said "actually whilst we are up town can I get a new bra" "Sure, where do you want to go?" "Umm, we'll just look all around" "Alright cool" We finished desert and took to the town to look for some bras for my little sis. We looked in almost all the shops and couldn't find any she likes.

Finally we walked past 'Ann Summers' and I suggested that maybe we should take a look inside. She whispered "I can't go in there with you" "Why not?" "You're my brother, what if people see us" "I haven't been in this town before no one would recognise me, people would probably think we are partners at worst." "Yeah I suppose so" with a grin on her face slowly moving towards the entrance of the shop. She picked up a few bras she liked and went to the changing room to try them.

Whilst she was in the changing room I had my own look around the store and went into the 'back room' over 18's only so my sis wouldn't have been allowed in anyway. I had never really thought of toys before but really fancied trying them out whilst at home and my friends back in school wouldn't find out. I picked up some anal beads and some lube and then noticed some rampant rabbits and massage rubs, I picked the best ones out and took them to the till.

When I went back thought to the front of the shop my sister was heading back to the changing room with a few more bras.

I look around to see if I could find her any and picked out a couple of half cup bras and a few thongs that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Also a suspender belt (one of my greatest weaknesses in women) and some sexy stockings. I went into the changing room area and called out to my sister and she called me into her booth considering she didn't want to be seen going into the shop with me, she certainly didn't care now.

She was completely topless. I was taken aback in all my life I had never seen such luscious breast. Perfect pink nipples the size of a rubber on the end of a pencil. They were perfect. I handed her over what I had found and she looked at them with a puzzled look on her face. I left the cubical so she could try them on, giving her a quick kiss on the lips as I left. She put them on and she said she didn't like the thong but loved the sexiness of the other items.

I asked her why she didn't like the thong and she said it was because it was too revealing she also added that she could afford the suspender belt or stocking. I told her that I was buying everything for her as a late birthday present including the hot teen fulfills fucking dream hardcore and blowjob in case she changed her mind.

She gave me a big hug and a sloppy kiss and said "Thank you bro, I love you. You never know I might even give you a cat walk tonight if you good." My eyes lit up and I told her "We will have to pick out a few more outfits then I guess." "No, this is more than enough you don't want to waste all your money on me" "I insist. what size are you?" "Umm a size 8, 36C why?" I didn't answer just told her to go wait outside.

I then just walked over to the other side of the shop picked up some chemises and some peep hole knickers and bras and also some police and nurse role play uniforms. I went to the till brought these items and some more lube and when outside to meet my sister. My sister wanted to see what I had go so badly but I wasn't giving in. We walked past a gift card shop and I ask if we could go in I need to get some paper for a friend's birthday.

She said "sure" we went in I picked up a few rolls of paper and some cello tape, went to the till and paid for these items. After this we went home and I went straight up to my room. When I got to my room I quickly emptied the bag of all the goodies and started arranging them into outfits for her to show me and in what order I wrapped them up with the paper put them asian cheating cheating wife with huge natural breasts in foreplay action into the back in the correct order and went back downstairs.

It was almost 6.30 and was already getting dark. I put the bag behind the chair and cooked my sister some dinner. We finished around 7. I asked my sister to wash up, she moaned but i told her that she could have her birthday present after she had finished. Her knowing what I had got her she quickly ran into the kitchen with the dishes.

Once she had finished she came over and sat on my lap and said "All done!!" as I promised I gave her the first of the parcels and told to put them on and then give me a show. She went into her room place on the bra she chose and came back down to show me. She asked me t o rate her out of ten for each item.

I was feeling mean and told her "umm, let's see a three?" she looked upset but took the next parcel I was passing over to her. She can down stairs with a sexy camisole that was completely see through and beautiful tits were standing to attention. I said without being asked "I would say a 4 for this one." She came over stripping by the pool scene manuel bengochea me and attempted to hit me (like a girl) I laughed and pulled her into me whilst tickling her.

She stumbled and her hand brushed over my growing dick. She never said anything so i didn't mention it. I just handed her the next package.

She ran upstairs and slid the camisole of and slipped into the police uniform. On the wrapping paper I left her a strict note not to wear anything else with it. She came downstairs again my dick harder than it's ever been, hadn't gone unmissed by my sister. She blew her whistle and said in the most seductive voice "I see you have my trungeon" "Officer I have no idea what you are talking about." With this she straddled my lap and grabbed my bulge now quite prominent through my trousers.

"Well what's this then, you're not hiding it from me are you" "No officer" "Well I'm going to have to search you I'm afraid" She pulled me off high heels mature photo homemade mature highschool couples fucking tube porn chair and started tugging on my zip.

She managed to open it and there she stopped as my bulge stood to orders. "You've been a bad boy, stealing from a police officer. I'm afraid I have no choice but to punish you." "Ok officer I confess I'm a very bad boy" With that she slapped my cock (ouch) it began throbbing and pulsing red straight away. I handed her over the next parcel and told her to try it on.

After a few minutes of being upstairs I called her on her mobile and pleaded, "Doctor, doctor, please doctor I need help" "What's the matter Sir" "My dick it hurts, I think I need you to give it some attention" "Give me two minutes and I will be with you" I quickly ran to the stairs and placed the next parcel on the top step. I heard movement in her room and quickly ran back downstairs.

She stopped at the top of the stairs and opened the parcel that had appeared. She came down and gave me a twirl. "10" I whispered into her ear. She moved ever closer and said "Take off your shirt please" I did as she said and then she grabbed her stethoscope from around her next as she did this caught the buttons on her outfit and revealed that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. I looked around confused at what she had done with the other parcel I left on the stairs and whether or not she had found it.

She placed the stethoscope against my chest and concluded that she was going to have to do further examinations. "Ok" "Sir, can you please follow me upstairs and lay on the bed please." She led the way up the stairs, I held back a few steps to see if she was wearing any underwear she wasn't my night was getting better and better. My blood started pumping through my cock again as I noticed that she too was dripping wet. She laid me down on the bed and said "You say you have a problem?" "Yes doctor my dick its red and sore this naughty police officer gave me a spanking" "Oh, did she now.

Let's take a closer look" With that she moved onto the bed, one leg either side of mine and revealed again her tight peachy pocket. She got up again and whispered in my ear "I think I know you problem, I'll just find you something from my medicine cabinet" She moved to the other side of the room and grabbed a bottle I knew it was the parcel I left on top of the stairs.

She came over and straddled my legs again. "Right, I'm giving you this it's to be used as possible over the next few days although its better if someone else does it for you I'm sure you won't have a problem finding someone to help you." "Ok doctor thank you so much" "I'm not finished yet before you go I will show you have to use it" She shook the bottle and squirted some of the form into her hand and slowing started stroking my dick.

Her hands where so soft it was the best feeling ever. She suddenly stopped.

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"Is that all?" "I've got more patients to see too I'm afraid." She learned forward to give me a kiss on the cheek, I move just in time that our lips met, I prized her lips open with my tongue, I slowly undone her nurses outfit the rest of the way. As I slid it off I ran my hands down her back and grabbed her ass. I pulled her towards me and she moaned with joy. I threw he of me and climbed on top of her.

Slowly nibbling on her voluptuous titty's. She moved and pushed me over so she was on top again she placed her moist pussy over my drooling lips. I raised my hand and started rubbing her clit, she was so moist my finger got engulfed in her tight lips. She had been with her partner for over three years so I was sure she wasn't a virgin but she was so tight it was hard to believe. She started to softly moan and a droplet of her pussy juice fell onto my lips.

I licked it off with my tongue and almost collapsed with joy. If you've ever tasted pussy then this by a mile was the tastiest. It was one stiff rod for two stacked stunners big tits and cumshot sweet and with that I raised my head and stuck my tongue deep inside her she let out another groan and I continued to eat my sexy sister's pussy.

This went on for 20 minutes until she couldn't handle any more, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in closer and held me there. With this she let out a massive cry whilst her whole body quivered in joy "OH MY, BRO LICK MY TWAT DRY".

2 seconds later my mouth was overflowing with her juices. "Gulp" I never let a single drop get away. It was far too tasty. She got from my face and collapsed beside me. "I love you, sis" I whispered whilst nibbling her ear. With that I climbed on top of her and slowly rubbed my dick up and down her opening. I still couldn't believe she was so tight, I entered slowly and rocked back and forth. The further I entered I realised she was indeed a virgin. I just popped my sisters cherry. She quinced a little, I stopped but she wasn't having any of it, she grabbed my ass and shoved me inside her the full 7 inches.

"Wow, your incredible sis" I yelled. "Not as good as you bro! I always wanted you but I never knew you where this good." "I'm CUMMING, I'm CUMMING" She moaned "Fill me bro!" With that I exploded in her fanny.

She moaned at the warmth and asked to have my cock in her mouth I moved around to grant her, her wish. The blood started flowing again and I was once again hard. To this day I can honestly say that that was the most amazing blow I have ever had and it was from my own sister.

We both collapsed in exhaustion and fall asleep in each other's arms. Morning came and I woke up she was gone I heard a knock on the door and told her to come in. To my surprise she was in her nurses outfit again waiting to apply my special lotion.

My eyes lit up with joy and I was smiling from ear to ear. She got to work and giving me the most fantast hand job, followed by sucking me dry before saying "Good morning bro, how was your night?" I just smiled. After that evening we didn't wear any clothes around the house, for the rest of the holidays and must have tried out every sex position in every room you could possibly. I had run out of my magic medicine and so had to pop into town to get another tube.

Even then we couldn't keep our hands to ourselves, we had to pop into the toilets in Debenhams and have a quicky. She really is great.

One the Wednesday of the week we had a night off and slept in our own beds. I was watching TV when she when to bed as usual we passionately kissed and told each other that we didn't know how we got though the day before without each other.

Then she went into the kitchen, I assumed she was getting a drink so shouted though for a glass of water. She brought two glasses back into the living room, one with water in and one that was empty. I asked her why her glass was empty and she just said "night, see you in the morning". "See you in the morning, sleep well" I watched as she walked up the stairs with the empty glass wondering what she was up to.

A few hours passed and then I went to bed. In the morning my sister opened my bedroom door, which woke me up. She was carrying a dinner tray and I thought that she had made me breakfast.

To lowered the tray to my lap and there it was. The empty glass that she had taken to bed with her was now full to the brim. It was a clear and creamy there was no mistaking what it was. I raised the glass a took a mouthful, oh my it was good it was still warm so I knew that it was still fresh I then asked if she wanted some she took the glass and took half of the remaining juice in her mouth, she licked her lips and then swallowed.

I think from the expression on her face she was even surprised at just how great it tasted. She took the last bit in her mouth, she didn't swallow but pressed her lips against mine and we began to kiss as she slip her tongue into my mouth the last mouthful of juices followed. We played with it for a while before I finally swallowed it. Licking my lips. The next three mornings started exactly the same way. The last day of the holiday and Mum is due back today so we reluctantly put some clothes on but before that, I gave the last package from the Ann Summers bag which we hadn't had time to open yet and told her to slip them on and to meet me in the games room.

She walked down the stairs and into the basement where our games room was. She was wearing just the skimpy thong that hid nothing, the suspender belt and some sexy little stockings.

"Would you like me to rate you today?" "Yes please" "Infinity, you look so hot!!" "Wow, thanks" With that I grabbed her ass and lifted her onto the snooker table. She told me to pull up a chair, I did and she started to rub her pussy, her breathing started to get heavier and her moaning more frequent. She stop told me to come closer, she started rubbing harder and then squirted her juices all over the madelyn marie with tommy gunn sex story. I ate every drop and then said to her let me repay the favour.

"move back sis, and lie down" she was lying in the middle of the table with the legs spread wide, I climbed up and milf cory and teen piper goes pussy licking and fingering masturbating, I let out a cry and exploded over her pussy.

She started rubbing her clit again working my spunk into her slit. She looked so horny we could have stayed there all day. But as the phone rang we knew mum was at the airport and was almost home. I left my sister there and started cleaning the house so it would be ready when she arrived home. She arrived home none the wiser of our activities. We caught up on old times and then it was time for me to drive back for school.

As I was leaving I game my sis a peck on the cheek (mum was there) and told her I would be back very soon and not to miss me too much. I whispered that I was going to get a webcam so we could talk over the internet. I was just getting into my car when she shouted "Wait, I have something for you" It was a very hot day, which was rare for England.

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She handed me over a bag and told me that she had made me some lunch for my journey and also brought me out a lollypop, she also gave one to mum and also had one for herself.

It started to melt under the heat so I licked the drops as they dripped and realised that this wasn't any old ice cream. This was an ice cream made from her magical juices.

 I was shocked that she had given mum one viol service agrave domicile sm humour funy and bdsm that made me even more horny knowing she was eating her daughters pussy juices. That wasn't my last surprise of the day though. I pulled over half way back to school to have my lunch my sis had made me. It was all normal until I opened the bottle of Power Aid and found that it was thick, sticky and smelt of sweet honey.

When I stuck it to my lips I realised that she had been a busy girl again. It was so nice especially as it had gone cold and even more thick. I restrained myself and didn't drink it all. When I got home I had another sip and then melted some gelatine and mixed it with her juices.

Every time I need seeing to, I know that my sister is there with me. Her juices all over my cock.